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Things with politics In the World and Corrections
8 years ago

Only the president and vice president could be impeached. I don't agree on the Obama/Biden administration impeached. I did agree on the Bush/Cheney administration impeached. There are governors of states who should be impeached but can't be. The same with members of congress and the United States senate. Maybe we could here take action for politicians to be impeached who should be. I am not sure on who to target for all politicians to be impeachable. I agreed on Jim McGreevey as governor of New Jersey to be impeached. He was the worst. I am not sure who to target to make any politician impeachable. There are crooks and dopes in the US senate and congress. There are politicians corrupt in the United States and even politicians screwing up. This is a thread to take action.

It's About Jobs, Not Deficits---TAKE ACTION - SIGN PETITION!!!

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- 2 days ago -

What is the matter with people in Washington and New York? There is obviously a jobs emergency and they're talking about deficits -- and in the middle of a frenzy of worrying about deficits they are talking about cutting taxes for the rich!

Sarah Palin or other politicians to Join Here
8 years ago

Sarah Palin could as president or vice president be worse than George W. Bush or Dick Cheney. How many people joined here because of Sarah Palin? How many joined here because of George W. Bush or Dick Cheney? After so much damage that the Bush/Cheney administration had done us we could all join this site and I invited friends and family to join on here. Sarah Palin is talking about running for president of the United States in 2012. Sarah Palin is how John McCain lost the 2008 election for president.

There might have been many of you that were going to vote for John McCain but changed your minds because of Sarah Palin as his running mate. He would've had a better chance of winning if he had a more intelligent running mate. There are anti Sarah Palin petitions. Please reply here if you came onto this site because of Sarah Palin or even the Bush/Cheney administration.

So Much Damage The Bush/Cheney Administration had done us
8 years ago

We want to take action to undo all the damage that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney as president and vice president of the United States had done us. What damage that they had done to us is that gas prices are ridiculous but gas prices are going low. It's President Barrack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden we write letters to in trying to undo the damage that the Bush/Cheney administration had done us. Any other damage they had done us not undone? If so please reply here. There are many petitions for them to be impeached but they have been out of the white house for almost 2 years now. There are even many petitions against high gas prices and $2.00 a gallon to $2.25 is the lowest to be realistic that gas could go down to. There's also the economy.


George W. Bush blamed the democrats on high gas prices and people who want Bush as president and even people who like Bush should be considered dopes. Back in 2004 the nation should've been renamed United States of Dummies as George W. Bush is the worst president of the nation and Dick Cheney is the worst vice president of the United States. George W. Bush looks after friends and not us. So much damage that the Bush/Cheney administration had done us affects many businesses. There are now cars for driving schools rare on most roads and also waiting lists on about every driving school in the world. Not just from high gas prices but the tough economic times we are in.


You others could reply with what other damage that the Bush/Cheney administration had done us here other than high gas prices and the economy. Sarah Palin could make a president or vice president worse than George W. Bush or Dick Cheney. So many things said about the president are un true. It’s really just the economy in bad shape causing a waiting list on driving schools. For a while I blamed it on high gas prices. We never should trust another oil person in politics as oil companies are so greedy and don’t care about anyone else’s money but their own.

This is to talk about undoing the damage of the Bush/Cheney administration. This could help us take action. There are other posts explaining things.

8 years ago

I have links for other petitions below.

There is my petition where we could take action to undo the damage of the Bush/Cheney administration. That petition is mainly on the economy as things have been affected by the economy out of shape.

I haven't signed them all.

My Update
8 years ago

Barrack Obama needs to show leadership. We are betting he's going to lose running for second term. People are blaming things on him and even blaming gas prices on Barrack Obama. He's not a tyrant. Many of us believed the lies about him.

8 years ago

I am also on Any of you go onto that site. I have a petition on the link below...'


That petition is a little bit about undoing the damage of the Bush/Cheney administration. We can't blame it all on them for the economy out of shape.

8 years ago

I don't see enough proof Barrack Obama should be impeached. Somewhere something said to fire Nancy Pelosi. Never trust an oil person again in politics are oil companies are greedy and selfish.

8 years ago

Also if there were stupid laws to repeal for New Jersey never rely on Chris Christie. He's the most selfish person to have for governor. For a permit for driving we should only have to pass the written test once. This Chris Christie is not special needs friendly and has no respect for us. If he gets elected again then New Jersey should be called the unintelligent state. Geroge W. Bush might've cheated both the 2000 and 2004 elections.

6 years ago

There should be other reasons to impeach politicians than illegal activities and convict them of it. People are so dumb and stupid enough to vote them back in like New Jersey could get another 4 years with Chris Christie who's being selfish. That should be another reason to remove politicians. The country was dumb and stupid 8 years ago as George W. Bush should've lost re election but people were stupid enough to vote for him again all because of the war and don't look at the issues or really don't care. There was a post on this site and I forget which group that says dumb Americans deserve unemployment.

6 years ago

The freeholders of my county don't care about us and the power companies have yet to remove a tree on the power lines on a neighboring street of mine. I don't rely on complaints to my current governor. I have no electricity since Monday. Chris Christie should be in my area now. We need power companies straightened up. There is massive critism on power companies. Even I have cristism.

6 years ago

Also before George W. Bush was president more politicians with balanced budgets. More balanced budgets 30 years ago and better politicians back then. That's part of the problem with the economy in the worst shape since the great depression. There are also voters to dumb and stupid to look at issues with politicians.

6 years ago

Maybe Michael Bloomberg or Jesse Ventura should've ran for president. The worst politician in the United States is Dick Cheney and he should've been impeached.

5 years ago

We'll also be fighting for freedom on here. Maybe Obama should be impeached for Obamacare. I have petitions to this reply. Also every country in the world should be free. Maybe one day a communist free world. Even socialist free. (that petition closed before signing it) (also closed before me signing it) (also closed before I could sign it) (closed before I could sign it) (closed before I could sign it) (closed before I could sign it)

3 years ago

We could use Jim Webb for president as he was a Marine. Mike Bloomberg is believed to be Un American like fascist. Then there would be no point of the Star Spangled Banner of The Post Washington March or Stars and Stripes Forever. They are songs that stand for freedom not oppression. 

Many of us today are against cigarettes. 

3 years ago

2 years ago

This is being updated. There are also petitions being created for the electoral college to change to direct electoral and then we could all vote independent if we chose to making independent votes count. 

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