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Healing Mother Earth
10 years ago

                    Healing Our Mother Earth   




She is so Beautiful. It is such a shame that humans have damaged, deforrested, urbanised Her, but She will always prevail.

Is there a way that you would like to share in which you heal the Earth? Be it ritual or practical, recycling, re-using things? Do you shop a certian way? Which rituals do you use to re-vitalise the Earth or your garden? Please share them here...More coming soon....

10 years ago

(This isn't a spell. It's a magical ritual designed to give energy back to the Earth. You may use it or not as you wish.)

Light no candles. Burn no incence. Go to the wilds to perform this spell, a place far from the haunts of humans.

There, have ready a potted plant or four plain stones. (Don't use mined quartz crystals.)

Sit on the ground. Place your hands onto the dirt beneath you (or onto the plant or stones, if inside). Visualize the Earth from space as a blueish-white sphere of positive, whole, healed energy. Experience it as a living organism.

When you are ready, say these or similar words:


Pure are the caves and the plains;

Pure are the sod and hills;

Pure are the winds and the skies;

Pure are the lakes and rills;

Pure are the clouds and the rains;

Pure are the woods and trees;

Pure are the valleys deep;

Pure are the bays and the seas.


Renew your visualization, then begin again:


Pure are the birds that fly;

Pure are the hounds and bats;

Pure are the fish and wales;

Pure are the hares and cats;

Pure are the owls and snakes;

Pure are the stags and deer;

Pure are the lizards green;

Pure are all creatures here.


Once again, renew your visualization. Feel the Earth. Block all thoughts of the ravages that our species has subjected to our planet. See the Earth as a healed, whole being. Then say these or whatever words come to mind:


As I recieve your energy, now recieve mine.


Pour your personal power out through your plams and into the Earth (or the stones or plant). Gently send it spiralling down into our planet, lending it the strength to survive. Willingly give yourself for a few moments while visualizing that shining blue planet, hanging in the sky. After a few moments, end the ritual by lifting your hands and standing. (If performing this rite indoors, place the stones or the potted plant onto the ground outside to allow the Earth to absorb the energy.)


It is done."

Earth, Air, Fire and Water, More Techniques Of Natural Magic - Scott Cunningham


10 years ago

"Environmental Healing


As Witches we are concerned about the environment, we hear news of the latest oil spill, the decimation of the forests, or of species threatened by the destruction of their habitats. Whilst we may feel there is little we can individually do to affect these issues, every bit of magical help directed at them does go towards improving them. Perhaps if enough people add their energy we can make a real difference.


It is important that you are specific in the way you ask for help: to simply seek 'to heal the planet' is not only too broad a statement but could result in nature deciding that the best way to heal the Earth would be to remove all the people! It is also important that everyone in a Circle focuses on the same problem, so this can only be performed for one issue in one Ritual.


This Ritual takes the form of a meditation in Circle and is best performed at the Full Moon. if you are working in a group then get one person to read the visualization whilst everyone else follows it in their mind.


Create your Sacred Space and perform a Self-Blessing.


When you are ready sit, or lie down comfortably, close your eyes, breathe deeply and evenly and visualize the following:


Picture the Earth, a small blue-green planet, revolving in space. See the land and the waters, see the clouds across its surface. See it sparkling like a jewel in the depths of space. Let your mind see below the surface of the planet a great blue-green dragon coiled around the Earth, its nose and tail touching. Take time to visualize it clearly , see its wings and scales. see its noble head. See how the dragon sleeps, see it breathing low and slow. Now reach forward with your mind, touch the dragon, gently wake it from its slumber. See it stir, call out to it. As it wakes see the dragon turn to look at you. See its great golden eyes gaze at you, full of understanding and compasion for the land. Tell it of the problem you are working on, see the tears glisten in its eyes as it nods in comprehension. Now with your mind call to the dragon, ask it to rise, to take wing to put its energy into resolving the problem. See it rise from the land and take flight, see it circle the Earth three times, moving Deosil. Now with your mind direct it to the part of the Earth where the problem is. See it swoop down to touch the earth and coil up tightly at the spot you have indicated. When you are certain that the dragon has settled firmly, bid it farewell and withdraw your mind from contact. Once again, visualise the planet as seen from space. Now return here and now, remember where you are. Open your eyes.


After this, or any other, meditation it is important to make sure that you are grounded before going on to do anything in the mundane world. So at the end of your Ritual you should make a point of having something to eat and drink.

All magic should be paid for, not in money but in returning something to the natural world, and nowhere is this more appropriate than in environmental healing. You could take part in a tree planting programme, clear litter from a local natural area, make a point of shopping in a more environmentally friendly way - perhaps by buying your vegetables loose rather than pre-packed, or by recycling, and so forth."


The Real Witches Book of Spells and Rituals - Kate West



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