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UR WELCOME PACK - Visit Here First
13 years ago
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Please allow me to be your guide

This topic is designed to introduce you to everything happening here on this site.

Unlock Reality (UR) is a very Unique Phenomena with so much happening, it can sometimes be hard to grasp what it is all about at first glance Hopefully what follows below will help

13 years ago

You may want to know a bit about the background of...
(UR) Unlock Reality (UR)

If so, You'll find what you need at...
Background Info about "Unlock Reality" (UR)

13 years ago
Naturally, after reading the background info linked to above, some questions not covered may occur to you. Before you ask them, why not check our FAQs to see if your questions have been answered already:

13 years ago
If you still have questions after reading the FAQ's you can use this link to ask them:

(or you can start a new topic if you wish)

13 years ago
You may now be interested in finding out more in general about Unlock Reality. If so I recommend you check out...

It’s a great resource for all things UR…

13 years ago
At this point you may know enough and would like to introduce yourself, or just say hello to the group. Please feel free to do so at………..

We all look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you.

13 years ago
As you go through this topic and the rest of the site you may have suggestions on better ways to set things up. All suggestions are welcome and you can make them at........

13 years ago
There are loads of topics on this site that do not appear on the front page, that are stored in the archive
treasure chest.jpg

It’s kind of like the site’s ‘Hidden Treasure’, there are some real gems in there…


13 years ago
There are so many topic within this group that we put gathered together some of the really fun stuff at...

fun sign

Its an easy way for you to find your way around as you start your Prepare to Unlock Reality (UR) journey

Thank you for letting me show you round.

A BIG...


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