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Interfaith: heavenly beings

heavenly angel with doves

~Angels' Message~
As time goes by, notice how still the earth moves- at a silent rate, knowing how to turn the cosmos for the greater good of many. It knows how to heal, to redirect its currents, to nourish each soul on the planet. This elixir is not magic, it merely represents magical thinking. Everyone benefits all the time from those like-minded individuals who give-to each other, and the planet, with a purpose-to make a statement that anything unfair can be fixed, remixed, or newly aligned into another altered state. In other words, all is forgiven.
Everything in the past no longer exists.Only renewal and re-birth stand before you , on the horizon, waiting your recognition of knowing that all miracles exist all the time-for us, because of us, individually and collectively. See your reflection in all things; then you will only notice and therefore bequeath to others, beauty, grace and magnificence.
So be it now,
The Angelic Realm

Angels and other beings

In your belief system or religion, what kind of heavenly beings exist? How do you access them or communicate with them? 


Have you had any experiences around angels or other beings that are on the other side? 

roman catholic church

We´ve God in trinity, Father, Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit. We pray directly.
A woman is Mary, mother of Jesus, all holy apostles, archngels Gabriel, Michael, Uriel and Lucifer (fallen Angel - we don´tv pray to him, he is Satan).

Further there are heavenly army (angels) (don´t know to explain in english) and many, many Saints.

Do you want to know this?

I have come across many such incidents

Basically from my child's birth I was helped by unknown ladies which appeared to me like Angels .

Can Never forget them in my life .



I Believe that I have encountered Angels on earth several times. They always had the brightest of blue eyes and had a Message for me to give me Hope. "The Lord is coming soon!" one of them said to me! She told me I had Blessings coming. I told her I thought I was already Blessed! Little did I realize the extent to which God will go to Bless us!

In 2007 I´ve had a sudden emergency surgery. There was just 1 day between life and death.
The nurses in this hospital were hard or a little nice.

Deep in the night the night nurse came in. I was fightig to get breath. She had seen my problem and asked if she may change my bed cover. Then she took me to take a fresh shower.
She dried my hair with a hair dryer ... and all she has done with a very sweet-soft vioce.
She was young and very beautiful.

Always when I spoke about her all doctors stopped to speak and their voices were low.
She was the spot light in chif doctor´s visite, smiled to me her freshest smile.

Three weeks later I told one of the doctors that I´ver heard that it´s my last day.
"Who said this?", he asked. I said the name of the nurse. Very quiet with his lowest church voice he repeated her name and signed my papers.

This nurse must be an angel. How can it be that she has so much might over all doctors just with her smile and her kind, soft voice?


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