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Pay attention to the website Animalwebaction: it takes up to 62% commission on our donations!
1 month ago

Hello everyone,

I was a donor of the website. By going to their Terms of Use, I knew that the management of the site took up to 62% commission on all our donations.

I am shocked because I gave several thousand euros and I feel deceived by Animalwebaction which did not explain clearly that a commission was taken on our donations. I thought that only advertising allowed the site to live.

I just started a petition to ask the website :

- drastically reduce your commission on donations or give users the option to leave the commission they want (as Hello Asso does)
- to clearly indicate on each fundraising the commission taken by the site, the price of the products and the price of resale.
- deliver to the associations the products already financed even if the collection did not arrive at 100%. It is unacceptable to put so much pressure on Internet users with the fear of seeing animals die! For kibble for dogs, it is quite possible to send a party to the animals without additional cost and without this posing a logistical problem!
- publish the invoices of the different products that the site buys for the animals (with the suppliers' contact details).

A class action is pending against the site to give animals this huge commission on our donations. I invite you to sign my petition, share it and send e-mails to help us win. Everything is explained in the petition.

I'm shocked. The site has abused my love of animals to take a lot of commissions on my donations.

If you had known that the website took 62% of our donations, would you have done it?

Thank you for helping me, I do not know what else to do.

To sign my petition:


1 month ago



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