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The Great Timeline Project III
10 years ago
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2300 - The Star Fleet uniform insignia pin is replaced by a communicator built inside a shell identical in shape to the pin. The device quickly becomes known as a commbadge.

War breaks out between the Klingon Empire and the Hydran Congress.

In the Gamma Quadrant, the Karemma develop warp drive.

First contact with the Zakdorn

Janri Kash is born.

Adam Zagrin of Deneva is elected as the twenty-eighth President of the United Federation of Planets, succeeding Ra-ghoratreii of Efros. He assumes office in 2301.

2301 - The Cardassian Union takes control of the planet Ingav. Before the planet can be completely annexed, a group of approximately 2,000 Ingavi flee the planet and travel into the Badlands, discovering and making planetfall on the planet Sindorin. Finding Sindorin very similar to Ingav, the Ingavi build a colony on the planet.

Demora Sulu becomes executive officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Aklier Ti'Kara is born on Capulon IV.

Strange New Worlds II: The Hero of My Own Life

A good year for bloodwine; the resulting product was described as "very smooth" by 2375.

2302 - This is the year of the last Federation contact with Angel One prior to 2364. At this point, the technological progress of the planet is equivalent to mid-20th-century Earth.

Jaresh-Inyo begins his political career.

Bata Huri is born.

Julia Murat is born on Torgu-Va.

The Federation holds an Eelstock Convention at Flortarios III. There, Daniel meets Gotens in the symbiont's 4th host, although 82 years later, Daniel would not recall the meeting. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "The Tiloniam System")

2303 - Captain John Harriman and Amina Sasine begin their relationship.

Rafaele Buonarroti is promoted to chief engineer of the USS Enterprise.

A Chateau Cleon produced in this year was used in the celebration of Benjamin Sisko's promotion to captain in 2371.

Mollie Katz begins her Starfleet career as a transport operator aboard the USS Phoenix.

David Gold is born.

2304 - Tuvok abandons his Kolinahr training and marries T’ pel.

Dr. Emil Vaslovick leads a scientific expedition to Exo III, travelling with him is Ira Graves and Noonien Soong.

The people of Ktaria VII first achieve warp capability. A truce ends the Betreka Nebula hostilities between the Klingons and Cardassians. It results in minor concessions from each side, but no actual exchange of resources or territories.

The Napeans first achieve warp capability.

The Oberth-class science vessel USS Polaris in launched from Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.

Pathways (Chapter 14) Immortal Coil ("Seventy Years Ago": Parts 1-3)

Borona Fenn graduates from Starfleet Academy.

Henrietta Newton is born. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

2305 - Birth of Jean-Luc Picard in La Barre, France. He will become Captain of first the USS Stargazer, and then the fifth starship to bear the name Enterprise.

Arex and M'Ress are part of a shuttle expediton that is drawn through an Iconian gateway and lost. They will emerge in 2376.

Sek, son of Tuvok, is born.

Starbase 200 is abandoned after a series of reactor, life-support, and other system failures.

The Grazerites are admitted to the Federation. The Horta Sanaht begins serving on the Federation Council, representing Janus VI.

2306 - The U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-M, the first in a series of museum ships, is christened. Captains Chekov, Uhura, and Harriman attend the ceremony. Peter, nephew of the late Captain James T. Kirk, is now a Commander in Starfleet, assigned to the ship.

Star Trek: Of Gods and Men Charles Evans, released by the Thasians and now in his fifties, learns of the Guardian of Forever and journies to M622 where he uses his powers to corrupt its programming. With the three Captains as witness, Evans alters history by slaying James Kirk's pregnant mother, preventing him from ever being born. As a result, Gary Mitchell kills Christopher Pike on Delta Vega and goes on to become Curate Prime, leading the brutal Galactic Order. Due to the Guardian's corrupted programming, Uhura remembers her 'past life' and ultimately convinces Evans to undue the changes made to reality.

A trade accord is signed on a moon in Tholian space. Attending the ceremony are friends Starfleet Captain John Harriman and Romulan Ambassador Gell Kamemor. They will not meet again until the Tomed Incident.

Xintal Linojj is assigned to the USS Enterprise-B.

Elias Vaughn is promoted to field duties in Special Operation.

Birth of Matthew Dougherty.

Gilaad Ben Zoma is born.

2307 - Birth of Timicin on Kaelon II. He will become a scientist and play an ultimately futile role in that planet's effort to extend the life of the star Kaelon by a helium fusion ignition process.

Chekov is promoted to Admiral.

Uhura is appointed ambassador to Vulcan, and soon after marries Stonn. She will be fast friends with Tuvok.

While on a deep-space exploration mission in the Alpha Quadrant, the Constitution-class USS Daedalus is attacked and destroyed by an unidentified warship in sector 22310. Commodore Shivran and the 450 crew members are killed. The warship was later identified as being Cardassian. (Star Trek: Daedalus: "Into the Reach")

Alynna Nechayev is born.

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10 years ago

2308- Starfleet discovers a Romulan spy at the Antares Advanced Design Laboratories.

The USS Excelsior, under the command of Captain Crajjik, completes a survey of the Delta Campara system.

Refsland is born.

2309 - The USS Enterprise-B has a confrontation with a Romulan warship. Lieutenant Grayson Trent, a Romulan spy aboard the Enterprise communicates to the Romulans using the navigational deflector.

Federation starships first identify the planet Indri VIII.

The USS Harvey is lost with all hands. (Star Trek: Remington)

The Romulans first encounter the Taurhai Unity.

Representatives of the Cardassian Union first offer assistance to the planet Bajor.

Kaarg successfully forestalls a Tholian incursion into Klingon space using a numerically superior task force.

This year's vintage of Klingon bloodwine is considered the finest vintage to date by the 2370s, according to Martok, and reiterated by Kor soon thereafter.

Joseph Sisko is born.

Dorene Allenwood is born.

2310 - Tokek is promoted to alpha-shift navigator aboard the USS Enterprise-B.

A Star Fleet covert operation takes place on the planet Devron II, in the Romulan Neutral Zone. Among the participants are Captain John Harriman and Commander Demora Sulu of the Enterprise, and Commander Michael Paris of the Agamemnon. Paris is killed on this mission, although his death is kept secret.

Harpo, Gillian Taylor, and Carol Marcus discover a refugee colony on supposedly-uninhabited Pacifica. An agreement is made to transfer the colony to an orbital habitat until Dr. Marcus' small-scale Genesis experiments are completed, which would greatly improve Pacifica's habitibility for the colony and for humans.

Another unofficial first contact occurs between the Federation and the Ferengi Alliance.

The Vestians joins the Federation.

Supercarrier USS Normandy commissioned.

Admiral Liwes Lar, aged 75, dies. (Star Trek: Daedalus: "Zhian'tara")

The Federation colony on Alpha Zion is attacked by Klingons. Only the twin sisters Gerda and Idun Asmund survive. They are taken into the family of a Klingon warrior named Warrohk.

Klingon General Gorak crushes an uprising on Ganalda IV. He is a political opponent of Chancellor Azetbur, and this success puts him in a position to challenge her in the near future.

The Romulan Star Empire invade the Koltaari homeworld. Leading the invasion force is Admiral Aventeer Vokar.

Nikolai Andropov is born on the Grecka colony.

Cole Paris, son of "Iron" Mike Paris, is born.

Andreas Nikolas is born.

Joseph Sisko is born.  He will go on to command a starship fated to be destroyed at Wolf 359, and then the former cardassian deep space station Terok Nor (DS9).

Terrance Riley, son of Kevin Riley, is born.

Tales from the Captain's Table: Iron and Sacrifice
(Sections 8, 12, 13 & 16-18)
Alien Spotlight: Four Thousand Throats...(Pages 8-14)

2311 - Lieutenant Commander Xintal Linojj commands the USS Enterprise-B for close to a month while the captain and first officer are away.

Ensign Borona Fenn takes a leave of absence to undergo "The Shift" on her homeworld.

The USS Universe is destroyed shortly prior to the Tomed Incident, prompting allegations that the Federation has begun developing weapons of mass destruction.  Admiral John "Blackjack" Harriman is fatally wounded in the destruction of the Universe.

Proconsul Vreenak demands to examine the data on the USS Universe himself.

Serpents Among the Ruins

The Tomed Incident occurs, resulting in the destruction of the Romulan flagship Tomed, the starship Agamemnon, and multiple outposts in the Foxtrot Sector near the Neutral Zone. Over 4,000 lives are believed lost. Unbeknownst to the general populace, the incident is the culmination of a series of covert operations—-including the failed “hyperwarp” testing conducted by the prototype U.S.S. Universe--orchestrated by Captain John Harriman of the U.S.S. Enterprise and Admiral John “Blackjack” Harriman, and in fact very few lives are truly lost. This remains a carefully guarded secret. The incident breaks a cycle of escalating tensions among the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans. In its wake, the Treaty of Algeron is signed by all three powers.  Among its key provisions is that the Federation will not further develop cloaking technology beyond its current state, and the Romulans will withdraw from the occupied Koltaari homeworld and the Koltaari begin receiving Federation aid. Following the signing of the treaty, the Romulans retreat to their space, close their borders, and "disappear" for more than 50 years. The reason for the disappearance is unknown to the Federation (extended conflict with the Taurhai Unity).

The USS Agamemnon is destroyed.

The USS Cantabrian (NCC-607) is destroyed with a loss of nearly all hands. Captain Thekla Lawless, commanding officer of the Cantabrian, and Commander Marjal Jonar, second officer, survive. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Captain John Harriman resigns as commanding officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Demora Sulu is promoted to captain and assigned as the ship’s next commanding officer.  Harriman marries Amina Sasine and resigns from Starfleet.  He later runs for Federation Council.

Klingon Chancellor Azetbur is assassinated on Qo’noS.  Kaarg takes her place.

The interdimensional planet Meridian materializes briefly in this universe in the Trialus system.  It will not reappear until 2371.

Edward Jellico is born in Houston, Texas on Earth.

Jillur Gueta is born on Bajor.

10 years ago

2312 - The warp scale is altered so that warp factor 10 is defined as “infinite velocity”. The warp formula is also revised.

Qualor II is chosen as the site for a Federation surplus ship depot.

According to Starfleet records, Flint the Immortal dies.

Varith, son of Tuvok, is born.

Construction begins on the Excelsior-class USS Cantabrian at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Hilary Preston is born in Warrington, Great Britain, Earth. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Elisto Plazzi is born. (Star Trek: Gibraltar)

Diane Coulter is born on Belle Terre. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

2313 - The Taurhai begin attacking worlds on the leading edge of Romulan space. An extended conflict begins.

The Bolians evacuate the population of Uzor IV before its sun collapses.

Kevin Uxbridge, actually an immortal Douwd, meets a human woman named Rishon in the city of New Martim Vaz in the Atlantic Ocean on Earth and marries her.  They eventually join the 11,000 colonists in the ill-fated Delta Rana IV colony in 2361.

Gatherer Penthor Mull of Acamar III is killed by a microvirus designed by Yuta, the last Tralesta.

David Vlekkenbaaij is revealed to be an agent of the Terran Purification League. He and his family are later killed in revenge for the part that Vlekkenbaaij played in the murder of Andreas Kitabatu al-'Qalb's wife and child in 2298. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station: "A Separate War")

Tricia Cadwallader is born.

Stephaleh n'Ehliarch is born on Andor.

Terrance Mackenzie, son of Scott Mackenzie, is born. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Gedna Tachion is born on Coridan. (Star Trek: Lionhearted)

Himta Mayala is born. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Aubin Lee Doran is born. (Starship Vincennes)

2314 - Transformations (Captain Sulu Adventures)

Mind Meld (Chapter 16)

Kira Meru is born on Bajor.

All adults on the Federation mining colony of Hamlin are killed by the Choraii. The children are kidnapped.

Shar-Lon becomes a dictator on his world after acquiring the Gifts of the Builders and destroying all nuclear weapons on his world. He orders that the World of the Peacekeepers be constructed.

Mark and Anne Jameson get married.

The Excelsior-class starship USS Cantabrian (NCC-24705) is launched from Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.  Captain Thekla Lawless is given command, with Commander Marjal Jonar as first officer. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

2315 - Rachel Garrett graduates from Starfleet Academy.

Tales from the Captain's Table: Iron and Sacrifice
(Sections 2, 4, 5, 9-11, 14, 15 & 19-21)

The Daystrom Annex is constructed near Starfleet Headquarters on Earth.

Cantabrian commanding officer Thekla Lawless and her crew make first contact with the Kaartali. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "The Fire In Which We Burn")

Tejharet is born on Aluwna.

Louise Drayton is born in Ottawa, Earth.

Curtis Renford is born. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Jessica Maxwell is born. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

2316 - While serving aboard the USS Argos, Lieutenant Rachel Garrett meets her future husband, Ven Kaldarren.

Space station Deep Space 2 is constructed in a sector on the rimward edge of the Federation.

Strange New Worlds IV: Uninvited Admirals (First flashback)

Elexenten is born.

Sonek Pran is born.

2317 - The inhabitants of the Federation colony on Orin IV discover an ancient computer network, possibly belonging to the Preservers.

Tales from the Captain's Table: Iron and Sacrifice
(Sections 1, 3, 6 & 22)

Mikel Gordonez is born.

2318 - First contact is made with the people of Ligon II.

Terok Nor: Day of the Vipers (Chapters 1-7)
The followers of the Cardassian religion of the Oralian Way are welcomed by the Bajoran clerics - especially once it is discovered that the two religions share the same principles. One priest of the Oralian Way, Skrain Dukat, is allowed to have an Orb experience.

War breaks out between the Aretians and the Pargites.

Katherine Pulaski is born in Krakow, Poland on Earth.

Sambl is born on Capulon IV.

Darren Ditillo is born.

2319 - Development of the multiplex pattern buffer eliminates the already-rare condition of transporter psychosis.

Karnas takes 63 passengers aboard a starliner hostage on Mordan IV.  Covert violation of the Prime Directive by Captain Mark Jameson of the U.S.S. Gettysburg leads to 40 years of civil war.

Captain Ernesta Rodriguez is given command of the USS Gibraltar.

Strange New Worlds 9: Solace in Bloom (Section 1)

The planet Buran becomes unified into one community.

On the planet Eloh, the civil war undergoes a resurgence as the Populists and the Dar clash.

Elieth, son of Tuvok, is born.

Gregori Andropov is born.

T'Mor is born.

Surmak Ren is born on Bajor to Surmak Hoek and Surmak Stimson.

10 years ago

2320 - Burning Dreams (Prologue, Chapters 10, 19 & Epilogue)
Spock is (for a second time) summoned to Talos IV on behalf of Christopher Pike.

The Federation recognizes the recently-formed Bolian world government and allows the Bolians formal entry into the Federation.

The Zakdorn complete the Grand Project and settle on their newly-completed artificial homeworld.

A shipbuilding program in the Rigel Colonies replaces their entire fleet of commercial courier ships with state-of-the-art vessels over the next few years. This will cause a small diplomatic crisis in sixty years when these same vessels all require expensive upgrades at the same time.

The mines on Dytallix B are exhausted and abandoned.

The Tsorans re-establish diplomatic relations with the Fandre.

The Hokule'a-class cruiser USS Daedalus is launched from the Antares Fleet Yards. (Star Trek: Daedalus: "New Frontiers...")

Raymond Marr, son of Kila Marr, is born.

Miranda Vigo is born on New Gaul.

Lewis Zimmerman is born on Earth to Gregory Zimmerman and Sandra Fritz.

Timor Landi is born on Bajor.

Lisa Cusak is born.

Raymond "Renny" Marr is born. He will be killed by the crystalline entity.

10 years ago

2321 - Romulan Deresus-class heavy scouts first commissioned.

An early contact between Humans and Cardassians takes place when a Cardassian vessel crashes on the planet Juhraya.

Anomaly T-128 ("Pike's Rift") opens once more.  However, at the time, the Federation chooses not to make contact.

Strange New Worlds 9: Solace in Bloom (Section 3)

Boothby begins his career as groundskeeper at Starfleet  Academy.

A revolution in the K'tralli system leads to the rise of a dictatorship in the system.

Stefan is born.

Elizabeth Fallon is born.

Ragat is born.

Zalkan is born on Krantin.

2322 - Jean-Luc Picard applies to Starfleet Academy but is rejected.

Starfleet Academy: Starfall

Ambassador-class heavy cruisers first commissioned.

Federation explorers first encounter the Calder System.

The Galor IV colony wins the bid to become a planetary annex of the Daystrom Institute.

An ongoing armed conflict between the Cardassian Union and the Talarian Republic ends in stalemate, with the Cardassians pulling back from Republic space.

The Bajoran wormhole undergoes a brief subspace inversion.

Owen Paris enters Starfleet Academy.

Marriage of David Gold and Rachel Gilman.

Marie Bourget is born in Dakar, Senegal on Earth. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

2323 - The Federation calendar is resynchronized. This year works out as the "zero point" for the stardate system used in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Starfleet Academy: Nova Command
After he has applied in vain a year before, Picard is admitted to Starfleet Academy.

Picard participated in the Starfleet Academy Marathon on Danula II.  He is the first freshman to win.

Vice Admiral Bill Buchanan is born on the Jupiter science station. (Star Trek: Wineland)

Terok Nor: Day of the Vipers (Chapters 8-17)
The Cardassian Union, led mainly by the Obsidian Order, makes up Tzenkethi attacks on Bajor to improve their military presence.  Lonnic Tomo, aide of Bajoran minister Jar Holza, dies in the fake Tzenkheti attacks.

Kurrgo establishes a Klingon restaurant on Cardassia Prime.

Vedek Gar Osen dies in an accident and is secretly replaced by Obsidian Order agent Pasir Letin.

Haven Santana is born on Magnia.

Evelyn Hoffman is born.

2324 - Birth of Beverly Howard in Copernicus City, Luna, to Paul and Isabel Howard. Beverly's mother dies while she is still a child, and young Beverly is raised by her grandmother, Felisa Howard.

Birth of Jase Garrett (son of Rachel Garrett and Ven Kaldarren).

Federation starships begin the first detailed explorations of the BeTau Sector, and first contact is made with the Pinnaar Domain.

The Starfleet training vessel USS Republic returns to the Sol system. It does not leave the system for the next 50 years.

The USS Gandhi is launched.  Lieutenant Rachel Garrett is assigned to the starship.

Oonnoommi becomes Commandant of Starfleet Academy.

The Starfleet Academy team wins a parrises squares tournament over the heavily favored team from Minsk.  The following party in the Academy grounds causes Boothby three weeks of work repairing the damage.

Tales from the Captain's Table: An Easy Fast (Section 2)
David Gold graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the USS Gettysburg under Captain Mark Jameson.

Ibudan is born.

Caltrine is born on Xenex.

Gregory Hodges is born in England, Earth. (Star Trek: Daedalus: "The Daedalus Incident")

2325 - Birth of Devinoni Ral in Brussels, European Alliance.  He is one-fourth Betazoid.

Rachel Garrett is promoted to full lieutenant.

The first formal contacts are made between the Federation and the Cardassian Union. The Cardassians rebuff all peaceful overtures.

Apollo-class light cruisers enter service in Starfleet, as a replacement for the Philadelphia-class.

The Son’a conquer two primitive races–the Tarlac and the
Ellora–and integrate them into their culture as a labor class.

Kai Meressa dies.

Oliver Bunnell is born in Pendelton, Oregon on Earth. (Star Trek: Omega Force: "Destiny at Magor")

10 years ago

2325 - Birth of Devinoni Ral in Brussels, European Alliance.  He is one-fourth Betazoid, which Ral uses to his advantage as an adult in his career as a professional negotiator.

Rachel Garrett is promoted to full lieutenant.

The first formal contacts are made between the Federation and the Cardassian Union. The Cardassians rebuff all peaceful

Apollo-class light cruisers enter service in Starfleet, as a replacement for the Philadelphia-class.

The Son’a conquer two primitive races–the Tarlac and the Ellora–and integrate them into their culture as a labor class.

Kai Meressa dies.

Oliver Bunnell is born in Pendelton, Oregon on Earth. (Star Trek: Omega Force: "Destiny at Magor")

2326 - The Ambassador-class USS Republic is launched from the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. Shortly after, she begins a five-year long-range exploratory mission of the Beta Quadrant. (Star Trek: Daedalus: "Into the Reach")

During a warp accident near Starbase 32, Darya Bat-Levi is horribly disfigured, and her brother Joshua Bat-Levi is killed.

A group of Eerlikka called the Pevvni colonize the ninth planet in their star system.

Vendetta (Chapter 1)
Selar is born on Vulcan.

Rugan is born on Evora.

Justin Tighe is born on Klatus Prime.

2327 - Ambassador Sarek and Perrin are married.

Enter the Wolves
A peace summit is held on Vulcan. The Legarans are on hand as observers. Representatives from Cardassia Prime request the
opening of trade rights with the Federation. Ambassador Sarek is doubtful, but Ambassador Spock, openly disagreeing, advocates the granting of the request. Meanwhile, when Perrin stumbles onto a Cardassian plot to disrupt the Legaran treaty negotiations in order to leave Legara open for seizure, she is kidnapped. When Perrin is rescued and the plot prevented, the
Cardassian government disavows any knowledge of the agents’ actions. Nonetheless, with the Cardassian application for trade
rights determined to be a pretense, diplomatic overtures are deferred for an indefinite period.

Tales from the Captain's Table: An Easy Fast (Section 4 & 6)

Jean-Luc Picard, Marta Batanides and Cortin Zweller graduate from Starfleet Academy.  Picard is valedictorian.
In his later years, Picard would credit Academy groundskeeper
Boothby for helping him to find the strength to make it
through some tough times.

After his graduation, Ensign Jean-Luc Picard has to be implanted with an artificial heart after he is seriously wounded in a fight with a Nausicaan over a game of dom-jot at Starbase Earhart.

Ensign Jean-Luc Picard and is assigned to the USS Antares, under Captain Ivan Gruzinov.

Ensign Cortin Zweller is assigned to the USS Ajax under Captain Narth.

The Federation makes first contact with the Sadalsuudians of Beta Aquarius V.

Kanar from this year was considered quite expensive. Damar ordered one after his promotion to Gul in 2374.

William Patrick Samuels is born in Bergen, Norway

Bennington Biraka is born.

Mendan Abbis, son of Gerrid Thul, is born.

Castor Nayfack is born.

Michael Eddington is born.

Donatra is born in the Romulan Star Empire.

2328 - The Cardassian Union begins "to help and develop" Bajor, starting its de facto occupation.  This forces much of the
population of Bajor to resettle elsewhere, including three planets in the Valo system on the outskirts of Cardassian
territory.  Those who reamin on Bajor are tortured and otherwise mistreated.  An underground of Bajoran nationals conducts a terrorist campaign against the Cardassians for the next 40 years. Eight out of the nine known Orbs of the Prophets are confiscated for study, the Bajorans only able to hide the Orb of Prophecy and Change. 

Starfleet Intelligence sends to covert agents, Lieutenant Alynna Nechayev and Gwen Jones to Bajor, to investigate the
possibility of a Cardassian occupation. However, though the UFP expresses sympathy for the peole of Bajor, as the Bajoran
government does not reach out for help to the United Federation of Planets, it is decided not to interfere (until 2368).

Bajor develops warp drive capability.

Constable Darrah Mace gets hold of the blackbox of one Bajoran ship that was supposedly attacked by Tzenkethis in 2323; he
discovers the truth, but before being able to tell anybody, the black box is destroyed and Darrah is beamed unconsciously
aboard the USS Gettysburg (NCC-3890) - awakening only after the Cardassians have completed the occupation of Bajor.

The Cardassian vessel Sontok discovers the wreckage of a vessel believed to be part of the ancient Klingon flotilla led by
Ch’gran on the planet Raknal V near the Betreka Nebula. When the Klingon vessel Wo’bortas attempts to stake a claim, the
resultant conflict begins what will be later known as the “Betreka Nebula Incident”, which will spark conflict between the Klingon Empire amd Cardassian Union for the next 18 years. When the Federation is asked to mediate the conflict, Ambassador Curzon Dax proposes a competition to develop the planet according to the Organian Peace Treaty model, with the planet awarded to the group which best develops it.  Following this, negotiations are held on board the USS Carthage.

As his first solo mission for the Obsidian Order, Corbin Entek observes the Betreka Nebula negotiations on the USS Carthage.

10 years ago

Ian Andrew Troi of Earth and Lwaxana Troi of Betazed are married.

Scientists Noonien Soong and Juliana O'Donnell are secretly married on a trip to Mavala IV, against explicit wishes of
Juliana's mother.

Jean-Luc Picard is granted a brief leave of absence from Starfleet in order to take part in a prestigious footrace.

Miles Edward O'Brien is born in Ireland to Michael O'Brien.

Dick Brownfield boarded the SS Manila at Chronister II, bound for Thomsworld Spaceport.

Scott McKnight boarded the Manila at Beta Wiltz III.

Arlene Fukai boarded a starship at Alpha Rossi, bound for Alpha Echevarria IV.

Adele Simmons boarded a starship at Starbase Allen, bound for Lauritson's Planet.

Alex Smutko boarded the Manila at Purser's Planet, bound for Delta Charnock IX.

Mark Stimson books passage aboard the Manila, and boards the transport at Balder's Planet, bound for Epsilon West IV.

Ishan Chaye is born on Bajor.

Admiral Karen Hayes is born on Earth. (Star Trek: Wineland)

Carol Murphy born in Utopia Planitia city, Mars. (Star Trek: Swiftfire)

Admiral Joran Jakur Belar is born on Trill. (Star Trek: Unity One)

Hent Tevren is born.  Gifted with the rare psionic talent of telekinesis, he will go on to become a serial killer--one of his
victims being Vena, betrothed of Devys Argent.

Josip Vossted is born.

Nella Daren is born on Evadne IV.

An Revell An is born on Delta Sigma IV.

Zeitsev is born.

Space station Deep Space 3 is constructed near the Breen sector of space.

A love letter written (in french) from Strasbourg the 7th April 2328, is kept by Jean-Luc Picard in the Picard family album.

Hikaru Sulu is elected President of the United Federation of Planets.

2329 - Hikaru Sulu assumes the office of the President of the United Federation of Planets, beginning three terms which would see him serve as President until 2340.

Vulcan's Heart Chapter 1
Spock and Saavik are betrothed on Vulcan.

Strange New Worlds IV: Uninvited Admirals (Second flashback)

Amal Kotay (Chakotay) is born on Trebus.

José Tyler, aged 105, dies at his home on Deneva. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Starfleet begins to adopt a new system of computing.  Duotronic enhancers are first replaced as information storage and
processing devices by isolinear optical chips.

Mullibok escapes from a Cardassian camp on Bajor and settles on the moon of Jeraddo.

Security officer Pierzinsky assigned to the USS Lantree.

Richard Castillo started service in Starfleet around this year.

Marc Brooks is born.

Thaddeus Quint is born.

Yevir Linjaran is born.

Wendy Roper is born.

Lawrence Ishiguro is promoted to lieutenant commander. (Star Trek: Remington)

Captain Joseph Parker assumes command of the Miranda-class USS Argus. (Star Trek: The Adventures of Argus)

Marika Khan is born in England, Earth. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Anthony Schama is born in Belfast, Ireland on Earth. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

2329 - Hikaru Sulu assumes the office of the President of the United Federation of Planets, beginning three terms which would see him serve as President until 2340.

Vulcan's Heart Chapter 1
Spock and Saavik are betrothed on Vulcan.

Strange New Worlds IV: Uninvited Admirals (Second flashback)

Amal Kotay (Chakotay) is born on Trebus.

José Tyler, aged 105, dies at his home on Deneva. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Starfleet begins to adopt a new system of computing.  Duotronic enhancers are first replaced as information storage and
processing devices by isolinear optical chips.

Mullibok escapes from a Cardassian camp on Bajor and settles on the moon of Jeraddo.

Security officer Pierzinsky assigned to the USS Lantree.

Richard Castillo started service in Starfleet around this year.

Marc Brooks is born.

Thaddeus Quint is born.

Yevir Linjaran is born.

Wendy Roper is born.

Lawrence Ishiguro is promoted to lieutenant commander. (Star Trek: Remington)

Captain Joseph Parker assumes command of the Miranda-class USS Argus. (Star Trek: The Adventures of Argus)

Marika Khan is born in England, Earth. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Anthony Schama is born in Belfast, Ireland on Earth. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

2330 - The Malon have completed colonization of their home star system, and have begun to explore space beyond it.

Birth of Kestra Troi, first daughter of Ian Andrew and Lwaxana Troi.

Strange New Worlds 9: Solace in Bloom (Section 5)

Sara Kingsley is born.

James Maxwell graduates from the University of Birmingham and obtains his medical degree. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Captain Christopher Henderson is born on Luna. (Star Trek: Wineland)

Captain Thekla Lawless retires from Starfleet after 77 years in service (not including Academy time). She acts as an unofficial ambassador to the Kaartali, moving to a small Kaartali colony. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "The Fire In Which We Burn")

Captain Jack Annand takes command of the USS Cantabrian (NCC-24705) after Lawless's retirement. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "The Stars Fill The Sky, So In Love With You Am I")

10 years ago

2331 - Joseph Sisko meets a woman named Sarah in Jackson Square.  They are married, following a two-month courtship.

Federation colony established on Boradis III.  Over the next thirty-four years, three other settlements will appear in this
star system.  This colony is one among thirteen settlements within striking distance of the Klingon sleeper ship T'Ong when
it returns to the area in 2365.

A series of refits are implemented to Excelsior-class heavy cruisers, to extend the lifetime of this class of vessel.

Cortin Zweller is recruited into Section 31.

Security officer Pierzinsky transfers from the USS Lantree to the USS Reliant.

The pirate known as the White Wolf begins raiding Federation shipping. He and his crew evade capture by hiding in the
highly-dangerous Beta Barritus star system.

Opaka Fasil, son of Prylars Opaka Sulan and Bekar, is born on Bajor near the Shrine at Kendra.

The USS Republic returns from her five-year long-range exploratory mission of the Beta Quadrant. Over the course of the mission, the Republic had charted over 100 star systems and encountered several new races. (Star Trek: Daedalus: "Into the

Ethan Arden is born in Melbourne, Australia on Earth. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

2332 - Birth of Benjamin Lafayette Sisko in the city of New Orleans, on Earth.

The Gift
Q takes Jean-Luc Picard back to Paris, the home of his younger self.

An eight-year old Beverly Crusher has her first crush on a eleven-year old soccer player named Stefan, which led to her
having fantasies about having children, a career, and a happy life.

The commander of the USS Gandhi is killed while on a mission helping Bajoran refugees.

Captain Rachel Garrett assumes command of the U.S.S. Enterprise-C.

The impulse engines later used aboard the Val Jean are built.

While in the 40 Eridani System, the science vessel U.S.S. Thorne observes a Romulan vessel drop into the star’s gravity well
and vanish, leading to an alteration in the timeline. Pursuing the Romulan ship into the past, the Thorne discovers that the
Romulans gave warp drive technology to the Andorians 740 years in the past. The Thorne also encounters a time-traveling
Romulan vessel from the altered timeline. With the aid of the time-traveling Romulans, the Thorne is able to undue the
damage and restore the proper flow of 24th century history. This event leads to a meeting between the Tal Shiar and the
Department of Temporal Investigations, strengthening the observance of the Temporal Prime Directive on both sides.

Enterprise Logs: Hour of Fire
The Nexus passed through the Alpha Quadrant in its 39-year cycle. In a neutral sector, it came within a mere 3000 kilometers
of the orbital city Oblivion. It reopened old wounds for Guinan, who traveled to Oblivion for this event.

Security officer Lieutenant Pierzinsky transfers from the USS Reliant to the USS Stargazer.

Harold Anton was born on Earth. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Pavlo Celcho is born in Moscow, Earth. (Star Trek: Swiftfire)

2333 - An orbital collision over Raknal V destroys a Cardassian transport and the Klingon passenger vessel Chut, killing all aboard both ships.  Among the passengers on the Chut is General Worf, father of Mogh.

Tales from the Captain's Table: An Easy Fast (Section 8 & 10)
The Valiant (Book Two)
Lieutenant Commander Jean-Luc Picard assumes command of the U.S.S. Stargazer when the ship's captain is killed in the line of
duty.  He is promptly promoted to Captain.  At age 28, Picard is among the youngest Starfleet officers ever to captain a starship.

Mirror Images (Issue 3)
In the mirror universe Jean-Luc Picard takes command of the ISS Starbreaker.

Elizabeth Wu is assigned to the USS Stargazer.

The Stargazer is ordered to apprehend the White Wolf. They are successful at apprehending him, but when they do, they
discover that the pirate’s real identity is that of exobiologist Emil Carradine. Carradine explains that he found a latinum-rich world called Daribund that had a pre-sentient species on it, and became a pirate to draw vessels away from the world and thus preserve the species. Picard recovers the stolen Federation cargo, but allows Carradine to escape.


A Mirror Universe alternate of the Asmund Twins crosses over and boards the Stargazer in an unsuccessful attempt to kidnap
Chief Engineer Simenon.

The Art of the Impossible (Chapter 15)

Jean-Luc Picard first meets the El-Aurian called Guinan on the city-station called Oblivion.

Strange New Worlds I: Together Again, for the First Time


The first mission set in the TNG era in the video game Star Trek: Legacy takes place in this year.

Sarah Sisko disappears two days after Benjamin Sisko's first birthday.

Gaila begins a forty-year career in the weapons-dealing business.

Sarah Sisko, who is possessed by a Bajoran Prophet, leaves her husband Joseph.

Gerda Asmund and Dr. Carter Greyhorse begin a secret relationship.

Rear Admiral Ryan Chappelle (Star Trek: Wineland)

Elizabeth Singh is born. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

10 years ago

2334 - Napea is admitted to the Federation.

Klingon Chancellor Ditagh dies. He is succeeded by Kravokh.

K'mpec takes a seat on the Klingon High Council.

A very potent and dangerous drug called Red Ice begins appearing on remote Federation colonies. Due to its danger, it is a considerable concern to Starfleet.

The starship U.S.S. Carpenter is listed as missing. Debris and the bodies of the crew are found, but the ship is gone.

The Art of the Impossible (Chapters 16-18)

Birth of Kathryn Janeway.

Birth of M'k'n'zy of Calhoun on Xenex.

According to a falsified Starfleet personnel file, Kieran MacDuff is born on September 27th of this year to Joseph and Les MacDuff on Gamma Canaris N.

Birth of William Ross.

Ilon Tandro is born on Klaestron IV to the late General Ardelon Tandro and his wife, Enina Tandro.

Kainon is born.

Drake Thomas Mallory in born on Aldebaran Prime. (Kal-Dixas Spaceport)

Antonius Carolus Angelus Strube is born on Magna Roma
(UFC-812 IV). (Star Trek: Pendragon)

David Tiki is born in Fiji, Earth. (Star Trek: Swiftfire)

2335 - Birth of William Riker to Kyle and Elizabeth Laura "Betty" Riker in Valdez, Alaska.

Birth of Geordi LaForge in the African Confederation.

Chakotay, at the age of six, aspires to become a paleontologist.

After three failed attempts to create an android with a
positronic brain (one of which results in a prototype B-4), Dr. Noonien Soong creates Lore, but he soon exhibits a dangerous behavior and has to be deactivated. in the following year he builds another, less emotional android at the behest of the colonists which he names Data. Soong strives to make his creation more human by programming the memories of all colonists of Omicron Theta into him, but before he can be reactivated, the crystalline entity will attack, killing all the

The Federation science vessel U.S.S. Yosemite becomes the first starship to penetrate the plasma storms within the Badlands.

L. Isao Telaka is born.

Stephen April is born on Earth. (Star Trek: Arcadia)

Jordan Rampart is born. (Star Trek: Arcadia, Star Trek: Cadre)

Jonathan Hunt is born in Seattle, North America, Earth (Star Trek: New Order)

James Farrell is born in Kickapoo, Kansas, North America, Earth. (Star Trek: The Nomad Frontier)

Richard Boswell is born on Earth. (Star Trek: Remington)

2336 - Data is built on Omicron Theta, and begins his
endeavor to become more Human.  He will serve on the
Enterprise-D and Captain the Enterprise-E.

Birth of Deanna Troi near Lake El'nar on Betazed.

During a family picnic, Deanna Troi's older sister Kestra drowns in Lake El'nar.

Sarah Sisko dies in a hovercraft accident.  Her former husband, Joseph Sisko, discovers Sarah's whereabouts but also discovers that she had died a month earlier.

A private expedition, including Captain Rachel Garrett’s
ex-husband and their son, discovers a vault on a planet that contains a large number of disembodied life-forms, confined to an otherworldly existence by the ancient Hebitians. When the vault Is breached, the aliens seize mental control of several members of the expedition, including Captain Garrett’s ex-husband, Ven Kaldarren. Responding to emergency calls, a team from the Enterprise-C is able to contain the threat posed by the life-forms, but Kaldarren is one of the casualties.

The Omicron Theta Colony is destroyed by a Crystalline Entity.  The memories of all the colonists are downloaded into Soong's android Data, and it is left, deactivated, where it can be found by Starfleet first-responders.  Doctor Noonien Soong and Juliana
Soong relocate their laboratory amid the jungle of Terlina III, with plans to summon Data to him at a later point in time.  Both are presumed dead.

Romulan smuggler Rajari rapes a Vulcan woman named T'Pas on Cor Coroli IX.

Trekal Darhe'el is given command of the Gallitep labor camp.

M'raq begins service in the Klingon Defense Force.

The Sli are discovered by the scout U.S.S. Crockett in the Qizan Qal'at star system. Before contact can be made, the Crockett is destroyed after reporting the arrival of a Klingon warship.

The Alonis people are admitted to the Federation.

In the Delta Quadrant, the Nokaro, a colony ship carrying nearly 3,000 people, mostly families, is consumed by a giant bioplasmic organism, which fooled the crew into believing that they were headed for an inhabitable planet. Qatai's family was among those lost, leading him to dedicate his life to destroying the creature.

Lt. Commander Melikazhri sh'Dhan is born in a southern keep on Andoria. (Eighth Fleet)

Well of Souls       

Myriad Universes: Brave New World (Prologue)

2337 - The first group of ASRV-type vessel lifeboats are
delivered in time to be fitted to the final Renaissance-class starship, the U.S.S. Hokkaido.

An unidentified spacecraft carrying an infant shapeshifter of unknown origin is discovered adrift in the Bajoran system's Denorios Belt.  The changeling will be named Odo by his Cardassian handlers.

Birth of Tasha Yar on Turkana IV.  Shortly thereafter, the government of Turkana IV collapses, leaving the planet ruled by terrorist factions fighting each other.

T'Pas gives birth to a daughter, which she names Soleta, and raises her with her mate, Volak.

Beverly Howard colors her hair brunette, but is displeased with it and changes it back very soon.

William Riker's mother Elizabeth "Betty" Laura Riker dies, and the boy is raised by his father.

10 years ago

Trill Ambassador Odan negotiates a peace between the

Alpha and Beta moons of Peliar Zel.

Elizabeth Wu leaves Starfleet and joins her sister as a
researcher on Hydra IV.

L'Beth is born on Regulus V. (Eighth Fleet)

Jonathan Masters is born in Canberra, Earth. (Star Trek:

2338 - The USS Tripoli, in responding to Omicron Theta's
distress call, discovers the android Data and activates him.

Starfleet Academy: Mystery of the Missing Crew (Prologue)
The starship Independence is lost and presumed destroyed.

Joseph Carey is born on Danula II.

Greta Vanderweg is born in the Alpha Centauri system.

Jonas Quinn is born. (Starfleet Command)

Simon Welsh is born. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Henry Maxwell dies at the age of 67. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

David Mackenzie is born on Cestus III. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Brian Pelletier is born in Montreal, Earth. (Star Trek: Luna)

Saru Jaron is born on Bajor. (Star Trek: Luna)

The USS Bismarck, a Centaur-class light cruiser, is commissioned. (Star Trek: Independence)

David Rice graduates from Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: The Nomad Frontier)

Lieutenant Mark Coleman is captured by the Cardassians while on an undercover mission for Starfleet Intelligence. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Timothy John Barranco is born on Pacifica. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Ceej Whaldron is born. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Christina Canapp is born on Mars. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Jonathan Dutton is born. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

2339 - Sometime prior to this year, archaeologist Richard Galen and Captain Jean-Luc Picard see each other for the last time for over thirty years.  At this time in his life, Picard was considering a career in this field of science.

Pathways (Chapter 14)

Death in Winter: Arvada III
Beverly Howard aids her grandmother Felisa Howard during the disaster on Arvada III.

Zald is admitted to the Federation.

The last case of Rigelian Fever in the known galaxy is reported.

Curzon Dax works as a mediator in finding a resolution to the Klaestron Civil War.  General Ardelon Tandro is killed by rebels.  Afterward, his troops win the decisive battle in the civil war on Klaestron IV.  It is not known at this time that Tandro, who was a friend of Curzon Dax, has actually betrayed his people.

Wildfire: Book Two (Chapter 8)
Mosaic (Chapter 2)

Selok is born on Vulcan. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart is born in Scotland, Earth. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Marjal Jonar dies, having been host to the Jonar symbiont for 78 years. The symbiont is transfered to Salin Jonar. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

James Maxwell enters Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

2340 - Hikaru Sulu's third term as Federation President ends.

During this era, the Federation comes into conflict with the Cardassian Union, the Talarians, and the Tzenkethi.

Also around this time, increased difficulties with Andorian renegades attract the active attention of Starfleet Command.

Worf, son of Mogh is born on Qo'noS.

Ro Laren is born on Bajor to Ro Talia and Ro Gale.

Geordi La Forge is caught in a fire, but rescued by his parents after a few minutes.

Reginald Barclay is born on Earth.

Marcus “Mark” McHenry, grandson of Carolyn Palamas and the Being calling itself Apollo, is born on Inferna Prime.

Nathaniel Taros pursues groundbreaking neurochemistry
research on low-gravity species. His study of neuromuscular adaptation meets with no practical success.

Detailed surveys of Calder II uncover Sakethan Burial Mounds, left by the ancient pre-Romulans during their diaspora from Vulcan.

In the Gamma Quadrant, the planet Yadera Prime is conquered by the Dominion.  A man named Rurigan escapes to Yadera II where he rebuilds his home village as a fully holographic environment with holographic inhabitants.

Mikel is born on Gault.

Janet Brooks is born in Birmingham, Earth.

Jonozia Ramin is born on Trill. He will eventually become the host to the Lex Symbiont in 2367. (Star Trek: The Adventures of Argus)

Marie Bourget and her husband are married. It is not known if she was pregnant with Helena at the time. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Joshua Fuller is born. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Antonio Ramirez, the third of three children, is born to Drs. Javier and Maria Ramirez, aboard the USS Auckland (NCC-4100). (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Helena Bourget is born, the only child of Marie Bourget and her husband. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Hrithrarr is born on Regulus V. (Eighth Fleet)

Mary Leigh Barranco is born on Pacifica, the third of six children. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Joshua Hofmann is born on the USS Manassas. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Susan Core is born in New Orleans, Earth. (Star Trek: Swiftfire)

2341 - Birth of Jadzia Idaris on Trill.

Julian Subatoi Bashir is born on Earth.

Lwaxana Troi first uses the nickname "Little One" for her daughter Deanna.

The planets Tsora and Fandre reestablish diplomatic and trade relations.

Herbert-class cargo carriers and Cheyenne-class exploratory cruisers first commissioned.

Alesia Prime is admitted to the Federation. Star Fleet establishes Starbase 315 in orbit of BeTau IV.

Damiano joins the United Federation of Planets. Es'sca G'ullho begins his first term as governor.

10 years ago

Mila is employed as housekeeper by Enabran Tain.

Wildfire Book Two (Chapter 8)
Data is permitted to enter Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Academy: Mystery of the Missing Crew (Set during Data's first year at Starfleet Academy)
Starfleet Academy: Secret of the Lizard People (Set during Data's first year at Starfleet Academy)
Starfleet Academy: Deceptions

USS Cantabrian commanding officer Jack Annand disappears
mysterious. Neither he nor his body is ever found. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "The Stars Fill The Sky, So In Love With You Am I")

Meris Kyal is born. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Michael Newton, the eldest son of Henrietta and Charles Newton, is born. (Star Trek: Daedalus: "Shakedown")

Aaron Prentice is born on Earth. (Star Trek: Intrepid)

Jordan Davis Dennis is born in St. Croix on the Starwater Colony. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Benjamin Wallace Bartholomew is born in Tycho City, Luna. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Timothy Jacob Sinclair is born in Christopher's Landing, Titan, and orphaned. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Commander Jacob Sinclair is killed in a mysterious shuttle accident near Saturn's moon Titan. His wife Ilanna dies on Titan, soon after giving birth. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Robert Tuff is born in Manchester, Great Britain. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Logan MacLeod is born in Glenfinnan, Scotland, Earth. (Star Trek: Prometheus)

Nikki Whitechapel is born in London, Earth. (Star Trek: Swiftfire)

2342 - Jean-Luc Picard has a rendezvous with Jenice at the Café des Artistes in Paris, which he fails to keep.

Beverly Howard is admitted to Starfleet Academy's medical program.

During a party celebrating Deanna Troi's sixth birthday, her mother Lwaxana disappeared halfway through the celebration, but returned later, dressed as a Koropian princess and carried in a sedan chair by four men, much to Deanna's embarrassment.

The planet Cabrius Prime is destroyed when its sun supernovas, a rare incident within Federation space.

Lewis Zimmerman graduates from Starfleet Academy.

Birth of Ishara Yar on Turkana IV.

At age five, Tasha and Ishara Yar are orphaned on Turkana IV when their parents are killed in a crossfire between rival gangs.  Tasha is left to care for her younger sister.

Klingon Parrises Squares player M'Kota R'Cho strangles the referee after a controversial penalty.

Surmak Ren graduates as a medical doctor from the University of Bajor.

Si Cwan is born on Thallon.

Ziranne Idaris is born on Trill.

A Château Mouton Rothschild produced in this year was given to B'Elanna Torres by Tom Paris for their second anniversary in 2375.

David Hawk is born in Boise, Idaho, Earth. (Star Trek: Artemis)

Gregory Hodges enters Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: Daedalus: "The Daedalus Incident")

The Hokule'a-class USS Daedalus goes missing while responding to a distress call received from a Tarkalian freighter in the Pulan system. (Star Trek: Daedalus: "New Frontiers...")

Samuel Cruz, the eldest child of Juanita and Ernesto Cruz, is born in Mexico City, Mexico, Earth. (Star Trek: Daedalus: "Ghosts")

The SS Ariadne (NAR-11402) is retired from Starfleet service. (Star Trek: Intrepid)

Jason Athelstan is born. (Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles; Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

A Bajoran boy is born in a labor camp. Sometime thereafter, his parents are killed in an attempted escape, and the boy is eventually found and adopted by Starfleet Captain Paul Twining, who names the child Russell Lee Twining. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Peter Bradford is born. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Starfleet Academy: Loyalties

2343 - Starfleet approves early design work on Galaxy class starship development project.  The third ship of this class will eventually become the fifth starship to bear the name Enterprise.

On a mission bringing a peace proposal to the Cardassian Union, the USS Stargazer is attacked by Cardassian warships and is forced to flee in retreat.

Kyle Riker teaches his son, William, anbo-jytsu.

Geordi La Forge's first pet is a Circassian cat.

Tuvok returns to Starfleet after a lengthy absence.

The Battle of Chi’tai takes place. With this battle, the
Romulans drive off the Taurhai.

Romulan D’virin-class incursion frigates first commissioned.

Birth of Kira Nerys in the Dahkur Province of Bajor.

The Federation Science Council sends an archaeological
expedition to study the Sakethan Burial Mounds.

Ian Andrew Troi, father of Deanna, is killed in a building collapse on Raknal V.

The Cardassian freighter Kamal is caught in a plasma storm in the Badlands. All hands are lost, and the freighter is declared lost by Cardassian authorities. Aboard that freighter is the Bajoran Orb of Memory.

Based on estimates by Starfleet, the atmosphere of Qo'noS would've been dissipated due to the explosion of Praxis by this year without assistance.

Alyssa Ogawa is born in Vancouver, Earth.

Sara Parker is born aboard the USS Demeter. (Star Trek: The Adventures of Argus)

William and Yvonne Yates arrived on Omicron Ceti III. (Star Trek Crusader)

Vanessa Ann Yates is born on Starbase 11. (Star Trek Crusader)

Candela Greene is born on the SS Drageon en route for Earth. (Star Trek Crusader)

Luiwtheleth ch'Artan is born on Andor. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Peter J. Koester is born in New York City, North American Continent on Earth. (Star Trek: Dauntless)

10 years ago

Patrick Jackson is born in Florida, Earth. (Kal-Dixas Spaceport)

Bayle Olin Erikssen transfers to the USS Arapaho to serve as first officer. (Star Trek: Luna)

Lawrence Potter obtains a degree in psychology from Oxford University. (Star Trek: The Nomad Frontier)

Davin Andersen is born in New London, Connecticut on Earth. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Nathan McConaughy is born on Aldebaran Prime. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Nora Laas is born in Rakantha Province, Bajor. (The Star Eagle Adventures)

Aimee Wessling is born in San Francisco, Earth. (Star Trek: Swiftfire)

Rebels: The Conquered (Prologue)

Rebels: The Courageous (Chapters 1, 6-8 & 12)

Rebels: The Liberated (Chapters 4, 9, 12 & 15)
Strange New Worlds V: The Shoulders of Giants (Two: Rayvis)

The Art of the Impossible (Chapters 19-26)

2344 - The Klingon Empire and the Federation are negotiating a peace treaty. This peace conference is occurring as the USS Enterprise-C responds to a distress call from Narendra III.  It is probable that Riva of Ramatis III attended this peace conference.

The U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-C) disappears with all hands after answering a distress call from a Klingon outpost on Narendra III.  This event reemphasizes the Khitomer Accords and ensures a lasting peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.  There are rumors of survivors, later proven true. Among these survivors is the Tasha Yar from the "war universe", who had joined the crew during a time-jump brought on by space-time
distortions created by the energy from the various weapons used in the battle with four Romulan warbirds. Yar is taken to Romulus. Subsequent to interrogation, her life is spared when a Romulan general offers her life (and those of other survivors) in return for her consortship.

Wedding of Spock and Saavik (consummating their 2329

Jean-Luc Picard meets Beverly Howard for the first time.

A Starfleet captain fails in his attempted contact with the Jarada, following a protocol error that causes a twenty-year rift between the two organizations.  In 2364, Captain Jean-Luc Picard succeeds in establishing relations with the Jarada.

William Riker goes fishing with his father Kyle Riker, near their home in Valdez, Alaska.  His father insists upon reeling in his big catch, which bothers the younger Riker for many years.

Part of the Voyager episode "Tattoo" takes place during this year.

At the age of 15, Chakotay's entry into Starfleet Academy is sponsored by Captain Sulu.  It's likely that this is Demora Sulu.

The Bajoran Springball Association releases a new Springball scorecard sheet.

Romulan Admiral Narviat deposes Praetor Dralath over the
Narendra III attack, becomes Praetor himself.

Romulan Senator Erket slain by Praetor Dralath on the floor of the Senate.

Three Cardassian military vessels are reported missing in the Badlands. A freighter, the Kamal is also lost in the Badlands at the beginning of the year but its loss is unreported. The Kamal remains caught in a plasma eddy for the next thirty-two years.

Draa'kon geneticists discover a genome to enhance combat
capabilities. It is rejected by their own genetic structure, and they seek out other races that may have genetic structures more receptive. They find such a race on the planet Xhaldia, and seed the planet with an airborne virus to introduce the genome.

The Zakdorn are admitted to the Federation.

Devinoni Ral, at the age of 19, leaves Earth and relocates to Hurkos III.

Tales from the Captain's Table: An Easy Fast (Sections 12 & 14)
Vulcan's Heart

Strange New Worlds III: The Fourth Toast (Sections 2, 4, 5 & 10)

The Art of the Impossible (Chapters 27-29)

Tales from the Captain's Table: Seduced (Sections 1-10)
Pathways (Chapter 2)

Tales from the Captain's Table: Seduced (Section 11)

Mosaic (Chapter 4)

Matthew Cross is born. (Star Trek: Banshee Squadron)

Noel Turner's body is discovered with several others aboard a cryosatellite displaced from Earth orbit. A Starfleet medical crew revives him. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Noel Turner and Salin Jonar become friends. The friendship between Turner and the Jonar symbiont and its hosts lasts for decades. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Noel Turner enrolls at Starfleet Academy. He has many avenues open to him as he holds two university doctorates. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Kayl and Daniel are time-lost on Narendra III, from the year 2379. With Daniel incapacitated, and Kayl alone, she sets out to live the rest of her life out on the planet. It wouldn't be until 2383 when Kayl would transport through a molecular reversion field and be returned to a youthful age. (Star Trek: Phoenix:
"Occurrence, Part II", "Life 2")

John Boswell is crippled during a minor skirmish with a hostile species and is forced to retire from Starfleet. (Star Trek: Remington)

Maxine Benton is born on Betazed. (Star Trek: Swiftfire)

Letac Vari is born on Bajor.  She and her parents are smuggled off Bajor on a freighter with other refugees.  The freighter is attacked by a Cardassian warship, which kills the crew and most of the fleeing Bajorans including Vari's parents. The ship is found by a Starfleet vessel and Letac Vari is adopted by a couple on the vessel and renamed, Terri Renu. (Star Trek: Swiftfire)

10 years ago

2345 - Requiem (Prologue)
The Gorn Hegemony declares war on the Federation due to their expansions in the Alpha Quadrant and Beta Quadrant. The U.S.S. Stargazer is contacted by the Gorn Alliance, the first contact between the Alliance and the Federation in several decades.  Captain Jean-Luc Picard negotiates with their leader, Keeyah, and war is averted.

Data graduates from Starfleet Academy with honors in exobiology and probability mechanics and is promoted to ensign.

Birth of Kurn, brother of Worf.

Robin Lefler is born.

Sela is born to Tasha Yar, after becoming the consort of a Romulan general, in a Romulan prison camp on Romulus.

Birth of Devys Argent on Betazed to Rael and Pella.

The Albino comes out of hiding, following a narrow escape from Kang, Koloth, Kor and Curzon Dax on Galdonterre, and establishes a fortified compound on Secarus IV.

Kor, while serving on the Klingon Oversight Council, strikes the name Martok off of the Klingon Defense Forces candidate list after noticing that he comes from the lowlands of Ketha Province. Martok later signs on aboard General ShiVang's flagship as a civilian laborer.

The USS Brattain is commissioned at 40 Eridani A Starfleet Construction Yards.

The Kazon band together and overthrow the Trabe. They steal a large number of Trabe warships, force the Trabe from their homeworld and head out into space. Soon after this, the Kazon revert to fighting among themselves.

Hovath was born in this year.

Nguyen Dinh Van and Dr. Nguyen Thi Xuan-Hong, civilian crew aboard a Starfleet starship, are exploring deep space beyond the Typhon Expanse where they have a run-in with a hostile alien race. The Nguyens, along with a few others, survive. Yh'ahni is born, although her mother dies in childbirth.  The Nguyens adopt Yh'ahni after her mother dies after giving birth to her. The survivors make their way back to the Federation in whatever craft they could salvage, use or gain safe passage on: a journey taking them several years. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)
Alice, on the Edge of Night (Section 6 "Then")

Terok Nor: Night of the Wolves (Prologue)
The Cardassian scoutship Kevalu, patrolling the Bajor system under the command of Dalin Ocett, pursues an unauthorized Bajoran vessel into the Denorios Belt. Shield interference from the Belt weakens Kevalu's defenses, forcing it to destroy the Bajoran ship in lieu of disabling and capturing it.

2346 - While the Mogh family except for Kurn (being cared for by family friend Lorgh) visit Khitomer to find evidence for a treacherous plot against the Klingon emperor, by the Duras family, Romulans attack the Klingon outpost on Khitomer. 4,000 Klingons are killed, including the whole Mogh family with the exception of young Worf and his nursemaid Kahlest. The U.S.S.
Intrepid, following a distress call, arrives too late, but Worf is rescued by Starfleet engineer Sergei Rozhenko who adopts the orphan. The Romulans don't kill all the Klingons, but transfer nearly a hundred of them to a secret camp on Carraya.

USS Intrepid, after the Khitomer Massacre, pays a visit to Starbase 24 where another survivor, Kahlest, disembarks for medical treatment. She later books a passage to her home in the Klingon Empire.

K'mpec succeeds Kravokh as Klingon Chancellor by defeating him in a challenge combat.

Terok Nor: Night of the Wolves (Chapters 1-3)
The Cardassian military begins construction of a mining station, designated Terok Nor, in orbit around Bajor.  Terok Nor is manned and Gul Dukat is promoted Prefect of Bajor.  Corat Damar serves under Dukat, and Basso Tromac becomes Dukat's personal aide.

Kira Nerys' mother, an icon painter from the Dahkur province on Bajor, allegedly dies of malnutrition in the Singha refugee camp, but has actually been transferred to Terok Nor to become a "comfort woman", and Dukat's mistress.

During the construction of DS9, the Bajoran scientist Dekon Elig creates an aphasia virus, a device to release which is planted on the station as a weapon against the Cardassians. It is not used at the time.

Cardassian scientist Miras Vara gets a first look at a Bajoran orb.

DS9: Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night (In part)
Lenaris Holem rejoins the Bajoran Resistance in the Ornathia resistance cell.

Opaka Sulan begins opposing the old Bajoran caste system; kai Arin revokes her vedek title as a consequence.

Natives of the planet Onorrh develop a cure for the virus Rihehnnia.

Jal Sankur unites the Kazon sects in rebellion against the Trabe.

A permanent archaeological facility is opened on Calder II.

The Klingon Empire cedes Raknal V to the Cardassian Union, formally ending the “Betreka Nebula Incident”.  Negotiations begin over the Ch’gran relic.

In the Delta Quadrant, war breaks out between the Talaxians and Haakonians.

Morgen graduates from Starfleet Academy and is promoted to Ensign.

Jean-Luc Picard becomes romantically involved with Miranda Vigo on Earth.  Nine months later, Jason Vigo is born. He could be Jean-Luc's son, but in 2368 it will be proven by a DNA test that he is not.

At the age of 18, Miles O'Brien joins Starfleet as an enlisted crewman and is assigned to the USS Rutledge, under the command of Benjamin Maxwell.

Astrophysicist Dr. Paul Stubbs begins a project to study stellar explosions for which he develops a probe called "egg".  he chooses the Kavis Alpha system for his studies.

At age five, Julian Bashir performs his first "surgery," sewing a leg back on Kukalaka, his beloved stuffed teddy bear.

10 years ago

Jaresh-Inyo begins serving as the Federation Councillor from Grazer.

Thomas Eugene Paris is born.

The Art of the Impossible (Chapters 30-40)

Pathways (Chapter 2)

A Saint-Émilion produced this year was present in the
holographic recreation of Chez Sandrine on board the USS
Voyager in 2371, which was shared by Tom Paris and Harry Kim.

The SS Ariadne is retired from active Starfleet service.

Fraternal twins Patrick and Anna Ingrum are born on stardate 24476.2. (USS Baldwin)

Amanda Stacey is born. (USS Baldwin)

Marie Bourget starts training at Starfleet Medical Academy. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Dakota Caldwell is born to Dr. Jefferson and Captain Sydney Caldwell. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Dakota")

Jake Kurland is born on Archer IV. (Star Trek: Daedalus: "Ghosts")

Joseph Tyler is born aboard the USS Exeter. (Star Trek: Daedalus: "Ghosts")

Dayton Read is born. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Gregory Hodges graduates from Starfleet Academy and is
assigned to the Excelsior-class USS Canada. (Star Trek: Daedalus: "The Daedalus Incident")

Dar is born on Sherman's Planet. (Star Trek: Dauntless)

Daniel Hunter is born in Armstrong City, Luna Colony. (Star Trek: Intrepid)

S'Ceris is born. (Star Trek: Intrepid)

David Renner is born in Tycho City, Luna. (Star Trek: Luna)

Norman Dace is born. (Star Trek: New Order)

Nathan Reed is born in Pike City, Cestus III. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

T'Pel is born. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Benjamin Kelsoe is born in Billings, Montana, Earth and is orphaned. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Andreas Kitabatu al-'Qalb becomes Beta Miranda V's
representative on the Federation Supreme Assembly. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station)

Thanks to the influence of Admiral Leonard McCoy, Puto is made a full lieutenant and is assigned to the USS Potemkin as a tactical officer. (Star Trek: Unity)

Henry Kano is born in Botany Bay, Australia on Earth. (Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Realm)

2347 - The Starfleet insignia is revised for the first time in over 60 years, altering the background circle to an ellipse and slightly modifying the arrowhead.

Cardassian forces, fearing a massive attack will be launched from the planet Setlik III, launch a preemptive strike against the Federation colony there.

Aerie-class surveyors first commissioned.

The Federation institutes revised colonization guidelines discouraging the establishment of colonies propagating exclusive ideological, religious, or ethnic identities.

To keep his son William interested and challenged in anbo-jytsu, Kyle Riker begins to cheat at the martial arts during combat.

Worf, at the age of only seven, gets into trouble at school on Gault for beating up several teenaged human boys.

Ro Laren witnesses her father Ro Gale's brutal torture and murder at the hands of Cardassian forces.

Dr. Paul Manheim begins a search on a location that meets his criteria for his time and gravity experiments.

The Enlightened Mind Movement begins to agitate for Betazoid withdrawal from the Federation.

Elias Vaughn first meets Ruriko Tenmei while on a mission with T'Prynn to assist the defection of Crem Veruda from the Cardassian Union.

A bottle of Chateau Picard from this year's vintage is given to Jean-Luc by his older brother Robert.  Captain Picard later shares this botle with Chancellor Durken of the planet Malcor.

Opaka Fasil joins the Bajoran Resistance.

M'k'n'zy of Calhoun begins the Xenex rebellion against the Danteri.

Pathways (Chapter 2)

Strange New Worlds IV: Flash Point ("Flashback" refugee camp)
Mosaic (Chapter 6)

Terok Nor: Night of the Wolves (Chapter 4)

Jason Vigo is born.

Veronica Stadi is born.

The final two human augments created for the Cardassians, later known as Roslyn and Bridget, are born. (USS Baldwin: "Evolution")

Jenna Carson is born. (USS Baldwin)

Maxine Vasser is born in Martian Colony 3. (Star Trek: Banshee Squadron)

Captain Henrietta Newton is assigned command of the USS
Republic. Commander Lydia Bryant, is also assigned to the Republic as Newton's first officer. (Star Trek: Daedalus: "First, Do No Harm")

Ro Nevin is born. (Star Trek: Hidden Frontier)

Matthew Cole is born on Dorvan V. (Star Trek: Intrepid)

Connor Burt is born in Texas, Earth. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

2348 - Jean-Luc Picard visits his family in Labarre for the last time until 2367. 

Jack Crusher marries medical student Beverly Howard.  He
proposes with a joke by giving her a book entitled "How to Advance Your Career Through Marriage". Jack and Beverly had been introduced by Walter Keel, a close friend of Crusher's and Picard's (although Picard hadn't yet met beverly at this point).

Ensign Data is promoted to lieutenant.

Julian Bashir undergoes an illegal genetic alteration to improve his mental and physical abilities.

Chakotay graduates from Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet officer Stefan DeSeve defects to the Romulan Star Empire and begins to live on Romulus, where he will stay for the following twenty years.

The Purity League, a Human radical political group opposed to interspecies mating, appears on Archaria III.

The U.S.S. Vigilant is lost during a long-range survey mission of the Perseus Arm of the galaxy.

10 years ago

Birth of Annika Hansen, daughter of Magnus and Erin Hansen and later known as Seven of Nine, is born in the Tendara Colony.

Around a hundred Federation citizens, including Captain Maxwell's family are killed in a Cardassian attack on their colony. Rutledge crew member Boone is taken prisoner, but later killed and replaced with a surgically altered Cardassian spy.

The weather control system on Caldos experiences its last problem for the following 22 years.

Marouk of Acamar III makes her last attempt to establish peace with the nomadic Gatherers for the next 18 years.

Opaka Sulan recovers an orb (and thus making sure that Gar Osen is not able to recover it first).

The Davon system is ceded to the Cardassian Union in a border treaty with the Federation.

Cardassian scientist Miras Vara decides to go looking for the remainders of the Oralian Way after she realized that her vision was about the mask of Oralius. She is later joined by Glinn Sa'kat in her quest.

Obsidian Order operative Letin Pasir, disguised as vedek Gar Osen, kills kai Arin, and is later killed himself by another operative of the Order.

After an accident while kept hostage on Bajor by resistance fighter Aro Seefa, Veja Ketan, fiancée of Corat Damar, is uncapable of bearing children. Damar cancels their engagement as a result.

Shinzon of Remus is created after genetic material is surreptitiously extracted from Federation Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard of Earth by agents of the Romulan Star Empire.

George, Mark McHenry's father, leaves his family.

Death in Winter "San Francisco"
Captain's Peril (Prologue)

Wildfire Book Two (Chapter 8)
Being Human ("Then...")
The Captain's Table: Once Burned ("First Encounter")

Terok Nor: Night of the Wolves (Chapters 5-13)

Jaimie Petrelli is born on Stardate 26298.7 (USS Baldwin series)

Samantha Beckett is born at the Night's Shore Station on Pluto. (Star Trek: Banshee Squadron)

Lee Carter is born in Cochrane City on Alpha Centauri II. (Star Trek: Banshee Squadron)

Noel Turner graduates from Starfleet Academy with honors. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Ulitania Aujan enters Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: The
Cantabrian Expeditions)

Milami Thall is born to Sileon and Ualla Thall on Bolarus IX. She is their first girl and fifth child. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

2349 - Birth of Wesley Crusher.  When Wesley is ten weeks old, Jack Crusher records a holographic message he hopes Wesley will play on his eighteenth birthday.

Lyndsay Ballard is born.

Harry Kim is born on Earth.

B'Elanna Torres is born on Kessik IV.

Helga Fontaine is born.

Alexander Munro born on Luna.

Salia is born on Daled IV, her parents both die shortly after her birth. An unnamed Federation starship later takes Salia and her governess, Anya, from Daled IV to Klavdia III, so that Salia could be raised in a neutral environment.

The Romulan Empire begins exploration of the Diodor Sector.

The Great Alaskan Earthquake takes place on Earth.

Leonard James Akaar is promoted to captain and given
command of the USS Wyoming.

Tuvok returns to Starfleet after an absence of over 50 years. His first assignment is aboard the starship Wyoming.

Romulan D’deridex-class heavy warbirds first commissioned.

Kobliad security officer Ty Kajada begins tracking Rao Vantika, who is accused of causing the death of other to keep himself alive.

On Romulus, Tasha Yar tries to escape together with her
daughter Sela. However, the little girl cries out as her mother takes her away from her home and Tasha is subsequently executed.

Dr. Paul Manheim's theories begin to gain acceptance in the Federation scientific community.  Upon selecting Vandor IV for his experiments on time and gravity, Dr. Manheim assembles a team of scientists. Later this year, they establish a research outpost on the planetoid.

Curzon Dax and Benjamin Sisko meet for the first time.

Mosaic (Chapter 8)

Dark Allies ("Twenty years earlier...")

Double Helix: The First Virtue

A Stitch in Time (Part 1 chapters 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 15, 16, 18 & 19)

The Red King (Chapter 4)

Pathways (Chapter 14)

Ethan Arden enters Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: The
Cantabrian Expeditions)

Katy Cassoday is born (USS Baldwin)

Sarah Allison is born (USS Baldwin)

Donna Belding is born (USS Baldwin)

Josephine Schmidt is born in New Berlin on Luna. (Star Trek: Banshee Squadron)

Simon Priest is born on Centaurus. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Marcus Jenson is born on Earth. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Alison Hughes is born in Christchurch, New Zealand, Earth. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Jikra Kalo is born on Trill. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Joanna Barranco is born on Pacifica. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Karen Howe is born on Mars. (Star Trek: Remington)

10 years ago

2350 - Reflecting changing circumstances, Starfleet is
reorganized along a model proposed by Bolian Admiral Taneko.

A colony of North American Indians settles on Dorvan V, ending nearly two centuries of wandering in search of a new home.

Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Stargazer travel to
Thallonian space and thwart a coup attempt by General Gerrid Thul.

The Belaxalar geostructure builds the first Benzite warp drive.

Ferengi D’kora-class marauders first commissioned.

First contact between the Federation and the Ktarians.

The civilization on Minos abruptly vanishes.

Beverly Crusher graduates with a medical degree from Starfleet Academy.

Miles O'Brien considers to attend a musical academy, but then decides to enter Starfleet.

Benjamin Sisko enters Starfleet Academy.

A Federation citizen named William Samuels settles at the colony on Volan II, near the Cardassian border.

Kyle Riker leaves his son Will, age 15.  The two will not speak again until 2365.

Romulan forces make a foolhardy attempt to board Klingon
General ShiVang's flagship. Following the ensuing battle, Martok, a civilian laborer, is given a battlefield commission in the Klingon Defense Forces.

Dr. Telek R'Mor begins a three-year mission conducting "secret research" aboard the science vessel Talvath.  After Telek R'Mor has left Romulus for a science mission, his wife gives birth to a daughter.

The immediate family of the later Romulan Praetor Neral is killed in a Klingon raid.

Pathways (Chapter 2 & 4)

Elizabeth Ben Laird is born in Hoboken, Earth.

Prynn Tenmei is born.

Tabatha Brisk, future UFS Arcadia chief medical officer, is born in Listuguj, Quebec on Earth. (Star Trek: Arcadia)

Stephanie Taylor is born. (USS Baldwin)

Laura Bennett is born. (USS Baldwin)

Sara Jackson is born (USS Baldwin)

Future USS Wasp flight controller Katia Leigh is born the same day as her future friend Sara Jackson. (USS Baldwin)

Celes Tal, future USS Voyager and USS Prometheus crew member, is born in Dahkur, Dahkur Province on Bajor to Celes Edon and Meru. (Star Trek: Prometheus)

2351 - The Mizar Incident occurs with the Tholians. Federation forces are directed by Admiral Taneko of Bolarus IX, who sacrifices himself to preserve a Federation victory.

Sergei and Helena Rozhenko, along with their adopted son, Worf, and another son, move from the farm world of Gault to Earth.

Cardassian Groumall-class cargo carriers first commissioned.

Construction of mining station Terok Nor is completed.

On Terok Nor, Bajoran scientists Dekon Elig and Surmak Ren plant an aphasia device, created to kill the Cardassians on the station with an aphasia virus. However, the device is never activated and lies dormant until 2369.

Mardah is born on Bajor. Her parents are later killed by Cardassians and she is raised by neighbors.

A Federation starship takes Salia to the planet Klavdia III, to be raised in peace.

Amanda Rogers is born to two renegade members of the Q
continuum on Earth.

Julian Bashir and his father are trapped in a remote region of Ivernia II by a severe ionic storm. Also trapped by the storm is a young Ivernian girl who suffers from a deadly illness. The storm makes it impossible to send for medical help and the girl dies.
Later, Julian learns that a common Ivernian herb could have saved her.

The Romulan science vessel Talvath, investigating a microscopic wormhole, makes contact with the U.S.S. Voyager, 20 years in the future and in the Delta Quadrant. Commander Telek R'Mor receives a computer chip containing messages intended to be delivered to the families of the Voyager crew in 20 years.

Quark leaves Ferenginar to seek fortune of his own.

The two Bajorans Baltrim and Keena escape from Cardassian imprisonment and find refuge on the moon of Jeraddo.

Benjamin Sisko is captain of the Starfleet Academy wrestling team.

Dark Matters: Cloak and Dagger

Dark Matters: Ghost Dance

Dark Matters: Shadow of Heaven

Wildfire Book Two (Chapter 8)

The Gift (In an alternate timeline Jean-Luc Picard confronts his brother Claude Picard. Said to 15 years prior to events in 2366)

Elizabeth Singh enters Starfleet Academy. There, she meets Ethan Arden, and the two start to date. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

In the alternate mirror universe, Travis Peck (formerly Trajeck) is born on Qo'noS. (Star Trek: Daedalus: "A Burning House")

In the alternate mirror universe, Hoshi Sato VII is born on Earth. (Star Trek: Daedalus: "A Burning House")

Jake Marone is born in Tokyo, Earth. (Star Trek: Generation Fleet)

Yanis Kel is born on Trill. (Star Trek: Intrepid)

Chief petty officer Daniel Dennis retires from active duty. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Chase Braga is born in New York City, Earth. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

The Cardassians raid the Federation settlement on Planet Q, killing thousands of colonists, including all but the two youngest members of the Eyler family. The starships USS Intrepid and USS Cairo are dispatched from Starbase 11, but before they reach the colony, three Klingon vessels arrive to defend the planet. The combined power of the Starfleet and Klingon ships drives the Cardassians away. With no surviving family, Austin and
Alan Eyler are rescued by Captain K'Ranok of the IKS Kerla and adopted into the House of K'Ntral. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Frank Cole is born in New Berlin, Luna. (Star Trek: Swiftfire)

10 years ago

2352 - A new era of peace begins between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets, as the formal Treaty of Alliance is signed on Narendra III.

Colony on Turkana IV severs all relations with the Federation. Regular contact is cut off.  15-year old Tasha Yar escapes from Turkana IV, while her sister Ishara who has joined one of the planet's gangs decides to stay.

Space station Deep Space 4 is constructed in a sector on the “low-lying” (negative Z-axis) edge of the Federation.

Birth of Prynn Tenmei.

Terrorists seize the capital of Dulsinaray, take the government hostage, and execute citizens until their demands are met.

Varria begins her affair with the unscrupulous Zibalian trader and collector Kivas Fajo of the Stacias Trade Guild.

Joseph Sisko's physician moves to New Orleans.

Beverly Crusher serves a residency on planet Delos IV under Dr. Dalen Quaice.

Scientists at the Darwin research station on Gagarin IV conduct an ambitious genetic experiment to give their children powerful immune systems.

The Romulan science vessel Talvath was due to return to

According to a falsified Starfleet personnel file, Keiran MacDuff enters Starfleet Academy.

Nathan moves to New Orleans.

Katie is born.  As a child, she'll be kidnapped by the Aldeans along with Wesley Crusher and the other children aboard the Enterprise-D in 2364.

Tim Watters is born.

Juliet Jurot is born.

A Stitch in Time (Part One: Chapters 21 & 23, Part Two:
Chapters 2, 4, 6 & 8)

Tales from the Captain's Table: LoDnI'pu' vavpu' je
(First and third stories)

Pathways (Chapter 10)
Survivors (Chapter 1)

The Lives of Dax: Reflections (Section 2)

Noel Turner and Daniel Santos start a long term relationship that lasts 14 years. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Ulitania Aujan graduates from Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Steven Rose is born on Earth. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Eugene Hall is promoted to lieutenant. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Breawyn Lem and her twin sister Mirwen are born to Tichy and Ikona Pirx on Ferenginar. (Starship Independence)

The Titan colony celebrates its tricentennial. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

A six year old Benjamin Kelsoe was adopted by Maxwell and Julienne Brooke. (Star Trek: Pioneer: "Question of Loyalty")

Devys Argent is genetically bonded to Vena, his Betazoid mate.  She will be slain by Hent Tevren in 2367.

2353 - Double Time (M'k'n'zy flashback)
The Danteri withdraw from the planet Xenex, ending their
occupation of that world. Assisting in the negotiation of that withdrawal is Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S. Stargazer.  Jean-Luc Picard encourages the Xenexian Warlord M'K'n'zy to apply to Starfleet Academy.

During this period, the Starfleet Academy superintendent hails from Vulcan.

Starfleet Academy (Lifeline)

Starfleet Academy (Capture the Flag)

Starfleet Academy (The Chance Factor)

Starfleet Academy (Quarantine)

Starfleet Academy (Atlantis Station)

Starfleet Academy [Crossfire (Set during Riker's and La

Forge's first year at Starfleet Academy)]
William Riker enters Stafleet Academy.  One of his friends is fellow student Paul Rice, who would eventually command the USS Drake prior to his death at planet Minos.

Geordi LaForge begins studying engineering at Starfleet

Jeremiah Rossa is born to Connor and Moira Rossa at the
Federation colony on Galen IV.  He is the grandson of Starfleet admiral Connaught Rossa.  His parents are later killed in a Talarian attack upon the colony, and he is adopted according to talarian custom by the Talarian captain Endar, who renames him Jono.

Tholians attack and nearly destroy a Federation starbase, with the loss of almost all personnel. The only survivor is civilian advisor Kyle Riker. Afterward, Riker recovers under the care of future Enterprise chief medical officer Katherine Pulaski.The two become briefly romantically involved.

The planet Rolisa is devoured by the Black Mass.

Mora Pol, Bajoran scientist, understands that Odo is actually an intelligent life-form and begins to communicate with him.

Tora Ziyal, daughter of Gul Dukat and Tora Naprem, is born.

Ro Laren joins the Bram resistance cell of the Bajoran

Terok Nor: Night of the Wolves (Chapters 14-17)
Kira Meru, Gul Dukat's mistress, dies in a Cardassian hospital of a fatal virus; it is indicated that she was actually killed on orders of Skrain Dukat, after she started to annoy him.

The inhabitants of a planet in the Delta Quadrant construct hibernation chambers to survive an ice age on their planet that is predicted to last 25 years.

David, a genetically-engineered child, is born at the Darwin Genetic Research Station.

Birth of Nog to Rom amd Prinadora on Ferenginar.

Worf accidentally kills a boy named Mikel in a soccer match.

A Starbase 10 security team led by Ensign Eric Stiles travels in Oak 1 to PojjanPiraKot to evacuate diplomats from that world. The team consists of Travis Perraton, Matt Girvan and others, accompanied by Oak Squad.

Dark Frontier (Flashback)
Together with her parents, Magnus and Erin Hansen, the five year-old Annika Hansen embarks on a scientific journey to study the Borg aboard the USS Raven. Their last Federation contact is with the Drexler Outpost.  They track and observe the Borg for three years before being discovered.

10 years ago

A message sent by the Borg in 2153 to the Delta Quadrant was estimated to have arrived by this time. The Borg, now aware of Humanity's existence, begin incursions into the surrounding sectors around Earth.

Hector Ilario is born.

Day of Honor (Then: Nineteen years ago...)

Pathways (Chapters 2 & 6)

Mosaic (Chapters 10 & 12)

Strange New Worlds V: Final Entry (First entry)
Mosaic (Chapter 14)
Strange New Worlds II: A Ribbon for Rosie

House of Cards (Twenty years earlier: M'k'n'zy)

Double Helix: Red Sector (Chapters 1-6)

Scott Fack is found aboard a cryosatellite in deep space and is revived by the crew aboard the USS Alexandria. He remains the only survivor aboard the cryogenic satellite, and further investigations prove an alien race tampered with the satellite, altered Fack's genetic structure, and experimented unsuccessfully on the satellite's other occupants. Fack is delivered to Earth.
(Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Ethan Arden graduates from Starfleet Academy and breaks off his relationship with Elizabeth Singh. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Ulitania Aujan becomes the fourth host of the Jonar symbiont after the untimely death of Salin Jonar. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Catalyst, Part One")

Christopher Mackenzie, Montgomery Andoh and Curtis Graham enter Starfleet Academy. They are all assigned to Nova Squadron. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Lydia Bryant is promoted to captain and assumes command of the USS Republic, replacing Henrietta Newton. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Gregory Hodges is promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and is reassigned to the USS Majestic as helmsman. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Karen Copeland is born on Earth. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Lieutenant junior grade Steve Tecklenberg is posted to the USS Beachmont as security chief. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Kugo begins her life as an assassin, under Romulans Tey and Lasha. (Star Trek: Phoenix: "Identity")

Richard Boswell enters Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek:

2354 - Jeremy Aster is born to Marla Aster.  Jeremy's mother later becomes a crewmember on the Enterprise and dies during an archeological research mission.  Enterprise security officer Worf adopts the boy into his family through the Klingon R'uustai ceremony.

Birth of Taran’atar.

The planets Omistol and Ven begin a vicious, bloody war.

Kathryn Janeway, while at High School, is a talented tennis player.

After graduating from Starfleet Academy as an ensign, Sisko meets his future wife, Jennifer, at Gilgo Beach.

Benjamin and Jennifer Sisko, together with their friends Cal and Gretchen Hudson, attend the Mazurka Festival in New Berlin.

Benjamin Sisko is assigned to the USS Livingston.

The Lives of Dax: The Music Between the Notes
Strange New Worlds 9: Maturation (Sections 1-5)
Strange New Worlds V: Final Entry (Second entry)
Starfleet Academy: The Haunted Starship
Pathways (Chapter 4 section 2)

Lieutenant Jack Crusher, officer aboard the U.S.S. Stargazer under the command of Jean-Luc Picard, dies on an away mission after they encounter the Nensi Phenomenon.  Wesley Crusher is present when Picard brings the elder Crusher's body back to his family at a  starbase. Picard accompanies beverly as she views the body.

In the mirror universe, Jean-Luc Picard murders Jack Crusher, his friend and first officer.

Losing the Peace (Chapter 7 sections 5-6 - Beverly Crusher has a flashback to events following the death of Jack Crusher)

Captain Picard, aboard the U.S.S. Stargazer, visits Chalna, home to the Chalnoth.

Deanna Troi and William T. Riker first meet. They soon become romantically involved despite objections from Lwaxana Troi.

Dr. T'Pan, becomes director of the Vulcan Science Academy.

B'Elanna Torres' father, John Torres, leaves her mother Miral.

Kathryn Janeway plays her last game of tennis. She does not play again for another 19 years.

Martyr (Nineteen years earlier...)
No Limits: A Lady of Xenex
M'K'n'zy is obligated to impregnate a widow, Catrine, as Xenexian tradition dictates. He is successful in fathering a son, Xyon.
No Limits: Lefler's Logs (first - eighth entries)

Stone and Anvil ("Then": Chapters 1-13)

The Linden Navigational Outpost is established near the Typhon Expanse.

T'Ryssa Chen born to a human mother, Antigone Chen, and a Vulcan father, Sylix.

Harry Bernard is born.  He is one of the Enterprise-D children who will be kidnapped by the Aldeans in 2364.

Varis Sul is born.

Ezri Tigan is born on New Sydney colony.

Scott Fack enrolls in Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: The
Cantabrian Expeditions)

Corey Aster is born to Lee and Amy Aster. (Star Trek: Hidden Frontier; Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Dream a Little Dream of Me")

Adam Cunningham is born in Armagh, Ireland, Earth. (Star Trek: Daedalus: "Into the Reach")

Aaron Kennedy applies to and is accepted by Starfleet Academy to attend. (Star Trek: Luna)

On a remote planet, a party of Vulcan archaeologists discover a cave filled with ihorn bats. They see millions of them, but in fact there are only half of what they see there. Scans explain this phenomenon through the cave-rock, which was engulfing the entire area with isolinium radation. (Star Trek: Phoenix: "Pure Evil")

10 years ago

2355 - Strange New Worlds VI: The Human Factor (Jack Crusher section)
The Buried Age (Chapter 1)
Deny Thy Father (Part One)

The Buried Age (Chapters 2-4)

USS Stargazer encountered a vessel of unknown origin in
the Maxia Zeta system, which, unknown to the Federation, the Ferengi had claimed as their territory.  Combat between the two vessels ensued, and it was here that Captain Jean-Luc Picard employed the now-famous Picard Maneuver to confuse and destroy the Ferengi Marauder. The Stargazer was also abandoned in the incident, and the crew drift in lifeboats and shuttlecraft for ten weeks before being rescued.  The enemy ship was not identified as Ferengi until 2364 when DaiMon Bok, father of the vessel's commander, seeks revenge against Picard
for the "Battle of Maxia".

Home Fires [Chapters 4-9 (Flashback: Starfleet Intelligence knows about the loss of the USS Stargazer)]

Captain Picard is court-martialed for the loss of the USS Stargazer by Starfleet prosecutor Phillipa Louvois.

Tales from the Captain's Table: Darkness (set approximately two months after Picard's court martial)

The Romulan frigate V’nitor is lost in the Tullan Reach.

The quantum torpedo is successfully tested on Groombridge 273-IIA.

The U.S.S. Agincourt, commanded by Captain Christian
Summers, defeats a Tholian Task Force at Catalina Station.

Jake Sisko is born to Jennifer and Benjamin Sisko.

The Cardassian Galor-class warship is first commissioned, and is encountered by Starfleet forces soon afterward.

Kira Nerys joins the Shakaar resistance group of the Bajoran underground, fighting the Cardassians for the liberation of Bajor.

Deanna Troi enters Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Academy (Breakaway - Set during Deanna Troi's first year at Starfleet Academy)

Miles O'Brien wins a racquetball championship.

Worf, aged 15, celebrates his second Age of Ascension.
He visits the Great Domes of Qo'noS for the first time.

Chu'lak is assigned to the USS Strata as an ensign.

Pike's Rift opens once again.  Again, due to other concerns (this time, war with the Tholians), the UFP opts not to exploit the phenomenon.

Dr. Paul Manheim first conceives a theory, one he wouldn't put into practical use for nine years, that if the consistency of time is altered, that a doorway into another dimension will appear.

Mason, one of the Enterprise-D children that'll be kidnapped by the Aldeans in 2364, is born.

Gerda Asmund is killed in a shuttle accident.

Sara Nave is born on Rigel.
Mosaic (Chapter 14, Section 2)

No Limits: Lefler's Logs (Ninth entry)

Chu'lak is assigned to the USS Strata as an ensign.

Scott Fack meets Liam de Gaillimhe, a second year cadet, late in his first year at Starfleet Academy when de Gaillimhe, playing football (soccer) with friends, accidentally pegs innocent bystander Fack in the leg with the ball. The two start dating. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Isolation", "White Flag")

Elizabeth Singh graduates from Starfleet Academy. She proceeds to marry Velutha. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Keli H'Lanna is born on her parents' unnamed Freighter. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Samantha Warren is born on Centaurus. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

2356 - A Tarellian spacecraft, believed to carry the last survivors of the planet Tarella - carriers of deadly biological warfare agents, is destroyed by the Alcyones.  Eight years later, one more Tarellian ship is discovered, attempting to make planetfall at Haven.

Joseph Carey enters Starfleet Academy and becomes captain of the parrises squares team.

Julian Bashir discovers that he has obviously been genetically altered.

Matthew is born on Moab IV.

According to a falsified Starfleet personnel file, Keiran MacDuff graduates from Starfleet Academy.

One of William and Louise Samuels' two daughters are born on Volan II.

Miranda Vigo and her son, Jason move to a colony on the planet Camor V.

Julian Bashir discovers that he was genetically enhanced and believes that his parents might have considered him as defective.

Abbadon establishes his repository.

Production of Mark V transporters is stopped.

Deny Thy Father (Part Two)
Dark Frontier (Flashback)
The Raven (Flashback)
After following the Borg for nearly three years, the Hansens are assimilated. Their ship is partially assimilated but later abandoned in B'omar territory.

Federation outpost at Galen IV is attacked by Talarian forces as part of an ongoing border conflict.  Most of the population is killed.  Among the casualties are Connor and Moira Rossa, whose son, Jeremiah, the sole survivor, is rescued and adopted by Talarian captain Endar.  A peace treaty is signed, ending the conflict, at some point within the next ten years.

Kathryn Janeway meets Tuvok for the first time.

Rose and Tara, two of the children that'll be kidnapped by the Aldeans from the Enterprise-D in 2364, are born.

Strange New Worlds V: Final Entry (Third & fourth entries)

A Stitch in Time (Part 2, Chapters 10, 12 & 14)
No Limits: Turning Point

No Limits: Lefler's Logs (Tenth entry)

Pathways (Chapter 6, Section 2 & Chapter 10, Sections 2-3)

Retired Starfleet Captain Thekla Lawless dies, aged 114, from old age. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "The Fire In Which We Burn")

10 years ago

2357 - William Riker graduates from Starfleet Academy eight in his class and is stationed as a lieutenant aboard the USS Pegasus. Thereafter, he is also stationed on Betazed, where he meets Deanna Troi.  He later serves aboard the Potemkin and USS Hood before being assigned to the USS Enterprise-D in 2364.

Geordi LaForge graduates Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the USS Victory.

Deny Thy Father (Part Three)
Mosaic (Chapters 16)
Losing the Peace (Chapter 12, section 3 - Beverly Crusher has a flashback to events three years after the death of Jack Crusher)

Worf enters Starfleet Academy.  He is the first Klingon to serve in Starfleet.  Worf's stepbrother Nikolai also enters the Academy.

Starfleet Academy: Worf's First Adventure (Set during Worf's first year at Starfleet Academy)
Starfleet Academy: Line of Fire    (Set during Worf's first year at Starfleet Academy)     

Starfleet Academy: Survival (Set during Worf's first year at Starfleet Academy)

Captain Kathryn Janeway meets Lieutenant Tuvok.

The war criminal Endyk Plure is captured on Candelar IV. He is transported to a Federation court aboard the U.S.S. Pegasus.

First Nebula-class light cruisers commissioned.

Romulan T’rasus-class light starbirds first commissioned.

Freighter SS Odin is disabled by an asteroid collision.  Some survivors escape on lifeboats, drifting for five months before ultimately ending up on planet Angel One.

Omaran captain T'Jon assumes command of the freighter Sanction.  He makes critically important medical cargo run between the planets Omara and Brekka 27 times over the next seven years until the Sanction suffers a serious malfunction in 2364.

Survivors (Chapter 3)

Double Helix: Red Sector (Chapters 7-10)

When the mines of Gallitep, the site of numerous atrocities committed against Bajorans imprisoned there, are to be shut down (and all Bajoran mine workers to be killed) by the Cardassians, the Shakaar resistance cell is contacted by Bajoran collaborator and scientist Daul Mirosha; the resistance cell is then able to get access to the mine and to beam off most of the Bajorans. Daul is killed during the evacuation. The camp commandant is Gul Darhe'el.

Terok Nor: Night of the Wolves (Chapter 18 & Epilogue)
When Ro Laren is contacted by some terrorists of the Bajoran Resistance who want to blow up Terok Nor, she first agrees to help then. Upon thinking of the 1000's of Bajorans who would be killed together with the few Cardassians, she decides otherwise and manages to prevent the terrorist strike.

Skrain Dukat learns that Kira Nerys has joined the Bajoran Resistance.

Soleta enrolls in Starfleet Academy.

Mark McHenry decides to go to Starfleet Academy, angering the Being known as Artemis, who wants to make him ambassador between humanity and her people.

Beverly Crusher returns to active Starfleet duty, after an extended leave, as chief medical officer of the USS Horatio.

Archeologist Vash visits Earth for the last time in twelve years.

Penk, A Hirogen hunter suffers a wound in one of his first matches in his captivity as a Tsunkatse fighter.

A case of Van Dozier chardonnay, which was later purchased by Roger Adrian, was produced in this year.

Mala Hendriksson is born in Hawai'i on Earth. (Star Trek: Arcadia)

Antonio Ramirez enters Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Liam de Gaillimhe graduates from Starfleet Academy. As he is leaving San Francisco on Earth for his first assignment, he promises Scott Fack, his partner, their relationship isn't over and to meet him in Switzerland for a skiing holiday in December. De Gaillimhe never shows up. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Isolation", "White Flag")

Esthappen and Rahel Singh are born to Velutha and Elizabeth Singh. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "An Innocent Time", "Devil's Cube")

Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart enters the Starfleet Marine Corps Academy. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Irina Nielsen is born in Moscow, Russia on Earth. (Star Trek: Omega Force-"Destiny at Magor")

Nicholas Batali is born in Yakima, Washington on Earth. (Star Trek: Omega Force-"Destiny at Magor")

Richard Boswell graduates Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the USS Franklin. (Star Trek: Remington)

2358 - Major system work progresses on the Galaxy class starship Enterprise, under construction at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards in orbit around planet Mars.  The project is under the supervision of Commander Quinteros.  Significant contributions to the design of the warp propulsion system are made by Dr. Leah Brahms, a junior member of engineering team 7, and a graduate of the
Daystrom Institute.  The dilithium crystal chamber is designed at station Seran-T-One.

The Romulans initiate a series of attacks on Klingon colonies in the Kapor'At Star System. These attacks eventually lead the Klingons to abandon the system. One refugee ship, carrying a group of children, crashes on the planet Selva.

A mutiny takes place on the U.S.S. Pegasus when Capt. Pressman tests a new, illegal, interphase cloaking device. Pressman and a few loyal officers, among them Lt. William Riker, have to leave the ship, while the Pegasus drifts into an asteroid where the cloak fails and the rest of the crew is killed.  There is no
investigation, and the entire incident is classified by Starfleet Intelligence.  Following the Judge Advocate General's inquiry into the incident, Riker is reassigned to Betazed.

10 years ago

Deanna Troi and William T. Riker first meet. They soon become romantically involved despite objections from Lwaxana Troi.

Stone and Anvil ("Then": Chapters 14-20)

Elizabeth Shelby graduates from Starfleet Academy and is promoted to Ensign.

Katherine Pulaski and Elizabeth Shelby transfer to the USS Repulse (NCC-2544).

Mosaic (Chapter 18)

Harry Kim joins his parents, John and Mary, on a humanitarian mission to a colony that had just suffered from a radiation disaster. While there, the Kims visited a hospital, and Harry wandered off by himself to an area where he wasn't supposed to be. In this area, he saw many sick and dying, including a little girl on an operating table. As he watched, the doctor called for a scalpel, and the little girl looked at Harry, her face filled with fear. Fifteen years later, the Clown recalled this story from Harry's memory, as something from his past that really scared him.

The Battle of Betazed (Chapter 3, Sections 3-4)
Deanna Troi begins a psychology internship and studies Hent Tevron.

First contact with the Bynars.

Nikolai Rozhenko, unable to conform with the strict rules, leaves Starfleet Academy and returns to his former home on Gault.

A son is born to Pa'Dar, exarch of Tozaht, a Cardassian settlement on Bajor.

Pinaar II requests membership in the Federation. Soon after the request is made, however. The colony world of Kentarr V declares independence, beginning a civil war within the Pinaar Domain. The Federation suspends membership talks, pending the conclusion of the conflict.

Civil war begins in the Parada Star System, as rebels begin attacks.

Miranda Vigo and her son Jason leave Earth and settle on Camor V.

Tanis is born.

Ro Laren enters Starfleet Academy.

Strange New Worlds IV: Uninvited Admirals (Third Flashback)
Admiral Janeway, father of Kathryn Janeway, dies.

Pathways (Chapter 6, Section 3 and Chapter 10, Sections 4-5)

Rugal is born.
The Buried Age (Chapter 5)

No Limits: Lefler's Logs (Eleventh entry)
The Buried Age (Chapter 6)

The last new Think Tank member in 17 years is accepted.

Joshua Fuller enlists in Starfleet. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Greg Willard enrolls at Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Scott Fack graduates from Starfleet Academy, holding the rank of Lieutenant junior grade. (Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles; Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Aeon Rune is born on a distant asteroid where a human colony lived. (Star Trek: Enterprise-J)

At Starfleet Academy, this year's freshman Nebula Squadron consists of: Mary Barranco, Benjamin Bartholomew, Christopher Durham, Joshua Hofmann, Mark Montgomery, Justin Shive and Timothy Sinclair. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

The IKS Hou-Ling finds a Changeling, one of the hundred sent out by the Founders, adrift in space. They adopt it. (Star Trek: Phoenix: "The Bermuda Triangle Effect")

2359 - Mosaic (Chapter 20)

Worf and K'Ehleyr have an unresolved romantic relationship.

Kathryn Janeway, now a lieutenant, begins serving on the USS Mary Kingsley as second officer.

Admiral Mark Jameson is diagnosed with Iverson's Disease.

A bitter civil war on Mordan IV ends, with Karnas emerging as governor.

Renegade Andorians wipe out the population of the Andorian/Terran colony on Triangula Delta with an interphasic dilithium bomb. Admiral Wayne Wiltshire and the U.S.S. Luna City suffer serious embarrassment at their hands before finally defeating them in battle on the surface of Triangula Beta II.

Andorian Thris-class research/laboratory vessels are first commissioned.

Romulan Meret-class incursion cruisers first commissioned.

The Romulan heavy scout Averek disappears while exploring the Empty Frontier.

The Buried Age (Chapters 7-12)

Noted archeologist Prof. Richard Galen makes a discovery so profound that he decides to dedicate the rest of his life to further investigate it.

Marissa Flores is born.

Kar of the Kazon Nistrum is born.

Piri is born.

Survivors (Chapter 5)

Dr. Bathkin dies in a shuttlecraft accident.

A Bajoran girl who attended Keiko O'Brien's school on board Deep Space 9 in 2369 was born this year.

Deanna Troi graduates from Starfleet Academy.

Ebak Sison born on Earth at the Norfolk and Norwich hospital, Norwich, England.

Luiwtheleth ch'Artan enrolls in the Andorian Academy. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Michael Newton enters Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Peter J. Koester and Virgil D. Kane both enter the freshman class at Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: Dauntless)

Jezra is born on Andoria. (Star Trek: Generation Fleet)

Aaron Prentice enters Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: Intrepid)

Harek T'yla graduates from Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: Intrepid)

Ben Bartholomew becomes one of a few Starfleet Academy freshman cadets to win the Academy Marathon on Danula II. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Solen graduates from Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: Remington)

Richard Boswell enters Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: Remington)

Ensign Logan MacLeod graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the USS Repulse as a flight control officer. (Star Trek: Remington)

10 years ago

2360 - The Buried Age (Chapters 13-19 Section 1)

The Buried Age (Chapter 19 Section 2)
Lieutenant Data is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

The Romulan starbird D’kalam disappears while exploring the Starry Road Nebula.

First contact with the Benzites.

Catalyst of Sorrows
When an unknown pathogen appears on worlds on both sides of the Romulan Neutral Zone, Admiral Uhura of Starfleet
Intelligence, acting on information received from Romulan Senator Cretak, deploys a specialized team to determine the source of the illness and discover or develop a cure. The team is successful.

Vreenak becomes a key member of the Romulan Senate.

No Limits: Lefler's Logs (Twelfth entry)

Pahkwa-thanh is admitted into the Federation.

After several years of repeated clashes, Betazoid diplomats establish a truce with the Tholians.

The Daystrom Institute begins work on a tomographic imaging scanner.

As part of her plan to establish a technophobic society, Alixus causes the Federation personnel transport ship Santa Maria to crash in the Orellius Minor system.

The son of Dara, grandson of Timicin is born on Kaelon II.

The Velara Base on Velara III begins its terraforming of the planet.

Darrell Oja Raymond is born to Thomas and Louise Raymond.

Due to the effects of Iverson's Disease, Admiral Mark Jameson is confined to a support chair.

Bajorans successfully manage to hide a few sub-impulse raiders from a Cardassian attack on Lunar V.

Bajoran resistance leader and former Terok Nor miner Li Nalas is believed killed, but actually imprisoned by the Cardassians.  He spends the next ten years at the Hutet labor camp on Cardassia IV.

A Stitch in Time (Part 2, Chapter 16)

Bajoran scientist Dekon Elig and his medical assistant, Dr. Surmak Ren, are captured by the Cardassian military and sent to the Velos VII internment camp.

Colyus begins service as the protector at Rurigan's village on Yadera II, and a girl named Taya is born. They are actually all holograms.

Hovath, apprentice to the leader of a small Bajoran village, begins to learn for his role as ceremonial storyteller for his people.

Mekor, the son of Gul Skrain Dukat, is born.

Miras Vara has taken the leadership of the Oralian Way as Astraea; in the meantime, the Obsidian Order starts investigate about the bajoran orb and connects Miras' disappearance to the disappearance of the orb.

Terok Nor: Dawn of the Eagles (Prologue, Chapters 1-4)
Natima Lang and Gaten Russol join the Cardassian dissident movement.

Quark opens a bar on Terok Nor.

Kalisi Reyar designs and completes a grid system that watches out for bajoran life signals exclusively; the system is installed on Cardassian occupied Bajor.

Joseph Carey graduates from Starfleet Academy and is posted to the USS Deneva as impulse engineering specialist.

Jem’Hadar attack ships first commissioned.

Caylem's wife, a member of the Alsaurian resistance movement, is killed by the Mokra Order.

Alexandra Dalton is born in Riverside, Iowa on Earth.
(Star Trek: Banshee Squadron)

Captain Sydney Caldwell, commanding officer of the USS
Cartwright (NCC-42953), and her crew disappear and are
presumed killed in action attempting to fulfill a mission during the Federation-Tzenkethi War. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Dakota") In actuality, Caldwell and the Cartwright were sent forward in time by Samantha Delaney and crashed on a planet in 2371. While the ship's saucer section was found, no survivors were found, but evidence that some Cartwright officers survived existed. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian
Expeditions: "Bitter Sweet")

Samuel Cruz is accepted into Starfleet Academy after successfully passing his acceptance exams. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Darlene Hudson is born on Earth. (Star Trek: Generation Fleet)

Andrus Wrenn is born on Betazed. (Star Trek: Generation Fleet)

Ariel Wrenn is born on Betazed. (Star Trek: Generation Fleet)

2361 -  Jean-Luc Picard receives the Grankite Order of Tactics for "development of the Picard Maneuver during the Battle of Maxia." (Better late than never)

During Jadzia's second year at Starfleet Academy, Leslie Wong is one of her instructors.

Botanists Kevin and Rishon Uxbridge arrive at the Delta Rana IV colony.  The colony is later destroyed in a Husnok attack.  Kevin, the only survivor, responds by using his extraordinary powers as a Douwd to destroy the entire Husnok race.

Bajoran merchant Roana and her husband open a shop on the Promenade of Terok Nor.

Worf graduates from Starfleet Academy. He will eventually be assigned to the USS Enterprise-D as a Communications officer, before transferring to security.

Soleta, Zak Kebron, Mark McHenry, and Tania Tobias all graduate from Starfleet Academy and are promoted to Ensign.

Archaeologist Vash begins working as an assistant to Professor Samuel Estragon, who has spent much of his career searching for a device called the Tox Uthat, an artifact from the 27th century.

Jay Gordon Graas is born.

An issue of the Journal of Starfleet Technology is released in August of this year.

Tolen and Lidell Ren are married on the Banean homeworld.

Jeremy Aster's father dies of a Rushton infection.  Jeremy's mother raises him alone.  They will take up residence on the Enterprise when Maria Aster becomes the staff archaeologist on the ship.

10 years ago

The starship Potemkin makes the last Federation contact with the failed colony on Turkana IV prior to the U.S.S. Enterprise-D visit in 2367.  They are told that anyone transporting to the surface will be killed.

Lt. William Riker, previously assigned to a Starfleet facility on Betazed, accepts a posting to the starship Potemkin. He breaks up with Deanna.

When the U.S.S. Potemkin undertakes a rescue mission at
Nervala IV, a transporter accident creates a duplicate of Lieutenant William Riker. This is unknown to the crew, and the second Riker (who will later come to call himself Thomas) is left behind until recovered by the Enterprise in 2369.  Lieutenant William T. Riker is promoted to Lieutenant Commander for "exceptional valor during the evacuation of the research station on Nervala IV."

Alyssa Ogawa enters the Starfleet Medical Nursing Program.

The U.S.S. Adelphi makes a disastrous first contact with the Ghorusda.

Ensign Zak Kebron, serving aboard the USS Ranger, prevents the assassination of Iban Prime Minister Niad.

Idun Asmund transfers to the USS Charleston as first officer.

No Limits: Lefler's Logs (Thirteenth entry)

Pathways (Chapter 8, Section 1)
No Limits: Waiting for G'Doh, or, How I Learned to Stop Moving and Hate People

Mark McHenry is assigned as navigator to the USS Valentina.

Lewis Zimmerman is assigned to the Holo-Programming Center on the station. He begins developing what he refers to as a "Holo-Doc:" a holographic doctor intended to assist in medical emergencies.

Roana and her husband, Bajoran entrepreneurs, open up a store on the Promenade of Terok Nor, after closing down their shop on Bajor after seventeen years.

Shinzon is taken from the Romulan scientists who raised him and exiled to Remus.

Jem'Hadar battle cruisers first commissioned.

Rom leaves his homeworld of Ferenginar to seek his fortune.

Fearful Symmetry (Side One: Chapter 5)
Obsidian Order operative Iliana Ghemor volunteers for an
undercover assignment on Bajor. She is surgically altered to appear as a Bajoran and infiltrate the Resistance. Her memories are erased and she is implanted with Kira's memories at the Elemspur Detention Center. Instead of pursuing her mission, she is held captive by Skrain Dukat for his own delight.

The Shakaar resistance cell, including a young Kira Nerys, spends the entire winter hiding in the Dahkur Hills from Cardassian sensor sweeps.

Lidell marries Tolen Ren on Banea.

Dr. Jefferson Caldwell dies of a terminal illness, leaving Dakota Caldwell a ward of the state at 16. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Dakota")

Antonio Ramirez graduates from Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

A Gordarion egg-ship enters the Alpha Quadrant through a
wormhole being studied by a shuttle from the USS Xena. The ship goes on to abduct the two occupants onboard, Captain Aeris and Ensign Kayl, to run biological experiments on them. The two are returned shortly after and the Gordarion ship warps away. (Star Trek: Phoenix: "Experimentalism")

Matthew Donahugh enters Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek:

2362 - Arteline IV is admitted to the Federation.

Dr. Dalen Quace assumes a position on Starbase 133 where he remains until his wife, Patricia, dies in 2367.

A trio of Klingon K’t’inga-class battlecruisers attack the Federation colony on Rugal IV. They are driven off by the Nebula-class light cruiser U.S.S. Merrimac. In response, Chancellor K’mpec orders the development of a new cruiser able to match the capabilities of Starfleet at that time.

Romulan Theta-class swift couriers first commissioned.

Dekon Elig is killed when he tries to escape from his prison.

Quark loans latinum to his cousin Gaila to start a munitions consortium.

Dr. Crusher undergoes a training to advance to the rank of lieutenant commander.

The wife of Kotan Pa'Dar is killed in an attack by Bajoran terrorists. Her son, however, is abducted by Gul Dukat, in hopes of someday using the incident to humiliate Pa'Dar politically.

While serving on the U.S.S. Victory under Captain Zimbata, ensign Geordi La Forge and fellow crewmember Susanna Leijtin are on an away team to examine the disappearance of the 49 outpost personnel on Tarchannen III. He is unknowingly infected by a native organism, which will compel both to return there in 2367.

Ferengi entrepreneur Quark, indicted in the hijacking of a shipment of Romulan ale, escapes imprisonment when he assists Romulan authorities to apprehend Fallit Kot, Quark's partner in the deal.

Miranda Vigo dies.

Raymond Boone, who is actually a Cardassian spy in disguise, takes up residence at the Volan III colony, where he runs a ladarium mining sluice.

Prior to 2363 Prof. Gegen first publishes his Distant Origin Theory.

Under the command of Captain Blackwood, the Tombaugh is
attacked and assimilated by the Borg. Amongst the crew is Ensign Stone, fresh out of the Academy.

10 years ago

Warp engine control systems are installed on the USS Enterprise-D.

With construction nearly completed on the Enterprise-D, at Utopia Planitia Ship Yards, Ensign Marla Finn begins a romantic relationship with Walter Pierce. She soon begins an affair with William Hodges and both are killed by a jealous Pierce in a plasma explosion. Afterward, Pierce vaporizes himself in the Enterprise's plasma stream. His Betazoid empathic trace is inadvertently left in the nacelle tube bulkhead.  Starfleet reports
Marla E. Finn and William Hodges as missing.  Later, the OSHC investigation into Finn's disappearance is
terminated with no result.

On Mordan IV, construction workers use steelplast for the sealing off of segments of tunnels under the principal city of the planet. An example of a tunnel segment sealed from adjoining tunnels is the subsidiary tunnel M-4.

Patterson Supra is born.

Cadet Ro Laren graduates from Starfleet Academy.

Beverly Crusher is promoted to Commander after passing the bridge officer examination.

Fallit Kot hijacks a shipment of Romulan ale. He is caught and sentenced to eight years in a labor camp.

While serving aboard the USS Aldrin, Ensign Soleta and Ensign Worf are sent to Kalandra Minor where they are attacked by a Romulan mercenary later revealed to be Soleta's father, Rajari.

Soleta takes a leave of absence from Starfleet.

Joseph Carey is promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and chief of impulse propulsion systems, still on the USS Deneva.

In an alternate timeline (the "war universe"), upon graduating from Starfleet Academy, Tasha Yar is assigned to the first Galaxy-class battleship, the USS Enterprise-D.

No Limits: Revelations
Double Time (Calhoun & Shelby flashback)
Pathways (Chapter 8, Sections 2-4, Chapter 4, Section 3, and Chapter 6, Section 4)    

Terok Nor: Dawn of the Eagles (Chapter 5)

Brandon Fuller, eldest son of Joshua Fuller, is born. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Dr. Jefferson Caldwell wins the Carrington Award posthumously for his work in xenoendocrinology. It is his third nomination. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Dakota Caldwell and Yh'ahni enter Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Candela Greene and Vanessa Yates enter Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek Crusader)

William, and Yvonne Yates were assimilated by the Borg en route to Valera III. (Star Trek Crusader)

Luiwtheleth ch'Artan graduates from the Andorian Academy. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart graduates as an officer from the Starfleet Marine Corps Academy. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Commander Dietra K. Glover pronounced lost in space, and presumed dead, on the ill-fated USS Tombaugh. (Dark Territory: "The Valley of Peace")

The Starfleet Academy class of '62 graduates include Mary Barranco, Jean Brennan, Ben Bartholomew, Christopher Durham, Josh Hofmann, Mark Montgomery, Justin Shive and Timothy Sinclair. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Ensigns Timothy Sinclair and Christopher Durham are assigned to the USS Rutledge. Durham is killed by Cardassians at Setlik III, as are Will Kayden and Raymond Boone. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

Timothy Sinclair marries Jean Brennan in Carrickfergus, Ireland on Earth. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

2363 - The K.E. Tsiolkovsky – an Oberth-class Federation science vessel – is commissioned at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, USSR. Eight months before her destruction in 2364, this ship is assigned to study the collapse of a red giant into a white dwarf.  It is ultimately destroyed after its crew is killed by a variant of the
Psi 2000 virus.

The dilithium crystal chamber that will be used on the
Enterprise is installed on the Enterprise at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.

Construction of the Enterprise at Utopia Planitia is
completed. Commander Orfil Quinteros, who supervised the
construction, would later accept a post at Starbase 74.

Gul Darhe'el -The Butcher of Gallitep- dies in his sleep from a massive coleibric hemorrhage.

The Scrapyard is assembled as a sort of “floating marketplace” by a Ferengi merchant named Gurek.

Starfleet officer George Primmin becomes a security officer.

Quark falls in love with Cardassian scientist Natima Lang, but they break up after Natima discovers that Quark has been using her personal access codes to steal money from the Cardassian information. In the same year Quark installs the first holosuite at his bar on the Promenade of Terok Nor.

The war between the Talaxians and Haakonians is ended when a weapon of mass destruction called a metreon cascade is used against Rinax, a moon in the Talaxian system. Approximately 300,000 Talaxians are killed.

Dr. Farallon begins work on a revolutionary new particle
fountain mining technology on Tyrus VII-A.

Klingon warrior Kang meets a former wife of the Albino on Dayos IV, but doesn't get any information on the criminal's whereabouts.

The U.S.S. Olympia under the command of Captain Lisa Cusak, leaves the Alpha Quadrant on an eight year exploration of the Beta Quadrant.

Federation Starbase Deep Space 6 is destroyed during a freak construction accident, though many suspect Tal Shiar involvement.

On Velara III, drilling operations begin at tapping the water in the subsurface layer.

The Phoenix is commissioned at the 40 Eridani A Starfleet Construction Yards.

Jadzia Idaris graduates from Starfleet Academy and is promoted to Ensign.

Greta Vanderweg begins her Starfleet service.

10 years ago

Crell Moset is assigned to the Bajoran science institute.  Moset and Kalisi Reyar start dating.

Artim is born on Ba'ku.

Pathways (Chapter 8, Section 5)
Chakotay returns home after four years aboard the USS Gage defending against the Cardassians.

Excelsior: Forged in Fire (Epilogue cha')
Morgan Lefler disappears on Earth, and is presumed dead in a shuttle accident. In reality, she has faked her own death, so that she and a companion may go in search of a race known as the Prometheans.

No Limits: Alice, on the Edge of Night (Section 3 "Then:
Memorial Day Weekend")

The Buried Age (Chapter 20, 21, & 22 Section 1)

The Enterprise begins its shakedown mission out of spacedock, under Captain Thomas Halloway before returning to dock at Earth Station McKinley.

House of Cards: Ten Years Earlier: Soleta
Soleta travels to Thallon for research. She is captured and freed from prison by Spock and Si Cwan. While returning to the Federation, Soleta and Spock are captured by Ferengi and later rescued by Klingons.

No Limits: Out of the Frying Pan
Terok Nor: Dawn of the Eagles (Chapters 6-12)
Mora Pol, after learning that Odo will leave for Bajor, has him delivering some access codes to one of the Cardassian sensor towers; Kira Nerys of the Shakaar Resistance Cell later sabotages the tower.

Guls Dukat and Hadar attend a reception at the Bajoran Center for Science to view Odo and his abilities. The Changeling performs the Cardassian "neck trick" to wide acclaim.

Odo leaves the Bajoran science institute.

Thrax Sa'kat, security chief of Terok Nor, questions Natima about the Cardassian dissident movement; she suspects that he is an operative of the Obsidian Order, but in truth he is a follower of the Oralian Way and wants to find out how much influence the dissident movement has.
The Buried Age (Chapter 22 Section 2)

No Limits: Alice, on the Edge of Night (Sections 7 & 9)
No Limits: Alice, on the Edge of Night (Sections 1, 2,
4, 5, 8, 10 & 11)
The Buried Age (Chapter 23)

Prior to formally taking command of the starship,

Captain Jean-Luc Picard picks his senior staff, including Geordi La Forge, Tasha Yar, and William T. Riker. He decides on Riker as first officer based on an incident on the USS Hood.

Deanna Troi is promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

No Limits: Lefler's Logs (Fourteenth, Fifteenth & Sixteenth entries)
No Limits: Alice, on the Edge of Night (Section 12)
The Buried Age (Chapter 24-26)

The Sky's the Limit: Meet with Triumph and Disaster
The story is set at the time of the dedication of the
Enterprise-D, which would place it at approximately stardate 40759.5, per the date given on the Enterprise' dedication plaque.
The Buried Age (Chapter 27 - Takes place during the events of Meet with Triumph and Disaster)

Thomas Halloway, who had been assigned captain of the
Enterprise, resigns his commission.The USS Enterprise
NCC 1701-D, a Galaxy-class starship, is launched, with a
reinstated Captain Jean-Luc Picard in command, beginning a seven-year mission of exploration, under orders from Rear Admiral Norah Satie.

No Limits: Lefler's Logs (Seventeenth entry)
The Buried Age (Chapter 27)

The USS Crusader (NCC-51492) is commissioned. Captain
Fred Braun assumes command. (Star Trek Crusader)

Victoria Love is born in the Bronx, New York on planet Earth. (Star Trek Crusader)

Ensigns Peter J. Koester and Virgil D. Kane both graduate from Starfleet Academy. Koester is assigned to the Excelsior-class starship USS Al-Batani (NCC-42995).
(Star Trek: Dauntless)

Aaron Prentice graduates from the Academy. (Star Trek: Intrepid)

Ensign Timothy Sinclair is assigned as a security officer aboard the USS Cerberus. (Star Trek: Pendragon: "Wings As Eagles")

2364 - Nick Locarno is accepted as a cadet at Starfleet Academy on Earth.

USS Enterprise responds to a distress call on planet Carnel.  At the rescue site, Captain Picard meets Tasha Yar, a crew member of another ship also participating in the rescue.  Picard is so impressed with her heroism in risking her life to save a wounded colonist that he requests she be assigned to the Enterprise as his
security chief.  The ship's next assignment will be to explore the unknown region in the great stellar mass beyond planet Deneb IV.

Commander William Riker is offered the opportunity to
command the starship Drake, but declines in favor of his
assignment on the U.S.S. Enterprise-D.  Command of the Drake falls to Paul Rice.

Admiral Leonard McCoy travels aboard the USS Hood, to
rendezvous with the Enterprise-D at Farpoint Station, a new starbase built by the Bandi for possible use as a Starfleet facility.
Also aboard the Hood are Commander William T. Riker (serving as First Officer), Lieutenant (JG) Geordi LaForge, Dr. Beverly Crusher and her son Wesley, all en route to assignments on the Enterprise-D.

9 years ago

TNG Season 1
U.S.S. Enterprise-D is assigned to study Farpoint Station at planet Deneb IV.  Farpoint is a new starbase built by the Bandi for possible use as a Starfleet facility.  Investigation reveals the station to have been built with the unwilling help of a spacefaring life-form capable of assuming virtually any shape or form--in this case, that of the station itself.  The creature is allowed to return to deep space.

During the Farpoint mission, first contact is made with the Q Continuum.  The extradimensional representative entity demonstrtaes extraordinary power over spacetime and matter, and interferes with the execution of the mission.  Q warns Captain Picard that Humanity has entered a trial period, and that he/they will be watching.

Commander William T. Riker joins the crew at Farpoint Station, assuming the duties of Executive Officer.  Lieutenant (JG) Geordi LaForge also joins at the station, as a Flight Controller (conn).  Finally, Dr. Beverly Crusher and her 15 yr-old son Wesley board, where she assumes her duties as the new Chief Medical Officer.  Riker and Deanna Troi encounter each other for the first time since the end of their relationship on Betazed.

Starfleet Admiral Leonard H. McCoy, age 137, makes his inspection visit aboard Enterprise.

Star Trek: Armada
The Enterprise is almost destroyed by a Borg sphere from 2376 on a mission to alter the future. The time ship Premonition arrives and destroys the sphere before it does any damage and quickly retreats to the future before the timeline is even more altered. Picard remembers this incident and the USS Premonition, though the rest of the crew does not.  No further reference is heard about this encounter until 2376 where Picard states he has seen the ship before.

All Good Things... [Chapters 3, 6, 7, 8, 11, 15, 16, 18,20, 21, 23 & 24]
In an alternate timeline created by Q, the USS Enterprise-D diverts from its first mission to Farpoint to investigate an anti-time anomaly in the Romulan Neutral Zone.

Imzadi (Chapter 32)

Q-Squared (Track A)

No Limits: Lefler's Logs (Eighteenth entry)

Pathways (Chapter 8, Section 6)


U.S.S. Enterprise-D assigned to rendezvous with science vessel Tsiolkovsky, which had been monitoring the collapse of a red giant star.  Messages from Tsiolkovsky suggest severe psychological issues are threatening the crew.  By the time Enterprise-D reaches the rendezvous, all 80 crew aboard the science vessel are dead.  Investigation determines that the Tsiolkovsky crew suffered from a virus similar to the Psi 2000 virus that afflicted the crew of the Enterprise in 2266.

Data has intercourse for the first time, with security chief Tasha Yar.

Romulans and Barolians enter into trade negotiations.  Romulan Senator Pardek participates.

Double Helix: Infection
A mysterious plague kills over 30,000 people on Archaria III before Dr. Beverly Crusher, aboard the Enterprise-D, discovers a cure. The virus is found to be artificial, although its creators remain undiscovered.

The Enterprise-D travels to Ligon II  to acquire a vaccine for Anchilles fever that afflicted the population of Styris IV from the Ligonians.  The vaccine is delivered to Styris IV thereafter.

Starfleet propulsion specialist Kosinski performs warp system upgrades on Starships Fearless and Ajax.  Both ships report minor performance gains.

En route to planet Haven in the Beta Cassius system for shore leave, Enterprise-D is interrupted by a distress call.  Electorine Valeda Innis of Haven requests Federation intervention to prevent the landing of a Tarellian ship recently detected on course ofr the planet.  The fear is that the 8 Tarellian plague survivors will infect Haven with the deadly virus they carry.

Counselor Deanna Troi is informed that she must fulfill the marriage pledge with Wyatt Miller she undertook as a child.  The wedding is scheduled to take place aboard Enterprise-D, with Deanna's mother, Lwaxanna Troi and Wyatt's parents in attendance.  The wedding is ultimately cancelled when Miller, an aspiring physician,
chooses to take up residence with the Tarellians in hope of finding a cure.

Enterprise-D rendezvous with Starship Fearless for transfer of Kosinski and his assistant, an inhabitant of planet Tau Alpha C (whom the crew term "The Traveler").

Enterprise-D participates in warp experiment under the supervision of specialist Kosinski.  During a test, The Enterprise-D is accidently hurled to the M-33 Galaxy by the Traveler.  The Traveler's true mission--to make contact with Wesley Crusher, whom he identifies as a "Mozart" of space/time--is revealed after the boy aids the Traveler in returning the starship home.

Wesley Crusher is awarded "Acting Ensign" status.


Ghost Ship (Chapters 2-13)
The old Vulcan ship T'Pau is decommissioned and sent to the surplus depot Zed-15 orbiting Qualor II.  The ship is later surreptitiously dismantled and smuggled out of the yard by Romulan operatives as part of a plan to place Vulcan under Romulan rule.


Ferengi agents steal a T-9 energy converter from the unmanned monitor post on planet Gamma Tauri IV. The theft is a great concern to the Federation, due to their unfamiliarity with the Ferengi.


U.S.S. Enterprise-D in pursuit of Ferengi spacecraft, attempting to recover the stolen T-9 energy converter.Upon entering the Delphi Ardu system, both ships are incapacitated by a powerful energy beam, apparently emanating from an outpost of the long-dead Tkon Empire. Diplomatic efforts are successful in freeing both vessels, with DaiMon Taar agreeing to return the stolen

9 years ago

technology.  First official contact with the Ferengi. The Starship U.S.S. Chirikov will be sent to further investigate the sectors comprising the former Tkon Empire in 2387.


On diplomatic mission to transport delegates from planets Antica and Selay in the Beta Renner system to an interstellar conference on the neutral planetoid Parliament in hope of resolving conflicts between the two antagonistic planets, both of which have applied for Federation membership.


Enterprise-D suffers a major series of malfunctions as the computer system is invaded by an energy-based life-form that inhabits various crew members and then the ship itself.  The entity, which is found to be a space-borne energy cloud, is learned to be itself an explorer.


Enterprise-D delivers the Antican and Selay delegations to Parliament for their conference to consider their petitions for admission to the Federation.


Enterprise-D delivers a party of Earth colonists to the Strnad system.  Shortly thereafter, ship's personnel discover another Class M planet in the adjoining Rubicun system.  This second planet, Rubicun III, is inhabited by a peaceful humanoid species known as the Edo and is deemed sutiable for shore leave by Enterprise-D.


While on shore leave in Rubicun III, acting Ensign Wesley Crusher accidentally violates a minor local law, the penalty for which is death. Attempts to negotiate Crusher's release are hampered by the presence of a powerful noncorporeal space-borne entity which the edo worship as a god.  Captain Picard violates the Prime Directive of noninterference in violating local laws to secure Crusher's release.


Rubicun III's shore leave status is revoked.


Ferengi vessel contacts U.S.S. Enterprise-D to request a meeting in the Xendi Sabu system.  Enterprise-D waits at the rendezvous point for three days, with no other response from the Ferengi than "stand by".  In an apparently unrelated development, Captain Picard suffers from an unusually painful series of headaches.


Ferengi DaiMon Bok, aboard a Ferengi vessel at the Xendi Sabu system, offers a gift to Captain Picard:  The hulk of Picard's former command, U.S.S. Stargazer.  Examination of records aboard Stargazer reveals apparently damning evidence suggesting Picard had attacked a Ferengi spacecraft some nine years ago in "The Battle of Maxia" in which the Stargazer was believed destroyed.  The gift is found to be an elaborate ploy by Bok to gain revenge on Picard for the latter's involvement in the battle, during which Bok's son, commanding the Ferengi spacecraft, was killed.  Bok is also discovered to have falsified the Stargazer records and to have attempted to injure Picard through the use of an illegal Ferengi mind control device.


Enterprise-D tows the Stargazer to Xendi Starbase 9.


Counselor Deanna troi departs Enterprise-D on a shuttlecraft at Starbase G-6 for a visit to her home planet of Betazed.


An explosion at the Federation mining colony on Sigma III kills at least one and injures 504 persons.  An urgent call for medical assistance in transmitted to Enterprise-D.  The mission, though ultimately successful, is hampered by the reappearance of Q, who tests Commander Riker by offering him induction into the Continuum.


ST:TNG The Space Between: History Lesson


The Peacekeepers


Karnas, a leader on planet Moradin IV, reports that terrorists have seized hostages including Federation Ambassador Hawkins.  He urgently requests the aid of Starfleet Admiral Mark Jameson, noting a terrorist threat to kill the hostages if Jameson does not intervene in six days.


Enterprise-D stops at planet Persephone V to pick up Admiral Mark Jameson and his wife Anne for transport to Moradin IV to negotiate the release of Federation hostages.  Upon arrival at Moradin IV, Jameson reveals that his celebrated negotiations (which led to the release of other Federation hostages by Karnas some 45 years ago) was in fact a weapons-for-hostages deal that resulted in a bloody civil war which only ended five years ago.  It is learned that Karnas has staged the entire crisis as a means of exacting retribution on Jameson for exacerbating the conflict.  Jameson, suffering from the effects of a youth drug obtained on planet Cerebus III, dies at Moradin IV after convincing Karnas to release the hostages.


Enterprise-D goes to planet Isis III.


No Limits: 'Q'uandary (Section 1)


The planet Tarod IX, a world just on the Federation side of the Romulan Neutral Zone, suffers a devastating Borg attack.


Counselor Troi returns to Enterprise-D.


At Starbase 74, orbiting Tarsas III, Enterprise-D is scheduled for maintenance layover.  Service and upgrades are performed by a special team from planet Bynaus.  While in dock, a reported malfunction threatening a potentially catastrophic failure of Enterprise-D's antimatter containment fields.  As a result, all crew members are evacuated and the ship is removed by the starbase.  The incident is later learned to have been engineered by the Binars in an effort to appropriate the starship for use for use in restarting their home planet's emp-damaged main computer system in the Beta Magellan system after that star went supernova.  Unknown at the time, the Bynar tampering with the Enterprise-D holodeck systems would cause a malfunction during the Jarada diplomatic mission later.

9 years ago

Relations are reopened with the Jarada via diplomatic mission by the Enterprise-D, despite a delay caused by a holodeck malfunction which traps Picard and other crew members in an ongoing program.  The contact is ultimately successful in large part because of Captain Picard's precise enunciation of a formal Jaradan greeting.


The Enterprise-D visits Tripoli IX.


Tales from the Captain's Table: LoDnI'pu' vavpu' je (Second story)


The Enterprise-D completes a long journey to the Tri-Betaline star system and visits Syntagus Theluv.


Enterprise-D completes an assignment in the Omicron Theta star system.  After, the starship detours to the planet where Lieutenant Commander Data was discovered.  Investigation reveals remains of a Federation colony, apparently destroyed  and all inhabitants killed by a powerful spaceborne Crystalline Entity of unknown origin.  Also discovered is the lab of famed cyberneticist Dr. Noonian Soong.  Among the equipment in the facility are sufficient components to assemble a second android, nearly identical to Data.  Upon return to Enterprise-D, the second android, called Lore, is reassembled and activated.  Lore exhibits aberrant behavior, threatening the starship, and is eventually transported into space.  Though unknown at the time, Lore would drift in space for two years until eventually rescued by a passing Pakled ship.


DC Comics ST:TNG #1-6


Twelve students from Enterprise-D participate in a Quazulu field trip, accidentally bringing a respiratory virus back to Enterprise-D.


Romulan spacecraft are detected near a Federation border post.  The U.S.S. Berlin is dispatched to investigate.  No direct contact with the Romulans is made at this time.


Enterprise-D investigates the disappearance of the Federation freighter Odin, missing for seven years.  The wreckage of the Odin is found with three escape pods missing, suggesting the possibility of survivors.  Investigating the probable flight path of Odin escape pods to planet Angel I, Enterprise-D finds survivors alive on the planet's surface, having integrated themselves into the matriarchal society there.  A request from Angel I's government to remove the Odin crew members from the planet is denied by Captain Picard after he deems them immune to Prime Directive constraints.


Upon completion of the Odin mission, Enterprise-D sets course for the Neutral Zone.

Strange New Worlds IV: Flash Point ("Flashthen" Garon II)

A Stitch in Time (Part 2, Chapter 18)

Enterprise-D has an appointment at planet Pelleus V.

Enterprise-D begins mapping of the Pleiades cluster.


Enterprise-D is diverted to planet Velara III, where contact has been lost with the Federation terraforming team there.  A native crystalline life-form is discovered to be the culprit. After the life-form is determined to be intelligent, the project is withdrawn and the planet declared off-limits.  Team Director Kurt Mandi is believed to have been aware that the terraforming activity was threatening the life-forms, yet did nothing to stop it.  Enterprise-D transports the terraformers to starbase.

Benzan of the planet Straleb, and Yanar of the planet Atlec, begin a romantic relationship with the help of Captain Thadiun Okona.  Benzan gives Yanar the Jewel of Thesia, a Straleb national treasure, as a nuptial gift, this despite the fact that their respective parents are unaware of the relationship.


U.S.S. Enterprise discovers the mythical planet of Aldea, which had been shielded from visibility in the Epsilon Mynos system.  The planet's inhabitants, found to be a race of advanced society of artisans, use their sophisticated transporter technology to abduct the children of Enterprise-D crew members in an attempt to reestablish their race after damage to their ozone layer caused radiation exposure which rendered them infertile.  Diplomatic efforts succeed in securing the release of the children, the Aldean shielding system is dismantled and the ozone layer reseeded, a move expected to reverse the sterility of the Aldean people.

Lieutenant Commander Dexter Remmick of the Starfleet inspector general's office conducts a thorough investigation of the Enterprise-D and it's personnel while the ship is at the Relva VII Starfleet facility.  This is a prelude to Picard being offered the job of commandant of Starfleet Academy by Admiral Gregory Quinn.  Quinn's offer is coupled with a plea based upon his suspicions that problems exist deep within the structure of Starfleet itself.  Picard declines the offer, citing his belief that he can better serve the interests of the Federation as captain of the Enterprise-D.

Enterprise-D travels to Algeron IV.


Enterprise-D responds to a distress call from the Talarian freighter Batris, where two survivors, both renegade Klingons opposing the Klingon government, are rescued.  Korris and Konmel attempt to seize control of the Enterprise-D but are thwarted.


Enterprise-D at Lorenze Cluster to investigate the disappearance of the U.S.S. Drake, Paul Rice commanding, at planet Minos.  Although Minos had been inhabited in the past, no sign of intelligent life is found there.  Enterprise-D personnel encounter technically sophisticated weapons systems present which threaten both the away team on Minos, and the Enterprise-D in orbit above.  Further investigation indicates these weapons systems were responsible for the destruction of the Drake as well as for the entire Minosian culture.


Survivors (Chapters 2, 4 & 6-11)

9 years ago

Pathways (Chapter 6, Section 5)


Enterprise-D responds to a distress call while studying solar flares at the Delos system.  The call originates from the Sanction, a disabled Ornaran freighter transporting medical supplies of Felicium from planet Brekka to planet Ornara in order to keep a 200-year-old plague in check.  Investigation reveals the drug to be a highly addictive narcotic, no longer necessary for medical reasons.  The Prime Directive prevents Picard from interfering with the mission, and from revealing to the Ornarans the exploitative nature of their dealings with the Brekka for the addictive substance.


The Ambassador Hardin-class heavy cruiser USS Horatio Ballantrye is destroyed in the line of duty.


Counselor Deanna Troi attends a psychology conference in the Zed Lapis sector.


The Children of Hamlin

Survivors from the Hamlin disaster are rescued by the Enterprise-D, after the Enterprise pursues the Choraii following the destruction of USS Ferrell.


Shuttlecraft 13, carrying Deanna Troi and pilot Ben Prieto on a return flight to Enterprise-D, is forced to make a crash landing on planet Vagra II.  Investigation by an Enterprise-D away team determines the crash was caused by an entity that calls itself Armus.  During the investigation, security chief Tasha Yar is killed by Armus.  Later efforts are successful in rescuing Troi and other Enterprise-D personnel from the planet.


Captain Picard assigns Worf as acting security chief.


A warning bouy is placed in proximity to Vagra II to advise passing spacecraft of the danger posed by Armus.


Survivors (Chapter 12)


The Captains' Honor

Morn visits Quark's for the first time.


The Bajoran Ro Laren graduates from Starfleet Academy and is assigned to the USS Wellington.


The Jem'Hadar Virak'kara is created in the Gamma Quadrant.


Mardah leaves her foster family on Bajor to live on her own.


A few weeks before the USS Enterprise-D visited the Vandor system, there is an accident in one of the labs of the research outpost on the fourth planet. There are two survivors - Dr. Paul Manheim and his wife, Jenice.


Enterprise-D is en route to planet Sarona VIII, when the ship encounters a brief temporal distortion (also reported by the freighter Lalo in the Ilecom system).  Thereafter, Enterprise-D responds to a distress call from a science laboratory on planet Vandor IV.  Investigation reveals the time distortions to have been created by Dr. Paul manheim, studying the relationship between time and gravity.  Manheim suffers nerochemical injury, until data is successful in repairing the temporal anomaly caused by the former's experiments.


Enterprise-D goes to sarona VIII for shore leave.


The Decker-class class X destroyer  USS J.L. Lambert was decommissioned and scrapped.


Admiral Norah Satie uncovers evidence of a widespread alien conspiracy infiltrating Starfleet Command.  Among the evidence is a series of unusual occurences, including a number of unusual orders, high-ranking officials backing irrational orders, the evacuation of Starbase 12 for two days, and the apparently accidental deaths of McKinney, Ryan Sipe, and Onna Karapleedeez.  Satie enlists the assistance of key personnel, including captains Walter Keel, Tryla Scott, and Rixx to counter the incursion.


Enterprise-D assigned to scientific investigation on planet Pacifica.


Mission to Pacifia is interrupted when Captain Picard receives an urgent request from Starship Horatio captain Walter Keel for a covert meeting at planetoid Dytallix B.  Also present at the meeting are Captain Tryla Scott of the U.S.S. Renegade, and Captain Rixx of the U.S.S. Thomas Paine.  At the planetoid, Keel informs Picard of Satie's suspicions.  Shortly after the meeting, the Horatio is destroyed with all hands lost.


Scott Fack and O'Toole return to the USS Artemis from a conference to report strange goings-on. The Artemis attempts to return to Federation territory but its warp coils were sabotaged, allowing a sneak-attack by a then-unknown assailant, killing nearly 80% of the Artemis crew. John Sill, Anne Cobry and Scott Fack are amongst the survivors, escaping in escape pods. As they flee, it appears the Artemis explodes. (Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles: "False Security", "Lady Lazarus")


Picard pursues the investigation of Keel's report by taking the Enterprise-D to Earth and requesting a meeting at Starfleet Command.  Satie's suspicions are borne out when Picard and Riker discover that key Starfleet personnel (including Lieutenant Commander remmick and Admiral Quinn) are being controlled by an extragalactic intelligence.  The feared invasion is forestalled when the intelligence is thwarted and its control neutralized. The neural "blue gill" parasites transmit a homing message before they are killed.


The USS Saratoga rescues the Artemis  survivors and preliminary scans reveal the wreckage does not match the total volume of the Artemis. (Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles: "False Security", "Lady Lazarus")


Scott Fack meets Jason Athelstan, who is stationed aboard the Saratoga. The two decide to give a relationship a go. (Star Trek: The Prospect Chronicles: "Lady Lazarus"; Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions: "Isolation", "An Innocent Time")

9 years ago

Myriad Universes: Infinity's Prism: A Less Perfect Union (Epilogue)

In an alternate reality, most galactic powers enter a large conflict, with many worlds slipping from the control of their governments and becoming neutral strongholds, and eventually, battlegrounds for space fleets.


Alien Spotlight: Borg (The Past)


Communications are lost with Federation starbases in sector 3-0, near the Romulan Neutral Zone.  Two outposts are reported destroyed.  Captain Picard attends an emergency conference at Starbase 718 to discuss the possibility of an emerging Romulan threat in the wake of the loss.  Awaiting Picard's return, Lieutenant Commander Data discovers an apparent derelict spacecraft, the S.S. Birdseye, containing the cryogenically frozen remains of Humans who died in the late 20th century.  Three are successfully revived because medical advances in the intervening years have rendered their maladies curable. These individuals, named Claire Raymond, Sonny Clemons, and Ralph Offenhouse, are later returned to Erath aboard the U.S.S. Charleston.  Raymond will become a history teacher, while Clemons attempts to reestablish his musical career.  Offenhouse will become an ambassador and mediator, making a name for himself in dealings  with the Ferengi.


Federation outposts at Delta Zero Five and Tarod IX are discovered to have been destroyed not by Romulans, but by an unknown agency that literally scooped the outposts off their planetary surfaces.  This agency is later revealed to be the Borg, suggesting a Borg presence near Federation space significantly earlier than 2367.  Investigating these disappearances, the Enterprise-D makes contact with the Romulans for the first time since the Tomed incident of 2311.


Vulcan's Soul: Exodus (Chapter 1)


Lieutenant David Manchester receives the Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry for actions taken on Valoria.


Lieutenant Commander  Sheva Hev'lek receives the Andorian Battle Star for actions taken on an away team to Borgia V.


Commander Ellen Childs receives the Anastas Medal of Achievement for actions taken as acting CO of USS Berlin.


In the Delta Quadrant, the Kradin and Vori declare war.

Jadzia enters initiate training on Trill.

Colony established on New Oregon.

The star Epsilon Miranda goes supernova, destroying all life on the fifth planet.

Tova Veer begins to serve as Prof. Gegen's assistant.

Aamin Marritza accepts a position as an instructor at the Cardassian military academy on Kora II.

Joseph Carey is critically wounded and sent to Barisa Prime for long-term treatment. There he meets and marries Anne Dina Carey.

B'Elanna Torres breaks up with Maxwell Burke.

9 years ago

2365 - TNG Season 2
Doctor Crusher leaves the Enterprise to become head of  Starfleet Medical and is replaced by Commander Dr. Katherine Pulaski, who arrives from the U.S.S. Repulse (NCC-2544) via shuttlecraft. Geordi La Forge is promoted to full lieutenant and made the Enterprise chief
engineer, replacing Lieutenant Commander Leland T. Lynch. Worf is permanently made Enterprise security chief. Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher is assigned regular bridge duty, serving as a flight controller (conn).  Chief Miles O'Brien transfers off the command track and becomes transporter chief.

Captain Picard recruits an old friend, Guinan, to serve as hostess of the Ten Forward Lounge.  She boards the Enterprise-D at Nestoriel III.  

Alyssa Ogawa graduates from the Starfleet Medical Nursing Program, and is assigned to Starbase 133. Later this year, she will be transferred to the Enterprise-D.

Kathryn Janeway is transferred from command of the USS Bonestell to command of the USS Billings.

Enterprise-D assigned to transport medical specimens of plasma plague (the virus which created Regulan Blood Worms) from planet 'audet IX to Science Station Sierra Tango in hope that a cure can be found for an outbreak on planet Rachelis.  The project is supervised by Lieutenant Commander Hester Delt, medical trustee of the Federation Medical Collection Center.


Ship's Counselor Deanna Troi is impregnated by an unknown alien life-form.  The resulting child, which gestates and grows at a highly accelerated rate, is the product of this unknown form's desire to learn more about Human life.  The entity is found to be a source of Eichner radiation, compromising the safe storage of the plasma plague specimens.  Seeking to avoid harm to the Enterprise-D crew, the entity departs the ship.

DC Comics ST:TNG V1 No.51 "Lifesigns"

Strike Zone
After coming into the possession of some advanced Cognocenti  weapons, the Kreel begin a brief conflict with the Klingons.


The Enterprise-D heads for the Morgana sector, to update star charts.  The voyage is interrupted when the starship is trapped in a region of space that appears devoid of stars or any object other than Enterprise-D
itself.  The entire situation is determined to be a first contact scenario with a noncorporeal intelligence known as Nagilum, who is attempting to understand the nature of Human life and death.

Starship Lantree is subjected to routine examinations at the beginning of a duty cycle.  All are found to be in perfect health.  The USS Lantree begins its tour of duty in Sector Gamma 7.


Geordi LaForge builds a model of the ancient sailing ship H.M.S. Victory, intended as a gift for Starship Victory captain Zimbata, under whose command LaForge served prior to his Enterprise-D assignment.

Arriving three days early for a rendezvous with the U.S.S. Victory, the crew enjoys a break.  User error on the part of holodeck participants Geordie LaForge and Data results in the accidental creation of a computer software-based sentient intelligence within a simulation program.  To avoid the destruction of what is apparently a self-aware life-form, Captain Picard orders the simulation program saved until a way can be found to give physical form to the synthetic intelligence.

U.S.S. Victory arrives at the rendezvous, and captain Zimbata receives his gift of Geordi's model.

DC Comics ST:TNG V2 No.01 & 02

Wildstorm Comics Star Trek Special: The Legacy of Elenor Dain

DC Comics ST:TNG V2 No.03 & 04

IDW Comics ST:TNG The Space Between 05
Crop failures in the agricultural domes of The Armada threaten food supplies to an entire sector.


Enterprise-D, traveling through the Omega Sagitta system, offers assistance to space vehicle Erstwhile, an interplanetary vessel in need of guidance system repairs.

While in the Omega Sagitta system, Picard mediates a dispute between planets Altec and Straleb. Ruling families of both planets have filed claims against Erstwhile captain Thadiun Okona. The dispute is resolved when Benzan, son of Secretary Kushell of the Legation of Unity of the planet Straleb, and Yanar, daughter of Debin (captain of a Atlec space vessel) agree to marry.

Power Hungry

Enterprise-D responds to a distress call from Kareen Brianon, assistant to noted molecular cyberneticist Dr. Ira Graves (a teacher to the reclusive roboticist Dr. Noonien Soong) on the planet Gravesworld.  En route,

Enterprise-D also receives a distress call from the U.S.S. Constantinople.  Enterprise-D staff physician Dr. Selar discovers Graves' terminal illness.  Before his death, Graves succeeds in recording the sum of his personal knowledge into the Enterprise-D computer system.

Pathways (Chapter 8, Sections 7-9)


Enterprise-D is unexpectedly diverted to the Ramatis system and assigned to transport famed mediator Riva to help resolve a bitter planetary conflict on planet Solais V.  Initial attempts at negotiation are a bust, but Riva opts to remain behind to continue his efforts.

Pathways (Chapter 8, Sections 10-11)

Mosaic (Chapter 22)

Pathways (Chapter 14, Section 12)

The first officer of the U.S.S. Lantree is treated for Thelusian flu, an exotic but hamrless rhinovirus.


U.S.S. Lantree visits the Darwin Genetic Research Station  on Gagarin IV. It is not realized at the time that exposure to the genetically engineered children of Darwin station scientists results in hyperaccelerated aging of all Lantree personnel.  Twenty Lantree crew
members die of old age, leaving only six alive. Captain Iso Telaka

9 years ago

orders course set for the nearest Federation outpost, and makes his final log entry.


Enterprise-D courier mission to Star Station India is interrupted by a distress call from the U.S.S. Lantree.  Responding to the call, it is found that there are no survivors--all the crew having died of old age.

The source of the affliction is learned to be the children on the Darwin genetic research station on planet Gagarin IV, whose immune systems actually seek out and destroy potential sources of infection--including other Human beings.  Remains of the Lantree and it's crew are destroyed to prevent further contamination.

Enterprise-D resumes its courier mission to Star Station India.


Enterprise-D arrives at Starbase 179 to participate in a new officer exchange program. Serving aboard temporarily is Ensign Mendon, from the planet Benzar. Commander Riker serves on a Klingon ship, the IKS Pagh, as the first Human ever to do so.

A previously unknown submicron life-from is discovered by Mendon, who reports the life-form has been detected on the hulls of both the Enterprise-D and the Pagh.  He successfully devises a means of removing the parasites from both ships using a tunneling neutrino beam.

Basso Tromac is killed by Kira Nerys,a member of the Bajoran underground.


Kira Nerys arrives at the space station Terok Nor to kill collaborator Vaatrik. Shrain Dukat brings Odo to Terok Nor to investigate the murder of Vaatrik, a Bajoran chemist. Odo is given a position as security
investigator on station Terok Nor, replacing Thrax Sa'kat. Odo meets Kira Nerys and Quark for the first time. Unaware that Kira is the murderer in the case he is investigating, he agrees to help her get off the space station and does not solve the case.

Terok Nor: Dawn of the Eagles (Chapters 13-17)
Gaten Russol contacts Elias Vaughn, asking him for help of the Federation for the Cardassian dissident movement who disagrees with the Occupation of Bajor; Elias contacts Alynna Nechayev, but is being told not to interfere in Cardassian internal politics.

Skrain Dukat learns of Russol's contacts into the Federation; but before able to prove anything, Russol manages to leave Terok Nor and with the help of Odo destroy all evidence.

After realizing that Crell Moset is experimenting on living Bajorans, Kalisi Reyar tricks him into accepting a position on an university - resulting in the couple being split up; she then destroys all outcomes of his
experiments and all research connected to it.

Kalisi Reyar figures out that Astraea is in truth Miras Vara; however, although she delivers that information to the Obsidian Order, Miras is not caught and can hide again. Kalisi Reyar is interrogated by the Obsidian
Order on the whereabouts of Miras Vara; unsatisfied with the answers, the order operative kills her.


Enterprise-D at newly established Starbase 173 for crew rotation and offloading experiment modules.  Lieutenant Commander Data is assigned to Commander Bruce Maddox for study of Data's positronic neural systems to further the goal of manufacturing additional androids for Starfleet service.  Data declines the transfer, and Starfleet Judge Advocate General Phillipa Louvois subsequently rules that Data is indeed a life-form with full civil rights, and that he is therefore free to make his own decisions.

Ensign Sonia Gomez graduates from Starfleet Academy, and is among the new crew members transferring aboard the Enterprise-D at Starbase 173.

What's Past: Many Splendors




Enterprise-D assigned diplomatic mission to ferry Salia, a young planetary head of state, from planet Klavdia III to her home on Daled IV.  Salia, an elasomorph, is returned to her home to accept the role of leader, and will attempt to uinte the warring factions of her planet.

U.S.S. Yamato at planet Denius III, where Captain Donald Varley, participating in an archeological study. deciphers evidence from an ancient Iconian artifact, making it possible to determine the actual location of the Iconian homeworld, somewhere in the Romulan Neutral
Zone.  Varley, citing the potentially disastrous consequences should the Romulans gain access to Iconian weapons technology, orders the Yamato to proceed to Iconia. Near Iconia, the Yamato is scanned by an Iconian space probe.

The U.S.S. Yamato is destroyed when an Iconian computer virus triggers a failure of its antimatter containment and related safety systems, leading to a full matter/antimatter explosion.

The Iconian homeworld is discovered by Enterprise-D in the Romulan Neutral Zone, and Picard decides to destroy the technology so that the Romulans don't get their hands on it.


A passing Klingon cruiser reports discovering pieces of an unknown space vehicle in the upper atmosphere of the eight planet in the previously unmapped Theta 116 system.  Enterprise-D diverts from scheduled course to investigate.  Enterprise-D investigates, finding an
elaborate 20th century Earth environment on an otherwise uninhabitable planetary surface, created by an unknown alien intelligence in an effort to provide a habitat for Colonel Steven Richey, commander of the space probe Charybdis, reported missing in 2037 after the third unsuccessful attempt to explore beyond Earth's solar system.

Enterprise-D makes layover stop at Starbase 73.

9 years ago

Enterprise-D mission to planet Endicor is interrupted by discovery of a duplicate of its shuttlepod 5, drifting in space.  Discovered on board the recovered vehicle is a duplicate of Captain Picard, arrived backward from time six hours, during which the Enterprise-D had evidentally been lost with all hands except the captain.  The time loop, a temporal distortion caused by the destruction of the starship, is disrupted when Picard orders the Enterprise-D into the center of the phenomenon.


Enterprise-D resumes its mission to the Endicor system.


Lieutenant Commander Data. while performing modifications on ship's sensors, detects a radio signal from a previously unknown life-form in the Selcundi Drema sector which he responds to (a violation of the Prime Directive).

Enterprise-D at planet Nasreldine. A crew member contacts a flu-like illness there.  Afterward, minor readout anomalies require an unscheduled course change to Starbase Montgomery for engineering consultations.

Enterprise-D at Starbase Montgomery for engineering consultations.  Starfleet civilian adviser Kyle Riker, father of William Riker, is a guest aboard Enterprise-D.

Commander William Riker is offered command of Starship Ares, a small scout ship serving in frontier areas, but he declines the promotion in favor of continued service aboard the Enterprise-D.  This is the second time Riker declines the opportunity to command a starship.

Enterprise-D heads for Beta Kupsic.

Enterprise-D on survey mission of star systems in the Selcundi Drema sector. Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher is placed in charge of planetary geological surveys. Lieutenant Commander Data reports receipt (and
acknowledgement) of a radio signal from a life-form on planet Drema IV, and advises that the signal is a distress call resulting from massive geologic instability on the planet.  Captain Picard determines assistance to be appropriate, even though such is a further violation of the Prime Directive.  Steps are taken to minimize cultural contamination from this action.

Starfleet receives a garbled message from the Ficus sector.  The message is later found to be a distress call from a colony in the Bringloid system.

Enterprise Logs: The Captain and the King (Flashback)

Enterprise-D once again encounters the entity Q at the frontier of federation territory. Q expresses a desrie to become a member of the crew.  When Picard declines to accept, Q sends the Enterprise-D 7,000 light-years across the galaxy (into the Delta quadrant).  At the previously uncharted star system J-25, evidence is found of a Class-M planet which exhibits massive surface scarring similar to that found at outposts Delta Zero Five and Tarod IX near the Romulan Neutral Zone.  At System J-25, the Enterprise-D makes contact with the Borg, a race of cybernetically-enhanced humanoids from a variety of assimilated cultures. Enterprise-D is severely damaged, Shuttlecraft 6 is destroyed and 18 crew members are killed. Q, satisfied with the demonstartion of the hostile and powerful nature of the Delta quadrant threat, later returns the Enterprise-D to
Federation space.


Enterprise-D travels to Starbase 83 for repairs.

Captain Picard and Ensign Wesley Crusher take personal leave at Starbase 515.  Crusher takes Starfleet Academy exams while Picard reports to the starbase hospital for replacement of his bionic heart.

Enterprise-D en route to planet Epsilon IX for astronomical survey of the Epsilon Pulsar cluster when diverted to investigate a distress call from the
Rhomboid Dronegar sector. The call is from a Pakled ship, the Mondor. Further investigation reveals the call to be a ruse, an unsuccessful attempt to gain access to Federation weapons technology by capturing Enterprise-D chief engineer Geordi LaForge.


Enterprise-D at Starbase 73.  Picard meets with Admiral Moore to discuss a distress call received from the Ficus sector.


Enterprise-D proceeds to the Ficus sector, and ultimately to planet Bringloid V which is being threatened by severe solar flares.  All colonists are evacuated and evidence of a second, unknown colony in a
nearby system on planet Mariposa. It is learned that due to a disastrous crash landing of their ship, the Mariposa colony began with only five individuals who used cloning technology in an attempt to populate their
society. The Mariposans report that replicative fading threatens to make their culture nonviable. The Bringloidi colonists and the Mariposans agree to a joint settlement in an attempt to make both groups viable.  Note

that this solution proves difficult to implement, leading to later intervention by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers on the U.S.S. DaVinci.


Starfleet Command begins advance planning to develop a means to defend against a possible Borg attack, based on evidence that the Borg are approaching Federation space.  The project is given high priority. Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Shelby is placed in charge.

Orion Harmony-class fast escorts first commissioned.

First contact is made with the Cairn by the U.S.S. Okinawa.

Lwaxana Troi is appointed as a Federation ambassador.


Enterprise-D on diplomatic mission to transport Antedean and Betazoid delegates to a conference on planet Pacifica to consider the question of admission of planet Antede III to the Federation. The telepathic assistance of Betazed ambassador Lwaxanna Troi is instrumental in exposing two Antedean delegates as assassins intent upon disrupting the conference.

9 years ago

Starbase 336 receives an automated transmission from the T'Ong, a Kilngon sleeper ship launched in 2290, now returning to Klingon space. Special Federation emissary K'Ehleyr is dispatched to the Enterprise-D with orders to intercept the T'Ong near the Boradis system before its crew automatically revived. The Enterprise mission is based on fears the the T'Ong crew, launched prior to the Khitomer peace conference of 2293, still believes that a state of war exists between the federation and

the Klingon Empire. K'Ehleyr's orders include the option to destroy the T'Ong and its crew if necessary, but Captain Picard opposes this course.  Instead, he and Lieutenant Worf devise an alternate strategy in which Worf poses as Enterprise-D captain long enough to order the T'Ong crew to accept K'Ehleyr as their commander.

During the T'Ong crisis, emissary K'Ehleyr and Enterprise-D security chief Worf renew and old romantic relationship, although K'Ehleyr declines to take the Klingon oath of marriage.  Unknown to Worf at the time, their liaison results in the conception of a child.

A Call to Darkness

Enterprise-D participates in strategic simulation exercise near the Braslota system, as part of the preparation for possible conflict with the Borg.  Also participating in the exercise is the U.S.S. Hathaway, an older vessel temporarily commanded by William Riker. The operation is overseen by Zakdorn tactician Sirna Kolrami. The exercise is briefly interrupted by the Ferengi spacecraft Kreechla, whose commander
misinterprets the tactical importance of the obsolete Hathaway.

Enterprise-D returns to the nearest starbase.

Alexana Devos accepts a job as security director with the Eastern Continental government of planet Rutia IV.  Two days later, a terrorist bomb destroys a shuttlebus, killing sixty schoolchildren. Operatives of the Ansata separatist movement are implicated.

Enterprise-D on survey mission to Surata IV, when Commander Riker is injured by accidental contact with indigenous plantlife.

In a two hour lecture course in astral physics, Wesley Crusher first learns of the Elway Theorem. He would later remember this course when attempting to track the movements of the Ansata on Rutia IV.

The Romulans engage in the Third Taurhai Offensive.

A couple of Ferengi try to break into Fort Knox.

In a winter flood on Mintaka III, six Mintakans  drown. Counted among the dead, there are four children and two adults. One of the adults is the wife of Liko and mother to their daughter Oji.

A Federation-sponsored Human colony is set up on Selva.

Zek becomes Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Alliance.

Morn, Hain, Larell, Krit and Nahsk take part in the Lissepian Mother's Day Heist on Lissepia. After the Lissepian Mother's Day Heist, Morn deposits 1000 bars of gold-pressed latinum in the Bank of Bolias.

Benjamin Sisko first encounters Solok. The two will not meet again for a decade.

Tuvok and Kathryn Janeway begin to form a bond as Janeway learns to rely on Tuvok's advice.

In the face of a pending collision between their home sun and another star, the people of the planet Rhawn, in the Delta Quadrant, launch a vessel called the Traveler, carrying 800 million members of their race in an attempt to escape the expected destruction of the planet.

A Talaxian freighter is captured by operatives of the Vidiian Sodality and its 23 crew members are held prisoners to serve as an organ repository.

Nanietta Bacco is elected Governor of Cestus III.

Alexander Munro enrolls in Starfleet Academy.

Christopher Mackenzie transfers to the USS Enterprise-D to serve as deputy chief of security under Lieutenant  Worf. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Vanessa Yates posted on the USS London  as a Science officer and promoted to the rank of Ensign.(Star Trek Crusader)

Akellen Macet is promoted to gul and takes command of CUW Trager. (Star Trek: Sigils and Unions)

Tynisha Jenkins gives birth to Nathan Jenkins on Earth. (Star Trek: Future Perils)

Anise Shelaas is born on Trill. (Star Trek: Generation Fleet)

Jake Kurland enters Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Matthew Donahugh graduates from Starfleet Academy and enters Starfleet Medical Academy. (Star Trek: Remington)

Franklin Crane mounts an archaeological expedition to Malindi VII, on the Federation-Klingon border, in the hopes of recovering some Hur'q artifacts that had been dug up around the Darmok mining colony. (Star Trek: Daedalus: "Relics")

Hrithrarr and L'Beth are married aboard the USS Polaris. (Eighth Fleet)


Devys Argent graduates from the University of Betazed at Janolan Falls.  He gives up a promising career planetside as a neuroscience researcher to join Starfleet (Star Trek: Chirikov).

Amitra  is elected President of the United Federation of Planets.

9 years ago

2366 - TNG Season 3


Double Helix: Vectors

A cross-racial multiprion plague strikes Terok Nor, affecting Bajorans, Cardassians, and Ferengi. A team of Starfleet officers assists Bajoran and Cardassian physicians in finding a cure.  Kira Nerys gathers information on the Double Helix virus on Terok Nor.


Strange New Worlds VII: Life's Work

Dr. Noonien Soong coming to terms with his wife's (unknowingly an android) decision to leave him.


No Limits: All That Glisters...

Lieutenant Elizabeth Shelby discovers proof of a Borg attack in Federation space.


A Rock and a Hard Place

Troublesome officer Quentin Stone briefly transfers to the USS Enterprise-D, then takes a leave of absence to help administer the Paradise colony.


Crewmember Sandoval meets her end.


Starfleet issues new type-2 phaser and tricorder designs. Starfleet uniforms are redesigned, now in two-piece versions with a higher collar and no striping on the shoulders.


Dr. Katherine Pulaski completes her assignment on Enterprise-D. Dr. Beverly Crusher returns to the USS Enterprise-D to replace her. Geordi La Forge is promoted to lieutenant commander, while Worf is promoted to full lieutenant.


Enterprise-D on astrophysical research mission for Dr. Paul Stubbs in the Kavis Alpha sector, to deliver an instrumented probe (the "egg") into the Kavis Alpha system's neutron star.  The mission is successful
despite a systems failure aboard Enterprise-D due to the activity of a newly-evolved, intelligent nanite life-form.  The nanites, accidentally eveloved from nanotechnological robots developed for medical
applications, are found to be sentient and are given colonization rights on planet Kavis Alpha IV.


For openly criticizing the policies of the government of the Romulan Star Empire, Admiral Alidar Jarok is censured and reassigned to a remote sector.


Enterprise-D receives a message from the Sheliak Corporate demanding the removal of Federation colonists on planet Tau Cygna V, a settlement they claim exists in contravention to the Treaty of Armens (in which the
planet was ceded to the Sheliak).  Captain Picard negotiates with the Sheliak to gain sufficient time to evacuate the colonists.


Lieutenant Commander Data transports to Tau Cygna V via shuttlepod Onizuka and negotiates with colonists to evactuate their settlement in the time allowed by the Sheliak.


Gulliver's Fugitives


Enterprise-D receives a distress call from the Federation colony on planet Delta Rana IV.  The transmission reports the colony is under attack from an unknown spacecraft.  The warship belongs to the Husnok.
Among the dead is Rishon Uxbridge. In an act of revenge, her husband Kevin, who is actually an immortal and all-powerful Douwd, annihilates all fifty billion Husnock. By the time Enterprise-D arrives on scene, the
colony is destroyed, save a single dwelling. Investigation reveals that the incident actually occurred years before.


Enterprise-D heads for Starbase 133.


On a resupply mission to Federation anthropological observation team on planet Mintaka III, a world inhabited by Bronze Age proto-Vulcan humanoids, the team's holographic duckblind temporarily fails, resulting in cultural contamination in the form of fulfillment of religious prophecy. Captain Picard employs limited exposure to Starfleet personnel and

technology in order to minimize the damage, by convincing Mintakan leader Nuna that he is not their god.


Pathways (Chapter 4, section 4, Chapter 6, sections 6-7, and Chapter 14, section 13)
Harry Kim enters Starfleet Academy.


DC Comics ST:TNG V2 No.18
Wesley Crusher performs a dangerous test of a new technology, the hyperport. Because of a resulting temporal anomaly, the device is destroyed.


Doomsday World


Enterprise-D away team on archaeological research mission when an explosive artifact, a bomb leftover from an ancient war, kills archaeologist Marla Aster.  Surviving Astor is her 12 year old son, Jeremy.  The
Koinonians, a race of non-corporeal life-forms indigenous to the planet, offer to accept responsibility for the orphaned child's upbringing.  The offer is declined, and Worf (who had commanded the ill-fated mission) adopts Jeremy into his family through the Klingon R'uustai (bonding) ceremony.


Jeremy Aster is returned to Earth to be raised by his aunt and uncle (Marla's brother-in-law and his wife, Lee and Amy Aster) his only living biological relatives.


DC Comics ST:TNG V2 No.5-6


Enterprise-D is at asteroid field in the Orelious system to chart the historic battle that resulted in the extinction of both the Menthars and the Promellians. A derelict Promellian ship, apparently disabled during the
ancient battle, is discovered in the field.  An energy-dampening/radiation emitting field booby trap is found to still be active, threatening the Enterprise-D until a means is found to remove the ship from the field
using minimal thruster power.


Geordi LaForge begins his infatuation with Enterprise-D designer Dr. Leah Brahms, after having interacted with a holographic representation of her.


Wildfire (Book 2: Chapter 8, section 9)


DC Comics ST:TNG V2 No.7-12


Strange New Worlds II: I Am Become Death (Sections 2-5)

In the far future of an alternate timeline, humanoid life is extinct, replaced by a race of androids  begun by D

9 years ago

Security (Chapters 7, 8 & 10)
Lieutenant (j.g.) Domenica Corsi assists Christine Vale in a double homicide investigation on Izar. Vale was inspired enough to leave Izar and apply to Starfleet Academy.


Pathways (Chapter 4, sections 5-6, Chapter 8, sections 12-14)
B'Elanna Torres talks to her mother for the last time before entering Starfleet Academy.


The Romulan scout ship Pi crashes on Galorndon Core. It is suspected the ship was conducting covert operations in Federation space before it crashed. The Federation and the Romulans nearly go to war over the incident.


A cell of the Ansata first use the inverter for their attacks on civilian centers. These attacks would precipate the need for the Rutian government to request medical supplies from the Federation.


The government of the planet Barzan, under the leadership of Premier Bhavanti, invites bids for control of a wormhole near her world in hopes that fees for its use will stimulate the Barzan economy.  The wormhole is
considered a vital resource due to its highly unusual stability.


Enterprise-D serves as host for the negotiations for use of the Barzan wormhole.  Negotiator Devionni Ral, acting on behgalf of the Chrysalians, forms a strategic alliance with the Ferengi in an effort to discourage other bidders.  During negotiations, the loss of a Ferengi expeditionary shuttle in the Delta quadrant reveals that though the wprmhole aperture in Barzan space is stable, the end point is not.  The Chrysalians win the bid by default.


Strange New Worlds VII: Beginnings
Miles O'Brien and Keiko Ishikawa go on their first date.


Strange New Worlds 9: Maturation (Section 6)


Enterprise-D discovers a Federation outpost near the Acamarian system has been ransacked and all station personnel heavily stunned.  Investigation suggests the raid was conducted by the Gatherers, who are behind a significant number of similar incidents in recent months. Enterprise-D travels to Acamar III to enlist local government support in discouraging further raids.  A conference is convened at planet Gamma Hrmoi II with representatives of the Gatherers and the Acamarians but
the proceedings are disrupted when Acamarian sovereign Marouk's personal servent Yuta attempts to murder Gatherer delegate Chorgan, a member of Clan Lornak. Yuta is discovered to be a member of the nearly extinct Clan Tralesta, trying for 80 years to exact revenge upon the
Lornak clan for the massacre of her people.  A truce is later negotiated with the Gatherers, who agree to return to their original home planet, Acamar III.


Scheduled Enterprise-D rendezvous with Starship Goddard is postponed by new orders from Starfleet.  Enterprise-D travels to Starbase 343 to take on medical supplies for the Alpha Leonis system. Shore leave is authorized for Enterprise-D personnel.  Rendezvous with the U.S.S.
Goddard is rescheduled for after the layover.


DC Comics ST:TNG V2 No.13
The Enterprise-D plays host to a negotiation between the two Domak heiresses-apparent of the queen's throne of Domakleion, narrowly avoiding disaster when a telepathic assassin possesses Miles O'Brien's mind.




The Romulan Admiral Alidar Jarok defects to the Federation, with faulty information about a new outpost on Nelvana III, designed to lure the Enterprise-D into the Neutral Zone.  Jarok commits suicide by poison.


The government of planet Angosia III petitions for membership in the Federation.  Enterprise-D is sent on diplomatic mission in response.  The mission is interrupted when Captain Picard agrees to render assistance to local authorities in capturing a prisoner, an Angosian soldier named Roga Danar, escaped from a high-security penal colony. When it is discovered that the escape is part of an uprising demanding

rehabilitation for war veterans, Picard cites Prime Directive considerations and agrees toconsider the Angosian membership petition pending the outcome of the revolt.


Enterprise-D heads for starbase at Lya III.


Buying Time (Chapter 4, section 1, Chapter 5 & Chapter 6, section 3)
A Ferengi clan purchases a controlling interest in Onorrh's offworld export industry.


The Cardassian personnel transport ship Ravinok is reported missing, having been attacked by the Breen and forced to crash land on Dozaria. Among the passengers are Gul Dukat's Bajoran mistress Tora Naprem and her daughter Tora Ziyal.


Anjohl Tennan dies in the Batal labor camp.


The Battle of Sector 21505 results in a decisive Federation victory over the Cardassian Union. (Star Trek: Lambda Paz)


The Federation and the Cardassian Union sign the first of several peace treaties. Captain Edward Jellico is one of the principle negotiators.

9 years ago

Terok Nor: Dawn of the Eagles (Chapter 18)
Odo is designated an officer of the Cardassian court in order to testify in criminal cases.  Kalisi Reyar's Cardassian detection grid is shut down by the Shakaar resistance cell.  Kai Opaka reluctantly betrays the Kendra Valley resistance cell to save the lives of everyone else in Kendra, even though her son is among those killed.  Bajorans rebuff an effort by Dukat to establish new, elected government on Bajor, due in part to the actions of Federation intelligence agent Elias Vaughn. Cardassian dissidents effectively gain a majority in the Detapa council by assassinating a
pro-colonial minister and vote for a withdrawal.  With the Cardassians gone, the Bajorans choose to call on the Federation for assistance. Both Kira and Odo join the newly-formed militia.


Enterprise-D at planet Rutia IV to deliver medical supplies following reports of local unrest. While delivering supplies, chief medical officer Dr. Beverly Crusher and Captain Picard are kidnapped by members of
the Ansata separatist movement, which conduct additional terrorist attacks against Enterprise-D itself. Rutian security director Alexana assists in a successful rescue mission to recover both officers.


A treaty is concluded between the Cardassians and the Federation, ending a long conflict.


A black hole passes through the plane of the Bre'el system, disrupting the orbit of the moon of the planet Bre'el IV.  The asteroidal moon's orbit begins to decay, threatening the inhabitants of Bre'el IV.  Enterprise-D,
responding to a distress call, is unsuccessful at reestablishing the moon's orbit until aided by Q, apparently stripped of his powers and seeking asylum.


Enterprise-D heads for Station Nigala IV.


Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Shelby is placed in charge of Borg tactical analysis by Admiral J.P. Hansen.  Her assignment is to develop a defense startegy against an anticipated Borg offensive.


Crewman 1st-Class Simon Tarses is assigned to duty in the medical department abaord the U.S.S. Enterprise-D.


Pathways (Chapter 2, section 11)


Enterprise-D is en route to a mission for the study of a proto-star cloud, when it is briefly diverted by a request fromm the Tanaga IV research station for dicossilium supplies.  Commander Riker remains on the
station to evaluate the progress of Dr. Nel Apgar, a scientist developing a power generation technique using Krieger waves, while the Enterprise-D departs for 24 hours to conduct its original proto-star survey mission.
Shortly after Enterprise-D returns and picks up Riker, the station explodes under mysterious circumstances, resulting in the death of Dr. Apgar. Riker is accused of murder, but later acquitted.


Enterprise-D heads for Amila II.


No Limits: Performance Appraisal
The test of a new probe is used to determine a promotion for Lieutenant  Katerina Mueller.


The USS Enterprise-C emerges from a temporal rift. It temporarily remains in this year, causing an alternate timeline where the Federation is fighting a losing war with the Klingon Empire. Captain Rachel Garrett is
killed in a Klingon attack, and Lieutenant Richard Castillo is forced to take command. The ship returns to the year 2344 and the changes to the timeline are averted, although an alternate version of Natasha Yar returns to the past with the Enterprise-C.  She will be captured by Romulans, and later give birth to a daughter, Sela, who will grow up to become a Romulan operative.


Enterprise travels to planet Archer IV.


Q-Squared (Track C)
Q enlists Picard's aid in defeating rogue Q Trelene, who has been driven insane by an awesome new power source.



Q visits the USS Enterprise-D and briefly shares his powers with Lwaxanna Troi.


Commander Riker takes temporary leave from Enterprise-D while the ship conducts routine mapping in sector 396.


Lieutenant Commander Data attends a cybernetics conference, learning of recent advances in submicron matrix transfer technology. Upon returning to Enterprise-D, Data creates another Soong-type android,
known as Lal.  Upon being notified of the development, Starfleet Research at the Galor IV annex of the Daystrom Institute expresses an interest in Data's work and requests the transfer of Lal for study.  Data declines, and Admiral Anthony Haftel, citing the disastrous M-5 tests of 2268, renders an administrative ruling compelling Data to surrender custody--but Captain Picard orders the android not to comply, citing personal liberty. Unfortunately, Lal's positronic net destabilizes and Data is forced to deactivate her, rendering the orders moot.


Commander Riker returns from leave.


Kova Tholl, an inhabitant of planet Mizar II, is abducted by unknown aliens as part of a behavioral study. Tholl is a public servant, assistant to the regent of Pozaron, the third largest city on Mizar II.  Tholl is replaced by a near-perfect replica.


Fortune's Light
William Riker meets his old friend Jackson Carter for the first time in 13 years.


A Romulan warbird, which participated in the Khitomer Massacre of 2346, is captured by warriors of the Klingon Empire. Her logs identify the traitor at Khitomer as Ja'rod, the father of Klingon High Council member Duras.  The Klingon High Council chooses to cover this fact up to avoid a civil war, instead manufacturing false data to implicate Worf's father Mogh.

9 years ago

Enterprise-D conducts a cometary cloud and asteroid survey.  Klingon ommander Kurn, Worf's brother separated from him shortly before the Khitomer massacre of 2346, serves aboard Enterprise-D as part of the continuing officer exchange program.  Kurn informs Worf of the charges against them both. Enterprise-D travels to the Klingon homeworld so that Worf, the elder brother, may challenge the allegations.  Comparison of the evidence against the sensor logs of the U.S.S. Intrepid, also present at the historic event 20 years ago, reveals the false data and points to the real culprit.  Kurn is injured by agents of the powerful Duras family and
Picard steps in to fill the ceremonial role of cha'Dich to continue the inquiry.  Klingon Emperor K'mpec refuses to admit the new evidence and a compromise is reached.  Worf accepts discommendation in order to keep the Klingon Empire from disintegrating into civil war.


The Eyes of the Beholders


Enterprise-D assists in eradicating an outbreak of Phyrox plague on planet Cor Caroli V. Starfleet classifies the incident as "secret".


Captain Picard is abducted by unidentified alien scientists who employ him to conduct a behavioral study into the nature of authority.  Also abdusted for the study is Kova Tholl of planet Mizar II, and Esoqq of the
planet Chalna. All three individuals are replaced with near-perfect replicas, who conduct additional studies in their subjects' natural environments. A fourth participant, actually one of the scientists, masquerades as Bolian Starfleet cadet Haro. The study is discontinued when Picard and his fellow captives refuse to participate.


Enterprise-D resumes course for rendezvous with U.S.S. Hood for Browder IV terraforming project.


DC Comics ST:TNG V2 Annual No.01


Enterprise-D at planet Gemaris V, where Captain Picard serves as mediator in a trade dispute between the Gemarians and their nearest neighbors, the Dachlyds.


At the recommendation of Dr. Crusher, Captain Picard takes shore leave on planet Risa while Enterprise-D departs to Starbase 12 for a week of routine maintenance.  While on leave, Picard works with archaeologist Vash in an effort to continue Dr. Samuel Estragon's search for the Tox Uthat, a 27th century artifact with enormous weapons potential, hidden in the past. Although the search is successful, the artifact is destroyed to keep it out of the hands of two 27th century Vorgon criminals (possibly poets) who have traveled back to this time.




The unmanned Vega IX probe returns scientific data from Beta Stromgren, a star beyond Federation space, believed to be on the verge of supernova.  Among the data is a small object, a spaceborne organic life-form believed to be of significant strategic importance.  The object is
codenamed "Tin Man".


Enterprise-D is en route to a mission to prepare detailed exospheric charts of planets in the Hayashi system--a mission interrupted by a priority rendezvous with the U.S.S. Hood, relaying orders to investigate the newly discovered Tin Man. Also conveyed abord the Hood is Betazoid Tam Elbrun, a former patient of Counselor Troi at the University of Betazed.  Despite interference from a Romulan expedition seeking to appropriate Tin Man, mission specialist Elbrun is successful in

establishing a symbiotic rapport with the creature (which refers to itself as Gomtuu) and remains aboard the organism as it propels both Enterprise-D and the Romulan ship to safety just prior to the expansioon of Beta Stromgren.


Enterprise-D goes to Starbase 152 for inspection and repairs to damage resulting from the Gomtuu encounter.


Lieutenant Reginald Barclay III of the USS Zhukov, a systems diagnostic engineer, transfers to the engineering department of the Enterprise-D.


Enterprise-D accepts special tissue samples donated by the Mikulaks for shipment to planet Nahmi IV in hope that it will help develop a cure for an outbreak of Correllium fever on that world.  A number of serious systems malfunctions on the ship are traced back to contamination from invidium used in the Mikulak sample containers.  Cryogenic temperatures render the contamination inert.


Lieutenant Barclay receives an unsatisfactory performance rating for his work on Enterprise-D. Barclay is further jeopardized by revelations that he had been surreptitiously creating holodeck simulations of his

crewmates, in violation of protocol.  Later, his performance improves when given support from his supervisors.


Enterprise-D proceeds to to planet Nahmi IV, and then on to Starbase 121 for complete systems and bio decontamination.


DC Comics ST:TNG V2 No.14-15


The Sky's the Limit: Among the Clouds


Serious tricyanate contamination threatens the subsurface water supply for the Federation colony on planet Beta Agni II.  Enterprise-D is ordered to render assistance. Enterprise-D procures 108 kilograms of
hytritum compound from the Zibalian trader Kivas Fajo. The compound is transported via shuttlepod Pike by Lieutenant Commander Data.  An apparent failure in the hytritium containment system results in the destruction of both shuttle and pilot. Though the decontamination
mission is successful, it is discovered that Fajo is responsible for the entire incident, which he staged as a ruse to abduct Data.  Enterprise-D intercepts Fajo's ship, the Jovis, rescues Data and Fajo is placed under
arrest for kidnappiung and theft.


DC Comics ST:TNG V2 No.16-17


DC Comics ST

9 years ago

Enterprise-D on diplomatic mission to host a conference between Federation ambassador Sarek and a delegation from Legara IV. Preparations are disrupted by outbreaks of unexplaned violence among the Enterprise-D crew, leading to Ambassador Sarek being diagnosed with Bendii Syndrome.  At the suggestion of Perrin, Sarek's wife, a
Vulcan mind-meld with Captain Picard enables the ambassador to complete the negotiations, with the Legarans agreeing to diplomatic relations with the Federation. The agreement is hailed as the triumph of
Sarek's distinguished career.


Sarek, Perrin, and the Vulcan delegation return to Vulcan aboard the Starship Merrimac. Ambassador Sarek enters permanent retirement.


Federation (Part One: Chapters 3, 6, 9, 12 & 15, Part

Two: Chapters 3, 6, 9 & 12, Part Three: Chapters 6 & 8)
The Enterprise acquires a simulated Preserver artifact from a Romulan commander. During analysis, a program from the artifact enters and overrides the ship’s computer, bringing the Enterprise to TNC 65813. An
attempted computer linkup results in the personality of Adrik Thorsen taking over Lt. Commander Data. Control is subsequently restored, and the ship enters the edge of the black hole. Detecting the Enterprise (NCC-1701) at the event horizon, the Enterprise-D recovers a
shuttlecraft from the earlier ship, and the two ships aid each other in escaping from TNC 65813. The shuttlecraft contains Zefram Cochrane and the Companion, who later die aboard the Enterprise.


Enterprise-D in attendance at the biennial Trade Agreements Conference on Betazed.  Also in attendance are Betazed delegate Lwaxanna Troi and Ferengi delegate DaiMon Tog.


Enterprise-D departs Betazed for a stellar mapping mission in the Gamma Erandi Nebula, during which time Counselor Troi and Commander Riker take shore leave on Betazed.  Both officers and Lwaxanna Troi are abducted by DaiMon Tog to the Ferengi vessel Krayton, where Tog offers Lwaxanna Troi a business opportunity--one she declines. Returning from the mapping mission, Enterprise pursues the Krayton and with the aid of Lwaxanna Troi, secures the release of the hostages.


Wesley Crusher is given the full rank of Ensign when he is accepted to Starfleet Academy, but misses his opportunity for transport there aboard the U.S.S. Bradbury.  Admiral Hahn at the Academy indicates Crusher
is free to apply again next year.


Strange New Worlds I: What Went Through Data's Mind 0.68 Seconds Before the Satellite Hit




Enterprise-D proceeds to the Xanthras system for rendezvous with the Starship Zapata.


Enterprise-D charts unknown star system in the Zeta Gelis cluster, when the wreckage of a small space vehicle is discovered on one of the planets in the region.  One survivor is discovered in critical condition, and Dr. Crusher is successful in stabilizing his condition using Geordi LaForge's neural system to regulate that of the patient.  The survivor, an amnesiac Zalkonian referred to as "John Doe", is found to possess
extraordinary recuperative powers.  Analysis of the wreckage indicates a probable point of origin.  En route to that point, a Zalkonian vessel is encountered, whose mission is to prevent the evolution of their species
into energy beings by killing all individuals undergoing the metamorphosis--including John Doe.  Once Doe's transformation is completed, he departs Enterprise-D to live in free space.


Benjamin Sisko wears a Starfleet dress uniform for the last time until 2369.


First contact with the Munqu.


A Federation NonObservable Team is sent to the planet Makkus.


The U.S.S. Harriman is caught in a crossfire between a Klingon and Romulan vessel. Casualties are light, but among them is Science Officer Marsha Kenyon, the wife of CO Norman Kenyon. Following the incident, Kenyon is transferred to command of the U.S.S. Grissom.


A small group of mutant Xhaldians are born, affected by the Draa’kon genome.


The U.S.S. Cochrane conducts a preliminary, non-intrusive survey of the planet Eloh.


Birth of Alexander Rozhenko, son of Worf and K'Ehleyr.


D'Ghor begins a systematic financial attack on the House of Kozak, preying on Kozak's weakness for gambling.


The soccer player Golanga has his knee replaced by a bio-implant.


The Hyralan Incident occurs in the Alpha Caeli system resulting in the destruction of the USS Sherman  and a Romulan Warbird. (Star Trek: Swiftfire)


Captain  Noel Turner's long term relationship with Daniel Santos ends after 14 years. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)


Max Fuller, youngest son of Joshua Fuller, is born. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)


Tariel Thall, eldest son of Milami Thall, is born. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)


Ria McCarthy is born. (Star Trek: Pioneer)


Terrence S. Glover assigned as First Officer aboard the IKS Dorna. (Dark Territory)


Vanessa Yates transferred to Starfleet Research & Development, named Assistant Director, and is promoted to the Rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. (Star Trek Crusader)

9 years ago

William T. Riker is offered command of the USS Melbourne.


Just prior to the Borg attack on Sector 001, Devys Argent is assigned as a Midshipman under Captain Andrew Probert aboard the USS Endeavor NCC-71805 - the only vessel to survive the conflict at Wolf 359.


The United Federation of Planets is attacked by a Borg cube, which annihilates the New Providence colony on Jouret IV, as well as the freighter USS Lalo. The Enterprise-D intercepts the Borg near the Paulson Nebula, and Captain Jean-Luc Picard is abducted and
assimilated. Commander Riker assumes command of the Enterprise-D, appointing Lieutenant Commander Shelby as his first officer. The Borg continue on a course to Earth. As the avatar Locutus, Picard takes part in the attack on Starfleet at Wolf 359.  

Mirror Benjamin Sisko and Mirror Jennifer Sisko are separated.

Strange New Worlds V: Final Entry (Fifth entry)
Irene Hansen writes in her journal.

Crossroads of Time (flashback)


2367 - TNG Season 4

This year marks the passage of the hundred years after which, as Spock said to Kirk, it would be interesting to return to Ceti Alpha V "and learn what crop had sprung from the seed you had planted".

A Starfleet squadron of 40 vessels meets a Borg cube at Wolf 359, 39 are destroyed (including the Starships Chekov and Melbourne) and 11,000 lives are lost (including Velutha Singh and Jennifer Sisko).  Devys Argent is an officer-cadet aboard the only surviving
vessel, the U.S.S. Endeavor. Only a last-ditch effort by the Enterprise-D and Lt. Commander Data averts the subjugation of the Human race.

Emissary (Chapter 1)

Star Trek: Borg (Wolf 359 backstory)

Several Starfleet starships help rescue survivors of Wolf 359, including the USS Prospect, USS Arlington, USS Barrington and USS Worsaae.

John Sill, the Prospect's commanding officer, disables and boards an alien starship communicating with the Borg cube after the Battle of Wolf 359. He and an away team discover 27th century historian Amila Thon and her colleagues observing the events. Thon warns Sill of "worse foes" than the Borg to hit the Federation in the upcoming years.

Unbeknownst to Starfleet at the time, a number of individuals from both the ships at Wolf 359 and other vessels in the area are captured and assimilated by the Borg while en route to Sector 001, including Liz Singh's children, Esthappen and Rahel, and Corey Aster's parents, Lee and Amy Aster.  Some are returned to the Delta Quadrant by unknown means.  

Strange New Worlds V - Final Entry (Sixth & Seventh entries)

The Borg implants are removed from Picard, and he returns to command of the Enterprise, although he requires several weeks of therapy. Riker returns to his post as first officer.


Strange New Worlds I - Civil Disobedience

The Enterprise docks at Earth Station McKinley for six weeks of repair work. While there, a defective dilithium chamber hatch is installed.

The Lex Symbiont is joined to Jonozia Lex (formally Ramin) after the previous host, Katanna Lex dies from injuries sustained at the Battle of Wolf 359.

Jonozia Lex is assigned to the USS London as a junior science officer with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Commander Shelby heads the task force to build starships in order to rebolster the numbers lost to the Borg cube.

In response to the Borg threat, Starfleet begins the development of a new type of heavily armed starship, the Defiant class (NX-74205), to be prepared for an attack.Commander Shelby heads the task force to build starships in order to rebolster the numbers lost to the Borg cube.

Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Sisko transfers to the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards and begins working on the Defiant class development project.

Candela Greene, traumatized by the Battle of Wolf 359, withdraws her commission and leaves Starfleet.

After losing so many officers at the Battle of Wolf 359, Starfleet transfers Vanessa Brocato and Evonne Williams from the first and second officer positions aboard the USS Prospect to the first officer positions available on the USS Arlington and USS Barrington respectively. Both are promoted to the rank of full commander.

Karen Howe enters Starfleet Academy.

Scott Fack, a Starfleet counselor, works with a team of Starfleet counselors including Richard Whitby and Myra Elbrey to console and assist survivors and those affected by the Battle of Wolf 359.

Helen Aster takes custody of Corey and Jeremy Aster after the former's parents (and the latter's guardians) supposedly die at Wolf 359.

Captain Picard visits family in Labarre, France.  There, he turns down an offer to head the Atlantis Project.

Worf is visited abord the Enterprise-D by his adoptive parents, Segei and Helena Rozhenko.

Wesley Crusher views a holographic message from his deceased father, recorded when he was but 10 weeks old.


Anne Cobry, Kari Liljehorn and Scott Fack transfer to the USS Prospect mid-year after its refit at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.

Captain Rudolph Ransom hides his ship from a hostile Klingon Bird-of-Prey in a nebula near Epsilon IV.

Klingon Vor’cha class attack cruisers first commissioned.

A joint undercover away team mission, with members from the USS Prospect and USS Arlington crews, on Enip goes horribly wrong. Kari Liljehorn and Vanessa Brocato are captured, Scott Fack and Anne Cobry escape but get trapped in a cave, and the rest of the away team are killed by the Enipians. Starfleet rescues them.

9 years ago

Enterprise-D at planet Ogus II for crew shore leave.  The two day layover is cut short when a child's practical joke endangers the life of his brother Willie Potts, necessitating an emergency medical evac to
Starbase 416.

Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge performs dilithium vector callibrations on the ship's warp propulsion system.  Although the system can remain online during the callibration, the procedure requires warp velocity to be
restricted during the operation.

En route to Starbase 416 for emergency treatment of Willie Potts, Lieutenant Commander Data exhibits abberant behavior, commandeering the Enterprise-D to a distant planet, having been summoned by his creator, Dr. Noonian Soong (long thought to be dead).  Also arriving is Data's brother Lore (thought destroyed near Omicron Theta).  Soong is dying, but unsuccessfully attempts integration of a circuit chip into Data's neural net which would allow him to experience emotions.  The chip is stolen and installed by Lore, who escapes.  Soong dies, and Data returns to normal functioning.

Enterprise-D arrives at Starbase 416 for sucessful emergency care of Willie Potts.

Enterprise-D responds to a distress call from a Talarian observation craft.  Among the survivors is a young Human, Jeremiah Rossa, found to be the grandson of Starfleet Admiral Connaught Rossa.  Investigation
determines that Jeremiah had been raised by a Talarian Captain, Endar, in keeping withtradition permitting a warrior to claim the son of a fallen enemy.  the admiral requests to be reunited with the boy, but Captain Picard rules the child's interests would best be served by returning him to his adoptive family - since Jeremiah now considers Endar to be his father.

Deanna Troi is nearly killed after being poisoned by Raxatocin, administered by a Chameloid from the year 2408. Admiral William T. Riker, also from 2408 is able to intervene.


Enterprise-D at Starbase 133 for crew rotation.  Aboard for passage to planet Kenda II is Dr. Galen Quaice, mentor to Dr. Beverly Crusher.  Upon departing for planet Durenia IV, a freak accident in a warp field

experiment causes Dr. Crusher to become trapped inside a static warp bubble.  She is rescued, unharmed, by the efforts of her son Wesley, with the assistance of the individual known as the Traveler, a native of planet Tau Alpha C.  The static warp bubble will later be used (unsuccessfully) as a weapon against the Borg.

The compliment of the ship at this time is 1,014.

Strange New Worlds V - Final Entry (Eighth entry)

Bypassing an archaeological survey of Camus II in response to a distress call from Federation freighter Arcos, in orbit around planet Turkana IV.  Two survivors from the Arcos are found on the planet surface, having been captured by one of two rival gangs now in control
of the failed colony.  One of the gangs offers assistance in the form of the late Tasha Yar's sister Ishara.  The rescue is successful, despite Yar having used the mission to gain an advantage over the rival gang.



Enterprise-D, investigating radiation anomalies in the Gamma Arigulon system reported by starship LaSalle. The study is cut short by the arrival of a Vor'cha class Klingon attack cruiser bearing Klingon High Council
leader K'mpec.  Also aboard is Klingon emissary K'Ehleyr and her child Alexander, whom she reveals to be Worf's son from their last encounter.

K'mpec confides that he has been fatally poisoned and is dying.  He requests Captain Picard mediate the rite of succession, fearing possible civil war upon his death - a request which Picard accepts.  K'mpec dies soon after arriving.  Picard hears claims from former council member Duras and political newcomer Gowron.  Emissary K'Ehleyr uncovers the truth regarding the Khitomer massacre and Duras kills her to prevent the truth from coming out.  Worf claims the right of vengeance and kills Duras in response, an act for which he is formally reprimanded.  Gowron learns the truth about Khitomer, but refuses to restore honor to the house of Mohg.  Being the sole remaining claiment, he is formally
installed as leader of the Klingon High Council.

Tales from the Captain's Table: The Officers' Club
- Kira's story (Kira Nerys infiltrates the Plin Syndicate to kidnap Glinn Gundar. Her brother Kira Reon is killed)

At Starbase 73, Lieutenant Worf is met by his adoptive parents, who take custody of young Alexander and return to Earth.

DC Comics Star Trek: TNG #19 - The Lesson

Enterprise-D conducts a security survey of the Onias sector, adjacent to the Romulan Neutral Zone.  Commander William Riker is detained on planet Alpha Onias III by an alien called Barash, who eventually agrees to release Riker and become a guest on the starship.


Perchance to Dream

DC Comics Star Trek: TNG #20-24 - The Star Lost

Strange New Worlds I - See Spot Run

Captain Picard is asked to mediate a dispute among the salenite miners on planet Pentarus V.

Wesley Crusher is accepted to Starfleet Academy when a position opens up in the current year's class.

Enterprise-D receives a distress call from planet Gamelan V, reporting the approach of an unidentified ship into orbit, resulting in significant increases of atmospheric radiation levels.  Riker orders towing the
derelict ship through the Meltasion asteroid field and into the Gamelan sun, at significant risk to the Enterprise-D crew.

9 years ago

Captain Picard and Ensign Wesley Crusher, having departed the Enterprise-D for Pentarus V, crash land due to malfunction onto Lambda Paz, a moon of Pentarus III.  Pilot Dirgo dies in an attempt to secure water for an injured Picard before the Enterprise-D can locate them.

Strange New Worlds IV - Prodigal Son

Wesley Crusher enters Starfleet Academy.

On course for planet T'lii Beta, Enterprise-D delays to investigate anomalous sensor readings.  While doing so, a warp drive malfunction is detected, apparently caused by a school of two-dimensional spacefaring life-forms discovered nearby.  Attempts to restore engine function are unsuccessful until it is determined that the beings are attemtping to return to a nearby cosmic string fragment.  The ship's main deflector is used to simulate the string's natural harmonics t guide the beings to the
string, apparently their natural home.

A side effect of the presence of the two-dimensional life-forms is the temporary loss of empathic powers by Betazoid Counselor Deanna Troi.

Strange New Worlds IV - Flash Point ("Flashnow" Jaros II)

Enterprise-D arrives at designated coordinates for rendezvous with USS Zhukov.

Vulcan ambassador T'Pel boards Enterprise-D from the USS Zhukov.  Enterprise-D ferries her to the Romulan Neutral Zone.  The ambassador is apparently killed in a transporter accident when beaming over to the Romulan ship Devoras.  Investigation into the accident reveals it to have been staged in order to facilitate the return of T'Pel a.k.a. Romulan SubCommander Selok, an undercover Romulan spy, to Romulan space.

Enterprise-D crew member Francisca Juarez gives birth ot a baby boy.  The child's father, Alfredo Juarez, is also a member of the crew.  

Chief Miles Edward O'Brien marries botanist Keiko Ishikawa in a ceremony held in Ten Forward Lounge. Captain Picard officiates, while Lieutenant Commander Data serves as father of the bride.

Long range sensors continue to gather data on the Murasaki Quasar.

Lieutenant Commander Data records a personal log for transmission to Commander Bruce Maddox, Cybernetics Division, Daystrom Institute.  The recording is made to provide information on Data's programming.

Enterprise-D heads to planet Adelphous IV.

Dark Mirror (In an iteration of the universe where the Terran Empire never fell, the Terrans attempt to invade the primary universe)

Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth Shelby is promoted to full Commander and first officer of the USS Chekov.

The Federation and Cardassian Union begin negotiations to establish territorial boundaries.

Vendetta (Chapters 2-30)

Strange New Worlds I - Of Cabbages and Kings

Strange New Worlds V - The Monkey Puzzle Box


A Cardassian science station in the Cuellar system is destroyed by the USS Pheonix under the command of Captain Benjamin Maxwell, in violation of the peace treaty between the Cardassians and the Federation (although Maxwell claims to have evidence that the station was in actuality a military transport facility).

Enterprise-D is attacked in response to the previous provocation by Cardassian Galor class warship the Trager while on a mapping survey near Cardassian space.  Starfleet admiral Haden orders an investigation.

Captain Picard determines that Captain Maxwell's claim that the Cardassians are preparing to launch an unprovoked military offensive against the Federation have a basis in fact.

Starship Pheonix returns to Starbase 211.  Captain Benjamin Maxwell relinquishes command of the USS Phoenix to his first officer pending a court-martial.  Admiral Daniel later takes temporary command of the USS Phoenix in Captain Maxwell's absence.

Inhabitants of ventax II are terrified by visions of the mythical figure Ardra, coinciding with legends predicting her return a thousand years after her earlier visit.  The visions are accompanied by a series of
geologic termors in Ventaxian cities.

Enterprise-D responds to a distress call from a Federation science station on planet Ventax II.  Station director Howard Clark reports widespread panic among the local population, due to the anticipated arrival of Ardra, a legendary supernatural being.  A humanoid
identifying herself as Ardra does arrive at Ventax II,
but Captain Picard is able to convince local authorities
that she is an imposter.


Enterprise-D completes a mission at planet Harrakis V ahead of schedule, permitting extra personal time for many of the crew.

Enterprise-D passing through the Ngame Nebula to a diplomatic assignment to the Evadne system, discovers a T-tauri-type star with a single class-M planet.  Investigating, the starship passes through an unstable wormhole, becoming displaced 0.54 parsecs.  A hazard
advisory is issued by Starfleet regarding the wormhole.
The Enterprise-D continues onward to Evadne IV.  Only Lieutenant Commander Data retains knowledge of the encounter with the Paxans, though he is ordered by Captain Picard never to reveal to anyone exactly what occured.

The unmanned Argus subspace telescope array, located near the edge of Federation space, mysteriously stops relaying information.  This is later discovered to be due to a Cytherian probe.


USS Brattain issues a distress call, the last known signal from the ship.  It is later learned that the Miranda class starship was trapped in a Tyken's Rift.


Keiko and Miles O'Brien conceive a child.

9 years ago

Enterprise-D at planet Malcor III, currently under Prime Directive protection, to conduct covert sociological surveillance as a prelude to possible first contact.  Commander Riker is transported to the planet surface as part of the observation team.

Commander Riker is injured on Malcor II while participating in covert sociological surveillance.  His care at a local medical facility reveals him to be extraterrestrial, threatening the mission.  Local authorities are alerted to the Federation presence, and plead with Captain Picard that contact with outworlders will cause serious cultural shock at this point in the planet's social development.  Picard concurs, and orders the contact postponed indefinitely.

Malcorian science minister Mirasta Yale elects to remain aboard the Enterprise-D.

Strange New Worlds V - Final Entry (Ninth-Twelfth entries)

DC Comics Star Trek:TNG Annual #2 (1991) - Thin Ice

Lieutenant Reginald Barclay joins Dr. Beverly Crusher's acting workshop aboard ship.  Their first project is a performance of Cyrano de Bergerac.

Enterprise-D at Starbase 313 to pick up scientific equipment for a Federation outpost in the Guernica system, as well as a visitor, Dr. Leah Brahms, for an inspection tour.

Unusual readings from the unexplored Alpha Omicron system result in a diversion there to investigate.  An object discovered in orbit around planet Alpha Omicron VII is determined to be a spaceborne life-form.  An attempt to discourage emission of a potentially hazardous radiation field from the creature instead proves lethal.  The creature's unborn child is delivered with the assistance of Enterprise-D personnel.  The child appears to regard the starship as a source of nuturing, draining power from the ship's engines until a means is found to urge it to join a school of it's fellow creatures.

Starship Enterprise-D resumes its mission to the Guernica system.


Passing through a binary star system, Enterprise-D discovers the derelict USS Brattain, reported missing 29 days prior.  Only one survivor of the ship's crew is recovered, with the other 34 having died under violent but unexplained circumtances.  During the rescue, the
Enterprise-D becomes trapped in a Tyken's Rift, causing failure of the ship's power systems.  Cooperation with an unknown intelligence on the other side of the rift permits both parties to escape.  Proximity to the alien intelligence is found to be responsible for dream deprivation of all Enterprise-D personnel.  This condition is believed to be the cause of the Brattain crew's insanity.

Enterprise-D heads for Starbase 220.

Chains of Command

Emilita Mendez, a crew member aboard the starship USS Ares, steals the shuttlepod Cousteau and heads for planet Tarchannen III.

Lieutenant Paul Hickman, missing in a stolen shuttlecraft, is reported sighted by a Federation supply ship en route to planet Tarchannen III.

Lieutenant Commander Susanna Leijten, formerly of the USS Victory, is assigned temporarily to the USS Enterprise-D to investigate aberrant behavior on the part of ex-Victory personnel who participated in an away
mission to planet Tarchannon III in 2362.  Among the former Victory crew members are Emilita Mendez, Paul Hickman, Ensign Brevelle, and Geordi La Forge.

Enterprise-D at planet Tarchannen III unsuccessfully attempts recovery of Lieutenant Paul Hickman's stolen shuttlecraft, which incinerates on atmospheric entry.  Research of old Victory records and on-site
investigation at the old tarchannon III colony uncovers evidence of an indigenous life-form that reproduces by means of a viral parasite which infects and transforms the host DNA to match itself.  It is determined that the former Victory away team were so infected, and though the transformation is irreversible for three of them, both Susanna Leijten and Geordi La Forge are able to be restored to normalcy.

Warning beacons are placed in orbit of planet Tarchannen III and on the planet's surface.


Pathways (Chapter 4, sections 7-10)

Enterprise-D at the edge of Federation space to investigate the apparent failure of the Argus Subspace Telescope Array.  Lieutenant Reginald Barclay, part of the shuttlecraft crew assigned to the task, experiences
unusual side effects of radiation from a nearby alien probe, increasing his intellect by two orders of magnitude.  Utilizing this newfound gift, Barclay saves the Array from a series of critical malfunctions, and then pilots the Enterprise-D some 30,000 light-years towards the galactic core.  This is learned to be due to his being manipulated by a previously undiscovered race called the Cytherians, who use such techniques to bring visitors to their world for cultural exchange.  Picard agrees to such an exchange, and the starship is later returned to Federation space.


Melissa Willoughby is born.

Enterprise-D at Tagus III to serve as host of the Federation Archaeology Council's annual symposium.  Captain Picard delivers the keynote address on the ancient Taguan ruins.

The entity Q reappears, transporting Captain Picard, his staff, and Archaeology council member Vash into an imaginary environment.  Upon their return, Vash agrees to enter into a partnership with Q.

Q takes Vash on a two-year journey through the Gamma Quadrant.

Benjamin Sisko attends a Starfleet briefing on Q.


The Forgotten War

9 years ago

Klingon exobiologist J'Ddan, serving on board the Enterprise-D as part of an exchange program, accesses restricted technical information on the ship's dilithium chamber design.  The incident is routinely recorded by the ship's computer system.  A week later, Starfleet Intelligence learns that these plans have fallen into the hands of the Romulan empire.  J'Ddan is implicated in the security breach.

Enterprise-D is crippled by an explosion in the ship's dilithium chamber.  No one is killed, but two crew members are hospitalized with injuries.  No apparent cause is immediately found, and sabotage is suspected.

Admiral Norah Satie visits the Enterprise-D to investigate possible sabotage by Klingon exchange exobiologist J'Ddan.  Though J'Ddan is found innocent of the act, he is arrested and remanded to Klingon authorities on charges of espionage.  Also implicated but found innocent is crewman Simon Tarses, who is subesequently charged with falsifying records to conceal that his granfather is Romulan.  Admiral Satie continues her investigation, believing a conspiracy exists, but Admiral Thomas Henry rules the investigation to be unconstitutional in the absence of evidence, and orders it discontinued.

Enterprise-D security officer Jenna D'Sora breaks off a romantic relationship with fellow crew member Jeff Arton.


Enterprise-D at planet Kaelon II to assist in an experiment to demonstrate the practicality of helium ignition process designed to extend the life of the star Praxillus.  Initial tests under the guidance of Kaelon scientist Timicin fail.  Postmission analysis warranting further study, Timicin refuses to return home to honor his people's tradition of "Resolution" (voluntary suicide at age 60), threatening a diplomatic incident.  Ultimately, Timicin reverses his decision, and he is accompanied by Betazoid ambassador Lwaxanna Troi to fulfill his familial obligation.

Federation ambassador Odan of Trill is assigned diplomatic duty aboard the Enterprise-D to mediate a dispute between the two moons of the Peliar Zel system.

Wesley Crusher sends a letter from Starfleet Academy to
his mother, Beverly Crusher, aboard the Enterprise-D.  he reports that he is doing well in exobiology, but struggling with ancient philosophies.

En route to Peliar Zel, Ambassador Odan's shuttlecraft is attacked by unknown forces, resulting in fatal injuries necessitating the emergency transfer of the Odan symbiont into a temporary new host.  Commander William Riker volunteers for the procedure.  Following successful resolution of the dispute, a new Trill host arrives to relieve Riker of his burden.

The use of a human to sustain a Trill symbiont after the death of its host forces the secret of Trill symbiosis to become public knowledge.


The Lives of Dax - Reflections (Section 5) The Trill Curzon dies, and the Dax symbiont is transplanted to Jadzia Idaris.


Kriosian rebels, seeking independence from the Klingon Empire, launch at least two attacks on neutral freighters, one ferengi, and the other Cardassian.  The attacks are staged near the Ikalian asteroid belt,
believed to be a hiding place for the rebels.

Governor Vagh of the Klingon Kriosian colonies charges the Federation with aiding rebel forces. Vagh cites Federation phaser rifles in rebel hands as evidence.  Klingon special emissary Kell is assigned by the High Council to investigate.  Kell requests transport aboard the Enterprise-D to the Kriosian system and the assistance of captain Picard in the investigation.

Enterprise-D chief engineer Geordi La Forge transports via shuttlepod to planet Risa to attend an artificial intelligence seminar.  Unknown to the Enterprise crew, he is abducted en route by Romulan operatives, under the supervision of Sela, who employ mental programming to plant commands in his brain.

Klingon special emissary Kell, aboard Enterprise-D, meets with Kriosian governor Vagh to discuss allegations of Federation interference in local affairs.  The purported Federation pahser rifles are foudn to be of
Romulan manufacture, suggesting Romulan involvement.  This theory is given further credence when Geordi La Forge, acting under Romulan mental reprogramming, is apprehended attempting to assassinate Kriosian governor Vagh.  Emissary Kell is revealed to be a Romulan
collaborator responsible for triggering Geordi's implanted programming.

Counselor Deanna Troi works with Geordi La Forge to help reconstruct his altered memories.


Enterprise-D enters the Mar Oscura nebula on scientific mission.  An unusual preponderance of dark matter in the nebula is found to result in small but dangerous subspace anomalies threatening the structure and systems of the starship.  A shuttle piloted by Captain Picard acts as a scout t help navigate out of the region.

Lieutenant Commander Data, as part of his ongoing effort to experience humanity, attempts to establish a romantic relationship with security officer Jenna D'Sora.


Starship Enterprise-D heads for Starbase 260.


Enterprise-D en route to the Klingon Homeworld for the
formal installation of Gowron as leader of the High Council.  Prior to arrival, Gowron intercepts the starship aboard the Klingon attack cruiser Bortas.  He requests Starfleet assistance in thwarting an attempt by the House of Duras to block his ascension.  Captain Picard declines, noting that such would be beyond his role as arbiter of the succession.  Further, he orders Lieutenant Worf to refrain from using his position to
influence the Klingon political process.

9 years ago

Arriving at the Klingon Homeworld, Picard, as arbiter,rules that a counterclaim by Toral, son of Duras, is inadmissible under Klingon law.  Gowron, son of M'Rel, assumes leadership of the High Council and restore honor the House of Mogh in exchange for the support of both
Lieutenant Worf and his younger brother, Kurn.  Worf, seeking to avoid a conflict of interest, resigns his Starfleet commission to assume a post as weapons offcier aboard the Bortas.

Joseph Carey returns to active duty and is assigned as junior warp core supervisor on the USS Sutherland.

Tosh, the brother of Kuri Dennings, is killed when a mine he was surveying collapses.

Haley, the holographic assistant to Lewis Zimmerman, is first brought online.

Bajoran Kohn-Ma terrorist Tahna Los, in Cardassian captivity, suffers a brutal, disfiguring beating.

Scientist Telek R'Mor dies, and the whereabouts of the computer chip holding the information about the Voyager crew remain unknown.

An eclipse occurs on Banea, in the Delta Quadrant. Lidell Ren tells Tom Paris four years later that this was a turn on for her husband Tolen, and that this was the last time "she was his wife".

The automated system to revive the hibernating inhabitants of the Delta Quadrant planet fails, and they stay asleep.

Zima is imprisoned in the Akritirian space prison.

Julian Bashir is the captain of the racquetball team that wins the sector finals in his last year at the Academy.

Elizabeth Lense and Julian Bashir graduate from Starfleet Medical.  After graduating he is offered a job by the father of Palis Delon.

A Borg cube enters the Diodor Sector and assimilates several Romulan colony worlds. When it reaches Prosenna, it is destroyed by race called the Azar.

Captain Morgen leaves Starfleet service and returns to his homeworld to assume the throne of the Daa'Vit Confederacy.

The planet Lanatos is destroyed in a collision with a rogue comet. With the aid of the Enterprise, both native sentient races are relocated to Beta Diomede IV.

Dujonian's Hoard is discovered by Captain Jean-Luc Picard and several mercenaries in an alternate space-time continuum on the far side of a phenomenon known as Hell’s Gate. The gems are supporting a rebellion against a tyrannical species known as the Abinarri, and it is left in the hands of the rebels and their allies, including a former Starfleet officer.

The Orion pirate Bardeck Gorales discovers the abandoned Klingon observation station in the Altanis Idrilon system in the Draconis Outback. He claims it as his own and christens it “Gorkon’s Retreat”.

A Federation starship discovers ruins of the extinct civilization designated “Protean” by Starfleet in an asteroid belt in the Ibarri system.  Among those ruins is the Codex, believed to be a model of reality linked to the fabric of spacetime. Starfleet quarantines the
Codex, and Jadzia Dax designs the security system to prevent access until the proper time.

MIDAS Array is constructed.

First contact with the planet Iyaar.

The Enterprise-D is invited to the centennial celebration of the Modalan overthrow of the Krisaian regime. Admiral McCoy and Ambassador Spock accompany the ship. During the celebration, it is revealed that the
Krisaians' suppliers of advanced weapons were Ferengi, who attempt to take control of Modala. The attempt is foiled, and the Ferengi withdraw.

The planet Rhawn is destroyed as another star approaches its sun. The vessel Traveler continues to flee.

The USS Prospect investigate two subspace-related events: a failed subspace weapon test on Goffan III and the disappearance of all 7 million inhabitants of Rychri after a tetryon reactor is tested.

The crew of the USS Prospect discover the hulk of the USS Artemis emitting strange readings. An away team comes into contact with the M'Tar, an ancient race who possess Counselor Scott Fack and demand to take over the Federation. Undercover Na'arbi agent James Lee stops
them, sacrificing the Artemis to seal the anomaly into the M'Tar domain.

The crew of the USS Galaxy stumble across the cloaked Lelar Prime and make first contact with the Lelari, a mythical, technologically-superior race. Ensign Dakota Caldwell is instrumental in making a successful first contact and remains on the planet as the Federation's cultural exchange officer.

Devys Argent's mate Vena is murdered by Betazoid serial killer Hent Tevren.  Argent resigns his commission shortly thereafter, taking an extended leave of absence from Starfleet and applying to the Interspecies Exchange Program.

Aralak Yagiyu and his later wife Aanima Rokubungi, the parents of Karala Yagiyu, are born.

Julian Bashir, Erib, and Elizabeth Lense attend a New Year's Eve party at Bruce Lucier's.

9 years ago

2368 - TNG Season 5Hector Ilario enters Starfleet Academy.


Civil war breaks out in the Klingon Empire, amidst challenges to the succession of Gowron to the leadership of the High Council.


Gowron's forces are successful in destroying the Duras supply bases in the Mempa sector.  A week later, three major engagements between forces loyal to Gowron and those of the Duras family result in significant losses to Gowron.  Starfleet continues to resist involvement.


A Tamarian spacecraft arrives at planet El-Adrel IV and transmits a signal containing a standard mathematical progression towards Federation space.  The UFP determines this to be a second attempt at formal contact between the two powers.


A week later still, Gowron's forces are reported to be in full retreat from the Mempa sector, this despite the Duras bases there having been destroyed three weeks before.


Captain Picard leads a Federation fleet of 23 ships from Starbase 234 to form a blockade at the Klingon/Romulan border, reacting to suspicions of Romulan involvement in the war.  Among the vessels assigned to the blockade are the Akagi, Endeavour, Enterprise-D, Excalibur, Hornet, Lexington, Sutherland, and Tian An Men.  Due to limited available personnel, Enterprise-D executive officer William Riker is assigned to temporary command of the Excalibur, and Operations Manager Data is placed in charge of the Sutherland.


Utilizing a tachyon grid devised by Geordi La Forge, this fleet turns back a Romulan supply convoy intending to support the Duras family, which is leading the insurrection. The Romulan commander Sela reveals herself to be the daughter of time-displaced prisoner of war Tasha Yar and her Romulan general captor.


In the absence of further Romulan support, the Duras family claim to the leadership of the High Council fails, marking an end to the Klingon civil war.  Gowron and his supporters are victorious.  Although Toral, son of Duras, is convicted of treason, Worf, eldest son of Mogh, declines to exercise his right to take Toral's life for wrongfully having brought disgrace to Worf's House.


Lieutenant Worf's Starfleet commission is reinstated at his request, and he resumes his former post aboard the Enterprise-D.


Strange New Worlds III: The Fourth Toast (Sections 1, 3, 6-9 & 11)

Picard successfully establishes a dialogue with the Children of Tama, but at the expense of Tamarian Captain Dathon's death at the planet El-Adrel IV.

A terrorist attack destroys the Federation settlement on planet Solarion IV.  The attack is blamed on Bajoran terrorists seeking to involve the Federation in the Bajoran disoute with the Cardassian Empire.

A Cardassian liaison meets with Starfleet Admiral Kennelly, requesting assistance in tracking down Bajoran terrorists, which the Cardassian describes as their "mutual enemy".

Admiral Kennelly visits Ensign Ro Laren, in prison on Jaros II for the Wellington disaster at Garon II.  He offers an administrative pardon in exchange for her agreement to undertake a special mission abaord the
Enterprise-D to help resolve the Bajoran terrorist issue.  It is later learned that Ro's orders from Kennelly included the offering of illegal weapons to the Bajoran terrorists for use against the Cardassians.

Starship Enterprise-D at Lya Station Alpha with survivors from planet Solarion IV.  Admiral Kennelly assigns Enterprise-D to seek out Bajoran terrorist leaders to dissuade them from further violence.  Ensign
Ro Laren is assigned as mission specialist due to her familiarity with Bajoran culture.

At the Valo system, Ro assists in locating Bajoran leader Orta on the third moon of Valo I.  Orta presents compelling evidence that Bajorans were not behind the Solarion IV attack, and that the Cardassians staged the event to help them locate Bajoran terrorists with Federation aid.  It is further determined that Admiral Kennelly had acted improperly in allowing the Bajoran Antares class sublight cruiser to be destroyed by
Cardassians in hopes of eliminating Orta.

Ensign Ro laren opts to remain aboard Enterprise as a crew member at the request of Captain Picard.  She is assigned to a position as Flight Controller.

Enterprise-D conducts survey of sector 21305.


Terok Nor: Dawn of the Eagles (Chapter 19-24)

Elias Vaughn secretly delivers a message from Gaten Russol of the Cardassian dissident movement to Kalem Apren; Kalem is not aware of the source, but ultimately leads the Bajorans to fight the Cardassians back and not to accept their offer of amnesty for all resistance fighters.

Shakaar Resistance Cell member Kira Nerys develops in a plan to permanently damage the grid system which watches Bajoran movements on Bajor; with the help of Odo on Terok Nor, the plan is successfully executed.

Admiral Alynna Nechayev contacts Kalem Apren and they agree that the Federation will monitor the state of affairs on Bajor; although they will not help the Bajorans to overthrow the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor, they will eventually help the Bajorans to recover from the occupation.

Kai Opaka Sulan reveals the whereabouts of a resistance cell, including her own son.

Elim Garak, a member of Cardassia’s Obsidian Order, is politically disgraced with the Cardassian Central Command, and is exiled to station Terok Nor.

9 years ago

IDW Comics ST:TNG - The Last Generation: Do Not Close Your Eyes (Pages 3-21) (Takes place in an alternate universe)

IDW Comics ST:TNG - The Last Generation: No Cure For (Takes place in an alternate universe) That

IDW Comics ST:TNG - The Last Generation: What Happens Now (Takes place in an alternate universe)

IDW Comics ST:TNG - The Last Generation: Inevitability (Takes place in an alternate universe)

The Badlands, Part II (While engaged in a survey mission of the Badlands, the U.S.S. Enterprise suffers severe effects of tetryon radiation, complicating a dipomatic initiative with the Cardassians being undertaken in conjunction with the survey.)

Enterprise-D returns to Lya Station Alpha, after dropping off equipment and personnel to assist with preparations for a colonial project on planet Meloria IV.

At planet Meloria IV, an Enterprise-D away team headed by Commander William Riker assists with survey preparations for construction of a colony there.  The planet's surface is devastated by an unprovoked attack by a powerful spaceborne life-form kown as the Crystalline Entity.  This is believed to be the same entity which destroyed the colony at Omicron Theta in 2336.  Two colonists, including Carmen Davila, are
killed in the attack.

Upon detecting the presence of the Crystalline Entity, Captain Picard orders the Enterprise-D to return to Meloria IV ahead of schedule to rescue the survivors.  Alerted of the event, Starfleet Command assigns
xenologist Dr. Kila Marr to assist in study of the entity.  As mission specialist, Marr (whom had lost her son at Omicron Theta) cites eleven previous attacks by the Crystalline Entity since 2338, and recommends its destruction.  Upon intercepting the entity at the Brechtian Cluster, communication is attempted via a modulated graviton beam - an attempt which turns deadly due to Dr. Marr's modification of the program.  The
Crystalline Entity is destroyed.

Enterprise-D completes a mission to planet Mudor V several days ahead of schedule, allowing the crew a respite before their next assignment.

Three children of Enterprise-D crew members, Jay Gordon, Marissa Flores, andPatterson Supra, win the ship's primary school science fair.  Their prize is a tour of the ship to be personally conducted by Captain Picard.

Enterprise-D sustains major systems damage due to collision with a quantum filament. Counselor Deanna Troi, in temporary command of the ship, orders emergency procedure Alpha Two, bypassing computer control and placing key systems on manual.  Indications are of a
potential breach of the antimatter containment system, but Chief O'Brien and Ensign Ro Laren are successful in assisting engineering personnel in averting an explosion despite a major power failure in that section.

Keiko O'Brien gives birth to her daughter Molly, assisted by Lieutenant Worf.

Picard takes the three science fair winners on a tour of the starship, which includes the Battle Bridge and Torpedo Bay, while the Enterprise-D heads to Starbase 67 for major systems repairs.


Wildfire (Book Two: Chapter 8, section 11)

No Limits: Oil and Water (Ensign Robin Lefler graduates from Starfleet Academy, and is assigned as an engineer on the USS Enterprise-D.)

No Limits: Singularity

Ambassador Spock of Vulcan undertakes an unauthorized mission to Romulus upon hearing word of increased Romulan interest in reunification with Vulcan. he has taken care to wrap up his affairs, but has given little clue as to his plans.

Enterprise-D conducts studies at the previously uncharted Pheonix Cluster.  Several science teams from the starship Zhukov assist in the project.  Although the exploration had been scheduled to last five weeks, a diplomatic mission to Oceanus IV has cut available time to only two weeks.  Lieutenant Talby goes missing. Sensor scans of luminescent asteroids in the cluster are unable to locate the crew member.

Commander Riker on shore leave at planet Risa.  He meets a woman, Etana, who is later learned to be a military operative for the Ktarans. Riker returns to the Enterprise-D with a small recreational device, which he replicates for distribution to his fellow crewmates.  It is later learned that these devices are part of Ktaran plot to control the Federation via sophisticated neural-optical conditioning techniques.  Lieutenant
Commander Data, mission specialist Robin Lefler, and Cadet Wesley Crusher, on leave from Starfleet Academy, are successful in developing effective deprogamming measures to counteract the Ktaran devices effects.

Enterprise-D rendezvous with USS Merrimac, transferring Wesley Crusher for transport back to Starfleet Academy.  Enterprise-D thereafter proceeds to Oceanus IV for diplomatic mission.

Federation diplomats lodge a vigorous protest with the Ktarian government, resulting in a government upheaval and new elections on Ktaria VII. A new party advocating closer ties to the Federation takes control in the Ktarian parliament.

Strange New Worlds V: Dementia in D Minor


A Ferengi cargo shuttle crashes in the hanolin asteroid belt near Vulcan.  Wreckage is recovered from ovcer 100 square kilometers.  Parts of a Vulcan spacecraft, concealed in crates marked as medical supplies, are found among the debris.  The parts are sent to Vulcan for identification, and USS Enterprise-D personnel are later asked to assist.


Starfleet Intelligence reports that Ambassador Spock, missing for nearly three weeks, has been sighted on Romulus.  The possiblility of his defection is of great concern.

9 years ago

Enterprise-D terraforming mission to Doraf I is canceled, with the ship being recalled to Starbase 234 by Admiral Brackett.

At Ambassador Spock's request, Captain Picard and Lt. Commander Data of the Enterprise pursue him to Romulus to seek out Romulan senator Pardek. Despite soem reluctance, Klingon High Council leader Gowron authorizes use of a Klingon Bird of Prey to transport the two officers to their destination.  Picard discovers that the klingon's reluctance is due to Gowron's having editorialized Kilngon history to downplay recent Federation assistance in the recent Kligon civil war.

Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan dies from bendii syndrome at his home at the age of 203.  He is survived by his wife, Perrin, and his son, Spock.

The Amazing Stories: Last Words

Debris recovered from a recently crashed Ferengi vessel show that unknown agents (possibly Ferengi) have been smuggling Vulcan spacecraft components to an unknown destination.  The components are traced back to a decommissioned Vulcan ship, the T'Pau, sent four years prior to the surplus depot at Qualor II.  Further investigation reveals that the T'Pau was removed under mysterious circumstances, likely by an unidentified spacecraft detected at the depot - a vessel reported to have apparently self-destructed.  The t'Pau is traced to a Barolian freighter at Galordon Core, near the Romulan Neutral Zone.

It is subsequently discovered that the interest was a ruse concocted by Sela to cover a Romulan invasion of Vulcan. The Romulan plan is exposed and foiled.  The invasion takes the form of three stolen Vulcan ships, including the T'Pau.  All three ships are self-destructed to avoid their capture.

Ambassador Spock remains on Romulus to work with underground Romulan citizen groups which support a true reunification.

IDW Comics ST:TNG The Space Between #2: Captain's Pleasure


Ullian telepathic researcher Jev, on a research project to two planets in the Nel system, commits two acts of telepathic rape, although the victims are mistakenly diagnosed as suffering from Iresine syndrome.

Pathways (Chapter 4, section 11 - Commander Chakotay visits Starfleet Command for the last time before being marooned in the Delta Quadrant, and resigns his commission to Admiral Namimby.)

B'Elanna Torres drops out of Starfleet Academy.

A type-C asteroid impacts on the planet Penthara IV. Although the asteroid strikes an uninhabited continent, there is considerable concern that dust clouds raised by the impact may cause disastrous global cooling.

Enterprise-D proceeding to planet Penthara IV, encounters a time/space distortion, followed by the appearance of an individual identifying himself as Dr. Berlinghoff Rasmussen, a researcher from the late 26th century. He is later discovered to be a fraud, a failed inventor from the past turned temporal thief.

Upon arrival at Penthara IV, Enterprise-D personnel attempt to counter the planetary albedo by using ship's phasers to unleash massive subterranean pockets of CO2 into the atmosphere. The attempt fails, exacerbating the original problem.  A second attempt successfully employs the ship to employ a massive electrostatic discharge to vaporize the dust particles in the Pentharan atmosphere, then directing the resulting energy surge harmlessly into space.

Enterprise-D goes to Starbase 214 to turn Rasmussen over to authorities.


Helena Rozhenko, upon hearing that the Enterprise-D is in the sector, secures passage aboard the transport vessel Milan for herself and Worf's son, Alexander.  The Milan will intercept the Enterprise, where Helena will implore Worf to take custody of Alexander, as the child is having trouble adjusting to life on Earth.  Worf complies.

Enterprise-D at planet Bilana III to participate in an engineering test of the soliton wave development project.  The test is initially successful in
accelerating a test payload to warp 2.35, but subspace instabilities result in destruction of the payload.  The wave is dispersed via detonation of photon torpedoes.

The Sky's the Limit: Thinking of You

Starbase 514 loses contact with the research vessel SS Vico, on a mission to explore the interior of a black cluster.  Enterprise-D is assigned to investigate the disappearance.

The SS Vico is located inside the black cluster, severely damaged and with only one survivor, a young boy named Timothy.  Timothy has been severely traumatized by the tragedy, but is helped by Lieutenant Commander Data and Counselor Deanna Troi.  The Enterprise-D is nearly destroyed by gravitational distortions which damaged the Vico, but Timothy's recollection of the ship's final moments are instrumental in devising a means to avoid that fate.

While on a mapping survey mission, the Enterprise-D is assigned to transport a deligation of Ullians to planet Kaidra IV.  The Ullians, conducting a research project to catalog telepathically retrieved memories from individuals on several planets, are linked to a series of unexplained neurological disorders resembling Iresine syndrome reported in several Enterprise crew members.  One Ullian, Jev, is determined to be responsible, the disorders being the hallmark of telepathic rape, and he is returned to Ullian authorities for prosecution and rehabilitation.


Klingon [Chapters 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13 & 19 (Flashback) - This is the video game novelization]


A stellar core fragment, believed to be from a disintegrated neutron star, is detected in the Moab sector.  Enterprise-D is diverted to monitor possible disruption of planetary systems in the sector.

9 years ago

While tracking the errrant stellar core fragment, Enterprise-D discovers a previously unknown Human colony on Moab IV, near the fragment's trajectory.  Though the colony is threatened, authorities there decline aid.  An arrangement is made which saves the colony with minimal
outside contamination to the carefully-balanced biosphere.  Unfortunately, this contact inspires the defection of 23 colonists to leave Moab IV and secure passage on the Enterprise-D.

On a mission to investigate a series of subspace signals indicating possible intelligent life in the Epsilon Silar system, the Enterprise-D is ambushed by what is later identified as a Satarran vessel.  The attack
employs a sophisticated energy weapon that disrupts starship communication systems, selectively damages and alters computer records, and erases the identities and short-term memories of all starship personnel.  The Satarran vessel is believed to have self-destructed immediately after the attack.  The attack is supplemented with falsified computer records which identify a Satarran agent, presumably from the destroyed ship, as Executive Officer Kieran MacDuff and also indicate that the Federation is currently at war with a
race called the Lysian Alliance, the Enterprise-D's mission being to destroy the enemy's military command center.  Complying with the fraudulent Starfleet orders, Enterprise-D engages and destroys a tactically inferior Lysian spacecraft, resulting in the deaths of

approximately 53 Lysians.  Troubled by the extreme selectiveness of the damage to the ship's records, Captain Picard refuses to destroy the Lysian base.  Enterprise-D personnel subsequently learn of the
Satarran deception.

Strange New Worlds V: Kristin's Conundrum

On the Enterprise's subsequent course to Starbase 301, crew memories are restored using a medical technique developed by Dr. Beverly Crusher in which the activity of the medial temporal region of the brain is
artificially increased.

Cadet Wesley Crusher and Cadet Joshua Albert participate in a ski trip to Calgary, Canada.  Joshua forgets his sweater, so Wesley loans him one of his.

Strange New Worlds V: Efflorescence

Imzadi (Chapters 7-10, 33 & 37-43 Commander Riker receives a visit from his future self from 2408)

The Last Stand

Enterprise-D responds to a distress call from an unexplored Class-M moon of planet Mab-Bu VI.  Due to electromagnetic disturbances in the moon's atmosphere, transporter use is not advised, and a shuttlepod piloted by Commander William Riker, along with Lieutenant Commander Data and Counselor Troi, is sent to investigate.  Unexpectedly severe storms force the craft down on the surface, and a rescue mission effected by Chief O'Brien is successful in recovering the crew.  Upon their return to the Enterprise-D, O'Brien, Data, and Troi exhibit aberrant behavior, blockading themselves in the Ten Forward Lounge with hostages.  The crew determines that this behavior is the result of control by alien life-forms, later learned to be convicted criminals, exiled to Mab-Bu VI some 500 years ago from the Ux-Mal system.  Captain Picard secures an agreement with the Ux-Mal convicts to surrender and
return to the moon's surface.

Enterprise-D en route to Sector 37628 for survey mission, but is diverted upon receipt of a distress call from the transport ship Denver, which had struck a gravitic mine leftover from the Cardassian war, resulting in heavy damage many injuries.

Lieutenant Worf is crippled by an accident in a cargo bay, resulting in the crushing of his spinal cord and a prognosis of permanent paralysis.  Enterprise CMO Dr. Beverly Crusher consults Dr. Toby Russell, a
neurogeneticist.  Russell proposes an experimental genetronic replication techinique that is successful in replacing Worf's spinal column and restoring virtually all of his muscular function.  Crusher expresses objections to Russell's ise of experimental procedures in a manner that she characterizes as taking unethical risks with patients' lives.

Enterprise-D drops off survivors of the Denver accident, then proceeds to its survey mission at Sector 37628.

Enterprise-D at the planet J'naii to aid in the search for a missing J'naii spacecraft.  A survey conducted by Commander William Riker and J'naii pilot Soren is able to map the anomalous null space pockets in the J'naii system.  Shortly thereafter, a rescue attempt is successful in retrieving the crew of the J'naii craft.  The J'naii government expresses gratitude for the Starfleet aid, but later accuses Soren of aberrant
behavior, alleging a socially unacceptable sexual relationship with commander Riker.  Captain Picard, citing Prime Directive considerations, refuses to intervene with the J'naii judiciary in the matter.  Soren is found guilty and is rehabilitated, restoring one to social norms in accordance with local laws.


Enterprise-D proceeds to the Phelen system to negotiate a trade agreement.

War Drums (The U.S.S. Enterprise-D is called in to resolve a conflict between Humans and Klingons on Selva.)


A Stitch in Time (Part 2: Chapter 20; Part 3: Chapter 1)


The U.S.S. Bozeman, a Soyuz class Federation starship  commanded by Captain Morgan Bateson, reported lost in 2278 near the Typhon Expanse, unexpectedly reappears after 80 years, apparently having traveled through a warp in the space-time continuum. It is met by the
U.S.S. Enterprise, which is escaping from a localized time-loop phenomenon that it was stuck in for 17.4 days.  The two ships nearly collide, but an embedded message transmitted to Commander Data via dekyon field apparently averts disa

9 years ago

Ensign Wesley crusher and four fellow cadets at Starfleet Academy are involved in a serious flight accident concerning a collision of trainer spacecraft at the Academy range near Saturn. Cadet Joshua Albert is
reported killed in the collision, and all five craft are reported destroyed.  The remaining cadets, all members of Nova Squadron, are able to transport safely to the emergency evac station on Mimas.  No cause for the accident is immediately revealed.

Enterprise-D en route to Earth, where Captain Picard will deliver the commencement address at Starfleet Academy.  

At the Academy, an investigation is convened by Superintendent Admiral Brand to determine the cause of the accident that claimed the life of cadet Joshua Albert.  Initial testimony from Nova Squadron points to pilot error, which is inconsistent with available telemetric data.  A statement by Cadet Wesley Crusher reveals the cause of the crash to be an unauthorized attempt to perform a Kolvoord Starburst, a maneuver
prohibited due to its extreme risk.  Nova Squadron leader Nick Locarno is expelled, and the remaining three members (including Bajoran Cadet Ensign Seto) are reprimanded, their academic credits for the year voided.

Julian Bashir, Elizabeth Lense and Erib graduate from the Starfleet Medical Academy. Lense was valedictorian and Bashir was salutatorian.

Graduating Starfleet Academy, Devys Argent becomes involved
with the Interspecies Scientific Exchange program.

Enterprise-D destroys an asteroid to avoid a disastrous impact with the planet Tessen III.  Unknown to the crew, the asteroid had been rich in metallic nitrium, a food source to parasitic nonsentient life-forms that had
lived in the asteroid.  It is later discovered that these creatures have settled on the Enterprise-D hull in the aftermath of the asteroid's destruction, resulting in significant damage to the ship's structure and


Strange New Worlds VII: Future Shock (First entry)

Sins of Commission

Enterprise-D seves as the site for a wedding between Minister Campo of planet Kostolain and Ambassador Lwaxanna Troi of planet Betazed.  The wedding is canceled due to what Campo's protocol adviser Erko regards as irreconcillable differences between both world's customs.

Enterprise-D picks up a group of miners stranded at planet Harod IV, resulting in a slight delay in the ship's arrival at planet Krios.

Enterprise-D arrives at Krios to pick up a Kriosian delegation for a critical Ceremony of Reconciliationo between planets Krios and Valt Minor, in an effort to end a centuries-old war.  En route to the ceremony site, the starship responds to a distress call from a Ferengi shuttlecraft, successfully rescuing a crew of two.  Preparations for the reconciliation are disrupted when a Kriosian gift to Chancellor Alrik of Valt is
accidentally released from stasis, and Kriosian ambassador Briam is injured in an altercation with the Ferengi passengers.  The "gift" is learned to be a Kriosian sexual metamorph named Kamala, meant to be
Alrik's mate.  Captain Picard is able to successfully finalize preparations for the upcoming ceremony, which is performed without incident (though unknown to those present, Kamala has already imprinted upon Picard).

While on scientific survey mission of nebula FGC-47, USS Enterprise-D accidentally encounters a previously undiscovered life-form, intent on evaluating the starship as a potential energy source.  The entity
materializes aboard the Enterprise in the form of a Human child, befriending young Clara Sutter.  When made aware of the negative impact the entity's behavior has on the child, it departs the ship.

Hekaran scientist Rabal announces his support for the controversial theoretical models devised by his sister, Serova, suggesting that the continued use of warp drive is damaging the fabric of space.

A Borg scout craft crash lands on a small moon in the Argolis cluster.  Four of the five crew members are killed in the impact.

Enterprise-D charts six star systems in the Argolis cluster as a prelude to possible colonization.  A distress signal from a Borg scout craft is detected, and investigation results in the recovery of a single Borg drone, severed from the Collective.  Analysis of the drone yields a possible defense against the Hive in the form of an invasive program believed capable of destroying the entire Borg race.  When the drone, dubbed Hugh by Geordi La Forge, begins to exhibit individuality, the plan is abandoned and Hugh is ordered returned to the crash site by Captain Picard.  He is later returned to the Collective.  Geordi La Forge later
reports his belief that Hugh has retained his newfound identity despite reassimilation.

Unknown at the time, Hugh's return causes widespread systems problems in the Borg, resulting in many drones simply being cut off from the Collective.

Strange New Worlds V: The Shoulders of Giants (Three: Nyda)

The Devil's Heart

Romulan D’valek-class swift warbirds first commissioned.


A Romulan scout ship experiences a serious malfunction of its propulsion system and issues a general distress call, which the Enterprise-D responds to.  Enterprise personnel assist in the safe ejection of the Romulan vessel's malfunctioning engine core and provides temporary replacement components, permitting maintenance of life support and propulsion.  During the rescue operation, an apparent transporter malfunction results in the apparent loss of Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge and Ensign Ro Laren.  Both Ro and La Forge are later found not to be dead, but rather suspended in an
area of inters

9 years ago

This interphase phenomenon is found to have been caused by an experimental new Romulan cloaking device, and exposure to an anionic beam is successful in restoring both officers back to normal space.

USS Enterprise-D heads for planet Garadius IV for an urgent diplomatic mission.

The Romulan Prize

IDW Comics ST:TNG Intelligence Gathering #1 - Valued Intelligence


IDW Comics ST:TNG Intelligence Gathering #2 - A Matter of Dates

IDW Comics ST:TNG Intelligence Gathering #3 - Chasing Shadows

IDW Comics ST:TNG Intelligence Gathering #4 - Matters of the Mind

IDW Comics ST:TNG Intelligence Gathering #5 - Disgrace

Starship Enterprise-D conducts a magnetic wave survey of the Parvenium sector, then proceeds to Starbase 218 for a scheduled meeting with Fleet Admiral Gustafson.

En route to Starbase 218, Enterprise-D encounters an ancient space probe of unknown origin.  A low-level nucleonic particle beam from the probe is successful in penetrating the starship's shields, interacts with with Captain Picard, rendering him comatose for twenty five minutes.  Upon regaining consciousness, Picard reports having experienced a lifetime of memories from Kamin, a native of the planet Kataan.  The crew determines that the purpose of the probe was to transmit these memories from that long-dead civilization in hope of perpetuating a portion of the Kataan culture.  Inside the probe, a Ressikan flute, a relic of that culture, is recovered.

Strange New Worlds IV: The Promise

DC Comics ST:TNG 1992 Annual - The Broken Moon (Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge stops an attempt by the parasite creatures to gain control of the Onglaatu Empire.)

Work crews excavating beneath the city of San Francisco on earth discover artifacts suggesting an extraterrestrial presence in the city during the late 19th century.  Among the artifacts discovered is an
object identified as Lieutenant Commander Data's head, decayed from having been buried for some 500 years.

Enterprise-D is recalled to Earth on a priority mission to investigate discovery of Data's remains beneath san Francisco.  Analysis of other recovered artifacts suggest origination on planet Devidia II in the Marrab
sector.  Proceeding to Devidia II, Enterprise-D personnel discover humanoid life-forms existing on an asychronous temporal plane, rendering the humanoids nearly undetectable.  Evidence suggests that these life-forms were threatening 19th century Earth by surreptitiously collecting Human "souls" for use as food.  While investigating these life-forms, Data is accidentally entrapped in a temporal vortex, which
transports him back to Earth in the 19th century.  In hopes of preventing Data's death, Picard, Riker, Troi, Crusher, and La Forge follow Data into the past.  With the unwanted aid of authors Mark Twain, Jack Kerouac, and a young Guinan visiting Earth at the time, the Devidian plot is thwarted and Data's life is saved.  The away team returns to Enterprise-D and destroys the Devidian enclave.

USS Enterprise-D engineer Lieutenant Sonya Gomez is promoted to chief engineer of the USS Oberth.

The Andorian science vessel Gilinir makes first contact with the fungal life-forms of Vecrat IV.

First Danube-class runabout patrol ships are commissioned.

First Nova-class science scouts and Akira-class battlecruisers are commissioned.

The Starfleet quantum torpedo is in its first stages of development.

Captain Morgan Korsmo assumes command of the U.S.S. Excalibur.

Mackenzie Calhoun transfers to the USS Grissom as first officer.

Mark McHenry is part of team designing a new navigation system that will allow starships to travel along a black hole's event horizon.

The Department of Temporal Investigations begins production on a series of space-time anomaly detectors. The largest of these is the Space-Time Anomaly Detection Array (SADA), orbiting a stable red-dwarf code-named Cassandra.

The U.S.S. Bonhomme Richard smashes a Ferengi pirate ring near Canopus.

The race inhabiting the planet Ahmista is destroyed by a Promethean weapon.

The starship Independence is rediscovered near an interstellar ark vessel. Some survivors are discovered within the ark.

A prototype Romulan warbird is captured by alien ambimorphs.

The Federation opens full diplomatic contact with the Sli, ending a Ferengi monopoly on Sli contact.

First contact between the Federation and the Breen Confederacy near the Black Cluster.


The Federation Medical Council announces the nominees for the 2368 Carrington Award. Dr. April Wade of the University of Nairobi is among those honored, although she does not win.

Lieutenant Dan Kwan and Ensign Maddy Calloway, both members of the Enterprise-D crew, meet for the first time.

The Traveler has a vision of Wesley Crusher and his troubled spirit.

Miles O'Brien's mother dies.

A bottle of Kandora champagne from this year, described as a very good vintage, was presented to Kira Nerys by Quark in 2371.

Bok buys his way out of Rog Prison, where he had been held by Ferengi authorities for being unstable and dangerous.

Tuvok receives his Vulcan meditation lamp from a Vulcan master, paying twice the normal price.

A Borg cube containing Seven of Nine (a.k.a. Annika Hansen) is damaged by an electro-kinetic storm. The drones are separated from the Borg Collective and start to regain their identities, but are relinked into a
temporary collective established by Seven of Nine until they can be rescued.


Mezoti is born in the Delta Quadrant.

9 years ago

Neelix visits a planetoid with rich dilithium signatures that will later be visited by the USS Voyager in 2371.

A son is born to Fesek who works on a Malon garbage scow.

A mission of the video game Star Trek: Legacy, one that involves the USS Defiant and the USS Enterprise-D takes place in this year.

USS Expedition (NCC-76277) is commissioned. (Star Trek Crusader)

USS Minnesota (NCC-23630) leaves Starbase 11 for it's first mission under new commanding officer, Commander Cris Carter. (Star Trek: Minnesota)

The USS Vincennes (NCC-1954) is launched with Captain Aubin Lee Doran at the helm. (Starship Vincennes)

Eleia and Saquia Thall are born to Milami Thall and her husband. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Gem Koester is born to Lieutenant Peter J. Koester and his wife aboard Starbase Pennsylvania. (Star Trek: Dauntless)

Federation Councillor Jaresh-Inyo of Grazer is elected President of the United Federation of Planets, replacing President Amitra of Pandril.

9 years ago

2369 - TNG Season 6/DS9 Season 1


The Best and the Brightest, Year One: Chapters 1-3


The starship Yosemite, studying the plasma streamer between a binary star pair in the Igo sector, is severely damaged when a sample container explodes.


Enterprise-D investigates the disappearance of the USS Yosemite.  It is learned that the Yosemite's scientistshad inadvertantly captured several quasi-energy microbial life-forms that live in the plasma streamers in the Igo sector.  These life-forms, which infected several Yosemite crew members and the pattern buffers of both ships' transporter systems, were returned to their natural habitat.


The transport ship Dorian is attacked near planet Rekag-Seronia.  The ship is carrying Lumerian ambassador Ves Alkar, on a mission to help mediate the armed hostilities on that planet, which had intensified recently, threatening a nearby Federation trade route.


Enterprise-D assigned to transport Lumerian ambassador Ves Alkar to Rekag-Seronia.  During the flight to Rekag-Seronia, Alkar's companion, a woman identified as his mother, dies of apparent old age.  It is not learned until later that Alkar's companion was in fact a much younger woman, the victim of severe empathic abuse, who served as the "receptacle" for Alkar's negative emotions at the cost of her life.  Alkar dies of his own psychic poisoning after being prevented from using Enterprise-D counsellor Deanna Troi as his new receptacle.


Starfleet schedules an important diplomatic conference to be held on planet Atalia VII in six months.  Enterprise-D captain Jean-Luc Picard is set to mediate the talks.


IDW Comics ST:TNG The Space Between #4 Light of the Day


Strange New Worlds II: Calculated Risk


A Vulcan archaeological artifact, the only known surviving fragment of the ancient Stone of Gol, is stolen from a Vulcan museum, where it had been stored under heavy guard.  According to myth, the Stone of Gol had been a telepathic weapon enabling its user to kill with a thought.  Shortly after the theft, it is learned that mercenary ships have staged raids on archaeological sites across the quadrant.


After spending nearly 75 years suspended in a transporter beam, Captain Montgomery Scott is found alive on the USS Jenolen, which had crashed en route to the Norpin V colony, on the surface of a Dyson sphere in the Beta Qaudrant.  Scott is instrumental in freeing the
Enterprise-D from the sphere's interior, where it had become trapped.  Scott is subsequently granted the indefinite loan of a shuttlecraft, in which he set out alone, to explore the cosmos.

A Jem'Hadar spacecraft crashes on planet Bopak III in the Gamma Quadrant.  The only survivor is a soldier named Goran'Agar, who expects to live for only a few days because of a severely limited supply of ketracel-white.  To his surprise, he survives without the drug, and is rescued 35 days later.  Goran'Agar believes exposure to something in Bopak III's environment has cured him of genetic addiction to the drug.

Engines of Destiny (Chapter 3)


Enterprise-D assigned to study the Amargosa Diaspora globular cluster, reports that several crew personnel have apparently disappeared from the vessel while asleep, only to be returned before awakening.  Investigation reveals that these crew members have been abducted by solanagen-based life-forms from a previously undiscovered subspace domain.  It is further learned that the incursion into our spatial domain had accidentally been made possible by a modulation to the
Enterprise-D's long-range sensors intended for study of the Amargosa-Diaspora.  Starfleet issues an advisory to prevent other ships from repeating the procedure.

Here There Be Dragons

Strange New Worlds VII: Future Shock (Second & Third) entries

Enterprise-D arrives at Starbase 112 to onload relief supplies intended for planet Tagra IV, an ecologically devastated planet in the Argolis Cluster.  Also joining the ship at Starbase 112 is young Amanda Rogers, a student intern.


Enterprise-D at planet Tagra IV to help install barystatic filters in an effort to control pollution in that planet's atmosphere.  Although serious technical difficulties threaten the mission, Amanda Rogers, who has just become aware of her powers a member of the Q Continuum, uses those abilities to clean Tagra IV's air. Rogers had previously believed herself to be Human.  Rogers leaves the Enterprise-D, choosing to live as a Q,
rather than as a Human.

Strange New Worlds VII: Future Shock (Forth & Fifth entries)

DC Comics TNG Special 1995: Old Debts


Several Enterprise-D crew members, including Captain
Jean-Luc Picard, visit planet Marlonia via shuttlecraft.

Starfleet receives reports of theta-band subspace emissions from planet Celtris III in Cardassian space.  Starfleet interprets this as evidence that the Cardassians are developing a metagenic weapons delivery system, in apparent violation of interstellar treaty.

9 years ago

Upon returning from planet Marlonia, the Shuttlecraft Fermi and all personnel aboard are exposed to an unsual energy field, resulting in the shuttle's flight crew being  reverted to children when they are beamed back to the Enterprise-D.  While studying the phenomenon, the Enterprise-D responds to a distress call from a Starfleet science team on planet Ligos VII.  The rescue mission is threatened by an attemptby Ferengi DaiMon Lurin to commandeer the Enterprise-D, but ship's personnel (including the transformed shuttle flight crew) are successful in repelling the offensive, and Chief O'Brien is able to use the ship's transporter to reverse the effects of the molecular inversion field.  The Ferengi government later disavows the attack on the Enterprise-D as not having been authorized.


Starfleet detects extensive Cardassian military activity, including the massing of troops in staging areas, assembly of strike forces, and reassignment of ships from normal patrol patterns.


Ensign Ro Laren departs the Enterprise-D to participate in Starfleet's Advanced Tactical Training program.


DC Comics ST:TNG #39 Bridges


DC Comics ST:TNG #40 Bone of Contention


DC Comics ST:TNG #41 Separation Anxiety


DC Comics ST:TNG #42 Second Chances


DC Comics ST:TNG #43 Strange Bedfellows


DC Comics ST:TNG #44 Restoration (Ensign Ro Laren returns to the starship Enterprise-D)


Strange New Worlds VII: Future Shock (Sixth & Seventh entries)


Enterprise-D proceeds to planet Deinonychus VII for a rendezvous with the supply ship Biko, although the rendezvous is delayed.


During the wait for the Biko rendezvous, Commander LaForge and Commander Data conduct an experiment to interface Data's positronic brain with the Enterprise-D's computer system.  During the test, a minor power surge in Data's neuural net causes information from Data's personal files to appear in various recreational, library, and holodeck subsystems.  Simultaneously, elements of an ancient west holodeck simulation program begin to appear in Data's behavioral patterns.  Counselor Troi, Lieutenant Wrof, and his son Alexander contend with Data's pernicious presence among the holodeck's villanous characters and the holodeck safeties being switched off.  Fortunately, both Data's and the ship's computer systems are restored in time for the rendezvous with the Biko.


The Amazing Stories: On the Scent of Trouble


Cardassian forces begin to withdraw from the Bajoran sector and are redeployed along the Federation border.  The Cardassians also conduct an elaborate program of disinformation designed to make Starfleet Intelligence believe that they are developing a metagenic weapons system on planet Celtris III.


The Velos VII internment camp, used by the Cardassians for the imprisonment of Bajoran nationals, is closed.  Among the detainees released when the camp is closed is Dr. Surmak Ren, a former member of the Higa Metar sect of the Bajoran underground.


Strange New Worlds VII: Future Shock (Eighth & Nintth entries)


A Fury Scorned


DC Comics ST:TNG #45 Childish Things


Enterprise-D chief engineer Geordi La Forge begins to grow a beard.  he doesn't keep it for long.


USS Enterprise-D at planet Tyrus VIIA to monitor testing of a new particle fountain minig technology under the direction of Dr. Farallon.  Although the particle fountain represents a potential breakthrough, the project to date has been plagued with setbacks.  The tests are interrupted when evidence emerges that exocomp servomechanisms, modified by Farallon, have acquired sufficient computational power and complexity for them to be classified as bona fide life-forms.  The exocomps also exhibit the ability for voluntary self-sacrifice, and do so when a serious malfunction of the particle fountain threatens the lives of several project scientists.


DC Comics ST:TNG #46 The Maze


Strange New Worlds VII: Future Shock (tenth-twelfth entries)


A Stitch in Time (Part 3: Chapters 3 & 5)


DC Comics ST:TNG #47 The Worst of Both Worlds

DC Comics ST:TNG #48 The Belly of the Beast

DC Comics ST:TNG #49 The Armies of the Night

DC Comics ST:TNG #50 And Death Shall Have No Dominion

Millennium: Inferno [Chapters 9, 10, 12 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 & 26 (Flashback)]

Millennium: The Fall of Terok Nor (Chapter 1)

Debtors' Planet


Enterprise-D makes rendezvous with starship USS Cairo for an urgent meeting with Vice-Admiral Alynna nechayev with Captain Jean-Luc Picard regarding the Cardassian situation and Starfleet's fears that the Cardassians may be preparing for an attack on Federation space using
metagenic weapons.


Captain Edward Jellico, formerly of the USS Cairo, assumes command of the Enterprise-D and is assigned to conduct special covert negotiations with Gul Lemec of the Cardassian ship Reklar.  Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Lieutenant Worf, and Dr, Beverly Crusher simultaneously conduct a covert mission to planet Celtris III, to investigate possible metagenic weapons development there.  The mission is a failure, and Picard falls into Cardassian custody.  It is later learned that there were no metagenic weapons, and that Starfleet and Picard were victims of an elaborate hoax designed to capture Picard in an effort to gain information on Starfleet's defenses at Minos Korva.

9 years ago

The Cardassian Union, weary of decades of terrorist activity, relinquishes claim to the Bajoran system, leaving the planet Bajor in the hands of a provisional government.  Over ten million Bajorans had been killed by Cardassian forces during the occupation.  Prior to leaving Bajor, Cardassian troops poison much of the planet's farmlands.

Abandoned into Bajoran hands is the Cardassian mining station Terok Nor, orbiting the planet Bajor.  The station had been commanded by Gul Dukat, prefect of the region.  During the withdrawalm Cardassian forces
vandalize much of the station, causing many station residents to flee.  Retreating Cardassian troops also cause massive damage to cities on bajor.  Still in Cardassian possession are eight revered Bajoran religious artifacts known as the Tears of the Prophets.  The only Cardassian citizen left on terok Nor is exiled former intelligence agent Elim Garak, who now runs the tailor shop on the station's Promenade.

During the withdrawal, Cardassian authorities inexplicably order numerous Cardassian war orphans to be abandoned.  Many of these orphans are cared for in Bajoran orphanages, amd some of them are adopted by Bajoran families.

Captain Jellico determines that the Cardassians have been staging spacecraft in the McAllister C-5 nebula in preparation for an attack on planet Minos Korva in Federation space.  Jellico conducts a preemptive strike against the attack force, forcing the Cardassians to withdraw and to release Picard from Cardassian custody.  Picard had been the victim of torture in violation of the Seldoris IV convention.  Once returned to the
Enterprise-D, Picard reassumes command of that starship.
Jellico departs on the USS Cairo.

The Captain's Table: Once Burned ["The Interview" - "The Hearing" (Backstory)]

Terok Nor: Dawn of the Eagles (Chapter 25, Epilogue)

Seven Deadly Sins: Freedom Angst

The Bajoran provisional government asks Starfleet to establish a Federation presence in the Bajoran system following the withdrawal of Cardassian occupational forces.  Commander Benjamin Sisko is assigned to command station Terok Nor, now designated by Starfleet as Deep Space 9.  Sisko's assignment is at the recommendation of
Admiral Leyton, who had been Sisko's commanding officer aboard the USS Okinawa.  Kira Nerys is ranked as major in the reformed Bajoran militia.  At Sisko's request, a Bajoran national, Kira Nerys, is assigned to the station by the Bajoran government to serve as their liaison and as Sisko's second-in-command.  Sisko had been previously assigned to Starfleet's Utopia Planitia Yards on Mars.  Kira Nerys has Odo reappointed chief of security on Deep Space 9.  The provisional government remains dangerously unstable, subject to violent dissent within the Bajoran people themselves; the First Minister is killed,
apparently by Bajoran Kohn-Ma terrorists.

While en route to his new posting at DS9, Commander Ben Sisko and his son, Jake, visit the planet known as Blue Horizon for a few hours. The planet is an extraordinary example of the art and science of terraforming.

Enterprise-D travels to DS9.  Miles O'Brien, newly transferred as chief operations officer for the station, immediately begins work to restore systems stripped by the departing Cardassian forces.  O'Brien is relocating to DS9 along with his wife Keiko, and their daughter Molly.  Also transported to DS9 aboard the Enterprise-D are three runabouts, the Rio Grande, the Yangtzee Kiang, and the Ganges.

8 years ago

Commander Benjamin Sisko arrives at Deep Space 9, finding the station in a shambles.  Sisko pressures local business leaders to remain at the station in an effort to reverse the migration away from the station.

Sisko discovers an artifically-created stable wormhole in the nearby Denorios Belt in the Bajoran system, linking the Alpha Quadrant to the distant Gamma Quadrant.  According to the Bajoran spiritual leader Kai Opaka, alien life-forms discovered by Sisko in the wormhole are in fulfillment of Bajoran prophesy, casting Sisko into the role of what Bajorans call the Emissary.  In the Bajoran religious faith, the emergence of the Emissary is a deeply significant event.  The discovery of the wormhole has important economic implications for Bajor, since it means that Bajor will become a major center for interstellar commerce to the Gamma Quadrant.

Cardassian forces attempt to reclaim part of the Bajoran system, an effort made more urgent for both sides with the discovery of the stable wormhole, but they are thwarted when DS9 is relocated to the Denorios Belt, thus reinforcing Bajor's claim on the wormhole.

Dr. Julian Bashir and Lieutenant Jadzia Dax are assigned to DS9, arriving aboard the starship Cochrane.

The Enterprise-D departs DS9, traveling to the Detrian system for a scientific assignment.

DS9: Prophesy and Change: Ha'mara

Strange New Worlds VI: Fabrications

Bajoran Kohn-ma terrorist Tahna Los requests asylum from cardassian pursuit at DS9.  Cardassian authorities request his extradition for crimes allegedly committed against Cardassian forces, but station commander Benjamin Sisko grants tahna's request.  At the station, Tahna concludes a deal with Klingon outlaws Lursa and B'Etor to obtain powerful bilitrium explosives.  Lursa and B'Etor are attempting to raise capital for another bid to gain control of the Klingon High council, while tahna attempts to use the explosives to destabilize the Bajoran wormhole.  Although he is prevented from doing so, Tahna had expected to reduce Bajor's strategic importance in the interstellar commerce in hopes of discouraging Cardassian and Federation interference in Bajoran affairs.

Strange New Worlds VII: Future Shock (Thirteenth entry)

Voyager: Pathways (Chapter 2, section 12)

TNG: Guises of the Mind

Michael O'Brien, father to Miles O'Brien, remarries following the death of his wife last year.  Miles is less than pleased that his father has married a
woman he's never met.

Ibudan arrives at DS9 aboard a Bajoran transport.  Ibudan is believed to have enriched himself on the bajoran black market during the Cardassian

Bajoran black marketeer Ibudan is reported murdered at Quark's Bar on the DS9 Promenade.  Investigation by security chief Odo reveals Ibudan to have killed a clone of himself in order to frame Odo, who had successfully prosecuted Ibudan for murder several years ago.

Keiko O'Brien establishes a primary schoolroom on the Promenade of DS9.  Although O'Brien is a botanist by trade, the lack of educational facilities on the station has concerned her.

Voyager: Pathways (Chapter 2, sections 13-14)
Two gas planets in the Detrian system collide.  The combined mass of the two planets is sufficient to cause nuclear fusion, resulting in the birth of a new star.  Starship Enterprise-D personnel make observations of the event.  The scientific mission is briefly delayed when a sentient holodeck program, a simulation of Sherlock Holmes character Dr. James Moriarty, attempts to seize control of the Enterprise-D.  Ship's personnel are unable to meet Moriarty's demand of finding a way to grant physicality to Moriarty, but are successful in providing him and his companion with a virtual environment of sufficient realism for them to live out their lives.

A series of unexplained systems malfunctions plagues DS9, including the navigational computer and the secondary phase modulator in the main power core.

A freighter piloted by Captain Jarheel, docked at DS9, suffers a malfunction, requiring repair by the station's engineering staff.

An booby-trapped device on Deep Space 9 is accidentally triggered by Chief of Operations Miles O'Brien while he is repairing a food replicator.  Deep Space 9 commander Benjamin Sisko orders the station placed under emergency quarantine when a virus of unknown origin causes station personnel to suffer from aphasia, making them unable to communicate.  Investigation determines the virus to have been introduced through food produced by the station's replicator system.  It is further learned that this is the work of Bajoran terrorists, who sabotaged the replicators eighteen years ago when the station was still under construction.  Station personnel enlist the aid of Dr. Surmak Ren, a former Bajoran terrorist who helped develop the virus, to develop an effective treatment.

Strange New Worlds VII: Future Shock (Fourteenth entry)


Lieutenant Keith Rocha arrives at Starfleet's subspace communications Relay Station 47.  Rocha works with Lieutenant Aquiel Uhnari to perform a systems overhaul on the station.  Uhnari later recalls finding Rocha to be arrogant and difficult to work with, despite his spotless Starfleet record.

A Klingon spacecraft, commanded by Morag, passes Relay Station 47 on routine patrol.  He hails the station, located near the Klingon border, a regular practice that station personnel regard as harassment.

Lieutenant Aquiel Uhnari flees from Relay Station 47 after she is attacked by what she believes to be her co-worker, Lieutenant Keith Rocha.

8 years ago

Ensign Stefan DeSeve, who gave up his Federation citizenship 20 years ago to live on Romulus, renounces the Romulan Empire, returning home aboard a Romulan scoutship.

Starship Enterprise-D arrives at Relay Station 47, near the klingon border, to deliver supplies.  Station personnel fail to respond to hails.

Enterprise-D personnel discover that Lieutenant Keith Rocha assigned to Station 47, has been murdered.  Preliminary evidence implicates Lieutenant Aquiel Uhnari in the death, but it is later learned that rocha had been killed prior to his assignment on the station.  The entity believed to have been Rocha was, in fact,a coalescent organism that formed a near-perfect replica of him.

Lieutenant Aquiel Uhnari accepts a posting at Starbase 212.

DC Comics ST:TNG Shadowheart: The Lion and the Lamb

DC Comics ST:TNG Shadowheart: Dealers in Darkness

DC Comics ST:TNG Shadowheart: My Brother's Keeper

DC Comics ST:TNG Shadowheart: The Prince of Madness

Deanna Troi, attending a neuropsychology seminar on planet Borka VI, is abducted by Romulan underground operatives, surgically altered to appear Romulan, and held captive aboard the Imperial Romulan Warbird Khazara.

A spacecraft of unknown origin arrives at DS9 through the Bajoran wormhole, the first contact with a new life-form from the Gamma Quadrant.  It is learned that the lone inhabitant of the vessel, identified as Tosk, is the subject of a ritual hunt.  After rendering assistance to Tosk by repairing damage to his spacecraft, DS9 Operations officer Miles O'Brien permit Tosk to depart the station.  Other individuals from Tosk's society, ritual hunters, continue to pursue Tosk.

DS9: The Siege
The Borg Collective attempts to move a ship through the Bajoran Wormhole, but it is destroyed as the wormhole is undergoing subspace compression.  Deep Space 9 is put under siege by a serial killer named Meta, a changeling similar to Odo. A tense situation arises between the Cardassians and Edemians before Meta is eventually killed.

Voyager: Pathways (Chapter 8, section 15 & Chapter 10, sections 6-8)

Enterprise-D at Research Station 75 to pick up Ensign DeSeve, a Federation turncoat returning from the Romulan Empire.  DeSeve, representing the dissident Romulan underground, conveys a message from Ambassador Spock, requesting assistance in smuggling Romulan vice proconsul M'ret to Federation space.

Deanna Troi, held captive aboard the Romulan warbird Khazara by other Romulan underground operatives, is compelled to impersonate a member of the Tal Shiar intelligence service.  In that capacity, she is successful in allowing the safe passage of M'ret and two of his top aides to the Enterprise-D.  It is hoped that M'ret's defection to the Federation will make it possible for other Romulan dissidents to escape political persecution in the Romulan Empire.

TNG: The Sky's the Limit: Turncoats

DS9 science officer Dax and Ensign Pauley conduct an exploratory mission into the Gamma Quadrant aboard the Runabout Ganges.  They discover a human there, Vash, an archaeologist of questionable repute.  Vash had been traveling in the company of Q, but the two had since parted company.  Q follows Vash to DS9.

Archaeologist Vash arrives at DS9 aboard the Runabout Ganges.  Shortly after her arrival, the station experiences a severe power drain, threatening the safety of all inhabitants.  Although Q is initially suspected as the cause, it is learned that an artifact Vash had brought back from the Gamma Quadrant is in fact an energy-based life-form and is causing the energy drain.  Station operation returns to normal once the life-form is permitted to leave unhindered.

Vash leaves DS9 for Tartarus V.

Captain Silva LaForge accepts command of the Starship Hera.  Just prior to departure on their mission, La Forge throws a party for her crew.  La Forge's son, Enterprise-D chief engineer Geordi LaForge, attends.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard, on an away mission, is attacked by Lenarians, who use a compressed tetryon beam.  Energy from the beam causes failure of Picard's artificial heart.

Picard is revived after a close brush with death following the Lenarian attack.  Afterwards, Picard reports a near-death experience in which Q showed him what his life would have been like if he had changed certain key actions early in his career.

Miles and Keiko O'Brien take leave from DS9, traveling to Earth to celebrate Keiko's mother's 100th birthday.

Starfleet lieutenant George Primmin embarks on a journey to DS9, his new posting.

ST: New Frontiers: No Limits: 'Q'uandary (Sections 2-4)


Jadzia Dax is arrested by authorities from Planet Klaestron IV, and she is accused of the 2339 murder of Klaestron geberal Ardelon Tandro.  At an extradition hearing held on DS9, Benjamin Sisko, Serving as Dax's defense attorney, argues that a Trill becomes a new person when joined with a new host, and that Jadzia Dax therefore cannot be held legally responsible for acts allegedly committed by former host Curzon Dax.  The extradition is denied when Tandro's widow testifies that Curzon could not have committed the murder because he was having an affair with her at the time, and that her husband was killed because he had betrayed his people.  Jadzia Dax had refused to offer any defense against the charge because curzon had sworn to protect the memory of General Tandro.


Voyager: Seven of Nine (Prologue)


DC Comics TNG Special 1993: Good Listener/Spot's Day


The starship Enterprise-D returns to station DS9.

8 years ago

Starship Enterprise-D arrives at station DS9 to assist in the reconstruction of Bajoran aqueduct systems damaged during the Cardassian occupation.  While at the station, Commander Data experiences a severe plasma shock during a test of an alien medical artifact.  The shock activates a heretofore unsuspected sub-routine in Data's positronic brain, allowing the android to dream during periods of cognitive inactivity, much as a human does.  Data's dreams include
visions of his father, noted cyberneticist Noonien soong.

Lieutenant Worf uncovers evidence that his father may not have died in the Khitomer Massacre.  Investigating this report, Worf travels to the Carraya system.

While at DS9, Enterprise-D executive officer William T. Riker distinguishes himself by being the only player ever to win triple-down dabo at Quark's place. Quark claims not to have enough latinum to cover his winnnings, and riker is forced to accept credit vouchers worth 12 bars of latinum.

A Vulcan expedition exploring the Gamma Quadrant makes contact with the Wadi.  The wadi accept an invitation to send a delegation to the Alpha Quadrant.

Major Kira Nerys and Dr. Julian Bashir conduct a mercy mission aboard the Runabout Rio Grande.  Bashir is successful in saving a woman's life, despite the fact that instrumentation showed her to be dead.

Kobliad criminal Rao Vantika is apparently killed when a transport ship catches fire en route to station DS9.  Vantika had been in custody of Kobliad law enforcement officer Ty Kajada.  A series of unexplained malfunctions aboard the station are found to have been caused by Vantika, who is found to have survived the fire by means of synaptic pattern replacement, similar to a Vulcan mind-meld, through which Vantika placed his consciousness into the mind of Dr. Julian Bashir.  With the assistance of station personnel, Kajada in successful in apprehending Vantika, and destroys Vantika's remaining consciousness.

Lieutenant Worf reports that the rumors of a secret Romulan prison camp in the Carraya system are false, and that his father did die at Khitomer.  His report omits having indeed found such a camp at Carraya IV, where 73 Klingon warriors, survivors of the Khitomer Massacre and their children, lived.  Of those survivors, only a few of the children returned with Worf (who claimed they were survivors of a failed Klingon expedition).

DS9: The Star Ghost

Station DS9 formally welcomes a Wadi delegation, the first formal contact from the Gamma Quadrant.  The Wadi delegation, led by Falow Master Surchid, invite the station personnel to participate in a traditional Wadi game as a form of cultural exchange.

Miles O'Brien returns to station DS9 from a visit to Earth, although his wife Keiko remains behind for another two weeks.  Miles filles in as substitute teacher in Keiko's classroom in his wife's absence.

SCE: Buying Time: Chapter 6, section 3 & Chapter 7, section 2

Ferengi Grand Nagus Zek convenes a major business conference at station DS9 to discuss business opportunities in the Gamma Quadrant.  During the conference, Zek makes the startling announcement that he is retiring and appointing Quark to be his successor.  Shortly thereafter, Zek is reproted to have died, but it is later found that Zek had faked his death as a test for his son, Krax, to test Krax's suitability to serve as nagus.  In this test, Zek finds Krax wanting, and therefore decides to postpone his retirement for long enough to establish a Ferengi presence in the Gamma Quadrant.

The annual Gratitude Festival is celebrated on Bajor.

The departure of the Cardassians also make it possible for the Gratitude Festival to be celebrated on station DS9.  Kira Nerys and Jadzia Dax set up the renewal scrolls in the station's Promenade.


A group of mercenaries begins stealing ancient Romulan archaeological artifacts.  The group, led by a mercenary named Arctus Baran, has been secretly employed by operatives for a Vulcan separatist group.

Starship Enterprise-D docks at the Remmler Array at Arkaria Base for routine decontamination of accumulated baryon particles.  While the crew is evacuated during the decontamination procedure, a team of criminal intruders attempts to steal the highly explosive trilithium resin waste residue within the ship's warp drive.  The criminals are thwarted, thanks to the efforts of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

TNG: The Death of Princes

Starship Enterprise-D at Starbase 218.  Lieutenant Commander Neela Daran is among the personnel joining the ship from Starbase 218.  She is assigned to the ship's Stellar Sciences department.

Enterprise-D responds to a request for assistance from the Federation outpost on planet Bersallis III, which is entering a period of firestorm activity.  Subsequent forecasts from the Bersallis outpost indicate an unusually severe firestorm, and Enterprise-D personnel set up a series of thermal deflectors on the planet surface to protect the outpost, an extremely difficult and hazardous operation.  Although the operation is successful in saving the lives of the 643 colonists, eight Enterprise-D crew members died while maintaining the operation of the deflectors during the storm.  The captain's log notes they gave their lives in the performance of their duty.


Among the members of the thermal deflector team who survived the ordeal is Lieutenant Commander Neela Daran, who had become romantically involved with Captain Jean-Luc Picard.  In the aftermath of the incident, both officers acknowledge the difficulty of a commanding officer placing the life of a loved one in jeopardy.  Lieutenant Commander Neela Daran accepts a tra

8 years ago

nsfer off the Enterprise-D.


A Miradorn raider spacecraft docks at station DS9.  Also arriving at the station is a Klingon vessel carrying a Rakhari fugitive named Croden, who was rescued in the Gamma Quadrant.

While at DS9 to sell a rare artifact, one member of a Miradorn pair is killed by an individual named Croden, a fugitive from the planet Rakhar in the Gamma Quadrant.  The surviving Miradorn demands the death of Croden in vengeance, but Croden, who is wanted by Rakhari authorities, escapes while being returned to Rakhar.  Corden and his daughter, yareth, travel to planet vulcan aboard the Vulcan science vessel T'Vran.

Prior to his escape, Croden presented Odo with a small sample of shapeshifting material, evidence that Odo's species may have originated somewhere in the Gamma Quadrant.

Professor Richard Galen visits planets Ruah IV and Indri VIII in search of micropaleontological data.  Galen is gathering samples of genetic material from planets across the galaxy, looking for evidence that an ancient humanoid civilization had seeded the oceans of many planets some four billion years ago.  Galen, who has been working in secrecy for a decade, has aroused the suspicions of many who believe his work might have military potential.

TNG: Double Helix: Red Sector (Chapters 11-25)
The cross-racial multiprion plague strikes the Romulan ruling family. Ambassador Spock and Admiral Leonard McCoy discover the last survivor of that family, held prisoner on the Pojjan homeworld, recover him, and are able, along with Beverly Crusher, to synthesize a cure to the plague.

U.S.S. Enterprise-D arrives at the Volterra nebula for a three-week study of protostar development.

Professor Galen, traveling by shuttlecraft, arrives at the Enterprise-D in the Volterra nebula for a brief visit.

Upon completion of the protostar study in the Volterra nebula, the Enterprise-D proceeds to a diplomatic conference on planet Atalia VII.  While en route, the ship responds to a distress call from Professor Galen's shuttle, under attack by Yridian information dealers.  Galen is killed in the attack.  Captain Jean-Luc Picard, investigating Galen's death, learns that galen had believed that the ancient humanoids who seeded the genetic material on numerous planets in the galaxy had encoded a message into the DNA patterns of those planets' life.  Picard, an archaeologist in his own right, works to complete Galen's study, and is successful in reassembling the message from the past; a message of hope and friendship.  It was in keeping with the wishes of those ancient humanoids that the message was completed by the cooperation of numerous different life-forms from around the galaxy.

Aamin Marritza, an instructor at the Cardassian military academy on planet Kora II, obtains information about major Kira Nerys, learning that Kira had been a member of the Bajoran resistance group Shakaar, who helped liberate the notorious Gallitep labor camp in 2357.

Residents of the settlement on planet Yadera II in the Gamma Quadrant begin to disappear mysteriously.

DS9: Crossroads of Time

DS9: Bloodletter


Bajoran religious leader Kai Opaka, visiting station DS9, is the guest of Commander Sisko, Major Kira, and Dr. Bashir aboard the Runabout Yangtzee Kiang on an excursion through the wormhole into the Gamma Quadrant.  While responding to a distress call, the Yangtzee Kiang crashes on a small Class-M moon in an uncharted binary star system, resulting in the apparent loss of the kai.  The planetoid is found to be a penal colony where prisoners are kept alive by artificial microbes that repair damage on a cellular level, an unusually cruel means of prolonging their punishment through eternal war.  these microbes repair Opaka's injuries and restore her to life.  The result is that Opaka cannot leave the planetoid, since the microbes are designed to function only in that environment.  When a rescue ship from DS9 arrives, Opaka willingly remains behind, believing that her destiny is to help the prisoners grow beyond their hatred.

The effective death of Kai Opaka leaves a vacuum in the power structure of Bajoran society, resulting in a bitter struggle to determine her successor.

DC Comics TNG Annual #4 - A House Divided

The prime minister of planet Tilonus IV is assassinated.  A Starfleet research team on the planet is forced into hiding following the collapse of the planetary government.

Beverly Crusher's theatrical company aboard the starhip Enterprise-D begins rehearsal of a play entitled Frame of Mind, an original work written by Crusher.


While on an undercover mission to rescue the Starfleet research team on planet Tilonus IV, Enterprise-D executive officer William Riker is captured by one of the rival factions seeking control of the planet.  Riker's captors subject him to neurosomatic techniques in an attempt to extract strategic information from his memory.  After his rescue, Riker reports that the neurosomatic treatment caused him to experience unusually vivid and terrifying hallucinations derived from Crusher's play, Frame of Mind.

TNG: To Storm Heaven
Dark Passions: Book One (Mirror Universe)

The leader of a small Bajoran village, anticipating his imminent death, allows his apprentice to conduct the ceremonial storytelling that serves to unite the villagers against a legendary enemy.  Unfortunately, the apprentice fails to perform the ritual story with sufficient conviction, and he is rejected by the people.

8 years ago

DS9 commander Benjamin Sisko successfully mediates talks between two rival Bajoran factions, the Paqu and the Navot.  The two groups had been in a bitter dispute since the Cardassians diverted the river Glyrhond, which served as the boundary between the two.

DS9 personnel respond to a distress call from a small Bajoran village whose leader in on the verge of death.  Upon arrival, DS9 operations officer Miles O'Brien in inexplicably appointed leader of the village, stirring resentment in the old leader's apprentice.  It is later learned that the old leader had
chosen O'Brien, who was blatantly unqualified, so that the disappointed villagers would give the apprentice another chance to prove himself.

Dr. Beverly Crusher attends the Altine scientific conference.  While there, she comes to respect Dr. Reyga, a physicist whose theories on subspace shielding technology are not widely accepted in the scientific community.  After the conference, Crusher invites Reyga and several other noted scientists to meet on the Enterprise-D in hopes of providing a forum at which to test the validity of Reyga's findings.  The test involves equipping a shuttlecraft with a metaphasic shielding system based on Dr. Reyga's theories, then piloting the shuttle through a star's corona.  Dr. Jo'Bril, a specialist in solar plasma reactions, volunteers to fly the shuttle, but is believed killed during an aparent failure of the metaphasic shield.  Reyga himself is subsequently killed in an apparent laboratory accident.

While investigating the deaths, Crusher is accused of violating medical ethics by conducting an autopsy on Reyga's body against the expressed wishes of Reyga's family.  She is relieved of duty pending an investigation.

Further investigation into the death of Reyga and Jo'Bril reveals that Jo'Bril did not die aboard the shuttle, and that he had engineered both incidents in an effort to discredit Reyga's work.  Jo'Bril is killed when he tries to cause beverly Crusher's death in an attempt to cover up his murder of Reyga.

TNG: Double Helix: Double or Nothing (Seven Years Earlier)

Former Starfleet Academy cadet Seska joins the Maquis, fighting against Cardassian forces. It is not realized by either Starfleet authorities or members of the Maquis that Seska is actually Cardassian, genetically altered to appear Bajoran.

An employee of Quark's bar on station DS9 orders 5,000 wrappages of Cardassian yamok sauce, despite the fact that Cardassian patronage at Quark's establishment has declined sharply.

Morn asks Dax out to dinner.  She declines, although she later remarks that she finds his forehead hairs kind of cute.

The Bajoran government prepares to tap the molten core of Bajor's fifth moon, Jeraddo, in a project designed to transport large amounts of power to cities on the surface of Bajor.  Before the project can proceed, all forty-seven inhabitants of Jeraddo must be evacuated.  The last person to leave is an old man named Mullibok, who had been a farmer on Jeraddo for 40 years.  mullibok's evacuation is assisted by Major Kira Nerys.

A company known as the Noh-Jay Consortium 5,000 wrappages of yamok sauce for a hundred gross of self-sealing stem bolts.  The firm then exchanges the stem bolts for seven tessipates of land, before assigning interest to Quark, who sells it to the Bajoran government at what is assumed to be a healthy profit.

The tapping of the molten core of Jeraddo to provide energy for Bajor begins.  The process releases sulfur and carbon compounds into the moon's atmosphere, rendering it unbreathable.

U.S.S. Enterprise-D on course for the Gariman sector, conducting spectral studies of the Alwanir nebula.

Enterprise-D security chief Worf, experiencing a crisis of faith, is granted leave and travels via shuttlecraft to the sacred klingon monastery on planet Boreth.  At Boreth, Worf is greeted by a vision of Kahless the Unforgettable, but is shocked to learn that the image of the ancient Klingon leader is a living person, possibly the return of Kahless prophesied some fifteen centuries ago.  Investigation reveals this person to be a clone of the original Kahless, created by the clerics of Boreth.

Klingon High Council leader Gowron correctly interprets the emergence of the new Kahless as a challenge to his regime.  Gowron denounces the new Kahless, but sees that many of his fellow Klingons hunger for the spiritual leadership that Kahless provides, and it becomes clear that to oppose this living legend would spark a new civil war.  At the advice of Worf, son of Mogh, Gowron concedes that the clone is indeed the rightful heir to the throne.  Under Worf's plan, Kahless becomes emperor, serving as spiritual leader of the empire, while political power remains in the hands of Gowron and the High Council.

The Klingon Empire celebrates the ascendance of the clone of Kahless as emperor.  The new Kahless is the first emperor to reign in nearly three centuries, although his role is largely symbolic.

DS9: Warped

A Betazoid envoy arrives at station DS9, attracting the attention of chief medical officer Julian Bashir.


A group of previously unknown life-forms from the Gamma Quadrant study the life-forms at station DS9.  They are on a mission of exploration, and their method of study involves assuming the form of images discovered in the minds of various DS9 personnel.  These images include Rumplestiltskin, baseball great Buck Bokai, and a version of Jadzia Dax that is highly attracted to Julian Bashir.  These images prove to be disconcerting, but result in a small measure of understanding between the two cultures.

8 years ago

The Klingon vessel Toh'Kaht departs station DS9 to the Gamma Quadrant, by way of the Bajoran wormhole, on a routine bio-survey mission to evaluate planets for potential colonization.  One planet, deemed unsuitable, was the home of a now-dead civilization that called themselves the Saltah'na.

Voyager: Pathways (Chapter 2, sections 15-17)

TNG: The Romulan Stratagem
The planet Eloh invites representatives from the Federation and the Romulan Empire to discuss options for the planet joining one body.  After several days of discussions and “sales pitches”, the Elohsians choose to seek alliance with the Romulans.

TNG: Guises of the Mind (Epilogue)

Ensign Taitt joins the crew of the Enterprise-D  At the academy, she did her honors thesis on solar dynamics.

U.S.S. Enterprise-D at planet Nervala IV, assigned to retrieve scientific data left behind when a research station on the planet's surface was abandoned eight years ago.  At the station, a duplicate of executive officer William T. Riker is discovered, apparently formed during Riker's beam-out from the station eight years ago.  The duplicate Riker, who adopts the name Thomas (their middle name), tries to rekindle his relationship with Deanna Troi, but the attempt fails when Thomas accepts a posting to the Starship Gandhi, once again separating the two.

Lieutenant W. Thomas Riker transfers to the Starship Gandhi for a terraforming mission in the Lagana sector.

On Earth, the quadricentennial of Apollo 11's landing on the moon in 1969 is celebrated. Starfleet Academy gives out a certificate in relation to it in some way. One of the recipients is Cadet Harry Kim.

Wildstorm Comics ST:TNG Special - A Rolling Stone Gathers No Nanoprobes

TNG: Foreign Foes

A delegation of Federation ambassadors arrives at station DS9 on a fact-finding mission to study the Bajoran wormhole.

A robotic space probe originating from the Gamma Quadrant arrives at station DS9.  When station personnel downloaded information from the alien probe, a sophisticated software life-form was also downloaded into the station's computer system.  This software life-form, which operations officer O'Brien nicknames "Pup", causes a series of system malfunctions until O'Brien recognizes that it simply wants attention.  One of the malfunctions is a minor failure of the station's turbolift system that left security officer Odo and Ambassador Lwaxanna Troi briefly trapped in a turbolift.

Valerian spacecraft Sherval Das visits the Ultima Thule station en route to DS9.  The ship had previously visited planet mariah IV and Fahleena III.

Aamin Marritza, who had served as an instructor at a Cardassian military academy on planet Kora II for the past five years, resigns his position, puts all of his affairs in order, provides for his housekeeper, then leaves Kora II abaord a freighter.

DS9: Stowaways

Keiko O'Brien accompanies eleven Bajoran school children on a field trip to planet Bajor.  They plan to visit the grain processing center at Lasuma.

Klingon vessel Toh'Kaht returns a month ahead of schedule to the Alpha Quadrant by way of the Bajoran wormhole.  Moments after emerging from the wormhole terminus, the ship explodes.  Shortly thereafter, several key DS9 personnel begin exhibiting unusual behavior, becoming uncharacteristically combative and conspiratorial.  Simultaneously, analysis of the Klingon ship's logs reveals that prior to its destruction, a mutiny had occurred.  It is learned that the Toh'Kaht had been carrying telepathic archive devices, artifacts from a planet in the Gamma Quadrant.  Evidently, telepathic energy from these devices had taken over the minds of the Klingon crew, causing them to reenact an acient power struggle that destroyed a civilization of people that called themselves the Saltah'na, and the same telepathic energy is now affecting DS9 personnel.  Once station personnel realize this, they force the Saltah'na telepathic energy to disperse harmlessly into open space.


Neela joins the engineering staff at station DS9.  She serves as an assistant to Chief Miles O'Brien.

TNG: Requiem (Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & Epilogue)

Ensign Ro Laren departs the Enterprise-D to participate in Starfleet's Advanced Tactical Training program.  The school is difficult; only half of each class generally graduates each year.  During the year one of Ro's instructors, an officer holding the rank of lieutenant commander, resigns from Starfleet to join the Maquis resistance movement so that he can fight actively against the Cardassians.

Starship Enterprise-D senior staff members Jean-Luc Picard, Data, Geordi La Forge, and Deanna Troi attend a three-day conference on the psychological effects of long-term deep space assignments.  During their absence, William Riker agrees to care for Spot, Data's pet cat.

Alien life-forms from another time-space continuum mistake the artificial quantum singularity in the engine system of a Romulan warbird for a naturally-occuring black hole.  The aliens, which use black holes to incubate their young, lay eggs in the warbird's engine.  The presence of the alien embryos causes a failure in the warbird's engine core.

The Starship Enterprise-D responds to a distress call from a Romulan warbird that has experienced a serious power failure.  Enterprise-D personnel attempt to render aid by establishing a power transfer beam between their ship and the crippled Romulan craft.  During the power transfer, both ships experience a severe disruption of the time-space continuum.

8 years ago

Returning to the Enterprise-D via runabout, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and company observe that the enterprise-D and the Romulan warbird appear to be "frozen" in time, with the Enterprise-D in the midst of a disastrous explosion.  Investigating the phenomenon aboard both ships, it is learned that the power transfer provided by the Enterprise-D was threatening the lives of the alien embryos incubating in the warbird's engine core.  Picard and crew are able to interrupt the power transfer beam, thereby permitting the aliens to rescue their young from the Romulan engine, and are successful in restoring the flow of time so that the Enterprise-D is not destroyed in the process.

The Starship Enterprise-D travels to the Romulan Neutral Zone, where it returns the crew of the Romulan warbird.

A Cardassian national, believed to be Gul Darhe'el, the former commander of the infamous Gallitep  forced labor camp, is detained at station DS9.  Investigation by Major Kira Nerys determines, however, that the individual in question is in fact Aamin Marritza, who served under darhe'el at Gallitep 12 years ago.  Marritza had experienced tremendous sorrow and guilt over his inability to stop the atrocities at Galitep, and so had devised an elaborate scheme whereby he would impersonate the now-dead Darhe'el, and confess to Darhe'el's crimes.  Kira orders Marritza freed, but he is subsequently murdered by a Bajoran national.  Marritza died at the hand of a man who hated him only because he was born Cardassian.

SCE: What's Past: Progress [Main story (Flashback)]

Strange New Worlds V: The Farewell Gift

The Federation science outpost on planet Ohniaka III is attacked by an unknown force.

The Starship Enterprise-D responds to the distress call from Ohniaka III, learns that the attack was made by a Borg spacecraft of previously unknown design.  Enterprise-D personnel report that the Borg at Ohniaka station are exhibiting uncharacteristic behavior and tactics.

After the encounter, Lieutenant Commander Data reports that at Ohniaka, he experienced a brief but powerful emotional outburst, this despite the fact that his systems and software do not have the capacity for human emotions.  Data experiences a second unexplained emotional outburst when interrogating a Borg individual named Crosis, captured after a Borg attack on another colony.  Shortly thereafter, Crosis and Data flee from the Enterprise-D by stealing a shuttlecraft.

Pursuing Data and Crosis, the Enterprise-D follows the shuttle through a Borg transwarp conduit through subspace to a planet in the Delta Quadrant on which is located a major Borg stronghold.  Data is found on the planet, on the company of his brother, Lore, who is leader of these Borg.

Dr. Beverly Crusher, as senior officer aboard the Enterprise-D, commands the skelton crew remaining on the ship while the majority of the crew engages in a planetside search for Data.

Ensign Aquino, a Starfleet engineer assigned to station DS9, is killed.  His death is initiallly believed to be accidental, but it is later found that he
had apparently been murdered because he had stumbled onto part of a plot to murder Vedek Bareil.


Vedek Winn, a politically conservative contender to replace Bajoran religious leader Kai Opaka, arrives unannounced at station DS9.

Vedek Winn at station DS9, protests what she characterizes as "blasphemous" teachings of scientific theories at the station's primary classroom.  Her protests trigger a controversy between the Bajoran and Federation population of the station.  When another Bajoran religious leader, Vedek Bareil, arrives at DS9 to try to calm the situation, an unsuccessful assassination attempt is made on his life.  Station negineering staff member Neela, a Bajoran national, is held in the attempt.

It is strongly suspected, although not proven, that the entire protest was engineered by Winn to set up the assassination attempt, an apparent effort to eliminate Bariel as a candidate to become Bajor's next kai, a position for which Winn is also a contender.

DS9: Lesser Evil
The U.S.S. Valkyrie is lost with all hands during an engagement with the Borg in the Uridi’si System. Among the casualties is Ruriko Tenmei, dispatched from the U.S.S. T’Plana-Hath, when the Borg, fleeing from the area, opens a transwarp conduit and the Valkyrie follows it in.

Joseph Carey is promoted to full Lieutenant.


In a stunning and unexpected move, representatives of the Tholian Assembly propose a truce with the Federation. The Federation agrees, and ambassadors are exchanged, although the Tholians give no reason for the decision.

Toman'torax becomes Omet'iklan's Second.

Arjin's father dies.

Benzar is admitted to the Federation.

Construction begins on the Klingon Negh’Var-class dreadnought.

The Ktarian parliament opens negotiations with the Federation, seeking membership.

Steamrunner-class heavy destroyers first commissioned.

The DTI authorizes the science vessel U.S.S. Crick to go back in time and “rescue” the DNA of the Alpha Centauran white thendra, a wormlike bird that went extinct at the beginning of the Centauran industrial age. The species is successfully recovered and reintroduced into the planet’s ecosystem.

The U.S.S. Proxima is lost in the Gamma Quadrant, and is later believed to have fallen victim to the Dominion.


Birth of Kes on the Ocampa homeworld.


The Furies return and begin an invasion of the galaxy. Thousands of Fury ships begin gathering near an artificial planet in the Delta Quadrant.

8 years ago

Brundage Station, a Federation listening post near the Furies Point, is attacked by Fury ships. Five Fury vessels attempt to conquer the Alpha Quadrant, but are intercepted by the USS Enterprise-D. The Furies Point wormhole is collapsed during the battle.

Fabian Montana enters Starfleet Academy. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Matthew Donahugh graduates from Starfleet Medical Academy. (Star Trek: Remington)

Later in the year, a subspace weapon explodes, severely crippling the USS Cantabrian and a Wthaure battle cruiser in the process. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Starfleet Command orders the heavily damaged USS Cantabrian to proceed to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards to undergo a two-and-a-half year refit. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

The USS Madrid is destroyed in orbit of Julinor IV following a terrorist attack from operatives working for Drevan. Survivors were rescued by the USS Enterprise-D. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Jake Marone enrols in the Starfleet Marine Corps Academy. (Star Trek: Generation Fleet)

Captain Kent, newly assigned CO of the USS Lapon, dies in a scuba-diving accident off the coast of southern Africa on Earth. (Star Trek: New Order)

Captain Mariah Darby and dozens of others are killed following the detonation of a trilithium device aboard the USS Madrid. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Captain Noel Turner is given command of the USS Cantabrian early in the year. Ulitania Jonar and Leslie Hernandez are assigned as security chief and counselor respectively. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Jonathan Hunt is promoted to Commander and assigned to the USS Lapon. Later that year he assumes command of the vessel after Captain Kent dies. (Star Trek: New Order)

Following her graduation from the Sato Institute of Linguistics, Ensign Malia is assigned to the USS Nova. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Vanessa Ann Yates transfers back to the USS London as Beta Shift Operations Officer, and promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. (Star Trek: Crusader)

8 years ago

2370 - TNG Season 7/DS9 Season 2

USS Hera captain Silva La Forge sends a letter to her son, Geordi La Forge.  She urges Geordi to visit her on the Hera so he can meet the new engineer, another effort by Silva to find a wife for Geordi.

The Bajoran government, factionalized since the loss of Kai Opaka, begins to suffer further infighting by political opportunists.  There are reports of fighting in a half-dozen districts and religious riots throughout the southern islands.  One particularly militant faction is the Alliance for Global Unity, also known as "The Circle".

Former Nova Squadron member Sito Jaxa is offered a post aboard the Enterprise-D.  Despite the serious blemish on her record following the death of cadet Joshua Albert two years ago, Sito distinguished herself during her remaining time at Starfleet Academy, enough for Captain Jean-Luc Picard to take a chance on her.

DS9: Warchild

DS9: Valhalla

TNG: Engines of Destiny (Chapters 4-7, & 29)

DS9: Betrayal

At Lore's Borg stronghold in the Delta Quadrant, it is learned that Lore has assumed the role of leader among a group of Borg that gained a sense of individuality from contact with the Borg individual named Hugh.  Lore's effectiveness as leader is made possible because of the emotion chip that he had stolen over two years prior from his creator, Dr. Soong, which enables him to manipulate the emotional inexperience of the Borg.  Lore is also able to create powerful emotions in his brother, Data, and uses those emotions to control him as well.  Lore hopes to use Data and the Borg to embark upon a campaign of conquest, but he is prevented from doing so when Enterprise-D personnel assist the Borg named Hugh in resisting Lore's destructive control.  Shortly thereafter, Lore is dismantled, but Data manages to recover their father's emotion chip.

Strange New Worlds VII: Future Shock (Fifteenth entry)

The staship Enterprise-D and the starship Hera are in the same sector and pass within shuttlecraft range.

The starship Hera passes near the planet Marijne VII.  A day later, the ship visits station DS3 before departing on a routine courier mission.

The Enterprise-D hosts an Iyaaran delegation, the first cultural exchange between the Iyaaran people and the Federation.  Enterprise-D personnel, serving as hosts for the seven day exchange, initially find the Iyaarans' behavior puzzling, until it is learned that the Iyaarans' culture is dramtically different from any other humanoid species, and that the delegation has been attempting to learn about the concepts of eating and antagonism.  Enterprise-D captain Jean-Luc Picard, on a shuttle flight to the Iyaaran homeworld, is apparently marooned after a crash landing, but this, too, is part of the Iyaaran study, examining the concept of love.

DS9 security chief Odo arrests the first officer and two crew members from a Subytt freighter on charges of smuggling defective isolinear rods to Bajor.

A maintenance worker on Cardassia IV gives a Bajoran earring to a Boslic freighter captain, who promises to deliver it to Bajor.  The earring bears the insignia of Bajoran resistance leader Li Nalas.

Jake Sisko asks Laira, a young lady residing on DS9, for a date.  She accepts.

Major Kira Nerys is presented with evidence that Bajoran resistance leader Li Nala, long thought to be dead, is in fact being held prisoner on Cardassia IV.  Kira is successful in freeing the near-legendary Li, who is honored upon his return by the Bajoran assembly.  Li is subsequently assigned as Bajoran liaison to DS9, replacing Kira.  The reassignment has been ordered by Minister Jaro Essa.

Contact is lost with the starship Hera.  The starships Excelsior and Nobel are assigned to search for the Hera.

Enterpsie-D officers Data and Geordi La Forge conduct tests on a new telepresence interface system that would allow Starfleet personnel to conduct work in hazardous situations by means of a robotic surrogate probe.

Starship Enterprise-D responds to a distress call from the science vessel Raman, finding it in orbit around the planet Marijne VII.  A rescue mission using the experimental interface probe reveals that crew of the Raman had been accidentally killed by subspace beings who live in orbit of Marijne VII.  One of the beings, trapped aboard the Raman, communicates it's situation to the Enterprise-D.  At significant risk to his personal safety,  Geordi La Forge uses the interface probe to return the Marijne VII beings back to their home in low orbit.

Enterprise-D chief engineer Geordi La Forge learns that his mother, Captian Silva La Forge of the Starship Hera, has been lost, along with the rest of her crew.

Services for the Hera crew are held on planet Vulcan, homeworld to many Hera crew members.  Private services are held by the La Forge family for Silva La Forge.

TNG: Blaze of Glory


Captain Jean-Luc Picard, investigating a series of recent raids on ancient Romulan archaeological sites, is captured by mercenaries at a bar on planet Dessica II.  Eyewitnesses to the incident report that Picard was killed by a blast from an energy weapon.

Picard's captors were, in fact, the mercenaries who had been responsible for the raids on archaeological sites in the Taugan sector.  Picard manages to convince them that he is a smuggler named Galen and offers his services to help appraise the stolen artifacts.

A minister of the Bajoran provisional government is reported to have been attacked and beaten.  The attack is believed to be the work of the Circle, whose acts of violence in the streets of Bajor have increased dramatically.

8 years ago

Terrorist activity sponsored by the Circle continues to escalate on Bajor and on DS9.  Despite efforts by the provisional government to suppress the violence, the Circle appears to operate with impunity.  Evidence is uncovered that the Circle is obtaining weapons from Kressari agents, and further investigation suggests that the Kressari are acting as intermediaries for Cardassian forces seeking to destabliize the Bajoran goverment.

Kira Nerys accepts an invitation to study at Vedek Bariel's temple and experiences the third orb, the orb of prophesy and change.  She is kidnapped by Circle agents but later freed by DS9 personnel after learning that the Circle, under the covert leadership of Minister Jaro Essa, plans to attempt a coup d'etat to depose the Bajoran provisional government.

Starfleet admiral Chekote, upon being informed of the deteriorating situation on Bajor, and citing Prime Directive prohibitions against involvement in what is essentially a local dispute, orders the withdrawal of all Starfleet personnel from DS9.

Enterprise-D personnel investigate the disappearance of Captain Jean-Luc Picard at planet Dessica II.

Evidence gathered at planet Dessica II suggests that Captain Jean-Luc Picard had been killed by a blast from an energy weapon, and Commander William Riker receives authorization to place the Enterprise-D on detached duty to further investigate the incident.  During the investigation, acting-Captain Riker is kidnapped by a mercenary group led by Arctus Baran.  Aboard Baran's ship, he discovers Picard, who is posing as a smuggler named Galen.

DS9: The Big Game

Starfleet and other personnel evacuate station DS9 as Circle forces arrive to take control of the facility, part of the Circle attempt to seize power from the Bajoran provisional government.  A handful of Starfleet personnel remain aboard DS9 in violation of orders and are successful in retaking the station from circle operatives, although Bajoran resistance leader Li Nalas is killed in the operation.

Major Kira Nerys is successful in eluding Bajoran forces and presents evidence to the Bajoran Chamber of Ministers linking the Circle and Minister Jaro Essa to secret Cardassian weapon shipments, discrediting the Circle, and thwarting Jaro's attempted coup d'etat.  Kira is subsequently reassigned to DS9.

Starfleet personnel return to DS9 as Starfleet reassumes administration of the facility.

Picard and Riker infiltrate Baran's crew in order to discover the reason for Baran's raids on Romulan archaeological sites.  They learn that Baran has been employed by a militant Vulcan separatist group, seeking to reassemble the pieces of the Stone of Gol.  The ancient artifact, long thought to be mere myth, is found to be a functional psionic resonator weapon that enables the bearer to kill telepathically.  Picard and Riker, with assistance from Enterprise-D personnel, are successful in apprehending Tallera, a member of the separatist group who had masterminded the operation.  The psionic resonator is turned over to Vulcan security minister Satok, who promises that it will be destroyed.


Quark arranges for a Klingon operative named Yeto to visit station DS9 in order to purchase liquid data chains.  In preparation for the transaction, Quark agrees to plant an illicit device to defeat station security sensors so that Yeto's arrival will not be detected.

A violent plasma storm in the Bajoran star system forces evacuation of station DS9, leaving behind only a skeleton crew aboard the station.

DS9 station personnel render aid to the Ekina, a small space vessel reportedly damaged by the plasma storm.  Their arrival is a ruse arranged by Quark for the sale of liquid data chains.  The sale itself is quickly found to be a cover for Yeto's real objective: Yeto has delivered unsuccessful Trill initiate Verad to the station, where he intends to steal the Dax symbiont from Jadzia.  Although Verad is successful in forcing the removal of the symbiont from Jadzia and its implantation into himself, Verad is thereafter overpowered, and the Dax symbiont is returned to its rightful host.

Verad and his accomplices are turned over to the authorities.

DS9: Prisoners of Peace

Ravinok crash survivor Lorit Akrem, working as a forced laborer in a Breen mine in the Dozaria system, is killed in a cave-in.  Lorit had been a friend of Kira Nerys.


USS Enterprise-D travels to Starbase 84 for installation of a new warp core assembly.  The core had been manufactured on planet Thanatos VII using a new interphasic fusion process.

Commander William Riker gives Alexander Rozhenko a new music program.  Young Alexander enjoys the music, an Earth form known as jazz, but his father, Worf, finds it unpleasant and is annoyed that Alexander plays it every night.

Commander Data finds that his dream-inducing program is now generating nightmares, which he finds to be an unsettling experience.  Shortly thereafter, Data finds himself having "waking dreams", in which he is unable to control his behavior.  In one such waking dream, data stabs and severely injures Counselor Deanna Troi.  It is learned that the nightmares are caused by interphasic parasites that came aboard the ship in the new warp core, and that these life-forms are making operation of the warp drive system impossible.  Once the nature of the parasites is understood, they are eradicated from the ship with a high-frequency interphasic sweep.

8 years ago

Enterprise-D captain Jean-Luc Picard is honored with an invitation from Admiral Nakamura to attend Starfleet's annual Admiral's banquet at Starbase 219.  Unfortunately, the technical difficulties with the ship's new warp core make it impossible for Picard to attend.

A new warp conduit is replicated by the Enterise-D engineering staff, replacing the parasite-infested unit installed at Starbase 84.

Seven Deadly Sins: Work Is Hard

Voyager: Pathways (Chapter 6, Sections 8-10)

Cardassian citizen Elim Garak is assaulted by Rugal, a Cardassian youth whose adoptive Bajoran parents are passing through station DS9.  Cardassian authorities suggest that the bizaare incident might have been the result of Bajoran foster parents teaching their adoptive Cardassian child to hate Cardassians.  Investigation into the incident by station commander Benjamin Sisko reveals this to be true, but further reveals that Rugal's initial placement into a Bajoran orphanage eight years ago was a plot intended by Gul Dukat to embarrass Rugal's natural father, Kotan Pa'Dar.  Despite the fact that Rugal's adoptive parents have cared for and loved Rugal, Sisko rules that the Cardassian youth has been the victim of Dukat's conspiracy, and orders Rugal returned to the custody of his birth father.

The Enterprise-D receives a delegation of Cairn representatives.  These people communicate purely by telepathy and have no spoken language.  The Cairn are accompanied by Ambassador Lwaxanna Troi, whose telepathic abilities help the Cairn in what is to them, a very alien world.  Troi's valet, Mr. Homn, remains on planet Betazed.

Ambassador Lwaxanna Troi is taken ill because of excessive use of her telepathic abilities in communicating with the Cairn delegation aboard the Enterprise-D.  Treatment of Troi indicates her condition has been exacerbated by an old psychic trauma to her metaconscious.  The trauma is relieved when Ambassador Troi is able to acknowledge the source of her pain, the death many years ago of her older daughter, Kestra Troi.  This is a significant revelation to Deanna troi, who had not been aware that she had a sister.

A new restaurant opens on the Promenade at station DS9.  The new eatery features traditional Klingon-style cuisine, prepared by a master Klingon chef, who even takes pride in serenading his customers with Klingon music.

Starfleet ensign Melora Pazlar is assigned to station DS9 as a stellar cartographer.  In preparation for her arrival, Chief Miles O'Brien and Dr. Julian Bashir modify a suite of living quarters to allow the artificial gravity to shut off to approximate the low gravity conditions on her homeworld.  They also fabricate a wheelchair to allow her mobility throughout the rest of the station.


Ensign Melora Pazlar arrives at station DS9 aboard the staship Yellowstone.  Melora, an Elaysian, has initial difficulty adjusting to the one-gee gravity field on the station, but quickly demonstrates that she will not allow this challenge to compromise her performance as a Starfleet officer.  She is befriended by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Julian Bashir, and the two become romantically involved.


TNG: Klingon


Nurse Alyssa Ogawa becomes romanitcally involved with Ensign Markson, a fellow Enterprise-D crew-member.

The USS Enterprise-D travels to planet Kesprytt III in order to evaluate a request by the Kes government for associate membership in the United Federation of Planets.  It is an unusual request in that Kesprytt III does not yet have a unified world government, normally a condition for membership in the Federation.


Enterprise-D captain Jean-Luc Picard and Chief Medical Officer Beverly Crusher are abducted while beaming down to Kesprytt III, apparently by the Prytt government.  Initial diplomatic efforts by Executive Officer William Riker to work with both the Kes and the Prytt governments to secure the release of both officers are unsuccessful, although their freedom is secured through covert means.


During their captivity, Picard and Crusher were both implanted with a neural control device that caused them physical discomfort if they became separated.  A side effect of these devices was a sharing of their thoughts.


Picard and Riker both file reports to the Federation Council recommending against Federation membership to Kesprytt III because the planet's society is not yet advanced enough to solve its internal disputes.


Pel, an ambitious young Ferengi entrepeneur, is hired as a waiter at Quark's bar on station DS9.

Starship Enterprise-D executive officer William T. Riker and Counselor Deanna Troi complete their Crew Evaluation Report.

Kira Nerys loses her springball racket.  She saw it last in her quarters.


TNG: Possession

8 years ago

Ferengi Grand Nagus Zek returns to station DS9, offering Quark the opportunity to serve as his negotiator for Gamma Quadrant business.  Quark learns that his first assignment, to negotiate the acquisition of tulaberry wine from the Dosi, is a plot by Zek to learn about the Dominion at minimal risk to himself.  The Dominion is believed to be a dominant power in the Gamma Quadrant.  Quark suffers a setback in his standing with the Nagus when Quark's associate, Pel, reveals himself to be a female posing as a Ferengi male.

During Quark's absence in the Gamma Quadrant for Zek, Rom is forced to break into Quark's latinum floor vault in order to assure the safety of Quark's profits.  Rom has also been opening Quark's storeroom with a desealing rod without Quark's knowledge.

Pel departs station DS9 aboard an Andorian transport.

DS9: Fallen Heroes

Contact is lost with the Federation medical transport ship USS Fleming, last reported to be carrying a cargo of rare bio-mimetic gel through the Hekaras Corridor.  A Ferengi trading vessel also passes through the region.

Geordi La Forge borrows Data's pet cat, Spot.  La Forge told his friend, Data, that he was thinking of getting a pet cat for himself, and wanted to
experience the full range of feline behavior before making that decision.  Spot is not happy in her temporary home, and Geordi proclaims the cat

Starship Enterprise-D investigates the disappearance of the USS Fleming somewhere in the Hekaras Corridor, a region of space characterized by unusually intense tetryon fields.  It is learned that the Fleming, and other vehicles disabled in the area, were disabled by a pair of Hekaran scientists who sought to gain the attention of the Federation to their findings that the continued use of warp drive was causing serious damage to the fabric of space.

Hekaran scientist Serova sacrifices her life in a dramatic demonstration of how excessive use of warp drive in a region of space with subspace
instabilities can cause a dangerous subspace rift.  As a result, the Federation Council orders that all Federation spacecraft be limited to a maximum speed of warp factor 5, except in cases of extreme emergency, in order to limit further damage to the structure of space.  Warp travel in areas found to be especially susceptible to damage is restricted to essential travel only.

Starfleet begins a program to develop a new warp engine design that will not cause damage to the fabric of space, which is first incorporated on the Intrepid-class.

Wildstorm TNG: Embrace the Wolf

TNG: Dyson Sphere - While the starships Enterprise and Darwin conduct a follow-up exploration of the Dyson Sphere discovered a year earlier, a neutron star is detected on a collision course with the Sphere. Last minute maneuvering by the Sphere causes the neutron star to miss, but the Sphere then contracts to the quantum level and vanishes from the universe as we know it. The crew of the Darwin are trapped inside and lost.

DS9 commander Ben Sisko asks security chief Odo to record a daily log of law enforcement activities aboard the station.


Quark travels to the planet Bajor at the request of a woman named Pallra.

Ferengi entrepeneur Quark is severely injured while in the employ of a Bajoran woman named Pallra, seeking to obtain a list of Bajoran nationals who collaborated with the Cardassians during the occupation.  Pallra had hoped to use the list for black-mail purposes, but is thwarted when her actions are discovered by security chief Odo.  Alos uncovered is the fact that Kira Nerys had been responsible for the death of Pallra's husband, Vaatrik, five years earlier.

TNG: Infiltrator

The starship Enterprise-D travels to planet Atrea IV in response to a request for aid from the Atrean government to help prevent a natural disaster on their planet.  Atrea IV's core is cooling at a very high rate, causing a dramatic increase in seismic activity.

Enterprise-D personnel work with Atrean scientists to deivse a means to infuse plasma energy into the core of Atrea IV so that stability can be restored to the planet.  The plan is executed with only minimal problems.

One of the Atrean scientists working to solve the core cooling problem is Dr. Juliana Tainer, who was once married to Dr. Noonien Soong, when Soong constructed the android Data.  Tainer, who was then known as Juliana Soong, is effectively Data's mother.  When tainer is injured during an accident on Atrea IV, Data learns that Juliana is in fact an android, built by Noonien Soong 34 years ago, in the image of his wife who was killed by the Crystalline Entity.  So sophistiscated is Juliana that she is unaware that she is not human.  Data chooses to accept his father's wishes in allowing Juliana to continue to believe she is human.

Voy: Pathways (Chapter 12, Section 1)


Noted terraformer Gideon Seyetik arrives at station DS9 aboard the Starship Prometheus.

Noted terraformer Gideon Seyetik is killed during an extraordinary experiment involving the use of protomatter to successfully reignite a dead star, Epsilon 119.  He sacrificed himself on the altar of science.

During Seyetik's stay at DS9, Benjamin Sisko meets an attractive woman named Fenna.  Investigation reveals that Fenna is not a physical life-form, but an illusory projection created by Seyetik's unsatisfied wife, Nidell, who has psychoprojective telepathic abilities.

Nidell returns to her homeworld of New Halana, where she expects to spend the rest of her life.


TNG: Into the Nebula

8 years ago

Worf takes personal leave to participate in the bat'leth competition on planet Forcas III aboard the Shuttlecraft Curie.  While Worf is gone, Deanna Troi cares for his son, Alexander, until Alexander departs from the Enterprise-D to visit his grandparents on Earth.

DS9: The Pet

DS9: Devil in the Sky

Worf is honored with an award for Champion Standing at the bat'leth competition on Forcas III.

Worf's birthday.  Starship Enterprise-D is assigned to return to the Argus Array to investigate another apparent malfunction in the subspace telescope.

Upon Worf's return to the Enterprise-D, he becomes aware of a bizaare series of discontinuities in his sense of reality that he initially suspects may be due to a memory loss.  It is later discovered that when returning from Forcas III, Wrof's shuttlecraft passed near a quantum fissure in space, causing a breakdown in the barriers between quantum realities, so that Worf was thrown into a state of flux in which he traveled freely between those different realities.

Worf's state of quantum flux causes at least 285,000 alternate realities to merge.  Elements of some of these realities include: The marriage of Worf and Troi, the death of captain Picard in the battle of Wolf 359, Riker's assumption of the Enterprise-D captaincy, Wesley Crusher's assignment to the Enterprise-D as a lieutenant, the conquering of the Cardassians by the Bajorans, Nurse Ogawa becoming a doctor, and the conquering of the Federation by the Borg.  Worf is successful in using his shuttlecraft to create a broad-spectrum warp field to seal the quantum fissure, thereby returning himself to his original reality, and restoring the barriers between the quantum states.

Major Kira Nerys begins discussions with Bajoran minister Rozahn regarding an irrigation project for the Trilar Penninsula on Bajor that is behind schedule.

Noted Bajoran musician varani begins performing at Quark's bar on DS9.  Quark had promised Kira Nerys that he would try Varani for a month, but Quark is alarmed to note that Varani's music is so compelling that revenue from drinks and gaming is down.

Jake Sisko goes out on a date with Mardah, a young woman who works as a dabo game operator at Quark's bar.  Jake is tutoring Mardah in entomology.

Kathryn Janeway is chosen to command the USS Voyager.

Prior to this point, in the Gamma Quadrant, the T-Rogoran race is conquered by the Dominion.

Large numbers of Skrreean refugees, fleeing from the Gamma Quadrant, arrive at station DS9.  After centuries of enslavement by the T-Rogorans, the Skrreeans seek sanctuary in a legendary place they call Kentanna.  Skrreean leader Haneek believes planet Bajor to be their Kentanna, and requests that her people be permitted to settle on an uninhabited area of Bajor.  The Bajoran provisional government refuses the request, and the Skrreean people depart DS9.

A Bajoran space probe scans a planet designated LS-VI, about six light years from the wormhole terminus in the Gamma Quadrant.  Data returned by the probe indicate DNA patterns resembling those of DS9 security chief Odo.

TNG: The Amazing Stories: Life Itself is Reason Enough

An elderly couple from planet Pythro V files a complaint alleging that Martus Mazur has stolen their money through a confidence scam.  Mazur flees to station DS9, although station security chief Odo is alerted to his arrival.

DS9 operations chief Miles O'Brien builds a racquetball court on the station.  He subsequently engages in a series of games with Julian Bashir, although a tournament sponsored by Quark is not completed due to a crisis on the station.


A traveler visiting station DS9 gives a small alien gambling device to El-Aurian entrepeneur Martus Mazur, who sets up Club Martus on the Promenade.  It is not realized until later that the device actually affects the laws of probability, resulting in a number of extraordinarily improbable occurances at the station.  These include unexpected outcomes to sporting events, bizaare behavior of computer systems, unusual patterns of business activity, and an inexplicable distribution of solar neutrinos near the station.

DS9: Arcade

Starfleet Intelligence learns that the Romulan warbird Terix has found a piece of debris from the long-missing Starship Pegasus in the Devolin system.  Romulan high command subsequently orders the warbird to locate the rest of the ship.  Starfleet's reaction is immediate: Admiral Erik Pressman is assigned to investigate the situation and attempt to retrieve a sensitive piece of hardware that had been thought long when the Pegasus was believed destroyed in 2358.  The plan has support at high levels in Starfleet Command, including Admiral Raner, the chief of Starfleet Security.

The children aboard the Starship Enterprise-D celebrate "Captain Picard Day", to the acute embarrassment of the ship's commanding officer.  An Executive Officer William Riker Day" is planned for the future.

USS Enterprise-D conducting an energy output study of the Mekoria quasar, when diverted to rendezvous with the Starship Crazy Horse in sector 1607.  At the Devolin system, Admiral Erik Pressman orders the Enterprise-D to search for the remains of the USS Pegasus, finding it deep within the body of an asteroid.

William T. Riker and Deanna Troi observe the final adventure of the original (NX-01) Enterprise.  After much soul searching, Riker decides to confide in captain Picard regarding his knowledge of the disappearance of the USS Pegasus.

8 years ago

Pressman is successful in recovering an experimental phase-cloaking device that had been covertly developed by Starfleet in 2358, in violation of the Treaty of Algernon.  Pressman had sought to keep the cloaking device a secret, but Enterprise-D captain Jean-Luc Picard opts to reveal the existence of the device to the Romulans, and subsequently places Pressman under arrest.

Starship Enterprise-D travels to Starbase 247, where Admiral Eril Pressman and several others are charged in a general court-martial with violating the Treaty of Algernon.

New Frontiers: No Limits: Loose Ends

Admiral Nechayev seeks out Calhoun, and brings him back into Starfleet, serving on a series of special assignments.

Deep Space 9 security chief Odo assists Dr. Mora Pol, studying planet LS-VI in the Gamma Quadrant, where evidence of life-forms chemically similar to Odo has been discovered.  The expedition is cut short when members of the science party are exposed to noxious gases, apparently volcanic in origin.  Upon returning to DS9, an unknown life-form assaults Dr. Bashir and damages station science equipment.  It is learned that the life-form is actually Odo, acting under the influence of the volcanic gas.  Dr. Mora is successful in eliminating the gas from Odo's cellualr structure.  Years earlier, Mora had been the scientist who studied Odo when the shapeshifter first arrived on Bajor.

Dr. Mora returns home to Bajor. 


Jake Sisko and Nog take a test on Klingon opera.

The USS Enterprise-D responds to an emergency distress call from planet Boraal II.  The call originated from Federation cultural observer Dr. Nikolai Rozhenko, Lieutenant Worf's foster brother.

The Starship Enterprise-D, at planet Boraal II, finds intense plasmonic reactions about to destroy the planet's atmosphere with 38 hours.  Federation cultural observer Rozhenko recommends that the Enterprise-D use its resources to rescue some of the indigenous humanoids from Boraal II, but Captain Jean-Luc Picard refuses on Prime Directive grounds.  Rozhenko, acting against orders, surreptitiously beams one tribe to one of the ship's holodecks, where he has created a simulation of their planet's environment so that they are unaware that they have left their home.  While the Boraals are in the holodeck, the Enterprise-D travels to Vacca VI, a Class-M planet in the Cabral sector, where they are transplanted to their new homes, still unaware that they had been abaord a starship.  There is one Boraal casualty, the village chronicle, named Vorin, who accidentally left the holodeck and could not cope with his knowledge of the Federation's technology.

Dr. Rozhenko elects to remain on Vacca VI, with the transplanted Boraals, where he intends to become the new village chronicle and raise a family with a Boraal woman named Dobara.

Worf informs his adoptive parents, Sergey and Helena Rozhenko, that his step-brother has chosen to spend his life on Vacca VI.  He tells them that Nikolai is happy there.

TNG: Q-Squared

The United Federation of Planets concludes a long and difficult series of negotiations with the Cardassian Union.  They agree to a pact formalizing the borders between the two powers, including the establishment of a Demilitarized Zone.  The new border will require several established Federation and Cardassian colonies to be relocated.

Some Federation colonists living near the Cardassian border, dissatisfied with the new treaty and believing themselves abandoned by the Federation government, join an underground terrorist group calling itself the Maquis.


Felisa Howard dies at her home on planet Caldos.  She was the grandmother of Enterprise-D chief medical officer Beverly Crusher, and had raised young Beverly after the death of her mother while Beverly was still a child.  At Caldos, Felisa was widely respected as a healer.

Following the funeral for her grandmother at the Caldos colony, Beverly Crusher learns that Felisa Howard had a mysterious lover named Ronin for much of her life.  Beverly further finds that he is an anaphasic energy life-form, who, in the body of Ronin, had been the lover of Howard women for nearly eight centuries.  So powerful is Ronin's attraction that beverly initially chooses to resign from Starfleet so that she can be with him, but Beverly soon realizes that Ronin's love is a narcotic, and she is forced to destroy him.


Starfleet becomes aware of the Maquis and of the terrorists' activities against the Cardassians.  Starfleet Academy newspaper editor Harry Kim writes an editorial on the subject, sparking debates, resulting in increased insight into the history of political rebellion for many cadets.

The T'Lani and Kellerun governments, finally at peace after centuries of war, request Federation aid in destroying stockpiles of deadly nanobiogenic weapons, called Harvesters.  DS9 personnel are assigned to provide technical assistance aboard a T'Lani munitions ship.

Data's pet cat, Spot, becomes pregnant.  Data does not know who the father is, but there are twelve male felines aboard the Enterprise-D.


Starfleet admiral Gupta arrives at DS9 to personally assess Cardassian movements across the border, in response to complaints by federation colonists in the Demilitarized Zone.


A former wife of the criminal known as the Albino dies at her home on planet Daylos IV.  A week later, an amulet that she had worn is delivered by messenger to Klingon warrior Kang.  Inside the amulet, Kang finds information revealing that the Albino's sanctuary is located in the Secarus system.

8 years ago

Kang travels to the Secarus system in an attempt to verify the information in the amulet.  While Kang is at Secarus, the Albino contacts Kang and challenges him to one last battle.  Kang subsequently summons his old
comrades, Koloth, Kor, and Curzon Dax so that they may fulfill a blood oath that all four took some eighty years ago.

DC TNG Comic Annual #5: Brother's Keeper

Dr. Julien Bashir and Miles O'Brien, assisting the T'Lani and Kellerun governments in destroying stockpiled

Harvester nanobiogenic weapons, are believed killed by an old security booby trap aboard a T'Lani munitions ship.

 Investigation later reveals that this is not true; they are the target of a joint T'Lani-Kellerun effort to destroy all records of the Harvesters and kill anyone with technical knowledge of their workings.  Bashir and O'Brien are able to elude an initial attemtp on their lives, and DS9 personnel are able to extract them from T'Lani territory before a second attempt is successful, although the Runabout Ganges is destroyed in the process.

Miles O'Brien is released from the DS9 infirmary following treatment for exposure to a Harvester weapon.

Starship Enterprise-D executive officer William T. Riker and Counselor Deanna Troi prepare their Crew Evaluation Report, recommending promotions and new staff assignments.

The Enterprise-D retrieves an escape pod from Cardassian space carrying Joret Dal, a member of the Cardassian military.  Joret, who is also a Federation operative, has brought valuable information about Cardassia's strategic plans.  Afterwards, Ensign Sito Jaxa accompanies Joret back into Cardassian space, posing as his prisoner.  Sito is believed to have given her life in the performance of her duty.  Her sacrifice is credited with enhancing the security of both the Federation and her homeworld, Bajor.

Lieutenant Andrew Powell asks Nurse Alyssa Ogawa to marry him.  She accepts.

DS9: Field Trip

Both sides in the Parada civil war indicate a willingness to participate in peace talks at DS9.  Miles O'Brien travels to the Parada system to discuss technical issues relating to security for the talks.

Among the crew members interviewed by Deanna Troi for the Crew Evaluation Report is Lieutenant Dan Kwan.  Both Troi and Riker regard him positively, and Kwan is slated for assignment to one of the ship's nacelle control rooms.

Current events at DS9 include the discovery of a new protozoic life-form, the loss of a shuttlepod somewhere in the vicinty of the third moon of Bajor VII, and a new request by the Bajoran Chamber of Ministers.

Paradan authorities warn Commander Ben Sisko that one faction may have substituted a replica for the real Miles O'Brien.

A duplicate of Miles O'Brien returns to station DS9.  Station personnel, mindful of the Paradan warning, keep the duplicate under observation, although tests to determine whether or not he is a duplicate are inconclusive.  The duplicate O'Brien, believing that he is in fact the original, grows suspicious of his coworkers, believing that they may have been tampered with or replaced.

The duplicate Miles O'Brien returns to the Parada System, and is killed while attempting to learn what happened.  Up until just before his death, the duplicate believed that he was the original, although it became clear to DS9 personnel and Paradan authorities that he had been programmed to disrupt the upcoming peace talks.

Peace talks are conducted aboard station DS9 between the combatants in the Paradan civil war.


Dr. Julian Bashir and Miles O'Brien play a racquetball tournament against each other.


The dreadnaught disappears in the Badlands and never reaches Aschelon V.  It is not realized at the time that the dreadnaught had encountered the same type of displacement later responsible for the disappearance of Starship Voyager.

A Federation deep space probe goes off course and crashes on planet Barkon IV.  Radioactive components in the automated probe's casing are deemed to pose a threat to Barkon IV's humanoid inhabitants.  The Starship Enterprise-D is assigned to deal with the situation.  Commander Data, whose android anatomy would not be adversely affected by the probe's radiation, is transported to the planet surface to recover the hazardous material.

While Data is working on the surface of Barkon IV, the Enterprise-D is briefly delivered to rendezvous with the U.S.S. Lexington to ferry some medical supplies to the Taranko colony.


Counselor Deanna Troi departs the Enterprise-D via shuttlecraft to attend a three-day reunion of her Starfleet Academy class at Starbase 231, after which she returns to the Enterprise-D.

Commander Data, on the surface of Barkon IV, is damaged by exposure to a power surge from the remains of the deep space probe. Although the power surge causes a loss of memory in Data's positronic brain, Data is successful in protecting the inhabitants of barkon IV from radiation from the probe's casing.

Counselor Troi undertakes the Starfleet training program for field promotion to the rank of commander.  Her most difficult lesson is a holodeck simulation designed to test the candidate's ability to order a subordinate to his or her death in an appropriate situation.  Troi is successful, and is promoted to commander.

TNG: Balance of Power

Trill host candidate Arjin completes fifth-level flight training.

Benjamin Sisko and Miles O'Brien embark upon a mission aboard the Rio Grande to survey planets for possible colonization.


Vedek Bariel arrives at station DS9 to speak at the station's shrine.  He and major Kira Nery

8 years ago

s become romantically involved.


Kono, who has returned to DS9, is found to be in possession of bone carvings that had been reported stolen from the museum on Cardassia V.

Jake Sisko, at his father's suggestion, begins working as an assistant to Operations Officer Miles O'Brien.  The assignment helps Jake realize that he does not want to pursue a Starfleet career.

TNG: Dragon's Honor
Formal relations are opened between the Federation and the Dragon Empire.

Starship Enterprise-D engineering personnel conduct a refit of their warp drive nacelles.  The procedure is supervised by Commander William T. Riker.

Enterprise-D engineering staff member Dan Kwan commits suicide by jumping into the plasma stream in one of the ship's warp drive drive nacelles.  Investigating the incident, Counselor Deanna Troi experiences a powerful empathic hallucination.  It is learned that Kwan's suicide and Troi's hallucination were caused by exposure to an empathic pattern that had been imprinted onto a bulkhead in the nacelle interior.  These patterns are determined to have been created eight years ago when three engineers at Starfleet's Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards were involved in a romantic triangle in which a jealous partner killed his lover and rival, then committed suicide by throwing himself into the nacelle's plasma stream.

Voy: Pathways (Chapter 8, Sections 16-17, Chapter 6, Section 11, and Chapter 2, Section 18)

The Enterprise-D picks up medical supplies at Starbase 328 for transport to planet Barson II.

Dr. Julian Bashir and Trill initiate Arjin travel by transport ship from Starbase 41 to station DS9.

Voles begin infesting parts of DS9 that they had previously avoided.  Unfortunately, these Cardassian rodents are attracted to electromagnetic fields, so they chew on power cables, wrecking havoc with station systems.

Jadzia serves as field docent for Trill host Arjin, who visits DS9 for his required field training experience. 

While on a science mission in the Gamma Quadrant, Dax and Arjin's runabout suffers an accidental impact with a sub-space interphase pocket, after which an energy mass is discovered adhering to the ship.  Upon returning to DS9, study of the energy mass reveals it to be a protouniverse in early stages of development.  Although the expansion of the protouniverse poses a serious threat to the station and the Bajor system, sensor readings indicate the possibility that sentient life may exist in the microcosm.  Accordingly, the protouniverse is returned to its original location in the Gamma Quadrant.

Jake Sisko, continuing to tutor Mardah in entomology, finds himself increasingly attracted to her, and is pleased that she returns the feelings.

Benjamin Sisko, uneasy that his son has fallen for a dabo game operator, urges jake to invite Mardah over for dinner so that he can meet her.  Jake doesn't, and Benjamin eventually invites her himself.

IDW Comics TNG: The Space Between (Strategy)

Malibu Comics DS9 #13: Lapse

DS9: Highest Score


Nurse Alyssa Ogawa learns she is pregnant.  Andrew Powell, the baby's father, is initially shocked, but gets over it.

Tactical officer Rebecca Smith joins William Riker for a romantic walk in the Enterprise-D's arboretum.  Unfortunately, as they get comfortable, Riker rolls over onto a Cypirion cactus, getting several painful thorns in his back, and requiring the care of sickbay personnel.

U.S.S. Enterprise-D personnel conducting field tests of new tactical systems and weapon upgrades.  A series of minor problems, including a stray photon torpedo, plague the tests.

Enterprise-D systems engineer Reginald Barclay is treated for a minor case of Urodelan Flu.  In treating Barclay's condition, Dr. Beverly Crusher introduces a synthetic T-cell into his body.  A genetic anomaly in Barclay's biochemistry is responsible for mutating the synthetic T-cell into an organism that spreads like an airborne virus, causing crew members to genetically revert back to earlier forms of their species.  The only crew member not affected is Commander Data, who develops a retrovirus that is successful in returning the other members of the crew to their original state.  The malady is termed Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome.

Data's pet cat, Spot, gives birth to kittens, thereby ending once and for all the misconception that Spot is a male feline.  The birth of Spot's kittens provides Enterprise-D personnel with an important clue to developing the retrovirus that cures Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome.

DS9 entrepeneur Quark somehow manages to obtain a small cloaking device.  Despite the fact that possession of such a device is a violation of Bajoran law, Quark makes it quietly known that it is for sale.

DS9 personnel rescue a Cardassian shuttle that had reportedly suffered damage in a meteor storm.  It is soon learned that the shuttle had been carrying Cardassian political dissidents Natima Lang, Rekelen, and Hogue, and that the damage to their ship had been inflicted by a pursuing Cardassian warship.  The dissidents are wanted because they publicly oppose continued military dominance of the Cardassian government.  The Cardassian Central Command demands the extradition of the fugitives, but the trio escape, aided by Quark and Garak.  Quark's assistance is motivated by his past romantic involvement with Lang.  Garak later remarks enigmatically that his assistance in the matter was because of his love for Cardassia.

TNG: Strange New Worlds III (Whatever You Do, Don't Read This Story)


TNG: The Best and the Brightest (Year Two)

8 years ago

Cadet Wesley Crusher takes advantage of a school vacation and travels from Starfleet Academy to Starbase 310, so that he can spend some time with his mother and former shipmates on the Starship Enterprise-D.  Wesley has been experiencing serious doubts about his choice of a career in Starfleet.  Academy superintendent Brand reports that his grades are falling.

The Starship Enterprise-D arrives at Starbase 310 so that Captain Picard may be briefed by Fleet Admiral Nechayev on the repercussions of the new agreement with the Cardassians.  Also boarding the ship at Starbase 310 is Cadet Wesley Crusher, on vacation from starfleet Academy.

U.S.S. Enterprise-D travels to planet Dorvan V to carry out Admiral Nechayev's order of evacuating the Federation colonists, in compliance with the new border treaty with the Cardassians.  Enterprise-D captain Picard meets with colony leaders in an attempt to negotiate their departure, but the colonists are adamant about remaining in their new homeworld.  The situation is made more volatile when the Cardassian warship vetar, under the command of Gul Evek, arrives early on a survey mission, further increasing the militant resolve of the colonists.  Picard is
successful in working with the colony leadership and the Cardassian government to develop a highly unorthodox solution.  Under this new agreement, the Native-American colonists of Dorvan V will relinquish their Federation citizenship and agree to live under Cardassian jurisdiction.  Colony leader Anthwara indicates to Picard that his role in making it possible for Anthwara's people to remain on their chosen homeworld somehow atones for a crime against Native-Americans committed by one of Picard's ancestors centuries ago.

Wesley Crusher spends time on Dorvan V with a colonist named Lakanta, who invokes Native-American rituals to help Wesley resolve his inner turmoil about his future.  Wesley's vision quest enables him to realize that he no longer wishes to follow his late father's footsteps, that he needs to make his own destiny.  Freed from external expectations, Wesley resigns from Starfleet Academy.  He begins to explore other possibilities, and, along with Lakanta, who reveals himself to be the Traveler, sets off on a voyage of discovery that will very likely transcend time and space.

Edgar Willoughby, Jr. is born.

TNG: The Sky's the Limit (Ordinary Days)

IDW Comics Alien Spotlight: Klingons: Four Thousand Throats... (Pages 15 & 22)

Klingon Dahar Master Kor arrives at station DS9.  Also en route to the station are fellow warriors Koloth and Kang.

Klingon warriors Kor, Koloth, and Kang, along with Jadzia Dax, depart DS9 to planet Secarus IV, where they seek

the criminal known as the Albino.  The four fight the Albino and forty of his troops for having murdered the firstborn children of Kor, Koloth, and Kang nearly eight decades ago.  It is Kang who delivers the killing blow
against the Albino.  Kang and Koloth are both killed gloriously in battle, in a matter befitting a Klingon warrior.

Kang and Koloth are posthumously honored by the dedication of statues in their images in the Hall of Heroes on the Klingon Homeworld.

Dahar Master Kor is appointed ambassador to Vulcan for the Klingon Empire.

TOS: Strange New Worlds VI (Ancient History)

TNG: Strange New Worlds II (I Am Klingon)

Klingon High Council member Kurn travels to the Hitora colony.


The Starship Enterprise-D prepares for a rendezvous with the U.S.S. Kearsarge.

Students in the science class aboard the Starship Enterprise-D make fullerines as a class project.

8 years ago

The rendezvous with the Kearsarge is delayed for four days, making it possible for the Enterprise-D to conduct additional studies of the Vodrey nebula while the ship travels to planet Maranga IV.  Lieutenant Worf takes personal leave with his son Alexander, to the Klingon Kot'baval festival on Maranga IV, in hopes of kindling the boy's appreciation for his Klingon heritage.  Also during the delay, Captain Jean-Luc Picard takes a side trip to the hatarian system to view the ancient ruins being excavated there.

At Maranga IV, Worf and Alexander meet a stranger who identifies himself as K'mtar, who is gin'tak (advisor) to the house of Mogh.  K'mtar informs Worf that he is there to protect Worf against a possible attempt against Worf's life from the house of Duras.  Investigation reveals that there is no current Duras plot against Worf, and Worf learns that the stranger is not K'mtar, but is in fact Alexander Rozhenko, returned from the future in an effort to encourage his younger self to pursue the ways of a Klingon warrior.  The future Alexander tells his father of the future, of Alexander becoming a great diplomat, and of Worf dying in Alexander's arms. Young Alexander continues to resist his elders' pressures to learn the fighting arts, but Worf now has a greater appreciation of the fact that his son must make his own destiny.

Captain Picard returns to the Enterprise-D, and the ship makes its rendezvous with the Kearsarge.

The Maquis, a small but growing number of Federation citizens living near the Cardassian border who have banded togetherin self-defense against the Cardassians, begins to take a more militant posture.  They acquire ships and weapons in increasing numbers, worrying both Federation and Cardassian authorities. The Maquis are resentful of Federation concessions to the cardassians made in the recent border treaty, and feel the only way to protect themselves is to take matters into their own hands.

Relationships between Federation and Cardassian citizens in the Demilitarized Zone continue to deteriorate. Two Federation colonists in Ropal City are stoned by a Cardassian mob. Reports suggest local Cardassian authorities may have encouraged the incident.

Cardassian freighter Bok'Nor explodes at station DS9. Cardassian authorities blame Maquis terrorists for the crime, accusing the Federation of being lax in policing its colonists in the DMZ. As evidence that Federation citizens are responsible for Maquis activity, Cardassian authorities produce a recording of colonist William Samuels, in which Samuels dies of an apparent suicide while in Cardassian custody, making further interrogation impossible.

Gul Dukat, unofficially assisting with the investigation, is abducted by Maquis operatives and taken to an asteroid in the Badlands. Benjamin Sisko, hoping to avoid a more serious diplomatic incident, commands a rescue mission in pursuit of Dukat's abductors.

Starship Enterprise-D detects a small robotic probe in deep space.

The robotic probe delivers a personal message to the Enterprise-D captain Jean-Luc Picard from former DaiMon Bok. It is a threat against a person named Jason Vigo, whom Bok claims is Picard's son. Picard investigates the threat, finding evidence that Vigo is indeed his son, but further investigation shows Vigo to be the victim of genetic tampering by Bok. Vigo is, in fact, not Picard's son, but the threat and the faked genetic evidence was an effort by Bok to win vengeance on Picard for having caused the death of Bok's own son in the Battle of Maxia in 2355.

Sisko's attempt to negotiate Dukat's release from Maquis operatives is unsuccessful, and Sisko must rescue Dukat by force. During the rescue, evidence is uncovered suggesting that Cardassian authorities had been secretly providing arms to Cardassian colonists in the DMZ, in direct violation of the Cardassian-Federation treaty. Sisko and Dukat act decisively to prevent a Maquis strike against a Cardassian weapons depot, since such an offensive would result in many civilian Cardassian casualties, almost certainly leading to war.

The Maquis captures a Cardassian weapon of mass destruction which they call "Dreadnought" and reprogram it to destroy the Cardassian fuel depot on Aschelon V.

Chapter 10, Section 9, Chapter 6, Section 12, Chapter 8, Section 18

Cardassian Imps

Commander Data begins work on a holographic setting for a performance of Shakespeare's play, The Tempest. In this production, Data plays Prospero.

Starship Enterprise-D, on assignment to survey sites for new Federation colonies in the Mekorda sector, encounters a magnascopic storm.

Starship Enterprise-D experiences what initially appears to be a malfunction in its comuter control systems. Diagnostic analysis of the malfunction reveals the presence of a number of abnormal circuit nodes imbedded into the ship's systems, apparently caused by the magnascopic storm in the Mekorda sector. These nodes transform the ship's computer systems into an emergent life-form that absorbs the programming of the ship's computers and uses its systems to give birth to a new space borne entity near the MacPherson nebula. While under control of the emergent life-form, the ship's holodeck programs appear to merge, providing a means by which the life-from attempts to communicate with the ship's crew.

Data performs a scene from The Tempest in which Prospero's daughter, Miranda, first encounters other Humans.

Keiko O'Brien departs DS9 to attend a hydroponics conference on Rigel IV.

Dr. Julian Bashir stays up late reading the last few chapters of the epic Cardassian novel, The Never-Ending Sacrifice.

8 years ago

DS9 medical officer Dr. Julian Bashir observes that station resident Elim Garak appears to be in serious pain, although Garak refuses to be examined and declines offers of help. Investigation by Bashir reveals the fact that Garak had been using a neural implant device to subject himself to abnormally high concentrations of certain endorphins, producing a powerful narcotic effect. A malfunction of the neural implant is found to be causing severe withdrawal symptoms in Garak. Bashir is successful in obtaining Cardassian biomedical information from garak's former associate in the Obsidian Order, Enabran Tain, to allow treatment of Garak.


Cardassian colonists living near the DMZ attack and destroy a Juhrya freighter. The Cardassian government deplores the incident, but it is difficult to control because of similar attacks by Federation civilians who call themselves the Maquis. both Cardassian and Federation authorities fear the situation may deteriorate into large-scale armed hostilities.

Keiko O'Brien returns to station DS9 after having attended a hydroponics conference on planet Rigel IV.

Captain Terrence S. Glover takes command of the USS Cuffe.

The 5-man fighter squadron "Banshee Squadron" (VSF-6501) is formed. Initial pilots are Jasmine Phoenix, Lee Carter, Maxine Vasser, Samantha Beckett, and Josephine Schmidt.

Starfleet cadet Harry Kim graduates from Starfleet Academy. He requests assignment abaord the new starship Voyager.

Lieutenant Ro Laren, having completed Starfleet's Advanced Tactical Training program, returns to duty aboard the starship Enterprise-D.

On planet Bajor, the political scene heats up with the upcoming election to replace Kai Opaka. Among the leading candidates to become the next kai are Vedek Tolena, Vedek Wynn, and Vedek Bariel.

Candela Greene is given to Juraan as a gift from the Orion Syndicate for his services.

Strange New Worlds I: The Naked Truth

Admiral Nechayev assigns Lieutenant Ro to a covert mission to infiltrate the Maquis near the DMZ. Ro poses as a fugitive from Starfleet who is wanted for killing a Cardassian soldier and is subsequently invited to join a maquis cell near the DMZ. Ro learns of an impending strike against a rumored shipment of Cardassian biogenic weapons. Ro attempts to demonstrate her trustworthiness to her Maquis comrades by conducting a raid on the starship Enterprise-D to secure badly needed medical supplies. The ploy is successful, and Ro is subsequently assigned to lure a Maquis force into a trap so that they can be captured. At the last moment, Ro feels remorse at betraying her new friends. She aborts the operation, escaping with her Maquis comrades, effectively ending her Starfleet career.

Rogue Saucer

Independent Kressari bioresearch scientist Shing-kur is incarcerated in the Cardassian maximum security facility on Letau.

DS9 officers Kira and Bashir travel to the New Bajor colony in the Gamma Quadrant to assist with opening the colony's hospital.

Returning from the Gamma Quadrant, a runabout piloted by Kira and Bashir suffers a partially collapsed warp field while in the Bajoran wormhole. The malfunction transposes the ship into a mirror universe, the same alternate reality visited by captain James Kirk and members of his crew a little over a century ago.

In the mirror universe, Kira and Bashir are captured by agents of the Cardassians and Klingons that overthrew the Terran Empire many decades ago and enslaved humanity. They are taken to station Terok Nor, still orbiting Bajor in the mirror reality, where they escape with the aid of Terran slaves, the mirror versions of Benjamin Sisko and Miles O'Brien. Kira and Bashir's presence in the mirror universe helps the mirror Sisko and O'Brien realize that they can fight for human freedom.

Mirror Quark is executed. The primary Doctor Bashir kills Odo.
With the death of mirror Quark during the visit of Benjamin Sisko to the mirror universe, Quark's brother, Rom, inherits the bar at Terok Nor.  The Terran Rebellion begins.

The design process for Deep Space 8 begins.

Strange New Worlds 8: Dawn

Lieutenant Worf and Counselor Deanna Troi spend an evening sharing a holodeck simulation of the Black Sea at night. It looks as if a romantic relationship may finally be blooming.

Enterprise-D captain Jean-Luc Picard reports that he has experienced time shifts between the present day, seven years in the past, and twenty-five years in the future. According to Picard, the time shifts were caused by Q, who did so to give Picard the opportunity to stop a temporal anomaly from destroying all life on Earth. Picard further indicates that he had evidently been directly responsible for creating this anomaly, but this was in fact the work of the Q continuum, rendering a verdict in the trial that had begun seven years earlier. nevertheless, Picard credits Q with having lent a helping hand, making it possible to save humanity from total annihilation. Picard believes that the normal prohibitions against altering the timeline do not apply in this case, informs his friends of their possible futures, giving them an opportunity to shape their own destinies.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard joins the ship's weekly poker game for the first time. Dealing to his friends, he observes that "The sky's the limit."

Vedek Bariel, campaigning to become the next kai, takes three days off to visit Kira Nerys at station DS9. Although Bariel is favored to win, Vedek Winn continues to campaign hard.

8 years ago

On the eve of Bajor's election to determine the next kai, Vedek Winn quietly reveals allegations that Vedek Bariel had, years ago, been a Cardassian collaborator. Winn accuses Bariel of having been the informer who caused the infamous Kendra Valley massacre in which 42 Bajorans were killed, including the son of then-Kai Opaka. Preliminary investigation supports these charges. Although Winn has publicized neither the accusations nor the investigation, Bariel withdraws from the election.  Bariel accepts the public disgrace in order to keep the secret that it was in fact Kai Opaka who sacrificed those in the Kendra Valley to save thousands more.

Vedek Winn Adami is elected kai, becoming the new spiritual leader of the Bajoran people.

A Romulan attack on a Klingon cruiser in the Gamma Quadrant fuels tensions between the Klingons and Cardassians, whom the Klingons believe to be the attackers. The Romulan swift warbird Imparatex is lost during routine patrol along the Klingon border. Personnel from Deep Space 9 reveal the Romulan involvement, defusing a potential Klingon-Cardassian war.

Cestus III accepts a quarter-million people displaced by the establishment of the Demilitarized Zone.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard is transported by an alien transporter to Cestus III, less than four days before the Gorn attack.
A summit is arranged between Federation and Gorn representatives to begin a new round of contacts. The summit is placed at risk by a challenge from fringe groups hostile to the idea of renewed contact with the Federation. The Enterprise and Captain Picard are dispatched to assist in the negotiations, due to Picard's earlier contact with the Gorn.

Space Camp

Miles and Keiko O'Brien depart station DS9 for a much-needed vacation. While en route via runabout, Miles O'Brien is abducted by a Cardassian patrol ship and taken to Cardassia to stand public trial for alleged involvement in illegal arms shipments to the Maquis. As is normal in the Cardassian system of justice, O'Brien's being brought to trial means that he has already been found guilty by the government, the trial merely serves as public confirmation of that guilt. Nevertheless, investigation by DS9 security chief Odo reveals that O'Brien had, in fact, been framed by Cardassian operatives seeking to link Starfleet with maquis terrorist acts. Unwilling to permit public disclosure of the evidence, the Cardassian government, n an almost unprecedented move, sets aside the verdict and orders O'Brien released.

Miles and Keiko O'Brien finally get to take their vacation.

IDW Comic: The Space Between: Space Seeds (Epilogue)

IDW Comic: The Space Between: An Inconvenient Truth
The crew of the USS Enterprise-D uncover a Starfleet conspiracy.

IDW Comic: Alien Spotlight Andorians: The Old Ways

Captain Kalin Kale assumes command of the USS Sarek (NCC-72075) and assigned a mission of exploration in the Gamma Quadrant.

The Brave and the Bold: The Second Artifact
The second Malkus Artifact is discovered by a Bajoran terrorist, who attempts to use it to disrupt a project to convert a section of a Bajoran moon to arable land and establish a farming colony. The artifact is recovered by Kira Nerys of Deep Space 9 and Declan Keogh of the starship Odyssey.

Jake Sisko begins work on a science project to determine root growth of different Bajoran katterpod hybrids.

Commander Ben Sisko, Jake Sisko, Quark, and Quark's nephew, Nog, on a camping expedition to a planet in the Gamma Quadrant, are captured by Jem'Hadar soldiers, the first known direct Federation contact with members of the Dominion.

Shortly thereafter, a Jem'Hadar vessel arrives at station DS9, demanding an end to all traffic through the wormhole, threatening to destroy any Federation ship in the Gamma Quadrant. The threat is emphasized by the destruction of several Alpha Quadrant ships and the massacre of the colonists at the New Bajor colony.

The starship Odyssey, commanded by Captain Keogh, docks at station DS9 to confer with station personnel regarding the Jem'Hadar threat. Accompanied by the runabouts Mekong and Orinoco, the USS Odyssey travels through the wormhole into the Gamma Quadrant to investigate the situation. Although the runabout crews are successful in rescuing Sisko and company, the Odyssey is destroyed in a Jem’Hadar attack, resulting in a loss of all hands. It is subsequently learned that the entire Jem'Hadar offensive had been an attempt to plant a spy in Federation territory, although the spy escapes upon being discovered.

Captain Benjamin Sisko files a request with Starfleet Command for additional equipment to protect Deep Space 9 and the Bajor Sector in the event of a Dominion incursion through the wormhole.

The USS Yorktown arrives at Deep Space 9 to pick up the survivors of the Odyssey.

Kai Winn invites Vedek Bariel to become one of her principal advisors. bariel accepts, believing that Winn's new responsibilities have changed her. bariel works behind the scenes with Legate Turrel to pave the way for talks with the cardassian Central Command that could lead to a peace settlement between Bajor and Cardassia.

Lorit Akrem dies in a mine collapse on Dozaria.

Renowned archaeologist Saeo Uristilaen is killed by raiders on 1616 Ophiuchi VI.

The USS Equinox, commanded by Captain Rudolph Ransom, is commissioned.

The USS Equinox disappears without a trace. It will eventually be discovered that the Equinox was transported to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker.

Devys Argent applies for and has his commission reactivated and is posted to the USS Eclipse NCC-70081 under Captain Xie Chin Zhong, Bajoran sector, as a full Ensign and Science Officer.  It is his hope that he will be presented with an

8 years ago

opportunity to travel to the Gamma Quadrant and perhaps study the Dominion.


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