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Debunking the Debunkers January 25, 2005 4:42 AM

Here is a place to record the anticonpiracy theorist comments and take issue with them.  [ send green star]
November call to radio station January 25, 2005 5:50 AM

Back in the first week of November 04, we had very heavy Chem Trails here in Chicago. Rather than take up space here with my obserevations from that time, I reposted them to my blog "BearScat" along with the pictures taken by the airline pilot. On Thursday of that week, some one called the local "dittohead radio station" [ WLS Radio in Chicago} to ask about all of the activity that his young daughter was pointing out. There were a few more calls concerning out area southwest of the city. It was at this time a "pilot" {at least he said he was a pilot} called in to explain the there was a beacon out by us, that the holding patterns ran right over our area, and that due to the weather conditions the vapor trails were last longer than usual. That ended all the convesrsation and satisfied the folks that I work with that I am just a leftwing conspiracy nut. I haven't given that much thought until last night, 01-24-05, when three heavy trails formed a big A around a nice bright moon. That's when I noticed the planes int heir holding patterns and had a flashback to my time driving limo. For two and a half years{90, 91 and 92}, I was in and out of the airport from early morning {around 4:00 am} until late at night{10:00 pm or later}. We would sit in the staging area and marvel at the amount of planes in the holding patterns {at night their lights made them very obvious}. Two thoughts occur to me fromf that experience. First, no matter the weather, non of those planes left more than the occasional vapor trail. Secondly, non of those planes, landing or taking off followed the pattern of the present Chem Trails. I am not sure what good it does to post this, but it makes me feel a little better and stronger. It gives whomever reads it a little more information on which to base their opinions.  [ send green star]
Conspiracies May 05, 2005 2:34 PM

Last weekend, the Idaho Press Women had Scott Stevens as a guest speaker. He spoke about scalar warfare and chemtrails and took us outside to look at the sky. Many were skeptical. I think that people are afraid and also overwhelmed by the magnitude of the information. Scott was AWESOME. I am still working on an article. I see the colors in the chem trails all day long here in Idaho. And yesterday, I saw chemtrails break up into patterns that were shaped like chains.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 October 22, 2010 12:30 AM

Chem trails are thick in our area,Im in Oregon close to Idaho,they spray almost every day. I have recently developed asthma and my mom has problems breathing as well.There is alot more problems with this then there use to be along with skin rashes. It messes up the weather too,I watch three planes at a time just going back and forth and back and forth. They are flying lower then they use to. Most people dont want to be bothered by it though.

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