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11 years ago

How effective will Ontario's new Endangered Species Act be? That depends on the habitat regulations that underpin it, which were recently drafted by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR). more..
May 10 deadline
11 years ago
Mother's Day is just around the corner. On this special day, we'd like to remind British Columbia's Premier Gordon Campbell that mother bears are slaughtered by trophy hunters for entertainment -- leaving orphaned cubs to starve. Please sign the card before May 10th.
Honey Bees
11 years ago

March 17 deadline?

11 years ago

Tell the EPA to protect honey bees from a toxic pesticide

Take Action Now

Bee pollination is responsible for about one-third of the food we eat, helping to produce about $15 billion worth of crops in the United States every year. But honey bee populations are in serious decline, with devastating losses caused by factors such as colony collapse disorder, parasites and pesticide exposure.

Even though the EPA classifies the pesticide imidacloprid as highly toxic to honey bees, it nevertheless approved its use in 1994. France banned several uses of imidacloprid in 1999 over concerns about its effects on bees, but here in the United States imidacloprid is still used heavily on many crops pollinated by honey bees, including broccoli, blueberries, carrots, grapefruit, cucumbers and avocados.

Although the EPA is currently reviewing its approval of imidacloprid as required by the Pesticide Registration Improvement Act, the agency's work plan lacks many important details on how it will assess risks to bees. In addition, the EPA has put the review on an unreasonably slow timetable, with a final decision not expected until 2014. In the meantime, high-risk uses of imidacloprid will continue, threatening honey bees as well as other important pollinators.

The EPA is accepting public comments on this phase of the project through March 17th.

What to do
Send a message, before the March 17th comment deadline, telling the EPA to protect honey bees and other pollinators from high-risk uses of imidacloprid by strengthening its plans for risk, toxicity and exposure assessments.


Take Action Now

11 years ago

April 6 deadline

A proposal from American Bird Conservancy has become a finalist for a major $200,000 grant from the Green Mountain Coffee Company in their Changing Climate Change grant competition. ABC is one of five finalists in the "Threats to Coffee Growing Communities" category, and part of the selection process includes public input. In other words, we need your vote to help us win the grant! Follow this link and click the "Support it" button on the right of the web page.

The Pacific Seahorse Needs You!
11 years ago

Marine Protected Areas are being proposed in Southern California, from Point Conception to San Diego. These underwater state parks and reserves have the power to restore damaged habitats and let threatened species thrive. Learn more.

San Diego Bay is home to California's only seahorse - the Pacific seahorse — in addition to five pipefish species (seahorse relatives). These animals maintain a delicate foothold in selected estuaries and bays along the south coast and are sensitive to habitat disturbance from a variety of human activities.

Estuaries and coastal wetlands have consistently been designated as “marine reserves” under the Marine Life Protection Act, affording them the highest level of protection.

Please send a letter to the Governor and ask him to support a strong network of Marine Protected Areas to help seahorses, and their kin in Southern California.

please support our livestock production reduction petition for the animals!
11 years ago

Hi all!!

The University of California, San Diego student organization: VEG (Vegetarian Environmentalist Group) is happy to present an online petition which aims to reduce the livestock industry via means of removal of governmental subsidies for livestock farmers as well as implementation of tax for livestock products for their detrimental external social burden on the environment. Here is our petition link:

Please support us and help us spread the word! This is definitely an attempt at a baby toward in the right direction!

Thank you!

Be Vegan & Green
Be Peace & Love
Be the Change you wish to See

11 years ago

Tell the BC government (again) to protect mountain caribou 11:38 AM

In October of 2007, after years of pressure from citizens like you, the BC government committed to "follow the science" and protect caribou habitat.  Now, less than a year later, snowmobiling in caribou habitat threatens the recovery of this endangered species.  The BC government is about to decide which habitat areas will be closed to snowmobiling, and government officials need to hear from you.

Please, take a moment to write a comment, and make your voice heard.

12 years ago
Help Stop Net-and-Bolt Killing of Wild Deer 

Take Action to urge Ohio town officials to manage wildlife humanely

12 years ago

Leslie P.
StarsButterfliesGold Notes 
against trapping of otter and bobcat Monday, 11:06 AM

Otter, Bobcat Trapping Proposed
Animals  (tags: animalrights, habitat, humans, killed, law, illinois, otters, bobcats, trapping )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 3 hours ago -
Illinois Legislation H 4632 Proposes to Opens a Trapping Season on Otters and Bobcats
12 years ago

Ok ... spoke too soon ... not the last one: US only!


12 years ago

Great thread. I know there are so many petitions group here, but as long as you keep them all to one thread in this group, they are good to post here too!

All done BTW!

Of Concern - Stop the Attack on State Parks, Keep Our Parks Open!
12 years ago

 Last week, Governor Schwarzenegger unveiled a state budget that dealt the most severe blow ever seen by the state parks system.  In his draft FY 08-09 state budget, he proposed to shut down 48 state parks AND remove lifeguards from some of the most popular state beaches. 

This proposal is devastating and will deliberately shut millions of Californians out of their state parks.   At a time when state residents need low-cost, accessible places for recreation, fitness, education, or simply an experience with nature, closing down state parks is absolutely the wrong thing to do and a huge mistake. 

We cannot let this action stand.  Legislative leaders are now responsible for reviewing and modifying the Governor's budget, and they need to hear from you.  Please send a message to your elected official to let them know you will not stand for this attack on the state park system, and you are counting on them to keep our state parks open.

12 years ago

Urge the Bush administration to ban the use of deadly poisons to kill wildlife
Though safe and effective non-lethal methods are available for predator control, the Bush administration allows the use of dangerous, inhumane poisons that can kill other wildlife, endangered species and domestic pets. Tell the Bush administration to ban the use of deadly poisons to kill wildlife before the January 15th comment deadline.
12 years ago

Hi, Sven

Appreciate your post, but I change the title of it such that we can post all petitions, actions and alerts on this thread only. People will be able to find them easy, and we'll keep the group organized.

Thank you, and good luck!

Petitions/Actions/Alerts for animals and wildlife
12 years ago
| Action
I'm sorry to disturb you but I want to ask you if you please care for signing my petition, Its against monsters who smak animals to the ground and after skin them alive for their fur! if you have the time, look at the film ( not for sensitive souls) and send it to all your friends @ care2 and your address book in your e-mailprogram outside care2. the film is just a horror show and it has to stop now!
My apologies for the extra disturb ens If you already signed and forward it

You can even do more; put this message in a new topic on your group or you can copy and paste the URL that is displayed at the site himself under the video link to you tube right next to the fox picture.

The animals and me thanking you very much, greetings , sven

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