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Joy of Friendship
10 years ago

1friend-is-a-push-when.jpg picture by jumpingjill

10 years ago

What a precious photo! An excellent description of friendship. Thank you for sharing. This is beautiful.

10 years ago

Friendship is a gift,
Never to be traded away:
It is designed to live forever
Not just for a day.

Friendship is kind
and will always be there:
to lend a helping hand
of gentle support and care.
By Emeraldj.

Lol, Life is funny, and our friendships extend to many,...
6 years ago


Thanks for the Group that understands the lessons learned from

- time and experience!!!


May everyone have a seat at the kiddies table,

       'cause you'll have a great time, with those adorable kiddies,

                 or kitties,

                       LOVE YOU!!!


Happy ThanksGiving

          to ALL Care2 Lovable Members!!!! 



{an obvious cat lover,... }

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6 years ago

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all who read this post !!!

there is so much more than mortals can see,... :+)
6 years ago

       and so *


there is no doubt






     it IS a wonderful LIFE!


6 years ago

Here's hoping everyone had a Merry Christmas & God Bless Us Everyone.

Geez, Louise!!!
6 years ago


Ya'll -

Hope the snow flakes

are backing off!!!

Not fun to

shovel frozen water~

Hope your stayin'

where the blanets are fluffy

and the soup's hot

and soon the sun

will unfreeze Louise,

seen above


in the purple gloves.

5 years ago

Hi:   Care2 allowed me to add a photo to the Freinds of Senior Center front page: I have added my Jack Seniorest avatar. Hope you like it. Feedback is welcome......Johnny Angel/Jack Seniorest

top of the morning,... Hi Seniors!
5 years ago

Got to say, Jack, -your avatar is unique~  and hopefully will attract some attention as well as new members!  Can you give a little background as to how this particular 'image' was selected?  I can imagine it's an interesting story.  It may also offer members some inspiration to post.  Let us in on the idea behind this character. 


I know that I am curious,...     dot

5 years ago

Hi Dot:   I have been thinking for quite awhile about developing a logo/avatar that would be thought provoking & memorable for seniors. Jack was what my mother called me. I am the seniorest member of my immediate family. I wanted Jack the avatar to resemble me a wee bit. I marvel at watching mature gentlemen dressed in tuxedos and top hats. So Jack Seniorest became the dressed up me...j/j

WooHoo! 2 U
5 years ago

Hi there beautiful people - with or without Top Hats!!! 

Remember that life is more amazing than anything we can imagine!!!

Keep your smile, and share your joy with all who come into

                                                                  your world today!!!

EveryDay is a Happy NonBirthday, except for the day you are born.

Top of the Day, to ALL!!!

5 years ago

Like the top photoe....Some day I'll post a photo of the real Jack Seniorest in a top hat

- you know it! -
5 years ago

5 years ago

As I want to stay young I am like Willie Nelson and so many other ones, living with youngs.  More fun, more help, more everything.  Only my true love Dave is liltte younger than me.  In my family almost of them lived passed 90 some are still alive and healthy and they are one woman 97, and the yougest of my uncles, one 82 the other one 86.

Good Luck to you all.

Marie M. 

5 years ago

Good for you, Marie!

Happy Monday!!!
5 years ago

We're Senior Swingers!

pompoms or no pompoms!!!

April 1st, 2014
5 years ago


Happy April Fool's Day!

back in the 60's we had fun on this date


not sure how the youth of today

recognize today,...

but, so far today, i've had fun!!!

Happy April Fools!
5 years ago

Altogether - We are One!
4 years ago

All are but parts of one stupendous whole, Whose body Nature is, and God the soul.


Let's make every day SUN day, even if it's hiding behind the clouds~
4 years ago

Sunday scraps, images, graphics

Days of Daisies ~
4 years ago

Hello Sunny and Beautiful, Seniors !!!

Hope your having a daisy of a good day!!!       love&Care2, Dot

4 years ago

4 years ago

Ah, yes,

 - what would we ever DO,

        without each other ????            

a nice toast to YOU this morning, may it be delicious!
4 years ago

4 years ago

Aug.14, '15 - @ the cafe, out today- message for Carrie~
4 years ago

dew drops and spring rain

pink petals rising once again

healing waters flowing free

beauty springs from all you see

it's your heart's vision shining thru

because love is the core of you!


i am thinking of you Carrie

may all go exceedingly well 

God Speed your surgery,

let us know how you are!


love&care, always, Dot

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4 years ago

Thank you, Dot. 

God Watches Over, All. Hi Carrie, I hope you are doing fine~
4 years ago

The Vision of the Divine is not limited / as we humans are...

9 secs ago

Eight planets and a dwarf planet in our Solar System, approximately to scale. Pluto is a dwarf planet at far right. At far left is the Sun. The planets are, from left, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Credit: Lunar and Planetary Institute


Planets in our Solar system size comparison. Largest to smallest are pictured left to right, top to bottom: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Earth, Venus, Mars, Mercury. Via Wikimedia Commons.



Artist's conception of a solar system in formation. Credit: NASA/FUSE/Lynette Cook

Artist’s conception of a solar system in formation.  Credit: NASA/FUSE/Lynette Cook

Over millions and millions of years, the gas and dust particles became  attracted to each other by their mutual gravities and began to combine or crash.  As larger balls of matter formed, they swept the smaller particles away and  eventually cleared their orbits. That led to the birth of Earth and the other  eight planets in our Solar System. Since much of the gas ended up in the outer  parts of the system, this may explain why there are gas giants — although this  presumption may not be true for other solar systems discovered in the  universe.

Read more:


I hope everything went well for you, Carrie,... (?)
4 years ago

No matter how far we think we can see,

The Great Creator sees vastly beyond.


You are in sight~

4 years ago

I'm doing well ~ just can't spend much time on the computer. Very light sensitive and I get a headache. Just need some time to heal, but my vision is so much improved. Just waiting for the last bit of cloudyness to go away. Thank you for all the good wishes, Dot.

See No Evil
4 years ago

Hi and thanks for a speedy response, Carrie~  I'm so glad to know that things went well for you!  Eyes are extremely sensitive, so stay with the doc's orders and don't make them "see" too much until you're past this important healing stage.  I am probably out of the office when you respond, my health is giving me some challenges, and I'll leave work early.  As you know, this is the computer that connects me with Care2.  Keep on doing everything right for your eye surgery post surgery.  It will make a difference.    I may not be back for a week or more, and then again, I may be back tomorrow,...  

Caring,too, and love2, Dot

Then Purple Heart of Hugs for all the Courage you've shown-
4 years ago
Purple fuzzy hugs and a kisses of wellness sent to all 
who may desire just this kind of wish today~
Hope you're getting better every day, Carrie!
                          dot Dot DOT  
4 years ago

I can see so much better! Thank you for thinking of me.

Awwwww, I am so HAPPY, for you, Carrie!!!
4 years ago

Thanks for the great laugh, Carrie, and even more,....

for the great news !!!!  more furry hugs sent your way~

love2care, always, dot 

Hi Jack, looks like my icon got frozen out of the list,...
4 years ago
Geez, Louise!!!
1 year ago


trying to get help to dig myself out,

but would greatly appreciate it if you 

could find me somewhere under the

bits of digital mounds,...... (?)

Hope to see you back on top, Jack!

I miss seeing you on ps2day, too!!!

Senior Caring to post, share and Care2,


4 years ago

I'm beginning to think we are a 'group' of two, Dot. 

4 years ago

Sometimes Jack is around.

4 years ago

Hi Jack ~ How ya be? 

4 years ago

Hi Carrie........I am well. I hope you are well too......Jack

teeheeee, and meow meeeee, hope you like a song for free~
4 years ago

hells bells and jingle me happy

look who's here and always sassy

ring my bell and sing a tune

we may not see jack again 'till June

having caturday fun with seniors, - Jack and Carrie!!!
4 years ago



        i put a sock in it ....



      i socked myself in it

the uni-verse continues to play
4 years ago

Hi Carrie and Jack~  Hope you are having a rockin' weekend!  

I know you're still on the mend, Carrie, but,

from what I can 'see' ....  You're in the PINK!

{maybe, more magenta, but, in the pink family,...  haha}

4 years ago

4 years ago

4 years ago

Good ole Happy Jack

Here I am

I'm truely Back

It really this soon

Tell the cats.

I couldn't wait til June.

Good ole Happy Jack - bringing some friendliness back!!!
4 years ago

purrrfect, Jack! 

you made kitty feel

safe and secure

- happiness is a top hat 

upon the head of a friendly guy 

who shows up 

in the by and by,...

{teeeeheeee-ing - Just for YOU!!!}

4 years ago

happy weekend friends taken today at the nature center had a lot of fun  <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo image.jpg4_zpsv47gpfkq.jpg"/></a>

a little birdy told me that we have a lot of friends here~
3 years ago

and this wise bird observes quite a lot, - it's always great to connect with friends of experience and a few feathers in their cap ( head-dress / will do~  teehee )

3 years ago

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