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1 day ago

I signed for the sharks and read about Mariam. What a lucky dugong to have such good care. 

5 days ago

Drones over Dolphin Stampede - video really worth watching!

6 days ago

Caught up!

6 days ago

Thank goodness Mariam the baby Dugong was rescued!

Petition signed and also posted in the Caribbean topic


Sign the Petition

1 week ago

Beautiful photo series


Stunning Images From the Deep

Underwater photographer and ocean conservationist Philip Hamilton laments that we know more about the moon than we do about the Earth’s oceans. With his stunning new book of photography, Call of the Blue, he's out to change that.

We picked 16 of his most breathtaking shots.

1 week ago

Catching up news and petitions Ladies!


The most endangered sea lion in the world needs your help
Demand that Florida Ban Reef-Killing Sunscreen Now!

1 week ago News See Video

A 15-year study of traditional fishing techniques has revealed a surprising threat to coastal ecosystems in the tropics: fish fences.

What’s a fish fence, you ask? They’re massive structures of mangrove wood and nets used to funnel and trap hundreds of species. The technique has been used for centuries, but the new research reveals that they’re actually quite damaging.

“These fences — which are common across the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans — are so large they can be seen from space using Google Earth,” said Richard Unsworth from Swansea University, co-author of the study. “Because they are unselective, they catch more than 500 species, many as babies or which are of conservation concern. It’s not surprising that these fisheries are having a disastrous impact on tropical marine ecosystems such as seagrass meadows, mangroves and coral reefs.”

In the process they’re also harming human livelihoods and food supplies in areas dependent upon coastal fisheries.

The authors of the study recommend that local governments now restrict the use of fish fences as part of the goal toward ensuring sustainable fisheries. “But we have to move quickly,” the authors warn in an essay in The Conversation. “Every year that fish fences continue to be used so intensively brings us one step closer to the point of no return.”

To find out more about fish fences and the threats they pose, check out our video below.

1 week ago


We want to raise awareness about unsustainable fishing because it is a worldwide problem.

Unsustainable fishing, or overfishing, is a problem because many people rely on fish as a source of protein and food, but people and companies are fishing too fast. The fish can't reproduce in time, and the fish population is drastically declining. However, there is hope. If we can raise awareness about unsustainable fishing (like make newspaper article), maybe we can change our ways.


1 week ago

Overfishing is a problem not just facing America, but the world. If we want to continue fishing in the future (50 years from now) then we need to put a stop to overfishing. According to, all salt-water fish are going to extincted by 2048. That is around the corner and without policies in place to prevent overfishing we won't have a food supply that supplies 2 and 1/2 billion people with 20% of their protein intake. This impacts coastal cities especially a lot. For example Japanese people eat on average 150 lbs of fish a year.  This would severely impact their diet and food supply.

2 weeks ago Take Action 

Support the Scientific Integrity Act

At Ocean Conservancy, we know that independent science must be at the core of ocean solutions. A clear-eyed assessment of facts and data is key to identifying the most effective ways to improve the health of our ocean and the communities that depend on it.

But there is troubling news that documents how the White House and its political appointees are censoring federal scientists and misrepresenting their science. As a result, our health, safety and environment are increasingly put at risk.


Signed Kate thanks

2 weeks ago

Signed! I have no use in every day life for steel toed boots but would buy some to use on the guy who stomped on that turtle.

2 weeks ago

Faces are known so they need to get on with it and prosecute the evil SOBs

2 weeks ago

Protect Our Oceans


2 weeks ago

I think I would like to practice my harpoon skills on these two. Someone should hold them still though as I have never used one. Hmm, First I'd like to smack the smiles off their faces with a heavy piece of metall Watch These Disgusting Fishermen Torture a Shark Before Laughing as It Sinks to the Sea Floor

2 weeks ago

I came on last night to post that horrid petition and kept the page up so I could watch this beautiful music. It is truly amazing. To think they made all the instruments of ice...Of course where they were is so serene and magnifient as well. Thank you for posting this, Marilyn. I most enjoyed it.

2 weeks ago

This is something special!!



If there’s one place in the world where you think you would be able to do an ice concert, it’s in the Arctic. But due to the increasing temperatures here, these Arctic ice instruments almost melted away.

This deserves to be heard all over the world, so turn up the volume and help us spread the message. Tell world leaders that they need to create a strong treaty for ocean protection. Sign the petition

2 weeks ago


Two Icelandic fishermen filmed themselves Greenland Shark is working on an Icelandic fishing vessel. The two men grabbed the shark and mutilated their tail while laughing, saying "Good luck trying to swim, you punk," as the shark struggled to swim away in agony.

After posting the video on social media, news caught wind and the owners of their fishing vessels, Bíldsey SH 65, terminated their employment. But termination from their employment is not enough. These two horrific abusers need to face charges for their unforgivable behavior.

Help me this story to bring awareness and to create stricter laws for animal (and marine life) abusers.


Up to date signed those not done previously

Thank you dear Monika, Kate,Jan and Christeen

3 weeks ago

Signed.  At Least 100,000 Marine Mammals Die Each Year Because of This

3 weeks ago

Signed where able to.

3 weeks ago

To date, we've lost more than 50 percent of the world's coral reefs. The main threats to corals are bleaching (caused by ocean warming) and ocean acidification. Most of the carbon dioxide we release into the atmosphere doesn't stay in the atmosphere, it gets absorbed by the oceans, making the oceans more acidic. And in a more acidic environment any animal that builds a shell or a skeleton can't form. This means by 2070 coral reefs will literally start dissolving. But they will likely die out much earlier than that, due to ocean warming. Scientists are now predicting that less than 10 percent of the world's coral reefs will survive past 2050, as bleaching events become more frequent. Mass bleaching has already claimed large chunks of the Great Barrier Reef.

3 weeks ago

Beloved Manatees!


Manatee photo by David SchrichteIt's A Fact 
Only West African and West Indian manatees have fingernails on each flipper. Amazonian manatees and dugongs do not have fingernails.

Get more facts.

Good news
3 weeks ago

Animal Justice Canada


Changes to Fisheries Act aim to ban shark fin trade

A government bill has been amended to include a ban on shark fin imports—hopefully ensuring this important legislation passes before Parliament wraps up at the end of June. We approve!
Learn what this means for our finned friends >>

3 weeks ago



Wild & Weird: Cruising With Cownose Rays

Cownose rays get their name from the fact that their lobed foreheads look like a cow's nose when seen from above. Did you know that a group of rays is called a "fever"?
Check out this amazing footage of a fever of cownose rays cruising the coast of Australia's Bondi Beach

3 weeks ago


Protect Alaska's salmon from a giant pit mine!




Santa Barbara Oil Spill: A Disaster We Can't Risk Again

Dogan - 22 hours ago -

Tell the Bureau of Land Management to reject Plains' application to rebuild its dirty pipeline.

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Save Nile Perch From Overfishing

Nile perch may soon become endangered due to overfishing, as their swim bladders become hot commodities on the market. The loss of this species could damage the delicate ecosystem and lead to conflicts among countries for rights to fish in Lake Victoria. Support the government’s efforts to regulate the perch trade and prevent overfishing.

1 month ago

We are heading the same way Kate.

1 month ago

Up to date! Yes it is evil Marilyn!

Agree Kate! Totally stupid species!


VIDEO: My interview with a seagull
Seagull asks some hard-hitting questions like, “Isn’t it true that
gill nits are making the oceans smarter by removing all the animals
dumb enough to git caught?”
But after explaining why we need to protect our precious marine
wildlife, I was able to bring him on board to help us create a
Net-Free North.

1 month ago

It is Memorial Day here- a day when those who fought are rememberd. War sucks and we may hae another with Iran thanks to that orange haired piece of dreck but it does not mean they should ever have the right to cause such violence against animals. What a cruel, entitled, and stupid species we are.

1 month ago Evil psychos!!

The Navy’s latest testing and training proposal in the Northwest reveals the secretive military branch’s futuristic technology and planned war-game maneuvers. It also outlines how Navy sonar and explosives could harm marine animals.

The nearly 1,800-page document, two volumes of Navy bureaucratese, details proposals to test the Navy’s rail-gun system (it can fire projectiles at up to seven times the speed of sound), pilot mine-detecting underwater drones and fly its airborne surveillance drone at 50,000 feet. read more.

The USS Shoup used sonar in 2003 near San Juan Island, appearing to send southern resident orcas fleeing toward the beach. (Ken Balcomb / Center for Whale Research)

1 month ago

WE read with concern the article about the declining health of Malaysia’s marine resources, particularly the impact of poaching by illegal trawlers on fish stocks.

This practice is a problem for other countries too.

This is why June 5 has been declared by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) as the International Day for the Fight Against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing.

The comments by Fisheries Department director-general Datuk Munir Mohd Nawi should be supported by all.

Additional enforcement and control of trawling will protect these valuable resources, which are a source of food and jobs for many Malaysians.

We propose the director-general look into the health of marine ecosystems, such as coral reefs, seagrass meadows, mudflats and mangroves, that are critical habitats in the breeding cycle of many marine species.

United States’ data suggests that about half of all federally managed fisheries depend on coral reefs and related habitats for a portion of their life cycles.

Mangroves, mudflats and seagrass meadows play a critical role. They are interdependent; the loss of one will compromise the habitat value of the others.

However, while some coral reefs have been protected as marine parks, it is pertinent that there have been no mudflats, seagrass areas or smaller coral reefs that enjoy similar protection, particularly in the peninsula.

This has led to their being targeted for reclamation and coastal development on the premise that they are mere “wastelands” to be turned into &ldquorofitable” ventures.

The loss of mudflats in Johor, Perak, Melaka and Penang, as well as seagrass meadows in Johor (Pulai) and Terengganu (Kuala Kemaman), attests to the fact that their habitat values have never been properly recognised and afforded the kind of protection that they demand.

For instance, there is no protection for mudflats that support cockle farming, notwithstanding the fact that production has been declining.

1 month ago

Up to date

1 month ago

Maybe I am just not a nice enough person but people dying usually has little effect. I know they are hungry and I do feel bad for them in that respect but really, if they were the non human kind of animals I would feel a lot worse.


There is a large whale population off Cape Cod and in the past few years a lot of great whites who are appearing because there have been more seals there.

1 month ago

More people are eating marine animals—with deadly results
The eating of sea creatures washed up on beaches is becoming a public health hazard and a tough balancing act for governments.

Swelling human populations and seafood declines in places like West Africa have led to an increased demand for sea animals like whales, dolphins, seals, and sea turtles: something scientists call aquatic bushmeat. Sometimes that meat gets eaten after the animals wash up dead on beaches and sometimes, the meat can sicken or even kill people.

Sea Shepherd Australia
1 month ago

Thank you Kate, Marilyn, Christeen and Jan!

Last week we released devastating findings of plastic pollution on Australia's Cocos Keeling Islands (CKI).

These findings came from a collaboration between our Sea Shepherd Australia Marine Debris Campaign team and a leading research scientist in the field of marine plastic pollution, Dr Jennifer Lavers, from the University of Tasmania. 

The aim of the collaboration was to carry out the first comprehensive field survey on the CKI to establish the density and types of marine debris found on these unique islands.


...And what we found was staggering.

Dr Lavers estimated that a total of 414 million pieces of debris may be present on the islands’ beaches, which is far more severe than previously thought.

The full results from the survey have been published in Scientific Reports.

You can read the full paper below. 


1 month ago

All are signed. It seems I did the EJF one before. I saw that news about the deathe of the sharks and just could not post it. So depressing and most likely they just think of it as what a waste of time and money. They ought to be thrown to the great whites who would prove their greatness enve more by causing terror, pain, and eventual death to them. There can never be enough flamers.


Eight million metric tons of plastic are leaking into our oceans every year. This cannot continue.;jsessionid=00000000.app245a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=1002&autologin=true&link=btn&utm_medium=email&utm_source=advocacy-alert&utm_content=190523-aecd&NONCE_TOKEN=0B58A4646F9F7E4EA92B64E8206CAE57

1 month ago

Up to date here. There are quite a few candidates for the 'choking to death' event Monika!

1 month ago

Supermarkets must push for slavery free seafood
Seafood shouldn’t come at the expense of the oceans or human rights.
Will you add your name?


Dead and Dying Betta Fish Found Floating in Cups of Contaminated Water
PETA eyewitnesses recently visited more than 100 Petco stores across
the country and saw countless dead or dying betta fish on store
shelves. Many of the animals were kept in small cups of water
contaminated with old food, feces, and even algae. Eyewitnesses found
multiple bettas struggling to swim and others who were obviously sick,
dying, or neglected. Petco workers admitted that transporting betta
fish to the stores is so stressful that they often die shortly after
their arrival.
Take Action

The True Cost of Selling Betta Fish: Filth, Sickness, and Death at Petco


US only:

Tell Congress to protect our oceans from floating factory farms!
Industrial ocean fish farms contain hundreds of thousands of farmed
fish that can spill into the surrounding ocean. Together we can fight
this corporate control over our oceans -- but we need you to speak up
Take Action: Ask Your Member of Congress to Protect Forage Fish
Urge your representative to protect ocean ecosystems!

1 month ago

Great slideshow of the big White!

Read more! The Great White Sharks of Isla Guadalupe

Ben Lowy had been traveling the world as a war photographer for a decade when his first son was born. He decided he needed a career change. Now he spends his time underwater photographing great white sharks.

Find out more about Ben Lowy and see a slideshow of some epic great whites.

1 month ago

Petitions signed Kate, thank you!

It's a shame Marilyn! They died totally in vain, only for the entertainment of people!  I wish the shark fin eaters would choke to death Jan!


nature, photography, beautiful

1 month ago


1 month ago

  • A new report shows that many of the fishing vessels that operate at night in Indonesian waters don’t broadcast their location, masking a potentially massive problem of illegal and undocumented fishing.
  • Though many of these boats fall below the 30 gross tonnage threshold for which the use of the vessel monitoring system (VM is required, the study’s highlight the indication of “dark vessels” where larger boats have switched off the tracking device, likely to avoid detection.
  • The researchers suggest that if the matching of two data sets in near real time becomes available, it would greatly help authorities identify these dark vessels and crack down on illegal fishing.

JAKARTA — Many of the fishing vessels operating in Indonesia’s waters at night do so undetected, masking what could be illegal fishing on a massive scale, according to a new study.

Nearly 94 percent of nocturnal lit marine activities in Indonesia don’t use the vessel monitoring system (VM, which tracks the location and activities of commercial fishing boats, said the researchers behind the study published April 26 in the journal Remote Sensing.

Some of this can be attributed to vessels smaller than 30 gross tonnage (GT), which aren’t required under the Indonesian law to use VMS. But the authors highlighted what they called “dark vessels,” where boats larger than 30 GT, both Indonesian-flagged and foreign, switched off their tracking devices, likely to avoid detection. In Indonesia, VMS is required on boats over 30 GT, which account for 10 percent of the domestic fishing fleet.

1 month ago


Even all the above cannot explain how I feel THIRTY Sharks Captured and ALL DIED!!! RIP You deserved a better life!!

Scalloped hammerhead shark


1 month ago

Bloody shark fin soup eaters - I would like to throw them all to the sharks.

1 month ago

It doesn't look like Paradise to me. It certainly is not for the fish who are dying


. Protect Endangered Species: Speak Up for the ESA!

1 month ago

Already signed. I should have known that if you posted the seal one that you would have posted this one as well.

1 month ago

Thank you Monika

1 month ago
Don’t Farm Octopuses to be Slaughtered for Seafood

Seafood companies have announced their plans to sell farmed octopuses. Not only are octopuses some of the smartest creatures in the sea, but a staggering amount of animal byproducts would be required to raise and breed that many octopuses, posing a threat to already struggling populations of sea life. Sign this petition to stop octopus farming.

1 month ago

Moved from old topic


Such peaceful and gentle souls they are. Thank you Monika.


Is there a species who is not endagered by humans in some manner or other?You are right,Marilyn, they are stupid humans who will wonder one day what happened. Why do they have none and why are all the orcas and others dying? Duh, I dont know.(that is said in a certain voice in my head).


US only obviously.

Urge Congress to Federally Ban Driftnets in Commercial Fishing - Let's Ban "Death Nets" Once and For All!

1 month ago

Moved from old topic



......And when there are no more left people will be horrified!!The stupidity of many humans leaves me standing!!


1 month ago

Moved from old topic


A video to relax...

Oceans / Fishing and Sharks
1 month ago
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