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GOP tax plans eugenics only reflect the earthicide of their trade deals!
1 year ago
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No nukes are good nukes, we're all down wind from any nuclear war! We extremely don't need to irradiate the Earth, engineer extremely worse climate change; especially since a trillion ton ice-cube just got dropped in the drink, which will cause exponentially more every 100 year unnaturally disastrous storms of greater strength, etc.- if you're not taking bullets you're making them. reality

related art/activism :)
1 year ago

Happy Rhodes: Music, lyrics, voices, and arrangements.
See credits at for additional info
Vocals, keyboards, percussion- Happy Rhodes. Keyboards,
percussion, guitars and additional heavy breathing- Kevin
Bartlett. Bass- Bob Van Detta

The truth movement has a musical leader!!! Unparalleled in greatness and under appreciation, like Happy says, "...there's a beacon in the sky, meant to catch your eye..."- "...the darkness (of ignorance) that must abound the light, stay a light, stay alive...", Bob Marley. reality Have a festive eve'.

Trump Tax Plan
1 year ago

#Trump #TaxPlan Was Created By And  #Benefits  #Billionaires,  #1Percent, Plus Huge  #Corporations, Takes Money From  #MiddleClass,  #Poor, Sacrifices  #Medicaid,  #Medicare,  #SocialSecurity

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