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Welcome New Members, Say Hello Here (VII)
13 years ago
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A Warm Welcome to All New Members

to everyone who has just joined from receiving an invitation - or - who have simply stumbled across this site.....


We have here people/fans who have read the text Unlock Reality (UR), which is the cause of much excitement, and many more interested in discussing positive things connected with UR and life in general. You should feel free to ask questions and start topics on issues and ideas that interest you.

About Unlock Reality (UR): “It is a text that explains the Construction of the Universe in simple terms that anyone can understand”.


“Unlock Reality (UR) has to be one of the most unusual publications on the planet, with the potential to produce a shift in perception that could change the course of history and guarantee the survival of the human race”.

UR does actually exist (contrary to what some sceptics think), though copies have been notoriously hard to locate. Our members have over the last year secured a few and preceded to share them around this group

More recently there were 7000 copies made available and many members of this group got hold of one thus becoming part of the ‘UR 7000’. There thoughts and the thoughts of other readers can be found at….

We have two ‘site-policies’ that we respectfully ask you to adhere to while here. Firstly, please make all you contributions in size 4 (14 pt) or above, as some members have difficulty reading anything smaller. Secondly, we request that you do not – for any reason – place your private details (address/phone number etc) on the site, to ensure they remain private. Thank you for your cooperation.

There is something very real happening here and your taking up our invitation was no accident. Have a wander round and ask questions if you like at.....

Make your self at home, you are very welcome.

One last thought – please post any long links you may have in the smallest - 1 (8pt) size, so they don’t end up stretching the pages making them hard to read. Or you can visit the link below and find out others ways of doing this......

13 years ago

Not sure if im supposed to say Hi again, but HI AGAIN   just in case

beverley (sea-monkey)

13 years ago
That’s so great – thanks for saying again…

Here’s a brand new...


Just for you

13 years ago
I’m here now and I’m not going away
13 years ago
Five &

So glad your going to be sticking around

13 years ago


i am a Reiki/Shamballa Master. Seeker ,Drummer, OO so many more things hapenin HERE WIth...

I am 52 yrs young Live in Southwestern PA love were I am and being ME!!!! so I hope all are blessed and well later NW

13 years ago
James. welcome to the group. Why not start a Reiki thread? I for one would be interested in understanding more about it.
13 years ago
Hi NightWolf and wlcome
Arthor - I think that a Reiki topic would be great...
13 years ago
OK I'll start one. Hopefully James will jump in.
13 years ago
13 years ago

stopping in to say Hello! new member to this group and also to care2connect! =)

13 years ago



Welcome to the Prepare to Unlock Reality (UR) group and the Care2 Network

13 years ago
Hello~I'm Bobbie and I was invited to join by a friend. I have no idea what this is about but I plan to find out. I have one of those "inquiring minds" And the mention of my hero, George Harrison, has me intrigued! Thanks for making me feel welcome and excited about learning something new!! As you said, it is no accident that I was lead here!
13 years ago

Bobbie - I hope you have fun, you've joined at a very exciting time....

13 years ago
Hi, i'm new to this group i just thought i'd say hello.

13 years ago
Welcome to you Billy. Hope you enjoy the group. Have you seen the welcome pack?
13 years ago

Hello... interesting forum. I have a question. Is there a way for me to get my hands on this book, or do I have to be a member of a secret society to read it?

13 years ago
No secret society. There is a list on the site, (see welcome pack) and they say a World Release  is not long away. Happy Days.

You'll also find a background section in the welcome pack which you might like.
13 years ago

Thanks for all the hoop-jumping links, but I have already visited that page. But, I just tried again to go there and my weak satelite signal just wouldn't let me navigate the links this time. If anyone knows me, they know that I live in a remote wilderness cabin and that makes this kind of hoop jumping difficult and slow for me.

I was sent an invitation to this forum this morning, and since have done a bit of reading on the internet only to find out that there's no information on this manuscript out there.

So I suppose the idea is to lure people to drool over the possibility of sometime in the future being able to grab a copy when it is released. Kind of reminds me of the time cabbage-patch dolls first came out. Lots of hype.

At any rate. I was hoping not to have to spend time jumping hoops..but since that is what I am cursed to do..I'll bow-out and say..thank you for the invite..although I'm not sure why I was sent it.

I'm a very straight ahead person and don't like hype, hoops, mazes, or cattle-crossings. I can however tell you that I am quite sure, this manuscript would not expose to me anything I do not already know. I'm sure that sounds arrogant..but nonetheless I'm willing to wager that it's true.

Have a nice day!

13 years ago
As they say in hitch-hikers guide, so long and thanks for the fish.

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13 years ago
Why do you think I live where I do?
Fine To Be Here...!
13 years ago
Hi All ! I was invited by a friend.It seems fine to be here,a group of nice people.....Love & Regards to all...!!!
13 years ago


 this is a place where just about anything can be discussed and everyone is welcome This group has developed into being more then just about UR it is about the UR-effect – a bit like marriage is more then just a ceremony, it’s a life time of sharing and growth.

Khush – so glad you’re here, thank you for saying


13 years ago

thanks for the warm welcome! =)

our snow is trying to melt here and a bit rainy today. which i dont mind.

im just cruizin on thru.... hope everyone has a great day!! and a wonderful week.

13 years ago

Hi I'm Toni,

I am new to this perticular site. Others know me already. I am a florida resident and I have 4 cats .Two of which belong to my son and 2 dogs. One of which belong to my son. I am 53 yrs young and been here in florida for almost six yrs. Love the weather. I am originaly form North Dakota . Moved to Indiana at age three. Then here. So I am a vetrin to snow and hurricanes. Was introduced to hurricanes the first yr here 4 to be exact.Well just popped in to introduce myself and as you can see don't spell very good. LOL. And to say" hi". Toni

13 years ago

Hi Toni and welcome to this group, good to see you here, much love!!
13 years ago

Well thanks Tony. I just might stick around then.

I bet I could tell you what's in that book!

But don't worry I won't!

13 years ago
 For the invite!  I am excited to find out what this group is all about!~PEace
13 years ago


Jessica, Toni, Arlene & PEACE B.

13 years ago
Hello I am new to this group. A friend invited me. I cant wait to start reading more about UR. It sound very interesting. And I want to learn more about it. Thanks for having me.Peka Big hugs to all
13 years ago
A good place start on this site is...

Background Info about "Unlock Reality" (UR)

another great place to check is...

What a load...
13 years ago

Reality check: So this book is supposed to explain the secrets of the universe in a way people can understand? The website cites NO science, NO evidence, and it doesn't say what these secrets of the universe are. It has an unknown author, yet FAQs claim: "

9.Q. Why don't you just make copies for everyone? A. Firstly, copying and distributing a text covered by copyright without permission is illegal." Permission from whom? An author unwilling to put his name on it? If this book actually is registered with any copyright office, then its author will be given. Otherwise, anyone claiming authorship because it was copied and distributed would have to prove authorship. Anyone who wants credible explanations for the secrets of the universe should refer to any decent basic astronomy book.
13 years ago
Ah sorry, just because an author or authors choose to remain anonymous, that does not void their right to copyright. People are not forced to put their name on things. It is not against the law to be humble. In this case the copyright is held by a Trust. That being said, they say it will be out soon, so your problems will be solved. Till then, remember this is a real thing in the real world which like all things take time, as many here including myself will confirm, it is a profound book well worth the read, and this group is fun while waiting for our turn.

13 years ago
Thanks RRRR, where would we be without you and your kind reality check???

I’ve studied astronomy, physics & chemistry (and the rest) and found the explanations therein wonting.

An study of astronomy – where you point us for answers above – will reveal the movements of the bodies found in the universe and the laws that govern them. It will not reveal however why those laws and bodies are so, just that they are.

Astronomy will certainly not reveal why certain substances give rise to consciousness or where in the universe we might find those things that we all hold most dear, such as love, justice and joy. I guess RRRR it all depends on what level of answers you/we are looking for. For me, simply knowing how orbits follow Newtonian physics or that certain biochemical combinations are more or less conducive to a given circumstance, is simply not enough.

With reference to ‘copyright’ if you look on the net you will see that the Trust mentioned above were actually involved in a High Court case in England (the highest Court in the land and one of the most respected in the world) in which they were vindicated as the rightful copyright owners of UR – now I don’t know you and it may be the case that your knowledge of copyright law may be greater then that held by the High Court of England (you certainly seem to speak as one who knows), but in the absents of some pretty heavy credentials, I think I’ll go with their ruling on this one

"Don't get me wrong" (patent pending on that phrase ) I like the cut of your jib, straight talking and to the point, great to have you here

13 years ago
Hello!  This book sounds interesting!  I hope to read it some day.
13 years ago



Travelling Newbie
13 years ago

This mystery behind this book has intrigued me since I heard about it last year.

Brightest Blessings


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13 years ago


Well, If you’ve been following for a year, you’ve defiantly chosen the right moment to join the group as UR is now available as an ebook I hope you enjoy satisfying your curiosity

im a little confused
13 years ago

ive been looking around for mor information about this (UR) but im a little confused about it. and i cant afford to buy a copy.

does anyone know how i could get one?

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13 years ago



I hope you enjoy the site, a good place for information about UR is

It does not costs much to buy – there is also a readers list on this site which you can put you name down on.


Hi from Australia
13 years ago

Hi there folks. Noticed this group on a potential friends' page and thought I drop in and say Hi. The best thing is NO SET AGENDA! I am 53 years young ... today at least, other days it's 53 years old! Happily married an owned by 2 cats and 5 hens! I feel if I get to read the book, great, but if not, so be it. I feel that the universe will make up my mind for me.

Crazy 4 Chickens.gif

don't be afraid to dream.gif

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13 years ago


I hope you have fun - to find out more about UR check out...

13 years ago


Patrick here, but they call me Paddy for short.  

New to care2, and looking forward to being a member of your group.

I`m just searching for groups which I think I may find interesting, but I`m having abit of bother finding any British groups around the site.  There are a few but they all look dead.




Also, and dont know if anyone can answer this question for me:  when I signed up I had to give me name in full on the application form, but I would have liked for it to show as Paddy on my profile, please does anyone know if its possible to change it?    I have been to `my profile` and can see I could do it, but would I be allowed to without it voiding my membership in any way?  Any help would be appreciated.

13 years ago
Hi there Patrick &welcome_fish
So glad your here

I think you can change your profile name and not have it affect anything else I've not done it, but there are many members who change their names now and then and all seems well. I hope this helps, if you have any further questions, please ask and we'll do our level best...

13 years ago

Hi,  I quite forgot I was on this site.  Sorry

I have had a go at a couple of the games, and enjoy the word ones.  The pictures are a little bit more tricky for me.  Copying and Paste is still a bit of a mystery to me.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt!!?? 

13 years ago
Hi Barbara &


I hope you have fun here

Here is a link that should help you with putting in pics...

Top-Tips on using Care2

13 years ago
Thanks for inviting me to this group!!

13 years ago


Thanks for the invite brother, group seems cool, ttyl


13 years ago

Hello everyone! Thanks for the invite,Tony...

Glad to be here.


Thank you Tony for the Invite
13 years ago

It's good to be here my friend, Hugs: Andrea C.

Thank You

13 years ago
Welcome everyone, good to see you. Be sure to check out the welcome pack pinned to the top, to get an idea of UR history. All the best.

also this new articleis good.

13 years ago
Shane, Michael, Patrica & Andrea

fish welcome
its great to see you all here, have fun, make yourself at home. If you have any questions or ideas be sure to pipe up

and this is for you Jenny...

13 years ago

Hi all.

Tony Thank you for the invite. I can't wait to see this book. I saw that it is available online. I don't know if I have the patients to wait or just payy the $11 and read it on the computer. Hmmm decissions decissions.



13 years ago
I just wanted to say hello to all the members and thank you for the invite
13 years ago
Mechele & Scott 1comput2.jpg
I hope you both have fun here.

Mechele – your best bet is to get the ebook as waiting to get your hands on a hard copy can take a very very long time.

13 years ago
G'day there. Look forward to having a good look around, all prepared.
13 years ago
great to have you here
13 years ago
all prepared to unlock reality.....with your help....and thankyou for the lovely welcome Tony, cheers, Rhoda.
Where are the books now?
13 years ago

Hi all!  It's been a while since I visited this page - looks like a lot has been happening - is there any way to tell where I am on the list?  I've been on it for a LONG time now!

Thanks - Cheri S.

13 years ago
Hi there Cheri

The list has basically drawn to a close; as Unlock Reality is now available as an ebook for download (and with copies going missing all over – probably because they are seen as collectables now). Hope this helps.

I should really update that bit of this site, but it will take time – I’ll get on it next week

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13 years ago
Hi there my name is Epona Lady Rider you might have known me as Epona Lover Rider or Catherine H since I have changed my name once more. I love this group it has definatly brightened up my day and made my mind work just that little harder. I am married with no kids but a dog and a cat. I live in the South of England in the Navy city of Portsmouth. It is a lovely day today and I thank you for letting me join this group.
new to group
12 years ago
Hello all, I am new to group and look forward to learning many interesting things and being with others of like-mind!!: )))  Peace and Blessings!!!!!!
12 years ago

I am now back with high speed wireless.   That is the only option besides satellite (or slower than snail mail dial-up) out here in the boonies. Next thing to take care of is getting a cell phone provider that works here.

Still have a lot to do and much to catch up on, so am sending this generic letter to all my groups etc. to say "hi" and "I am alive!"

Blessings, Launi

12 years ago
to our New Unlockers
Hello Epona a big to you and your husband, dog and cat! So glad you like the group is great to have you here

Hi there Crystalwater – thank you for saying hello, I’m sure I speak for the group when I say we all look forward to getting to know you

UR-Big-Up Launi – Hurray for high speed wireless!!!! Glad you’re here

12 years ago

hi. im new here. I was invited by someone.

12 years ago
Welcome, have fun, enjoy!
12 years ago
"Hello Here"
Thank YOU Sarvo for the invitation
Re: [Prepare to Unlock Reality (UR)] Welcome New Members, Say Hello Here (VII)
12 years ago
What is this group about? I'm a bit busy to buy another book on metaphysics. ----- Original Message ---- From: Care2 Groups: Prepare to Unlock Reality (UR) Mailing List To: Sent: Sunday, August 26, 2007 2:44:06 PM Subject: [Prepare to Unlock Reality (UR)] Welcome New Members, Say Hello Here (VII) 11:43 AM Welcome, have fun, enjoy! 68 messages in this topic | post via the web | start a topic via the web Group Links home | announcements | discussions | host shares | member shares | members | email preferences To stop receiving discussion posts from Prepare to Unlock Reality (UR), visit: or email to: new topic email: owner email: Arthor R. Care2 Groups Care2 groups offers tools for keeping in touch with those who share your interests including: host announcements member discussions rss content group shares To learn more go to C2C Groups Popular Groups ALL ANIMALS GREAT AND SMALL (1,114 members) Pit Bull Project (31 members) TIGERS TIGERS AND MORE TIGERS (228 members) Tampa Bay HOMELESS COMMUNITY AID (HCA) (26 members) Feline This (263 members) More Popular Groups » Share, Learn, Connect and Make a Difference with Care2 Groups!
12 years ago
Sarvo thanks for the invite Michael
12 years ago
12 years ago
Hello!!!! I just joined.... (Thanks for the invite, Sarvo!)
12 years ago
Namaste Sarvo for the invite ..buddhasmouse
12 years ago
Sande & Micheal...
welcome2.gif I hope you both have fun here
12 years ago
Thanks Sarvo for the invite. It looks interesting but I have to admit at this point, since I havn't read the book it kinda sounds like hype. I'm not saying it is, I just never heard of it. The only reality unlocking I ever did was in the '70's and it did raise my IQ from about 13 to about 130, lol. And it wasn't that hard to find, in fact people came to me... nevermind. But what's the deal anyway? It's supposed to change the world but you cant find it, it talks about sharing but you have to buy it and it's still not released? I think my IQ just droped back to 13. Could somebody tell me what's going on? Please. With sugar cubes on top.
12 years ago
Well , I've been checking it out and it's like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle from pieces scattered from a wrecked train load of a million different puzzles. I too curious to quit now. Anybody that knows me knows I dont quit till I find the truth. Where do I sign up to borrow a book? The only way I could buy one is with cash since I can't even open an account. Long story, just get hurt and marry a drunk and you too can end up with credit like mine. At least I eliminated on problem, anybody know where I can get a new back?
12 years ago
John and w102.gif

Great to have you hear I can understand why you are a bit confused, this site has been running for years and loads of things have happen over that period.

At one point there were very few copies in whole world and we shared one or two around like gold dust. Then some were realised in hard copy so we had a few more and now – most recently – it was finally put out as an eBook. When you come at it all fresh and read all the stuff that’s happened in one go and probably out of chronological order I can see why it might be confusing

Anyway… as far as getting your hands on Unlock Reality there are a few ways you can do it. You could try starting topics here and on other UR groups to see if anyone will lend you a hard copy. That is how most people got to read it in the early days. However a few copies went MIA (mine included) and what with the eBook out this happens less nowadays, though is still worth a shot. The next way is to get the eBook – but you have indicated that that is not a possibility for you.

Lastly, at the moment there is a UR Treasure Hunt on just click the link below to find out more…

Unlock Reality (UR) Treasure Hunt Now ON!!!!!!!!!

I know that there are still a few copies left to be found… and that it is worth checking the...

Unlock Reality UR Here Now myspace group...

as there are still X’s to be found over there (you do not have to be a member of Myspace to play over there )

Hope this helps… feel free to ask anything else you like and I hope you take part in some of the other topics

12 years ago
thanks for the invite Sarvo.
12 years ago

Delighted to be here!

What an interesting treasure, a book to Unlock Reality.

Looking forward to discussing it further.

SARVO, thank you for the invitation!

Peace & Love


12 years ago
Hello, I'm new to this Group, it alreadly looks wonderful though
12 years ago

Hi everyone...this sounds like fun!

I see I am in good company here...a lot of familiar faces. 

Looks like I have some reading to do!

12 years ago
A warm Dorothy Kat and all those  who have recently joined UR  
12 years ago

000_ATT11.gif picture by judywoods

Hi - no one actually invited me but I saw the group and
thought I would mosey on over to say HI! 
What is REALITY anyway?

12 years ago
546879.gif picture by loopymomand welcome all
What is reality???????
12 years ago
,.What indeed?
12 years ago
HI there Judy… great to have you here, hope you have fun!

Launi big hugs to you, thanks for saying hello!

(sorry to you both for taking so long to holler back)

Happy Holidays to All - Love Is
12 years ago

Love Is
Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy.
Love is never boastful, nor conceited, nor rude.
It is not self-seeking, nor easily angered.
It keeps no record of wrongdoing.
It does not delight in evil,
but rejoices in the truth.
Love always protects, trusts, hopes, and preserves.
There is nothing love cannot face.
There is no limit to its faith, hope, and endurance.
In a word, there are three things that last forever:
Faith, hope, and love.
But the greatest of them all is love. 
-1 Corinthians 13:4-7
Wishing you overflowing love for the Holidays and always.  

Blissed be, Ani 
New to group
12 years ago

Hi All. I recently purchased an online copy of Unlock Reality and read it in a morning.

It helped me to more clearly fame my thoughts about a fire walk that I had participated in.

Thank you for having this group on this site that led me to that e-book which continued my spiritual growth.

12 years ago
That should be "frame my thoughts"