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14 years ago
| Blue Label
fun sign There are loads of fun activities on this site. There is a broad spectrum, ranging from the ‘silly’ to the ‘mind-expanding’ , all of which are a lot of fun and very interesting This topic will help you find many of them with ease

If you have any ideas regarding things to add to this topic please
click this link and post them there.

14 years ago
Arthor R brings you UR Fun


Click Here
and you will be taken to site full of ‘fun links’ to live discussions about Unlock Reality!

14 years ago
Click for the Radiant Sun Exercise

This is a great visualisation exercise from Elizabeth, followed by some interesting discussion.
14 years ago
So you have some time to kill and you don’t wont anything to serious! Susan has just the thing for you…..


Wasting time is full of fun and silly things that will occupy you for hours and make you smile – anything’s better then doing those dishes you’ve been putting off right!

14 years ago

Click this link
put up by Christine to download a great slide show of truly gorgeous images named 'A Place Called Earth; it is well worth having a look at.


14 years ago
There is a lot happening all the time on this site, so finding your way around (especially when your new) can be a bit like being lost in a maze
So we started a topic where members could nominate their favourite bits Click here and you may find that other members have recommend things that you really like - making the site less of a maze for you!
14 years ago
A great little thought provoking piece
      Link provided by MorningStar


14 years ago
An interesting exercise provided by our resident - very cool - Marshal Arts expert Leo – a little bit of reading to do, but well worth it I can assure you.


14 years ago
A real gem of a link provided by Elizabeth.

A WisdomFlash is a modern-day poem. It is the combination of visual beauty, inspiring music and a message of wisdom all put together to create a magical experience in your heart. Each WisdomFlash is presented to you through a dynamic, multi-media flash animation containing messages from some of the world's most insightful authors.

14 years ago

Jenny found this neat 3D Font Generator which is grate fun. She made this with it, cool hay!

14 years ago
A very uplifting link that Norma brought to
share with the group.


14 years ago
Jenny found this one and it's a brilliant UR site!

Bill and Ted

14 years ago

This is a great topic started by Dscape, which is full of unlikely and interesting little bits of trivia. It’s very entertaining and well worth a look!

14 years ago
One-liners of profound insight ( and hilarity ). This topic is guarantied to put a smile on your face!

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

14 years ago
This is a great one from Eirwen.....

I was a local festi this weekend and while watching the bands a little girl aged about nine came up to me and said she was doing her bit for saving the planet ..and gave me a leaflet with 25 ways to becoem more efficent and i said i would pass this on to anyone who would to care to listen I know we're all very ecco conscious on this group however ithought i'd post her suggestions so to the Wantage Little Green People here are your 25 top tips.

13 years ago

ant nebula.jpg

Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” series was first broadcast by the Public Broadcasting Service, and was the most widely watched series in the history of American public television until 1990.

It won an Emmy and a Peabody Award and has since been broadcast in more than 60 countries and seen by over 600 million people, according to the Science Channel.

Don’t hesitate.. let the immensity of the cosmos engulf your mind..

(This is a remarkable film in 13 parts - I hope you enjoy it as much as I did).

This was brought to this site by Christine W

13 years ago


This a great selection of films and clips – enjoy and feel free to add anything you think is interesting!

13 years ago
A great little short story

A Warm Fuzzy Tale

13 years ago
There are loads of topics on this site that do not appear on the front page, that are stashed in the archive

13 years ago
the comic book guy pondering.gif

These are some of the most awful jokes!

Why not also take a look at...
Bad Jokes(viewable only)


So what’s the fruit for then?
Throwing at our terrible would-be comedians
of course!
13 years ago
What's going on here then
Is it art
Is it the meaning of life
Is it a wast of time - who knows
Be the Frog & figure it out when you visit

A5.gifWhy not also check out all the previous ‘Random – what’s’ at the......

13 years ago
Why not play some word games!
Entertaining fun and extremely popular..

...with loads to chose from!


Four Letters/Four Words Game - Thread 2

13 years ago
I found this site the 356 Days Project’.

It’s the most fantastic, crazy and hilarious ‘audio experience ever’! There is so much stuff, you may just loss a day rolling round the floor in heretics.

It's arranged in ‘days’, just click a date find something that looks mad, then click the icon in the top left of it…

Listen to the classic ‘I'm proud to be a Mormon’. Hear William Shatner speak/sing David Bowie's Rocket Man, then listen to a ‘Christian Radio Show’ explain how the song ‘Stairway to Heaven’ is actually the Devil calling us to hell. My personal favourite was listening to a chipmunk explain the Ten Commandments (September 21st).


13 years ago
Great Quotes to be found at...

Favorite/Famous Quotes(Viewable Only)
More Quotes(Viewable Only)


(Viewable Only)

And now the fun continues at...

Favourite/Famous Quotes Part 3
Feel free to add some of your own favourites


"Alas Harashio We knew him well...."
12 years ago
Loose Change 2nd Edition Recut


9/11 - Ask Questions – Demand Answers!

One the one hand this is a gripping brilliantly made film that will have you glued to the screen – so it’s fun. On the other hand it is all about ‘the truth‘ behind 9/11 so it is very serious stuff! Is it a load of conspiracy nonsense - or - does this film kick open Pandora’s box? I recommend you take the time to watch it and make your own mind.

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