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GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS December 15, 2006 6:03 AM

Hi everyone,

Good news - First off, if you read my post on another group, thank you so so much for all your prayers and support for Macy! It must have worked because we have received many mixed blessings today and this evening. Macy is doing much better. I took her to the doctor and he wants to give the oral antibiotics a couple more days to work so we are hopeful. Macy seems to be feeling a bit better so I am thrilled. I can't thank you all enough for your prayers and Macy wants me to say thank you from her

Good news: I was contacted by a lady locally stating that she had heard a little prayer for me ??? and offered me a job. It doesn't pay a lot but enough to catch up on my house payment which has become a SERIOUS worry and have a little left over to live on. Also, I would have transportation to and from as another worker has agreed to pick me up and bring me home. Even better, it is a job that I can advance in and be able to provide for ourselves.

Bad news - It is a job that requires me to work out of the home and have care for Macy (if you are not familar with my situation, please see my profile for info). I can't work from home.

Good news - She told me about a Christian school in the area which is wonderful with chidren like Macy and is also a very good environment. They have strict policy on teasing, bullying and being hurtful towards others so no more being made fun of, no more being teased or bullied and no more hurt feelings. More wonderful, they have a play area with not only the normal playground equipment, but equipment that is made for disabled chidren like Macy and also a kitchen/playhouse for children that are unable to walk. This means Macy would have children to play with without having to be able to run, climb etc. Plus it provides a lesson plan from scripture and prayer which I really like.

Bad news - I really need some help with a bit of research on the web as I am finding it hard with macy's situation, to get online enough to really research and find any resources. The school costs $300 to start (for books, curriculum and first month tuition) plus $130 a month thereafter. I need to try and find a program, grant etc. that would cover this until I am working good and then I can handle it myself. It would be around $1170 total for an entire year as they are out as the public schools for summer and breaks. They are accredited and have assistance that Macy needs to be able to be in a social environment. They provide transportation, helpful services etc for disabled children and just an overall blessing for children that have physical disabilities. Macy loved school and was a strait A honoroll student but she has lost her spirit having to be homeschooled and wants to return to school so bad. She misses having other children around to play with. I called the school but they have no grants or programs available and is not aware of any at the time. I know there has to be something and  I need something fast. This job is nothing short of a miracle and if I do not take it and remain out of work much longer, they are going to forclose on my home.

You all have done so much for me with prayers support friendship and all, that I hate to ask for anything more but I was wondering if you all could pool your ideas and resources and post them here. I have until next friday to find a way and I will start work on Monday morning, if I can get her into this school. I am sorry to ask anything else from you but thought if anyone had a few extra minutes on their hands, they may be able to help me search online for some type of grant or social resource that woud pay for something like this. I am certainly not trying to take advantage of the system, taxpayer's or anything like that and will be able to pay for it myself once I am working well but just to start out. I am not sure if there are such things as a federal grant for disabled students like the state has to pay for the students in the deaf school or the blind but if there is, I can't find it. I have simply been told by the board of education that since they provide special ed in public schools, that there is no resources available for other special schools for children with such disabilities.

The thing is and always has been, that here, if you deem a child in need of "special ed", they place the child in a room with children that has an array of mental and physical problems however they are all taught at the same level as the children with learning disabilities and therefore do not receive an education at their regular grade level. They are not challenged so they can grow to their full potential. They are disadvantaged. On top of this, because Macy has no learning disabilities, she was not considered severe enough to be deemed in need of special education therefore was simply placed as a 501 which means that she is mentally able and required, to attend regular classes, but the only benefit is that she is able to receive PT at school.

I need this so badly. I hate having to depend on someone and not being able to provide for my family and trying to find work from home is impossible. I feel so helpless and I know Macy is missing the one ounce of the normal life she had in school. So folks please let me know if you have any ideas, suggestions or if you research and find anything. Please pray because I finally have one opportunity to get out of this cycle of depending on others and I need it badly.

I need a miracle here, now more than ever, so please pass this on as well.

PS:I am so glad to see that many are getting adopted. Please include in your prayers that if the lord sees to this need of mine, I will vow to give all I have extra to  [ send green star]  [ accepted]

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