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Repower America and then The Whole World
8 years ago

I have some posts on here. One is about politics and the other is about the economy. We could blame the economy out of shape on allot of things like the unemployment rate high and driving schools on waiting lists. There are waiting lists for things. We can't blame it all on the Bush/Cheney administration or other politicians who screw up or are crooks. We also have to take responsibilty for our own actions. I even have a petition to power us to improve our lives.

Here are the other threads here to combine with this one.

This stuff might not all have to do with politics or even be upsetting the economy but is affecting many things in our lives.

Taking a Stand Against Greed in Businesses and Afffected Things
8 years ago

We had to raise prices of things because of ridiculous gas prices. Those high gas prices can affect things. There are many petitions about high gas prices.


We could blame high gas prices for the economy out of shape. Never trust another oil person in politics.


Also colleges are greedy. A pizza resturant lost business for being greedy. Prices of college or milk are ridiculous. Maybe airline prices went up because of having to pay for this much on gas.


Most driving schools in the world are on waiting lists. Many things have cut back including driver's ed. There are people having issues with finding or getting jobs. Also there are people getting laid off from jobs. So many businesses had to cut short on employees.


Also in my area all the driving schools have too many other people on thier waiting lists to get everyone on the waiting list and can't even get me on the waiting list since later 2007. This is making me mad. Also there are waiting lists to get jobs in emergency services. Even waiting lists for CDL applicants to get trained to drive trucks or buses.


It's not only oil companies greedy. Taking a stand against greed in businesses could help fix the economy. That affects businesses not greedy.

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Other Things
8 years ago

In New Jersey it's the 6 hours of behind the wheel. It was supposed to be tripled for me but the driving instructor after my first lesson was out sick and left after being out sick. It's worse for me stuck on behind the wheel than the written test. There are also issues with joining emergency services. That's more important than driving schools on waiting lists.


George W. Bush blamed the democrats for high gas prices and could blame democrats for driving schools on waiting lists.


I know of a site called I am on I have a petition for the economy on this link below...

8 years ago

This isn't all on the economy or politics. There are issues with joining emergency services and that's more important than driving schools on waiting lists. You others could feel free to reply with comments on this thread. This is my most important thread on this group. Things like that could happen to any one any of you people know.

What Else
8 years ago

There are groups on this site called "American Politics", "Tea Party", "Get a Grip", "Former Silent Majority" and "We The Sheeple". I use my care2 e-mail when I am signing the petitions so I am not flooded with junk mail or a risk of a virus. This could help us all find girlfriends or boyfriends. I do want to drive. I got into taking action because of not getting driving lessons.

The Thing on Gas Prices
8 years ago

There have been many petitions on this site and other sites for ridiculous gas prices. The lowest estimated that gas can go down to as long as cars are still running on gas is $2.25 a gallon. This could happen anywhere that all driving schools have too many other people on the waiting lists to take everyone.

This is possible that oil companies don't care about anyone's money but thier own. There are other businesses greedy as well and we don't even invite to this petition people who work in them. Many things have been affected by both the economy and gas prices. The gas prices could even be upsetting the economy.


Maybe on day all cars will run on better alternatives than cars and the drivers won't have to pay for so much to fill them and up and could help on the economy.

This isn't to all blame on the Bush/Cheney aministration.

8 years ago

I am also on Any of you go onto that site. I have a petition on the link below...

8 years ago

There's a petition on this link. 


There was one on here about car insurance but it's closed. 

8 years ago

signed the first petition. i feel badly for that lady.

The Car Insurance Post
8 years ago

Which woman? This no car no date thing is riduclous. People who get turned off to those not driving are losers. Not everyone is wanting to drive these days.


We should also take action for car insurance. My petition is a bit about that. There are various links below. I am even taking action on I knew that there are driving schools going out of business as well. Let's take action on here. We don't want me to be forever stuck on behind the wheel and I need it to reduce car insurance. I didn't have driver's ed until 12th grade.




(that one is closed)


Causes and News


What Else to search for on this site.


You others could look for links not posted above. This no car no date thing is ridiculous but I could take action to impress a girl. It's a turn off to singles to not drive. They are really losers. There are people out there wanting to drive. I have a bit on car insurance on my petition.

8 years ago

the first petition is by a woman whose car got hit while parked and she has to pay for it. and, i wouldn't date anyone who thought a car was important. it takes a long time to find the right person. look at how many people get divorced.

8 years ago

There are so many losers in New York, New Jersey and Flemington. More of those kinds of losers than in Texas. There's a thing on Plenty of Fish asking whether or not having a car. I should still get responses but I like OK Cupid better. This is from my job that my boss there got lied to by her son of doing his homework and his teacher was sending e-mails that he didn't. So maybe he won't get to take action on here. My boss's son turns 16 next month.

8 years ago

you should try this site, if it doesn't cost money.

i found it through

8 years ago

I have seen those sites. That dating services does cost money. I am using It's free to meet people on there but those sites for special needs have so limited the search results. I just had my support group meeting today. I am using OK Cupid, eharmony and

8 years ago

There is a thread on this board for the economy. It’s not just the greed in businesses upsetting the economy. There are businesses that are greedy that rip us off possibly and there is even selfishness. Oil companies are selfish as we need energy from them. This thread is on other things going on that affect us. The petition to this thread has 295 signatures and needs at least 1,000.

8 years ago

Those oil companies have been profiteering but not illegally. This is kind of like the time of Jesse James with the rail roads. There had to be raises of prices on things due to the greed of oil companies. They don't need that much money. They make up excuses for profiteering.


There have been politicians profiteering. This post is mainly to help the economy. The oil companies are selfish. They care only about thier money when we need money for other things.

8 years ago

I signed it. It's really the economy in bad shape causing the waiting lists on driving schools as there had to be cuts on various things. Things can go rare from the economy in the worst shape of our lives.

Update on this thread
7 years ago

This is the most important on my activist network. There are high gas prices that affect things but also the economy in the worst shape it’s ever been in. There are also driving schools on waiting lists as of the economy in bad shape as there had to be cuts on things. This isn’t all political or undoing the damage of the Bush/Cheney administration. Let’s take action on this one. We are in the worst times of the unemployment rate being high. We kind of saw coming in 2007 the economy going in the worst shape as cuts on things have started along with businesses having to cut short on employees or work hour cuts. We kind of saw it coming soon that the economy is in the worst shape and we also need to take responsibility for our own actions. I got into reshaping the world as of not getting driving lessons with having a learner’s permit as driving schools have too many people on waiting lists and most driving schools in the world are on long waiting lists. There are more important reasons to take action for reshaping the world than waiting lists on driving schools like joining emergency services and power companies so people aren’t without electricity for too long. There is allot of greed for money as not just oil companies are greedy and stock market crashes with the economy out of shape. This petition started off on high gas prices. Let’s all take action on reshaping the world as it’s mainly on the economy.

Causes Links to This
6 years ago


Those links are for pledge and petition. Let's join that cause. The reshaping the world is the most important.

6 years ago

I have a petition on this link below. You could all sign in with comments and could say signing for others who would sign it if they had a chance. This is the reshaping the world one.

6 years ago

Everything really needed should be affordable and we’re taking action on fair shares.

There are petitions to search for on sites like and Along with reshaping the world to improve our lives other petitions to link with it to search are “greed”, “fiscal cliff”, “gas prices”, “high gas prices”, “greedy”, “corporate greed”, “American Greed”, “car insurance”, “ridiculous gas prices”, “recession” and “economy”. There could be petitions to search for on prices of generators and putting power lines in the ground as of power outages getting common. There are many links to what the reshaping the world petitions is about. We could also search "sequester/sequestion", “fair shares”, “affordable”, &ldquoet insurance”, “animal rescue costs”, “budget cuts/balanced budgets”, “car insurance” or “car insurance prices”. Let’s be realistic as people can tend to be like on how much the price of gas should be. So much greed or prices just too high that could cost people business. This is economic. Those other petitions or those things mentioned above could be searched or be on any sites for petitions. Those are to all go around the world. A million signatures in total are least needed on the petition of mine.

5 years ago

We'll also be fighting for freedom on here. Maybe Obama should be impeached for Obamacare. I have petitions to this reply. Also every country in the world should be free. Maybe one day a communist free world. Even socialist free. (that petition closed before signing it) (also closed before me signing it) (also closed before I could sign it) (closed before I could sign it) (closed before I could sign it) (closed before I could sign it)

4 years ago

Years of war in the middle east is the real part of the problem the economy is out shape. We should be against war for that. Many combat veterans are against war. There's a facebook group below on this link...

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