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13 years ago
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The Water Wiggler - Economical, Chemical-Free Mosquito Prevention for Birdbaths

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Concord, NH -- May 2007 -- Duncraft, the nationally recognized authority on backyard bird feeding,  recommends the Water Wiggler to eradicate mosquito larvae from backyard birdbaths. This inexpensive device creates a gentle ripple action in the bath water-effectively preventing the larvae from hatching.
Sharon Dunn, president of Duncraft states: "Mosquitos aren't just an annoyance! They can spread West Nile virus and several other types of encephalitis.  Because mosquitos require stagnant water to lay their eggs, many birdlovers were reluctant to leave water in their bird baths. But now we've found an easy solution. The Water Wiggler ripples the water - no more hatching mosquitos and the birds can have the water so essential for grooming and quenching their thirst.”

The Wiggler’s agitating motion is created by two small discs beneath the water surface. An added bonus when using this low cost gadget is that birds are attracted to the sparkle of moving water. Birding enthusiasts notice an increase in the number of birds with use of the Wiggler. The Water Wiggler runs 24 hours a day for 3 months on two "D" batteries. Also available are two decorative ceramic covers in Natural and White. All items are found at or call Duncraft toll-fee at 800-593-5656.


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