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Interfaith - Shamanism

Great sites and noted the article...



I always think of Europe on this topic
Erowid Spirit Vaults : Traditions : Shamanism


Jun 16, 1997 ... Information and links about shamanism and spirituality. ... Northern European Shamanism · The Ancient Religion of the Finns · Shamanic Fall Through the World Tree Axis · Shamanism: Working with Animal Spirits ...
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 Sue BARKO - 5 days ago - 


"We are many.....and will take a moment..... ..... our wisdom will appear to you before we do."
Shamanism, the world's oldest healing tradition, is found in all cultures on Earth.

"Animal Speak" is a great reference book.
Anyone else have Medicine Cards?


How does one recognize one's power animal? 


Is a power animal any different from an animal spirit? 




Do people have to seek them out, or ???? 

No, do not have medicine cards. I believe a vision quest is in order for that Green Road. On my Celt side, however, I have been given the Owl as my birth date clan organization.

Power animal or animal spirit guide

Is it possible for an animal to show up in a dream, or in real life?


I am thinking specifically of the movie "Dances With Wolves", where the soldier is constantly followed by a wolf. The wolf actually makes friends with him.. The Indians notice and give him the name above, as a result of this strange happening..


I have also heard of people who have a hawk as a power animal, so whereever they go, they are seeing a hawk..


I have dreams of elephants once in awhile.. and I do not work around them or think of them, or even have art work with elephants in them.. Why would I dream about them? 


What do you think of this?  

A vision quest is great, but not everyone is up to that big a leap into this... A small step is often as much as anyone can take. 



I hear you - I have never done one myself even while being among Lakota friends many years back. I think you are on the right track - maybe the elephant is your calling. I would research the elephant as a guide to see how it fits.

animal medicine spirits

Is it possible to work with animal spirits through animal medicine cards? 


Who has experience with this? How does it work? Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of ... Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of ... Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small (9780875420288): Ted Andrews: Books. › ... › Native American Studies
This is the book that Lynn suggested...
The Prophecy Of The Native American Elders

Here hourses and camels are trained well to be used in Races and dancing

I have watched men and youth dancing with the horses and camels in different occasions as weddings and marriage parties it is really joyable.

Also Horses races and camels races... it is worth to watch.

Ah, ho!  Brother Green Road, thank you for posting the Hopi prophecy.  We are all one body, one planet, one Spirit.  So many appear to have lost their connection with Earth Mother and our total inter-connectedness.  We all breathe one another, drink one another, eat from the same plate.  What is now considered sacred?  How can we divorce our selves from the sustenance that our earth provides, from one another, from respect and love for all? 


Storms and floods do represent a cleansing.  What shall be purged?  What shall continue on?  Evolution? Change? It is a given.  What role do we play?  Are we consciously, or unconsciously, bringing about our future?  Where will the Red Road take us?  How does each person of faith, non-faith, address the present conditions on the earth?


We give thanks, oh Grandfather, for the tree people, the winged ones, the four-leggeds, the two-leggeds, the swimmers, the crawlers, and the stone people.  We give thanks as we embrace the breath of the earth and drink from your life giving waters.  Forgive us, Grandfather, for we know not what we do, or we would surely do it differently.  We have sorely forgotten who we are. No longer do we care for our brothers, our mothers and sisters.  We wander in a desert of waking lifelessness. 


Let us run to the four corners and lift our hearts and pipes to the Great Spirit.  Let us awaken to the Truth.  We open to your love and protection and ask that we can, in humility and love, rise above our inadequacies and the current human condition.  May we have the strength and courage to return this living, life-giving Earth Mother to her original state.  May our tears flow for our wrongs and  do the cleansing that is needed.  Let us live in peace serving one another.  Let us walk lightly on this our Earth Mother.


Ah, ho.

Yes, Earth Changes! Right down our avenue... Buffalohair writes alot on this topic and what the tribe will be doing. Thank you for using Floyd Westerman/ Red Crow's video!

Sorry to some for saying his name now!

When you live with in your culture and it is just your way of life. It is interesting to read all the oooos and ahhhhhhs and magic type stories that are written.


Friends from birth, or others who befriend you as you grow older, among the different animals can be interesting.


When I returned my father's ashes back to the West Coast. That whole trip over, was with Ravens. Every place I stopped to rest in each State I drove through I met a Raven.


Even peaking around the open car doors at me.


Or when I looked for one! I would turn around and a Raven would be standing behind me.


I would go into another State and pull into a gas station, up to the pump and who would land on top of things right by the pump? A Raven !


When I got to a forest where usually there were no Ravens. What did my son find on the river? A piece of drift wood of a Raven's head.


It was a very interesting trip and I could see many safety features along the way for us, that were thrown in like magic..... I ended up speaking of it as a medicine trip. My father's friend was a Raven..... at the end


Some tribes , not all or many, with in Nations have family totems. If that family is part of a clan that is say, a wolf, then the whole family, even added on members, are then of the Wolf Clan. That family will also have other ID markings on their totem so others will know who or which the family it is and where they are from. They have healers or medicine men in their tribes.


What happened here? I was going to be quiet and just listen to all of you. Ah well ......  Blessings to all of you.

The three worlds that shamans travel through

Interesting Judith... thanks for sharing. 


If someone wanted to go on a 'journey' with a shaman, is it possible to do, and how would someone get in touch with a shamanic practicioner or medicine man that would agree to do something like this? 


The goal would be to meet one's power animal or animal spirit guide, and/or go on a journey to... well, I will let the shaman talk about that.. Or can you enlighten us Judith? 



Sorry, None of the real medicine men among those Nations, if you are not American Indian would do that.

If I were you, I would go to a Real Nation, near by in your area and ask to speak with the Elders for their wise advise ....... Then ask them, about What is proper and What is not, to ask about this subject.  They may not talk about their Tribes/Nations beliefs with you, as most will not but  May  talk about their Culture with you.


They are in the know about ones pretending to be and all the money these people charge the ones that are unaware.




The best teachers of Shamanism that I have found in the new-age Shamanism (keep in mind, I speak of the Shamanism where psychedellics are still used and accepted) look up Terence and Dennis Mckenna. They are excellent!

Erowid is also good.
Bouncing Bear Botanicals and The Basement Shaman are great sites for ordering herbs.


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