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4 years ago


4 years ago

I clicked today!

4 years ago

Click to stop violence against women.

Violence against women is a human rights scandal. At least one out of every three women has been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in her lifetime.


Thank you!

Your click helped provide justice for women worldwide today.
you have clicked 38 times to protect women from violence so far

Together we've clicked 22,202,330 times to end violence against women.

Beats4Change - click away
7 years ago

Instead of having all actionsites bookmarked - I put them on the Beats4Change website, with the option of running a musicplayer ( which also generate a little for charities - at present the Solar Electric Light Fund ) while clicking away, playing charity games or searching the net for charities - Feel free to use it

Beats4Change encourage cultural activities to raise awareness and funding for sustainable development of caring communities

 Cultural and economical activities, based on principles of mutual aid, which lead to:
 - a world economy with ecological and social responsibility
 - a free and manifold world culture
 - the creation of a common future, based on work, knowledge and love

Post here
9 years ago

This is the Amnesty International one on Care2
9 years ago

how your click helps Amnesty International

Your free click generates donations from our sponsors. You may click once a day, every day. 100% of the donations raised go directly to Amnesty International to end the systematic violation of women's basic human rights. learn more


9 years ago

Jessica that click is now closed.  It was a temporary one which raised $5,000 for Haiti.  But there are many click to donate sites out there besides Care2.

9 years ago

Hi everyone, just joined the group and glad that Care 2 has one dedicated to Amnesty International.  Good to see more click to donate sites!  I just clicked the Haiti one in this thread; is it sill viable on Care2?  (6/8/10)

Care2 Click to donate: "Help Haiti!"
9 years ago

Now we have another opportunity to help
the people of Haiti!

Care2 Click to donate: "Help Haiti!"
....EVERY day...

                         Help Haiti

                     Thank You. Animated

I was accused of abuse once.
9 years ago

the woman just wanted to rob me. and she did manage to get away with it. in almost 7 years with her i never touched her, i did curse at her once. but that was it. her accusation cost me 80 thousand dollars and over 3 years of court dates. now i can no longer work for the defense industry. and i have worked for it my entire life. i cooked for her twice a day for 7 years, sometimes 3 times a day. i washed her delicates by hand. i adored her, she was my reason for breathing, she was my everything. and then she got greedy. she just thought about herself and the money she was going to make out with. she never once thought about what it would do to her loyal companion of 7 years. not once did she think about what it would do to my career, my mental health and my physical health. we must be careful when we proceed on these issues. btw, she is currently a member of this site. an advocate against the abuse of women. a wolf in sheep's clothing.

9 years ago
I'm clicking EVERY day...
Also here:

                            Click Blinky
                     Thank You. Animated
9 years ago

Thanks for the reminder!  I try to click every day for all the causes and wish that more people at Care2 would take a moment to click as well.

America is far from perfect but I thank God every day that I was born here and live in freedom.  Most of us don't realize how fortunate we are compared to most women in the world.

10 years ago

Role of women in the protests is extremely important. Please help those who still rely on us for support; Sign the petition.
They beat them with AXE, electric batons, Lashes, Knives and shot them.
They tortured them, raped sometimes as live eyewitnesses reported from night to dawn in gangs. Mothers raped while sons and daughters were made to listen next door to her pleads...
Nightmare comes live. Please help by singing and distributing;

Please share your feelings through this petition.


10 years ago

A recent Interpol study has shown that South Africa leads the world in rapes.

It is estimated (only about 5% of rapes are actually reported) that a woman is raped every 17 seconds in South Africa.

Findings of a Medical Research Council survey, released last week, indicate that 1 in 4 South African men admit to rape.

At least 50 children in South Africa are raped every day.  Some of them are still infants.

It is believed, by some sections of the community, that having sex with a virgin is a cure for AIDS.

Violenc to women and children
10 years ago

I'm just new to Care2 but am so grateful to become more informed of the greater percentage of atrocities that women and children endure so unnecessarily. I simply cannot understand this, other than to presume that poverty and lack of empowerment over their own lives brings about anger and frustration, and the weaker more vulnerable cop it simply because of this. I believe that there should be more support in the form of free counseling and education as early intervention is cheaper in the long term. Keep up the good work.

click to stop violence
11 years ago

here in Canada as well the women's shelters are constantly full to capacity I click for abused women everywhere I am a survivor and I know that steps are needed to help others survive

11 years ago

I have reached the top highest level today.

Breast Cancer
11 years ago

When I was on dial-up I clicked as often as possible. I have been on DSL since March and I now click every day. I click on all plus I go to www.thehungersite and click on all there also every day. I spread the sites to all my friends and always send them reminders to click on all.

Breast Cancer progress I'm at 3,500 + steps
11 years ago

Your current level is Patron
11 years ago

I click dayly. Thaks for the reminder

I do miss some days...
11 years ago
Your current level is Guardian
I click several of them Daily....
11 years ago

Your current level is Defender
Thank You with all my Heart!
11 years ago

Thanks for the reminder!


Advocate to Stop the Silence of Violence!

If you are a Survivor or Victom of Abuse and need some more info please contact me...

Just click on my pic where my name is and email me....

Thank You with all my Heart!
11 years ago

Thanks for the reminder!


Advocate to Sto the Silence of Violence!

If you are a Survivor or Victom of Abuse and need some more info please contact me...

Just click on my pic where my name is and email me....

12 years ago

Where the money goes:

100% of the donations generated go to Amnesty International's programs to Stop Violence Against Women. Their campaign focuses on domestic violence as a human rights issue and on violence against women in armed conflict and post-conflict situations. Amnesty International's on-going work on behalf of women's human rights is an integral part of a worldwide effort to defend human rights and uphold human dignity for all.

Contributions are funded by sponsors who have agreed to pay to be featured on the Race to Stop Violence Against Women. 100% of the net revenues are donated to Amnesty. if during a period there are no paying sponsors, Care2 has guaranteed to make a donation of at least $1 for every 1000 clicks on the Race. No matter what, every time you click, (up to once per day) you will be generating a donation to support efforts aimed at stopping violence against women.

     ...and so....                             
             Climb to prevent Breast Cancer!

12 years ago

Your current level is Guardian

I click this and every other cause Daily
12 years ago
The question I have wanted to ask is, Why do fewer people click on Help stop violence Against women than any other click to donate thing? It seems that is would be as important than any other one.
I clicked
12 years ago
i click daily my husband in jail i been kicked, punched, slapped, pushed and more. even tho he in jail he finds ways to hurt me

This post was modified from its original form on 08 Jan, 16:18

This post was modified from its original form on 08 Jan, 16:18
More 'click' sites
12 years ago
I've put up a list: But to save myself some effort I link to other lists so please look at them!
I click always
12 years ago
I always click on the click to donate sight as well as the
no subject
12 years ago

But I am going to tell you this because I was hit by my husband when I was pregnant with our three child.  It was on an weekend,  we have been aruging since Friday night.  But it was on an Sunday afternoon.  Well, I go mad at him but take someone to work and that Friday was in an room with one of the sister's but anyhow, he was drinking some beer.  When I told him that I hate that  he is pick this girls and take them to work because there was an rumor that was spread around about him and those three girls.  So, when I was speaking to him, he grab my both arms and slam me against the closet door on the trailer.  Our next -door call the frond office because she had her son sleep and there was too much noise so that he couldn't sleep at all.  But she called the trailer and told me to keep it down and I told her okay but he was so mad at me that he slap me on the side of my face on the right side and also hit my ear.  My son saw it and went to the office and had the lady that works in the office to called the police.  The police come out and arrest him for the violence. 

Thank you much for creating awareness
12 years ago
This is my personal desire to get enough power and then give severe punishment to all those who have been teasing the women. Women the moving spirit behind the creation of this world need very fair treatment. All those who have been teasing the women are actually not human beings. Actually I belong to a tribal society of Bajaur Agency, Tribal areas situated on Pak-Afghan border. Here the women have been living in worst type of exploitation. Please raise voice for them as well.
Awarenes of Guatemalan Femicide
12 years ago

Hi friends, just wanted to let you know about an important issue that affects us all.  Human Rights in Guatemala continue to be violated without any consequences. 

Please help me spread the word by signing this petition addressed to the INternational Olympic Committee

Many thanks!

12 years ago
Thanks for the reminder!
Widespread Rape of Indigenous Women in US
12 years ago

To view the full report, please visit:

Blissed be, Annie 

21st century, stil suffurage!
13 years ago
Its the 21st century, and as much as we feel we are independant, we still feel victimised, especially by stereostypes! But give a thought to the women in other 3rd world countries, who dont have rights, these women deserves as much as we do, the freedom to express ones self and  and be able to move freely without fear!
13 years ago

My name is Alan

I am here to spread the word about 2 fabulous organizations that I have been an assistant with

First is Miracles Of Hope Network

Created by child abuse and neglect org advocates Denise Marhoefer and attorney Constance Kosuda

We deal with many of the major child abuse cases nationwide with professionals in the legal and health fields from providing activities for Katrina victims proms to talking about the forced drugging of children

When you get a chance please come by to


Now the real reason I am here is to talk about and organization the helps to stop the violence by using your god given talents

The org is called Stop The violence Use Your Talents Inc and is a conglomeration of musical artists and awareness promoters

This is what they are all about

Stop The Violence Use Your Talents©


...the lives of our youth.

Educate: Anger is a natural emotion violence is a choice.

Empower: Inner City Youth to discover their talents

Enrich: Lives by creating profound social change

Stop The Violence Use Your Talents©


Mission Statement

Stop The Violence Use Your Talents© is a not for profit corporation created to expose our talents to bring awareness of the violence in our communities.

We are dedicated to enriching the lives of our youth through education and awareness with positive options, by facilitating connections between children and mentors. It's our goal to bring awareness to inner city violence that has plagued our youth.

It is our mission to bring awareness of Domestic Abuse/Violence and the connection; children represent the hopes of our future.

Stop The Violence Use Your Talents© will promote education and the use of talents instead of violence which will enable and empower our youth to be productive.

Hello this is Michael Todd I am Vice President A&R and Co-Founder of Stop The Violence Use Your Talents© Inc. a TV production, 'MenTour' and Compilation.

Stop The Violence Television (SV-TV) Comcast Channel 7 & 29 Jacksonville,

Florida is the second step in the outreach of this campaign. Bringing awareness to the innner city violence Duval County has experienced. Duval is the murder capitol of Florida. (17 reported as of 02/03/07)

GERNADO's song "Stop The Violence" penned these words "Stop The Violence Use Your Talents" birthing this movement to Be Useful Never Give In (Bungi).

Stop The Violence evolved into a locally supported annual event showcasing local talents in a festival type atmosphere with an annual attendance of 600 persons.

Determined to make a difference Gernado took it ONE step further, he and I teamed our talents, we Incorporated domestic violence education and awareness with inner city violence awareness.

We realized the only way to truly make an impact, is to create change. Touch the core reach the youth.

Bring it out of the TV and Radio to the people, to you:

See It.. Hear It.. Feel It.. Be it.

Stop The Violence Use Your Talents© is about planting seeds. When you plant seeds you need to water them and give them light.

The "SEED": Stop The Violence Use Your Talents©



The Harvest :

~ Love ~ Self Esteem ~ Peace ~ Respect ~ Equality ~ Creativity ~ Responsibility ~ Accountability ~ Productivity ~ Livability ~ Non-Violence

STOP THE VIOLENCE USE YOUR TALENTS© 2007 is in pre-production, founded 9/11/06.

We are garnering support for maximum exposure and awareness. We are discussing joining with The ONE Music Campaign, 24/24 World Concert and more

We are currently in the process of developing the compilation CD STOP THE VIOLENCE "SV-ONE" (Stop Violence-ONE).

We will be focusing on demographics with high inner city violence and domestic violence et al.

In conjunction with Stop The Violence Use Your Talents © TV (students), we will be forming 'Mentoring Teams' for each area of focus to help facilitate a mentoring program prior to the tour.

We will hand out (students) the compilation CD along with other collateral material with Stop The Violence Use Your Talents © printed and/or embossed (pencils, notebooks, stickers, wristbands, domestic violence awareness information etc.) during the musically motivated education awareness assemblies.

Let me ask you... How do you live on what you don't know?


Ultimately we would like this to instigate a youth talents showcase on the local level; with the help of local radio and TV.

We will have local production personal provide staging, venue negotiations, advertising and other typical promoter activities. Additionally we will be booked by municipalities and inner city outreach programs nationally.

Music, Art, Fashion, Film, Photography, Dance and Scholastic.

Sponsored by local businesses, TV/Radio.

Youth showcase their talents main stage or in kiosk areas WHEN THE EVENT COMES TO TOWN.








Jlo, Kurtis Blow, Nelly, Prince and others have

Thanks to all who take the time to click
13 years ago
Click Blinky 
Click for other important things too!
13 years ago
Click for literacy, breast cancer awareness, endangered species, food for abandoned animals, books for children and more:

The first ting in the online day is "clicks"
13 years ago

I have been trying out the new Care2 toolbar and the daily clicks are on there with a direct link  ~ makes it SOOOOooo easy to remember

13 years ago
I click on this every day - thanks for reminding us!
13 years ago
I am fairly new to this site and just found it, now I do it daily!!
13 years ago
I click twice daily.  I click once logged in and then again from a different browser unlogged. 


I click daily
13 years ago

...and have been for over a year and a bit now.

The work that Amnesty does in this field is vital and is worthy of support. By joining Amnesty one can contribute toward their work as well as getting newsletters that keep one up to date. They also can bea way into writing letters and cards to those in prison for their Political beliefs, many of them women who live in cultures where they are poorly represented. Writing to them proves to the authorities that these people are valued from beyond their shores and can lead to early release. 

13 years ago
I click this everyday, as well. I hadn't yet today, so I did just now. Karen
Click to Donate Sites
13 years ago
| Hot!
Each Click Generates Signatures For Three Petitions.
Click Often And Pass It On.

In the U.S., a woman is raped every 6 minutes; a woman is battered every 15 seconds. In North Africa, 6,000 women are genitally mutilated each day. This year, more than 15,000 women will be sold into sexual slavery in China. 200 women in Bangladesh will be horribly disfigured when their spurned husbands or suitors burn them with acid. More than 7,000 women in India will be murdered by their families and in-laws in disputes over dowries.

New to Care2? Start Here.