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10 years ago

My friends love to talk of the old days.  Men chat about horses were rigged up and hitched to buggies or wagons.  The women talk of the 'teas', and quilting bees. Plus many more items too numerous to mention.

1victorianfather42-15864987.jpg picture by jumpingjill Proud Father


Loads of past memories on the farm, families and friends.

A tea table without a big cake in the country in England would look very bare and penurious. The ideal table should include some sort of hot buttered toast or scone, one or two sorts of sandwiches, a plate of small light cakes and our friend the luncheon cake. Add a pot of jam or honey, and a plate of brown or white bread and butter...and every eye will sparkle..."

-Lady Sysonby

The bread for tea sandwiches should be untextured, firm, and very thinly sliced. The crust should always be removed after the sandwiches have been spread with the desired filling. Spreading the bread slices with soft butter or herbed cream cheese or mayonaise will help to keep it moist and prevent sogginess. Some traditional fillings for tea sandwiches are thinly sliced cucumbers, watercress, or pate'. Some modern adaptations might be tomato slices with basil, avocado and watercress, or asparagus tips with lemon mayonaise.

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Women sewed and saved scraps for making quilts.  If they had wool they would have it sewn in between the top and bottom material, either by hand of by sewing machine.


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my good ole days
10 years ago

The 'good ole' days never went un-told as by the fire pit we sat and listened to the old timers chat. I recall long nights into early morning hours paying attention to the gentiles and jews at our summer home, Tamara Bungalow Colony nestled in the Catskill Mountains, talking together and sharing a vision during the late 60's through early 80's. The summers held hope, the mountains held promise and the city only 100 miles away stayed isolated to the city limits as you drove away up into the plaesant hills and landscapes that would take your breath away.


On our property the dirt road into the place was marked on each side by itsy bitsy pine saplings, which today are over twelve foot tall, and cars lined up on the grass as visitors came to see kinfolk on weekends. No buggies or horse-drawn carriages but automobiles with fins, giant chrome bumpers, and ornate grills. Men stepped out of these vehicles with business suits anticipating meeting the wife and kids then changing into swim trunks to trek down to our little private beach. Weekends buzzed with people but nature and spiritual awakening closed out the city chaos and brought these men to their so called roots. It was a great experinece, one I will never forget.


These were my good ole days . . .


How about yours ?


sharing the light,

miss erica hidvegi,

the enlightenment advisor

10 years ago

There are so many people in history that have started the way of life a bit different.  From over 100 yrs ago till present, many people contributed to society that we perhaps take for granted. 
1wrightbrothersRJ3O000Z.jpg picture by jumpingjill
Like our airplane.  We wouldn't have any transportation as such if it weren't for the Wright Brothers.

In 1878 their father, who traveled often as a bishop in the Church of the United Brethren in Christ, brought home a toy "helicopter" for his two younger sons. The device was based on an invention of French aeronautical pioneer Alphonse Penaud. Made of paper, bamboo and cork with a rubber band to twirl its rotor, it was about a foot long. Wilbur and Orville played with it until it broke, and then built their own.

 "Will and I could hardly wait for the morning to come to get at something that interested us. That's happiness.'

 Orville Wright

Milton Wright:
Wright Brothers Documentary
More to view:

10 years ago

Our first Prime Minister of Canada

was Sir John A. MacDonald.  He was known as the Father of Confederation.  Canada was a nation 1867.

He had joined east to west for the connections with trains.

John A Macdonald the Father of Canada

9 years ago

Busy as a Beaver

Busy As A Beaver

A beaver's work is never done.  They chop trees for winter survival chewing on bark for their food.

9 years ago

Have you been farming lately?

Beautiful land for farming....snow melting

Snow in the Hills

9 years ago

1evieFirstCatfish.jpg picture by jumpingjill


Fishing is soon, opening tomorrow.  You can fish by boat, off shore.


I love to fish and good for you also.


1love_fishing_mug-p1682398531264808.jpg picture by jumpingjill

Pickeral (Walleye) is abundant along with many species of Trout. Catfish...many more

It could be mentioned like...'the big one that got away'


no digital fishing, no goosing, no kidding
5 years ago


a memory from long ago,...


neighbors asked my mom to let me fish with them


their little girl was near my own age


just hooking a warm turned me off~


i like warms,  - in case ya didn't know,....


well, i went wandering off


'cause fishing didn't seem to be my thing


ending a little fishy's life didn't seem like fun ~


and while skittering around the fishing hole


all by myself  ( oughtened shoulda )


a goose ran up and bit my kid legs, hard!


and kept on biting


so, i took off like that bat outta you know where


but the only rescue seemed to be climbing a sand dune


well, you can guess how things went!!!


lots of screaming and yelling pursued


and the mom and dad of the little girl came running


shewed away the goose


and laughed some while comforting me


first and last fish story


from the ole days


when digital fishing hadn't even been dreamed of


but what was experienced


was real life*

it takes wisdom and laughter to see how beautiful everything is regardless of the size of our tree,
4 years ago

 photo xmascapturemagic_zps5c4cbcd3.gif

the unique properties of each snowflake
2 years ago

we used to like to curl up with a good book

Image result for gif for sharing animated christmas stockings
and imagining Santa checking his list (twice)
Image result for gif for sharing animated christmas stockings
the idea that reindeer could fly made our dreams full of wonder
Related image
snuggling up inside during a snowy winter's night brought us together
Image result for gif for sharing animated christmas stockings
and while few of us had such a tree
with such glowing presents beneath
the tree on Christmas morning,...
Image result for gif for sharing animated christmas gifts beneath the tree on christmas morning
we still could feel the spirit of the season
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2 years ago
Image result for cartoon maxine cutest funny nice new years gif for 2017
Related image
Image result for cartoon maxine cutest funny nice new years gif for 2017

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2 years ago

Our Gang, knew the true value of money,

it's just paper, that's here today

and gone tomorrow.

But Our Gang sticks together

through all the fuss and hulabaloo.

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2 years ago

from years ago, for those who remember,....
2 years ago

James Dean in 'East of Eden'

life imitates art

art imitates life

how great is art!

how great is life!

every frame is magic made real

along the line of maturity
2 years ago
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mental dexterity - intelligence as revealed by quickness and alertness of mind; "nimbleness of wit and imagination"
intelligence - the ability to comprehend; to understand and profit from experience-
 older people perform better at their peak time of day, usually in the morning
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