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Interfaith - Random Acts Of Kindness
2 way blessings

I find when I act upon an urge to 'pay it forward', not only is the recipient blessed, but I am too!  When I've seen the look of gratitude on a person's face for some small kindness, whether that is in the form of money, an act, or a loving word; I am reminded that an action which is so simple to do can & often is consequential for all involved.

We may feel ourselves a drop in the ocean, (in the sea of humanity), but how much "less" the ocean would be, but for our 1 drop.

Good enough reason for me to continue random acts of kindness and spread the Love!


Those acts of kindness bless not only the giver and the recipient, but also bystanders who may not be able to help but wish they could. 

actually something we practice

upon reading the article...there are a few thoughts about it in which i will share.

my husband and i talked of giving, charities, and doing for others.  this was a long long talk too.

we decided, not like the rest of society that when we do such acts of kindness from our hearts, to do in secret and not tell.  this in turn prevented us from later telling that person we did kindness that they owed us, or that we have done such and such things for you and now we are in need of you to do for us.


often times...randon acts of kindness, and the suspicion of it, comes from when people want the other person to return that favor.  so thus its not act of random kindness, it becomes a favor (even if its a not asked for favor at that) and is kept record of by the giver, to be used at a later date when the need arises.


my husband and i truely wanted to give from our hearts, randomly and with all intent and purpose to be kind at that moment to that person.  nothing more.


when nieghbors are away on vacation.  we mow their lawns, we don't tell them who did that.  but we love to see the surprise and happy expressions.  we give to charitable causes of our choices we send these things annoymously. we give gifts, we do not put our name on it, and often deliver via another person so that we stay hidden in our acts of kindness.


there is much that we have done, and have not told, nor have we later checked it in as a favor owed.  we give because we give, we care because we truely care. 


sometimes moments change, and friendships or relationships get ended for one reason or another.  my husband and i talk of the moment of joy we had, and regret nothing, nor do we take it back, just cause it changed for the worse in the end, kindness did not change the moment in which we gave of ourselves, freely and without ties at the moments we did it.  the later moments are just that...later moments, good or bad as they may end.


how many times have i heard:  "i did this for you, I did that for you"....

is it random kindness to be trusted when it happens and then someone's ego trip later, or some issue in which they wish to make you feel guilty that they did a kind thing towards you at one time, when you didn't even ask for it.


no wonder there is suspicions of random kindnesses from others.



Kindle that is so very much my way of living.  Try to get away with kindness without being noticed!  I so appreciate your post!!!

Pay It Forward Movie... well worth watching :)

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Link to Youtube movie, if above does not show up..

giggle. i seen that movie...

smile. i loved that movie...too cool green road..

very good. kudos to you ..

Giving and getting

There may be other ways to look at this as well.  Giving may be an expression of love, generosity, or abundance, or it may be an expression of need or self importance. It doesn't matter. If the reciever is grateful, the gift is recieved.


A gift with strings of expectation attached is merely a bargaining and not a gift at all. If a reciever has feelings of obligation about a gift, it indicates a need to look within, or perhaps express the feeling if one is in a trusted surrounding.


There is a saying in mind healing circles, "Giving and Recieving Is the Same".

True giving does not leave the giver feeling at a loss. It is sharing of what is true and available to all, but for awareness of what you deserve as God's Creation.


Bargains may be OK also, but if they are not upheld, they may be better forgiven ASAP. When someone makes a demand of you or gives instruction of what you are expected to do, they may be extending a bargain with expectation of your compliance. "I am telling you for your own good, and you'd better comply" is the message. If it is disagreeable, further comunication is needed in order to heal the grievance.

Star Thrower

Reminds me of


As I walked along the seashore
This young boy greeted me.
He was tossing stranded starfish
Back to the deep blue sea.
I said "Tell me why you bother,
Why you waste your time this way.
There's a million stranded starfish
Does it matter, anyway?"

And he said, "It matters to this one.

Pass it on!

That is what they use to say in California along some of the back roads with few travelers.


Pass it on!


The locals might not seem so friendly in their little towns but when in their cars it was a different story. They would always honk their horns and wave at every  traveler on those roads.


One time we found out why when we broke down. It was along time before another car came along. But they stopped and then others , as they fixed our car and got it running again. No names or addresses were exchanged.


We asked what we owed them. They waved it off and said, We have a rule out here on these roads, to always be friendly and always stop to help anyone in need. Because that could be us stranded out here one day. We just wish for the ones we help, to Pass It On and help someone else in need.


As we got into our cars, they all tooted their car horn and waved as they drove off.




I appreciate the "heart" that has been shared by all the respondees as regards random acts of kindness. Gifting another anonymously is always a special treat; Kindle, I applaud you and your husband for your approach to giving.

The joy for me is always at the point of giving while at the same moment releasing the outcome, never expecting anything in return. However, as you give, you receive. How it all comes back to you is another matter, a sometimes mystery, and a never to be expected outcome. A humble heart gives, connects and is energetically blessed and a blessing. Considering our oneness, could it be any different?


There are many ways of giving..


Posting in this group that is dedicated to fostering interfaith relationships is one example.


No one is forcing people here to share their intuition, thoughts, passions, and beliefs..  In a way, everyone here is giving selflessly to one extent or another.. What I see is everyone giving their very best. 


This group is good practice for giving selflessly. As one member pointed out to me, what is shared underneath the words is love and caring. Each person is doing that in their own way. 


Could it be that even giving anger, hatred or violence may be seen as an act of love? Of course I am not condoning any acts of hatred, or violence.. What I am pointing at is that this may be the very best that this person can do... They were never taught unconditional love or caring, or empathy.. So what does a human express who has never received love or caring? Is it any surprise that they they express love through other means such as hatred or violence? 


What do we all get in exchange for this giving of random acts of kindness sprinkled throughout the threads and out in the world? Hmmmmm...


What are some of the possibilities?


Any thoughts on this? 

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When you give, you get the knowledge that you made a difference for someone ... even if only a small difference, it's still a difference. 


I do believe that most people do what they can and give what they have.  Those who are more aggressive and even hostile are giving their passion to what they care about.


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