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To Save America: Yes, We WLL!
8 years ago

Hey, gang!  A bunch of us in another group decided to build a weapon of mass construction:


These are both the same petition, just on two different sites, because the Care2 one had text issues.  Please read it all the way through, I think you guys will find it makes a huge amount of sense.  Despite the posted goal, the actualy goal is about 232 Million sigs.  75% of the Population.  THe idea is to override the gov't, despite the legislation that cancels our right to do so.  I have forwarded this to ALex Jones, as well, and I hope he reads it.  SO, please, read, sign, note, and spread the word every which way you can.

6 years ago

Here’s the links to the petition for this and a link for taking pledge.


1,000 signatures is the goal.






Let’s get this petition signed. Did any more of you trying sharing them with people you know?

6 years ago

I have a petition on this link below. You could all sign in with comments and could say signing for others who would sign it if they had a chance. This is the reshaping the world one.

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