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Yu Jun T.

Seng Kang, Compassvalewalk, Singapore
Speaks: English as a 2nd Language, chinese - mandarin
Joined Jul 28, 2008

My Page Billboard

The day takes me to the sea,
Waiting there for me to see,
Is a Dolphin leaping for joy;
As promised I have come.
I leap for joy and into the sea,
And follow along in its wake.
One jump, two, three, and four,
Down, down, we go to the sea floor.
We chase, we play tag, my what fun!
We chase again through the caves,
I still follow anxious to see,
What I am shown, deep beneath the sea.
The chase is nearing its end,
The sun above, sparkles on the water,
The azure bonds before me,
That is the sky; and
The emerald green of a beautiful sea.
The time is ending for us,
But on the morning sun,
I will come for the fun.
The night breaks into day, I awake.





What do I my eyes see, jumping in the sea?
Graceful, elegance, beauty, and gray.
The Dolphin is leaping for joy;
Through the crystal, shimmering waves.
As if airborne, it leaps way up high,
The wondrous movement of it body,
A real feast of artistry.
It seems to glide as it leaps,
Effortlessly through the swirling sea.
What brilliance and beauty before me!
The intelligent, playful look of the eyes,
So that I find myself becoming;
This glorious, magnificent creature,
That frolics and leaps about the sea.
Never before have I ever seen,
Such a wondrous sight before me,
Night falls softly, and closes the day.



A Dolphin's Woe

Up comes his tail,
from the glistening wave
Surfing and swimming in the crest
trying to behave

His mother had warned him
not to wander too far
that the ocean was filled
with many things that can scar

But he did not listen
he wanted to play
so he swam through the ocean
all the night and the day

He was unaware of the danger
that lay just ahead
until it was to late
he was filled with such dread

He was caught in a net
he didn't know what to do
He was scared for his life
and his mother's too

He screamed and he echoed
he tossed and he turned
The more that he moved
the more he was doomed

Then all of a sudden
he knew he was saved
His savior had arrived
and he knew to be brave

She was so beautiful
a creature that was so rare
It was a glorious mermaid
come to show him sweet care

She removed a large shell
from her gorgeous blonde hair
And started to cut and saw
at the net that was there

At last he was free
never to wander again
to remember his mother
and the words she had said

The dolphin was grateful
For the love she had shown
He knew he was lucky
And he would never be alone

The mermaid led the way
to the place he wanted to be
he knew he was safe
and would continue to be free

They swam away together
being careful not to roam
He knew where she was going
to his mother...his home.



Dolphins Dream

Dolphins Dream of living free,
not in a cage for the world to see.

Dolphins Dream of the big blue ocean,
not of being sick from so little motion.

Dolphins Dream of jumping high,
not of wondering "Why can't I"

Dolphins Dream, so let them be.
Dolphins Dream of being FREE!



Magical Creatures

The ocean is vast, so wonderous and wide,
it holds many magical creatures inside.
The most magical is the DOLPHIN it seems,
their joyous spirit glows and gleams.
Swimming for joy, both far and near,
they'll sing their song for all to hear.
Come join the pod and have some fun,
part of the group, never more then one!



Dolphin Dance

DOLPHINS dance and DOLPHINS shimmer,
see their spirit grow and glimmer.
Swim on DOLPHIN, reach the top,
never look back and never stop.
The sea is calling, so dive on in,
wave that tail and raise that fin.
Give a jump for fun and glee,
then get on up and dance with me!




By Diane Morrison

One dolphin.
One silver shadow.
A blade that cuts the ocean
Without a ripple.

Another dolphin.
Another silver blade.
Gliding through the sea-jewel
Not leaving a scratch.

Now the blade joins the shadow.
The blade is the shadow, the shadow, the blade.
They smile, laugh, and swim together,
And the ocean glimmers with the sun.

One giant leap together,
And the shadows are gone.
The shadows like the blades
That laugh.


Robert Lowell - Dolphin

My Dolphin, you only guide me by surprise,a captive as Racine, the man of craft,drawn through his maze of iron compositionby the incomparable wandering voice of Phèdre.When I was troubled in mind, you made for my bodycaught in its hangman's-knot of sinking lines,the glassy bowing and scraping of my will. . . .I have sat and listened to too manywords of the collaborating muse,and plotted perhaps too freely with my life,not avoiding injury to others,not avoiding injury to myself--to ask compassion . . . this book, half fiction,an eelnet made by man for the eel fighting


In the Pasture
By: Erin Ellert)

Horses run and run
In the pasture
Manes flowing
Tail trailing behind them
Sweat glistening their coats

Stallions gallop around,
Keeping track of their mares
Foals bucking and playing
Mares graze softly
In the pasture

And when their time ends
They will go
In the pasture
In the sky

As many know
Horses will gallop
Into our hearts


The Canyon Horses
By: Laura

A wild herd is running by,
       With a stallion in the lead,
       Thrusting their arched necks into the sky,
       And cantering at amazing speed.
       A herd of canyon horses,
       A wild and beautiful pack,
       Their pounding feet forces,
       The crumbling rocks to crack.
       After watching them for hours,
       A great surprise I did gain,
       For standing under a mare,
       Was a colt with a curly mane.



The Horse's Prayer:'(

To thee, my master, I offer my prayer.

Feed me, water and care for me,
and, when the day's work is done, provide me with
shelter, a clean, dry bed and
a stall wide enough for me to lie down in comfort.

Always be kind to me.
Your voice often means as much to me as the reins.
Pet me sometimes, that I may serve you the more
gladly and learn to love you.

Do not jerk the reins, and do not whip me when going uphill.
Never strike, beat, or kick me
when I do not understand what you want,
but give me a chance to understand you.
Watch me, and if I fail to do your bidding,
see if something is not wrong with my harness or feet.

Do not check me so that I cannot have free use of my head.
If you insist that I wear blinders,
so that I cannot see behind me as it was intended I should,
I pray you be careful that the blinders stand well out of my eyes.

Do not overload me,
or hitch me where water will drip on me.

Keep me well shod.

Examine my teeth when I do not eat; I may have an ulcerated tooth,
and that, you know, is very painful.

Do not tie my head in an unnatural position,
or take away my best defense against flies and
mosquitoes by cutting off my tail.

I cannot tell you when I am thirsty,
so give me clean, cool water often.

Save me, by all means in your power
from that fatal disease - ganders.

I cannot tell you in words when I am sick,
so watch me, that by signs you may know my condition.

Give me all possible shelter from the hot sun,
and put a blanket on me, not when I am working,
but when I am standing in the cold.
Never put a frosty bit in my mouth;
first warm it by holding it a moment in your hands.

I try to carry you and your burden without a murmur,
and wait patiently for you long hours of the day or night.

Without the power to choose my shoes or path,
I sometimes fall on hard pavement which I have often prayer
might not be of wood but of
such a nature as to give me safe and sure footing.

Remember that I must be ready at any moment
to lose my life in your service.

And finally, OH MY MASTER,
when my useful strength is gone,
do not turn me out to starve or freeze,
or sell me to some cruel owner,
to be slowly tortured and starved to death;

but do thou, My Master, take my life in the kindest ways,
and your God will reward you here and hereafter.

You will not consider me irreverent if I ask this
in the name of HIM who was born in a stable.




First True Love

Apprehensive I came down to you,

Slipped your halter o'er ears so tall

You gobbled up your treat, I slipped the billet through,

the brass buckle on your headstall.

You nudged my shoulder seeking grain,

I tied you in the aisle,

You bumped me gently once again,

I groomed you for awhile.

Carefully I checked your tack,

Flip your reins o'er your neck,

Your saddle snug upon your back,

and then I pause for just a "sec".

I see your nose and brilliant eye,

Your forelock tossed into the sky,

Along your back, my eyes do fly,

'till they've seen from jaw to shining thigh.

And then all at once I'm up,

Cautious in my manner,

For with the slightest "giddy-up"

You'll fly from my hand like a wind-whipped banner.

We slowly walk around the ring,

'till the circles make us tire,

But it is such a splendid thing,

To at last be astride your blazing fire,

Now I urge you to a trot,

Dreaming of the time,

When we'll reach all that we've sought,

Just one moment in the lime.

In a blur our magical ride is done,

I pat you a gentle goodbye,

Instead of galloping down the field at a headlong breakneck run,

You look me squarely in the eye.

Promising the rides to come,

Promising my bliss,

Telling me we both have won,

The key to each others happiness.

Years later from that memorable day,

You've now run the Scottsdale floor,

I watch you old and slow and grey,

And I know I love you even more.

By: Ariel Holman


Forever Free

Of all the things I've ever seen,
Of all the dreams I've ever dreamed,
The finest sight that's come to me,
White horses wild beside the sea

They ran across the trackless sand
In that remote, forgotten land,
And in their running they were free
Beside the boundless, unchained sea.

They raced the first light of the day
And surged across a shallow bay
To feed at ease in grassy plains
With wind alone to groom their manes.

No barn or stable was their home.
No one could govern where they roamed.
They galloped on the fenceless tracts
With no ones burden on their backs.

And each swift horse was nature's child
At home on land forever wild,
And each wild horse was meant to be
At home on land forever free.


 Silent Night

Silent Night...Lonely Night-no longer!
(A poem by the DFHR Horse rescue of New England)

It was dark in the barn at the end of the day. Beside his prod dam a newborn foal lay. The mare she stood and bowed down her head, the foal tried to listen to the words that she said. Her words were too soft for his small ears to hear, He struggled to his feet and she drew him near. "Mama, I am not sleepy, I want to have fun. I want to run with the others and lay in the sun." "Hush, little one, this is the time that we pray, for those who suffer at the end of the day."

"Dear Lord, we are thankful for all we receive, the world's not as hard a place as we once believed. No longer must we hunger, shiver or thirst, our needs are now met, our ills are now nursed. But there are too many horses, unfortunate still, who survive every day, through force of sheer will. They never are petted, pampered or brushed, Have never had a human in which they could trust. No blankets, no turnouts, no time just for play, and Lord how they suffer at the end of the day."

"No child to whisper soft words in their ear, no owner that comforts when they know fear. No soft hands to pet them on neck and on back, good food and warm shelters not all that they lack. They get no attention when they are not well, locked in their stalls filled with filth, they already know Hell. Often beaten and starved they hang down their head, to wait sweet release that only comes when they're dead. They get no soft bedding on which to lay, little food and no love at the end of the day."

The foal's eyes they widened with fear and concern. The mare nuzzled him gently and licked him in turn. "My son, do not worry, you'll never know hunger. You're days will be secure and filled up with wonder. Not long ago I was one of those suffering, deeply in pain, no kindness, no soft words, no shelter from rain. Before you were born our rescuers arrived, and I knew when you came that you'd surely thrive. Sleep now, my child, our Angels are near," softly she neighed, "and know we truly are thankful at the end of the day!"



I Take Responsibility For The Horse Within

I will see that he has every day,
plenty of clean water and good hay.
Shelter from cold, wind and rain
and the ration he needs daily of grain
I'll see to his need for play and exercise.
and Love him, for that is the bind that ties.
I’ll teach him and I promise to learn
His trust in me, I’ll take time to earn.

He’ll not be just a toy that I can afford,
that I forget, except to pay board.
I’ll see to his needs day in and day out,
not leaving him in his stall to sulk and pout.

I know that I own him but he too owns me,
I’m responsible to keep him happy and healthy.
He is not a burden, but a lifelong friend.
Not one I’ll abandon when his life nears its end.

It was my choice, not his, to have a horse
From that choice his life should be better, not worse.
I’ll not ship him off when he’s too old to ride,
finding excuses and reasons behind which to hide.

Like marriage it was meant to last, not end in divorce.
For that divorce often means the death of the horse.
It is more like a child, the purchase a birth,
a being to care for, a life that has worth.

I acknowledge this commitment with honor and pride,
I’ll care for this horse, he’s not just something to ride.
If the day ever comes, when my promise I can’t fulfill,
I’ll see that he is placed with someone who will.


Return to Me

Submitted by: Stephanie Oliphant

I don't know where you are right now
Or who is riding you
I can only hope that you'll be back
After your trial is through
I realize now that I took for granted
The time we had together
If only you come back to me
This time will be even better
I won't tack you up and ride you
As if you will be there every day
I will savor every moment with you
I will love you more than words can say
As I think of every memory
I feel the tears well up in my eyes
Because you might never come back
And you are my one true prize
I can't stand this too much longer
I need to know very soon
Will you be coming back?
Or does my waiting make me a buffoon?
It would be hard to live without you
It's been tough enough so far
It hurts me to look into your stall
And see another horse behind those bars
I'll never forget our first and only show together
And the way we came out beaming with a blue
And how well you did in the trail class
I was and still am so very proud of you
I always did my absolute best
To groom you and keep you clean
I constantly made sure you were comfortable
And I tried never to be mean
If you come back you will never be alone
I'll be with you almost every day
You will once again be my top priority
My world will revolve around you in every way
But if you happen to be bought
And not return to me
I want you to know that I love you
And in my heart you'll always be

My Little Buckskin

Submitted by: Paula

When you came into my heart you were just a child,
My 2 year old filly was untrained and wild.
With some grooming and care, training and tlc,
My love for you grew greater, as you began to love me.
When you’re in need, I am and will always be there,
Just to prove my trust is true and to say that I care.
All I do is look at your face and I can see what you say,
Whether it's hello, I am doing fine, or I don't feel so good today.
Its amazing what I can tell you, any secret is safe with you,
I know you'd NEVER betray me, like my most my friends would do.
You're faithful, loyal, caring and sweet
You take a bow, and lift your leg just for a treat!
I can wait for hours for a friend to call
But there's my sweet loving horse waiting for me in her stall.
My little buckskin horse is more valuable to me than gold,
I will never give her up, I'll watch her get gray and old.
And when her time comes to say good-bye,
I'll just have the memories of us to carry inside.
'Cause I love my horse with all my heart,
And our wild hearts can never be split apart.


My Horse

(Submitted by: Serena, age 11)

My horse she has a gleaming coat,

And she frolics with her friends and colt.

My horse is a palomino paint,

Though her whinny is a little faint,

She's still graceful and she's quaint.

She holds her head up when she prances,

And when she runs it looks like she dances.

When I ride her if fells like were flying,

But when she's hurt I fell like dying.

We are a pare my horse and me,

And when she blind and can not see,

I'll always know that she still loves me


A Horse Once Loved:'(

I used to be a happy horse
A family nice and true
My owner came and said to me
"You know, I really love you"

I was always hayed and fed
and before each night was done
she came along and kissed my nose
and tucked me in for bed

The days and weeks went by
and less of her I saw
"I wonder where she went" I thought
"Why's she not here by my side?"

I was hungry, cold and weak
I hadn't been feed in days
all I could do was shiver and stare
and think and hope and pray

The weeks turned into months
my ribs showed through my skin
I was getting weaker by the second
Very thin

I am taking my last breath now
being looked out for by a dove
I now am a lifeless horse
A horse who once was loved.

-The Wild Herd-

A horse with a coat
of night sky black
and a soul of purest white,
his spirit one of wild stallions' fire.
He rules the planes,
his herd the strongest,
with mares aplenty,
and their foals of the wildest blood.
And as the herd runs, their spirits fly,
as they glide over the grassy planes,
and leave everything behind-
as they fly free



The earth crumbles at the beat of his hooves.
The tall grasses bow down as Equus runs by with awesome speed.
His glossy coat and long, flowing mane glisten as the summer sun beams down upon him.
He shows grace, speed and stamina.
His head held high, his neck arched slightly.
Every muscle is well defined. He is a sight to behold.
My eyes once feasted upon this creature.
I awed at his beauty and envied his pride.
He stopped for a moment, nothing more, nothing less.
He looked me in the eye and said, "Follow me, destiny."


By: Rene Tiffin
(dedicated to my Arab mare, Ginger, who had the most mysterious, wild eyes I have ever seen)

As you galloped and bucked,
I stood hopelessly with the lead shank in hand,
you would stop and stand.
But no.
Your sleek Arab legs churned as you ran and ran,
Giving me no hope of catching you.
I consider leaving and driving away in the van,
For I didn't think I could tame this wild mare.
Then I look you in the eye.
You spun and galloped towards me.
I thought I was about to die.
But you slid to a stop, just yards away.
Hooves pawed the ground and your whinny would sound.
A speckled mane shook as you snorted.
Such wild threats, but I held my ground.
The spirited look in your dark eyes captured me.
I suddenly understood you.
You weren't crazy and dangerous,
Just begging for someone to give you understanding, but who?
The wranglers bullied you.
You struck out in fear.
But be afraid no more!
Its okay, baby, I'm here.
I took you home, I wouldn't hurt you.
And I made sure you knew.
You read my mind on morning as I asked for a gallop
I felt your golden legs move as we ran in the dew.
Now you’re gone, never to come back.
No, it can't be!
I'll never forget that day I met you.
For it was those eyes that captured me....




I Am a Horse:'(

You can saddle me or bridle me
You can put a chain around my neck
You can laugh or dock my tail
But my spirit you'll never break.
I'm not a toy to be modeled for fashion
Nor a slave to your every whim
I am a horse, a creature of my own
Like you, I was made by Him.

I will not answer to your call
Yet I will be here until the end
I am not here to be your doll
I was made to be your friend.

I will not run away from you
Nor will I beg for reprieve
I was made to be your companion
So I never shall leave.

You can treat me like a slave
And perhaps you'll never know
That inside, I am something more
Then the horse on which you go.

You can chain me or starve me
Drive a whip into my sides
But you'll never get inside me
Where the angel spirit resides.

-- written by Kit --


Penash's Poem
(By: Rick Ringheim)

Like an angle she came from above
And even though she's not human,
she, my only true love.
We have seen each other through good and bad.
She can some how tell when I'm sad.
She makes turns dark in light,
And when you look at her there's no better sight.
I have always been there for her as she has for me,
And even though she a horse she holds the key.
The key to my heart, happiness, friendship and my trust
as time goes on she'll forever hold this key and our
friendship will never rust.

She is Penash and she is forever my best friend and as time goes on when were both gone. Me and her will be together forever.


Arabian Prince
(Submitted by: Courtney O.)

You seek a Arabian stallion in a desert,
He is a prince that is unknown to mankind.
Seems almost unreal, this Arabian prince,
The prince is a great fantasy of your mind.

His robes are a lovely bay coat,
His crown is a star upon his face.
His knights are his faithful herd,
His palace is in this desert place.

At night he wanders with his herd,
His eyes glitter under the starlit sky.
This Arabian prince fights a war,
He is trying to win, so he might die.

He battles the winds who try to capture him,
Just for his beauty in grace, but he is free.
As a foal he roamed the desert as he wished,
He is the Arabian prince, and so he will be.

As he rears and snorts loudly,
He warns the sky to flee.
For it doesn't know his power,
And says he will stay free.

His tail swishes his powerful flanks,
His long forelock covers his flaring eyes.
His mane lands on his elegant neck,
The prince has truly come from the skies.

So on the Arabian prince will rule,
Forever in the deserts he will stay.
You may see him in your dreams,
But never will you meet him someday.

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