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The Great Timeline Project II
11 years ago
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2200 - The early 23rd Century will often be called the "imperial era" of Terran history, when territorial expansion was pursued whatever the cost. Whenever new star systems are surveyed, they are immediately subject to exploitation and colonization, regardless of official approval by the Federation Council or prior claims by other powers. However, once colonies are established, the Terran-controlled Starfleet fulfills its popular mandate to protect Federation citizens from danger, even if the danger is of their own making.

Several cultures prosper under Romulan stewardship.

2201 - Sarek will live much of the next 15 years on Tellar, Earth, and several other worlds. Residence off-world will affect his pon farr cycle. He will not experience his first until well into his 50s.

2202 - Gwendolyn Illisen becomes the planetary governor of the Benecia Colony and the leader of the Terra-Return League. She will found the colony world of New Princeton after her forthcoming political defeat.

Over a century of terraforming pays off: Mars (Sol IV) possesses a breathable atmosphere.

2203 - Dr. Alonzo Richter first publishes the Richter Scale of Culture. In time it will become the UFP's most important tool for determining at which point in a civilization's development the Prime Directive no longer need apply. This scale might be replaced or supplemented by the Weibrand Logarithmic Development Scale in the 24th Century.

Dellas is born in the Romulan Star Empire. The youngest daughter of a disgraced proconsul, she alone will survive a purge that erased the rest of her family. She will be raised in the harsh environment of a government detention camp on Barbaros IV, and eventually rise through the ranks. She might be responsible for founding the Tal Shiar.

Kelvar Garth is born in Trelemarcas, Izar.

Kepler series unmanned probes are launched, propelled by warp fusion.

2204 - The USS Bering NCC-G500 class automated tanker drones enter service. These ships, developed to transport a variety of liquid, slush, and gaseous fuels, have warp 5 capacity via one single Perth PB-21 warp drive nacelle.

After observing the planet for 30 years by Outpost Seran-T-1 and finding no high-level life, Starfleet issues permission to colonize. The Camorites are first, followed by the Deltans, Saurians, and others.

2205 - George S. Kirk, Sr. is born. In addition to being the father of the legendary James Tiberius Kirk, he will be a politically ambitious man belonging to the conservative Back-To-Earthers. He will be declared missing in action while on a special diplomatic assignment when his ship mysteriously disappears with all hands.

2206 - Starfleet vessels achieve warp six.

All design work and construction on Starfleet vessels is federalized and concentrated at the soon-to-be-expanded Starfleet Yards, the first of which is to be located in geosynchronous orbit above San Francisco, Earth.

2207 - Aldebaran (Alpha Tauri III) becomes a UFP member.

Information obtained from spies convinces Federation authorities that the Klingons and the Romulans have met and seem to be old and bitter foes. The "Klingon Menace" begins to overshadow conflict with the Romulans. Declaring neutrality, the Orion Colonies trade with both groups. Klingon raids on Federation shipping often masquerade as Orion-based pirates and vice-versa.

2208 - The Starfleet ship and small craft classification system begins, utilizing a 2- or 3-letter code for defining type and sequence within that type.

2209 - Transporter Psychosis, a breakdown of neuro-chemical molecules during transport, is first diagnosed by researchers on Delinia II.

The Terra-Return League is formed on Benecia Colony. It begins the Back-To-Earth movement, whose goal is to dissolve the Federation and return all Humans to the Sol system.

In the "Mirror" universe: An underground organization calling itself the Movement for a Pure Humanity makes several stirring speeches in the media, calling for the arrest and summary execution of anyone with "tainted" Olympian blood in their veins. They issue many similar edicts in the years to come, but are largely ignored.

Durasport, Inc. is founded in Ursinnis, Argelius. It will manufacture and distribute a wide range of gravitic recliners, comforters, and other luxury furniture for business and private residencies.

2210 - Dikironium (Element 112) is discovered on Vulcan. It exists only in laboratories and, naturally in the Vampire Cloud.

The Janus VI pergium production colony is established.

The Type 1/2A (Agronska 30 series) Hand/Pistol Phaser is developed by Starfleet. The Phaser 1 unit is a palm-sized weapon worn under the uniform shirt. The Phaser 2 weapon consists of the Phaser 1 unit locked into a pistol mount, the handle of which greatly increasing the range, power, and energy charge of the weapon. They will remain in service for well over half a century, alongside more cruder hand weapons. The first units of this type may have been built around the hand laser units and the smaller versions will not see widespread use until the 2260s.

The Archon class cruiser USS Republic NCC-1371 is drydocked and fitted with a new disc-shaped primary hull at Christianshaab Station, Titan. Further redesigning and hull stress testing leads to the development of the Constitution class heavy cruiser.

11 years ago

2211 - A Federation-wide appeal for retired Starfleet vessels is begun by the Starfleet Association, an organization of retired and active duty Starfleet personnel and supporters of Starfleet.

2212 - Sarek returns to Vulcan and is officially rewarded the position as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary from Vulcan, to Earth.

Richard Daystrom is born.

2213 - Harcourt Fenton "Harry" Mudd is born on the frontier world Antares Pi IV, the son of a civil servant.

A Federation colony of 8,050 is established on Tarsus IV.

The Ekosians colonize their sister planet Zeon.

Refrigeration fields which produce cold external leakage become outmoded in the UFP, being restricted to specialized functions such as long-term storage of biological materials.

Billion ton superconvoys begin plying the UFP trade routes, saving industry trillions of credits and years in travel time. The Provider class USS Muletrain is just one such vessel.

The Starfleet Museum is established with the goal of preserving historically important Starfleet vessels for future generations.

2214 - The Associates Union Party is created.

Christopher Robin (Richard) Pike is born in Mojave, California, US, Earth.

The Constitution class vessels are first authorized.  Construction begins on the USS Constitution cruiser, the most successful starship class in UFP history.  Twelve will be built, including the USS Enterprise.

Hudson's World gains its independence.

The first UFP contacts are made with the Sackers, a nomadic race of non-humanoid beings, revolting in appearace to Humans and humanoids.

2215 - Ardana (Mu Leonis) becomes a UFP member.

The Alpha Majoris system is discovered.

Selcundi Drema begins disintegration, forming an asteroid belt in that solar system.

Starfleet begins work on the development of two different photon torpedoes. One utilizing a simple 1:1 matter/antimatter collision device consisting of frozen deuterium slugs backed up by carbon-carbon disks and driven by microfusion initiators into antideuterium cavities. The other utilizing variable amounts of matter/antimatter in thousands of minute 'packets.' The latter torpedo will not see use for over half a century. The former torpedo would be developed by the Braxton/Callisto Corporation's Advanced Project's Division, better known as the Weasel Works.

The surprising strength of the Back-to-Earth movement creates heated debate on both sides of the issue.

2216 - The Romulans begin their Freelan Plan during this era. They begin to raise a colony of Vulcans on the planet Freelan -Vulcans acquired through pirating, to be utilized for their telepathic abilities. Bred to serve the Romulan Empire, the Vulcans are disguised as shrouded humanoid aliens wanting to establish relations with the United Federation of Planets. In reality, they will be used to telepathically influence UFP members in the hopes of driving a wedge between Vulcan and Earth, and perhaps trigger a war between the UFP and Klingon Empire.  Sarek, a diplomatic attache at the Vulcan Embassy on Earth, makes his first voyage to Freelan under Ambassador Selden's orders to conduct trade negotiations concerning crysium ore recently discovered on a moon in the Freelan system. Aboard the Freelan space station, Sarek experiences his first pon farr. In the plak tow, Sarek wrestles with Darov, the Freelan representative, unshrouds him, and is the first UFP member to actually view a Freelan. Sarek dismisses his vision of the Vulcan as plak tow-induced hallucination, although Darov is instantly replaced by Taryn. Less than 5 days later, Sarek reaches Vulcan, is married to T'Rea, and (unknowingly) conceives Sybok.

Kel Titiac, a member of the warp engine design team at Cochrane Warp Dynamics, develops the Titiac PB-30 and PB-31 series warp drive engines (the former design will be discontinued in the early 2250s) which allow a sustained emergency velocity of warp factor 7, and a cruising velocity of warp 5. These PB-31 warp engines will allow the Constitution class and other large cruiser-sized vessels to begin truly long-range, extended duration missions.

Very expensive civilian interstellar pleasure craft become available in the UFP with complements of 20 and advanced second generation warp drives.

The UFP colony on Aberdeen III is found to be completely abandoned under mysterious circumstances.

Mark Rousseau is born. He will become the youngest starship commander until James Kirk's command of the Enterprise.

Orloff is born.  He eventually becomes chief of security of the Starship Enterprise.

2217 - The USS Constitution NCC-1700 cruiser is launched for deep space testing.  The Constitution class cruisers are reclassified as heavy cruisers. Note that "Starship Class" designation will by synonymous with this class' type and/or nominal classification for over 70 years.

In the "Mirror" universe, the Vanguard class 4th generation warp drive ships are launched, the latest improvement in starship design and equipment. The first ship of the line is the ISS Vangard.

Sybok (literally "Seer"), the son of Sarek and T'Rea, is born on Vulcan. His birth will for a time be kept secret from Sarek.

The U.S.S. Valiant (the successor to that name) contacts planet Eminiar VII in star cluster NGC 321, and become casualties
of the ongoing war between Eminiar and Vendikar.

The largest spacelift in history evacuates ten million inhabitants from Bayard's Planet. The planet is in the path of the expanding Phi Puma stellar explosion, and the shock wave will destroy it. The spacelift is supervised by Admiral Okuru Nelson aobard the Mann class cruiser USS Endurance.

11 years ago

2218 - Equipment available to away teams now includes the hand phaser, pistol phaser, and phaser rifle with power packs and sniper rigs.

The Starfleet Museum receives a Federation Council Charter and is opened near Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco on Earth.

The Constitution is the first ship to apprehend the smuggler Kojiro Vance, captain of the SS Kobayashi Maru in orbit around Ti'Ruben, confiscating the contraband merchant ship. Her captain in 2252 will be Captain Augenthaler while Lieutenant Kirk serves aboard as Second Officer and Helmsman with Lieutenant junior grade Gary Mitchell, Navigator.

The Great Eclipse takes place in Sol system.

The Andorian ship-building industry is in dire straits. Their work begins on the   class explorer project, with 10 vessels authorized.

Merak II is colonized.

Tranquility Park on Luna becomes a holiday resort.

Cyrano Jones is born on Deneva.

Theta VII becomes the 500th member of the UFP. The Federation is becoming so large that only major grievances can be dealt with properly, a source of concern among some members.

Independent Terran traders operating to the galactic southeast of the Donatu system approach the sector Starfleet commander at Starstation McCall with complaints that all attempts to establish trade relations with the Klingons had been forcefully rebuffed. They request that Starfleet "encourage" them, with force if necessary, to accept diplomatic commercial relations with the UFP. As modern protocols had not yet been introduced, Captain Natalia Thibodeaux of the Hyperion class cruiser USS Triton NCC-866, transports herself and a diplomatic team into the Great Hall on Qo'noS. The Klingons, celebrating their expulsion of the H'urq 11 centuries earlier, kill 7 members of the team. The captain and 13 members of the team manage to beam back safely but the Triton is severely damaged and nearly brought out of orbit by Klingon attacks. A total of 32 crew members are killed and by the time the Triton limps back to Starstation McCall, the Federation is on the verge of war with the Klingon Empire.

A group of philosophers and scientists from the Vulcan Science Academy found the planet Harmony (Harridane 226).

Hostilities between the Federation and the Klingon Empire flare.

2219 - Epictetus III is colonized.

T'Rea ascends to be High Master of Gol and divorces Sarek.  T'Rea begins to speak out against the imbalance of Surak's teachings of nonemotion on Vulcan. She learns of the ancient legend of Sha Ka Ree from the katras enshrined in the Hall of Ancient Thought.

Commodore van Anling tells Robert April that he will be the first captain of the Enterprise. Over the next year, April will oversee the assembly of the starship and consult with her chief construction engineer, Franz Joseph IV, on her internal configuration.

The beautiful, exotic water world Hydra II is discovered by the Mann class cruiser USS Poseidon in Sector 16C. It is the first and last time the planet is not inundated with Federation personnel on R&R.

Richard Daystrom is born.

2220 - The Federation Council proposes that the non-self-sustaining, outermost worlds of the Federation be decolonized (i.e., abandoned) so that a smaller, stronger defensive perimeter could be established around core colony systems.

The Klingon/Romulan border changes slightly.

To celebrate 50 years in business, the Cultural Exchange Project throws a Federation-wide fair that will be long remembered.

Analysis of a captured starship gives the Klingons dilithium-focused warp drive. Captain Krenn, responsible for the capture, is later ordered to serve as an ambassador to the UFP.  The 2220's will see the first great phase of Klingon interstellar expansion. During this period, Beta Thoridar will be conquered by the Klingon Empire.

In a daring raid on the Klingons, the Tholians capture disruptor technology. The Klingons are furious but unable to react.

A border skirmish with a Romulan warbird forces the Tyrtaeans to unwillingly join the Federation.

T'Rea is stripped of her title and power as T'Sai ascends to the position of High Master of Kolinahru at the Gol retreat on Vulcan.

Argelius II becomes a UFP member.

2222 - Charlottes Shields, Inc. is founded in Quiberon Prime, Alpha Centauri by Dr. Elizabeth Charlottes. It will become one of the major UFP designers and manufacturers of deflector shield systems and their associated technologies.

Montgomery Scott, son of Arlyne Jorgensen Scott, is born at Annet House, in Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland.  Scott also had a younger brother named Robert, a younger sister named Clara, and a niece and nephew, Dannan Stuart and Peter Preston. 

The Federation switches to triphase circuitry systems, replacing duophase networks.

The First Federation-Klingon War ends inconclusively.

Relations between the Klingon Empire and the UFP continue to degenerate, giving rise to 70 years of unremitting hostility between the two powers.

Th'allt, an Andorian colony world, appeals to the Federation Council for economic protection from Tellarite merchants. The Bureau of Interstellar Trade and Commerce fails to take timely and effective action to resolve the situation.

At the age of 10, Richard Daystrom produces the first practical mathematical study of the relationship between subatomic structure and data processing (later called Duotronics).

The USS Excalibur successfully rescue the stranded crew of the USS Ares, marooned in Tholian space.

11 years ago

2224 - While conducting 'fleet maneuvers' near Th'allt as part of Operation Archimedes, Andorian Admiral Hathari fires on Tellar-registered trading ships. This reveals the Scandal of Archimedes, which emphasizes the unwieldly bureaucracy of the Federation and adds to the popularity of the Terra-Return League.

The Olympics are held on Aldebaran, marking the first interplanetary games.

During the landings at Homunculus XX, 127 Starfleet Marines are killed by the electromagnetic pulses of stealthed minifusion warheads below geosynchronous orbit shattering transporter annular confinement beams. The aftermath of this disaster will lead Starfleet to recognize the importance of maintaining a credible shipborne landing capability.

The UFP completes the disbanding of the "national" fleets as the Federation Starfleet is finally completed.

An Earth colony is established on Merope IV, a Class M world with 3 large continents: New Yoruba, New Biafra, and New Niger. Unknown to the colonists, Merope IV is home to a planetary neural net intelligence.

Dissatisfaction with the inner workings of the Federation hierarchy creates much criticism of the UFP's present structure among many member-worlds.

Clothing fabricators are installed on Starfleet starships.

A diplomatic incident occurs on the Trill homeworld: Tessman ambassadors stuble across Trill symbionts in the Mak'ala subterranean caverns. Henceforth the Trill are known as 'vermin lovers' to the Tessma.

Jose Tyler is born.  He will later serve as navigator on the Enterprise under Pike and as a Commodore in Starfleet.

2225 - The Federation makes first contact with the planet Liria.  The chairman of the first contact council is Ambassador Rajiv Mohindas.  The Lirin Unity operates with a perfectly balanced population, so for an offworld envoy a superfluous extra is deliberately created -- Nano, who will eventually serve as communications officer on the Enterprise.

The USS Tiberius, commanded by Captain Robert April, is dispatched on a five-year mission.  April will complete three such missions.

2227 - Leonard H. McCoy, the son of David Andrew McCoy and Eleanora McCoy, was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America.

Continued discord with the UFP policy cripples the Federation's economic strength and threatens its ability to provide security to all members.

A'Alakon Landiss Inc. is created in Divallax, Andor. It will manufacture personal and group-oriented life support systems for use in zero-gravity and thin atmospheric environments.

The Ceti Alpha system is first surveyed by an unmanned probe.

A generally conservative alliance of several worlds is formed called the Outer Systems Party.

2228 - Harry Mudd becomes apprenticed to a slave merchant on Antares Pi IV after receiving a formal education.

Extensive dilithium deposits are discovered at the Rigel XII Mining Complex.

The planet Cavalier (Calka IV) is colonized by Arcturians.

2229 - Amanda Grayson meets and marries Sarek of Vulcan.  Now married to Sarek, she journeys to Vulcan. She is bonded to Sarek, is joined by Vulcan marriage, and learns of the Vulcan's pon farr.

Montgomery Scott first meets his future wife Glynnis Campbell.

The Memory Alpha complex is established.

2230 - Gary Mitchell is born Eldman, New York, on Earth.

S'chn T'gai Spock (meaning "Uniter" in Vulcan) is born deep within a cave in Vulcan's Forge near ShiKahr, Sas-a-Shar, Vulcan. He is (officially) the first product of genetic manipulation between two different hominid beings, S'chn T'gai Sarek of Vulcan and Amanda Grayson of Colorado Springs, Earth.  Spock comes from a distinguished Vulcan family with a long history of involvement with Earth. His grandfather Skon had been the first to translate The Teachings of Surak into English, giving humanity access to Surak's teachings. His great-grandfather Solkar had made the first official contact with Earth as captain of the T'Plana-Hath, and later served as the first ambassador of Vulcan to Earth.

T'Pring is born.

The Second Babel Conference meets to address a number of issues, including the volatile issues raised by the Terra-Return League. After lengthy speeches, the vote to dissolve the United Federation of Planets fails, leaving the Federation intact. Immediately after the Conference, the Terra-Return League disbands, and its political influence ceases. Following the collapse of the Terra-Return League, the Independent Systems Movement Party is formed.

In the "Mirror" universe: The annual Babel Conference is disrupted when a representative of the Movement for a Pure Humanity, Governor Kodos of the Tarsus IV Colony, delivers an impassioned condemnation of those with Olympian blood, and of the emperor as well. Stormtroopers attempt to arrest him, but he manages to escape, secretly making his way back to the Tarsus Colony and secluding himself from society.

Daran V and Betelgeuse become UFP members.

Harry Mudd marries Stella Eloise Klatskin on Antares Pi IV. He will stow away aboard a trading vessel two months later.

The Tiberius completes its five-year mission and undergoes standard refit.

2231 - Montgomery Scott (age 9) meets Leonard McCoy (age 4) in Aberdeen.

The Memory Alpha complex is opened to the general public.

The Tiberius begins its second five-year mission under the command of Captain Robert April.

The UFP Central Health Authority warns all worlds within Sector 3.G4; Quadrant 2 about the effects of the upcoming Phi Puma radiation barrage.

10 years ago

2232 - The Type 1 Vas'calanam (Aviary) border defense
outpost enters service in the Romulan Empire this year,
anchoring the arc of the Neutral Zone. They are capable
of gathering intelligence and monitoring ship movements
well past the borders of the Neutral Zone as well as
throughout the Imperial Klingon States inside the
Triangle. By this month 80 see service.

In the "Mirror" universe, the first contact with the
Kzinti Patriarchy occurs. The Kzin do not see the empire
as a threat but as a means of furthering their galactic
conquests. Thus they welcome the empire with open arms.

2233 - Christopher Pike enters Starfleet Academy. He will
major in spatial navigation and warp drive engineering,
and will finish fifth in his class.  His classmates
include Lucien Murat, Akiko Torunaga, and Kadish of
Vulcan, who also become Starfleet legends.

Recent great strides in science and technology are an
important reason why many UFP planets now have an
optimistic outlook on the future.

Kloratis Drives is founded on Tellar. It will become a
leading manufacturer of assorted warp engine technologies
for Tellarite starship designs and a leading developer of
various impulse engine designs. Working with Shuvinaaljis
Warp Technologies will eventually yield a new series of
micro-warp engines for small transport systems.

The T'Dakka system is discovered by the Klingons. Within
the next five years, they will make first contact with
the Kinshaya on the fifth planet in this system.  The
so-called Demon War between the Klingons and the alien
race known as the Kinshaya begins along the coreward
border of the Empire. The Empire diverts fleets and
material from the Federation and Romulan borders to meet
the threat from the Demon's Rift.  Klingon activities
near the Federation border decrease drastically during
this period, with few Klingon warships seen and the
number of routine confrontations dropping by more than 70

Beta Ophiuchi becomes a UFP member.

In a temporal event, the Borg-tech refitted Romulan
mining vessel Narada, commanded by the Romulan Captain
Nero, appears outside of Federation space, having crossed
through a wormhole from the year 2387 to a parallel
universe (henceforth referred to as the "JJverse"),
creating a divergent timeline.  His first act is to
attack the U.S.S. Kelvin NCC-0514 en route to Earth,
commanded by Captain Robau. Robau having been captured,
interrogated and slain, his first officer, Commander
George Kirk, sacrifices himself to save the Kelvin's
crew, including his wife and fellow officer Winona and
his son, James T. Kirk (born on Medical Shuttle 37 as it
evactuated the ship).  The Narada, damaged by the
collision with the Kelvin, is captured by the Klingons,
and Nero's crew is interred at Rura Penthe. Nero and his
crew would escape and recapture the Narada twenty-two
years later.  Following the self-sacrifice of George Kirk
and the destruction of the Kelvin, Winona and her son
James Kirk relocate to Earth.  Winona soon remarries to
an abusive man that young James grows to rebel against. 
Christopher Pike later writes his dissertation on the
Kelvin and George Kirk.  The Prime timeline continues
unabated, save for the absence of Ambassador Spock (who
was also thrown backwards in time in a ship of Geordi
LaForge's design called the Jellyfish).

It should be noted that in this parallel universe, some
important historical figures have different personal

Following the return of the Kelvin to Earth, James
Tiberius Kirk is born in Riverside, Iowa, US, Earth, the
son of George Kirk, Sr. and Winona Kirk. He has one older
brother, George Samuel Kirk.  He is named for Winona's
father (James), and George's father (Tiberius) - also the
name of George's first command, coincidentally.  At the
time of Jame's birth however, both Commander George Kirk
and Winona Kirk were on leave from the U.S.S. Kelvin.  George Kirk Sr. would rarely be at home, as he was later assigned to Starbase 2 as chief of security.

2234 - At age 4, Spock starts school. He is tormented by his fellow classmates for being of mixed heritage.

Leonard McCoy and his cousins build a raft and sail down the Chattahoochee River. Leonard's cousin, David McCoy drowns when the raft brakes apart.

2235 - A UFP survey ship encounters the planet Rimillia
(Torch-Spark system) and classifies the borderline Class K world as late-industrial-age in its development.

The Romulan plasma weapon is invented, giving new hope to
the Star Empire forces on the Klingon and Federation
borders. The weapon is made operational in two years.

Young Spock is tormented by other young Vulcans due to
his hybrid heritage. His mother, Amanda, is consequently
disturbed. He attempts his first practical joke.  Svonn
kidnaps Spock's sehlat as an experiment.

2236 - Pike graduates from the Academy a year early.  He
will make some "whopping mistakes" as a lieutenant but
later outgrow them.

Leonard McCoy meets Mark Rousseau at school, and the two
became best friends.

Montgomery Scott earns extra money by fixing
malfunctioning land and sea vessels offered to him in his
after-school hours. His first love is Maureen Ryan, a
classmate in secondary school.

10 years ago

The largest space rescue in history occurs when the Voyager class starship commanded by Captain Roger Trautmann recovers the 600 passengers and crew of the SS Juliana starliner (commanded by Captain Demetrius Kovanas) from an unexplored sector.

The basic mechanism of zero-point energy generation is first operated experimentally. Involving the formation of an eleven-dimensional space-time membrane twisted into a string with a topology of Genus 1 and pinched off from the background vacuum as to call into existence a new particle, this experimental technique will lead to the development of the quantum torpedo in the late 24th Century.

The SS Columbia crash lands on Talos IV. There is only one survivor, Vina Oliver, the Talosians first human contact.  She is cared for by the Talosians.

The Tiberius returns to spacedock after completion of her
second mission under Robert April.

2237 - Spock is joined by law, tradition, and the Vulcan mind touch to T'Pring in the koon-ut-la ceremony.

Hikaru Sulu is born in San Francisco, Earth.  His parents named him after the protagonist of the Japanese novel The Tale of Genji.

In the JJverse, Nyota Upenda Uhura, the daughter of Alhamisi and M'Umbha Mahia Uhura, is born in Kitua Province, Kenya in the United States of Africa, Earth.

At Wolf 359 the famous combined fleet exercises takes place.

Latium, an immune system chemical, is synthesized.

University class spacefaring schools are decommissioned.

Kelvar Garth is the leading graduate of the Starfleet
Academy and will rise to become the leading Starfleet
tactician and military expert during the Four Years War,
being noted for his role in the Battle of Cheron. He will
be promoted to the rank of Fleet Captain after the Four
Years War and replace Christopher Pike in oversight of
Constitution class vessels. Later he will receive command
of the USS Lexington NCC-1703 and while serving as a
diplomatic representative of the UFP to the planet Antos
IV, will be burned and disfigured in a transporter
accident on the planet's surface. Garth is taught the
secret of molecular metamorphosis by the Antosians
allowing him to alter his form. The accident accelerates
Garth's mental collapse resulting in paranoia and
megalomania which almost causes the destruction of the
Antosian people when Garth attempts to use the
Lexington's firepower to destroy his benefactors. By 2263, he will be committed to Elba II.

The Cartographic Standards Act becomes law.

Montgomery Scott signs on with a private interstellar
prospecting vessel, the SS Diedre,  making runs to Rigel XII.

The Tiberius is launched on her third five-year mission under Captain April.

2238 - James Kirk learns Morse code while staying at his
grandparents' house in Vermont.  On Federation Day, Kirk's family visited the Starfleet War Memorial in San Francisco.  Later that year, five-year-old James would decide that he wanted to go into space, while he sat in his father's arms watching the stars.

Montgomery Scott constructs 7 separate field generators to simulate the Klingon multiship field system and disproves the Perera Theory that photon torpedoes would detonate when placed at the junction points. It is called the Aberdeen Solution and will later be published in 'The Encyclopedia of Engineering Development and Design.'  He is offered a position with the Earth-based Cochrane Tachyonics Corporation. He elects to enter the Academy instead (following the command track, per his parents' wishes).

José Tyler enters Starfleet Academy.

The initial planetary survey of Vendor IX is carried out by the USS Farragut. Chris Pike discovers and apprehends a Vendorian in the form of a fellow crewman. He will be promoted two grades to full Lieutenant and assigned as Navigation Officer to the scout USS Hermes NCC-0585.
The planet Zerkalo, a Class L planet orbiting Gyre's Star, is first settled by Tellarites. It will also be colonized by Humans, Vulcans, Kalars, Derevos, Tiburons, Andorians, Zhuiks, Saurians, and members of 9 other races. No single species will dominate the population, estimated at 12 million in 2370.

Wrigley's Pleasure Planet is founded.

"Enterprise: Last Full Measure" takes place.

During a cloned-Berenstein revival of 'West Side Story' on Alphacent, the composer's clone, gone insane from unnoticed single-bit DNA errors, fires a phaser into the audience in his outrage at having been revived.

The descendants of a Betelgeuse sleeper ship launched from Earth in the mid-21st Century are found on Henson's World. Degenerated to a primitive culture without any memory or records of their origins from Earth, it is finally ruled that they are to be left alone.

The inhabitants of Altair IV and VI reacquire spaceflight and begin mining the asteroid belt and Altair III. Interplanetary civil war breaks out yet again in this system.

The methods the Starfleet Medical Corps uses to approve new drugs and medical techniques are updated--but will not be updated again in at least another 25 years.

Leonard McCoy first meets his future wife, Jocelyn Darnell, at a high school social, when Jocelyn forced McCoy to dance with her to counter the jealousy of her possessive boyfriend, Clay Treadway. Treadway brawls with McCoy there on the dance floor, but McCoy knocks him down and leaves with Darnell.

Dilithium crystals are integrated into a new generation of engines capable of greater velocity, range, and thrust.

The Romulan cloaking device is perfected and is used
successfully in vessels on the Klingon border. The Klingons quickly encounter them.

10 years ago

2239 - After taking the Kobayashi Maru test and devising a unique approach to the scenario, Montgomery Scott's lecturers transfer him to the engineering/services track.

Nyota Upenda Uhura, the daughter of Alhamisi and M'Umbha
Mahia Uhura, is born in Kitua Province, Kenya in the United States of Africa, Earth.

Mr. Brack purchases Omega VII (Holberg 917G).

The Demon War ends with a whimper instead of a bang. A
state of prolonged but stalemated hostility exists between the two races, with no end in sight. It is almost three years before the Klingon military presence along the borders with the UFP and the Romulan Star Empire is back to its pre-war strength.

Aurelia (Xi Herculis) becomes a UFP member - the first avian race ever encountered by the UFP.

Open hostilities over mining rights break out between
Terran colonies on the 5th and 6th planets of the Ptomaine system. The planets had been colonized by rival corporations, which now sought to exploit the mineral wealth of the asteroid belt separating the planets. The Valley Forge class USS Aelita NCC-1480 is forced to destroy several armed transports of the Pandora Corporation when they refuse to break off an attack on an asteroid processing facility.

In the "Mirror" universe: Memory Alpha is established as the empire's central storage complex for all military intelligence, most of which is stolen from vanquished worlds.

The Amalgamation of Federation Scientists is created.

Ggramphud Histo-Cryogenics, Inc. is founded on Tellar,
dedicated to research concerning cryogenic techniques for life prolongation.

Animation Ultragraphics is formed in Arrival, Tellar by Jason d'Andrew of Earth and Arrv Delepphid of Tellar. It will become a leader in tri-dimensional broadcasting technology as system-wide entertainment media.

Dr. Tristan Adams revolutionizes asylums.

2240 - Spock defies his father's wishes and journeys into the Vulcan desert known as the Forge and to the Llangon mountains in an attempt to complete the kahs-wan, the traditional Vulcan coming of age ritual. With the assistance of his cousin Selek (actually Spock himself from the future) and the sacrifice of Spock's pet Sehlat I-Chaya (euthanized after being seriously injured by a wild animal), young Spock completed the kahs-wan ritual prior to the actual test. It was at this time that Spock chose the Vulcan way of life over that of his human mother.  Selek teaches Spock the Vulcan nerve pinch. Spock goes on to technically fail the Kahs-wan, but saves the life of Sendet in doing so. Sekar comes to Spock's defense, silencing the bullies challenging his heritage.  At some point after this, Spock accompanies his father on a trip to Minneapolis, Earth (during the winter) and Sybok comes to live with Spock in Sarek's household, on Vulcan.

In an alternate timeline, after two years of excellent reports aboard the USS Hermes NCC-585, Christopher Pike is promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and is granted his first command, making him the youngest starfleet officer to receive such a posting.  His record ascent will be beaten by cadet James T. Kirk in 2258.

Admiral Archer leaves the Academy, retiring from Starfleet.  He runs a successful campaign and is elected to the Federation Presidency, making him the oldest Human ever to occupy the post.

2241 - After three years of excellent reports aboard the USS Hermes NCC-0585, Christopher Pike is promoted to Lieutenant Commander at the captain's recommendation and transferred to the destroyer USS Darius NCC-0502 as Chief Navigator.

In the JJverse, Pavel A. Chekov, son of Andrei Dimitrievich Chekov and Larisa Irinova Chekov, is born in Leningrad, Russia.  He is their first and only child.  Prior to being able to read, Chekov and his family lived on Luna.

2242 - Graduating first in his class from the Academy, Montgomery Scott stays on for a semester as an instructor aide for aged Admiral Jonathan Archer's Advanced Relativistic Mechanics class, in addition to compiling several texts on engineering.  These include 'Advanced Astrophysics,' 'The Essence of Warp Drive Mechanics' (co-authored with Admiral Winston Cauffield),'General Starship Engineering: Constitution Class' and eventually 'Applied Astroengineering'.  His first assignment out of the Academy is to the San Francisco Fleet Yards where he serves on the construction teams, alongside Bernice Hart, working on four Constitution-class starships, including the USS Enterprise (as yet unnamed).

Ensign Jose Tyler graduates from Starfleet Academy.  Tyler is assigned to the Tiberius upon his graduation from the Academy. Captain April straightens out his irresponsibility and hotheaded attitude.

The U.S.S. Tiberius completes her third five-year mission under Captain Robert April.

Cygnet XIV becomes a UFP member.

On Vulcan, Sered advocates Vulcan's withdrawal from the Federation at Sarek's estate.

Anne Gauvreau enters the Starfleet Academy. During her 21 years in Starfleet, she will serve as Executive Officer aboard the USS Yorktown NCC-1704 under Captain Matthew Decker before his transfer to the USS Constellation NCC-1017. Offered command of the science vessel Hawking, Gauvreau will reject the promotion, wanting to command a Constitution class starship, and will eventually resign from Starfleet when such a commission is never offered.

The USS Wells inexplicably travels through time as it returns from a three-year mission in only 33 solar days. Commodore Gregory Tree of Starbase 20 logs the report.

Chancellor Karhammur plans of expanding the Klingon Empire into UFP space. Planning begins on a series of minor skirmishes to divert UFP attention away from Axanar.

10 years ago

Contact is lost with the Federation border monitor station on Beta Tetsuwan XII. Fourteen hours later, a squadron of 12 Klingon D6 class cruisers attack the Federation colony on Cicatrix IV. There they are engaged by the USS Cougar, under the command of Captain Timsig Surrha, which manages to disable two of the Klingon cruisers before destroying a third and herself by ramming the enemy vessel. Nearly all 1,000 inhabitants of the colony were killed by a ferocious orbital barrage.

The inhabitants of Beta Prometheus refuse an offer to join the UFP. Consisting of space traders and smugglers, they resort to selling their dilithium crystals.

The Battle of Donatu V is fought near Sherman's Planet. General Korrgar, the commander in chief of the Klingon forces, is defeated by Captain Rollin Bannock of the USS Excalibur NCC-1705. Cursing his inability to improvise on the field of battle, attributing it to the rigid principles he had been taught by his military elders, Korrgar self-destructs his ship and crew. Captain Bannock's strategy will be considered one of the most brilliant gambits in modern military history, and one of James Kirk's heroes. Bannock will later be responsible for convincing the Axanar to sign a treaty with the Federation. A 3-meter high gray marble spire will be erected in San Francisco dedicated to those who had perished in the Battle of Donatu V. Some 200 names are inscribed on it.

2243 - Mark Rousseau enters Starfleet Academy.

Leonard McCoy is thrown from the horse that he had been riding. McCoy suffers a concussion and bruised ribs, and is treated at a hospital in Waco, Texas.

The 'time barrier' is broken by intermix improvements--and dilithium crystal focus. The crystals are used to focus and channel the output, not just in the energizers. With more energy made available, stronger warp generators are built. These Titiac PB-32 (3rd Generation warp drive) warp engines will be installed on the Bonhomme Richard class heavy cruisers, and eventually backfitted on most of the Constitution class vessels, allowing warp 8 maximum velocity and warp 6 cruising velocity. These units feature partially exposed space warp generators, which create a more stable warp bubble with correspondingly slower dilithium decay, and a near-perfect manufacturer's test record. Dr. Laurence Marvick is one of the designers of the PB-32 engines and/or the Bonhomme Richard heavy cruiser.

The USS Rickover is lost while on an exploratory mission near the galactic core.

Physicist Richard Daystrom shares the Nobel and Zee-Magnees Prizes with William Abramson for their revolutionary computer theory with Duotronics, which processes information concerning every atom in the galaxy. Daystrom's later pioneering work in Duotronics will later be supplemented by various Cygnian researchers.

In the "Mirror" universe, Richard Daystrom achieves his great Duotronic breakthrough. He intends to give this information to the Klingons, but imperial agents learn of his plans before he can carry them out. He is arrested for treason and sentenced to an isolated concentration camp on Delta Hydra VI.

Ambassador Sarek is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Qadar, a Klingon scientist and Chancellor Grannoch's ruustai-cousin, creates an enhanced breed of Klingons called M'tachtar intent on waging a war with the UFP by striking at Starfleet Command. The Chancellor has other plans and will lead the M'tachtar into a trap in Federation space.

The United Earth Alliance Parliament issues the Starfleet Medal of Honor. This stylized UFP symbol superimposed on a solid gold disk set against a 5-pointed silver star attached to a red-white-blue vertical striped ribbon, is the highest decoration awarded by Starfleet Command and the UFP. It is given to individuals who show self-sacrifice, heroism, and courage despite extreme peril in the service of the UFP. Because recipients are considered to be the embodiment of the highest ideals of the UFP, their descendants may automatically enter the Starfleet Academy.

A study completed for the Federation Council's Office of Public Information reports that the new dilithium-powered starships will eventually permit a thorough exploration of all sectors within the Federation's sphere of influence. This finding supports Starfleet's recent emphasis on its Galaxy Exploration Command.

In the JJverse, Young James T. Kirk, age 10, goes for a joyride in his late father's classic car (which his abusive step-father tasked him with detailing prior to sale), passing his older brother George Jr (who is running away from home) as he goes, is chased by a police officer on a hovercycle, and bails out just as the car falls into a massive quarry.  James meets Carol Marcus for the first time.  The two will meet again when Kirk attends the academy.

2244 - Christopher Pike is advanced to the rank of full Commander, serving aboard the Artemis.

Leonard McCoy enters college at the University of Mississippi ("Ole Miss"). During his time there, his roommate was a Tessma, Sinnit Arvid.

The Brass Ring Incident: a UFP passenger ship strays into the Romulan Neutral Zone, nearly triggering off another Romulan war. The original treaty is amended.

Starfleet Intelligence learns that the first Axanar task force under command of Klingon Admiral Kkorhetza has left the Klingon naval base of Ruwan.

10 years ago

The USS Bohr reports observing a three-ship Klingon task force in unclaimed space between the UFP and Klingon spheres of influence, and is diverted from picket duty. The small task force is a decoy to lure the Bohr from its patrol area and to allow a 20-ship force to attack the Federation-manned Arcanis IV Research Outpost. Klingon marines massacre the entire 112 crew of this base which begins a chain of events that will lead to war. Having detected two massive Klingon battle fleets in the following two months, the Federation begins to prepare for war, but hostilities do not begin immediately. Meanwhile, all this is a blind to distract the UFP from Axanar, the true target of Klingon interest.  Starfleet Intelligence later learns that the first Axanar task force arrived at Axanar at this time, with a second, reinforcing task force also on its way there.

In the "Mirror" universe, the empire learns of an alliance between the Klingons and the Axanar star system. Imperial forces assault Axanar and destroy a Klingon starbase being constructed there. The attack is led by Captain Garth. So begins the Four Years War.

The USS Hood charts the Cygni Maxima system. They report sentient life on the system's fourth planet and declare it off-limits to all UFP space traffic.

It is decided this year to replace the constellation of orbital skeletal dockyards over San Francisco with a dedicated and integrated facility. The Starfleet Corps of Engineers and the Orbital Structures Unit of the Starfleet Spacecraft Design Advisory Commission come up with one of the most astounding achievements of the 23rd Century: Spacedock, the first major stride in starbase technology. A future starbase template, Spacedock will be completed in 2280, with an additional eight built in orbit around the other major shipbuilding planets in the Federation.

The Navigational Hazard Classification Authority is established by Starfleet to provide information to all interstellar vessels, both military and civilian, regarding potentially hazardous spots along known routes.

The UFP's last visit to the Muhlari system takes place during this period.

2245 - At this point, the UFP boasts 120 member planets and 700 colonies.

Pavel A. Chekov, son of Andrei Dimitrievich Chekov and Larisa Irinova Chekov, is born in Leningrad, Russia.  He is their first and only child.  Prior to being able to read, Chekov and his family lived on Luna.

At the campus of Ole Miss, Leonard McCoy meets Emony Dax in the Menlo T. Hodgkiss Memorial Gymnasium, dates her, and saves her life.  She convinces him to become a surgeon.  Later that year, McCoy serves as an observer aboard the USS Hood before officially enrolling in medical school, though he studied at his home in Georgia.

The Enterprise is officially launched on July 4th 2245 by Federation President Samuel Solomon Qasr, and attended by former President Jonathan Archer, who had been the commander of the United Earth ship Enterprise (NX-01) nearly a century earlier. Following the launch ceremony, the Enterprise begins shakedown cruises under the command of Captain Robert April. The shakedown cruises go well and the Enterprise is finally commissioned on January 3rd 2246.

2246 - The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701, a Constitution class starship, is commissioned. Captain Robert April (who beat out James Winter for the job) assumes command and begins a five-year mission of exploration.  Easily the most famous Constitution class starship, in her long service life she will be commanded by Captains April, Pike, Kirk, Decker, and Spock before her self-destruction in 2287. Her normal patrol zone will eventually be Fleet Subquadrant 3 throughout most of her service life.  A residence hall will honor the Enterprise's name at the Earth Starfleet Academy.  Lieutenant Commander Christopher Pike is first officer.  Doctor Philip Boyce is assistant medical officer.

Disagreements with the chief surgeon of the USS Hood NCC-1707 prompt Dr. Leonard McCoy's transfer to the Starfleet Surgeon General's Office as a cultural observer, during which time he will visit Beta Portalan II, Ursula IX, and will recommend the quarantine of Vendor to the Federation Council.

Montgomery Scott serves on ships such as the USS Gagarin and the USS Kumari during this period.

Christopher Pike is promoted to commander and leaves the Enterprise, where he is currently stationed under Robert April. He is replaced by Commander Lorna Simon.

Starfleet develops an improved deflector shield system from studying Roy Moss's deflector principles implemented on the Shark. He never is given the credit for his achievement although the technology will ensure relatively safe space exploration and battle survival rates over the next half century.  A series of corporate battles results in the start of 'The Great Shield Wars' between the manufacturers of defensive systems.

10 years ago

On routine patrol, the USS Constitution locates and retrieves the USS Gulliver's recorder buoy, which reveals that a Klingon task force met and destroyed the Gulliver as it entered the Axanar system. In light of the recent Arcanis massacre, the Federation Council demands that the Klingon forces at Axanar withdraw to their border under Starfleet escort. The Klingon Admiral at Axanar is permitted four months to receive instructions from his Empire. The USS Xenophon is already on its way to Axanar.  Garth reaches Axanar several hours before the Constitution, and so is given command of a scout squadron assigned to monitor the Klingon task force. One of the scouts near Axanar picks up a second, incoming Klingon task force. Despite being outnumbered, Garth quickly implements a tactical plan that results in his victory at the Battle of Axanar, preventing the Klingons from establishing a supply line to forces already massed there. Unaware of the results of the First Battle of Axanar, and secure in the belief that the Axanar research facility is safe, the Klingon Empire declares war on the UFP exactly one month later. In response to the Federation Council, Admiral Kkorhetza refuses to withdraw his ships from Federation territory, issuing a formal declaration of alliance with the natives on Axanar. This results in a state of war between the UFP and the Klingon Empire, and the Four Years War begins. At the Second Battle of Axanar, Captain Garth (his small command now reinforced by Starfleet) defeats Kkorhetza's forces and is awarded the Federation Medal of Valor. Though tactical experts expect the Romulans to enter the war on one side or the other, they do not. Over the next six months, the Klingons win the decisive Battles of Andromeda, Genmarx, Lea, Lyclydun, and Janni IV. Though somewhat weak in tactical skill, they make up for it in numbers, often outnumbering UFP defending forces three or four to one.

Paskallon writes an entire series on nerve tissue response, featuring phantom pain this year.

The Kirk family moves from Earth to Tarsus IV.

In the JJverse, the Kirk family remains on Earth in Riverside, Iowa.

Kodos the Executioner seizes power, declares martial law, and orders 4,000 people killed on planet Tarsus IV when a food shortage caused by a fungus becomes critical.  Emergency funds arrive too late to prevent the killings.  Future Enterprise crew members James Kirk (age 13) and Kevin Riley (age 7) are among the nine eyewitnesses who survive the incident (being saved by Ambassador Sarek - though neither Kirk nor Riley would recall this fact, due to a meld with Sarek that erased the encounter).  Riley loses his parents in the massacre.  Another surviving eyewitness is Kirk's friend Thomas Leighton.  Later, a burned body is discovered and identified as Kodos (planted by Sarek, who has also saved Kodos).  This was the last known record of Kodos prior to 2266, when it is learned that the identification of the body is mistaken.

The Enterprise is the first Federation ship to reach Tarsus IV with food and supplies for the famine-stricken colony; however, interference from the Klingon warship IKS Kut'luch meant that the Enterprise was too late to stop the execution of 4,000 colonists at the hands of Kodos the Executioner.

In the "Mirror" universe: Governor Kodos reappears, now thoroughly unhinged, driven mad by his obsessive distrust of all Olympian descendants. He begins a mass execution of these "monsters." By the time imperial troops arrive to stop him, some four thousand men, women, and children lie dead.

2247 - After departing Tarsus IV, the Kirk family moves to Grex following the Orion withdrawal from the planet.

On Vulcan, Spock befriends a human youth named David Rabin, the son of a Starfleet captain.  At Mount Seleya, Spock's ceremony of adulthood is interrupted by a team of "exiled cousins" (Romulans) and a Vulcan madman named Sered who involve Spock in a hostage situation in the area of the Forge called the Womb of Fire. Note that after this massacre at Mount Seleya, T'Pau will turn down a seat on the Federation council rather than reveal who the intruders had been.  Spock kills one of the Vulcans, his first taking of sapient life. Spock's ceremony of adulthood is carried out without interruption. T'Pau presents Spock with a ceremonial sword.

Montgomery Scott serves aboard the SS Deneb Queen as senior engineer on the Deneb Asteroid Belt run.

Rhodes colony is established, with Starbase 12 in orbit.

Lenore Karidian is born.  her birth is also the first known record of Anton Karidian, later discovered to be the same person who was known as Kodos the Executioner.

The Battle of Axanar concludes. Over the next three months, the Klingons continue their inexorable penetration of UFP territory dealing the UFP heavy losses, particularly in the Battle of GR-1 and the Assault of Nozseca VIII. The attack on Convoy Y-162 near the Revonet system marks the first significant Klingon defeat. In this battle, the Klingons do not have superior numbers and it shows what the UFP's superior tactical ability can accomplish when the odds are more even.

The Andorian Planetary Government originates the Andorian Battle Star award for commanders of Starfleet vessels, any class or category, who have demonstrated superior tactical abilities in a combat situation, either personal or command-oriented. It is a 4-pointed titanium star with a center sapphire, hung from a blue and white ribbon.

10 years ago

Cloaking devices, much perfected by this time, are installed on Romulan vessels operating on the UFP border. Smaller vessels are equipped first and sent into Federation territory to learn what they can of Federation forces and their disposition. Instructed not to let the Federation discover they are Romulan vessels, they are given orders to self-destruct if caught. These privateers capture or destroy many Federation merchants and scouts. The Federation is unaware of the true nature of the disappearances for some time, and attributes them to Orions and other pirates.

Starbases enter service in most military fleets - the Orions are a notable exception. The 25th Starfleet starbase begins operations on this hundredth year of these command centers.

At the Starfleet Academy Lunar Station, Cadet Kirk successfully passes the "bug-spot event" test in the Gernsback crater.

The last complete roster of Vulcan study and training (prior to the mid-2260s) is compiled for Starfleet.

As a result of the numerous ship disappearances, Starfleet Command orders the Zone of Transport Escort for a large region of Federation space. This order restricts movement of private and commercial starships, requires naval escort for vessels traveling in the restricted area, and places armed marines aboard all escorted ships. These new regulations remain in effect until after the war. The Zone order significantly reduces the frequency of piracy attempts and unexplained starship disappearances.

2248 - Montgomery Scott is assigned as an Engineering Specialist to the destroyer USS Pompey NCC-0506 where he quickly advances to Lieutenant.  He will then serve aboard the transport USS Thales NCC-3813 and the destroyer USS Saladin NCC-0500, before finally posting to the Enterprise in 2253.

 Sulu and his family move from Earth to Ishikawa, on the planet Ganjitsu, located along the Federation-Klingon border. An un-expected Klingon force attacked the colony they lived at. This resulted in the death of a girl Sulu was close friends with. Only many years later, with the aid of Sybok, did he finally release this consuming guilt he had harbored.

The Battle of Sinbad IV marks the first major confrontation between ground troops of the opposing forces. The Battle of Delgon-R marks the first use of Klingon gravitic mines and the first defensive action by Klingon forces. The Klingons lose 30,000 highly skilled ground troops, including a crack Klingon Imperial guards battalion, in the Sinbad IV battle.
The Larson class destroyers USS Hammurabi and USS Troy are destroyed while escorting a convoy of merchant ships bound for a frontier area. During the battle, 17 freighters are destroyed and an additional four are taken as prizes by the Klingons. Of the five surviving ships, all report that the Hammurabi destroyed two Klingon D-7 cruisers and crippled two others before being destroyed herself. The Troy apparently was disabled in the initial exchange of fire and left for dead. When a Klingon cruiser ventured too close to the derelict, however, it opened fire and destroyed the enemy vessel in a single volley.  The Imperial Navy has penetrated as deep as 15 parsecs into certain sectors of UFP space, but is seriously overtaxed.

The Karagite Order of Heroism decoration is originated by the UFP Executive Council. It is a stylized humanoid female with outstretched arms grasping an upraised sword attached to scarlet and white horizontal stripes, awarded to individuals who have shown conspicuous heroism in defense of UFP worlds and their populations in times of conflict. The decoration is named in honor of the successful Starfleet Marine defense of the planet Karag against Klingon invaders during the Four Years War.

Starfleet Command issues the Starfleet Medal of Honor decoration. It is a stylized set of stars, each representing one of the founders of the UFP, attached to a ribbon of diagonal blue and silver stripes, and is awarded in peace or wartime for actions beyond the call of duty.

Starfleet withdraws Constitution class cruisers from front-line combat duty against Klingon forces. The class will continue to serve on other fronts in its pre-war capacities.

The USS Potemkin has her Monotronic computer system replaced with a "Daystrom" Duotronic system.

Mantilles becomes a UFP member.

Neural (Zeta Bootis III) is discovered.

The planet Fellowship (Beta Maxima 437) is founded by a Terran religious organization.

The USS Bonhomme Richard NCC-1712 heavy cruiser is commissioned with PB-32 warp engines. This first variation on the Constitution class has warp 8 capacity, two phaser banks, Duotronic computers, and a complement of 430. Sixteen ships of this class will be built and beginning in the 2250s,ten Constitution ships will be converted over to this class. The Bonhomme Richard class heavy cruisers might be later reclassified, or employed as, command cruisers.

2249 - On Earth, James Kirk attempts to lead a band of half a dozen teenagers from Iowa to Oregon. They get as far as signing aboard the dynacarrier Christopher Cockerell as deckhands before being detained by Commander George Kirk, his father.  Young James sets foot aboard the starship Enterprise for his very first time. His father, on emergency leave, arranges to take his son along on a voyage to the newly discovered archeological site at Faramond. Taking Liason Cutter 4 from the Enterprise to complete the voyage as the starship deflates a planet-possession dispute on Vega IX, the craft is hijacked by the pirate ship Shark en route. Two crewmen die and the remaining complement fight for their lives on the edge of the Rosette Nebula's blue zone. Eventually the Starfleet comes to their rescue.  Jame's father gets his son a job aboard an industrial freighter.

10 years ago

'Crisis on Vulcan' is set in this year, prior to Spock attending the Academy.  'Aftershock', and 'Cadet Kirk' are set during Spock's two years there.

Spock decides to again defy his father's wishes. This time, instead of joining the Vulcan Science Academy as his father wishes, Spock decides to follow Rabin's lead and instead join Starfleet Academy. Captain Rabin of the Farragut, along with Captain Robert April, agrees to sponsor Spock's admission to Starfleet Academy. Spock is accepted with no entrance examination due to the fact he is already been accepted by the Vulcan Science Academy, which sets even higher standards.  Spock informs his parents of his choice, and notifies the Science Academy that he has declined their offer of admission.  Spock will be the first Vulcan to ever serve on a Starfleet flagship, thereby alienating his father, Sarek, until the Babel conference of 2267.

Late in the year, Spock begins the two-year Vulcan curriculum (including study at the Makropyrios) and one year of cadet cruises at Starfleet Academy before graduating at age 19. He leads his year in Astrography, Comparative xenobiology, Semiotics, Quantum mechanics, computer programming, Warp engineering and three other disciplines.  He will also be an instructor of Advanced Phonology and interspecies Ethics as well as a recognized 3-D Chess Grandmaster.  Spock will serve as an ensign and assistant science officer aboard a cutter and as third officer and science officer of the USS Artemis, after additional post-graduate work in computer science and alien cultures.

Spock was friends, and often worked with, Armand St. John, who claimed Spock was the only person in the Federation capable of understanding his brilliance. Spock suspected they found something in common in that both of their respective fathers disapproved them of attending Starfleet Academy. The two often fought, as Spock found the shortcuts that St. John employed in his research to be dangerous. Spock was proved correct when St. John was expelled after one of his experiments caused extensive damage to the campus. Spock would meet St. John again years later at the Pollux II laboratory while serving aboard the USS Enterprise.

Dr. Leonard McCoy marries Jocelyn Honey, now a divorcee.  By end of year, Joanna McCoy is born.

Leonard McCoy is an advanced intern in the Federation Medical Assistance Program and leads mass-innoculation teams to Ilyra VI and Dramia II and treats Kol-tai for Saurian virus.  When the team leaves, the Auroral Plague slaughters half the population of Dramia II.

Uhura is a student at the Institute for Advanced Mathematics. A fire in her dorm room traps her roommate T'iana under a fallen beam, and Uhura is lit ablaze. Uhura, unable to save T'iana before succumbing to the effects of the heat and fire, will for years after have dreams about T'iana's death and her own subsequent rescue by adults.  Uhura learns sign language from her deaf cousin, Epala, while visiting her in Koyo.

The Bonhomme Richard class heavy cruiser USS Eagle NCC-1719 is laid down at Rodriquez Ingenieria, Lima, Peru, Earth.

The Prentares Council of Elders issues the Prentares Ribbon decoration. This stylized Prentarian lamb surrounded by a green wreath, with the inscription "High Protector" below, is awarded to military personnel or civilians who have saved the life of a UFP civilian through peaceful means.

Charles Evans is born.  His parents are part of an unsuccessful colonization project that ends with a disastrous crash, stranding Charlie (the loner survivor) on Thasus.

Forces of the Klingon Empire make their deepest penetration into Federation space at the Battle of Thranstor, but the Klingon fleet, led by Admiral Kamato, is eventually routed by a reinforced Federation fleet.  Following the defeat, the line of Admiral Kamato attempts a coup to seize the throne, blaming the defeat of Thranstor on a lack of Imperial support. Though the coup fails, Kamato escapes with his remaining loyalists into the Triangle area.  The renegade Klingon Admiral Kamato and his followers establish the Imperial Klingon States in the Triangle. Declaring itself to be the "rightful" Klingon government in exile, the IKS becomes a major source of intelligence against the Klingon Empire for the rest of the war. Initially, the IKS contains only two planets: K'Linsann (formally Patterson's Place) and Kinarra.  Believing that the Klingons must stop the war now in order to strengthen themselves to fight again another day, Admiral Komex surrenders himself to UFP authorities and informs them of the location of the two major Klingon supply bases in the disputed area.

Chariot class dilithium cargo ships greatly increase transportation efficiency by cutting costs and travel time while increasing payloads, with crews of only 24.

Gary Mitchell loses the New York State racquetball singles championship.

The Mark I Tyrannis class research cruiser is commissioned. One of the most basic of designs, this class is built specifically around a large research deck (forming an extremely extended hull design) providing numerous expandable research bays dedicated to a single research project. No other vessel at this time has so much space dedicated to research in a single starship. The Mark I incorporates the latest in research equipment and is designed using the new FWE-1 engine, yielding better than warp 8 capacity, and carrying a complement of 275.

Axanar is declared a UFP member.

10 years ago

2250 - With help from Admiral Mallory (father of a future Enterprise crew member) and Commodore Robert April, 17 year old James Kirk enters the Starfleet Academy as a midshipman. One of his most influential professors is historian John Gill. Kirk's personal hero is Fleet Captain Garth, considered to be the prototypical starship captain, whose exploits are still required reading at the Academy.  Spock also studies under Gill, although Kirk and Spock were apparently not in that class together.  Kirk befriends Benjamin Finney, an instructor (who would later become his Chief Records Officer on the Enterprise).  Another acquaintance of Kirk's is Finnegan, an upperclassman with a penchant for practical jokes.  Kirk's best friend at the Academy is Gary Mitchell, whom Kirk meets in his senior year (and later requests to serve with him on his first command).  He is Treasurer of the Academy Xenolinguistics club.  By the time of his graduation, Kirk will have been an asst instructor in Advanced Hand-to-Hand combat and in Survival Strategy and Tactical Analysis.  He would be known for his "think or sink" methods.

Sarek proclaims Spock vrekasht (outcast). As a result, Amanda leaves her husband for nearly a year.  A day after her 40th birthday, Amanda Grayson urges her husband to take a mate after her death.  Months later, Amanda receives a communique from T'Pau telling her that Solkar, Sarek's father, died yesterday. She abandons her teaching position at San Francisco and returns to Sarek on Vulcan.

In the JJVerse, Sarek does not make such a declaration.

During this decade, Leonard McCoy meets Lieutenant Clark Terrell. The two are friends until the latter's death in 2285.

Captain Christopher Pike takes command of the U.S.S. Yorktown, his third command.  Lieutenant Commander "Number One" Morgan Robbins is his first officer and helmsman.  Note that this Yorktown is not Constitution Class.

New phaser weaponry is developed by Bruno Wilhelm at the Arcturus Test Range.  The phaser replaces the phase cannon as the Federation's primary shipboard weapons systems.

The Confederation of Tellar proposes the Grankite Order of Honor decoration. Issued by special order of the Commandant of Starfleet Academy, to cadets who, during their tour of study at Starfleet Academy, demonstrate selfless heroism in support of the UFP and Starfleet Command. The decoration is named in honor of Grankess'Lorr, a Tellarite cadet who is the first recipient. It takes the form of a small red, blue, and gold triangle surrounded by Tellarite white laurel leaves.

The last uprising in the Orion systems occurs no later than this era.

Torl is born, one of the first Romulan-Klingon-Human genetically engineered beings who will colonize Chal (Heaven).

Initially using captured Klingon ships, Starfleet attacks the Klingon fleet at Grank in the largest fleet action of the war.  In the Battle of Kolm-an, the UFP deals a crushing blow to Klingon supply and repair capability, forcing the Empire to sue for peace.  The Axanar Peace Mission convenes.  The Four Years War ends, with the Treaty of Axanar signed by representatives of the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire on Axanar. The Axanar Peace Mission negotiates the establishment of limited diplomatic channels between the two sides and obtains concessions from each to create a new UFP-Klingon border. Captain Rollin Bannock plays a large role in the treaty negotiations. James Kirk participates in this mission and is awarded the Palm Leaf.  Klingon citizens required to relocate in compliance with the Treaty of Axanar are transported to planets on their side of the newly defined Federation/Klingon border.

A major force in the treaty negotiations, Admiral Komex refuses the UFP offer of asylum and voluntarily returns to Qo'noS after the war. He redeems his line's honor by presenting himself formally to the Chancellor for judgment, and is executed in single combat by Kassa, the Chancellor's heir. Komex's claim that he was acting to end a war that was destroying the Klingon Empire's ability to rebuild does hit home with some influential lines, forcing Karhammur to abdicate soon after the war. His son starts a new line of his own, and the new House begins to rebuild Klingon military might.

Daystrom Data Concepts is formed in San Francisco, Earth by Dr. Randall L. Daystrom, the inventor of the first Multitronic engram-logic-enhanced computer. It will be the sole manufacturer of the Multitronic computer series used by Starfleet Command as well as numerous civilian and educational concerns. After the death of Randall Daystrom, Dr. Richard Daystrom will take control of company operations until his mental collapse requires his son Richard Daystrom II to take over the position of CEO. This company will supervise the restoration of Memory Alpha's main computer complex following 2263's Lights of Zetar incident. Dr. Cynthia Daystrom will be credited with salvaging all but a minute portion of the research center's total accumulated access files.

The Multitronic M-1 computer, using the advanced technology of Duotronics, is designed. Its many flaws result in this prototype being extensively revised.

Installation of Daystrom's computer systems aboard Constitution-type starships.

10 years ago

Starfleet discovers that many of their top of the line fleet starships are spending too much time protecting and "watchdogging" too many of the newer and outermost located planetary systems. These starships are far too valuable and take up too much manpower to be properly effective. Therefore a highly mobile "armed" substation is considered to properly patrol and defend the confines of these outer systems, thereby freeing up the much larger destroyers/frigates/cruisers for more far reaching uses in exploration, rescue, diplomatic missions, defense/aggression etc. This leads to the eventual development of the Saberhagen class defense sub-station.

A second colonial expansion begins, resulting in a trade boom unequaled in known history.

The Type 4 Phaser Rifle is developed by Starfleet. This 3-chambered weapon offers increased range and energy output compared to earlier hand/pistol versions. A long-range beam weapon, the rifle features a targeting screen and a tri-chamber force selection assembly. The stun setting has a maximum effective range of 442 meters, a disrupt range of 366 meters, a dematerialize range of 297 meters, and a maximum overload detonation radius of 533 meters. It is the first practical hand-held phaser weapon issued by Starfleet.

Starfleet's ship classification list is reformatted to better define ship types and missions and to facilitate comparisons with Klingon ship types.

All research on the Elway Theorem is abandoned after having been proven inaccurate.

A subspace disruption in the Hanoli system destroys both the star and a Vulcan ship.

The Enterprise rescues the Zodiac-class shuttle Spitfire 916-DIY, Cadet James Kirk commanding, from Klingons.  The Klingons had contracted privateers to kidnap Doctor Richard Daystrom, but Kirk and shipmates had been successful in stopping the privateers' plan.

The Enterprise is refitted and recommissioned following the promotion of Captain April to Commodore. Soon after, April retires from Starfleet after quietly speaking out against certain Federation policies.  He will become the UFP's ambassador-at-large and retain this position for the next two decades.

In coming years, many of the problems that have plagued the UFP have been solved. The Federation enters its second century stronger than ever. The Great Awakening begins.

2251 - James Kirk is romantically involved with Ruth.  He also becomes acquainted with R. M. Merrick, a student who is eventually dropped from the Academy when he fails a psycho-simulator test (the Kobayashi Maru?).  Now an ensign, Kirk is assigned to the training vessel USS Republic under the command of Captain Rollin Bannock, hero of the Battle of Donatu.  He will prevent a near-fatal explosion there, perpetrated by Benjamin Finney, and will be promoted to Lieutenant, placing him on the fast track to command.  James Kirk will later serve aboard USS Farragut under the command of Captain Garrovick. Garrovick will die with half his crew during the attack of a Vampire Cloud creature, but the ship will remain in service.  Kirk will briefly serve as Second Officer on the USS Aeolus, and as Executive Officer on the USS Alexander.

As navigator aboard the Republic, Kirk participates in the "Vulcanian Expedition." The Republic is one of four starships in orbit of Vulcan as a show of unity and as a reminder to the Vulcan Council of the scarcity of Vulcan nationals in Starfleet. The result will be the USS Intrepid manned by an all-Vulcan crew. The Intrepid is placed under the auspices of the Vulcan Science Academy. Admiral Kabreigny is instrumental in this.

James Kirk contracts Vegan Choriomeningitis (presumably, from a green Orion woman, a former slave freed via the underground trade route).

Sulu is living on Hafjian, a high-gravity planet where the inhabitants were forced to wear Lieber exoskeletons. Years later, Dr. McCoy is concerned that this might cause problems for Sulu after he turned 70.

Pavel's interest in space and alien life-forms begins at the age of 6 when he is brought his first telescope.

No longer requiring the services of many older starships, Starfleet begins to decommission or destroy large quantities of cruisers, destroyers, and scouts. TacFleet is established as a separate, specialized service within Starfleet. All Constitution, Loknar, Larson, and Nelson class starships, refitted with phasers and photon torpedoes, continue to serve as the Federation's first line of defense.

After having distinguished himself in the Battle of Axanar, Captain Christopher R. Pike is given command of the Enterprise, with Commander Morgan Robbins (a.k.a. Number One) as Helmsman/First Officer. Pike is the youngest Academy graduate ever to command a starship (his successor will be even younger). A new five-year mission begins with the Enterprise deployed primarily as a survey vessel. Dermot Cusack, captain's yeoman, also comes aboard from the Yorktown. Pike inherits Doctor Philip Boyce, chief medical officer; Lieutenant José Tyler, chief navigator; and Chief Moves-With-Burning-Grace, assistant engineer, from April's tenure.  Lieutenant Commander Davies is assigned as second and science officer, Lieutenant Commander Barry as chief engineer, Lieutenant Zacharia as chief of communications, Lieutenant Nano as assistant communications, Lieutenant Sita Mohindas as assistant helmsman, and Nils Pitcairn as transporter operator.  During Pike's command, he will participate in over 200 planetary surveys including the initial contacts with Alpha Majoris I, Antos IV, Barlow's Planet, Berengaria VII, Coridon, Gamma Vertis IV, Lavinius VI, Manark IV, Rigel VII, Talos IV, Thasus, and Typerius II.

In the JJverse, Captain Pike is not given command of the USS Enterprise until 2258.

10 years ago

One of the Enterprise's first missions is to go to Areta. There, Captain Christopher Pike makes trade contacts between the townspeople and nomadic factions, beginning the unification of the planet.

A full-scale research project under the Office of Starfleet Research and Exploration confirms the underlying accuracy of the superwarp theory, later leading to the transwarp drive.

The Zone of Transport Escort is lifted.

'The Great Lancaster Competition' by N. Sachiko Bogdanovitch is published.

'The Great Shield Wars' ends. The Federation Fourth Quadrant Court of Commerce rules that Wyandotte Defense Shields and Surelox Systems have acted in collusion to make Charlottes Shields the victim of price-fixing. The resulting judgment brings about economic parity to these three industrial concerns.

Bowling loses its popularity.

Multiplanet Metals, Inc. is founded in Gdurav, Tellar. It will become the largest Tellarite mining concern in existence, the result of several corporate mergers.

The last Klingons are transported to their side of the Federation/Klingon border.

By this time, new reforms on Ssan (Alpha Gederix IV) finally end the Assassin Wars and the world becomes a UFP member.

While on shore leave, Christopher Pike visits his parents in Mojave.  He is introduced to Janeese Carlisle, a woman seeking a career in Starfleet, by mutual friends.  They are lovers by the time leave is over.  As Pike ships out, she is accepted at Starfleet Academy and begins her training.  They maintain subspace contact over the next two years.  Many Enterprise crewmembers, including Number One, expect he will marry her on their next leave at Earth.

2252 - After completing the required courses in two years with consistently excellent reports, Spock becomes a Starfleet officer rank Lieutenant J.G. and is assigned to the U.S.S. Artemis under Captain Daniels as third officer and chief science officer.

Sulu is once again living on Ganjitsu, when he sneaks aboard the USS Aerfen to meet Captain Hunter. Sulu is discovered and given a guided tour of the starship.

The Alpha Centauri Academy of Science and Technology originates the Cochrane Award. Silver filigree with precious stones denoting the atomic structure of a dilithium nucleus, the award is presented to scientists who, in the spirit of Zefram Cochrane, have contributed to the UFP through outstanding performance in physical sciences or advanced engineering applications.

The Kobayashi Maru (Forest of Death) class neutronic fuel carrier is authorized for construction. These carriers will be essential for the supply of fuel to less advanced civilizations that have not yet developed matter/antimatter power systems (in the 2270s they may be converted to carrying neutronium fuel for matter annihilation in matter/antimatter reactors of ships). The Kobayashi Maru carries 20 fuel modules, a standard complement of 81, and has warp 8 capacity (after upgrade). These ships utilize unique self-contained SC35/1-45F nacelles on a rectangular hull. As originally launched, ships of this class will have only warp 6 capacity and laser banks for ordnance. They will later be upgraded to Mk-II-S phasers (4 emplacements) along with newer warp drive. Seventy-four ships will be built. This class may have been named after the Kobayashi Maru test given at the Starfleet Academy, which was in turn named after the SS Kobayashi Maru MCC-34/070 merchant vessel (originally a Klingon Hasparath class military cargo carrier) commanded by Kojiro Vance in smuggling operations.  The home port of the vessel Kobayashi Maru was Amber, Tau Ceti IV. and it would eventually be lost in the Tezel-Oroko system.

Spock, now an assistant instructor at Starfleet Academy, revamps the Kobayashi Maru exam into the version seen in
ST:TWOK.  He never takes the exam himself, though the test was taken by Montgomery Scott, James Kirk (who will fail it twice before cheating to pass it on the third attempt), Hikaru Sulu, and Pavel Chekov.

The newer circumferential model warp engine is officially adopted by Starfleet.

After two decades of research and development funded by Starfleet appropriations, Dr. Richard Daystrom completes the M-5 Multitronic Unit. It will be another decade before its final test aboard a starship, the Enterprise.

The telepathic thought police are created by the Mindcrime Unit in the Patrian Republics, and the law of Transgression by Intent is imposed.

The planet Chal ("Heaven" in Klingon) is jointly settled by the Klingons and Romulans in borderspace, preparing for an all-out war with the UFP. Chal is a secret supply base populated by genetically-engineered Klingon-Romulans created to thrive in polluted environments. The Chal colonists are in turn enhanced by organs and tissues taken from captured Humans, and are virtually immortal.

Captain Kenneth Dodge, in command of the USS Hood, makes first contact with the planet Gullrey, eventually to be admitted into the UFP twelve years later.

Extensive crop failures take place in Nyasa, East Africa. Beccah Talulu preaches primitive virtues over modern science in this region of Earth.

Starbase 27 is completed.

10 years ago

The T-4 (S-2) Work Bee single-operator multipurpose craft is introduced. Over three million of these small, popular craft will be produced over the next half century, with more than 17 different modular packages (Booster, Clamper, Cutter, Heavy Booster, Drone, Floodlight, Grabber, Sensor, Spinner, Survey, Tractor, Welder, Tow Hitch, as well as Cargo, Passenger, and Tanker Trains and SuperBee, Assault Bee, and Killer Bee modules). One variant of the Work Bee will be the Duobee 2-person craft. It will lead to the development of the Berserker class Duobee armed shuttle, hosting the add-on Spitball weapon/warp engine pods. The Berserker class of Bees will see service aboard the Niven class light attack cruisers in the late 2270s. An interesting luxury transport variant will be the LimoBee. A century later, Work Bees are still in service at Deep Space Nine (albeit with a different color scheme).

Aronnia joins the UFP under peculiar circumstances: the Aronnians' spaceflight capability is entirely biological. Their spaceborne ships, called Titans, are in actuality the remnants of another civilization. The Aronnians will introduce a distilled liqueur through an independent distributor named Harcourt Fenton Mudd.

The Tautee system is surveyed by the UFP.  A space-traveling pre-warp culture insufficiently developed for first contact is found.

The UFP begins observing the planet Tau Lyra III (Yoondri), a world of peaceful telepaths at peace for at least 50 years, perhaps two or three times as long.

Completion of the new Klingon naval base at Mastocal (Sigma Kinna IX) marks the beginning of a return to a pre-war level of battle readiness. By mid-2261, the Klingon Navy will be larger and more powerful than ever before, and so Chancellor Kassa will pronounce the Empire again ready for war. The Klingons choose a supply base for a new invasion of the UFP. It is the agricultural world of Organia, inhabited by a race of humanoid pacifists.

The Vulcan science survey vessel Criterion is lost on a mission near the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Charlie Evans, age three, is sole survivor of a spaceship crash on planet Thasus.  He is cared for by the mysterious, noncorporeal Thasians, which give him extraordinary mental powers in order to insure his survival.

2253 - James Kirk graduates from Starfleet Academy a year early.  He is the only cadet ever to beat the "no-win
scenario" of the Kobayashi Maru psycho-simulation (with a little covert help from a fellow cadet).  Kirk is awarded a commendation for original thinking, for reprogramming the simulation to make it possible to win.  Lieutenant Junior Grade Kirk is assigned duty aboard the U.S.S. Farragut under the command of Captain Garrovik.

Spock is contacted by Captain Pike and asked to join his crew after the ship's chief science officer is diagnosed with Virillian toxic fever just before the starship embarks on a survey of the Pathiad Nebulatae.

Spock's first few weeks on the Enterprise saw a rise in tensions among the crew as they reacted badly to his cold, logical, assessments of events, such as the recent hostage situation the Enterprise had been involved with at Reebi Station. The crew started to become more accepting to Spock following a mission Magefferus-3 when he laid the foundation for bringing peace to the world by inspiring the inhabitants with his emotional control.

One of Spock's earliest missions aboard the Enterprise is to the Filos 4 Research Station, accompanying Captain Pike to evaluate highly classified transwarp transporter technology.  The project is put on hold when it is deemed a failure (Montgomery Scott will eventually reintroduce the idea during his tenure on the Enterprise).

Dr. Leonard McCoy receives his doctorate at the University of Georgia and John Hopkins after receiving medical training as a general practitioner. As a premed student, McCoy had taken Dr. Angelina Mola's course Medicine on the Cutting Edge--Practicing in Space' which first introduced McCoy to the idea of joining Starfleet.  After discovering Jocelyn had become involved with Clay Treadway once more, McCoy divorces her.  Jocelyn McCoy walks out of Dr. Leonard McCoy's life, taking their daughter Joanna with her. The next day, extremely depressed, he heads for the Jackson Mall to apply for Starfleet duty after reading a 'Space For A Few' advertisement.  Dr. Leonard McCoy applies for a Starfleet commission and will spend two years in the Academy studying space medicine.  He would graduate top of class in anatomical & forensic pathology.  He would organize Starfleet Academy's first Astrophobia seminar.

In the JJverse, McCoy does not enlist in Starfleet for another two years.

Dr. Leonard McCoy is assigned as a junior medical officer aboard the USS Republic under the command of Captain Hillios. McCoy works in sickbay under chief medical officer, Vincent Bando. McCoy, saves the life of the assassin Shil Andrachis while a trainee aboard the USS Republic on a medical relief mission to Ssan (Alpha Gederix IV) during the Assassin Wars set off by Li Moboron. His CMO, Vincent Bando, stands trial for the attempted murder of McCoy's patient.  Later McCoy, as a member of the medical team assigned to Beta Aurelon III, helping to combat a plague, would receive a subspace communique from Dr. Janice Taylor stationed on Ssan revealing that Li Moboron was killed in a raid and that his best friend Merlin Carver was murdered by the same assassin whose life he had saved.

Lieutenant Commander Orloff transfers aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise.  He is posted as chief of security.  Lieutenant Bradford Wayne, relief helmsman, transfers aboard as well.

The Enterprise surveys the Class M planet Corinthia VII for possible future colonization. Captain Pike saves the lives of Spock, Boyce, Tyler and Trawley.

10 years ago

Lieutenant Sepel, husband of Lieutenant T'Pris, is killed in an ambush on Lindoria while both are serving on the Musashi.

2254 - Lieutenant James Kirk, commanding his first planet
survey mission, befriends Tyree, an inhabitant of the planet Neural, a technologically unsophisticated Class-M world.  Years later, Kirk returns to Neural when the Klingons intervene in a local dispute.

The Enterprise stops at Earth for upgrades and crew replacements.  Christopher Pike visits his lover, Janeese, but discovers she has fallen in love with another man, an Academy instructor named Tom.  Spock is promoted to full lieutenant and assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise under Captain Christopher Pike as second and science officer, formally replacing Lieutenant Commander Davies.  Lieutenant T'Pris comes aboard.  Lieutenant Montgomery Scott signs aboard the Enterprise as a junior engineer under Lieutenant Commander Caitlin Barry. 

One of Spock's first assignments on the Enterprise is to lead the landing parties to GS391 and Areta searching for the lost Vulcan treasure called Vulcan's Glory, a huge, natural, uncut emerald.  Spock becomes romantically involved with a Vulcan woman on his staff named T'Pris, and briefly considers dissolving his bond with his betrothed back home, T'Pring. Tragically, T'Pris is murdered by a human crewmember with one-eighth Vulcan blood named Lieutenant Daniel Reed, whose maternal great-grandmother had been disgraced when the Glory had originally been lost.  Reed also murders Lieutenant Commander Meadows.  The Glory is returned to Vulcan.

The Enterprise transports an ambassadorial party from Starbase 12 to Delta Indus II.  Number One and Chris Pike dine in his quarters.

Number One's father dies.  She is consoled by Lieutenant Spock.

Due to increases in brigand activity in the Marrat System, the crew of Starbase 13 begin working on Project Pharos -- the construction of a communications/sensor tower nearby that would broadcast navigational data to all vessels in the nearby Marrat Nebula and log any illegal activity.  The local criminals do everything possible to delay construction, including attacking the base itself.  In addition, Starbase 13 engineers discover a deposit of dilithium on the Pharos siteworld.  The dilithium is so pure it does not need refining.  Despite the fact that the planet is technically unclaimed, the discovery is kept secret to prevent a massive influx of prospectors.

Carlotti replaces Blayton as head nurse on the Enterprise,coming aboard from the Redoubt.

The U.S.S. Enterprise is diverted from its assignment to investigate the disappearances of a number of small vessels.  These vessels were found with instrumentation covered by gray slime but otherwise undamaged - except for the lack of a crew.

Pike and the crew of the Enterprise encounter an organic vessel which may be responsible for the disappearance of several small Federation ships.  Spock diagnoses, and helps to cure the Enterprise from a Ngultor virus.  First contact with the NGultor.

The Enterprise arrives at Starbase 13 to help police the area and finds the station under attack. The brigands include Orions, Arcturans, Khodini, and humans.  After driving off the raiders, Pike learns that vast deposits of dilithium have been found nearby and word has gotten out to the Klingons.  To stop the Marrat System - vitally important to a dozen cultures - from becoming a battleground, Pike orders the destruction of the dilithium deposits.  The resulting explosion lights a fire in the entire planetsphere, creating a natural beacon for the entire sector.  As a result, Kaaj declares blood feud with Pike.

Kaaj loses face in the Klingon government due to his loss at the Pharos siteworld.  He is forced to turn rogue.

Spock begins experiencing problems with his emotional control.  These may stem from the recent death of T'Pris.  Note that Spock's emotionalism during this period might also be attributed to his suppression of Pon Farr.

Pike and his crew attend a celebration on Rigel VII marking their ratification of Federation membership. As a condition of membership, the Kaylar, a specially bred warrior caste, must be disbanded. Pike visits the Zemtar fortress and learns that the Kaylar and Rigel are not as ready for the Federation as they seem. The Enterprise loses three crewmen, including Captain's Yeoman Dermot Cusack, to Rigellian extremists, and several are wounded, including José Tyler, Nano, Sita Mohindas, and Lieutenant Spock (he saved Enterprise's Nurse Gabrielle Carlotti from a Kaylar mace blow but was then thrown against a wall, damaging his leg). The ship heads for Vega IX for replacement of personnel and resupply.

Yeoman J. Mia Colt transfers aboard the Enterprise as Captain's yeoman.  Pike, still grieving over the death of Cusack, says he's not used to having her on the Bridge.  He relives her of the duty of helping him get dressed, and tries to have her reassigned to another section completely.

The Talos IV expedition: After the Enterprise picks up what seems to be a distress call from the SS Columbia, which disappeared 18 years previous, the Talosians make contact and Captain Pike is taken captive for a short period of time.
Colt starts to "fit in" with the Enterprise crew.

Captain Christopher Pike quarantines Talos IV under General Order Number Seven. General Order Seven states that "any transgression...shall be punishable by death," the only order ever to do so (Prohibited P-007).

10 years ago

In the "Mirror" universe, when an imperial starship attempts to exploit the inhabitants of Talos IV, it barely escapes. The Talosians, masters of illusion, repelled the hostilities effortlessly. The empire quarantines the system, fearing that the Talosians might use their telepathic powers to acquire imperial secrets. Violation of this quarantine is punishable by death.

En route to Vega IX, the Enterprise discovers Anomaly T-128 (informally known as Pike's Rift), a temporal rift which opens every 33.4 years. Passing through it into the edge of the Gamma Quadrant, almost 7500 light-years away.  First contact is made with the Calligar who aid in the installation of the voice analog systems to the Enterprise computer, utilizing the first officer's voice print.  José Tyler becomes romantically involved with Ecma, the daughter of the Master Builder of Calligar.

The Enterprise finally reaches the Vega Colony.  Crew is replaced, and the ship repaired.  Chief Engineer Barry transfers off the Enterprise; she is replaced by Lieutenant Michael Burnstein.  Lieutenant Zacharia is replaced at Communications by new arrival Lieutenant Dabisch.

A Klingon battlecruiser attacks the U.S.S. Enterprise without warning.  It punches through the Federation starship's shields and overloads half the command consoles before it can return fire.  After a fierce half-hour battle, the Enterprise destroys the Klingon vessel.  There is not a single completely undamaged system remaining on the Enterprise.

The Enterprise is assigned to play host to an Eremoid observer named Verka, a species the Federation is attempting to negotiate a lithium mining agreement with.  Verka is attempting to determine how alien work together, something his species has trouble with.  Lieutenant Spock determines the Eremoids are empaths that project their emotions on each other, resulting in a feedback loop that intensifies into lethal proportions.  Captain Pike suggest the Eremoids temporarily separate beyond the range of their projection to defuse fights.  Verka takes the suggestion under consideration.

Meanwhile, the Enterprise visits Gamma Gemini IV on a mission to "show the flag."  En route, it protects a Federation convoy from Klingon attack and escorts the convoy to Gamma Gemini.

The Shuttlecraft Kepler is assigned to the Enterprise.

The U.S.S. Enterprise is assigned to map subspace anomalies and lithium sources in the Carrollia Sector.

The Enterprise is assigned to the help the planet Aronnia recover the titans, as they have not returned from their last migration to Devernia.  Director of Spaceflight Consil Perri of Aronnian and Independent Pilot Lanned of Devernia assist the Enterprise.  The ship discovers the titans have not left Devernia because the Devernians are attacking the titans and preventing them from laying eggs on Devernia.  The Enterprise crew discovers the titans are actually not Aronnian biotech, and begins to search for their home system in an effort to learn how to control the titan population explosion.  They discover that in their natural environs, titans are preyed upon by space creatures called krakens, and that both species were genetically engineered.  The Enterprise imports the entire local ecosystem (consisting of some eight species) to Devernia and Aronnia, beginning the process of stabilizing the titan population.

2255 - Still a lieutenant aboard the Farragut, Kirk steals a holy relic on the planet Endikon to prevent its possession by Klingons, resulting in repercussions disgracing senior Lieutenant Kain commanding the Klingon landing party from the Fist of Retribution.

Thanks to McCoy's excellent work on the Republic, he is made chief medical officer aboard the USS Richard Feynman, under the command of his old friend, Mark Rousseau.

The USS Richard Feynman discovers Nova Empyrea in the Campana Sector. A lost Human colony settled 150 years earlier, the inhabitants the product of controlled genetics, Captain Rousseau and Dr. McCoy will spend almost the next four months negotiating. Eventually the Empyreans agree to the establishment of an isolated UFP outpost.

Dr. McCoy requests an immediate transfer from the Richard Feynman after Captain Rousseau ignores a distress call from an Areian freighter, resulting in four dead crewmen being recovered. Dr. McCoy accepts a demotion as a junior medical officer and is transferred to the med-evac emergency vessel USS Koop and then is later reassigned as a replacement surgeon following the death of Chief Surgeon Boyce (who headed medical services at Starbase 7).

Just after her 16th birthday, Uhura traditionally kills an automated lion with a spear in East Africa.

Christine Chapel serves as Dr. Roger Korby's assistant on Vestalan, analyzing and improvising on the Hualans' long dead and lost civilizations.  Dr. Roger Korby disappears on Exo III. Over a period of five years, two expeditions will fail to locate him.

The planet Cerberus (Eta Lupi) II is striken by crop failure during Joanna McCoy's schooling there.  Carter Winston uses his personal fortune to save the colony.

A time of transition for the Enterprise crew. Lieutenants Burnstein and Dabisch transfer off and are replaced by their assistants, Moves-With-Burning-Grace and Nano, respectively.

10 years ago

On the planetoid Darrien 224, while searching for a missing starship, Pike and his crew find the Last-of-all-Cities, a lost Vulcan colony. Descendants of Vulcans who left the homeworld during Surak's reformation two millennia before, they have retained their warrior heritage. A splinter faction from the colony who wished to remain in isolation has taken control of the Cortez, installed their own weapons, and attack the Enterprise - in the hopes of using it oppose the rest of the colony which wished to return to Vulcan. While Pike and his landing party are virtually prisoners of the lost colony of Vulcans, Number One must engage renegade Vulcan commander Tagok aboard the stolen starship Cortez.  Meanwhile, Matriarch T'Kell plans to use a world-devastating weapon on Tagok and force Pike to take her people back to Vulcan as conquerors.  Spock and the landing party do their best to keep relations with the emotional Vulcans good, learning a lot about the nature of the Vulcan people. The Cortez and the colony are ultimately destroyed when they use the ancient psionic weapon. Following the incident, Spock reassessed his way of life and underwent a purification ritual, removing what few Human emotions he did have and devoting himself fully to a life of logic and intellect, surmising to Captain Pike "Passion kills, Captain. Logic does not".

The Enterprise travels to Deep Space Station K-12 for an overhaul.

The Enterprise receives a signal from Admiral Mahirn indicating that Josh Pike, father of Captain Christopher Pike, is seriously ill.  Pike departs the Enterprise for Earth in the Shuttlecraft Icarus.

The Stardate system revision goes into effect.

Captain Pike's shuttle crash-lands on the planet Prairie after an attack by Commander Kaaj's Klingon battlecruiser Varchas, to satisfy his blood-debt, but loses him on the remote farming planet.  Pike is assisted in escaping the wrath of Kaaj by colonist and former Starfleet officer Clare Thorn.  While Kaaj recklessly sacrifices his crew and anyone else who gets in the way of killing Pike, the Enterprise arrives at Prairie to save him after discovering the transmission from Mahirn was actually a holographic ruse created by the Klingons and obtaining his coordinates from an unknown benefactor.

Clare Thorn is reinstated in Starfleet at the recommendation of Captain Pike.

While providing medical relief on Neyda Prime, to combat an outbreak of Crain's Disease that has struck the world. In a quiet period between shifts, Enterprise CMO Boyce kills plague victim Narten Phayn Drexler with a lethal dose of medication. Drexler is logged as having been killed by the plague.

Dr. Boyce is arrested for the murder of a wealthy businessman. Toluk, a Vulcan ambassador, agrees to represent Boyce before the authorities. A mind meld reveals the reason why Boyce has become a killer.

The Enterprise makes a stop at planet Liria at the request of its government.  Lieutenant Nano, currently serving aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, is recalled to replace the deceased Lirin and restore the perfect balance of the Unity on his homeworld.  While the Enterprise crew is visiting the planet, more deaths occur, all by sudden outbursts of fire.  Lieutenants Tyler and Spock determine that the Lirin phobia of the unfamiliar is manifesting itself as an uncontrollable pyrotechnic force.  It is decided that Nano will not rejoin the Unity, but continue to serve on the Enterprise, returning home periodically to share his experiences.

Starfleet dispatches a science vessel to Liria to investigate the volatile situation in the Lirin worldmind.

A Federation colony on Jubal is attacked by Chakuun ghostships, shock troops for the Tholian Empire. The Enterprise investigates and has an encounter with a ghostship.

The Enterprise limps home to Earth, where it undergoes a ten-day repair cycle.  On the last day of repairs, the Enterprise crew is granted one day of shore leave.  Captain Pike and Number One visit Josh Pike in Mojave; Colt, Spock, Tyler, and Mohindas partake in a tour of New York; Nurse Carlotti visits Florence to see her family.  Afterwards, a Starfleet task force consisting of the Enterprise, the Achilles, the Nelson, the Providence, and the Brazzaville is dispatched to the Diomed Cluster.  While on patrol, the task force receives a distress signal from Theta Kalyb, where it engages a fleet of Chakuun ghostships.  The Achilles and the Brazzaville are destroyed.  A close encounter between an Enterpise crewman and a wounded Chakuun warrior proves educational and beneficial.

10 years ago

The Enterprise arrives at Starbase 45 for repairs. Commodore Strickland offers Number One command of the Nelson, but declines. Captain Pike, Lieutenant Spock, and Doctor Boyce learn they are to be sent on a secret mission.  Commodore Robert April will take temporary command of the Enterprise in the interim.  Yeoman Colt and Lieutenant Tyler discover an Algol keepsake while on shore leave, an artifact that is supposed to give one a vision of the future.  When it fails to do so for Colt, she agitates it, causing it to fling her to the year 2263, chased by Starfleet security into the arms of Jim Kirk. In this alternate future, Kirk was assigned to the Enterprise after Colt's disappearance and eventually quit Starfleet. Now he's a freighter captain with an exotic crew and Scotty as his engineer. To help Colt get back to her own time, Kirk must take his ship into Klingon space and confront General Chang. Kirk's freighter, the Bounty, is damaged. Pike and the Enterprise drive the Klingons away, but he isn't happy to see Kirk, and astonished to see Colt. Saavik discovers that Colt's temporal integrity is decaying and must be returned to her own time period before she dies. Pike commits to following Kirk's plan and reenters Klingon territory. Captain Robbins, Pike's former Number One, now in command of her own ship, is ordered to intercept and destroy the Enterprise. Chang returns, looking for an eye for an eye. Arriving back at Algol to try and help Colt restore the timeline, the Enterprise is battered by a Klingon task force. Even with help from the Excalibur, the Federation ships take a beating. Meanwhile, Kirk and his crew accompany Colt to the planet, and return her to the past, moments after she had departed.  Analysis shows all other keepsakes to be completely inert.  History is altered, wiping out the future glimpsed by Colt.

In an alternate timeline, Colt is never returned to the Enterprise.  José Tyler will pine for his "lost love" for years.  Lieutenant James Kirk is assigned as Captain Pike's new personal yeoman.  The two have severe problems with one another.

Captain Pike, Doctor Boyce, and Lieutenant Spock are surgically altered to appear as Temazi and infiltrate their pre-industrial society in an effort to stop rogue Klingons from obtaining ancient weaponry enshrined on the Temazi Homeworld.

On a covert mission disguised as a native, Pike and his away team must learn what the Klingons are planning for the people of Temazi. Meanwhile, Admiral Robert April is aboard the Enterprise, unhappy with the ship's officers and morale. Both Starfleet and the Klingons are looking for a cache of advanced weapons. The search brings Pike in conflict with an old enemy, Kaaj.  The xenophobic Temazi discover the disguised Starfleet and Klingon crew among them and everyone must fight for their lives.  In orbit, Number One (Morgan Robbins) must deal with the Klingons and April's disapproval.  The Enterprise is attacked by Commander Kharg and his Klingon battalion who wish to lay waste to the surface of the Temazi Homeworld merely to stop the House of Kaaj from obtaining the weapons there.  The Enterprise manages to defeat the Klingons, but Number One is incapacitated, leaving April in command.  Meanwhile, the Temazi unleash the hidden Thanatos weapons.  Kaaj temporarily suspends his blood feud with Pike to escape with him, and ends up sacrificing himself to destroy a Temazi Thanatos machine threatening Pike's life,  claiming Pike will live his life knowing he owes it to a better man.  The Federation and Klingon teams flee the surface together in a Klingon shuttle.

The Enterprise surveys Corinthia VII for possible future colonization.  Ensign Williams is killed, but Captain Pike saves the remainder of the landing party.

Hamesaad Dreen, a Merkaan, attacks the UFP freighter Lisander carrying rare medicines to Gamma Catalinas. Receiving a distress call, Captain Pike, in command of the Enterprise, defeats him.  Captain Pike gives implications he is displeased with his life as a starship captain and tells Dreen he will provide him with an insider's knowledge of targets for a share of proceeds.  Dreen, however, will be required to let the freighter go so Pike will not have to explain why he failed to combat the Merkaans.  To prove his intentions, Pike pretends to beam his lithium stores aboard the Merkaan vessel, along with the "trustworthy" Lieutenant Spock.  While the Merkaans' shields are down, Number One and a security team beam aboard and take the vessel by force.  After recovering the medicines and disabling the Merkaans' weapons, Pike allows them to return to their homeworld.  Acquisitor Dreen is completely humiliated, and it takes him ten years to rebuild his career.  This is the Federation's only visual contact with the Merkaans until 2268.

The Orions attack Klingon convoys.

The USS Bolivar leads a small detachment consisting of the USS Normandy, USS Alesia, USS Babur, and USS Tecumseh, all Larson class destroyers, into an uncontrolled area near the Romulan Neutral Zone. The task force maintains radio silence and will fail to report back at its scheduled time. Eventually after extensive communications attempts fail, a rescue group is dispatched to the last reported position of the task force. All that is ever found is the engine nacelle of the USS Alesia adrift in an unknown asteroid cluster. It is suspected that Romulans had ambushed the group but nothing is ever proven.

Black Box Nebula Station One goes silent after its personnel are forced to resort to suspended animation in order to escape a radiation front.

Karsid outpost records are unearthed on Starbase 12.

Starship lasers become obsolete.

Professor John Gill develops the Cultural Dynamicism Chart.

UFP intervention finally ends the slave trade of Orion females in Federation space.

10 years ago

The Romulans begin their Grand Design project on the planet Hellguard (872 Trianguli V).  They establish a top secret research station in orbit of Levaeri V (113 Trianguli V). It will be used for research into Vulcan genetic material.

Cyrano Jones, intergalactic trader and general nuisance, embarks on his trade of buying and selling rare merchandise throughout space.

Following the signing of the Treaty of Armens, the Sheliak Corporate sever all contact with the UFP prior to 2366.  The treaty, containing 500,000 words, took 372 Federation legal experts to draft and cedes the planet Tau Cygna V to the Sheliak.

The Federation galactic survey cruiser USS Magellan enters the Deian system and discovers race of engineers strongly resembling Humans and Alpha Centaurians. Deian will eventually become an associate member of the UFP.

Commander Brady of Starbase 7 orders the Enterprise from a mapping mission in the Carrollia sector to Aronnia. The Aronnians' spaceborne Titan starships have not returned from their annual migration, and the creatures are threatening the populance of Devernia, neighboring system to that of Aronnia. The Enterprise goes on a quest to locate the true home system of the Titans and returns with a workable means of balancing the ecosystem.

The Star's End settlement is the largest colonial convoy to date utilizing 42 Cochrane class colonial transports carrying over 100,000 colonists.

In the JJverse, Captain Pike serving as Executive Officer (with a rank of Captain) in Starfleet's recruiting division, visits James Kirk in Iowa to convince him to join Starfleet. The next day, Kirk boards a Starfleet shuttlecraft, enlisting in Starfleet.  In memory of his late father, Kirk vows to become an officer in three years.  He is joined by Dr. Leonard McCoy, newly divorced, who was "only left his bones" by his ex-wife. 

In the JJverse, Uhura enlists in Starfleet this year.  her academy roommate will be an emanciapated green Orion slave girl.  She will soon have a secret love affair with Spock.

2256 - The Enterprise crew celebrates Boyce's birthday.  It is interrupted by gas given off by an acid spill in the mineral storage section.

The Enterprise concludes its second five-year mission and returns to spacedock.  The Enterprise undergoes a year of refits.  Enterprise relief helmsman Bradford Wayne retires and becomes the administrator of the Beta Cabrini Mining Colony.

Captain Christopher Pike of the USS Enterprise delivers a report on the Orion slave trade after an investigative mission into Orion space. Upon publication, the report shocks and outrages many. The Federation Council officially endorses the boycott of the Orion worlds, in effect telling the Orion government to ban the slave trade or face being cut off diplomatically and economically from the UFP.

The First Amendment to the Federation Constitution is passed, banning the trade in Green Slaves outside the strict confines of the Orion neutrality area. After this date, no Orion vessel operating outside the Orion colonies in the Rigel System is allowed to carry slaves. The Federation sanctions force the Orion colonies to abolish the slave trade, at least officially.  Underground traffic in Green Slaves continues, though strongly interdicted in free space by Starfleet actions.

In the "Mirror" universe, Emperor Warner is assassinated. The new emperor encourages the Green Slave Trade on Orion (Rigel VIII).

In an alternate timeline, Yeoman Kirk resigns from Starfleet at the conclusion of the mission, unable to stand Pike any longer.  He works in the commercial sector instead.

Captain Christopher Pike is promoted to Fleet Captain over "Constitution" class vessel operations. He will approve of Yeoman Colt's transfer to the USS "Bozeman" as Science Officer. Over the next two years he will teach at the Starfleet Academy as an instructor aboard a training starship.

Commander Morgan Robbins marries Lieutenant Commander Jose Tyler.

Dr. Leonard McCoy ends a romantic relationship with the future Mrs. Nancy Crater.

Nyota Uhura enrolls in the Starfleet College of Communications, where she studies spatial navigation, Duotronics, and cryptography under Lt. Commander Benjamin Finney.  Shortly before Uhura entered the Academy, her father, Alhamisi, disappears while on a deep space mission.  Uhura's dear friend Trent Ojuremi failed to enter the Academy, and Uhura lost contact with him by her second year. However, her strong, subconscious affections for him were sensed by the M-113 creature. Thus; it took on a telepathic form of him and communicated in Swahili. It explained that it could feel her missing his presence.
She specializes in xenolinguistics; is proficient in 83% of official Federation languages and regional dialects; is vice president of academy chorale ensemble; is an academy aide for advanced phonology & advanced acoustical engineering courses.

David Bailey graduates from the Starfleet Academy. He will earn himself a couple of medals, the rank of Lieutenant, and a sparkling recommendation from the captain of the Carolina prior to his posting as navigator aboard the Enterprise.

Robert and Nancy Crater begin their archeological work on UFC 113 (M-113).

First Contact Office Outpost 47 is constructed by Starfleet on Talin IV's moon and a close study of the Talin IV inhabitants begins.

Work on the science of Transwarp begins.

The Federation establishes a new Human colony in the Alpha Centauri system.

John Harriman, Jr. is born. The son of Admiral John "Blackjack" Harriman, his father will ensure his captaincy of the Excelsior class Enterprise in 2292.

The Omicron Ceti III colonization mission is launched from Earth.

10 years ago

The planet Medusa (XI Hydrae IV) is discovered.

The UFP begins to use Zotos IV as a science station. Their project will be completed in a decade.

The planet Midgwis (Elcidar Beta III) is discovered by the Klingons. Yarblis Geshkerroth, a Midgwin 'ghost walker,' destroys the Klingon scout parties.

The USS Defiant recovers a 4-man Klingon shuttlecraft in deep space. All four occupants are dead, however the new imperial uniform is revealed to Starfleet for the first time.

Kerdoch is among the first Klingon farmers to settle on QuI'tu' in the Signi Beta system. A disputed planet between the Klingons and Federation, a test is set up. Two colonies, one Klingon and one Federation, work the planet to see who can manage it in the best fashion. Dr. Vivian Rathbone is the assistant chief agronomist for the Federation colony on the southern continent during the first two years.

Outnumbered 6 to 1, the Farragut battles pirates from Epsilon Canaris III. Lieutenant James Kirk, tactical weapons officer, receives the Decoration for Valor award. His knee is crushed and thigh shattered. Two weeks later, the Farragut arrives at Starbase 7 for repairs and medical treatment. At the base, Kirk meets Dr. Leonard McCoy and will take seven months leave for therapy before returning to the Farragut, visiting McCoy's home on Alpha Centauri IV (Centaurus) three times.

2257 - The U.S.S. Enterprise begins its second five-year mission of exploration under Captain Christopher R. Pike (the third for the ship).

The crew of the U.S.S. Telemakhos is killed by a virus.  The U.S.S. Enterprise investigates and Lieutenant Spock determines that the virus was seeded by the C'tinai, who are preparing to invade the Federation.

While on leave, Kirk makes his first voyage to Alpha Centauri IV where he meets McCoy's daughter Joanna. On his third trip there, he forms Starstruck Inc. and purchases a valley, later to be named Garrovick Valley following the death of his captain. He will build a private cabin on Centaurus (perhaps the same one later visualized in the Nexus).

During this period, Lieutenant Kirk befriends the newly promoted Commander Gage Darres while serving aboard the Farragut.  Darres is assigned by Star Fleet Intelligence after the Tycho IV affair. Although they will work together for only 6 months,  Darres will talk Kirk out of resigning at one point.

Faith Morgan, weapons officer of the Farragut, begins to share James Kirk's quarters as his lover. She will be one of the Tycho IV fatalities in 3 months.

The Farragut is attacked by a Vampire Cloud near Tycho IV, 5 days after departing Beta Trianguli. Half the crew are killed including Captain Garrovick and first officer Commander Art Chenoweth. Assuming temporary command, Lieutenant Kirk takes the starship to the nearest Starfleet facility: Starbase 16, and partly blames himself. Lieutenant James Kirk is given a commendation for bravery, although he hesitated firing. Over 40 years later, Kirk will play out this scenario on Earth in the subbasement of the Cochrane Physics Hall of Starfleet Academy.

Following the slaughter of the crew of the USS Farragut, Lieutenant James Kirk serves as Second Officer of the USS Constitution, commanded by Captain Augenthaler.  Manning the navigation station alongside the helm is his old friend Lieutenant junior grade Gary Mitchell. Kirk assumes command of the Constitution when a mission to Sordinia IV goes awry when a series of alien satellites maroons the captain on the planet. With minimal fatalities, Kirk defeats the invading N'shaii, the first of five Starfleet encounters.

Dr. Leonard McCoy also serves aboard the Constitution during this period as a research biologist during visits to Kratosian Prime, Bender's Planet, and Pareil VII.  As a medical advisor, he will obtain a second doctorate in pathology and writes several books on the subject.

Uhura's first post is at a location called Two Dawns. Here she met a Junior Diplomat from Eeiauo named Sunfall of Ennien.

The Karidian Company of actors begins a tour of critical installations under sponsorship of the Galactic Cultural Exchange Program.  They are recognized for their performances of classic Shakespearean plays.

2258 - The Enterprise discovers a long-abandoned Elarnite station about to suffer a core breech.  Number One and Lieutenant Spock successfully download most of its databanks before it explodes.  Number One is injured.

A princess is transported home to Kalajia VII by the Enterprise after successful trade negations with the Federation.  While on board, she is romantically involved with Lieutenant José Tyler.

Ambassador Robert April visits Captain Kirk's parents in Iowa on Earth.

On Lactra VII, a baby is born. In six years, it will make contact with Lieutenant Commander Scott aboard the Enterprise.

Head of the Trill Symbiosis Commission for less than a year, Audrid Dax joins the Starfleet team aboard the Tereshkova, a small scientific survey vessel commanded by Fleet Captain Christopher Pike out of Starbase 11. They are to study a comet just outside the Trill system emitting a unique bioelectric signature indicative of another possibly joined species (still kept secret from the Federation during this era). The comet contains a malevolent parasite species. Jayvin Vod, Audrid Dax's mate, dies. Three Trill ships converge on the comet and vaporize it. This is possibly the first contact with the blue-gill
parasites prior to their UFP invasion in the 24th Century.

Dr. Geoffrey M'Benga and T'Pina enter the Vulcan Academy on Vulcan. M'Benga will become one of the first Human specialists in Vulcan medicine, and serve his resedency on the Enterprise. He will eventually retire to a little plomeek farm near Vulcan's Voreth Sea.

10 years ago

The planet Timshel mysteriously enters a quarantine. Imposed by the Joy Machine, no one is allowed to leave the world and all exports cease. The resistance movement begins making plans to destroy the Joy Machine.

Dr. Albar Exar voluntarily isolates himself on Fornax II.

Stella Mudd divorces her husband, Harry, in absentia.

Near Starbase 3, war breaks out between the Krikiki and the Den-Kai. The slaughter will last for 30 years.

The Omicron Ceti III colony is established. Spores use the colonists as hosts, shielding them from Berthold radiation poisoning. All other animal life dies.

Alpha Xaridian V (Parathu'ul) applies for UFP membership. Their request is quickly refused, being a totalitarian world.

A UFP agricultural intermediary from Daran V dies, possibly after his encounter with Romulan Commander Valdus.

Laurison 294 is purchased by Maximus O'Connor, an eccentric billionaire, as a wedding gift to his wife, Laura Deneuve Gamartine, naming it Laura's World.

The Federation first encounters the sentient frog race of Debrockians in the Sagitine sector.

Sestra Weapons produces an advanced pulse-beam mining unit for the Starfleet Corps of Engineers (possibly the Phaser Bore, capable of cutting through 20 meters of rock per minute, and probably used in the 2280s to create the Genesis cave on Regula I's planetoid).

The Derf class tender USS Acropolis responds to signals from a malfunctioning marker buoy. As its shuttle nears the beacon, a Klingon warship appears and opens fire before defensive action can be taken. The engines of the Acropolis are crippled and the tender is boarded and towed into Klingon territory. Intelligence later discovers that the beacon had been planted by Klingon operatives to entrap the repair tender. It is theorized that the Klingons gained technical information concerning robotics and repair techniques that they lacked, but it is not known just what gain this action brought them in the overall situation. Some analysts believe that study of the robotic repair systems will make it possible for Klingons to alter the functioning of navigation beacons robotically, creating potential havoc in border spacelanes.

Carter Winston crashes on Vendor.

Medusa (XI Hydrae IV) becomes a UFP member.

The planet Elysia is charted by the USS Clarion.

The planet Alaj banishes a group of dissidents from their world for the 12th time.

The rebels on Timshel run out of coffee, unable to replenish their stocks due to poor conditions.  One of the best intelligence agents in the UFP, Stallone Wolff, is sent to investigate Timshel's quarantine--and disappears.

Lieutenant Martha R. Bodner of the Starfleet Science Division develops (or is at least credited with the development of) Bodner lines, to replace the older and much less reliable Wascali lines.

Dr. Simon Van Gelder is assigned to the Tantalus V penal colony as Dr. Tristan Adams' assistant.

On the Clan Ru world, spikers are selectively chosen from hatchlings to be raised for the upcoming time-changing journey in 5 years. Presumably the Ru have discovered the Guardian of Forever before the Federation.

Ingraham B is destroyed by the Flying Parasites, forcing the inhabitants to build starships to travel to Deneva.

Dr. Vivian Rathbone becomes the Chief Agronomist on the Signi Beta colony.

During this period, the search begins for evidence of panspermia embedded in an asteroid. It would prove that a fundamental connection exists between all humanoid life forms. In a century this will be followed-up by Galen.

Katie Wesley is born to Robert Wesley.

In the JJverse, Montgomery Scott's commendation is revoked due to disciplinary action, and he is consigned to a remote and icy post on Vulcan's frozen neighboring planetoid Delta Vega (no relation to the Delta Vega of "Where No Man Has Gone Before" fame) after his experiments in transwarp beaming cost Admiral Archer his prized beagle.  Scott and diminutive alien assistant Keenser remain planet-bound until recruited by Kirk to the Enterprise 6 months later.

In the JJverse, Gaila becomes the first Orion to graduate Starfleet Academy.  An Orion slave girl sold into freedom, she aided James Kirk in his plot to cheat on the Kobayashi Maru exam and later died during the Battle of Vulcan.

10 years ago

In the JJverse, Nero's crew escapes Rura Penthe, recovers the Narada and destroys 47 Klingon warships during their escape.  The Narada then journeys to the planet Vulcan.  In response, all Starfleet Academy cadets in the current class are activated (including James Kirk, on academic suspension for cheating on the Kobiashi Maru exam, Dr. McCoy, Nyota Uhura, Hikaru Sulu, Christine Chapel, and Pavel Chekov).  Seven starships engage the Narada and are destroyed (among them the USS Antares, Centaurus, Farragut, Hood, Mayflower, Truman, and Walcott) and 6 billion Vulcans are killed when Nero destroys that planet.  Dr. McCoy replaces Dr. Puri when he is killed in action.  Uhura replaces Lt Hawkins when her skill at translation proves superior to his.  Captain Christopher Pike gives a field promotion to James T. Kirk from Ensign to First Officer, and to Spock from Lieutenant JG to Captain before being taken captive. James T. Kirk later becomes Captain when Captain Spock relieves himself from command under Starfleet Order 619.  A karmic coincidence brings Kirk and Prime-Spock together.  Montgomery Scott and Keenser join the crew.  Scott replaces Olsen as Chief Engineer when Olsen dies during a sub-orbital jump.  The Enterprise, in conjunction with the Jellyfish piloted by cadet instructor Spock, utilize red matter to destroy the Narada and its crew.  The Jellyfish is likewise destroyed in the process.  Captain Christopher Pike is disabled by torture to a normal wheelchair by Captain Nero and retires with full speech capabilities.  Kirk is officially made made Captain of the Enterprise by Admiral Chandra, and appoints Spock as his First Officer.  Ambassador Spock (resuming the identity of Selek) leads survivors of Vulcan in forming new colony. Captain Pike, injured during the Battle of Vulcan, is promoted to Admiralty.

2259 - Captain Pike and the Dindamorii planetary governor are kidnapped by Dindamor's militant anti-Federation faction.  They are rescued by Number One, Lieutenant Spock, Lieutenant Tyler, and Yeoman Colt, who manage to take down every rebel except the ringleader.

A Starfleet research shuttle crash-lands on a primitive planet.  The Enterprise responds to the distress signal and destroys the shuttle debris to prevent cultural contamination after uploading the shuttle's research files.

Kirk is assigned as Executive Officer to the destroyer USS Alexander with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He will receive command when her captain is killed in a battle with the Klingons, and be awarded the Medal of Honor.

Sulu enters Starfleet Command School at the Academy.

Uhura wins the Jovian Triathlon.

2260 - Jim Kirk accepts a position as first officer aboard the USS Eagle. Soon afterward, Lieutenant Carol Marcus, an old flame from his Academy days, is assigned to the vessel as well. They rekindle their relationship.  Carol Marcus resigns from Starfleet Two months later, stating that Starfleet was too restricting for her. In reality, she discovered that she is two months pregnant, but decides not to tell Kirk.  Seven months later, David Marcus is born on Earth.

James Kirk, back at the Academy, witnesses Nancy Ransom get washed out of Starfleet on a command competition team.

Spock goes on shore leave with Chief Abeldenaby and Crewman Pitcairn.

Lieutenant Spock, Lieutenant Tyler, Yeoman Colt, and Crewman Sellers investigate a planet with life-forms that assume the shape of other species' young for protection.

2261 - The Horidian prime counselor requests medical help from the U.S.S. Enterprise for Harr Harath, the Horidian monarch, who is suffering from Bendal Fever.  Despite the fact the Horidians attempted to invade a Federation planet a year earlier, Pike honors the Horidian request and dispatches Doctor Philip Boyce to cure Harath, hoping it will strengthen the ties between the Federation and the Horidians.

James Kirk has his last meeting with Janet Wallace prior to the destruction of the Gamma Hydra IV colony incident.  Janet eventually marries a scientist, Theodore Wallace, a man 26 years her senior. 

Lieutenant Spock meets Leila Kalomi, a botanist, on Earth. Note that Spock may be undergoing another Pon Farr suppression crisis at this time and consequently might attribute to Kalomi's attraction to Spock.  Spock spurns the love of Leila Kolami. They will meet again, to rekindle their romance six years later, on Omicron Ceti III.

Uhura graduates from the Academy and is assigned to the Saladin-class destroyer USS Ahriman as junior communications officer. While on a mission to Wynet V later that year, the Ahrimans commanding officer is killed. Shortly after, Uhura is promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade and is transferred to the Constitution-class USS Potemkin as junior communications officer.

Specialist Calloway is assigned to the Enterprise during this period.

The SS Beagle NCC-F1307, commanded by Captain R.M. Merik, crashes on planet UFC 892-IV (Magna Roma) after having sustained meteor damage.  The ship had been performing the first survey of the sector.  The crew are captured by the planet's inhabitants and forced to fight as gladiators.  The ship's commander, Merrick, survives by becoming a strongman in local politics until 2267, when the U.S.S. Enterprise makes contact with the planet.

David Marcus is born to Carol Marcus.  She doesn't inform Kirk, and he stays away per her wishes.  James Kirk will not see his son until 2285.

Robert and Nancy Crater arrive at planet M-113 for archaeological research of the ruins there.  Nancy Crater is later killed by the last surviving native of the planet.

10 years ago

The last message is received from Dr. Roger Korby's archaeological expedition on planet Exo III.  Korby's signal describes the discovery of underground caverns.  Neither Korby nor his expedition are heard from again, and two subsequent expeditions are unsuccessful in locating them on the planet.  Korby, who is known as the Pasteur of archaeological medicine, is recognized for his translation of medical records from the Orion ruins, resulting in immunization techniques.

Captain Nemo, calling himself "Nowan," enters the Captain's Table.  While there, he and the Klingon woman Hompaq listen to a tale told by Fleet Captain Pike.

2262 - Spock sees Bradford Wayne for the last time prior to 2268.

In the Gamma 400 system, in orbit of Starbase 12, the Enterprise is drydocked and converted over to a Bonhomme Richard class heavy cruiser. Her new systems include two retractable phaser banks, an experimental photon torpedo system, warp 8 capacity via PB-32 engines, and a complement of 430 (formerly 203). Other shipwide upgrades consistent with the Bonhomme Richard configuration include a major bridge upgrade, turbolift alterations, transporter upgrades, and the shipwide elimination of gooseneck intercom units.  Lieutenants Spock and Montgomery Scott are promoted to lieutenant commander and stay on board with Christopher Pike for the duration of the refit.  Doctor Boyce transfers to Starbase 32.  Yeoman J. Mia Colt gains
an officer's commission and becomes chief science officer of the
Bozeman.  Number One takes command of her own starship.

James Kirk visits the vacation world Timshel. He befriends Kemal Marouk and his family, spending nearly three months on the planet. After Kirk departs, the Timshel philosopher Emanuel De Kreef argues that life on Timshel is too easy and the hedonistic society rotting people's moral fiber. Kemal Marouk and Linda Jimenez help Kreef construct the Joy Machine, Marouk eventually accepting the position of Paymaster. The De Kreef Revolution sweeps the planet, the individuals forced to accept the work-for-joy system.

James Kirk is promoted to the rank of Commander and given command of the USS Lydia Sutherland.  

Uhura transfers to the U.S.S. Enterprise as Chief Communications Officer.

2263 - Following the destruction of the Lydia Sutherland at the Battle of Ghioghe, Commander James Kirk and Lt Commander Gary Mitchell undergoe months of regen therapy under the care of Dr. Leonard McCoy.

James Kirk has his last meeting with Areel Shaw prior to the court martial incident on Starbase 11.

Spock visits Sarek and Amanda--his last encounter with them until the Coridan Conference affair.

Miners Childress, Gossett, and Benton begin work at the lithium mining operation on Rigel XII.

A group of 150 colonists under the leadership of Elias Sandoval leave Earth to settle on planet Omicron Ceti III.

2264 - Having completed his regen therapy, James Kirk is promoted to Captain and given command of the USS Enterprise. He is the youngest man to captain a starship (beating the earlier record of 30 years, 7 months and 12 days set by Mark Rousseau) and Pike's hand-picked successor.

Dr, Leonard McCoy accepts Kirk's offer to sign on as Chief Medical Officer.

Ensign Lee Kelso applies for a transfer from the USS Potemkin. Captain Kirk will speak to the captain of the Potemkin following review of Kelso's personnel record and will immediately put in a request to Starfleet Command to have Kelso posted to his upcoming Enterprise command.

Janice Rand is assigned as Kirk's Personal Yeoman. Later that year, Rand leaves the Enterprise to undergo more training as a Yeoman and is replaced by Barbara Smith. Smith and Kirk never take to each other, with Kirk constantly referring to her as "Jones".

Hikaru Sulu graduates top of his class in Astrosciences and Advanced Botany.  Founded starfleet Academy's "European
Swordsmanship" club.  Sulu is expecting to be assigned to the USS Aerfen, when he receives orders to board the USS Enterprise as the ship's helmsman. Although he requests a transfer, this is refused by Captain James T. Kirk, and following the voyage around the Federation Phalanx, Sulu decides to remain aboard anyway.

Cadet Chekov is assigned to the USS Enterprise to undergo navigation training, while the Enterprise conducts a three-month voyage around the Federation Phalanx.

Before the Enterprise leaves Spacedock, Kirk orders that the library computer aboard the Enterprise be upgraded to a storage capacity equaling to the main computer at Starfleet Headquarters.  The ship's third gymnasium is rebuilt to house the additional memory tanks.

Harcourt Fenton Mudd is convicted of purchasing a space vessel with counterfeit currency.  He is sentenced to psychiatric treatment and his master's license is revoked.  Mudd had previously been convicted of smuggling, although that sentence had been suspended.  Two years hence, when he apprehended by the U.S.S. Enterprise, he will be using the alias "Leo Walsh".

The real Nancy Crater is killed by planet M-113's last surviving native.  The creature later assumes Nancy's form and lives with Professor Robert Crater, an archaeologist studying M-113.

The Sandoval expedition arrives at planet Omicron Ceti III for colonization,  Unfortunately, the planet is later found to have high levels of deadly Berthold rays, threatening the lives of the colonists.

Montgomery Scott is summoned to Starbase 10 and was ordered to accompany the Starfleet Corps of Engineers team aboard the USS Lovell to repair the PXK reactor of several outposts along the Romulan Neutral Zone. Following his return from the assignment, he was appointed as chief engineer aboard the Enterprise.

10 years ago

2265 - Christopher R. PIke is promoted to Fleet Captain and assigned to Starfleet Academy as an instructor.

Fleet Captain Christopher Pike comes aboard a class-J training vessel under the command of Commander Trawley for the first time.  He is there for inspection and assistance in lessons.  Trawley tells the cadets about the time Pike saved his life on Corinthia VII.  While passing by the Trill System, the vessel detects a comet with the bioelectric signature of a Trill symbiont.

The U.S.S. Tereshkova is dispatched to the Trill System to investigate the newly discovered comet.  The investigative team consists of Trill Symbiosis Commission head Audrid Dax; her husband, Kem'alta Institute head of xenobiology Jayvin Vod; Doctor Juarez, a xenobiologist; Doctor Milton, an astrophysicist; Jon Chin, a security officer; and Fleet Captain Christopher Pike.  Juarez, Milton, and Chin are killed when what will later be known as a "conspiracy (or blue gill) parasite" infects Vod and takes control of him.  The parasite separates Jayvin from Vod and then bonds neurally with Vod.  Jayvin dies on the operating table, and TSC surgeons are forced to let Vod die.  The comet is destroyed by Trill vessels.

The Marishal, a race of strongly telepathic nontechnological bipeds from a planet in the Procyon sector, are are discovered by the UFP Vulcan teams will be brought in to teach them biofeedback techniques to correct their overpopulation problem.

Mori, grandson of a Triumvir of Arcos, is born.

A terraforming colony is established on Beta Canzandia III.

A survey indicates that the seven Starfleet Academies distributed throughout UFP space currently support a permanent faculty of 14,038 and a student population of 85,397.

Saavik is born on the planet Hellguard (872 Trianguli V). She will be the first Romulan/Vulcan hybrid encountered by the UFP.

The Klingons give impulse drive technology to the Vancadians.  The Klingons encounter the Kreel during this era.

The Stargazer, a merchant vessel, is destroyed.

Danielle Du Molin is sent to Timshel to discover why agent Stallone Wolff disappeared. She too succumbs to the Joy Machine's influence.

The Epsilon class (E-1) communication station is authorized for construction. Nearly 100 of these space station facilities will be built in the decades to come, with the first nine flanking the disputed Klingon border by the late 2260s to serve as listening posts. Each station will house a complement of 539, a dozen shuttlecraft, and 42 antennas (making up 11 communications arrays).

It is the glory days on Altus IV for Mitch "The Barrel" Dogan as a performer.

Around this time, Dr. Bendes Kettaract begins work on his project to create the Omega molecule.

Dr. Albar Exar will become indebted to Spock's papers published on the Alfacite Energy Phenomenon and will use the data to further his research into genetics.

The Tautee system is destroyed.

Dr. Ursula Mornay of the University of Tarrigor (Altair VI) synthesizes trilithium in solid form.

Laura O'Connor dies from Vegan choriomeningitus forcing her husband to retire from corporate life. He turns Laura's World (Laurison 294) into a planet-wide shrine.

Tritanium (Element 125) is discovered on Argus X.

The ships Iroquois (commanded by Captain Lasker) and Peerless (commanded by Captain Tranh) participate in the experiment of running their ships' reactors' magnetic injection ratios to 215. Some 25 days later the Iroquois will suffer from a runaway reaction tearing the ship in half. The Peerless will nearly suffer the same fate but will abort the experiment after the loss of her sister ship.

The automated tanker drone USS Skagerrak NCC-G504 rescues survivors of the Tellarite merchant ship Tarev en route to Argelius II. The Skagerrak will be lost in the Delta Triangle and presumed destroyed until the Enterprise's encounter in the Delta Triangle in 2264.

Starfleet doubles its patrols along the Romulan Neutral Zone and establishes new, larger, more heavily armed border stations in reaction to the Romulan border attack of Stardate 99539.

About this time, the 12-man Federation scout Harriet Tubman out of Starbase 20 vanishes in the Crossroad Nebula and the nebula is declared a Standing Hazard. Prior to the Tubman's disappearance, the free-trader Sagittarius reportedly vanished in the vicinity, in addition to 3 UFP observation buoys and 3 automated drones. The disappearances are due to a Turtledove Anomaly point within the nebula, verified in 2265.

The Prime Directive Committee and Federation Council flags Tau Lyra III (Yoondri) as a protected planet under Level 1 protected status.

Dalen is also presumably born, along with the crew of the future starship Darwin, entirely Horta-manned, c. 2370.

Lieutenant Clark Terrell is left stranded alone on Derus VI after the Ardent is destroyed in orbit by an Orion pirate ambush. Other officers' escape pods were damaged by the ship explosion or landed in the planet's highly volcanic regions. Cut off from contacting the Federation, Terrell will spend the next seven years stranded on the planet. He will establish contact and peaceful relations with the indigenous population, and help them improve their quality of life using only the technology and materials they already possessed. By the time a Starfleet landing party finds him, Terrell will have negotiated exclusive trade and alliance rights for the UFP on Derus VI.

Captain James Kirk takes command of the Enterprise.  He inherits Spock, Scott, and Uhura from Pike, amongst others.  The fourth five-year mission of the Enterprise officially begins under Captain James Tiberius Kirk.

10 years ago

The first mission of the Enterprise is to transport the Warp-Speed Classic Vaudeville Company around the Federation Phalanx. Another put-down for Kirk is that his first choice for first officer, Gary Mitchell, is refused in favor of the Enterprise's science officer, Lt. Commander Spock (due to a request from Pike, who believes Spock will keep Kirk from acting rashly).
Kirk has a brief romance with Amelinda Lukarian, manager of the vaudeville company, and begins to build friendships with Spock and Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott, both of whom had served under Pike, and were initially dismissive of him.

The Enterprise is hunted by the renegade Klingon vessel Quundar and encounters a generational vessel.  

Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell nearly dies from a poison dart on Dimorus.

Uhura is temporarily re-assigned, leaving Lt. Commander Daniel Alden to assume her former post.

Admiral Ellen Mangione boarded the Enterprise at Starbase 31. She orders the starship to a neutral world in the Klingon Neutral Zone in order to check on and upgrade the facilities needed to hold the enhanced Klingon renegades, the M'tachtar (a secret bi-annual mission).  The landing party is ambushed by the M'tachtar and they are able to quickly capture the Enterprise and beam half the crew down to their prison, before heading to Qo'noS to meet with Emperor Grannoch. However, Kirk and his crew, with the help of Commander Kang, a young Lieutenant Kruge and the IKS Doj, manage to retake the starship.
Enterprise fatalities: Corbet and Swift (Science Officers).

The famous MacMurray Encounter occurs. Captain Kirk accepts the position of Royal High Minister Plenipotentiary for the Emperor MacMurray in the trinary Noah system, and is commended by Starfleet.

The Enterprise runs into a Ceebriian derelict near Alpha Ortelina VII in an undocumented mission. Others include a skirmish with Klingons on Arronus VII.  

Five months into his command, the Enterprise suffers her first casualty under Kirk's command. The Enterprise is ordered to intercept a warp 15 capable vessel near the Mandylion Rift and learn all they can about about it. On arrival, they find that the Klingons, in the form of Commander Kaul and the IKS Vengeance, are also interested in the ship. The alien ship's commander issues Kirk and Kaul a challenge in order to gain the secrets of the ship. Kirk assigns chief communications officer Lt. Hounslaw Tanaka to complete the challenge, but she failed and died.

Later that year Sulu transfers to the Astrophysics department and is replaced at the helm by Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell.

The early assignments of the Enterprise under Captain James Kirk's command during this time are mostly undocumented. However, they may include, though not necessarily limited to: being dispatched to contact the wave-dancers of Bellatrix V, an incident with a Giant Rat of Tamuras, a deathday celebration for the Arch-Duchess sa'Gliszppkk of Rumon Alpha III, the investigation of the Neo-Pope of Ecatholos (this will result in the peace treaty between the Ecatholans and the Phylyrinigi), and an encounter with terrorists in the Xenia system.

Dr. McCoy asks for a transfer to Earth when his father falls ill with pyrrhoneuritis. McCoy takes up a position at the Starfleet Teaching Hospital working with Dr. Carol Marcus and Christine Chapel.  He will make the decision to take his father off life support and watch him die with dignity. Unfortunately, a cure for the disease will be discovered a few weeks later.

Following the death of his father, McCoy is asked by Starfleet Medical to take part in a medical relief mission to Capella IV. He gratefully accepts, to get as far away from Earth as possible and to help others. However, by 2265, he is tired of locking horns with the Capellans, who refuse any modern medical technology.  Dr. McCoy has firsthand experience with a Capellan power cat.

The Enterprise is assigned to investigate the mysterious quarantine of the vacation planet Timshel. Captain Kirk meets his old friend Kemal Marouk, the Paymaster of the Joy Machine computer enslaving the Timshel citizens to work for a "payday" high. Joining up with the resistance, Kirk introduces a virus into the system and convinces the computer to free the inhabitants. The Joy Machine departs the system, heading out of the galaxy and promising to return when Humanity is ready for happiness.

Members of the reptilian Anjiri and Nykuss are rescued by the Enterprise and transported back to their homeworld. Captain Kirk teaches the aliens the wrongness of stealing from other species, and keeps his word that their homeworld will remain secret by not logging the incident.

Kirk's original Archaeology and Anthropology officer Lieutenant Carolyn Palamas is assigned to the Enterprise during this time, accompanying the captain on numerous missions. Most notably on a near-disastrous return mission to Avalon and a run-in with million-year-old warrior robots at the Asteroid Tessel excavations.

Dr. Elizabeth Dehner, a psychiatrist studying crew reactions in emergency situations, joins the Enterprise crew when the ship is at the Aldebaron colony.

10 years ago

The Enterprise encounters the recorder buoy of the S.S. Valiant, which had disappeared near the galaxy's edge two centuries ago.  Evidence from the buoy's record tapes suggest the ship was destroyed by her captain.  Admiral Saylor of Starbase 33 contacts the Enterprise and orders Captain Kirk to explore and even exceed the boundaries of the galaxy.  At the galaxy's rim, the ship encounters a strange energy barrier, resulting in the deaths of nine personnel.  Gary Mitchell, Kirk's friend from his Academy days, is somehow mutated by the barrier, and gains tremendous psychokinetic powers. It is later learned that psychiatrist Elizabeth Dehner had been similarly mutated as well.  Contact with the barrier burns out the ship's warp capacity, forcing a slow trip to the Delta Vega lithium-cracking facility nearby.  An attempt to quarantine Mitchell at the facility is unsuccessful, and Kirk is forced to kill him to protect the ship.  Dehner is also killed in the incident.  Both are listed as missing in action on the official report.  Kirk would agonize over the act for weeks afterward.  The Enterprise engines reenergized, the ship returns to Earth. Enterprise fatalities: Lieutenant Lee Kelso (Helmsman), Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell (Chief Navigator), Dr. Elizabeth Dehner (Psychiatrist), and 9 (unspecified) dead.

Kirk sets course for the recently-constructed Starbase 33 and sees to Lieutenant Kelso's funeral. Lieutenant Sulu transfers from Astrophysics to Helm and is stationed on the bridge of the Enterprise. Both Lieutenants Uhura and Bailey are assigned to bridge positions replacing Alden and Mitchell respectively. Dr. Mark Piper, Lieutenant Alden and Yeoman Smith request,
and are granted, transfers off the ship.  At Starbase 33, Kirk is questioned by Admiral Saylor and Captain Francis Damion.

Uhura reassumes her position aboard Enterprise as Chief Communications Officer.  In her first assignment back aboard the Enterprise, Uhura commandeered a shuttlecraft so that she could rescue Captain Kirk and a landing party from a group of Klingons that had captured them.

Planet Ingraham B is attacked by the same parasite creatures that later decimated the population of planet Deneva.

2266 - The Vulcan science survey ship Diversity is lost near the Romulan Neutral Zone.

The Marsfoods Corporation is founded in Vandalia on Mars by Elias Wintergreen as the UFP's most outrageous fast foods supplier.

The breakthrough development of linear warp drive begins.  Smith & Smythe releases a new micro-impulse warp engine design.

The Aerie class heavy carrier USS Cave is destroyed during shakedown. The warp core explodes, deforming the spaceframe beyond salvage, despite the science officer ejecting the antimatter pods and activating the emergency warp containment field in engineering moments before the explosion. The cause of the explosion is determined to be a defective baffle plate, and 32 of the crew of 370 lose their lives.

Captain Kirk has the difficult task of notifying Mitchell's parents that he killed their son. Kirk delivers the eulogy at Gary Mitchell's funeral service in New York City.

Dr. McCoy returns to Starfleet Medical following a mission to Capella IV.

Jocelyn Darnell sends McCoy their divorce papers, and McCoy signs them without a fight. Although he would go on to refer to Darnell as "whatsername" and worse, he wears his wedding ring (now sized for his pinky) for the rest of his life. Dr. McCoy, now a Lieutenant Commander, replaces Dr. Piper as Chief Medical Officer of the Enterprise.

Following Mitchell's death, Sulu requests to be transferred to another Constitution-class starship, as he was bored in astrophysics. Rather than losing a much valued officer Captain Kirk offers him the position of helmsman, and Sulu accepts. His mathematic skills carried over into this new field.

Captain Kirk meets Dr. Helen Noel at a science lab Christmas party aboard the Enterprise.  

Rand accepts her old position aboard the ship.

David Bailey signs aboard the Enterprise.

Pavel Chekov graduates top of his class in Stellar Cartography and Transporter Theory.  An expert in advanced theoretical physics, he is the youngest cadet in history to win the starfleet Academy marathon.  He is re-assigned to the Enterprise as an ensign.  He is assigned to study in as many areas of starship operations as possible, as is normal with a command track ensign. Chekov spends several months in engineering, as well as the science departments.

Sulu leads his first landing party on an uncharted world that holds archaeological ruins. A member of Sulu's team accidentally triggers an ancient security system and geologist Vanani Manprasad is killed. Sulu confides with friend and shipmate Janice Rand about his self-doubt as to whether or not he is truly bridge officer material. Sulu gets over his doubts after the Captain clears him of all wrong-doing in the matter.

Sulu and Commander Spock are assigned to escort Prince Vikram back to his homeworld on Angira, and help defend the prince from those who tried to overthrow him.

Dr. Simon Van Gelder is assigned as associate director of the Tantalus V penal colony.  He serves on the staff of colony director Tristan Adams.

Over the next 13 months, the Enterprise's chapel will be used to hold 5 weddings, an Iltrasian coming-of-age ceremony, and one funeral (that of Henry George Beason, who will be killed in the weapons room when hit by an Orion mercenary).

10 years ago

Three days into its new star charting mission, the Enterprise makes the first contact with the flagship Fesarius of the First Federation and is tested by Balok. Kirk's Corbomite Maneuver bluff is first employed. Lieutenant David Bailey is assigned as liaison between both federations.  UFP negotiations with the First Federation will continue on Mandel II (yielding intelligence data on the Romulan Star Empire) and then a century later in the 2360s. They will be very brief. In 2371, the Voyager will find a derelict First Federation starship at the heart of the Hachai-P'nir War in the Kuriyar Cluster of the Delta Quadrant.

Harry Mudd is pursued and captured by the Enterprise, which sustains serious damage to her lithium crystals. The crystals are replaced at Rigel XII and Mudd is later handed over to the authorities for the illegal distribution of the Venus drug.  Harry Mudd will be sentenced to one year in a rehab colony but released after six months on good behavior. He will found an information service on Deneb V and sell the Denebians the rights to a Vulcan fuel synthesizer, resulting in imprisonment by the local authorities. This will result in conviction of patent fraud on Deneb V, stardate 100140.0 and a death sentence. He
will resultingly escape from custody in a stolen shuttlecraft under fire by a Denebian space patrol and crashland on an uncharted Class K world inhabited by androids.  About this time, Stella Mudd applies for a legal divorce in absentia from her second husband, Bischoff (who conned Harry Mudd out of a starship once on Silva V). Bischoff took his flagship on a personal cruise to an unstated destination and never returned.

This is about the time when the Communications & Damage Control department's colors switch from gold to red, consequently removing Uhura from the command track.

Alfa 177 is classified 'Warning W-399: Certain indigenous ores have been found to possess peculiar magnetic properites, and may interfere with the normal ion-phasing of transporter beams. Inanimate test objects should be transported before any personnel are allowed to beam down'.

In orbit of M-113, a salt vampire stalks the crew of the Enterprise during a routine annual checkup of the colony. Dr. McCoy kills the illusion-projecting creature, the last of its kind, with his phaser but not before the expedition members' (Robert Crater and his late wife) deaths. The Enterprise procedes to Corinth IV. Enterprise fatalities: Crewman Darnell (Sciences), Crewman Green (Command), Crewman Sturgeon, and Barnhart (Services).

Planet M-113 (Gamma Zeta) will be redesignated Crater's World in honor of the late Professor Crater. A permanent archeological base will be established to continue Crater's work, and T'Sera will lead the second expedition.

Dr. McCoy spills a small amount of acid on a table in his medical laboratory, scarring his table.  A year later, he notes an identical scar on the same table on the mirror universe version of the Enterprise.

On a mission to pick up a team of scientists from Psi 2000's lone disintegrating satellite ULAPG42821DB ("La Pig"), a virus is accidentally brought aboard the Enterprise. By integrating cold matter/antimatter, the ship is transported several days back through time. Known as the Spock/Scott Temporal Displacement Process, it will become the basis for the USS Lynx prototype timeship a decade later. Enterprise fatalities: Joe Tormolen (Sciences).  Note that in 2363, a mutant form of this virus will afflict the crew of the Galaxy class Enterprise under Captain Picard's command.  This system is classified 'Danger D-421: The orbit of Psi 2000's last satellite, La Pig, is now an asteroid belt, and planetary debris is traveling throughout the system on uncharted trajectories. Spacecraft should exercise due caution'.

The USS Antares NCC-F1312, a science probe/cargo vessel, is destroyed after picking up an orphan, Charlie Evans. Attempting to take control of the Enterprise with his special abilities, Evans is removed by his Thasian step parents before the starship's arrival at Colony (Alpha) 5.

After a century, contact is re-established with the Romulan Star Empire when a Romulan Empire class P-1A Bird of Prey cruiser tests its new cloaking device and plasma weapon against UFP forces in Earth Outpost Sector Z-6. Four Earth outposts are destroyed before the Romulan vessel is forced to self-destruct. For the first time, the Federation sees what Romulans look like face-to-face: they are Vulcan offshoots. Enterprise fatalities: Specialist Robert Tomlinson (Phaser/Ordnance).

Note that Tomlinson was to marry Angela Martine (Specialist 2nd Class, Phaser/Ordnance). In a few months (by stardate 99882.6) she will have transferred to the Life Sciences division and carry the surname Teller, suggesting a second marriage.

Lieutenant Uhura receives a promotion to full Lieutenant grade after successfully deciphering the Romulan micropulse code.

Over the next few years, the outpost colonies will be rebuilt, numbering 14. Outposts 1 through 8 will be outfitted with the highest grade of listening and scanning equipment available.

The Vulcan Academy of Science allays fears of Vulcan/Romulan collusion when it publicizes its theory concerning the Romulans' Vulcan heritage. This theory postulates a race known as the Preservers, who seeded the galaxy with Humans and humanoids.

10 years ago

Christopher Pike is aboard Commander Trawley's training vessel once more.  During this journey, a baffle plate ruptures,contaminating Engineering with delta radiation.  Fleet Captain Christopher Pike saves the lives of seven cadets aboard an old Class J training starship (under the command of Commander Trawley), removing them to safety when the ship's baffles plates rupture. Two of them will die later at Starbase 11, but 4 will survive. For this action he is awarded his second Medal of Honor. However, prolonged exposure to the delta radiation leaves him with severe scarring and disfiguration. This is followed by loss of motor function, and cardiac and renal failure, resulting Pike's confinement to a battery-powered life support carriage provided with servo-mechanisms. Eventually he will lose all control over body movement and be able to communicate only through coded electroencephalographic signals of "yes" and "no".

Dr. McCoy undergoes a severe attack of hay fever, limiting his duties.

The Enterprise is assigned to locate Dr. Roger Korby on Exo III. He is found alive in android form and, using the Exoan technology, duplicates Captain Kirk. His plan to infiltrate a world with androids fails before it can be implemented, but a duplicate Dr. Brown will later attempt to carry out Korby's dream of an android UFP Nurse Christine Chapel agrees to remain aboard the Enterprise.

A new Type 2A (Agronska 30) Phaser Pistol variant is issued, featuring a uniform black hand grip instead of the previous silver grip. Several years later, other upgrades to this hand/pistol phaser series will include new Phaser 1 intensity scales and two recessed buttons on the Phaser 2 grip: safety and trigger.

Dr. Tristan Adams dies from his neural neutralizer machine on the Tantalus V Penal Colony, following the escape of Dr. Simon Van Gelder. The machine is dismantled.

The Enterprise, continuing its star charting mission, reports finding seven planets in star system L-370.

Miri's World (UFC M-347601/Juram V), an exact duplicate of Earth, is discovered by the Enterprise. The landing party fights, and defeats, a deadly virus there in addition to 300 year old children, remnants of a slipshod life prolongation experiment.

Starfleet will designate the system as Site 2713 and dispatch sociological and disaster-relief teams to the planet. The surviving children are not equipped to reestablish their lost culture so are evacuated to education and resettlement centers, with their world held in trust for them and their descendants by the Federation. A terraforming project is put into effect using genetically modified plants to cleanse the biosphere of the artificial virus. Starfleet forms Project Magnet, a preliminary study group to analyze the first of several duplicate worlds encountered--and to hide their existence from the UFP. By 2375, 2 additional Earth duplicates will have been discovered in addition to 4 duplicates of Qo'noS, 2 of Vulcan, and 1 of Andor.

Yeoman Janice Rand transfers off the Enterprise. She takes a leave of absence from Starfleet for "personal reasons." Rand will give birth to a daughter named Annie who will die at the age of two from an unspecified sickness. The father may have been (evil) Captain Kirk. Janice Rand will return to the Enterprise in later years. In 2267 she will serve as Transporter Chief on the recently refitted Enterprise.

The Earth outpost on Cestus III is established.

Klingon operatives attempt to influence local politics on Neural (Zeta Bootis III) by providing firearms to the technologically unsophisticated inhabitants.

The Enterprise is lured to Planet Q by Dr. Thomas Leighton who suspects that actor Anton Karidian is Kodos the Executioner. A company of actors sponsored by the Galactic Cultural Exchange Project are transported by the Enterprise to the Benecia Colony. Kodos the Executioner dies aboard the Enterprise by the hand of his deranged daughter.

The people of the planet Acamar III, having endured generations of clan wars, finally establish peace for nearly all concerned.  A significant exception is the outcast nomadic Gatherers, who continue to be a source of violence for a century, raiding many nearby planets and star systems.

A space vessel carrying visitors from planet Ingraham b to planet Deneva carries a deadly parasitic life-form that has already caused mass insanity on Ingraham B over a year ago.

Romulans enter the Canara system when a plague destroys one-third of their population. After a week-long shore leave on Starbase 8, the Enterprise once again engages Romulan vessels.

2267 - Maximus O'Connor dies and ownership of Laura's World (Laurison 294) falls into the hands of his brother and only surviving heir, Paul O'Connor. He turns the planet into a vast parkland "for lovers only"

Captain Casden transports part of Dr. Ketteract's science team from Deep Space Station R-5 to the Lantaru Sector's covert research station aboard the Sphinx. Several trips to the station will be performed, under the guise of Starfleet

When rich deposits of dilithium and other minerals are discovered in the Klingon Neutral Zone, Klingon warcraft begin to patrol it heavily, keeping just on their side of the Zone.

The Tellarite Planetary Government issues the first Federation Peace Medal.

10 years ago

On a mission to deliver medical supplies to Makus III for shipment to New Paris, the Shuttlecraft Galileo crashes on Taurus II while investigating Murasaki 312, a quasar-like phenomenon. Enterprise fatalities: Lieutenant Gaetano (Radiation Specialist), Lieutenant Latimer (Navigator), and Ensign O'Neill.  The Gaetano class search and rescue shuttlecraft will be named after Lieutenant Gaetano, decades later. All other craft in this series will be named after Starfleet personnel lost in the line of duty as a result of shuttlecraft related accidents or combat.

Chief Engineer Scott will see to the court martial of Lieutenant Samuel Boma for his actions on Taurus II. Dr. Boma will become a successful civilian scientist and develop the alloy quantobirilium used in the outer hull of a prototype

On Starbase 11, Fleet Captain Pike reflects on his life decisions leading up to his current debilitated condition.

The starboard console of the Command Console on the Enterprise undergoes a minor upgrade: the four indicator lights on the left side of the Command Functions Panel are replaced with Manual Execute push buttons, resulting in five buttons down the left side of the panel, five Function Active indicators down the right side, and five computer-generated control labels between each.

A Force 5 ion storm strikes the Enterprise. Repairs are carried out in orbit of Starbase 11. Lieutenant Commander Finney, posted to an ion observation pod at the time, is (falsely) presumed dead.

Admiral Chandra's ship was put in at Starbase 11 when the USS Enterprise conducted its layover there. As a ranking officer, Chandra served on the board conducting the court martial of a fellow captain, James T. Kirk, when Kirk was accused of the apparent death of Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Finney.

Captain James T. Kirk becomes the first Captain in Starfleet to ever stand court martial.  He is exhonerated, when Lieutenant Commander Ben Finney is discovered alive on the Enterprise, having tamered with the ship's flight recorder.  Finney court martialed and is committed to rehabilitation.  Sometime later, Finney will later seek revenge against Kirk on the planet Vancadia. Even later, Finney will develop an improved, tamper-proof flight deck recorder (MM908Y) while employed by Daystrom Duotronics.

Lieutenant Commander Spock is promoted to full Commander rank after serving two years with Captain Kirk. Commodore Mendez replaces Commodore Stone as the commander of Starbase 11.

The Redjac entity murders women on Rigel IV. Administrator Hengist becomes possessed by the creature and will journey to Argelius II.

Lithium crystals, yielding only 1/1000th the power output of dilithium crystals, are phased-out in the UFP at approximately this time. At least by the 24th Century, lithium crystals can be produced using standard ships' transporters. Dilithium in place of lithium probably will account for the safe sustainment of warp 8 speeds (and above) by starships.

The Enterprise is called back to Starbase 11 via a false subspace message. It is then hijacked to Talos IV by Commander Spock along with his former commander, Fleet Captain Christopher Pike. Spock stands court-martial but all charges are dropped by Commodore Mendez. Pike becomes a cultural observer for the UFP on Talos IV.

The crew of the Enterprise takes shore leave on Omicron Delta IV, an amusement park planet of alien construction. Doctor McCoy is seemingly killed, but easily repaired by the planet's automation.  In a couple years the Enterprise will again return to the shore leave planet, but will find the world far more inhospitable as the planet's computer has tired of "mindless servitude." Decades later, remnants of an offshoot of the planet's architects will be unearthed on Askalon V. On the Enterprise's third visit, the real Yeoman Minnie Moskowitz will return to the Enterprise.

During a routine update of the databases of a few colony worlds, some UFP technicians accidentally download an old, long-hidden and undetected virus along with the revised data. The Enterprise is assigned to overseeing new downloads from the Federation's database on Earth, going from colony to colony and repairing subspace communications systems. Five planetary databases are affected, including Cynur IV, Emben III, and Tyrtaeus II. In the Tyrtaeus system, the Enterprise explores an alien mobile habitat in close orbit of the star. Commander Spock becomes trapped on the seemingly-abandoned
vessel as it plunges into the star. It is found that the mobile is a support system for a virtual civilization. Departing the star, once their presence is discovered by the Enterprise, the craft heads for the galactic center at high warp speed.

While crossing a star desert in Quadrant 904 on a mission to the Beta VI Colony, the Enterprise battles Trelane, a childish super-being, on the rogue planet Gothos. The being's parents put an end to their child's playing, and the Enterprise is permitted to complete her mission.  Gothos is classified as 'Prohibited P-140: A dangerous life form may be present on the surface. It is extremely hazardous and contact with this planetoid must be avoided'.

Uhura is again temporarily re-assigned, this time to the USS Lexington, under the command of Commodore Robert Wesley, to aid with communications with an alien race from the Gamma Xaridian system.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard, transported from 2370 by an alien transporter, finds himself on Cestus III less than four days before the Gorn attack. He gives the false name of Dixon Hill and prevents the outpost's reactor from exploding before being retrieved by the same alien time transporter system.

10 years ago

First contact is made with the Gorn Hegemony when Cestus III, an Earth outpost, is destroyed by a Gorn raid. The only surviving member of the Cestus III outpost is Lieutenant Matthew Harold.  The Enterprise goes in pursuit, but is apprehended by the Metrons, another first contact.  Captain Kirk is forced to fight and defeat the captain of the Gorn ship on an asteroid.  The Metrons return Kirk to the Enterprise and the ship is transported 500 parsecs from its last position. The Enterprise heads back to Cestus III at warp 1.  Cestus III will later be ceded to the Gorn and no Federation personnel would return to the colony, although in 2371 Captain Kasidy Yates' youngest brother will be a member of the new colony there.  Kirk's battle against the Gorn will later become a common test for Starfleet cadets at the Academy.

Federation miners on planet Janus VI open a new underground level in search of mineral pergium deposits.

On a remote planet, a "winking out" phenomenon is observed and corrected by the Enterprise, caused by the intersection of two opposite universes and the enigmatic humanoid Lazarus from the future.

At Cygnet XIV, the Enterprise undergoes general repair and maintenance. The ship's computer is given a female personality.  Also at about this time, the ship's transporter room consoles are upgraded: the right most coordinate tracking monitor panel is replaced with a panel resembling the old one rotated 180 degrees.

While heading back to Starbase 9 for resupply, the Enterprise passes too closely to a quantum singularity and is caught by its gravity and flung back through time to the year 1969. A reverse application of the same conditions returns the Enterprise to the current year.

Probably following this incident, all Starfleet vessels are given procedures to follow in the event they encounter a ship from the future or related temporal anomalies. A provision is incorporated allowing any Starfleet personnel to retain seniority as accrued from the date of commission despite backward passage in time. By 2373, Regulation 157, Section 3, Paragraph 18 will be in effect: "Starfleet officers shall take all necessary precautions to minimize all participation in historical events." A Department of Temporal Investigations will also be established to deal with such violations. Captain James Kirk will be noted for committing 17 seperate temporal violations in his lifetime. By the 29th Century, a Temporal Integrity Commission will be in effect, possibly replacing or supplementing DTI.

A three-week minimum overhaul at a starbase repairs the computer problem of the Enterprise.

Joanna McCoy manages to track her father, Leonard McCoy, down on her 18th birthday. Having just graduated from high school, Joanna prepares for college.

The Enterprise goes in search of the long-lost USS Archon. On planet UFC 611 (C-111)-Beta III, a society enslaved by a computer called Landru is freed by Captain Kirk and Commander Spock.

Trouble begins on Janus VI when the pergium miners' activities at the pergium production station inevitably lead to contact with the Horta, the first silicon-based intelligent life form to be discovered.  By 2370 Janus VI will be the most productive and profitable source of raw materials in the entire UFP Lieutenant Dax will have the most experience with Hortas of all personnel on DS9. In addition, one of her granddaughters will live on Janus VI.  The Hansens will also study Hortas on Janus VI sometime in the early 24th Century.

On Camus II, Dr. Janice Lester and her staff operate under Dr. Coleman's supervision. They will uncover a life entity transference machine of an ancient civilization on this celebium-contaminated world.

A 500-year interplanetary war fought by computers is halted by the intervention of the Enterprise at Eminiar VII with Ambassador Robert Fox's help. The Enterprise heads for Argona II.

The DY-100 class sleeper vessel SS Botany Bay is discovered drifting in space by the Enterprise. Seventy-two 'supermen' led by Khan Noonian Singh from the Eugenics Wars are revived and, after a failed takeover attempt, are exiled to Ceti Alpha V.  Lydia Romaine conducts a thorough search for information on the SS Botany Bay and the Eugenics Wars era prior to the delivery of the vessel to the Federation Air and Space Museum on Earth.  The exile of Khan Noonian Singh and Lieutenant Marla McGivers to Ceti Alpha V will become famous on the planet Hera (492 Lyncis III). Dramatists, composers, and artists will create works based on their love. The theme: Herans can get along with Old Humans. News of this will undoubtedly come to light after Khan's seizure of the USS Reliant NCC-1864 in 2287.  Six months later, Ceti Alpha VI explodes, shifting the orbit of Ceti Alpha V. All life on Ceti Alpha V is destroyed, with the exception of the bulk of Khan Noonian Singh's colony and Ceti eels. His wife, Lieutenant McGivers, will be one of their first victims.

Under the influence of spore plants, the Enterprise crew desert the ship for the planet Omicron Ceti III. Commander Spock, through the use of subsonics, destroys the spore influence.

Mira (Omicron Ceti) is classified 'Danger D-389: The variable primary was found to emit Berthold radiation, which quickly disintegrates animal tissue and renders the surface uninhabitable for long periods. Certain sporial life-forms not native to the system actually thrive on the radiation, and their therapeutic effects have prompted a proposal to establish a health resort on Omicron Ceti III'.

10 years ago

Fifty miners have been killed since Silicon-based intelligent life was discovered on Janus VI. The Enterprise investigates and discovers the Horta creatures are the last of its kind and a mining agreement is established. Dahai Iohor Naraht is born, soon to be the first Horta to serve in Starfleet.

Negotiations with the Klingon Empire over disputed areas of space are reported in danger of breaking down.  Starfleet Command anticipates a possible surprise attack by the Klinogons, who have just issued an ultimatum to withdraw from disputed areas.

A Klingon battle group under the command of Commander Kor seizes the planet Organia and transports occupation foces to the planet's surface. The USS Enterprise responds to the threat to Organia. Captain Kirk and his First Officer are captured after attacking Klingon military installations on Organia.  The Organian Conflict: in orbit of the seemingly-primitive planet Organia, the forces of the Klingon Empire and the UFP prepare for all-out war. The Organians, super-beings in reality, put a stop to the war and establish the Organian Peace Treaty along with the Klingon Neutral Zone. The Organian Treaty Zone is established over the next three months by negotiation. The new zone makes important changes in the Klingon/UFP border and results in additional territory for both governments. Although both sides will honor the treaty, the fate of various 'orphaned' planets in the Klingon Neutral Zone remains unresolved. This Organian Conflict is also known as the "Second" Klingon-Federation "War."

In the Kalinora Sector, two Klingon battlecruisers pick off a Starfleet hospital ship which they claim was on a spying mission. Captain Androvar Drake's wife is one of the passengers killed. Drake chases the ships and manages to at least destroy one. He will blame Captain Kirk for the war's abrupt ending.  

Some time afterwards, the Organians are asked to intervene regarding the Iruhe mind-predators of 4408B Trianguli, resulting in a mysteriously empty and quiet world. Unfortunately, the Organians were misled, for the "Intellivore" mind-predators will thrive in the Great Rift region of space until being destroyed by the Enterprise in 2371.  

Note that while on Organia, this is First Officer Spock's (and quite probably Starfleet's) first exposure to the Klingon mind-scanner (mind-sifter). By mid-2263, the Romulans (at least the Tal Shiar) will have portable mind sifters, through the upcoming Klingon-Romulan alliance. The device operates by passing modulated baryon waves through the cerebral cortex of its victims, the waves interacting with the brain's electrical impulses to produce interference patterns that could be recorded and translated into a crude approximation of the subject's personal synaptic pathways.

Klingon Chancellor Kassa commits suicide, unable to bear the shame of being defeated in such an ignominious manner by a pacifist culture. His heirs begin a period of reorganization, and Imperial policy begins to make a subtle shift from conquest by force to conquest by economic domination.

A blood feud begins in the Klingon Empire.

In the "Mirror" universe, events play out much differently with Organia. Once Starfleet learns that a Klingon occupation force was on Organia, no attempt is made to liberate the innocent inhabitants. Instead, three starships, including the ISS Enterprise, disrupt the surface of Organia's sun to induce a huge increase in solar flares. The ensuing megastorm penetrates the planet's magnetic field and sterilizes the entire planet within hours. The organic Klingons and noncorporeal Organians perish and the Terran Empire considers the brutal obliteration of the innocent planet to be an appropriate lesson for the Klingons.

The Time Planet (Gateway) is discovered by the Enterprise by tracking waves of time distortion. Dr. McCoy, while treating Lieutenant Sulu on the bridge, accidentally injects himself with cordrazine. Earth history is accidentally destroyed and then repaired through the use of the Guardian of Forever.

The system is classified 'Prohibited P-119: No vessel, under any condition, emergency or otherwise, is to visit the Time Planet' (despite future Starfleet and civilian presences there).

Note that the Guardian will be used on many future missions, not just by the Federation but by the Klingons, Romulans, and other adversaries. Nonetheless, the Guardian will remain quite particular about who interacts with it. Throughout the next century, the Department of Temporal Investigations will regard the Guardian as the most sophisticated and powerful time travel apparatus in history, and an indispensible tool used by agents such as Dulmer and Lucsly.

A mass insanity of Flying Parasites is tracked to the planet Deneva by the Enterprise. George Samuel Kirk is found dead. His wife, Aurelan Kirk, dies shortly thereafter. By setting up a ring of orbital trivium satellites, the parasites are destroyed. The Enterprise heads for Starbase 10.  Thankfully, all of Kirk's nephews survive: the Enterprise rescues Peter from Deneva; and Julius and Alexander were on Earth visiting their grandmother.

The Organians decide to discover whether or not Humans and Klingons can live and work together. They select Sheridan's World as the site of an experimental colony composed of both Humans and Klingons. Should the project succeed, the Organians will consider lifting many of the restrictions to developing other worlds in the region.

Corbomite (Element 140) is discovered on Starbase 27: named after James Kirk's famous bluff.

10 years ago

The heavy cruiser USS Hood is attacked by a Kzinti cruiser. The bridge of the Hood is destroyed, her command officers killed. Ensign M'ress, sneaking aboard the enemy vessel, sends a distress signal - earning her a promotion to Lieutenant.

The bridge of the Enterprise undergoes several minor upgrades. A direct scanner scope (type: SP-HCA/RVS-1) is incorporated onto the Engineering Station. A hardcopy cartridge output slot is added to the Science Station. The Helm/Navigation console's warp factor readout and astrogator function monitor boards (of 10 lights each) are replaced with ship's sensors activity monitors (9 lights each). The Helmsman's Station's status board and control panels are replaced with a retractable weapon targeting scope and an all-new helm function panel (a 6x6 board of buttons/indicators with 6 operating modes/overlays). Bridge overhead cove lighting colors are also altered (Communications Station from yellow to green, Science Station from blue to yellow, Engineering Station from red to blue, etc.)

According to Koloth, the crew of the Klingon battlecruiser IKS Gr'oth leaves port and will be without shore leave for five months.

Two extra-galactic ornithoid aliens (Sylvia and Korob) are encountered by Enterprise crew members on the planet Pyris VII.  Drawing from the depths of their minds, the aliens create a "Halloween" simulacrum. Enterprise fatalities: Lieutenant Jackson (Command).

Enroute to Epsilon Canaris III, the Enterprise shuttlecraft Galileo (NCC-1701/7) is hijacked in space to Gamma Canaris N (Planetoid 527) by a gaseous life form known as the Companion. Zefram Cochrane is found on the planetoid, kept young and alive by the Companion. The Companion merges with Commissioner Nancy Hedford, a passenger aboard the Galileo, saving her from near-death. Both agree to remain behind on the planetoid when the Enterprise arrives.

A topaline mining agreement treaty is negotiated on Capella IV despite Klingon mining interest. Klingon agent Kraz is killed by a kligat - two years later his bond-brother, First Captain Kain, will seek revenge against Kirk on the water world Okeanos. Leonard James Akaar is born, the son of Eleen.

Kirk defends Capella IV from ground assault as the Klingons attempt to reclaim it, during which Spock suffers from a spinal injury.  General Kellen of the Klingon Fleet, returning from witnessing the destruction of the Uri Taug system by the arrival of the Furies, halts the warfare and recruits Kirk as an ally against the Fury "demons" which have invaded the Empire's border. Diplomacy has limited success until Kellen kills one of the Furies of the Rath and a dreadnought arrives to help claim territory originally belonging to the Furies or so they believe. The combined strength of the Enterprise and Kellen's fleet manages to obliterate the Fury invasion force, but not before sending a message to the far side of the galaxy at nearly warp 25: "The Battle of Garamanus is lost. We have not survived, but this is our rightful place. Try again." The Furies will return in 2370. Enterprise fatalities: over 22 dead including 2 missing in action, mostly Security personnel.  The sector is designated Furies Point and a listening station is established (later to be called Brundage Station) no later than 2290.

The Enterprise is stopped dead in space by a super-being calling himself Apollo, while approaching Pollux IV. Requesting worship and the crew of the Enterprise to abandon their starship, Apollo is rejected by Lieutenant Carolyn Palamas and thereby is defeated. Later aboard the Enterprise Lieutenant Palamas is found to be pregnant by Apollo.  Her son, Mark McHenry, will later serve for a time on the USS Excalibur under Captain Calhoun.

The Enterprise is en route to the inauguration ceremonies on Altair VI. Commander Spock is forced to return to Vulcan due to the Pon Farr mating drive. Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy are introduced to T'Pau. Kirk finds himself fighting Spock to the death during the Koon-ut kal-if-fee ceremony. McCoy's injecting Kirk with a neural paralyzer saves the life of both officers.  The Enterprise finally arrives at the inaugaration ceremonies of the new president of Altair VI: one of four ships including the USS Excalibur and the USS Endeavor.

Records indicate that galactic trader Cyrano Jones is in the Klingon sphere of influence during this time, probably attempting to sell Spican flame gems and/or tribbles.

The Enterprise settles a religious dispute on Alpha Malurian VI.

A direct scanner scope (type: SP-HCA/RVS-1) is incorporated onto the Environmental Station on the Enterprise bridge.

Spock, part of a temporal research team on Gateway, returns to the present to find that he has inadvertantly altered history to the point that he had never been born, and an Andorian named Thelev held his post on the Enterprise.  Spock, posing as his own cousin, uses the Guardian to return to the Vulcan Forge during the year of his Kaswan Ordeal, to ensure his survival of the test.

The USS Constellation enters system L374 and finds the fourth planet being sliced up by an unknown vessel. The Constellation's deflectors are disabled and her antimatter fuel is 'deactivated' by an energy-damping field emitted by the hostile vessel: an intergalactic planet-killer robot weapon. Commodore Matthew Decker beams his crew down to the third planet--which is also destroyed.  The Constellation is found by the Enterprise. The intergalactic berserker responsible is destroyed by overloading the Constellation's impulse engines, destroying both vessels. Commodore Decker dies in the line of duty.

10 years ago

The "Decker" class destroyer will be named after both the Commodore and his son Captain William Decker, who will be absorbed into the V'Ger construct in 2271.

Starfleet Tactical, fearing that the planet-killer might not be unique but part of an invasion force, immediately begins designs on a defensive weapon system. The result is the USS Defender NX-1390 light cruiser, a standard primary hull mated to a pair of the best warp propulsion units. An economical approach to a new dilemma, the Defender incorporates a Defensive Torpedo System (DT using a heavily modified Mk 12B shuttlecraft refitted with energy storage vessels capable of containing large amounts of warp plasma. Since no further planet-killers are ever detected during this era, the design of the Defender is never fully completed.

Note that in a century the true purpose of the planet-killers' construction will be revealed: weapons originally built to combat the Borg collective.

Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott is injured in an explosion aboard the Enterprise.  Dr. McCoy orders him to take therapuetic shore leave on Argelius.

While on Argelius II, Lieutenant Commander Scott is accused of murder. Further investigation proves that a non-corporeal being, Redjac, is responsible.

En route to New Deimos, six Cochrane class colonial transports and their escorts disappear. Some speculate that the Gorn were responsible but no evidence surfaces. The colonial expedition consisted of 13,200 colonists and 1,250 Starfleet officers and men.

The transporter rooms of the Enterprise are upgraded: Computer Functions Monitor stations are added alongside the main control consoles (in at least the standard six-person transporter rooms).

The four planets of the Malurian system are attacked by an unknown agency.  More than four billion people are wiped out, including members of a federation science team headed by Dr. Manway.

The long-lost space probe Nomad is brought aboard the Enterprise after having destroyed all life in the Malurian star system. Not the original Nomad but a hybrid probe consisting of a merger with the advanced alien probe Tan Ru, its new directive is to sterilize that which is determined to be imperfect. The probe itself eventually self-destructs. Enterprise fatalities: four (unspecified) Security lieutenants.

Planet Ceti Alpha VI explodes, disrupting the orbit of Ceti Alpha V.  The resulting climatic changes are devastating to the colony there, headed by Kahn Noonien Singh.  Starfleet remains unaware of the explosion and its consequences until 2285, when the starship Reliant investigates the planet as a possible site for Project: Genesis testing.

On Gamma Trianguli VI, a primitive subservient civilization is freed of its mechanical god Vaal.

Gamma Trianguli VI is logged as 'Prohibited P-311: This system is protected under the Prime Directive of Non-Interference, and only authorized contact with its natives is permitted'.

A minor Enterprise bridge upgrade: a row of eight buttons are added to the Navigator's Station console for finer control of Course Plotting and Scanning operating modes. Presumably this upgrade also occurs aboard the ISS Enterprise in the "Mirror" universe.

During an ion storm, a landing party beaming up to the Enterprise from the planet Halka (Omicron Indi III) transposes with their counterparts in an alternate "Mirror" universe where an Empire exists in place of the Federation. Lieutenant Commander Scott returns the landing party home with the transporter. This first crossover incident presumably creates a permanent
connection between the two universes, bounding them together.

In the "Mirror" universe, Spock will become one of the most famous names in history, influenced by his counterpart.  He will spare the Halkans, kill Captain Kirk in mutiny, and assume Captaincy of the ISS Enterprise.  Within five years, Spock will become Commander-in-Chief of Starfleet by preaching reform, disarmament, and peace.  Spock is executed for treason some 12 years later.  The reforms ultimately weaken the empire, which will be conquered by the Alliance: a union between the Klingons and Cardassians. Following this "first crossover," all details regarding the "crossover" are classified, and all transporters in the "Mirror" universe are redesigned to prevent any future reoccurances.

About this time, Starfleet Command receives the last of Professor John Gill's reports on Ekos. Melakon is probably in full command, and Gill under the influence of a drug.

U.S.S. Enterprise assigned to transport Commodore Stocker to Starbase 10.

While delivering supplies to Gamma Hydra IV, members of an Enterprise landing party become subject to hyperaging. Command is temporarily transferred to Commodore George Stocker who takes the ship into the Romulan Neutral Zone and nearly destroys the Enterprise moments before an antidote is developed. The Enterprise heads for Starbase 10 to deliver Commodore Stocker to his station post. Enterprise fatalities: Lieutenant Arlene Galway (Chief Biologist).

The system is classified 'Danger D-361: Gamma Hydra IV recently passed through the radioactive tail of a comet, and the resulting surface radiation may cause hyper-aging in unprotected humanoids. This planet should be avoided until the surface radiation decays to safe levels'

Note that by the 2370s Johnson City will be founded on Gamma Hydra IV to honor the late Robert Johnson, leader of the Gamma Hydra expedition.

Mere days before the Enterprise's hijacking, the android coordinator Norman is assigned to the ship and manages to evade routine physical examinations by Dr. McCoy.

10 years ago

The Enterprise is hijacked to the planet Mudd (UFC 257704-II) by an android (Norman) commanded by Harry Mudd. After control of the Enterprise is regained, Mudd is marooned on the planet with 500 android duplicates of his ex-wife Stella.  Found guilty of six additional felonies, including kidnapping and grand theft, Harry Mudd is placed in the protective custody of the androids. He will convince them that he has reformed and a single (non-numbered) Stella unit will be assigned to him after being given a starship. Mudd will make his way to the Nevis system and once again encounter the Enterprise, presumably escaping back (or retrieved by the androids) to the planet Mudd, he is once again restricted to the planet. However, he will proceed to organize them into athletic teams, steal one of their spacecraft, and eventually reopen the 'Mudd Free Information Exchange' on Ilyria VI. Selling the Starfleet Academy to the natives, he will use the credits to reach Sirius IX. Distributing a local love potion to over a thousand Sirians, resulting in violent allergic reactions, Mudd's funds will be impounded by the Bank of Sirius driving him out of UFP space to the mining planet Motherlode (Acadia III).

An explosion initiated by Adrik Thorsen at Starfleet Archives in Aldrin City interrupts main and auxiliary power. With security systems down for 42 minutes, Thorsen gains access to Captain Kirk's personal logs, particularly those of stardate 100649. Shortly thereafter, Starfleet Command receives a mysterious distress call from Commissioner Nancy Hedford (the Companion).

Tuvok is born on the Vulcanis lunar colony.

Lieutenant Watley transfers to the Enterprise from the USS Lexington. She may be the great-grandmother of Dr. Julian Bashir.

A priority A-1 distress signal (which places the entire quadrant on alert) draws the Enterprise to deep space station K-7. Captain Kirk is ordered to guard a shipment of quadrotriticale to Sherman's Planet while his ship, and the station, becomes infested with tribbles--which are disposed of by beaming them aboard Captain Koloth's battlecruiser, the IKS Gr'oth. Cyrano Jones, responsible for the tribble infestation, is assigned the task of cleaning up all tribbles on the station. The tribbles are found to be poisoned by the grain in the storage compartment planted by Arne Darvin. Sherman's Planet will fall under UFP jurisdiction.

During the tribble incident, Captain Sisko (from 2373) stops Arne Darvin from altering history through the assassination of Captain Kirk via an explosive tribble planted in K-7's storage compartment. Sisko and the Defiant officers board both the station and the Enterprise to prevent the alteration of history. Before departing back to the future, "Lieutenant" Sisko has the honor of meeting the legendary Captain Kirk--and getting his autograph. Odo takes a tribble back to DS9.

Note that this is Kirk's second dealing with Klingon Captain Koloth. Both first tangled during the Xixobrax Jewel Worm affair years earlier. Koloth will later command the battlecruiser IKS Tor'Stog (Devisor, KL 73796), the original perhaps destroyed to prevent the spread of the dreaded tribble parasites. Cyrano Jones' task will be completed in under two years with the help of a genetically-engineered tribble predator, called a Glommer, stolen from Klingon space. He will later assist the Enterprise with the recovery of Agricultural Specialist Jean Czerny. Arrested, Klingon agent Arne Darvin's career will be ended, Klingon Intelligence turning their back on him. Darvin will be an outcast, spending the next hundred years posing as a Human merchant under the assumed name of Barry Waddle, then further humiliated in the 2370s when trapped in Cardassian space after the Klingon invasion. The tribbles are considered mortal enemies of the Klingon Empire, a plague to be wiped out; an ecological menace (despite Dr. McCoy's later solution of Neoethylene to stop them from multiplying, thus allowing their safe presence on Earth in the 2280s). In late 2291, Dr. McCoy will use tribble embryos in a biological booby-trap which will devastate the Romulans for decades to come. Hundreds of Klingon warriors will be sent to track them down throughout the galaxy. The tribble homeworld (Iota Geminorum IV) will be obliterated and by the end of the 23rd Century they are eradicated. Several popular Klingon drinking songs will celebrate their extermination, notably 'Hembec's Sword.' However, their final existence is not ended... In the late 24th Century, Deep Space 9 will be visited by retired Captain Koloth and Cynthia Jones (a descendant of Cyrano Jones), and the station will face a brief tribble infestation after the Defiant's return from this time period. The Heyerdahl will relocate these temporal-transported tribbles to Epsilon XVII.

The wreckage of the SS Beagle NCC-F1307 is traced to planet UFC 892-IV (Magna Roma) where, due to its 20th Century-styled culture, the Prime Directive of Non-Interference is nearly broken. Captain Merik, last of his crew, dies; and Kirk, Spock, and McCoy barely escape with their lives.

The Federation agricultural colony on Signi Beta is disbanded by the terms of the Organian Peace Treaty. As judged by Ambassador Ninties, a Sandpinian selected by both sides and approved by the Organians, the Klingons are awarded the planet for making the best use of its resources. Dr. Vivian Rathbone, former colonist, is posted to the Enterprise to study any planets the ship discovers for future colonization and future food-production ability.

10 years ago

The Enterprise is assigned the task of transporting 114 dignitaries, including 32 ambassadors of UFP planets to the planet Babel (Wolf 424), including Sarek of Vulcan and his wife Amanda. Sarek his first of two heart attacks on the starship.  Contact is made with an Orion Lightning class blockade runner which tries to disrupt their transport. During the attack, Dr. McCoy is forced to perform open heart surgery on Ambassador Sarek after his third heart attack while Commander Spock aids in a blood transfusion. Both Vulcans will recover. The Orion vessel self-destructs and Thelev, an Orion spy, commits suicide after knifing Captain Kirk.

This Coridan Incident will eventually yield the Hornet class fighter-carrier: Starfleet's answer to the growing Orion pirate threat. The incident will cause severe repercussions on the Orion worlds. Trade with the Federation will decline, bankrupting three Orion corporations. The Botchok Planetary Congress will deny any involvement in the attack on the Enterprise and attempt to sabotage the Babel Conference. A Great Crash will occur with the implication of the three Orion corporations implicated with the sabotage. Inevitably, Orion trade interests are weakened in the Triangle and in the Neutral Zone.

Still en route to Babel, Admiral Kabreigny boards the Enterprise to investigate a conspiracy based around the starliner City of Utopia Planitia lost in the Gamma Canaris region. After transporting the ambassadors to Babel, under Kabreigny's orders the Enterprise heads for the Gamma Canaris region at warp 8. The Companion/Hedford is recovered from Planetoid 527. Cochrane is missing, kidnapped by Orion mercenaries under orders from Colonel Adrik Thorsen. The Enterprise manages to rescue Cochrane and the passengers of the City of Utopia Planitia before the liner's destruction, but is damaged and outnumbered. Thorsen's D7 warship and the Enterprise plunge into the black hole TNC 65813 in pursuit of the shuttlecraft Ian Shelton carrying both Cochrane and the Companion. At the nucleus of the black hole, the Enterprise meets her future incarnation, the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D, but loses Thorsen's ship and the shuttlecraft. The two starships Enterprise use one another to slingshot out of the singularity. NCC-1701, out of power, is pulled free by her sister ships the USS Lexington and the USS Excalibur. TNC 65813 is named after Admiral Kabreigny. Colonel Thorsen, still alive and deprived of Cochrane, has the Grigari machines continue their work, transforming Thorsen into a personality matrix program intent on getting Zefram Cochrane.

Coridan is admitted to the Federation.

Following an unprovoked Klingon attack on the starship Enterprise, Captain James Kirk investigates a series of murders at the Vulcan Academy of Science on the planet Vulcan. Enterprise fatalities: Rosen, Livinger, M'Gura, Jakorski, and Ensign Carl Remington.  After a month in orbit of Vulcan, the Enterprise encounters a plague condition on Nisus (Vulcan Colony 9).

On Neural (Zeta Bootis III), the Klingons are discovered breaking the Prime Directive by escalating the development of firearms. Captain Kirk is seriously wounded by a Mugato and influenced by a Kanutu woman, the wife of his old friend Tyree.

The UFP, Klingon Empire, and Romulan Empire jointly agree to develop the planet Nimbus III, "The Planet of Galactic Peace," in the Neutral Zone.

2268 - Captain Kirk and a landing party, while checking the Gamma II station, are kidnapped to the planet Triskelion and sold as thralls. Kirk gambles with the lives of his crew to free the slaves--and wins their freedom.  Note that over the next few decades, Shahna will become Triskelion's official ambassador.  She will eventually replace Provider #1 when that being dies.

At approximately this time, Starfleet Command receives the last normal space radio message from the cruiser USS Horizon reporting on her voyage to Sigma Iotia II.

On Argus X, a Vampire Cloud creature is battled. It is the same creature that decimated the Farragut eleven years earlier, and it is destroyed by the Enterprise on Tycho IV with an antimatter device. The Enterprise then takes on vaccines and related medical supplies from the USS Yorktown NCC-1704 for transport to Theta VII. Enterprise fatalities: Ensign Rizzo (Security) and (unspecified) Security personnel including Valdini and/or Leslie.

The Enterprise proceeds to rendezvous with the U.S.S. Yorktown for transfer of vaccines, which the Enterprise then transports to the colony on planet Theta VII, where they are urgently needed.

The large survey vessel USS Aliquippa will be dispatched to conduct a follow-up research of an unusually large tritanium deposit discovered by the Enterprise.

The Enterprise approaches Starbase 6 for shore leave and Lieutenant Commander Scott celebrates his Starfleet anniversary on the ship's bridge.

The entire Gamma 7A system, and with it the USS Intrepid, under Captain Spiek and an all-Vulcan crew, is lost to a gigantic spaceborne amoebic organism.  The 'amoeba' is destroyed by the Enterprise.

The Enterprise is sent to Sigma Iotia II to discover what sociological damage the pre-Prime Directive ship Horizon had on the planet. The world has emulated Earth's early 20th Century Chicago mobs, and Kirk works to unify the gang bosses. Unfortunately Dr. McCoy accidentally leaves behind his communicator.  The next vessel to orbit Iotia will find what at first will appear to be a UFP starbase complete with uniformed personnel and communicators on Starfleet frequencies. The planet will be declared a Federation Protectorate with a cultural rating of E+.

10 years ago

Note that Captain Kirk introduces the game Fizzbin to the Iotians. Commander Spock is unaware of the game Fizzbin, purportedly played by the natives of Beta Antares IV, and for many years believes it to have been invented on the fly by Captain Kirk as a diversionary tactic used to escape from the Iotians. In 2373, Quark mentions the game to Odo while en route to Inferna Prime.

Kelvans, from the distant Andromeda galaxy, take control of the Enterprise and ready it for an intergalactic journey home. Unacquainted with Human emotions, the Andromedans in Human form are stimulated by the few remaining non-reduced Enterprise officers. Captain Kirk convinces them to free the ship and to settle peacefully in our galaxy.

Sometime after this incident, an Andromeda series unmanned scout will be built and launched to Andromeda to carry a Federation greeting. Only one such Andromeda class prototype scout is built, possessing a cruising velocity of warp 9. It is expected to make contact with the Kelvans in 300 years. The scout's design bears a resemblance to the prototype spy ship designed a century ago.

The star Minara begins to enter a nova phase. At approximately this time, a UFP research station is established on the second planet in the system, manned by Drs Linke and Ozaba.

Three disembodied entities are unearthed on the long-dead planet Arret. In an experiment, they take control of the bodies of three Enterprise officers to construct android bodies. Sargon and Thalassa prefer to seek a disembodied existence together after Henock is destroyed.

Deep-cover Starfleet agents within the Klingon Empire report that the Klingons and Romulans have settled their border disputes and have likely sealed cease-fire agreements with military technology exchanges. The Romulans trade cloaking device modules in exchange for Klingon D-6 and D-7 class battlecruisers complete with transporter and disruptor technology. In later years the Romulans will trade the data on their plasma torpedo and Bird of Prey scout ships in exchange for Klingon D-8 class warships.

A drastic violation of the Prime Directive is discovered on Ekos, where old Earth's society of Nazi Germany has been recreated by UFP cultural observer John Gill. Kirk and Spock manage to stop the slaughter of the Zeons at the cost of Professor Gill's life.

The Enterprise successfully completes a diplomatic mission to the Patrian Republics on Patria I, revealing a conspiracy in the planet's Mindcrime Unit and severing their ties with Klingon arms suppliers. The Enterprise heads for a rendezvous with the USS Lexington.

Dr. Richard Daystrom's new computer, the M-5 Multitronic Unit, is installed aboard the Enterprise and given a test run. It fails miserably after destroying the SS Woden DY-500 automated ore freighter, and firing on the heavy cruisers USS Lexington NCC-1703, USS Excalibur NCC-1705, USS Hood NCC-1707, and USS Potemkin NCC-1711 during a simulated war games scenario. Dr. Daystrom is hospitalized. Enterprise fatalities: Ensign Harper (Engineering).

The crew of USS Exeter, commanded by Captain Ronald Tracey, succumbs to the Omega IV virus and is lost.  The crewless USS Exeter is found in orbit of Omega IV contaminated with a deadly virus, and Fleet Captain Ronald Tracy is found to be violating the Prime Directive on the planet.

By use of the lightspeed breakaway factor, the Enterprise is sent back through time to the year 1968 for crucial historical research. Captain Kirk discovers that an alien team is already stationed on Earth, ensuring its survival. The Enterprise returns to the present time.

After having delivered a contact team to Midgwis (Elcidar Beta III), Yarblis Geshkerroth, a 'ghost walker,' takes possession of Captain Kirk's body in a most unusual adventure.

En route to Starbase 11, the Enterprise is diverted to the Tautee system, recently destroyed by the Kanst Energy Experiment conducted by the local inhabitants. Operating with the USS Farragut NCC-1702 commanded by Captain Kelly Bogle, the two starships succeed in rescuing over 2,000 survivors, transporting them to Starbase 11. Klingon Supreme Commander KerDaq and the warships QuaQa, SorDaq, and Suqlaw also assist, aiding in the closure of a subspace rift. All starships return to Starbase 11.

UESPA is disbanded and incorporated into Starfleet Command's Bureau of Space Exploration.

The Klingon hierarchy undergoes a purge resulting in a series of border skirmishes. A year later, a new group of Klingons (the Bur Chak) will control the Klingon Empire.

After a routine month, the Enterprise is called to Starbase 11 (now commanded by Commander Brackner) to help with robberies at the station. There the USS Farragut NCC-1702 arrives unexpectedly for repairs. Captain Kelly Bogle in command of the Farragut assists the Enterprise at Signi Beta (QI'tu'), a Klingon agricultural colony being ravaged by alien vessels. The two Federation starships join forces with Commander Kor of the IKS Klothos (Carnage, KL 99970) in repelling the Narr, ancient aliens who laid claim to the planet and genetically shifted its vegetation. Captain Kirk negotiates an agreement: the Klingons would grow crops for themselves and the Narr in exchange for the planet. The agreement is honored and the honor of all parties will be celebrated in the years to come as The Day of Honor. The Enterprise heads back to Starbase 11 for shore leave.

The Romulans begin deploying D-7 battlecruisers in squadrons of three along the Neutral Zone.

A Romulan colony on Chaltok IV is destroyed in the explosion of a polaric power plant, leading to an interstellar ban of polaric power.

10 years ago

Under orders to contact the Melkots, the Enterprise officers, become entrapped in an illusionary world of Earth's Old West (the O.K. Corral gunfight). Commander Spock's Vulcan mind meld defeats the Melkotian death sentence.

Melkot is classified as 'Prohibited P-211: The Melkotians have established a spherical network of buoys surrounding their home system, and until recently would not allow any spacecraft to enter this region. Until formal trade agreements are completed, the boundaries of Melkotian space are to be respected'.

The Enterprise transports the Dohlman of Elas to Troyius, in the Tellun star system. The starship's engines are sabotaged and a Klingon D-6 battlecruiser engaged.

An asteroid is diverted from destroying the planet Amerind. In doing so, the Enterprise's warp engines are burned out, forcing the ship to drift to Amerind on impulse engines for 59.223 days. Captain Kirk is recovered after suffering from amnesia induced by an obelisk's memory beam activated out of sequence. The first evidence of the Preservers, an advanced culture known to have saved many primitive civilizations in ancient times, is found on this Class M world. This planet is later also known by the name Miramanee, or shortened to Miram III. The obelisk is cataloged as PA-1 (Preserver Artifact number 1) and 119 more will be discovered in the next century. PA-28 will be discovered by Hikaru Sulu (probably during his captaincy of the Excelsior). In the next century, at least two more Preserver-seeded worlds will be discovered.

On sealed orders, the Enterprise enters Romulan space and is captured by a small fleet of Romulan vessels. The Enterprise escapes with the Romulans' new cloaking device and the fleet commander. It is confirmed that Romulans are now employing Klingon vessels (D-7 battlecruisers) and technology due to the recent Klingon-Romulan Alliance. This action of acquiring the Romulan cloaking device is known as Operation Purloin and is ordered by Rear Admiral Cartwright (secretly a member of Section 31). The Romulan Commander will be detained on Starbase 23 before being returned to her own people in a personnel exchange agreement.

On Kirk's birthday, Spock presents the captain with a chess alcove present: snap-in bulkhead doors, turning an unused access corridor located between the two officers' quarters into a private chess gaming sanctorum.

In the Epsilon Indii system, the Starnes expedition is found dead on Triacus. The Enterprise investigates and a non-corporeal alien Gorgon is found responsible and is dealt with.

Travelling near the Sigma Draconis system, The Enterprise is attacked by a spacecraft from a previously unknown civilization in that system.  The only casualty is Commander Spock, whose brain is surgically removed by the attacker to be used as a vital component in a massive computer system that provides for the planet's inhabitants.  The crew successfully retrieves Spock's brain, and Dr. McCoy uses the computer system to restore it the Spock's body.  Kirk convinces the inhabitants to learn self-sufficiency independent of the now-defunct system.

Dr. Leonard McCoy develops the procedure of ingrafting neural tissue to the cerebral cortex. The exact same technique will be used in 2372 on Dr. Danara Pel aboard Voyager.

While transporting the Medusan ambassador Kollos to the UFP back to its homeworld, Dr. Lawrence Marvick, one of the designers of the starship's engines, goes mad from exposure to the Medusan. He takes control of the ship and takes it out of our universe and dies. By use of a Vulcan mind meld between Ambassador Kollos and Commander Spock, the Enterprise returns home.  Dr. Miranda Jones, among Kollos' retinue, later establishes a mind link with the Ambassador.

At approximately this time, the USS Defiant NCC-1717 heavy cruiser is reported missing. Three weeks later the Enterprise will be assigned to locate her.

Sonak begins to serve under Captain Romolo aboard the USS Paladin. Following the Recovery disaster in 2267, Admiral Kirk will request Mr. Sonak as his science officer aboard the recently-refitted Enterprise during her V'ger interception mission. Unfortunately, Commander Sonak will be one of two transporter fatalities before the ship's launch.

Sent to pick up a team of scientists in the Minara system, which is entering a nova phase, the Enterprise finds the team murdered by humanoids. Captain Kirk, Commander Spock, and Dr. McCoy undergo tests and torture performed by Vians, trying to determine if a planet of empaths is worthy of being rescued. The Enterprise warps out as Minara goes nova.

Minara is classified 'Danger D-445: Novae emit intense radiation that can be lethal to humanoid life. Spacecraft should avoid passing within 10 parsecs of this star'.

Note that the Vians will relocate the Anjurwan empaths to the planet Vashnar in the Delta Quadrant of the galaxy. Their descendants will be encountered by the starship Voyager.

In the Territorial Annex of the Tholian Assembly, the Enterprise encounters the USS Defiant NCC-1717, trapped in a dimensional interphase. While trying to recover Captain Kirk from the Defiant, the Enterprise exchanges fire with Tholian scout ships, nearly becoming trapped within a Tholian tractor web.

The Tholian crew member Lanra, breeding partner of Lokara, is crippled during the Enterprise assault. Four years later, Commander Lokara of the Skotha will seek revenge on Kirk and Starfleet during the Recovery disaster.

The interphase discovery may be instrumental in the development process of Transwarp drive. In addition, McCoy's remedy for the interspace madness (the Theragen derivative) will be useful against the Furies' fear beam weapon in a century.

10 years ago

The Enterprise completes a survey of the Lantaru Sector and heads for a Federation science summit on Deep Space Station M-20. The starship intercepts an automated distress signal from the Centaur class ship USS Sphinx commanded by Captain Jack Casden - travelling at high-warp velocity and out of control. The Sphinx is recovered, its entire crew and commander dead, and with sensor scans indicating the graviton signature of having been subjected to a cloaking device field. Dr. McCoy discovers that he has contracted the incurable Xenopolycythemia. Towed to M-20, Captain Gage Darres investigates the mysterious situation and dies in a transporter accident. Spock mind-melds with the abducted Romulan Commander on Starbase 23 to learn of any Romulan involvement. Spock's analysis leads the Enterprise to a cloaked station run by Dr. Bendes Kettaract and Section 31, finalizing the synthesis of the Omega molecule. The station is destroyed and a subspace dead zone shockwave is eliminated by utilizing the station's cloaking device. Captain Kirk reports to Starfleet that the Omega molecule is too dangerous to be studied when two Lantaru sector colonies are cut off by the dead zone.

Starfleet will consider the molecule to be a galactic threat and cover up the entire experiment, labeling the catastrophe a natural phenomenon. The Admiralty and senior Fleet officers are briefed on the Omega Directive: a secret imperative to destroy the Omega molecules wherever they are found, at any cost.

Dr. Leonard McCoy is diagnosed with xeno-polycythemia, a rare blood disorder for which there is no known cure.  His condition is terminal.

An immense generation ship built by the Fabrini, called Yonada, is diverted from destroying the UFP member world Daran V, by the Enterprise. By researching the Fabrini records, a cure for Xenopolycythemia is found, saving Dr. McCoy's life.

A non-corporeal alien (* a.k.a. the Beta XII entity) that feeds on hate attempts to start a war between the survivors of the Klingon battlecruiser (IKS Klolode, commanded by Kang) aboard the Enterprise, but is overpowered through cooperation.  During this incident, the first Klingon sonic disruptor pistol is obtained by Starfleet. It will be instrumental in the death of former Enterprise chief medical officer Dr. Mark Piper after the conclusion of the Enterprise's 5-year mission.

The planet Platonius is discovered by the Enterprise. A fight against the psychokinetic Platonians results when the ship's chief medical officer refuses to remain on the planet.  One Platonian, Alexander, who had helped the Enterprise crew, expresses a desire to leave Platonius, and is welcomed as a guest aboard the Enterprise.

Captain Kirk informs Starfleet command of the Platonians and their unusual telekinetic powers, advising other starships to take appropriate precautions before making contact with that planet.

Hyper-accelerated humanoids are discovered on Scalos. Invisible to the Enterprise crew, they board the starship intent on using the crew as breeding stock. Captain Kirk is hyper-accelerated to their level through Scalosian water. Spock follows and the two officers defeat the Scalosian invaders.

An Enterprise landing party discovers an ancient Kalandan outpost and battles against a deadly computer-generated 'woman.' Concurrently, the starship is thrown 990.7 light years away by a Kalandan molecular transporter, and reassembled with the matter/antimatter integrator fused. At warp 14.1, Lieutenant Commander Scott manages to shutdown the dangerously unstable
warp engines. Enterprise fatalities: Ensign Wyatt (Transporter Specialist), Lieutenant D'Amato (Senior Geologist), and John B. Watkins (Engineer, Grade 4).

Lokai steals a shuttlecraft from Starbase 4 at approximately this time.

A planetwide bacterial infection threatens life on planet Ariannus, a vital transfer point on commercial space lanes.  The Enterprise is assigned to perform decontamination employing an orbital spraying technique.

Contact is made with the last two natives of the planet Cheron, which is found to have destroyed itself. Commissioner Bele and Loki abandon the Enterprise to battle themselves on their dead homeworld.

The deranged ex-Fleet Captain Garth of Izar takes control of
the Elba II Penal Colony and its inmates. The problem is compounded by Garth's newly-acquired shapeshifting capabilities. The Enterprise delivers a new therapeutic drug to the correctional facility, hopefully rehabilitating most of the inmates, including Garth.

The first UFP delegation to the planet Gideon (Delta Dorado) reveals the planet to be grossly overpopulated. Captain Kirk finds himself aboard a duplicate, yet abandoned, starship Enterprise. The forced introduction of Vegan Choriomeningitis (against Captain Kirk's willpower) results in a crude form of population control.  Vegan Choriomeningitis will destroy 96% of the population and will go down in history as one of the most devastating plagues ever recorded. The planet's remaining inhabitants will repeatedly refuse to establish diplomatic relations with the UFP over the next century. They will however
accept the gift of phaser-energy disposal units to remove the dead.

A Federation vessel makes first contact with a spacecraft from a race calling itself "The Children of Tama".  Seven attempts at establishing relations between the UFP and the Tamarians will prove futile.

2269 - The memory core of Memory Alpha is attacked and destroyed by the non-corporeal inhabitants of Zetar. They want the body of Lieutenant Mira Romaine to live out their lives. Rebuilding of the library complex will begin with Memory Prime, with Lieutenant Mira Romaine as Chief Technician.

10 years ago

In the "Mirror" universe, the empire is impressed by the chaotic power of the Zetars and offers them an alliance. They accept.

A botanical plague threatens the vegetation on planet Merak II.  The plague's devastation is expected to leave the planet's surface uninhabitable.  The only known treatment requires quantities of the rare mineral zenite.

On the UFP world Ardana (Mu Leonis), a sociological revolution occurs. Through Captain Kirk's intervention, the Troglytes gain their freedom to live in the cloud city of Stratos and the Enterprise transports zenite to Merak II.

The space cruiser SS Aurora is destroyed after being stolen by a band of 'space hippies' in search of the mythical planet Eden (UFC 3676543). With help from the USS Enterprise, the planet is located, but determined to be toxic to Humanoid life. Their leader, Dr. Severin of Tiburon, dies on Eden after briefly commandeering the ship.  Among the space hippies is Irina,
love-interest of Pavel Chekov.

Captain Kirk calls a secret meeting on a backwater world to warn of Section 31's covert activities. Among the commanders present are Captain Phil Waterston of the USS Constitution, Commodore Bob Wesley, Commodore Aaron Stone, Captain Nick Silver, and Commodore Jose' Mendez.

Rigellian fever strikes the crew of the Enterprise, killing three and threatening the lives of 23 others.  In hopes of obtaining the only known antidote, Mr. Flint, a wealthy eccentric is bargained with on Holberg 917G (Omega VII). Flint's secret is revealed to Kirk and McCoy: he is a near-immortal being with a long-standing impact on Human history.

Flint the Immortal's long-lived accumulated knowledge will be tapped by Starfleet when requested to construct an improved cloaking device.

The planet Excalbia is surveyed by the Enterprise and contact is made with non-humanoid, carbon-cycle beings. Through the power of mass transformation, the Excalbians learn the concepts of Good and Evil from the officers of the Enterprise.

On a camping trip with his nephews, Adam, Jason, and Peter, Kirk tries to help them cope with the loss of their parents, but Orion pirates with cloaked ground vehicles are preparing to attack the nearby mining colony. Kirk and his nephews are captured, but manage to warn the colony in time to prevent disaster.

While exploring Sarpeidon, the only inhabited planet of Beta Niobe, which is on the verge of going nova, an Enterprise landing party becomes trapped in different time periods of the planet's history. The ship and landing party leave in time to escape the nova.

Beta Niobe is classified 'Danger D-549: Novae emit intense radiation that can be lethal to humanoid life. Spacecraft should avoid passing within 10 parsecs of this star'.

Note that in a year the Enterprise will return to the Beta Niobe system - a supernova. There they will encounter Karla 5's super-speed starship and entry into an antimatter universe. Or so they will believe. Circa 2370, the Darwin will lead an extended research mission to the Sarpeidon Nebula and discover tangled space-time microstructure possibly linking the Sarpeidons to the builders of the Dyson Sphere.

Nurse Christine Chapel goes brunette.

Through the use of an ancient machine unearthed on Camus II, Dr. Janice Lester swaps bodies with Captain James Kirk of the Enterprise and assumes command. The transfer is broken and Lester is committed.  The Enterprise heads to starbase 2.

A week after the Dr. Lester affair, the Enterprise is sent on an emergency mission to deliver food and medical supplies to the flooded colony on the planet Duwamish. En route, Gary Seven, Roberta Lincoln, and Isis beam aboard from 1969 to enlist Kirk's help in preventing the Romulans from altering future history. Seven plunges the Enterprise deep into Romulan space via an artificially-generated wormhole, directing the starship to the cloaked planet Deployment Base Alpha. Tailed by Commander Motak of the Imperial battle cruiser Gladiator and his fleet, and Romulan soldiers under the command of Commander Dellas of the Tal Shiar, the base is self-destructed and kept out of Romulan hands. However, the cost is the lives of Septos (Supervisor 146) and Osiris. Seven returns the Enterprise to Federation space and to Duwamish - 2 hours ahead of their scheduled arrival time.

A new faction of Klingons ascend to power and gain control of the Klingon government. Opposition is suppressed or annihilated, and the new leaders thrust full steam into a program of arms build-up, outfitting their ships with massive weaponry. The first product will be the K't'inga class warship.

In the Nevis system, the planets Prastor and Distrel cease hostilities after 12,000 years of war. The Enterprise investigates, discovering Harry Mudd to be the peacemaker (by helping to export the native Palko fruit). The landing party quickly finds itself once again in the midst of interplanetary war, though to their surprise the deceased are resurrected on the opposing worlds through (Phoenix Process style) interstellar transporters. The resurrections are terminated, however, when a Stella android becomes mistaken for a humanoid and locks the automated system into a loop. The Enterprise diverts to York III (Hoffman system) to retrieve the real Stella Mudd to trick the computerized resurrection process into completing the cycle. Harry Mudd escapes to the planet Arnhall. The Enterprise proceeds to rendezvous with the USS O'Halloran in the Duval system.

10 years ago

Lieutenant Carolyn Palamas dies of celebium poisoning.

Harcourt Fenton Mudd steals a spaceship and flees the androids planet. He travels to Ilyra VI where he sells Starfleet Academy to the inhabitants, making just enough credits to travel to Sirius IX. There he discovers a so-called love potion that he sold to over 1000 inhabitants. When they suffer violent allergic reactions from the drug, Mudd flees to the planet Motherlode and he begins selling the potion to the miners there.

Star Trek: Phase II: In Harm's Way - A second, immense Guardian is unearthed on the planet Gateway.  Discovering that the Planet Killer, thought destroyed in 2267, has been somehow thrown back in time (facillitating the "Doomsday Wars" of the 23rd century), Captain Kirk and the crew of an older Enterprise use the Guardian to pursue the weapon back to 20th century Earth where they discover Commodore Matthew Decker alive and possessing a functioning shuttlecraft.  Recreating (and this time, correctly applying) the explosive warp core detonation technique, they dispatch the planet killer.  Decker lives out the rest of his life in the past.  It seems likely that his son Will is quite aware of this.

Star Trek: Phase II: "To Serve All My Days" - When Klingons threaten the Enterprise, Captain Kirk needs his best weapons officer on the bridge, but Lt. Chekov is incapacitated with a debilitating disease that is causing him to age rapidly... the same disease which struck the landing party on Gamma Hydra IV in 2267.  Unfortunately, the original cure is no longer effective.  Note that this episode has two endings: The original, in which Chekov dies, and the re-shoot, in which he lives.  For purposes of this timeline, the former occurs in an alternate timeline.

Pavel Chekov develops an interest in security and begins training aboard the USS Enterprise. He is temporarily reassigned, but returns a few months later, to be made temporary chief of security.

Star Trek: Phase II:  "Center Seat" - Fresh from command training Lt. Commander Sulu returns to the Enterprise and some friendly competition between he and Lt. Vincent DeSalle quickly spirals out-of-hand, placing the ship in no small peril.

Star Trek: Phase II:  "World Enough and Time" - A Romulan weapons test goes awry and snares the Enterprise in an inter-dimensional trap. Lt. Commander Sulu returns to find himself 30 years out of place and the key to saving the crew of the Enterprise as the precarious grasp on their own dimension begins to slip.

Star Trek II: "Blood and Fire" - (A two-part story) Pursued and damaged by repeated Klingon attacks, the crew of the Enterprise must respond to the distress call from a Federation research ship. In a matter of hours the ship and crew will be consumed by a nearby star and the crew of the Enterprise will be consumed by an mysterious horror that threatens both ships as the Klingons watch and wait.

Annie Rand, Janice Rand's child, dies of an unspecified illness, and Janice decides to return to Starfleet.

The following also take place in 2269:

Crisis on Centaurus
Star Trek: The New Voyages 2: The Sleeping God

Strange New Worlds II: The Quick and the Dead

Star Trek: The New Voyages 2: Surprise!
To Reign in Hell: The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh
(Chapters 16-18)
Star Trek: The New Voyages 2: In the Maze

Faces of Fire

Focus on Star Trek: Captain's Personal Log (Takes place
just after "Turnabout Intruder")
Strange New Worlds 10: Empty (Details an unsupported,
alternate ending to the five-year mission)

Constellations: As Others See Us
Star Trek: The New Voyages: Mind-Sifter
Strange New Worlds III: If I Lose Thee
Star Trek: The New Voyages: The Face on the Barroom Floor
Star Trek: The New Voyages 2: Snake Pit!
Strange New Worlds 9: Book of Fulfillment

Spock Must Die!

Spock, Messiah!

Planet of Judgment

The Chosen: The Hunted

The Chosen: Blood Enemies
The Chosen: Collision Course!

Year Four: Issue 1
Year Four: Issue 2


The Starless World

Trek to Madworld

World Without End

Year Four: Issue 3

Devil World       

Year Four: Issue 4

Year Four: Issue 5

Year Four: Issue 6

Perry's Planet
Death's Angel

The Trellisane Confrontation

Killing Time (Chapters 1-22, 24 & 25)

The Three-Minute Universe

The Cry of the Onlies


The Great Starship Race

Constellations: Fracture

All of Me
This Tree Bears Bitter Fruit

The Patrian Transgression

Memory Prime

Prime Directive

10 years ago

2270 - The Federation Department of Temporal Investigations is established by the United Federation of Planets, creating an
executive agency to deal with instances of temporal disruptions.

Enterprise moors at starbase for a minor refit and undergoes some design changes including a new holographic recreation room and life support belts in place of environmental suits. The ship's bridge is modified to include a secondary exit located
just to the left of the main viewscreen.  A bridge defense system is installed.  A crew rotation occurs. Lieutenant Arex Na Eth and Lieutenant Shibloine M'Ress are assigned to the Starship Enterprise. Arex takes over as ship's Navigator when Ensign Pavel Chekov leaves the ship at Starbase 2, bound for Security Departmental Training.  Yeoman Lesley Wodehouse is assigned to the USS Enterprise as personal yeoman to the captain.

"The Enterprise Experiment" - Enterprise is chosen to test the adapted cloaking technology stolen from the Romulans in 2268.  The new design from the immortal Mr. Flint has the side-effect of placing the cloaked ship out-of-phase with normal matter.  The Romulans fail in an attempt to recover the technology (which will be thereafter be removed from the Enterprise and its use banned by revised treaty, never to be seen again until well into the following century).

On the recently-discovered planet Phylos, the Enterprise crew meets Dr. Keniclius, a scientist who survived Earth's Eugenic
Wars. The Phylosians abduct Spock so that Keniclius can make a giant clone of him with the intention of forcing peace on the

Arriving at the "amusement park" planet for some relaxation, the Enterprise finds that the planet's keeper is now dead and the untended machinery is constructing dangerous images from the crew members' thoughts.

Nurse Chapel goes blond again.

Harry Mudd is once again apprehended and incarcerated by the Enterprise crew, after trying to sell love crystals. Mudd
abducts Nurse Chapel and escapes to a rocky planet in a stolen Enterprise shuttle.

While exploring near the center of the galaxy, the Enterprise stops at Megas-Tu, a planet where magic and witchcraft are the
norm, and their guide is Lucien, who is Lucifer of Earth mythology.

While exploring a burnt-out supernova, the Enterprise finds a miniature city called Terratin, and soon discover that it is a
lost Earth colony that has mutated because of the supernova's radiation and that the Enterprise crew is beginning to shrink

Caught in an ion storm, the Enterprise and a Klingon battle cruiser are drawn into a time warp called the Delta Triangle and
must cooperate in order to escape it.

Where Time Stands Still (Delta Triangle backstory)

Quintrotriticale, a five-lobed hybrid of wheat and barley, is developed.

Sherman's Planet again experiences famine.

Cyrano Jones steals the only Glommer in existence from the Klingons and they pursue his scout ship into Federation space.

The Enterprise again crosses paths with Cyrano Jones, who this time has tribbles that do not breed, but instead grow to a
tremendous size.

Excelsior: Forged in Fire (Chapters 7, 9, 11)

While exploring the planet Argo, Kirk and Spock are made into water breathers by an undersea race, and the venom of a deadly
sea snake is the only antidote to return them to their normal selves.

Spock contracts a disease that is fatal to Vulcans, and Orion pirates make it difficult for the Enterprise to rendezvous
with the S.S. Huron, a freighter that is carrying the only known antidote.

The Starship Enterprise escorts an Orion pirate ship and its crew to a Starbase 22, the Orions will be charged with high piracy.

The Soul of Skorr is stolen by Tchar, the hereditary prince of Skorr, in an attempt to touch off an intergalactic war.

Kirk and Spock join a party of aliens to search for and recover the priceless artifact, the loss of which may cause a galactic
holy war; but they soon learn that one of the party is a saboteur.

Returning to a planet where McCoy headed a mass-inoculation program against Saurian virus 19 years earlier, the Enterprise  
crew find that McCoy is wanted for starting a plague that killed most of the planet's population following that earlier visit.

An unmanned probe makes a visit to Earth. When detected it quickly leaves the Solar System. The U.S.S. Enterprise is sent to

The ship, in the shape of a winged serpent turns out to be Kukulkan, a god of ancient Mayan-Aztec legend. Kukulkan is actually a very long-lived benevolent entity who wants the humans to worship him just as the Mayans and Aztecs did.

Commodore Robert April and his wife, Sarah, come aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise for transport to Babel.

While transporting Commodore Robert April, the first captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise, and his wife to Babel, the Enterprise
plunges through a nova and into an alternate universe where everything is backwards (or so they will believe), and the crew begins to grow younger at an accelerated rate.

The Enterprise travels to the planet Babel, however Ambassador Robert April decided not to retire from Starfleet at that time.

10 years ago

The survey vessel U.S.S. Ariel, under command of Lieutenant Commander Tom Markel visits Lactra VII. The ship's six
crew members are captured by the Lactrans.

Beaming down to a planet to search for the crew of the missing ship Ariel, the Enterprise crew is captured by a race of super
intelligent slug creatures and become part of a zoo collection.

In order to learn more about the Federation, Commander Ari bn Bem from the recently-contacted planet Pandro, comes aboard the USS Enterprise. He spends the next six missions in his quarters. He will finally take an interest in the crew's mission to
Delta Theta III.

On a series of exploratory missions with Commander Ari bn Bem, a representative from the newly-contacted planet Pandro, the
Enterprise encounters a planet of primitive natives under the guardianship of a noncorporeal being.

Federation archaeologists discover a Slaver stasis box on the planet Kzin. Commander Spock, Lieutenants Sulu and Uhura set
off in the long-range shuttlecraft Copernicus to transport the stasis box to Starbase 25.  The shuttlecraft Copernicus lands on a planet to investigate a stasis box from the extinct Slaver race; but the crew is captured by Kzinti raiders who hope to find a super weapon in the stasis box. Spock, Sulu and Uhura return to the USS Enterprise aboard the long range shuttlecraft Copernicus.

Star Trek: The New Voyages 2: The Patient Parasites

Star Trek: The New Voyages: Intersection Point

Star Trek: The New Voyages 2: The Procrustean Petard

Mission's End, Issue 2 (Prologue)

Star Trek: Unlimited #1-5
Star Trek: Unlimited: An Infinite Jest   

Star Trek: Unlimited: Trekkers
Mudd's Angels: The Business, As Usual, During Altercations

The Tears of the Singers
From the Depths

Strange New Worlds I: The Girl Who Controlled Gene Kelly's Feet

In the Crossroad Nebula, the Enterprise encounters the Nautilus, an ancient Constitution class starship from 2548 crewed by

freedom fighters of the Consilium, seeking telepathic savants on Tau Lyra III. Captain Varos and Domina Germaine McKennon of

the Starfleet interceptor Savasci arrive from the same era to claim the renegades after exterminating all life on Tau Lyra

III. Captain Kirk rescues kidnapped Yoons of Lyra and secretly seeds them on a planet in the Brigadoon system, to aid the
rebellion. Remaining Yoons, under the Consilium's control, mind-wipe the crew of the Enterprise and edit all logs prior to
returning to their own time.
...Like a Woman Scorned! [Page 1 (Events of a log are played out in advance of the rest of the story set in 2273)]
The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 1 (Prologue, Chapters 24, 25, 28 & 35)   
The Eugenics Wars: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2 (Prologue, Chapter 7 & Epilogue)   
A World Against Itself (Gold Key)
To Err is Vulcan (Gold Key)
The Price of the Phoenix

The Fate of the Phoenix
Black Fire
The Abode of Life

Strange New Worlds 8: Demon
Chain of Attack

The Final Nexus

The Entropy Effect
The Final Reflection (Prologue & Epilogue)
Garth of Izar
Voyage to Adventure

Phaser Fight
Yesterday's Son (Prologue, Chapters 1-4, 7-19 & Epilogue)

Constellations: Where Everybody Knows Your Name   
Mission's End, Issue 2

Mission's End, Issue 3

Mission's End, Issue 4

Mission's End, Issue 5 (Events following immediately from "Mission's End, Issue 4", and then jump to about a week latter. The story concludes the Enterprise's five-year mission, with the starship in spacedock at the conclusion.)
The Lost Years (Chapters 1 & 2)
Strange New Worlds VI: The End of Night (First and last sections)
The Captain's Daughter (Chapters 5-12)

The five-year voyage of the Enterprise finally ends. Over the next six months: Captain James Kirk is promoted to Rear Admiral
and assigned to Starfleet Headquarters, Earth, as Chief of Starfleet Operations, accepting the promotion against the advice
of his friend, Dr. Leonard McCoy. He will become romantically involved with Vice Admiral Lori Ciana (one of two transporter
fatalities in 2271), and they will live together for a year. Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott is promoted to Commander and supervises the work on the new linear warp drive engines and the fleet rejuvenation program. Sulu will become a test pilot at the White Sands Flight Center. Chekov will attend Star Fleet Security Academy in Annapolis (and major in Klingon weaponry). Lieutenant Nyota Uhura will teach special communications classes at the Academy. Nurse Christine Chapel (once again a brunette) will return to medical school for a joint M.D./Ph.D. in xenophysiology. Dr. M'Benga will work as a
pathologist at Stanford Medical Center. Lieutenant Kyle will be stationed at the Tasmanian transporter platform. Yeoman Rand
will take up communications and be stationed at the Iceland Array. Total Enterprise fatalities for the five-year mission: 94,
according to Admiral Kirk.
10 years ago

The USS Enterprise enters Drydock Number One in orbit of Earth and uprating begins to form the new Enterprise class starship.
A skeleton crew separates the primary hull/saucer section from the "Enterprise" and grounds it in the San Francisco Navy
Yard on Earth--a revolutionary new starship construction technique begins. During this drastic upgrade, the bridge module is removed and replaced. The original bridge will, in time, be used on the USS "Yorktown" when that starship is
decommissioned--complete with the "Enterprise's" dedication plaque.  Segments for the new Jefferies tubes are transported to
the Enterprise in drydock.

The crew goes on six months shore leave.

Three months into shore leave, Admiral Nogura goes to the Kirk farm in Iowa and offers Jim a job as a Starfleet Admiral.  Kirk meets with Ciana at Starfleet Operations, where she outlines the duties of the new position.  Kirk agrees to take on the job, a fateful decision that would haunt him later.

Shore leave completed, the crew of the Enterprise take on new assignments.   Kirk begins his new job, and becomes an Admiral.

Will Decker, son of the late Captain Matthew Decker, is promoted to Captain and assigned command of the new Enterprise on Admiral Kirk's recommendation to oversee her refit and command her when she is returned to duty.

The experimental rescue ship "Recovery" is tested at Zotos IV before the Klingons, Romulans, and Tholians. Admiral Kirk and
Dr. McCoy are both present to witness the high-speed automated ship's disastrous performance when its designer, Myron Shulman, goes mad under the alien influence of the vengeful Tholians. The UFP starships "Starhawk" and "Paladin" are both viciously attacked, the "Recovery" nearly falling into Tholian possession. The combined efforts of Admiral Kirk and Captain Qo'dar of the Klingon Bird of Prey "Fury" see to the "Recovery's" destruction.

Admiral Kirk and Dr. Leonard McCoy visit Christopher's Landing on Titan. Kirk decides to write a letter to a future Enterprise captain.  Kirk agrees to a one-year marriage contract with Vice Admiral Lori Ciana. One of Fleet Admiral Nogura's
personal representatives, Ciana will serve as Kirk's lover, friend, wife - and "surrogate 'Enterprise'" - for the duration of
one year.

The asteroid/spaceship Yonada reaches its promised land, and the Fabrini, under the leadership of High Priestess Natira,
begin to disembark.  McCoy journeys to Yonada, and meets Dr. Keridwen Llewellyn. He resigns his Starfleet commission,
entering private practice (and swearing never to return to Starfleet) and will live with Nurse Lyra Mayer up until being
recalled by Starfleet's reserve activation clause in 2271.

Commander Spock bonds with T'Sura resigns his Starfleet commission.  Spock serves as the director of the Vulcan Academy of Sciences for eight months, before breaking his link with T'Sura and decides to achieve Kohlinahr.

Ensign Chekov enters Starfleet Security Academy in Annapolis, North America, Earth. He takes a weekend-short course on
Departmental Management Skills.

M'Ress and Arex transfer off of the Enterprise.

At the Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Mark Piper is murdered by a Klingon disruptor.

The Romulan Territorial Conference is held at the Starfleet Security Academy on Earth. A conspiracy to frame the Enterprise
officers is revealed: the sale of the Romulan cloaking device to the Klingons and of the Klingon disruptor to the Romulans - to trigger an interstellar war. Jackson Kahle and Commodore Adam Willis are placed under arrest for murder, attempted murder, conspiracy, theft of restricted technology, and high treason.

Starfleet accepts a main gangway design from the Chiokis Starship Construction Corporation.

Sestra Weapons develops a new ship-mounted phaser bank configuration, utilizing Transtator II technology. It operates at
temperatures 27% cooler than those generated by earlier designs, as does just about every other piece of Starfleet equipment.

Starfleet's new personnel shuttlecraft, designed and built by Chiokis Starship Construction Corporation, goes in service.

New Starfleet uniforms are issued. Class B duty uniform colors now represent rank groupings: pale blue gray for senior
officers' ranks, beige for junior officers' ranks, and brown for non-commissioned ratings. This color scheme is effective
only for Class B uniforms. Class C and D uniform colors vary, while the color scheme of Class A dress uniforms becomes a gray
green/white combination with the return of epaulet shoulder bars. Background colors on insignia and epaulets now reflect
Starfleet corps attachment and are greatly diversified. In addition, all uniforms outside of specific work suit classes
feature perscan biomonitor "buckle" emplacements.  These new uniforms are materialized directly on the wearer while standing
in a combination sonic shower/clothing fabricator. The Erati CMA (Clothing Materialization Apparatus) is installed aboard all
new fleet vessels and shore establishments.  The old style Starfleet uniforms are withdrawn from service, including special
purpose anti-exposure and environmental suits.

General Order 25 goes into effect: "Civilian and military personnel taken into custody by Starfleet personnel during times of extreme emergency shall be accorded proper treatment consistent with their rank or station, insofar as such treatment does not compromise the security of the Federation or Starfleet".

10 years ago

The "Gagarin" class research vessel is authorized for construction. In the 24th Century, the "Oberth" class will be based on the same general design.

The USS "Niffen" class buoy tender is authorized. This simple, cost effective class will be responsible for the service and
installation of millions of buoys employed by the UFP.

The Mark I class warpshuttles enter service with warp 9 capacity and complements of 2 crew and 16 passengers.

The freighter USS "Mundy" is found adrift near Starbase 21. The vessel's onboard life support systems are operating but there
are no crewmembers aboard. The bridge area shows signs of a struggle, but nearly all computer files are lost with no recorded
data to reveal what happened. The last entry in the Captain's Log, from about four months earlier, makes no mention of any
emergency or possible danger. When the cargo hold is breached, it is found to contain millions of live tribbles, living on
the food produced by a synthesizer that had somehow been left on. The "Tribble Ship," as it came to be called, is taken into
Starbase 21 where it is learned that it had been stolen two years earlier.

A new class of hospital ship is authorized. One ship of this class lost in the line of duty, the USS "Kidder" will have a residence hull at Starfleet Academy (Third Fleet) named in her honor.

The USS "Essex", while on stand down at Rigel, is the victim of sabotage by Orion pirates. Structural damage to her upper
primary hull, hangar bay, and engine support pylons prevents her upgrading to "Achernar" specifications. Instead, she will be
repaired, refitted with improved systems, and placed on auxiliary status--eventually to become a heavy cruiser training ship, home ported at Starbase 1.

On her maiden voyage, the destroyer USS "Sheridan" experiences a critical overload in her warp drive system. All backup systems fail to correct the problem. It is decided to jettison the engine pod due to an uncontrolled matter-antimatter mix but the systems used to eject the engine also fail resulting in the total destruction of the ship. Only three crew members in a shuttlecraft survive.

Romulan ships begin to be equipped with true photon torpedoes.  Federation sector intelligence reports scanning a heavily modified Romulan vessel near Flitner V on the eastern edge of Baker's Dozen traveling at warp 4.

The Klingons acquire 14 Romulan plasma weapons. These weapons will be installed on the D-10F cruiser instead of the photon torpedo system.  A Klingon task force engages a Romulan task force near the Triangle. The skirmish, involving a total of
eleven starships, demonstrates many flaws in the newly designed Klingon L-13 class battleship.

G'Dath, a Klingon instructor working on Earth, is kidnapped by Klingons following his discovery of a new propulsion system.

The ruins of Tagus III are sealed off.

John Bukor's 'The Space Immigrants--The Story of the Homestead Act' is published.

Mixal Corodomondin's "Who's Who In The Federation, Past And Present' is published.

The Captain’s Table: Where Sea Meets Sky takes place.

The Brave and the Bold: “The First Artifact” takes place.

Project 123A's prototype airdock is rapidly completed and attached to Solaris' Orbital Maintenance Facility where it begins
testing. At the Thelka IV Solaris shipyard, the USS Bennington tests the airdock of the Pon Lohr and a near-fatal accident

Construction of the Maya D-46/Type IV dry dock facility is authorized. At least 34 of the 92 proposed dry docks will be
built, replacing the aging Type I facilities. These Maya series docks are extensive modular facilities allowing their frames
to be expanded to include even space stations, with four shuttlecraft bays, 110 standard shuttlecraft, and a standard
facility complement of 300. The first of the Type IV docks will be assigned to the refitting of the USS Enterprise and her
future sister ships constituting the Enterprise class. In the early 2300s, a dozen of these Maya class docks (Kirtland Burke,
Summer Lianne daVinci, Meredith Beaton, Valerian Lynn, Judith V. Hill, Crystal Singer, Gaylynne Robinson, Sandra Vaglienti,
Kasey Standish, Mary Kay Skopinski, Rena Pacini, and Carolyn Camines) will be employed for starship construction.

The Tandem 14 Tai class warp driven shuttlecraft is developed by the Taiya Design Institute of Vulcan. This design consists of a warp drive sled housing both impulse and warp engines mated to a Taiya dockport craft, yielding a maximum speed of warp 4. This represents only one of many configurations and modules developed (much like the Work Bee series).

The Klingons launch their first truly mobile repair facility. It will later inspire the Pearl class mobile repair facility.

The Pearl class mobile repair facility enters service to replace the Newport News class facility which was not capable of
rapid deployment or housing larger ships. Unlike the earlier facility, the Pearl facility is designed to travel under its own
power at warp 6 and has enough internal bay capacity to hold no fewer than two Constitution class heavy cruisers. An asset in
forward military operations, the facilities carry complements of 220 crew and 140 passengers, with warp 8 capacity. This
ability to keep ships operational was decisive during the Four Years War. The Pearl class also features the ability to actually manufacture almost all components needed to keep warships in repair and is normally accompanied by several freighters and shuttlecraft.

Intership beaming becomes practical.

10 years ago

About this time, Spock prepares to study for Kolinahr on Vulcan. He hangs two of Zar's paintings in his room. Spock's mother
notices them and inquires about the artist. Spock tells her about Zar.

Starbase Command currently administers a total of 28 starbases, 17 deep space stations, 741 outposts and monitor stations, with a total complement in the area of 800,000. Seven Starfleet Academies distributed throughout Federation space support a
permanent faculty of 14,038 and a student population of 85,397 (2260 survey). Two Starfleet headquarters, one located in the
astrographic center of Federation space and the other in the Terran city of San Francisco, together house a permanent
population of 18,500.

Felisa Howard, Beverly Crusher's grandmother, is born.

Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan begins working on treaty with the reclusive Legarans.  He does not succeed until the year 2366.

At some point after 2270, The Kes and the Prytt end their diplomatic relations.

2271 - Ensign Chekov is promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to be the next Security Chief of the Enterprise.

Most likely this is the period during which the Federation's galactic coordinate system bearing nomenclature is altered. The expressed form of elevation/depression 'mark' azimuth is altered to azimuth 'mark' elevation/depression. In addition, the relative azimuth position for a ship is altered from 0 degrees dead astern to 0 degrees dead ahead, and degrees are used exclusively in place of grads. Much later in the 24th Century the system will be altered yet again, with the elevation angle being expressed as a positive value from 0 to 360 degrees curving upwards from the galactic plane (as opposed to +/- 90 degrees above/ below the galactic plane).

"Operation: Dixie" departs for Klingon space to learn the fleet composition and strength of the Imperial Navy. Dixie succeeds in delivering some information, but all operatives are listed as missing in action.  Among the information to be gathered by Operation Dixie is a report received by subterfuge from an N'Kar freighter on a previously unreported Klingon vessel of considerable force. The "RaBatlh" class battleship consists of 4 warp drive units merged with basic Klingon components and technology, yielding a massive warship with extensive shielding and an estimated warp 9 capacity.

Dohlman Elaan of Elas dies in combat defending Troyian dilithium deposits from raiders. She is hailed as a hero among the common people of the Tellun system, but King Bejas of Troyius is left without a bride and settles a bequest on her sister and heir. It is used to buy Klingon warp technology and weapons.

Delta IV becomes the 29th UFP member.

In the "Mirror" universe, first contact with the Deltans occurs. The Deltans use their seductive pheromones to manipulate high-ranking imperial officers for their own gain.

The Imperial government collapses on Magna Roma (UFC 892-IV).

An organized expedition reportedly begins to explore the Crossroads Nebula in Quadrant 6.

Sulu vacations in Demora on Earth. Sulu runs into Taine's criminal operations and ends up on the run with Ling Sui (Susan Ling). One night in the desert, Sulu unknowingly gets her pregnant - their daughter will be named Demora.

One of the last of the female metamorphs is born on Kreos. There will not be another one born until nearly a century later.

The Vulcan Planetary Government issues the Shuvalis Diamond of Recognition decoration.  This three-dimensional diamond surrounded by a hollow ruby double crescent award is given to individuals who have advanced peaceful relations with newly
discovered life forms.

Admiral James Kirk's one-year marriage contract with Vice Admiral Lori Ciana expires. She moves out of Kirk's life and refuses to renew it.

At age 5, Tuvok begins taking lessons from a Clato chess master.

Starfleet Intelligence dispatches Project Grey Ghost to gather information on the capacities, commitments, and deployment of forces of the Romulan Star Empire.

A push toward returning to traditional values brings back fencing to Heidelberg University in Germany.

A high-energy cloud destroys the Epsilon 9 monitoring station after having destroyed three Klingon "K't'inga" class warships:
"Arakkab", "Eelst", and "Amar".  The refitted Enterprise encounters a huge cloud heading for Earth.  Rear Admiral James Kirk is given temporary command of the starship for this mission, and many of the previous Enterprise officers are reassigned to the Enterprise.  Lt. Ilia is absorbed by the entity calling itself "V'ger" and returns as an android. "V'ger" turns out to be a machine built for the sole purpose of seeking for the Creator of their distant relative, the space probe Voyager 6 that was launched from Earth a long time ago. V'ger, in the form of Ilia, and the Creator in the form of Capt. Decker finally merge
into a new lifeform.  The loss of the ship's captain, Willard Decker, results in Kirk being re-awarded permanent command. 
Enterprise fatalities: Captain Willard Decker (Executive Officer) and Lieutenant Ilia (Navigator) - both listed as missing,

Vice Admiral Lori Ciana, and Commander Sonak (Science Officer).  In the 24th Century, the Decker class destroyer will be
named in honor of the sacrifice of both Captains Decker.

The third five-year mission of the Enterprise under Admiral Kirk begins.

10 years ago

The events of the motion picture are retold in issues 1-3 of the Marvel Comics Star Trek series.

Strange New Worlds 8: A & O (Section 8)

Untold Voyages "Renewal" (Takes place very shortly after The Motion Picture, with the Enterprise checking for survivors at the former location of Monitoring Station Epsilon 9 after the V'Ger incident)
Debt of Honor [Flashback: Pages 38-44 (Takes place very shortly after The Motion Picture, with the Enterprise retracing V'Ger's journey.)]

Ex Machina (Prologue, Chapters 1-17 & 19)

Klingon forces, under the command of Kor, win the Battle of Klach D'kel Brakt against the Romulans (DS9: "Blood Oath"). This is most likely the time when the Klingon-Romulan alliance ends too.

The terraforming project on Caldos is finished with the installation of the weather modification net.  The Caldos colony, one of the Federation's first terraforming projects, is established. The founders model the colony on Scotland, though the planet is some 200 light years from Earth.

The Vulcan ship "Symmetry" is dispatched to the planet Hellguard (872 Trianguli V) in Romulan space. Spock and Sarek recover the Romulan/Vulcan children there, including Saavik.

K'pril, son of Korpi, launches himself toward Federation space in a lifeboat hoping to be picked up by a Starfleet ship to fight and die an honorable death. He will remain in stasis for over a century.

A plateau is reached in android refinement on Vemla. Three main classes of androids exist: Alpha units for research, Beta units for maintenance and entertainment, and Gamma units for repetitive tasks and dangerous work.

The Kolvoord Starburst Maneuver is banned at the Starfleet Academy after five cadets are killed performing this deadly training exercise.

"Invasion!—First Strike" takes place.

The Brave and the Bold: “First Interlude” takes place.

The Tholian Assembly and the Federation open diplomatic ties.

Cestus III is admitted into the Federation.

Michael Thomas Paris, grandfather of Thomas Eugene Paris, is born.

Crewman Shantherin th'Clane transfers to the USS Enterprise.

The Lost Years (Chapters 3-23 & Epilogue)

Traitor Winds

Mere Anarchy: Shadows of the Indignant

The founding members of the Steranmio Alliance secede from the Pilmarian Union of Planets.

The USS Cantabrian (NCC-607) starts a major refit to become a Constitution-class starship.

The USS Hawking carries a research team to system L-374 to study the disabled Doomsday Machine. However upon arrival it is discovered that the device has disappeared. Sensor readings indicate recent massive subspace distortions. Unknown to the crew, these distortions were left over from a Borg transwarp conduit.

While undergoing acceptance trials, the Enterprise attains an unverified speed of warp factor 17.863.  Commander Scott logs a report on the Enterprise's uprated engine design following testing of the new ship and her engines. 

The Enterprise returns to Earth following its shakedown cruise (as detailed in issue 4 of Marvel Comics Star Trek series)

Janice Rand returns to the Enterprise as a Chief Petty Officer.

Issues 5-7 of Marvel Comics Star Trek series

Pawns and Symbols (Chapters 1-4)

The USS Enterprise verifies the existence of the Klingon D-8 "K't'inga" class warship "Losu".

"Chekov's Choice" - special issue of DC Comics Star Trek series written by Walter Koenig.

Issues 8 of Marvel Comics Star Trek series

The Kobayashi Maru (Chapters 1, 3, 5, 7 & 9)

Home is the Hunter (Chapters 2, 4, 6, 10, 13, 15, 18, 20, 22, 25, 27, 30, 32, 34, 38, 44, 51 & 52)

Enemy Unseen

Pawns and Symbols (Chapters 5-7)

The New Human Movement of the Zaran Totality reaches its peak as the Enterprise is ordered to transport the Zaran ambassador home. Admiral Kirk and Commander Spock battle against the oneness.

Commander Spock takes a two-week leave on Vulcan while the Enterprise transports a diplomatic party of Kaldorni.

Investigating the possibility of sentient magma life forms on the planet Rakatan in the Ordover system, the Enterprise becomes involved in a power struggle between Dohlmen of Elas. Johnston Observatory is attacked and a sapient life form is discovered on the volcanically active planet. The Enterprise heads for Starbase 7.

Considered evil, genetic engineering is outlawed on Oriana, punishable by death. The Greens will continue to practice it in secret. Meanwhile, the Orianians lose their mind powers.

Clark Terrell is finally rescued from Derus VI. For his efforts, Terrell is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and named First Officer of the USS "Pacifica." He is also awarded the Palm Leaf of Derus and the Federation Star for Distinguished Service. He will become one of Star Fleet's premier authorities on first contact, leading missions to Yuria III, Olaras Prime, Mizar IV and the Pilurran Colonies.

The geologically rich planet Bonanza (Aegis Aquilla IV) is discovered.

A Romulan colony on Chaltok IV is destroyed in the explosion of a polaric power plant, leading to an interstellar ban of polaric power.

Within the next century the Neil Armstrong starbase will be established in the Odover system.

According to the Voyager's holographic doctor, bleeding in the brain would leave a patient crippled for life during this era's level of medical technological development.

Tuvok begins his study of Violence.

Federation (Part Four: Chapter 3)

10 years ago

Events of the Classic Star Trek novel  "A Flag Full of Stars".


R'Meera graduates Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

Susan Mirsky (now a Lieutenant) reports for duty on the Oberth-class design project. (Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

The USS Tamerlane, after serving 28 years, is decommissioned. (Tamerlane)

The starship Lexington returns from her five-year mission and is refit to the new Enterprise-class specifications. (Star Trek: Lexington)

Thomas Oromon of Izar is elected as the twenty-third President of the United Federation of Planets, succeeding Lorne McLaren. He assumes office in 2273.

2273 - Near the Romulan Neutral Zone, a Federation outpost is established on the planet Obsidian (Loki system) during this era.

Assuming the 7-year cycle has not been disrupted since 2262, Spock should be experiencing pon farr symptoms at approximately this time.

Captain Ryan of the USS LaFayette dies with his away team, victims of Berthold radiation poisoning.

Issue 9-10 of Marvel Comics Star Trek series.

...Like a Woman Scorned! (Issue 11 of Marvel Comics
Star Trek series)

Issues 12-18 of Marvel Comics Star Trek series

Joanna McCoy works as a nurse on planet Hephaestus during this period, and is engaged to a Vulcan named Suvak.  Before year's end, Suvak dies.

During this period, Chekov becomes involved with an Andorian woman named Themon.

The pressure of quasar olivium inside Belle Terre's Quake Moon reaches a critical point, changing the gradual increase of pressure to a sudden and exponential one.

Although not known to the UFP at large, Starfleet begins to take covert actions against the Kzinti. This "hemming-in" will lead to the Kzinti Incursion in three years, and will later have great affect on Starfleet's shipbuilding schedule.

Experimental work with single warp drive nacelles and more than two nacelles yields quick confirmation that two is the optimum number for power generation and vehicle control.

Evan Pardonnet is elected governor of the Belle Terre Colonial Expedition: a 9-month one-way journey of 64,000 colonists aboard 72 varied ships. Admiral James Kirk accepts to lead the expedition. Captain Spock assumes the role of First Officer for the mission. Kirk apprehends Billy Maidenshore (a Human operative for the Orion syndicate) for stealing his admiralty shuttles over the past two weeks. Learning of the Expedition, Maidenshore sees to being a colonist.

Dr. Daniel Corrigan and Sorel perfect nerve regeneration.

The USS "Monson", a "Chandley" class frigate is overtaken by four Klingon K-23 class destroyers in the Triangle. They board a captured Klingon ship which self-destructs killing two marine platoons aboard and the entire Klingon ship's crew. Because of this incident, Starfleet policy states that before marines board any enemy vessel a complete scan must be made of the vessel to determine if the destruct systems are in operation.

The conversion of 8 "Bonhomme Richard" class heavy cruisers to "Endeavor" class specifications is approved.

The USS "Genser," along with five other escorts accompanying a convoy of neutronic fuel carriers to the rimward frontier, scans an unidentified object travelling on a parallel course. The "Genser" breaks away from the convoy to investigate and disappears. After several minutes the "Genser" reappears, maintaining its last course and speed but doesn't respond to radio calls. Sensor scans reveal that the entire crew had disappeared. The convoy is halted and searches are made but nothing is found to solve the mystery. The mysterious object had also disappeared. The USS "Genser" is later assigned to active duty in the rimward frontier areas.

The Mark I "Gagarin" class research vessel enters service in Starfleet.

On Reydovan IV an unusual virus is found which reformats the brain to its needs. The victims are alive but no longer humanoid, trapped in a nightmare world of consciousness not of their own making.

The Cardassians attempt to make common cause with the Bekiir (literally "badger" or "digfish"--extreme xenophobes from the Gamma Quadrant) against the Klingons, but the Bekiir destroy the 3 Cardassian ships sent as emissaries. The Cardassians decide to leave them alone. A Cardassian kuluk-metal security box from this time (Uta Dul dynasty) bearing a directed- energy weapon and a Bekiir time key is sealed with a force shield lock. A century later it will fall into the hands of Captain Square-Deal Djonreel, a Lonatian trader, and be directly responsible for the total massacre of Deep Space 9--in an alternate timeline.

General Chang founds the Klingon Defense Forces Elite Command Academy on Qo'noS.

The Helvans are gripped by madness.

In the mirror universe, Harry Mudd succeeds John Gill as ruler of the Terran Empire.

Michael Sinclair enters Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

2274 - Prior to this year, the Omega molecule is first synthesized by a Starfleet physicist named Ketteract.

The warp engines of the Enterprise heavy cruisers are uprated with minor modifications. Uprating on all Enterprise starships will be completed by 2276. The engines will again be uprated once again, beginning in 2281. In addition to main propulsion, Enterprise class starships have their six RH single mount secondary hull phaser banks replaced with RSM-14B single mount banks.

10 years ago

The colony ship Artemis departs on a mission to settle Septimus Minor, but ends up at Tau Cygna V in the de Laure Belt, a territory given to the Sheliak in the Treaty of Armens.  1/3 of the colonists die from exposure to the hyperonic radiation in the area.

The planet Sindikash near the Vaughn-Creighton system is colonized.

After two centuries, inbreeding and latent mutations catch up with the colonists of Hera (492 Lyncis III). The average life span is 40, most pregnancies miscarry, and half the population carries one or more lethal genetic diseases. The Herans begin a crash effort to develop genetic engineering.

While undergoing acceptance trials, the USS "Excalibur" records a velocity of warp factor 18.74 - the highest speed reached by a heavy cruiser class starship utilizing standard linear warp drive for its time.

Sabotage continues to plague the Belle Terre Colonial Expedition, secretly masterminded by the criminal Billy Maidenshore. The Federation survey ship "Kensington Taylor" is destroyed by a Kauld battlebarge shortly before discovering a unique lunar anomaly in the Occult star system. The Kauld and Blood races agree to a weak alliance, perceiving the incoming UFP convoy as a threat. Maidenshore succeeds in convincing the conestoga "Yukon" to secede from the fleet, and Kirk assigns the "Impeller" as an escort back to UFP space. Maidenshore's Orion allies try to take the convoy (using a conductor mesh weapon never before revealed to Starfleet) but the "Enterprise" intervenes, destroying Orion vessels. Unfortunately, Maidenshore escapes--only to be rescued by Orions who later join up with the Kauld-Blood alliance. An all-out attack against the colonial fleet follows, with Captain Kirk's spherical defense strategem succeeding and Billy Maidenshore being taken prisoner.

Belle Terre is settled. Mere weeks afterwards, Spock detects quasar olivium inside the Quake Moon, and the moon is scheduled to explode in 8 days. Using a small fleet of ships' tractor beams to attempt to remove a rock plug from the moon and thus release the internal pressure buildup fails with 8 colony ships either destroyed or damaged beyond repair, and 67 dead colonists. The Captain Sunn's "Rattlesnake" enforcement vessel is dispatched to locate another nearby world for the colonists to settle, and discovers the extinct Elah civilization on Nevlin the victim of a phenomena called the Blackness. Before long, the "Rattlesnake" also becomes a victim of this energy-draining force. Another attempt is made to save the colony world: the tractor beams of all ships are used to tow a smaller moon into a collision course with the Quake Moon. Its impact successfully releases the internal pressure, devistating only half of Belle Terre. Rebuilding of the colony begins.  The Burn has left Belle Terre's atmosphere contaminated with radioactive quasar olivium particles. While aiding the colonists, Orbital Shuttle 6 is shot down and Chekov (now a Lieutenant Commander) finds himself marooned in hostile territory. Lieutenant Commanders Sulu and Uhura stumble across a conspiracy by Peacemakers to illegally mine olivium and flood the colony. The guided crash of an olivium-loaded shuttlecraft creates an impact crater diverting the flood, as well as flushing the atmosphere clean of olivium contamination.  The cruiser "Peleliu" is dispatched on a 6-month flight out to Belle Terre to take over picket duty and relieve the "Enterprise" to return to UFP space.

A Kauld ship carrying a skeleton crew heads straight for Belle Terre. The Enterprise completely destroys the vessel after refusing to acknowledge their hail. Terwolan and Deloric, Kauld workers, desert their project of building an olivium- powered laser on a comet after it is fired at the colony. Dr. McCoy and Commander Scott take a refitted cargo tug out on a survey mission and learn of Vellyngaith's laser project from Terwolan and Deloric on Naresidan Station. Captain Kirk becomes romantically involved with Lilian Coates. Spock develops a plan to stop the incoming laser beam by transforming it into neutrinos using a specialized scanner and involving all the colonies ships. The Kauld attack and are again defeated, Belle Terre again saved.

A secret Kauld observation station is situated within a hollowed-out asteroid in the Belle Terre system's Oort cloud.

The "Kentwood" class bulk cargo carrier is authorized for construction. The super-tanker of the Federation, it is intended to transport starbase sections, starship parts (primary hulls, nacelles etc.), and whole research stations. Thirty of these 1,272-meter long vessels are proposed and at least 22 will be constructed.

The location of Hermeticus Two in the Romulan Neutral Zone is classified top secret. In the early 24th Century the "planet" will be placed under quarantine.

To Reign in Hell: The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh
(Chapters 19-21 - Marla McGivers dies on Ceti Alpha V)

Pawns and Symbols
Ice Trap
Shell Game
Death Count
The Enterprise is assigned to study the waves of violence sweeping through the section of the galaxy centering on the Helvans.
Pawns and Symbols (Chapters 9-14 & Epilogue)

The Pandora Principle (Chapter 1)

Elias Vaughn born.

The USS Cantabrian (NCC-607) upgrade and refit is finished. Captain Thekla Lawless once more takes command of the Cantabrian. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

10 years ago

2275 - Prior to this year, Bevvox, a bioplasmic lifeform, establishes the Think Tank.

The Son'a, a Renegade Ba'ku faction, joins with offlanders in attempt to gain control of the salubrious Ba'ku homeworld, whereupon they are banished from the planet.

3 months and 6 days after the mysterious Kauld suicide attack of Belle Terre, their intent is revealed: Belle Terre had been seeded with self-replicating nanoassemblers yielding siliconic gel to smother the life out of the colony. A canyon emergency shelter is constructed on the planet while the "Enterprise" traces an automated tight-beam laser transmission to a Kauld listening outpost. Spock mind-melds with Yanorada, a Kauld commander, and extracts the 7-note code required to deactive the nanoassemblers. The conestoga Northwest Passage is transformed into a ship bomb, effectively wiping out an amassed fleet of 61 Kauld warships. Lilian Coates dies from the siliconic gel. Ship-mounted sonic projectors halt the gel's spread across Belle Terre and breakdown the existing substance.

In the 29 Persei VI region, a space traveler from an alien species lands on a planet that starts to move out of the system it is located in. The alien falls into a coma and dies. This entry will appear in the Thompson index, possibly eluding to the Intellivore.

Billy Maidenshore takes control of the converted olivium chaser Pandora's Box and captures Commanders Uhura and McCoy's shuttle. Mysterious thefts of olivium are traced to alien robot probes programmed to return the olivium ore back to the Quake Moon. The cruiser Peleliu arrives to replace the "Enterprise" as guardian of the Belle Terre system. While the Enterprise investigates the probe thefts, the Peleliu is assaulted by Kauld warships and left a space junk, with Captain Roger Lake unhinged and unconscious. Lieutenant Commander Nick Keller assumes command and manages to return to Belle Terre. Uniting the colonists and the remaining crew, a new ship is built in only 16 days from the scraps of colonial vessels: the Mongrel class composite frigate Challenger. Upon seeing the new vessel the Kauld surrender and beg for sanctuary for fear of the Blackness that consumed the "Rattlesnake" last year. Contact is established with Multimillennial intradimensional beings who outfit the starship with technology to capture their runaway Cold Factor neutralizer (a predecessor of the smaller olivium probes) and leave the remaining olivium for the colonists. Maidenshore is taken into custody after Uhura's and McCoy's sabotage of the Pandora's Box. The Enterprise departs the Belle Terre system for the last time, her mission completed.

Starfleet begins to take measures to end the slave trade in the Beltos system. It will however take a century for the slave quarter to be reduced to half its present size.

Automatic sprinklers, transporters, and flame retarders will totally eliminate fires in Astar on Helena.

While undergoing acceptance trials, the USS Constitution will reportedly achieve warp factor 16--and still be accelerating--when the ship's captain orders reduced speed because of the super-extraordinary stress placed on the ship's substructure.

The Krantinese launch the sublight generation/sleeper ship Hope of Krantin commanded by Koralus with a complement of 10,000. Five other ships are also built and launched to escape the nebular Plague. A seventh ship is destroyed by workers before completion. Their crews will be known as the Deserters by the remaining Krantinese who seal themselves within cities. Meanwhile during this era on the alternate Krantin ruled by the Directorate, the properties of dilithium are discovered. The Directorate begins a serious effort to learn where over 400 years' worth of refuge had gone.

Diplomatic contact is achieved between the Prit and Kes factions on the planet Kesprit III. It will be short-lived.

A new type of photon torpedo is made operational by Starfleet. Employing variable amounts of matter and antimatter, broken into many thousands of minute packets and mixed upon detonation command, the annihilation surface area is increased by three orders of magnitude.

Dr. Emanuel Tagore dies.

A Jibetian warp ship meets a far-reaching UFP starship. The legend of the lost ship Nibix spreads throughout known space. Curzon Dax will be on two Nibix salvage missions, both will turn out to be ghost ships not the Nibix. In a century, the Federation Council will pass an edict to protect and return the Nibix in its entirety if found.

Six Warrantors are kidnapped by the Romulans to forment political chaos. They are rescued by the Enterprise.

While on a routine mission to retrieve a research drone for recycling, the USS Enterprise encounters the Romulan space station Reltah in UFP space. Mysterious power losses aboard ship are traced to an energy-eating parasite aboard the station, endangering the Enterprise.

The USS Kongo heavy cruiser clips a cosmic string near Perseus, resulting in containment field breach. A total of 143 personnel die and a whole aft quarter of the ship is lost.

Two days after the Kongo disaster, the Enterprise is assigned the task of patrolling the sector between Orion and Andor with 4 efficiency auditors onboard to monitor activities. The starship "Enterprise" battles Orion destroyers in addition to an Orion saboteur. She suffers extensive phaser scarring and a hull breach on deck 6.

The Klingon raLk'jo bat'telh discipline, school of martial combat, fades out of practice in the Empire during this era.

To Reign in Hell: The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh
(Chapters 22)
The Wounded Sky

10 years ago

Doctor's Orders - Kirk leaves McCoy in command of the Enterprise for two weeks.

Spock's World (Prologue, Enterprise One-Eight & Epilogue) - T'Pring leads a movement favoring secession from the Federation.
Enterprise transports Ambassador Christopher Rousseau to planet Empyrea.  McCoy discovers he has a second daughter, Anna March, living there.

The USS Constellation NX-1974, first ship of the Constellation-class, is commissioned under experimental status.

First contact between the Federation and the Breen.

Starfleet Project Magnet’s personnel are reassigned by the Technical Intelligence Division who form the secretive organization called Project Sign.

The hull of the USS Tamerlane is broken up at the San Francisco Shipyards. (Tamerlane)

Arthur Brandenburg is born. (Starship Vincennes)

2276 - Thirty members of the crew of the Sovereign-class starship USS Dauntless from over a century in the future suddenly appear in the engineering spaces of the near complete Starfleet Outpost Epsilon-12. They are immediately arrested and pending confirmation of their far-fetched story are sent back to Earth where Starfleet Command and the Office of Temporal Investigations will decide what to do with them. The first available starship that can transport the temporal castaways back to Earth is the USS Enterprise. (Star Trek: Dauntless)

The Enterprise returns to the UFP home systems, its third five-year mission completed.

The Enterprise is refitted in Earth orbit. Commander Spock becomes the starship's captain while Kirk still retains the rank of Admiral (possibly promoted from Rear Admiral).

With the aid of the Enterprise crew, the Dauntless castaways erase all record of the Miranda-class starship Independence from San Francisco Yards, modify the starship with stasis chambers in several crew quarters and steal the Independence from the shipyard to return to their own proper time. (Star Trek: Dauntless)

Admiral Kirk accepts an appointment to Starfleet Academy on Earth and moves into an apartment in San Francisco, where he meets Carmen Ikeya.

The fourth five-year mission of the U.S.S. Enterprise begins under Captain Spock.

Dr, Leonard McCoy is promoted to Commander.

Commander Montgomery Scott, transferred to the Design Division of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, helps to develop mule engines: detachable independent power plants that can tow at impulse or warp speed colonial Conestogas. An idea of one of his students, Scott sponsors the development.

Commander Hikaru Sulu is temporarily assigned as Captain of the exploratory ship USS Robert A. Heinlein, one of the newer light cruisers. While exploring the 145 Trianguli region, communication ceases under suspicious circumstances and it is up to the Enterprise to recover her. This mission will later be used as a model for a cadet-performance evaluation exercise at Starfleet Academy.

Commander Chekov transfers to the Reliant as First Officer, along with Kyle and two other crewmen.

An individual named Tressa is born on Drayan II. Like all of her race, she will be subject to reversed aging.

The homeworld of the Sattar Collective is conquered by the Klingon Empire.

66 Type III Aztec (Starfleet Dynamics D-300) facilities are proposed and authorized for construction. At least the first 58 of these folding, mobile dry dock facilities will be constructed, each with a maximum speed of warp 7.25 and a standard complement of 200.

Sorahl of Vulcan dies.

The Enterprise shuttlecraft Halley is lost within the Hohweyn system with her senior officers aboard, and eventually recovered without incident.

Zaidan, the son of Kozara, is born in the Klingon Empire during this period.

The Kzinti Incursion: forces from Kzin attack Tau Ceti and begin a 6-week offensive action against UFP forces. Admiral Kirk, aboard the USS Enterprise, commands a large task force against the Kzinti and employs the "Zetarian Squeeze" maneuver to force the enemy fleet into a neutron star. The starships Astrad and Alfr track down and capture the Kzinti patriarch's flagship. By September the Kzinti are defeated, after 11 Class 1 starships and dozens of Kzinti vessels are lost.

 During the Kzinti Incursion, the Kzinti occupy several planets in the Galen and Jouret systems. The populations of these planets undergo various extremes of deprivation, terror, and even deportation as slave laborers. Starfleet Marines make opposed landings on each of the Kzinti-held planets. The operations are ultimately successful in freeing the planets from Kzin domination, but planetary defensive fire claims nearly a dozen assault shuttles during these landings.

The Hornet class fighter-carrier is instrumental in the liberation of the home worlds of the Tellar system (61 Cygni) during the Kzinti Incursion. This class of ship was built to quell the rising tide of outlaw activity in the Orion star system and the Deneb/Rigel commerce zones. Built to be manned by a 50% Rigellian crew, these ships have a higher deck height and increased oxygen atmospheres.

The Duotronic III series computer system is developed.

The Enterprise transports Ambassador Mark Rousseau from Starbase 86 to Nova Empyrea to negotiate a treaty extension and allow the Empyreans to remain in contact with the UFP.

'The Final Reflection' by John M. Ford (researched by Dr. Emanuel Tagore) is published. Some 200 copies are printed aboard the Enterprise and read by her crew at Starbase 12 during shore leave.

Warp communications accelerates subspace radio.

10 years ago

Project Genesis begins its preliminary research under the direction of Dr. Carol Marcus as a purely voluntary effort by more than a dozen scientists from throughout the UFP to develop a process whereby uninhabitable worlds could be transformed into worlds suitable for sustaining a variety of lifeforms.  Project Genesis succeeds in directing the behavior of several type of fermions by altering their quantum states through the use of a Heisenberg compensator coupled with a quantum flux capacitor. The Heisenberg compensator and quantum flux capacitor also serve to isolate the matrix from external particle interference, and consequently become the first integral components in the Genesis Matrix Generator. Over the next 10 years, numerous controlled experiments are conducted in a laboratory on Deneva, applying the Genesis Matrix to various types of inanimate matter, at varying energy levels.

The Regula (R-1) class spacelab is authorized for construction. At least 62 of these research facilities will be constructed by the end of the 23rd Century. Unarmed, each station will support a total complement of up to 539 and be of a modular design (20 basic modules employing up to 7 types of connector arms) to accommodate various scientific needs.

This is the era of the rise of the Crescent Order in the Cardassian Empire. The strongest order ever created in the Cardassian hierarchy, the Crescent Order is almost unanimous in endorsement and is led by the High Gul--one of the founders of the Cardassian Empire.

Also during this period the Gauntlet, a region of space within Sector 221-G where opposing forces of the Thallonian Empire would clash, comes to be known.

The Covenant of the Crown
Rihannsu: The Romulan Way
With the aid of Ael t'Rllaillieu, a Romulan defector and commander of the Bloodwing, the Enterprise destroys the Levaeri (113 Trianguli) V research laboratory in Romulan space and rescues Vulcan captives.

Rihannsu: Swordhunt
Dr. Leonard McCoy is kidnapped by Romulans while on a three-week voyage aboard the USS Vega starliner. With help from Commander t'Rllaillieu the Enterprise rescues McCoy from the Romulan homeworld.

Rihannsu: Honor Blade
Word of McCoy's rescue from Romulus reaches the Klingons. Seeing weakness, they begin harassing Romulan border worlds. In addition, the Romulans are furious over the theft of the sword from the Senate Chamber and want it back. The Enterprise once again rendezvous with the Bloodwing and the Hamalki physicist K's't'lk boards the Enterprise from Starbase 18. Using the Starseed project's data, 15 Trianguli is used to eliminate 7 Romulan ships. The Enterprise rendezvous with the Sempach commanded by Commodore Danilov.

Rihannsu: The Empty Chair
Negotiations between the Romulans and the UFP proceed on neutral ground aboard the Lalairu ship Mascrar in the RV Trianguli system. Negotiations break down when a cloaked Romulan ship is revealed. The Bloodwing breaks away from her UFP escort and heads for Romulan space.

Michael Sinclair graduates from Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

Gregory Salamorn of Earth is elected as the twenty-fourth President of the United Federation of Planets, succeeding Thomas Oromon of Izar. He assumes office in 2277.

2277 - Prior to this year, the great-grandfather of the Klingon Kohlar finds a sacred text, telling to embark on a journey to a distant region of the galaxy.

Roughly at this time, pirate activity dies down in the Chal sector of space.

The Enterprise class heavy cruisers have their six primary hull RIM-9 phaser banks upgraded to RIM-12C systems.

Clark Terrell is promoted to Commander. He is awarded the Four Palm Leaf and Palm Cluster for his first contact efforts.

The USS "Nemesis" (NCC-1656) "Neihardt" class heavy cruiser participates in the tactical exercise Black Dog, in which one starship simulates a Romulan attack against a Federation force of 6 vessels. Out of the Starfleet ships, only the "Nemesis" survives with minor simulated damage, while neutralizing the threat vessel with a combination of skill, superior firepower, and luck.

The Soyuz class attack frigate is authorized for construction. 20 ships of this class are proposed, designed to increase the accuracy of the megaphasers while the craft is engaged in combat through the use of 2 megaturrets. In addition to phaser cannon, the Soyuz is armed with 12 standard phaser emplacements and 2 megaphasers on the lower navigational dome. 21 ships of this class are proposed. Each ship will have a complement of 429 and a maximum speed of warp 9. By 2278, the class will total 5 vessels including the USS Bozeman commanded by Captain Morgan Bateson serving as a border cutter with a reduced complement.

Peter Preston is born.

The Starship Characteristics Board receives the formal request and budget authorization to initiate design work on the LH(X)-15000 "Normandy" (Landing Ship, Heavy, Experimental) from Starfleet Marine Headquarters. The initial funding comes from the Marine's Research and Development budget. Major General K'tanga's proposition is simple: a starship-sized landing vessel with full shielding capabilities of a regular starship capable of safely transporting all or most of the troops directly to the planet surface, thus eliminating the vulnerability of assault shuttles' limited shielding. Significant design problems in creating a starship-sized vessel capable of regular landings, the large open landing space requirement, and opposition by several Federation systems, ultimately results in the design being canceled. Major General K'tanga resigns from the Marines.

10 years ago

Starfleet approves the designs of new Starfleet uniforms: Class A (Dress), Class B (Duty), Class C (Special) and Class D (Supplement).  The new Starfleet uniforms consisting of a wraparound maroon tunic, with black pants and boots, are issued. These may initially serve strictly as dress uniforms for an unspecified period of time. The duty undershirt and collar are color-coded, matching the color of the departmental stripe on the sleeve: white for admiralty/command, green for medical, gold for engineering/operations, grey for sciences/communications, black for ship's services/security, and red for cadet/trainee (with a color bar). The departmental stripe on the left sleeve is bordered with gold piping except in the cases of cadets and midshipmen. Officers, cadets, midshipmen, and chief petty officers wear a stripe at the right shoulder (clasp on front, Federation symbol on the back) and the left sleeve (8 centimeters from the cuff). Enlisted men and petty officers usually have the sleeve stripe as well as rectangular tabs at each shoulder. The sleeve stripe of a cadet being red and containing a diagonal bar of color denoting the department they are studying. The sleeve departmental stripe bears pips and bars indicating (initially at least) service length within Starfleet with gold pips denoting years served as an officer and silver pips indicating years served as an enlisted man in one and five year terms in conjunction with bars. In later years pips and bars may be used to indicate commendations and/or citations earned in Starfleet rather than service length. Rank is represented by means of ten variants of specialized gold (and in some cases silver) pins worn on the right shoulder, replacing the traditional sleeve mark braid. These first-issue rank pins may eventually be altered or updated in time. Flag officers have gold edging on the uniform front flap and a Flag Assignment Stripe above the rank insignia on the left sleeve. Uniform insignias are simplified and uniform, consisting of the arrowhead shield (on all uniforms except Class C): a silver inlaid gold plaque behind the gold shield denotes an officer whether commissioned or petty, while a gold shield without a plaque serves to indicate crewmen, cadets, and midshipmen (at least in the early stages of this uniform series). By the early 2290s, enlisted personnel will be required to wear name tags upon their duty uniforms. This series of uniforms will be extremely long lasting, and kept in use through the early 24th Century with slight variations including alterations and elimination of the undershirt tunic. The wrist communicator may possibly be phased out during this era also, and a new hand-held communicator will make a comeback.

The practice of separate insignia for each starship is abolished, and the Enterprise emblem is adopted as the official symbol for the entire Starfleet. The official use of individual ship logos also ceases but will continue in spite of Starfleet's decision. The unofficial logos will be prepared by The Friends of Starfleet, an organization of retired Starfleet officers and civilians with acute interest in or close ties to Starfleet. Prior to this time, logos were designed and assigned to ships by the Heraldry Division of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers.

Starfleet decides to assign the past names of vessels only to vessels not classified as heavy cruisers, thus instigating the name changes of the replacement heavy cruisers originally designated "Constellation II," "Defiant II," "Intrepid II," and "Valiant II".

The 2-year picket duty mission of the "Challenger" in the Belle Terre system is scheduled to conclude.
Distress Call
Mirror Universe: Glass Empires: The Sorrows of Empire
Chapters 4-6
In the "Mirror" universe, the Imperial Senate meets for the first time and elects Spock as Commander-in-Chief for a 5-year term of service. The first of Spock's many reforms is the abolishment of the Emperor position and the establishment of a democratic governing body modeled on Spock's mind meld memories of the UFP taken from McCoy's mind a decade earlier.  Unfortunately world after world will join the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance out of hatred for the Terran Empire. Its only purpose will be to erase Earth and Vulcan from the universe, and spawn the most brutal war in the history of the known galaxy.

The Abbe class photon torpedo destroyer is commissioned. This ship is designed to deliver a large barrage of photon torpedoes (or launch a large number of probes and sensors) via a unique photon hull housing 8 tubes. While patrolling near the Orion border, the USS Abbe will encounter 4 pirate vessels enroute to an unknown base within Orion space. After challenging Orion pirates, the Abbe is jumped by an Orion-bought D-7. Realizing it is outgunned, the D-7 attempts to disengage from battle. The Abbe follows and destroys one vessel and manages to damage two others. Nearly 100 pirates and two ships are captured, with the Abbe suffering only minor damage and returning to patrol in less than two days.

The Cammell IV revelations concerning Starfleet's covert operations against the Kzin prior to the Kzinti Incursion result in massive cutbacks in Fleet programs.

During this era, the practice of funeral pyre cremation goes out of practice on Pulva.

Dean Edwards becomes a zenball champion.

Roberto LaManna is born.

10 years ago

Jeffery Pierce is promoted to Commander and becomes first officer of USS Potemkin (NCC-1657). (Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

Susan Mirsky continues as an engineer on USS Oberth (NCC-602) as it leaves the NX testing phase and enters into active duty. (Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

2278 - A Klingon faction enacts a plan to draw off Starfleet assets and sabotage the defenses of Starbase 12, so that a single, over-armed cruiser can slip through the Typhon Expanse and destroy the strategic starbase. The plot is foiled when the Soyuz-class border cutter USS Bozeman NCC-1941 under the command of Captain Morgan Bateson detects and engages the much larger cruiser. The Bozeman's actions allow reinforcements to arrive in time to protect Starbase 12, but the ship itself vanishes. A massive search operation is conducted for weeks, but no trace is found. The U.S.S. Bozeman  disappears in what turns out to be a temporal rift in the Typhoon Expanse. The Soyuz-class ship remains trapped in the causality loop until freed by the Enterprise-D in 2368.  With the disappearance of the Bozeman, the M'Yengh Yards quickly add on what will be the most unique feature of the Renown class: extended torpedo launchers in the bow. It will give the Renown class a distinct advantage over similar designs in each of its configurations.

Pardek becomes a member of the Romulan Senate, representing the Krocton Segment of Romulus.

King Stevvin is transported aboard the "Enterprise" which has the mission of retrieving the hidden Crown of Shad on Sigma 1212.

Heading for Starbase 17 for R&R, Admiral Kirk is abducted by Klingons. They nearly succeed in convincing Kirk that he was transported into the future to lead a fleet of Klingon warships into UFP space.

Even the most primitive shuttle from this time period onwards will come equipped with its own artificial gravity field.

The USS Saratoga "Endeavor" class heavy cruiser is recommissioned. On stardate 8661.4 she will be damaged beyond repair in the vicinity of Beta Xela, the victim of an ambush by four vessels, at least two of which will later be determined to have been of Klingon origin. Three-hundred seventy three crew members will be lost and Klingonese officials will deny knowledge of the incident.

A serious disagreement occurs between the UFP and the Patonites.

The proposed "Normandy" experimental heavy landing ship (Design Number 765) is formally canceled.

The Daedalus class ship USS Carolina is found welded to an asteroid in the Xii system where it had become a habitat module for colonists. It will be retrieved and added to the Starfleet Museum.

Pavel Chekov is promoted to Commander.

Janice Rand undergoes officer training.
Strange New Worlds IV: The Name of the Cat (Section 1)
The Captain's Daughter (Chapters 15-17)
New Earth: Wagon Train to the Stars: Three Months Earlier

Ship of the Line (Chapters 1-5)        

Strange New Worlds III: Family Matters

New Earth: Wagon Train to the Stars: The Captains' Meeting

2279 - Mark Jameson is born.  His celebrated career includes a stint as commander of the USS Gettysburg.

A border treaty ends a conflict between the Navot and Paqu on Bajor.

Winona Kirk's home in Riverside, Iowa is destroyed when
lightning strikes the 350-year-old farmhouse, burning it to the ground. Her grandson, Peter, home on vacation from Starfleet Academy, carries her unconscious from the smoke to safety. She will never recover from the setback, mentally or physically.  Winona Kirk, the mother of James Kirk, dies of pneumonia. Admiral Kirk places her cremated remains in a wall crypt within a chapel in Riverside, Iowa.

Starfleet RDT&E develops a fix for the Type 1/2B Phaser that will greatly reduce the incidence of failure. Starfleet directs Atalskes to begin remanufacturing the Type 1/2B to incorporate this fix. Starfleet also issues a new request for proposals for a phaser to supplement the Type 1/2B while this remanufacture is underway. Sestra sees this as an opportunity and submits a proposal for a design reminiscent of the original Type 1/2.

'Strangers from the Sky,' by Garamet Jen-Saunor, is published. The resultant publication triggers off deeply buried memories in the minds of Admiral Kirk and Captain Spock.

Spock tours the Manhattan Museum of Art.

A treaty is drawn up between the Paqu and Navot clans on Bajor.

New Earth:  Wagon Train to the Stars

New Earth: Belle Terre

In the Name of Honor (Chapters 1-2)
To Reign in Hell: The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh (Chapters 23-25)

New Earth: Rough Trails

Several research missions underway in previously unexplored regions of the galaxy discover intelligent civilizations on non-class M worlds. Requiring these ships to rely more extensively on shuttlecraft to venture into worlds of great depths or hostile environmental conditions, Star Fleet becomes aware of the need to introduce new, long range multipurpose vessels capable of carrying and maintaining a larger complement of craft than a cruiser or frigate, though less than a supercarrier. A common ground is created between the military staff and council as a new vessel with a mission profile similar to and complementing the heavy cruiser is formulated. The new class would be assigned missions primarily involving non-class M planets, which would free up heavy cruisers for their similar and more traditional missions to Class M planets. This quickly evolves into the heavy carrier concept.

10 years ago

The first year of an 8 year run at the Starfleet Academy for the Command School not having an expulsion or a court-martial begins. The record will remain clean until the Vanguard incident in 2288.

The number of premature star deaths begins to skyrocket.
Statistically there are ten times as many star deaths in the galaxy than there should be.  Achernar goes nova, destroying the USS "Constellation" commanded by Captain Ikeya. Alpha Centauri B expands into an orange giant. Many other stars are also showing signs of entering nova phases due to a time acceleration phenomena. Admiral Kirk is once again given temporary command of the Enterprise on a mission to Gateway (Sector 90.4), in order to halt the phenomena. Spock is reunited with his son, Zar.

The Parten Achievement Award for 2279 is presented to the 124th Tactical Combat Squadron of Station Rotterdam,
Bentocha, Starbase 27. It is presented by TacFleet for the outstanding squadron assigned to a primary mission of territorial and/or sectorial defense.

Conner McCoy, the grandson of Leonard McCoy, is born. Clayton Treadway decides to go into the diplomatic corps. Jocelyn McCoy will eventually go with him to Yarnos VII, show her diplomatic worth, and join the corps.

The file on Design 765 ("Normandy" heavy landing ship) is closed for good, despite Corridian Ship Builders trying to salvage their investment by re-casting the design as a disaster/evacuation ship stripped of all weaponry.

The USS Lynx NCC-4600 experimental timeship is constructed.

10 years ago

2280 - Montgomery Scott and Glynnis sign a five-year wedding contract.

Earth's orbital Spacedock facility is completed.

Temerand Duplicat funds an internal company design program quietly dubbed IPP-1 (Internal Perimeter Program 1). The company's Martian facility begins conducting independent research and development in an effort to produce several designs that would be acceptable to StarFleet should the perimeter action program be reactivated.

While a cadet at Starfleet Academy, Dmitri Valtane earns a citation for conspicuous bravery during a midshipman training cruise aboard the USS "Madrid." Armed only with a large stick, he rescues two wounded officers from a pack of Denebian slime devils.

If Cyrano Jones did not have the help of the Klingon Glommer in 2262, he would have finished cleaning up all the tribbles on Space Station K-7 at this time. Spock's calculations are only 3.6 minutes off and the Enterprise is present. Nilz Baris becomes Governor of Sherman's Planet, Cyrano Jones transports all the
tribbles back to the Klingon homeworld and becomes Security Chief of K-7.

The USS Berry, a frigate/cruiser suffers a warp core breach shortly after rendering aid to the trader Kristoff, a merchant vessel that had sent out a distress call. The exact cause of the breach will never be identified and foul play will not be ruled out.

Starting this year, Admiral Kirk participates in this semester's Command School opening at Starfleet Academy. He will not miss an opening for over the next 8 years.

The Association of Military Surgeons of Starfleet holds its biennial convention at the Peleiades Planet Complex, Canton City, Luna, Sol III. The program includes continuing offering in education for physicians, nurses, etc., research presentations, seminars on non-humanoid medical techniques, alien on-planet procedures, a Combat Medical Readiness Course, and numerous seminars on
medically-related scientific breakthroughs.

The USS Stark fast frigate is repaired in Earth orbit after being severely damaged when defense craft of the Gorn Hegemony fired upon what they reportedly believed was an unidentified ship which did not respond to messages. 33 of the ship's crew were lost and the UFP files a formal protest.

Following the "Ser'rath" and "Stark" actions, Starfleet concludes that a rapid-response salvage capability for forces operating in dangerous areas or performing military missions is required. The Salvage Ship Design Team (SSDT) is formed. The SSDT initially concludes that a Maxwell class strike cruiser would be the most
suitable candidate for conversion but are in high-demand in the fleet. Instead, Starfleet puts the USS Kaya (NCC-1952) Knox class frigate at the group's disposal. The ship is decommissioned and renamed the USS Lisetovar after the former Chief Salvage Officer of the Fleet, and reclassified NCC-23500. Problems persist with the ship's structure and tractor beams, resulting in the design of a specialized large mass towing array framework.

The Type 1/2C Hand/Pistol Phaser is developed by Starfleet at the Sestra Weapons Facility on Alpha Centauri VII. The Type 1 unit has a maximum effective stun range of 50 meters, heat of 5 meters, disrupt of 30 meters, dematerialize of 15 meters, and an overload blast radius of 60 meters. The Type 2 unit, incorporating the Type 1C, has a maximum effective stun range of 150 meters, heat of 10 meters, disrupt of 100 meters, dematerialize of 50 meters, and an overload blast radius of 200 meters. A very similar variant on this, the Phaser 1 Mark II long range beam weapon and the Phaser 2 Mark II extended range beam weapon (also known as the Phaser B series, or respectively Phaser IB and Phaser II, yield even greater effective ranges.
Respectively: 107/215 meters for stun, 70/150 meters for disrupt, 30/90 meters for dematerialize, and overload blast radii of 150/275 meters. Quite reminiscent of the original Type I/II phasers, these units use a single, enclosed emitter crystal (LiCu 514) and a simplified, ruggedized touch pad with a mechanical backup switch. The smooth, sweeping appearance will make the weapon popular (both Types 1 & 2). The only complaint will be
the smooth hand grip not offering an adequately secure grip.

The Constitution-class USS Jamestown is withdrawn from active service.

Chapman-class hospital ships enter Starfleet service.

The parents of future Federation president Nanietta Bacco are married on Cestus III.

Commander Marc Haber steps down as commanding officer of the USS Columbia.

New Earth: The Flaming Arrow

New Earth: Thin Air

New Earth: Challenger

Gateways: Chainmail
Gateways: What Lay Beyond


The Lives of Dax: Sins of the Mother (Sections 1, 3 & 4)
Audrid Dax writes a letter to her daughter, Neema Cyl, explaining the death of Jayvin Vod, Neema's father.
Strange New Worlds IV: A Little More Action
Foundations: Book Three (Chapters 2-7)

Work begins on refitting the Federation-class dreadnought, USS Corporation. (Star Trek: Avenger)

Scott Mackenzie is born in Edinburgh, Scotland on Earth. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Commodore Liwes Lar is appointed as commanding officer of Starbase 20, transferring from the USS Geronimo. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

In an alternate mirror universe, the Constellation-class prototype ISS Constellation-A enters service in the Terran Imperial Starfleet. Captain Mike Walsh is appointed commanding officer. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Adelphia-One, a Starfleet outpost is turned over to the neutral government on Adelphous III. (Star Trek: Dauntless)

10 years ago

Captain T'lur is assigned as commanding officer of the USS Kongo, replacing Captain Martha Ralight. (Epiphany Trek)

Valerie Lupia begins her career in Starfleet. (Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

Lara is promoted to commander and assigned as first officer aboard the USS Constitution. (Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

James S. Thurston is born in Indianapolis. (Starship Vincennes)

Alohk Ixan of Deneva is elected as the twenty-fifth President of the United Federation of Planets, succeeding Gregory Salamorn. He assumes office in 2281.

2281 - The U.S.S. Enterprise completes its fourth five-year mission, under Captain Spock.

The second minor uprating of warp drive engines on Enterprise class heavy cruisers begins. It will be complete on all ships of this class in one year.

The U.S.S. Enterprise begins its fifth five-year mission, under Captain Spock.

Saavik, ward of Sarek of Vulcan, enters Starfleet Academy. Sarek's family prestige heads off a storm of controversy over the admission of a 'Romulan' to the Academy. Though only half-Romulan and raised as a Vulcan, many people see Saavik as an enemy alien. Nevertheless, Saavik is a valuable resource to
Starfleet, for whom she interprets intelligence data about the Romulans. Because of her help, many myths about the Romulans will be put to rest, and the UFP develops a better understanding of Romulan psychology.

Krantin loses contact with its six interstellar vessels including the "Hope of Krantin".

The USS Rommel (NCC-4850) Niven class light attack cruiser is commissioned. Captain Henry Friess and his crew will be awarded Starfleet's second highest commendation and named flagship of the Retaliatory Fleet for her exploits in the valiant defense against the Romulan Empire.

Dmitri Valtane graduates from Starfleet Academy in the 83rd percentile. His first posting is as a junior astrophysicst aboard the USS Gallipoli.  He will help chart Sectors 219 Alpha, 220 Alpha, and 220 Beta.

After attending one of Commander Sulu's lectures at Starfleet Academy on Earth, Demora Sulu runs into Saavik and Peter Preston. Then she briefly meets Admiral James Kirk (for the last time before 2293) after wandering into a Mark IV bridge simulator, and Boothby. At this time, Uhura has taken a brief leave of absence from Starfleet to take a job on a broadcast station on Mars' capital of Ares City.

The Rising Star class starliner Ring of Saturn en route to Shiralea VI with 1,878 passengers and crew strikes an uncharted asteroid. The impact overloads the navigational deflectors bringing the ship to a halt for repairs. The ship loses all power and in panic several lifeboats are launched. The affair creates a great deal of press and the Lisetovar project is erroneously named a rescue ship.

The secession of Vulcan from the UFP is debated, and T'Pau dies on Vulcan.

The Pandora Principle (Chapters 2-13)
The Romulans' Grand Design is put into action. The Enterprise recovers a Romulan warship loaded with deadly
cargo. Starfleet H.Q. on Earth is contaminated and the
Enterprise voyages back to the planet Hellguard for the cure.

Strange New Worlds VI: A Piece of the Pie (Letters 1-4)

Noonian Soong is born. The cyberneticist will be instructed by the molecular cyberneticist Dr. Ira Graves in his younger years. In his later years he will develop the first androids with positronic brains.

Dr. McCoy learns from his 2 year old grandson, Conner, that his ex-wife had married Clayton Treadway and were diplomats on Chadric VII.

During this era, the people of Risa become involved in a nearly continuous round of armed conflicts. It will take the UFP 3 attempts to bring the two sides to the bargaining table, with the Treadways eventually succeeding c. 2291.

The Einstein class timeslip cruiser is authorized, apparently after the successful test runs of the Lynx (NCC-4700) prototype timeship.

During this period the Son'a faction of the Ba'ku depart
their world and return to space. In leaving the regenerative effects of the metaphasic radiation, the Son'a will continue to age. They will become obsessed with retaining their youth at all costs.

The Avenger class USS Reliant heavy frigate is recommissioned. She will be credited with verifying the existence of the Klingon D-8 K't'inga class warship Kenek on stardate 7545.08. In 2285, the Reliant will be destroyed in the Mutara nebula after seizure by Khan Noonian Singh.

Commander Terrell is promoted to Captain of the Pacifica.

Starfleet's Technical Intelligence Division creates Project Sign as a currently organized operational division.

Around this time, Romulan High Command begins receiving
detailed intelligence reports of new Federation starships coming out of the Star Fleet yards. Worried of these new designs, the Romulans decide to increase the inventory of ships in the fleet by adopting a new thinking on future ship construction.

Jaine and Nervek do theoretical work in subatomic 'kindergarten physics.' This will in time lead to the Genesis Project.

The USS Cahill is decommissioned and sold to William Logan Pierce, a wealthy starship designer. He will refit the vessel and create one of the only privately-owned ships capable of defending itself against a Klingon battlecruiser. Rechristened the Blackheart, it will patrol UFP regions often unvisited by Starfleet and become something of a legend among the Old Frontier

Civil unrest on Delleren V, a Klingon planet, leads to the planet's civilian governor being replaced with a Klingon military governor.

Refitting begins on several Baton Rouge-class escort cruisers.

10 years ago

The Daran-class USS Stark is returned to service, launched from the Yokohama Ship Yards, recommissioned within three months.

Luciano Mantovanni fails to gain admittance to Starfleet Academy, but decides to enlist with Starfleet. (Star Trek: Liberty)

Roger Donovan enters Starfleet Academy (Star Trek: USS

The Oberth-class USS Ballard is commissioned. (Star Trek: The Interim Years)

Ambassador Jeffery Sinclair disappears near the galactic rim after completing a diplomatic mission. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Lieutenant Commander Zack Allan completed his final year as security chief of Deep Space Station B-5. (Star Trek:

2282 - The Enterprise makes second contact with the Calligar at Anomaly T-128 (Pike's Rift). Assembled for this historic event is Commodore Jose Tyler, Dr. Richard Daystrom, and Ambassador Robert Fox. Captain Kirk performs the marriage of Commodore Tyler to former Master Builder Ecma of the Calligar. The Tellarite government lodges a formal complaint with the UFP and declares war on the Calligar for the death of Shondar Dorkin.

Kirk, now retired from Starfleet, meets Antonia on a farm in Idaho. The two eventually lived together for a while until Kirk decided to return to active duty. He later regretted not proposing to her.  Kirk spends his time riding a horse near his uncle's barn.

The Romulans first encounter dark matter nebulae.

The USS Bradley, a Belknap class strike cruiser, becomes famous for being the first Federation vessel to come face to face with the Klingon D-9 "K'teremny" class destroyer when the Bradley is called to UFC 24187-IV by a scientific research team. The Bradley arrives at the planet only slighly ahead of the Raga laying claim to the planet in the name of the Klingon Empire. Starfleet had been expecting this move however, as it had been known for some time that the Klingons were very interested in duplicating the genetic makeup of the planet's native species of chest-bursting parasites. The powerful Klingon warship is defeated and forced to self-destruct but the Bradley provides Starfleet with
valuable data concerning the destroyer's capabilities.

Recently seated Councilor Arman Thel introduces several
plebiscites aimed at re-instituting debate on the validity of a new perimeter action program. Despite promised support from various Council members, the issue is not tabled during any of seven Council sessions (into February of 2277).

Admiral Kt'ler Vodzagin, Commander, Starfleet Acquisition resigns from the Fleet this year. His resignation is due entirely to the failure of the Type IIB phaser alignment fiasco. Admiral Katembe Nagumba assumes his post at Starfleet Command and immediately begins efforts to clean the mess up.

A program is authorized to develop the transwarp drive system.

Charis (T'Kuht), Vulcan's sister planet, is at its closest orbital position to Vulcan in more than three centuries.

By this time, problems with the Type 1/2B Phasers are largely solved, but its reputation is irreparably damaged with no hope for Sestra to regain the sole source supply of Starfleet. The 'supplementary' Type 1/2C has become too popular and is in widespread use.

Admiral Androvar Drake is placed in charge of Starfleet's advanced strategic technology development programs, weapons research. One project he will head will be code-named Rising Star, a feasibility study for developing weapons using protomatter. When the project is abandoned, Drake gives Dr. Marcus a supply of protomatter for the Genesis Experiment.

Dr. Daystrom will develop the groundwork for which holodeck technology would be derived from his study of the Calligarian worldmind. In a decade, a technician in the Cochrane Physics Hall of Starfleet Academy will have very much the same ideas in mind, using a skintight encounter suit to simulate an artificial environment. Although the basics of this device was originally developed some three decades earlier by Chief Engineers Lieutenant Commander Scott of the Enterprise and Projeff Ellis of the Farragut.  The starship Enterprise shortly thereafter was equipped with a holographic recreation room. Dr. Simone Van Gelder, granddaughter of Dr. Simon Van Gelder, will be the project leader (Federation Special Holographic Research Project Dimara) to develop the first practical true holodeck in the 24th Century.

The A Jej system joins the Federation.

Twenty years after the celebrated "Day of Honor" pact between the Klingons and the Narr, Kerdoch retells the tale to his family.

Strange New Worlds VI: A Piece of the Pie (Letter 5)
Enterprise Logs: Just Another Little Training Cruise
Alien Spotlight: The Gorn

Ameline Des Jardins enters Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

Roger Donovan enters Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

2283 - A special committee of the Federation Council agrees upon a new UFP flag: a flat representation of the Federation Treaty Zone, surrounded by a white circular field, superimposed upon a blue field--in honor of the UFP's 150th anniversary.

The USS Enterprise makes first contact with the Inari civilization when encountering a scout ship just beyond Subquadrant 3 South.

At his mother's insistence, 20 year old Tuvok enters Starfleet Academy on Earth following 4 months of initial schooling on Vulcan.

Assuming the 7-year cycle has not been disrupted since 2262, Spock should be experiencing pon farr symptoms at approximately this time.

On Kazh, the Bur Chak kingdom of Shanto K'tor consolidates its hold over the Klingon Emperor's seat.

A minor clash erupts between the Federation and Breen.

10 years ago

The USS Tori, Lafayette, and Wasp defeat the Klingon hunter-killers "K'chss" and "K'utuul" during the Taal Tan Offensive at Linze: Klingon attacks upon UFP merchant ships. This substantial increase in Klingon activity leads to the construction of additional frigate-type starships by Star Fleet: the pacifist bloc falling out of favor with the Offensive having shaken the Federation Council.

Total UFP membership as of this year is 1,270.

Lars-Eric Valdemar becomes Federation Commissioner of the Starfleet Division, signifying Council support for a program of Fleet rejuvenation. He will approve a number of incentives for re-enlistment, increase acceptances to the Academies, and make moves to improve morale (including a re- design of Starfleet uniforms). The Ambassador class heavy cruiser Valdemar will be named after him.

The Ellison Research Outpost is established on the Time Planet (Gateway) in order to study the Guardian of Forever. After some 8 years of conversing with the stone gateway, the Guardian will mysteriously cease to respond to questions on stardate 7328.

Constitution (II) class heavy cruisers begin to have their computer systems upgraded to Duotronic III variants on an individual ship basis.

An attempt is made to salvage the Transwarp Drive Project by pairing it with the Space Control Ship Project. This results ultimately in the USS Excelsior (NX-2000) class space control ship. With the Koeller UTI K27 transwarp engines, a maximum warp of 13 is achieved. The transwarp drive will be unofficially placed back on the research and development status in the next few

A bottle of Romulan ale of this year's vintage will become a gift from Dr. McCoy to Admiral Kirk in 2285.

The USS Knox intercepts a coded distress signal while on patrol along the disputed region of Federation- Klingon border space. The message, originating from a vessel in Klingon space and directed at the Klingon construction facility in the Kohl star system, indicates that a prototype warship had developed an imbalance in its warp field generating capabilities while on trials. The resulting wormhole had left it unable to move or navigate. The Knox immediately dispatches two surveillance drones to examine the stricken vessel. What is discovered is a new Klingon destroyer, representing a substantial improvement over the K't'inga class of battlecruisers: the D-9 K'teremny class warship.

Dean Edwards becomes the Interplanetary Collegiate Champion of Zenball.

Rear Admiral Lisetovar retires after an unprecedented three tours as Chief Salvage Officer of the Fleet.

The USS Sovereign (NCC-2505) Belknap class strike cruiser is launched.

Siroc's thwarted attempts to use the Dyson sphere at the heart of the Briar Patch to escape to another universe result in the sphere's destruction and the reversion of the Patch to warp-normal space. (Star Trek: Hidden Frontier: "Its Hour Come Round at Last")

2284 - Sometime during this period Admiral Kirk pays a visit to The Captain's Table bar at Utopia Planitia on Mars.  He decides to return to Starfleet and becomes an instructor at the Academy.

Teska, Spock's niece, is born.

The Enterprise returns from her final 5-year mission and is deployed as the flagship of the Terran Defense Group, Fleet Subquadrant 0, under the command of Commodore Gregory Westlake.

The Enterprise is drydocked for damage evaluation and refitting, following her last deep-space mission, and undergoes a refit which will last anywhere from six months to a year. Presumably this is when the Enterprise does not meet the performance requirements of Starfleet Directive MXX-487113: 'Operational Parameters And Damage Survival Recommendations For Federation Vessels On Active Duty Status.' (Note that at this time an estimated 400 UFP spacecraft do not meet Directive MXX-
487113.) During this refit, the Enterprise's bridge is
upgraded extensively. The Science Station is moved from
between the turbolift stations and fitted with 16 organic memory packs to store data from the library computer. Turbolift Stations are fitted with Halon 1301 fire extinguishers and wall-mounted personnel monitors (to replace the earlier per- scan individual belt monitors worn on the old uniforms), in addition to receiving turbolift logo stickers. The Internal Security
Station is moved over three stations and equipped with a
written personnel log and the addition of 8 manual override module ports. The Artificial Gravity Control Station has a gravity flux monitor and warning alarms added. The Environmental Control Station is relocated next to the Weapons Station. The Damage & Repair Station is refitted with a smaller console, plug-in ports, and the addition of diagnosis modules and 8 manual override modules. The Communications Station is fitted with
frequency calibration panels. The Engineering Station has a computer monitor redesign and is moved over three positions. The Weapons Station is equipped with a manual photon torpedo fire trigger, a redesigned shield status display, and features the addition of a kick-out panel providing access to the circuit access corridor. The Systems Status panel to the left of the main viewer is fitted with 6 backup power packs and the system status grid is redesigned with 8 color-coded warning strobes.
The Command, Conn and other chairs might also be refitted or replaced at this time.

Enterprise class starships' Daystrom Duotronic II computer systems are upgraded to Duotronic III.

The USS Enterprise, at the request of Admiral Kirk,
Director of Personnel, is reassigned to the Academy for
use on rotation as an Academy midshipman training vessel.

10 years ago

The Transwarp Drive System tests successfully on the USS Excelsior (NX-2000) testbed vessel. Commodore Robert Earl Day and the Strategic Design Power & Propulsion Team prematurely begin to develop a like system for the extant Class 1b starships.

One of the first ship designs inspired by this transwarp breakthrough is the USS Patton class fast frigate. Based on the Excelsior class on a much smaller scale, the "Patton" has warp 14 capacity (though designed for warp 18 via Tandem TLN-2 1st generation transwarp units), 16 phaser emplacements, 4 torpedo tubes, and a ship's complement of 285. Although transwarp turns out to be a bust, the Patton is already ordered and only the prototype placed into service (refitted with the latest Tandem LN-64 engines), with the remaining vessels canceled.

The Battle of Khatanga results in the loss of 7 Starfleet vessels.

Starfleet's Class One starship fleet consists of only 69 starship classes and 1,265 active ships.

Starfleet Galaxy Exploration Command begins a study to design a new starship to replace the current heavy cruiser class, to be designed from the keel outwards. After some five designs are put forward and rejected, Starfleet rather sheepishly agrees that the ideal vessel for Galaxy Exploration is the Enterprise class.

Magna Roma (UFC 892-IV) begins to transform into a republic.

The future Ferengi Grand Nagus Zek is born.

Rishon Uxbridge is born.

The Jeffries antimatter containment system is completed and approved.

Audrid Dax dies, and the symbiont is transferred to Torias who marries a woman named Nilani Kahn.

Dr. Carol Marcus receives official funding through the UFP to work on the Genesis Project after making her proposal.  Her team begins work at the Regula I space station in the Mutara sector.

The USS Reliant is detached from active service and assigned to assist Dr. Carol Marcus and the Project Genesis team.

Philip Boyce retires from Starfleet.  He recommends Gabrielle Carlotti for his replacement as CMO.

The Akkalla-Chorym Alliance is formed.

Most surface plant and animal life is wiped out on the planet Selva by a tsunami.

Mirror Universe: Glass Empires: The Sorrows of Empire
(Chapters 7-8)

Pathways (Chapter 14)
The Captain's Daughter (Chapters 18 & 19)

The Janus Gate: Future Imperfect (Chapters 1-3 & 5-11)
Strangers from the Sky: Book One (Chapters 1-5), Book Two (Chapter 11 & Epilogue)

Hiram Roth of Earth is elected as the twenty-sixth President of the United Federation of Planets, succeeding Alohk Ixan of Deneva. He assumes office in 2285.

Jeffery Pierce promoted to Captain. One of many to enter into consideration for the captaincy of USS Excelsior (NX-2000) but loses out later that same year to Captain Thaddeus Styles. He is instead assigned as Commanding Officer of USS Hathaway (NCC-2593). (Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

Roger Donovan’s exceptional piloting skills are recognized and he is admitted into Nova Squadron, a five member elite flight team. (Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

Commander Lara is involved in an incident on the USS Constitution (NCC-1700) where she overrides her captain's authority. While exhonerated of wrongdoing the incident leaves a "black mark" on her record. (Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

USS Justice (NCC-556) is launched as the first of the new Saladin (upgrade) class, also known as the Saladin Mark V. (Tales of the Seventh Fleet)

Ensign Robert Lupia is assigned to serve aboard the USS Emden (NCC-1856). (Tales of the Seventh Fleet)

2285 - The Lives of Dax: Infinity
Torias Dax dies after a shuttle accident, and the symbiont is transferred to Curzon.  

Trill is admitted into the Federation.

Star Trek II Short Stories: The Blaze of Glory
Star Trek II Short Stories: Under Twin Moons
Star Trek II Short Stories: Wild Card

Star Trek II Short Stories: The Secret Empire
Star Trek II Short Stories: Intelligence Test
Star Trek II Short Stories: To Wherever

Time For Yesterday (Chapter 1-5, 11-13 & Epilogue)

Strange New Worlds I: The Last Tribble

In the Mirror universe, imperial scientist Carol Marcus and her son David perfect their revolutionary Genesis Project. David convinces her that such a process would be used by the empire as a dreadful weapon. When the I.S.S. Reliant arrives at Regula I, they wipe the memory of the station's computer, thus robbing the empire of a great destructive force. They are both arrested.  When David Marcus escapes from the Delta Hydra VI concentration camp. Enraged, Emperor Nogura has Carol Marcus executed as an example of what happens to those who oppose the empire.  Admiral Spock is killed during the Battle of Mutara. Spock's shrine is erected on Vulcan: a sphere balanced on a tiny fulcrum. Overseer Kira will visit it in 2369.  Shortly thereafter, Ambassador Sarek is assassinated by another Vulcan eager for his job. At this time, the Empire spans 6 to 8 percent of the galaxy.

Admiral James T. Kirk celebrates his 52nd birthday.  Kirk and Spock later shuttle up to Enterprise for an inspection and training exercise.

Lieutenant Saavik takes the Kobiashi Maru test at Starfleet Academy.  She later pilots the USS Enterprise out of spacedock on training exercise.

Federation starship USS Reliant, assigned to Project Genesis, conducts search for a lifeless planetoid for third-stage experiment in the Mutara Sector. This stage would involve testing the Genesis device on a planetary scale.

10 years ago

To Reign in Hell: The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh
(Chapter 26)

While surveying planet Ceti Alpha V, the Reliant away team accidentally discovers the encampment of Khan Noonien Singh, former tyrant of Earth's Eugenics Wars. Khan commandeers the Reliant and uses the ship to gain control of the space station Regula 1 and the Genesis Project being developed there. Khan, driven by his revenge on Kirk who exiled him on Ceti Alpha V in 2267, ambushes the Enterprise, responding to a distress call from Regula 1. In the course of a fierce battle in the Mutara Nebula, Spock sacrifices himself, dying of severe radiation poisoning, to save the Enterprise from the imminent explosion of the Genesis device.  Del March, Vance Madison and the rest of the Regula I science crew are murdered by Khan, with only David and Carol Marcus surviving.  Captain Clark Terrell commits suicide after being infested by a Ceti eel in his brain. Peter Preston and many other Enterprise crew members die in Khan's attack. Khan Noonien Singh, Joachim and their entire crew of augments are lost aboard the USS Reliant.  

Using the raw material of the Mutara Nebula, the exploded Genesis device creates a planet, termed the Genesis Planet.  Genesis will be deemed off-limits to all but authorized Federation personnel.  She and David Marcus will later be assigned to the USS Grissom for further study of the Genesis Planet.

Lieutenant Saavik guides the course of Spock's coffin, ejected into space, to soft-land on the surface of the Genesis Planet.

The Wormhole Connection (DC Comics Star Trek #1)
The Only Good Klingon (DC Comics Star Trek #2)
Errand of War/Deadly Allies (DC Comics Star Trek #3-4)
The Organians disappear or withdraw. Several races are blamed for this but none know the true situation:  They are engaged in a prolonged battle with the Excalbians, who have been secretly manipulating both the Federation and the Klingon Empire.
Mortal Gods (DC Comics Star Trek #5)
Who Is... Enigma? (DC Comics Star Trek #6)
The Origin of Saavik (DC Comics Star Trek #7-8)
USS Grissom science team discovers an extraordinary range of lifeforms on the Genesis Planet, including the regenerating, living body of Captain Spock.  A rogue Klingon Bird of Prey, commanded by Captain Kruge, destroys Grissom in orbit.  All hands are lost, save David Marcus and Lieutenant Saavik on the surface.  Marcus is later killed by a Klingon landing party.

In order to get hold of Spock's body to save his katra (soul), Admiral Kirk commandeers the Enterprise in spacedock.  Montgomery Scott, temporarily assigned to the USS Excelsior, sabotages that ship to allow Enterprise to escape.  The crew returns to the Genesis Planet, but the battle-damaged ship is awaited by Captain Kruge. To avoid the capture of the ship by the Klingons, Kirk has to destroy the Enterprise. Kirk gains control of the Bird of Prey and uses it to take Spock to Vulcan.

Genesis Planet disintegrates due to the unstable protomatter used in its creation matrix.

Vulcan High Priestess T'Lar presides over the ancient Fal-tor-pan ceremony, re-fusing Spock's katra, residing in the mind of Dr. McCoy, with Spock's body.

Spock will undergo reeducation and retraining lasting three months at his parents' home on Vulcan.  He rapidly assimilates technical and scientific data taught in the Vulcan way, but has difficulty with Humanistic concepts taught by his mother, Amanda.

When Worlds Collide: Spock Confronts the Ultimate Challenge (Page 5) Retelling of events during the Battle of the Mutara Nebula in The Wrath of Khan.
Strange New Worlds IV: Prodigal Father

Sarek (Chapter 12)

Star Trek III Short Stories: The Vulcan Treasure

Star Trek III Short Stories: World's End

Star Trek III Short Stories: As Old as Forever

Star Trek III Short Stories: The Azphari Enigma

Star Trek III Short Stories: A Vulcan, A Klingon, and an Angel
Star Trek III Short Stories: The Jungles of Memory
Strange New Worlds IV: Countdown
Strange New Worlds 8: Trek
The Lives of Dax: Allegro Ouroboros in D Minor

The Mirror Universe Saga (DC Comics Star Trek #9-16)

Rear Admiral James T. Kirk is named temporary commanding
officer of the USS Excelsior after recovering that vessel from the mirror universe. Commander Hikaru Sulu is assigned as his executive officer. Scotty, McCoy, Uhura, Chekov, Bryce, Konom, Bearclaw, Sherwood, Naraht, Morelli, Richardson, Kerasus and Saavik all join Excelsior as senior staff.

Captain Spock is named temporary commanding officer of the USS Surak after recovering from his fal-tor-pan. Commander Brinks is assigned as his executive officer.  Chu-Sa, Garace, Mello, and McCarthy comprise his senior staff.

The D'Artagnan Three (DC Comics Star Trek #17)
Rest and Recreation (DC Comics Star Trek #18)

Giri (DC Comics Star Trek #19)
Dreamworld (DC Comics Star Trek #20)
Wolf on the Prowl/Wolf at the Door (DC Comics Star Trek #21-22)
Excelsior Ensign Gillespie is murdered by Redjac

Double Blind (DC Comics Star Trek #23)
The Trouble with Transporters (DC Comics Star Trek #24)
Around the Clock (DC Comics Star Trek #25)
The Last Word (DC Comics Star Trek #26)
The Trouble with Bearclaw (DC Comics Star Trek #27)
Maggie's World! (DC Comics Star Trek #28)
Judgment Day! (DC Comics Star Trek #29)

Vicious Circle! (DC Comics Star Trek #30)

Death Ship (DC Comics Star Trek #31)

10 years ago

Death Ship (DC Comics Star Trek #31)

Stand Off (DC Comics Star Trek #32)
The Apocalypse Scenario (DC Comics Star Trek #33)
The Captain's Daughter (Chapters 20-21)

Vorzok's superiors in the Vulcan Academy of Science "strongly suggest" he rejoin Starfleet to interact with other races in the Federation. This is in order to "re-evaluate" the logic of his viewpoints of other races and his position regarding them. Vorzok re-enters Starfleet as a Lieutenant and assigned as Chief Medical Officer of USS Hathaway. (Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

Roger Donovan graduates Starfleet Academy as an Ensign.
(Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

Ameline Des Jardins graduates Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

Starfleet Orion female, Lara, is assigned as First officer of the USS Hathaway at the request of Captain Jeffery Pierce, the Hathaway's Commanding Officer. (Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

Lieutenant Commander Susan Mirsky is assigned as Chief
Engineer of USS Hathaway. (Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

Roger Donovan assigned as Helm officer on USS Hathaway.
(Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

Michael Sinclair is promoted to Lieutenant Commander and made Chief of Security/Tactical Officer of USS Hathaway. (Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

Lieutenant R'Meera is assigned Chief Science Officer of USS Hathaway. (Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

The U.S.S. Hathaway, Constellation II-class, is launched from Copernicus Ship Yards, Luna, under the command of Captain Jeffery Pierce.  When retired 80 years later, it will be part of a Starfleet strategic simulation exercise under the command of Captain Picard and Commander Riker.

Karak is born on Vulcan. (Star Trek: Swiftfire)

Grand Nagus Zek takes his last vacation for 85 years.

The USS Constellation and the USS El Nath are lost due to time distortions.  Captain Carmen Ikeya and her entire crew are lost with the USS Constellation.

The USS Gallant is assigned to patrol the Klingon Neutral Zone to prevent further Klingon incursions into Federation territory. The Gallant is destroyed by a squadron of Klingon battle cruisers in Section 14 of the Gamma Hydra system.

2286 - When an alien probe on the search for the extinct
humpback whales threatens Earth, Kirk and his crew travel to the past in a Klingon Bird-of-Prey. They find two whales in the Cetacean Institute in Sausalito, CA and after some problems with 20th century customs and technology, they manage to take the whales (and marine biologist Dr. Gillain Taylor) with them.  Upon returning to the 23rd century, the whalesong causes the probe to cease hostilities and return home.

The Klingon government, demanding extradition of James T. Kirk
for crimes against the empire, is rebuked.  Kirk stands trial on Earth, and is demoted to the rank of Captain, and given command of the USS Enterprise 1701-A.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (Chapters 1-4, 13 & Epilogue)

Pavel Chekov transfers to the Enterprise-A as chief of security.

The USS Enterprise-A is launched, Captain James T. Kirk commanding.

Dr. Gillian Taylor is assigned as a scientist on a Federation science vessel.

Some weeks after the Cetacean Probe incident, Gracie gives birth to Harpo.

Strange New Worlds IV: Scotty's Song

Debt of Honor (Pages 1-9, 26-37, 45, 50-92)

Choices (DC Comics Star Trek #37)
Retrospect (DC Comics Star Trek #38)
When You Wish Upon a Star (DC Comics Star Trek #39)

Mudd's Magic (DC Comics Star Trek #40)
What Goes Around (DC Comics Star Trek #41)
The Corbomite Effect (DC Comics Star Trek #42)

Paradise Lost (DC Comics Star Trek #43)
Past Perfect (DC Comics Star Trek #44)
Devil Down Below (DC Comics Star Trek #45)
Getaway (DC Comics Star Trek #46)
Idol Threats (DC Comics Star Trek #47)
The USS Cluster loses its senior staff in an ambush by Romulans. After a confrontation with a Romulan vessel, the damaged Cluster and its surviving crew returns to starbase.
Who Killed Captain Kirk? (DC Comics Star Trek #48-55)

Rules of Engagement

The Lornak clan of Acamar III kill all but five members of the Tralesta, ending a blood feud that had lasted for 200 years.

Kirk's dog, a Great Dane named Butler, dies.

Klingon High Chancellor Kesh is removed from power in a coup d’etat.

10 years ago

2287 - Prior to this date, Spock's half-brother Sybok is
contacted psychically by the entity called The One, trapped behind the Great Barrier by the Q Continuum millennia ago.  Sybok will be misled to believe it is the ancient Vulcan God of Sha-Ka-Ree, located at the center of the galaxy, and will be impelled to quest for same.  A plan will formulate, leading Sybok to journey to Nimbus III, the Planet of Galactic Peace.

To Reign in Hell: The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh
(Chapter 1-2, Interlude, 27-28 & Epilogue)

Enterprise undergoes final testing and preparation for service under the direction of Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott.

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
Romulan, Federation, and Klingon representatives on planet Nimbus II are seized by Sybok, Spock's half-brother.  The Enterprise is dispatched to parlay for their release.  Negotiations are unsuccessful, and an attempt is made to free the hostages by force. The attempt is also unsuccessful, resulting in the capture
of the Enterprise by Sybok and his followers.  Sybok uses his telepathic abilities to influence the crew into joining his quest. Enterprise breaches the Great Barrier, and locates the mythical planetoid. At their arrival the landing party is received by The One, which desires to leave its prison by bonding with the
starship.  Sybok sacrifices himself to save the Enterprise crew and his followers.

Pioneer 10 space probe, drifting in interstellar space, is destroyed by a Klingon Bird of Prey commanded by young Captain Klaa.

In the Name of Honor
The Return! (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #1)
The Sentence (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #2)
Death Before Dishonor (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #3)
Repercussions (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #4)
Fast Friends (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #5)
Cure All (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #6)
Not...Sweeney! (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #7)

Going, Going.../...Gone! (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #8-9)
The Trial of James T. Kirk (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #10-12)
The Enterprise tracks the Cetacean Probe back to its planet of origin, which it finds lifeless.  it will later be deduced (in the 24th century) that this world has been ravaged by the Borg.

Pathways (Chapter 14)

The Transwarp Development Project is deemed unsuccessful by Starfleet Command.  USS Excelsior is refitted with a standard warp drive and is assigned Starfleet duty.  The ship, previously classified as an experimental vessel with an NX prefix, is redesignated as NCC-2000.

A Federation starship suffers a systemwide technological failure.  This is the last such occurance prior to the Nanites' takeover of the USS Enterprise-D's main computers in 2366.

2288 - Soyuz-class starships are retired by Starfleet.

The Return of the Worthy (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #13-15)
Partners? (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #16)
Once a Hero (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #17)
God's Gauntlet (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #20)
The Last Stand (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #21)
The Return of Harry Mudd (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #22-24)
Pathways (Chapter 14)
Strange New Worlds V: Legal Action
Starfleet Academy

Day of Honor: Treaty's Law (Prologue & Epilogue)

Starship USS Arcturus NCC-1807 is assigned a mission of historical research in Earth's past, circa the 1960's. However, an accident during the slingshot time warp sends the starship 79 years into the future instead.

Hiram Roth is re-elected to serve a second term as President of the United Federation of Planets, winning by a landslide. On the day the results are announced, Roth dies unexpectantly. A special election is held within one month as per the Articles of the Federation, and Ra-ghoratreii of Efros is elected.

2289 - Following the death of Hiram Roth in late 2288, Ra-ghoratreii of Efros assumes office as the President of the United Federation of Planets after the first special election in Federation history.

Class Reunion (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #25)
Where There's a Will (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #26)
Secrets (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #27)
Truth or Treachery (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #28)
The Price of Admission (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #29)
Veritas (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #30)

Sacrifices and Survivors (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #31)
Danger...On Ice (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #32)
Cold Comfort (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #33)
The Tree of Life, the Branches of Heaven (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #34)

Montgomery Scott and Pavel Chekov are assigned to the USS Pacific to test a protomatter weapon.

Julia Crandall, Pavel Chekov’s fiancée, dies.

Excelsior: Forged in Fire (Chapters 2-4, 6, 8, 10, 12-16)
Commander Hikaru Sulu assigned to the USS Excelsior as first officer.

Federation negotiator Curzon Dax conducts difficult talks with Klingon representative Kang at the Korvat colony.

Thomas Hatch mysteriously disappears without a trace only one sector away from Earth. He is not heard from again for several thousand years.

The "Efrosian Captain" is given command of the USS Justice (NCC-556). (Tales of the Seventh Fleet)

Lt. Cmdr. Carl Stoeffles joins the USS Justice (NCC-556) as Chief Science Officer. (Tales of the Seventh Fleet) 

10 years ago

Funding runs out for the VSA to continue "Project Enigma"

2290 - Hikaru Sulu is promoted to Captain.

At the request of Captain Hikaru Sulu, Pavel Chekov transfers to the USS Excelsior as first officer, but returns to the Enterprise-A before the Excelsior actually gets underway.

Captain Sulu also requests that newly-promoted Lieutenant Commander Janice Rand be assigned to the Excelsior as communications officer. She accepts and will remain at that post for the rest of her career.

The USS Excelsior heavy cruiser is relaunched as an Endeavor class starship, Hikaru Sulu commanding.  Excelsior is one of many Federation starships (including Enterprise) outfitted with improved sensors to support a scientific project cataloging planetary atmospheric anomalies.

Excelsior: Forged in Fire (Chapters 17-43)

The Tabukan Syndrome (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #35-40)
The Captain's Table: War Dragons (Chapters 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16)
Klingon Academy (Epilogue)
A Klingon civil war is led by Galnor, son of Giogh, in an attempt to depose Chancellor Lorak and claim the seat of the High Council. Galnor is killed aboard his ship by General Chang in a Rite of Bloodpeace.
A Little Adventure/Goes A Long Way (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #42-43)
Acceptable Risk (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #44)

A Little Man-to-Man Talk (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #45)

Deceptions (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #46-48)

The Peacekeeper (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #49)
Renegade (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #50)

Epic Proportions (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #52)

Time Crime (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #53)

Nightmares (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #54)
Time to Time (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #55)
Call Back Yesterday (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #56)

Seems Like Old Times (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #57)

No Compromise, Part I (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #58)

Door in the Cage (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #61)

Bait...and Switch (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #65)
Rivals (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #66-68)

A Wolf in Cheap Clothing (DC Comics Star Trek v2 #69-72)

A criminal known as the Albino is chased and nearly captured by Kang, Kor and Koloth.

The Klingon sleeper ship T'Ong begins a long-time exploration mission under Captain K'Temok.  They return in the year 2365, when there is peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

Robert Lupia and Valerie Robison are married by the Captain of the USS Rittenhouse (NCC-3851). (Tales of the Seventh Fleet)

Commander David Stein is assigned as Chief of Operations of the USS Justice (NCC-556). (Tales of the Seventh Fleet)

The Seltorian Hive Ship arrives in the Milky Way. This is the beginning of the Seltorian Tribunal, an attempted genocide of the Tholians commited by the crew of the Hive Ship. (Star Fleet Universe)

2291 - K'mpec enters the Klingon Defense Forces Elite Command Academy.

Strange New Worlds III: jubHa'

Klingon Academy
Cacophony (Captain Sulu Adventures)
Envoy (Captain Sulu Adventures)

A warp core breach on the USS Rittenhouse (NCC-3851) is
averted by Commander Robert Lupia, but not before seven
crewmen are killed by radiation exposure. (Tales of the Seventh Fleet)

Robert Lupia is court-martialed for disobeying orders in the warp core incident. He is reduced in rank to lieutenant and relegated to starbase duty. (Tales of the Seventh Fleet)

Adopted daughter of Commodore Richard Voss dies in an
engineering accident. (Tales of the Seventh Fleet)

2292 - Ra-ghoratreii of Efros is re-elected for a second term as President of the United Federation of Planets.

Nanietta Bacco, future Federation president, is born on Cestus III

Star Trek: Bloodline (Wildstorm Comics)

Alma Roth is promoted to captain and given command of the USS Bill of Rights.

Klingons develop improved Bird of Prey capable of maintaining limited invisibility cloak while firing torpedo weapons.  This advantage will only be temporary, as the constantly evolving arms race will negate it by the 24th century.

The alliance between the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire collapses.  The two former allies become bitter enemies for at least the next 75 years.

K'mpec graduates from the Klingon Defense Forces Elite
Command Academy.

Chancellor Lorak of the Klingon High Council dies in office.

Gorkon, son of Toq, of the House of Makok, is elected
Chancellor of the High Council of the Klingon Empire.

Melkor, the half-brother of Galnor, son of Giogh, attempts to lead a Klingon civil war to claim the seat of Chancellor of the High Council.  He fails.

William O’Shea retires from Starfleet. (Tales of the Seventh Fleet)

The android Enigma begins service on the USS Justice (NCC-556) as a Communications Officer. Enigma is a Kaye-series android from Planet Mudd. (Tales of the Seventh Fleet)

Richard Voss is promoted to Admiral and given command of
Starbase 24 and the associated sector of space. (Tales of the Seventh Fleet)

2293 - Tuvok, now 29 years old, has a position as junior science officer on the Excelsior.

Montgomery Scott buys a boat.

Nyota Uhura agrees to chair a seminar at Starfleet Academy.

10 years ago

Pavel Chekov joins his former captain, James T. Kirk, for a mission to the planet Sanctuary in the Besar system, where they discover a secret Falorian base. They manage to stop the Falorian plans to invade their former homeworld of Huan.  After this, Pavel Chekov starts teaching at Starfleet Academy.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Chapter 1; section 1)
Praxis, a moon of Qo'noS and primary energy production facility for the Klingon homeworld, explodes.  Federation starship Excelsior is also damaged by the subspace shockwave from the explosion.

Klingons: Blood Will Tell
Klingons launch a major peace initiative, during which
Captain Spock agrees to serve as special envoy at the request of his father Ambassador Sarek.  Initial talks appear encouraging.

The USS John Muir (NCC-1732) docks at Starbase 24 for an upgrade.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
A joined conspiracy of Klingon and Starfleet officers strives to obstruct the peace plans by all means. The Klingon chancellor Gorkon is killed, and Kirk and McCoy are arrested and condemned by the Klingons to rot on Rura Penthe. After they have been freed by the USS Enterprise, they head for the Khitomer peace conference, where they defeat the traitors with the help of the U.S.S. Excelsior and Captain Hikaru Sulu.

The assassination of Chancellor Gorkon causes the mobilization of two-thirds of the entire Starfleet, fearing a massive Klingon retaliatory strike. After the successful meeting at Camp Khitomer, the fleet is stood down.

Flashback (Chapters 7-9, 11, 13, 14, 16, 18, 20 & 21)

Kirk and McCoy are found not guilty in an heretofore unheard-of retrial.

Assignment: Eternity (Prologue, Chapter 19 & Epilogue)

Gorkon's daughter Azetbur is elected the new Chancellor of the High Council of the Klingon Empire, and continues his policies.  The Peace Conference is rescheduled to take place at Camp Khitomer.  Both the Enterprise and Excelsior are successful in preventing further tampering by Federation and Klingon forces opposed to the peace process.  The Khitomer Conference becomes a major turning point in galactic politics, representing the beginning of rapprochment between the two adversaries as the Khitomer Accords are signed.  This will be the last mission of the Enterprise-A under the command of James T. Kirk.

In the Mirror Universe, Klingons blow up Praxis, Qo'noS's moon, using Khak'ma bombs in an act of terrorism. The surviving Terran colonists on the planet's surface are then killed by Klingon ships using strafing techniques. Klingons reclaim their homeworld.

The Last Generation: Do Not Close Your Eyes (Prologue & Epilogue; Takes place at the formation of an alternate timeline concurrently with the end of The Undiscovered Country).
The Last Generation: The End of History (Takes place at the formation of an alternate timeline concurrently with the end of The Undiscovered Country).

The Klingon Empire relinquishes its claim to the Archanis sector.

Captain Spock and Romulan senator Pardek meet during the Khitomer Conference.  They remain in contact, pursuing the goal of Romulan/Vulcan reunification, until the year 2368, when Pardek is exposed to be an undercover agent for the conservative Romulan government.

Strange New Worlds VI: One Last Adventure (Sections 2-17)

Strange New Worlds VII: All Fall Down

Best Destiny (Prologue, Chapters 1, 6, 9, 16, 27, 32-36 & Epilogue)


Mind Meld (Chapters 1-15)

Shadows on the Sun (Books One & Three)

Star Trek: Generations (Chapter 1)

The Last Roundup

The Ashes of Eden

The Fearful Summons

The Captain's Table: War Dragons (Chapters 1, 2 & 17)

Federation (Prologue & Epilogue)

The Last Roundup (Epilogue)

Kirk finally retires from Starfleet.

Strange New Worlds I: The Lights in the Sky

Excelsior: Forged in Fire (Chapter 44)

Faramond explodes.

Ambassador Shahna of Triskelion attends a conference on Earth and is briefly reunited with James T. Kirk.

Veret, an agent of the Albino, surreptitiously infects Demora Sulu with a tailored retrovirus.

The Nexus passes through the Alpha Quadrant in its 39-year cycle. Its course this cycle brings it within sector 001, near Earth.

The Enterprise-B is commissioned under Captain John Harriman, but the maiden voyage turns into a rescue mission.  Demora Sulu is assigned as Helmsman.

Star Trek Generations (Chapters 2-5)
James T. Kirk disappears while attempting to rescue ships caught in the Nexus. The circumstances of his disappearance cause him to be presumed killed in action.

Captain Thekla Lawless is one of the people who speaks at James T. Kirk's memorial service. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Strange New Worlds III: One of Forty-seven
Engines of Destiny (Chapters 1 & 8-28)

Strange New Worlds II: The First Law of Metaphysics
Strange New Worlds VII: Obligations Discharged

Carl Stoeffles is promoted to Commander. (Tales of the Seventh Fleet)

2294 - Spock: Reflections (Issue 1, Pages 4-9)

USS Hathaway (NCC-2593) further examines the Nexus that damaged the USS Enterprise-B last year. The Hathaway suffers similar damage and is forced to Starbase 33 for repairs. Starfleet Command concludes that the phenomenon is too dangerous to be examined closely with the current generation of shielding technology. (Star Trek: USS Hathaway)

The Sundered (Chapter 25)

The Captain's Daughter (Chapters 1-4, 13, 14 & 22-32)

10 years ago

Engines of Destiny (Chapter 2)

Transformations (Captain Sulu Adventures)

Relics (Prologue)
After retiring from Starfleet, Captain Montgomery Scott embarks the U.S.S. Jenolan to settle down in the Norpin colony, but the ship crashes on a Dyson sphere.  Unable to escape, Montgomery Scott and engineer Matt Franklin place themselves in transporter stasis.

The Interstellar Concordia begins it's Pacification Campaign.

Rachel Garrett is born.

The USS Carpenter is launched.

The USS Justice (NCC-556) is involved in a catastrophic collision with an asteroid, in which fifty three officers and crew are killed, including the chief engineer and first officer. The ship is brought to Starbase 23 for repairs, where repairs are supervised by Lieutenant Commander Robert Lupia. (Tales of the Seventh Fleet)

2295 - Spock assumes command of the USS Intrepid II, with Nyota Uhura as his first officer and Leonard McCoy as his chief medical officer.

Demora Sulu survives a retroviral attack by the Albino, likely due to inherited immunities to the base retrovirus.

DaqS, son of Kang, Rynar, son of Kor, and the firstborn son of Koloth die due to a retrovirus tailored to their fathers by the geneticist pirate Qagh the Albino. (All three children were very young and born either in this year or the previous one.)  Kang, Kor, Koloth, and Curzon Dax pledge a blood oath to hunt down the Albino to avenge their murdered sons.

The Sundered (Chapter 26)

Excelsior: Forged in Fire (Prologue cha' & Epilogue wa')

There is an outbreak of deadly plasma plague on Obi VI.  Dr. Susan Nuress, a researcher investigating the disease, conducts at least 58 tests resulting in at least one highly virulent mutated strain.

Lieutenant Commander Robert Lupia, and his wife Dr. Valerie Lupia, join the crew of the USS Justice as chief engineer and chief medical officer, respectively. (Tales of the Seventh Fleet)

Lieutenant Donald Woods joins the USS Justice as navigator. (Tales of the Seventh Fleet)

USS Justice (NCC-556) begins her third five-year mission with a rotated crew roster. (Tales of the Seventh Fleet)

The USS Justice (NCC-556) encounters the reactivated Planet Killer and destroys it in the sun of system L-374. Following the heavy damaged sustained against the Planet Killer, the USS Justice is ordered to Starbase 24 to be refitted with a new central computer and an enhanced sensor/tactical suite. The refit is to be done under the supervision of Dr. Hopler. (Tales of the Seventh Fleet; This would have to have occurred in an alternate timeline, as the Doomsday Machine--what was left of it--had already been purloined by the Borg years prior)

The Imperial Klingon State is formed by those opposed to the Khitomer Accords.

2296 - Spock resigns from Starfleet, and enters the Vulcan Science Academy for advanced study in diplomacy and alien cultures.

Vulcan's Forge (Chapters 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 & 24-29)
T'Latrek of Vulcan begins her first term as Federation Councillor from Vulcan.

Following Spock's resignation, Nyota Uhura is promoted to captain and is elevated from First officer to Commanding officer of the USS Intrepid II.

Enterprise Logs: Shakedown

Captain John Harriman first meets Gell Kamemor, a Romulan diplomat. They develop a friendship that serves as a useful "back channel" between their governments.

A shuttlepod is stolen from the Columbia (NX-02).  Its
wreckage will be found by Captain Picard on Kandom 9 in 2368.

After their demand of independence is refused, the Ansata of the Eastern Continent of Rutia IV begin a long terrorist war.

The USS Justice (NCC-556) upgrade is completed. (Tales of the Seventh Fleet)

Lieutenant Commander Robert Lupia contracts the Alpha Centauri Virus, but is saved by Dr. Valerie Lupia and Commander Carl Stoeffles.  Unfortunately, Dr. Hopler is killed by a weaponized version of the Virus. (Tales of the Seventh Fleet)

The USS Justice proceeds to the planet ta’Deb for the captain to complete an Efrosian religious ceremony. (Tales of the Seventh Fleet)

Ra-ghoratreii of Efros is re-elected to serve a third term as President of the United Federation of Planets.

2297 - The Klingon Empire makes first contact with Ventax II, a peaceful agrarian society on the formerly highly industrialized planet.

Strange New Worlds VII: Guardians

2298 - The Sundered (Chapters 1-5, 9-11, 14-16, 21-23 & 27-35)/Pathways (Chapter 14)
Captain Sulu of the USS Excelsior - along with his crewmates Chekov, Rand, Dr. Chapel, and Tuvok - are sent to handle negotiations between the Tholians and their former subject race, the Neyel.

Tuvok resigns from Starfleet.

The Federation and Myhr'an battle over Canaileus Prime, a strategically important planet near the Typhon Expanse. The Federation wins and takes custody of the planet. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

In the Mirror Universe, Marlena Moreau dies during a daring Maquis raid on Rigel IV. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

2299 - The Bajorans begin to colonize the planet Golana.

Lawrence Ishiguro is born. (Star Trek: Remington)

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