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Thomas Panto

"Not to waste my lifetime"

Gaffney, SC, USA
male, age 72
Free Lance Technical
Speaks: English, Hungarian
Joined Jun 17, 2004

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It is not the childrens fault which language they speak, which flag they salute, or which stone god they now worship. It was done to them the same way it was done to their parents.

Children do NOT have to grow up to act like junk yard dogs. We don't need bigger promises of ''heaven'' and bigger threats of ''hell''... we don't need stronger pills, bigger lies,  more distractions, or bigger and better jails.

Only the Truth can teach children to admire and respect the Fragile Life on this rare planet.

We are on this planet to FEED the future of Creation, NOT to eat it.

Invaded Minds

Saturday Cartoons :
Empires need SOLDIERS and SLAVES.
And so our TV's are LIARS, teaching children to be Teenaged Mutant Ninja Power Ranger Batmans... teaching children to use DEADLY PHYSICAL FORCE, ILLUSION and DECEPTION to peddle GREED for OWNERSHIP and CONTROL over Life, peddling products, pills, preachers and proliferations to each other and stealing what they want from others, using a lynch mob mentality.

But Life on earth is NOT a battle BETWEEN living things.
This Earth is a COOPERATION of Living Things.
Nations and religions are NOT ALIVE.
Their priorities are NOT those of Living Things.
This Universe has CHALLENGED you to LIVE.

Empires train the children to LABOR and MURDER for THEM, at the EXPENSE of Life.
WE are NOT cold, dead nations and cold dead religions.
We are Living Things !

Defend your children from the empty promises, cartoons and  LIES.

If a foreign power built military bases in your town, installed a government, distributed weapons, and dispatched their soldiers to murder your people, then what would you do to defend your town ?

George W. Bush lied, invaded and murdered to rob.

When a ''surge'' is roaming your streets, killing the last remaining ''democrats'',
does that mean that the ''surge'' is ''successful''?

Is ''Winning'' when we murder all the people who wish to remain free of us ?

In our towns, do we measure ''success'' by the numbers Murdered ?
Is it ''success'' when we murder the defenders of Iraq ?

Bullets ''win'' nothing.
War is another word for Greed.
Bullets take Lives.
Bullets take freedom.

Which president or priest is NOT a ''Child Abuser'' ?
Who uses you to build their empire?
Who teaches you to Curse, Invade and Kill Life for them ?
Who uses your time, labor, money and life to build bases and factories overseas?

Is ours a government for the people ?
 Or for their slavery of People?

I Live to Elevate the Future of Life.
Whether we are Dis-Respecting our pets,
 or the native American Indians,
 or the Viet-Namese rice farmers,
 or the citizens of Iraq,
 or dis-respecting the potential of our children,
  it is the same Crime against Creation.

.For The Children.
 Save our next generation : 

War over Lies

I labor every day...
  to stop my government from FUNDING and ARMING the political and religious murders around the world.
$Billion$ in weapons and lies are being distributed around the world by ''my'' government each year.
We must all do what we can to stop them.
Each in our own way.

.For The Adults.
 Educate Our Generation : One_Beginning/Miracle.html


Momma Knew It : 

Its YOUR MIND, not theirs :  




Thank God : 

Recommended Group :
Recommended Group :

 Quote:  "Politics? Religion ? A choice between two evils is still evil." 

There is no separation between ''church'' and ''state''...
Nations and religions are BELIEFS. They are LIES made of MERE WORDS.
Living Things are made of PURE TRUTH.
Living Things BELONG on the earth. Nations and religions DO NOT.

No Human Child was BORN divided from us by ''nationality'' or ''religions'',
 this prejudice against Human Life was inflicted upon our Human Children by
  the greedy rulers of local territories and the greedy preachers of religious cults.

                                   Pledged, allegianced, indoctrinated

       "A ruler is powerless without training followers to enforce their rules and do their Labor.
        To prevent adults from educating them, RULERS will teach your children to be stupid.
        If your ruler teaches your children but does not listen to you, then you are powerless. 
        What good is a masters degree if children are told that their life's mission is greed ? 

        Life was created to look, see, think, learn, educate and lead, not salute and obey. 
        Security is not the product of LIMITATION to one ruler, one preacher, or one spouse. 
        ISOLATION creates the FEAR of Losing the ONE that has MADE us their DEPENDANT.

        We were not born LIMITED to one language, one nation or one religion. It was DONE to us.
        It is our responsibility to replace the lies of our rulers with the Truth. 
        Our Insecurity was produced by the national and religious LIMITS imposed by rulers.

        Human Happiness comes from sharing our time and our wisdom.  
        Our isolation from each other has been serving only our rulers. 

        There is no separation of church and state. Beliefs are Not Truth.
        There is a separation of citizens from their Human Life.
        We were not born to salute flags and worship stones. 
        We were each born to escape the ignorance of the past. 
        We were born to share our accumulating wisdom and elevate the future of Life.
        We were not born to consume the earth to build killing machines.
        We were not born to be the obedient patriots to flags or worshipers of stone gods.
        LIFE is The TRUTH, The GOOD, and The LAW. Rulers depend on the ENFORCEMENT of LIES.
        There will be no peace while we kill and die to defend the LIES of presidents and priests.

     Are We Cannibals ?

you do not limit yourself to the borders of recently fabricated nations, or the walls of recently fabricated cathederals, then you liberate yourself and are free to walk the entire earth, with no feuding foreigners or patriots to flags, with no feuding believers and non-believers, no enemies, no predators or prey, just relatives exactly like yourself.

When we teach our children to use "our guns" to resolve
our confusions, then we are responsible for thier deeds against Life.
There are no physical solutions to Humanity's Mental Problems.

Life is made of Truth. Truth Sustains Life. Words are not Truth.
The peddlers of Mere Words consume life to defend their lies.

Everyone that we curse, condemn and murder has a family.
We can not kill our way to wisdom, or to its peace.
The wisdom of the world, carried by others, is our own salvation.

Others will complete our understanding of Life on Earth..
.. IF we let them live, and help them to grow with us,
 and not in spite of us.

- Thomas

My Friends,
If you agree that the following graphic is important, then please add it to your care2 profile page so that visitors to your page may spend a moment thinking about it.


Thank You, - Thomas T. Panto

Never To Know Him

    Never To Know Him
 I'm making a web page called ''Love Letters Never Shared''.
 It is about the parents and children waiting back home,
 and the soldiers who will never again be what they once were.
 Please share any links to stories, images, or graphics, reflecting these moments and sentiments.
Lost Letters Never Shared
Thank you
- Thomas

 The Homework :   The Human Experiment
 The Recent :  Ship_Of_Dreams
 The New Group : 


History:  I am a military veteran of Viet-Nam... Forgive me.
He Survived My Attack

There is PEACE in Viet-Nam today because those innocent rice farmers are not listening to OUR LIES.

WE TOLD THEM that ''capitolism'' was ''good'' and WE TOLD them that ''communism'' was ''bad'' and WE TOLD them to pick up OUR GUNS and MURDER each other for OUR POLITICS, or else WE would shoot them for ''Treason''.
Millions were murdered for OUR GREED to build missile silos.

WE were the EVIL in Viet-Nam.. as WE are now the EVIL in Iraq. 

Forgive your children, they know not what they do.... just following orders.... like I was fool enough to do when I was too young to know that I had been LIED TO by the industrial military regime occupying Washington.
                                                      - Thomas T. Panto

Who Are They

Dead Bodies Don't Lie
To know who the terrorists have been in the middle east ...
... just COUNT the DEAD BODIES.

Those are OUR TANKS that the children have been throwing their rocks at.
Life against the Empirical Machines

 OUR weapons have murdered MILLIONS since 1948.
Those Dead Bodies Don't Lie.

..........'' Hi Kids.....
 Become a Teenage Mutant Ninja Power Ranger and zap those Aliens. ''

We are training KINDERGARTEN kids to be 'insurgents' and 'terrorists'...MURDERERS.

WE are currently firing munitions into buildings and murdering innocent people.

Forgive your children, but not their ''teachers''.
( the deregulated, chemical, biological, military dictatorship that OWNS America, OWNS your once free media, and OWNS you, your property and your children. )

Share Your Observations, Anyway !

Some frustrated, broken people, will cuss the sky, kick their furnature, and screem incoherantly at their walls, and it is only the bravest of us who would approach a source of misdirected, chaotic, random hate.

We are all frustrated with the way this nation is treating it's children, but cursing at the world will not elevate the children above the propaganda.

To escape the chaos of darkness takes light and those who refuse to look can not be saved.

Help the willing.
Time will clean the earth of those who had to be left behind.

Share your observations Anyway.
    While you can speak, it is never to late.

My Dear Fellow Humans,
It is up to YOU to SHARE this page with those you Love.
( Try to Love Everyone , Everywhere )
Even more important, Share Wisdom with those you don't Love.
We must Elevate Humanity from the bottom, because it only takes one act of violent ignorance, to burn down the house that took our Love a lifetime to build.

If the earth and life is to be saved, it will saved by YOU, teaching your children to Love the world.
                                                                  - Thomas T. Panto

 It's Time to Vote for Peace 2008.

The OWNERS are building factories overseas where they proliferated weapons and operatives and created WAR and POVERTY to make LABOR dirt cheap, so they can steal raw materials. They don't need Mexicans HERE anymore... they want YOU to pick the cotton and carry the rifles overseas and protect the operations that THEY OWN in the same way they OWN YOU.... What the OWNERS of America have been doing overseas is what they are doing to the people HERE... Creating CONFLICT, POVERTY, and GREED by STEALING your Time, Labor, Money, Life, and the lives of your Children to build what THEY OWN.

Know thy Enemy.

Isn't it interesting that in a 17 TRILLION dollar economy ( slavery), you live in POVERTY ?

There are 300 million Americans in this 17 TRILLION dollar annual economy.

Do the Math.

Slavery is now an American INSTITUTION.

A Quick Note:
Kids are too young to defend themselves from the lies of our Rulers.
Here is a graphic image of what the Rulers of territories want OUR CHILDREN to Aspire to become :

Ask parents everywhere, if this is what they want their children to be.

1. Reported Suicide rate for US Soldiers is 18 per day ( 6500~ year.)
2. Reported Suicide rate for USA TEENS is 9 per day ( 3200+ per year. )
3. Teen Suicide is the 4th leading cause of teen death in America.
4. Total USA Suicides this Year = 32,000+

The Children can FEEL that they were LIED TO about WHY Life is Alive.
Only the Smartest Children, the most compassionate, will comit their suicide rather than participate in the LIES.
Those who refuse to harm and murder Life are NOT ''Traitors'' and ''Cowards'',
 they are the bravest of us all and the most deserving of Life.

Who will tell these kids the Truth about Life, embrace them, and save them ?

? The ARMY ?!!!
  To the army they are warm bodies and cannon fodder.

? Preachers ?!!!
  To preachers they are ''born sinners'', ''pornography'' and ''destined to hell''.

Only YOU can save the Children from these ruling evils.

Buyer Beware
- The Truth is only in the Fine Print

Professional liars are the Highest paid people in the world.

No one pays Humans to Love Life, to teach their children, and to care for flowers, pets, earth and sky.

We labor for the LOVE of LIFE. Priceless.

The deregulated corporate military suppliers, now occupying our Washington, are NOT ALIVE. Their priorities are not those of LIVING THINGS.

They don't feed you, they FEED off of YOU. They PAY you to ''Spay'' and ''Neuter'' yourself. You pull their ''plows''. You build the wealth that THEY OWN.

The OWNERS of the slaves get rich by selling OUR EARTH and selling OUR LABOR while feeding us flavored bread and water, and making promises of ''heaven''  for obedience, and making threats of ''hell'' and CREATING our poverty if we dare to be FREE of them.

The Humans MEAN WELL, when they repeat the words they were told by their OWNERS.
Parents and Children don't know that someone was PAID to LIE.
Long before the invention of Mere Words and Liars, for millions of successful years we have been TEACHING the future of LIFE about LIVING THINGS.
Not about the needs of empires.

WORDS are NOT TRUTH. ONLY the LIFE on the earth is TRUTH.

Life now lives on a tiny planet that is divided and dying in a War of Mere Words between PAYED LIARS.
I will not repeat the lies of salemen.
The world is my teacher.
 The Living is My Brother.
I will continue to write the TRUTH of LIFE until I reach the 6 billion People living trapped inside the cannibalistic borders and cannibalistic beliefs constructed of LIES.

I will die having LIVED as free as is possible on this planet riddled with borders and beliefs, construct of mere words by liars and guarded by their obedient followers. 
                                                               But that's just me.

War over Lies

We GIVE LIFE to Children. WHO is teaching them to STEAL IT ?


Today, In this world of Guns, Competition and Greed, WHERE is Life Safe ?

There was a Time....

Are POSSESSIONS worth the price we have paid ?
While we are teaching innocent children to OWN the Earth...
Is any Living Thing Safe from US ?

Born Loving Life

We are born Loving Life.
Defend your children from those who demand LESS of them... or be left here only able to Love your PETS.. those JOYOUS uncorrupted LIVING TRUTHes that we all wish that we, and our children, COULD BE, if not for the TRAINING , this war of mere words between the liars of nations, and between the liars of religions, each willing to curse and murder Life to defend nothing more than the Lies they were told to believe by omnipotent rulers of territories and congregations.

Only when you are saving LIFE, are you SAVING TRUTH.
Love your children in the same way that you love your PETS... for the magnificent and fragile Life that they actually are.
Bless God... not the Lying Rulers seeking obedient slaves.

       This is Your Time
        This is Your Time, 
        Your chance to Create
        the future that Life actually Wants.
       Do Good Deeds
       Don't Waste a Minute


My Friends,
I have written a page that I would like translated into many languages and shared across the world.

Help if you can.

    - Thomas T. Panto

video: Easy To Be Hard



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Make it illegal for the food industry to TELL the FDA what to TELL you to eat.
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