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Hi September 20, 2006 12:41 PM

This is not an easy thing for a mother to write, but I have no were else to turn, nor do I know what else to do but turn to the public. I have been through every legal channel that there is, and the legal system has failed to protect my daughter, so I ask you to please read about my dilemma and see if maybe you can help us.
Back in 2004, my daughter's father, who is NOT an American citizen won custody of our daughter, of course I was not happy, in fact I was traumatized that the judge that gave him custody was also the same judge that granted me a Personl Protection Order against this man for brutally beating me up. Scared for my daughter's safety, I went to legal aid and retained an attorney, who took my case to the court of Appeals and I won over throwing the judge's decision. The custody case was order to be heard in front of another judge.
In the mean time, the courts granted joint custody between the two of us, and then my worse fear start. I started to notice bruises that where not normal all over my daughters body, from her thighs, back of her legs, to her lower back, but the most concerning ones where the ones around her ankles, that resembled rope marks. Then my daughter started complaining about owies in her private area, so I took her into the Emergency Room, thinking that it was from a diaper rash, or yeast infection, but I found out that she had been Sexually abused. As her mother I was devistated, Child Protective Services and the State Police where called, I then gave CPS copies of pictures and police reports from the physical abuse as well. All visitation with her father where stopped for about a month while an investigation took place, and bleieve or not CPS decided that there was not a sufficient preponderance of evidence, and closed the case. I was shocked, as where the state police, but I was sure that the new judge would look at all the evidence I had containing reports from CPS, DeVos child Protection Team, family doctor, and from the police, there was also pictures both from the sexual and physical abuse, and all the evidence I had substantiated that the sexual and physical abuse had taken place. I thought that the court proceedings were going good, that is until the judge gave his decision and for some sick reason, the judge granted my daughter's abuser, her own father custody. The judge's reason for this was because of Cultrual Indifference and the fact that I have Bi-Polar, now how in the hell is that worse then sexual and physical abuse? That is what I wanted to scream out at the judge.
Now hopefully you can understand what I am up against, everyone that legally was suppose to protect my daughter, has failed her, and I do not know what else to do, but to trun to the public, and ask for everyone to stand with me in my fight to protect my 4 year old little girl. If you can get people to listen, then maybe I can get the attention of all the News Media's and News Papers around the U.S., who will then get the attention of someone with higher power in the legal system that can bring my daughter home, were she can be safe. I can not afford a powerful attorney and legal aid will not go any farther, so I ask everyone that reads this to re-post this and pass it on to your friends and ask them to pass it on to their friends and so on, then maybe it will reach millions of people and reach the right people. But no matter what, I need everyone that is willing to get involved in some way or another, stand with me, so I beg you to please help.
I have posted some of the reports in my profile under my pics, so that everyone can read them, to understand what I am saying about the evidence that I have.
Here is my e-mail address ( ), please feel free to e-mail me if you have any suggestions, leagl pull or advice, or you are just willing to stand with in my fight to protect my daughter.
So many children fall through the cracks of Michigans legal system that is suppose to protect them, something really needs to be done, and not just for my child, but for all the children out there.
Thank you for reading this,

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