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Honorary Co-hosts
14 years ago
| Blue pin

Both Andy and Fred are wonderful co-hosts, but they host and co-host a lot of groups, and don't always have the time to post here.  But when they do post, the topics are awesome!!!  So I'm making them honorary co-hosts, since we can't have more than 5 hosts on a group!!!

Fred has received 128 new, 1903 total stars from Care2 membersFred has been awarded 233 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Fred H.

Andy has received 63 new, 813 total stars from Care2 membersAndy has been awarded 161 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Andy G.

14 years ago

Tanks Sweetie . You're the best.

(ps) hows stair climbin doin )

14 years ago

Congratulations Andy and Fred!! I have to agree, they do post some phenominal stuff!!


14 years ago

you guys have been wonderful... ...

um, I want Andy's spot... he is crazy like me and other cool stuff...


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