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MareeCee D.

Brooklyn, NY, USA
female, age 119
single, 6 children
Speaks: french, English as a 2nd Language
Joined Apr 4, 2007

We are all connected & All things pass

Special of Sunday August the 8th, 2010 at 14:29 : )

Hello to you! 
Happy Sunday!!
I made my decision, I will move from Montreal and I can`t tell you when.  I am not going to USA.   Maybe one day.   I don`t know nothing or almost. 
It is not easy to write it, but Ce La Vie!

August 8, 2010 at 14:25 --

I will not earase my Page now, and I will not change my proflile now.   One thing at the time.

I will sent a card because you will all know that.

Thank you everyone, I will still be myself with some changes I can. 

Luv You...
Marie xx

Conny (spell check lol Dave)  Coney I think,,, but this is to me what I miss between so many other places we went together and we will go back yes, we will.  I love you and it is a hard day on this Wednesday, August the 4th, 2010.  The friend who came with me for my birthday just arrived here and she is drunk and told me that she was looking for me... don`t know why.  She talk to me but Ididn`t understand what she said.  Imagine... It is a tough life very today, but I can`t take her problems.  You know what it is.  She will stop drinking when she will want it... nobody can decide for her.  It is already 16:25 and all will stop in about 15 minutes.  Take care babe, and I know you are waiting for me.   All my true and pur love,
Your MareeCee forever, muahhhhhhhhhh etc only you...nobody will come in my life, never, it is you untill my end that I hope will never end lol...

another glorious day

Another glorious day from dk work!!!
The previous picture from a burka yes,  I will and some people are looking to find a someone to make a burka for me, how many discusses we had about it last night and this morning, oh la la,,, to me there is nothing religious not at all, this is only because I find a burka very feminine and I want to have crochet to not see my eyes.  It will be gorgeous.  I will tell you more.  Of course I will not take the plane for New York with it, they will arrest me laughing loud... am an extravagant woman and I never seen one werring the burga you can look at previous picture. 
It is raining cats and dogs again right now I will leave at 17:00 they close and if I don`t have my place I will leave at 16:00 .... Ciao babe all the show tonight plus bed and love at the highest as we use to do most of the time...
Ciao forever yours.

Allo, allo sweetheart, David, O darling, I missed ya so much yesterday, I was underground all day.  In 9 months I didn`t go!!  I was with my woman friend Katia, she is haitian!!  Pretty woman.  She was sure I will not make it.  I did!  It is cheeper than yellow cabs and more fun.  I bought another kindof suitcase ya know these to go go work... Now, I only have that to take with me each morning.   I found an american lawyer and it will be so much faster my return in Brooklyn NY USA... Love ya. I was late to write, don`t  have for long to come here...Bisous to you and rub a belly to fuzzybut and Yo to Mikes etc.  Ritual tonight, inside, shall we?  We shall.

Allo, allo darling Dave and who will pass here.  Monday, Monday...lallala  fiannally I had a very good night sleep and I am eating healthy, vegetarian.  I heard yesterday morning from a biologist that a woman where I am staying at the night shelter, ate tomato sandwich for 1 year and she was very healthy.  I will try it, starting today.   They always have tomatoes.   On the 9 I will have new glasses and I only have to go to the ophtalmologist tomorrow... and this is what I have to do for now.  I rent a storage 5` 7` so I went there yesterday I only have the yellow bag of Puritan`s Pride  with sands from the Brooklyn Beach... great memories David when you came to pick me up on the bus stop to go back home... You were on drugs again, but that was fine for me... I believe on me like Lennon, the title of the song God... a great song... I am atheist, not part of any religion but I have friends they are part of some but rare friends I have and it is the best way.  I smart enough hum, to take all my affairs by myself, I find what I need.  No need of interventions of nobody.  So I will be able to travel by subway, it is faster as you know laughing loud, lol.   Incredible... I am very healthy I am grateful for all I have.  Ciao baaaaaaaaaabe... Yours forever

Marie xx))OO  August 2nd, 2010 at 12:46.

Babe Dave, I will write you later, I am going back to Montreal, she did the same as usual she is going to find and apartment in Montreal, this is what she said, I have to phone back le chainon at 13:55 and hoping to have a bed there tonight.,, I know you understand all.  Johnny is not here and my bag with rollers is full no more place and etc... hope she will bring me in front of the library.
Yours forever Marie Pass etc Yo to Mikes and puttytat ritual etc
I finally slept untill noon.  But really high BP,,, muahhhhhhhhhhhhhh


The Door of My Heart

(1st person)

She came to the door of my heart
Gently rapping, but I kept on napping
I saw you there, but I stayed apart
When you came to the door of my heart

I saw your face from a cold and dark place
And I turned 'round so I wouldn't start
Another romance, one more broken chance
I could not go through that again

So I locked the door to keep out the pain
And I tried to erase that face
From my mind where it left it's haunting embrace
When you came to the door of my heart

(2nd person)

Only asking if someone was there
Is anyone home, did anyone care?
That I'm standing outside alone in the rain
It's not only you who's been hiding in pain
I too had my door locked shut
But I opened it up, I said so what?
I've been hurt too, but I'm still alive
Unlock your love and we both might survive
If we open the doors of our hearts
Won't you open the door to your heart?

Dave just asked me to copy and paste this song....

best-friend456.gif best friends image by mapa8

From my friend Larry M. at around 1:50...going to bed oh la la,, yes Dave, I come ine....

I finally had good time alone in the swimming pool, daughter bought me a baithing suit and it was gorgious with that sun no to hot, almost perfect weather, time to bed in a queen one and yes Dave will mmmmmmm with me... it is 1:41 on this last day of July, to me, it is the best one, it was hot hot hot but I survived with a big part the way many know I lived.  muahhhhhhhh Dave hurry,,, it is all ready, turn of the tv and bring the choclate and 2 bottles of water, the rest is there...
Finally, no time to get up

Good Night sweetheart Dave!!! I ll get install in a good chair to watch Letterman and The Late Late Show with Craig Fergusson.... luv ya and we will have enough room in the queen bed.... talk to you later if I dont fall assleep on the couch...muahhhhhhhhhh John visit + ya oh la la....mmmmmmm

Allo darling Dave!!  How sweet it is to be in a house the one from where I talked to you 9 months ago, from my daughter you met in Manhattan!!  Johnny will be here at 19:00 and Frederique later, she left to bring back the children where they supposed to go, 2 of her and 2 of Johnny.  I am in the basement and I was so delighted to watch Ellen DeGeneres Show... as I watched so many times with you in Brooklyn.  So tonight I have something she programed I asked, PBS and later Dave Letterman and Craig as we watched almost each night...I will sleep in the same queen bed, and will get up at the hour I want... I donot use to that laptop of my grand son so understand all my errors...I love you darling, and I miss ya so much... things are on their way and I will be back  I had great news this afternoon.  I will try to come back later, I have to shower, no swimming pool at night I could but as I donot have bathing suit, naked but there are too much light and probably they donot want it...
muahhhhh forever yours.
Marie xoxoxoxoO

Greetings everyone from my daughter home.  I am here for the weekend, and finally I will have all my belongings on Monday, a new laptop.  She and her conjoint are giving what I need to not give up.  4 children here but I have all the basement and I will watch the tv I want and go to bed when I want and they have a gorgeous swimming pool it is a little castle.  She will work on my papers with the help of an american lawyer next week.  I am delighted and very grateful for all these gifts.  I gave my hi pod to my grand children of 10 and he knows it... he has the sme IQ as I have and he is same sign of myself.  As I can take the stairs as him, he made me a gooood cup a tea, very special.  My daughter came to pick me up at 10:00 with the Mercedes Benz and we stopped where is the office of his conjoint he came to welcome me, we changed car, the Lincoln is big... and then his children took place and my suitcases and I did not have to touch nothing. 
Darling Dave, all will work, and I will be back one day, and believe me it will be the continuation of the rest of our life started on December 31st, 2009. 
This is all for now,Your Marie forever.......luv ya more than all words can say... muahhhh puttytat meow, catnip treat tonight and Yo to your pusher Mikes...etc
;  )  July 30th, 2010 at 15:05
My wonderful Dave!! 

Dave!  You are wonderful... July 29th 2010 at 15:51 --  Frederique, my daughter you met in Manhattan will come tomorrow to help with my belongings..... ciao babe good thought for you and me..xoxxoxoxoooooOOO

Allo everyone!!  It is a hard day on this great weather, cooler and nothing better than this. 
David, me amore, I miss ya so much!!!  The Goverment cut my pension same as when they did when in Brooklyn, but I solved the problem in 15 minutes.  It will take max 3 weeks, a deposit.  I love you and I asked the third floor where you know I stay untill the final of my papers, because it is to difficult to have to phone each day, too stressful.  I made my lunch this morning, I don`t use too.  But ... 5 more minutes remaining so,,, don`t forget our puttytat and Yo to Mikes etc, muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Your Passionnata forever xx00x00000

Dave art!!   I lke it...
Yes I sent you an Ecard with this.  After almost 3 years I discover more art I didn`t look at before.  But  I understand Dave more than anyone else around the world...  He is a gentleman the only one, the last one.
Allo, allo darling, I will phone again same thing each day at 13:55 kindof, sorta lol,,, you show me these slang... geezLoueasy...Forever yours, Passionnata my eyes start to close ,,, I would like to go to bed, I am very tired, I shopped on my way this mornng with another woman friend.  <
Ciao baaaaaaaaaaaaaabe. muahhhhhhhhhhhhh and inside with our best of sex... muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!!

Greetings to Sir David Elliot Kane, my true love.
This is Susan Tedeschi , angel from montgomery, Wonderful,,, Rock me Rick, listen to that one... will be back in about 10 minutes. love ya forever marie Passionnata your hottiest woman.   puttytay yo to mikes our pusher.  wowowow baaaaaaaaaabe
July 28, 2019 at 12:53 heat wave again.


I Will be back later???  I have to go to garage and that heat wave is killing me... my shopping cart with 3 wheels is like a human with 1 leg.  Love ya baaaabe Dave.... later don`t know when... muahhhhhhhhhh forever yours, Passionnata muahhhhhhhhh one more time and big hugs... send me energies... xxxxoooooOOO

Paon par Eisenheim.

Going to phone at 13:55-- in 5 minutes the stress of the day...

Dave Kane Icon made with a program.   Joycey this is the Icon I want... 

Darling Dave How is it going on this gorgeous heat wave?  I am lucky to have air conditioned and I am delighted that all my papers for my return to Brooklyn are working faster with that new lawyer. 
Thank you for your kindness, You are wonderful my pure love...  I will probably talk to you later.  I lost a wheel to my shopping cart, so I have to go to a garage not far to make it repair.   I am healthy to live that Life, so precious and to short... Live it it was your last day.   Peace and Love
Your Marie forever
Passionnata at 12:54 july 26 2010

Brooklyn Botanic Garden  on the end of July!

The Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden!!!  How magnificent memomiries with my love the only one for who I gave all I have.   But I love him... Dave, where are you, please, write, do something.  How can you become so selfish sweetie, you are wonderful, I am doing each moment only for our precious love, the one we will never knows again, everything pass and we will be together, I believe on this, remember the Lennon song, the title God, `I don`t believe etc but I believe in me` .  Take care sweetie.  Meditate I am with you always, each second, You are my Breath.
All me to you darling David... I will have to go, I have a bed, but not sure I will go... I need some fresh herbs.  I have for long... geezLoueasy...  Ciao and all the ritual tonight.  Your Passionnata (marie) at 16:21...

Happy Monday everyone!!   
Sweetheart David how great what is written on that picture!!!   I saw your friend Nick sent it to you... How true it is.
What a wonderful weather today, it looks like autumn.   I don`t think I will sleep where I use too, I am very tired to that exausted routine of very psychiatric cases too difficutl for me, as you know me I will go I don`t know where, but outside or in a restaurant kindof Coffee Shop, no more coffee or tea for me but I know a place I can drink only water...  I know that I will be very tired, anyways.   I have to phone the lawyer at 18:00 for my papers the one referred from my woman friend and I will tell you more here. 
All my love and to puttytat meoww at did you give cat nip last night ...  Ciao babe forever yours,
Passionnata               July 26th, 2010 at 13:37

PS  I will phone the same at Le Chainon, I am making that phone call from the public phone of the Library, lol, the WC.... from my cell phone...

Thank you EeGeePee I made your graphic as you wish ...  July 26th, 2010 at 12:53!  I will write to you at the next hour from the library no other choice.

on this 25 of July at 12:54, pass love you David...

Full Moon July 25 at 9:37 EDT in Aquarius. 
Thank you Aislinn as each Full Moon at the group Adorable Moon the group of FullMonn, my good friend. 

Happy Saturday sweetheart David, What a wonderful world!!  The weather is super today, chances of rain but cooler.   The way I like it.  I drank a beer small one in the library WC,  just feeling better.  I was tired and no more.  I am here again and too bad I have to go at 17:00 to be at home where the valet open the door at 18:30... as we arrive in the best limousine in town, no more problems...  I wrote to the mayor of New York, Mike Bloomberg, yesterday.  I will phone a lawyer from a friend woman I see each day, to be faster in Brooklyn, this is the right one, my intuition talk so much.... you know it after all our tribulations in 2 years sweetheart.   How is it going today, Saturday feever with that day before the Full Moon as usual for sure??  I am with you more than 100% !!!  We passed many Full Moon in 2 years, and the better are coming only for our love.
It is finally funny where I am staying, my good friend with the one I went to the usa fireworks last Saturday, there was the place to know each other.   So, I don`t talk to nobody else at our Castle.  She is my particular friend.   We don`t know nothing!!!   Like you and me....
This is all for now.  Maybe I will be back before 17:00... hope you give same as before to fuzzybut... our baby... Yo to Mikes and all the ritual darling.
Yours forever,
Marie (passionnata)  July 24 -- 2020 at 13:29  oh la la, I have to phone the chauffeur as each day for the .... show..
Ciao baaaaaaaaabe.   Muahhhhhhhhhh

Happy Sunday everyone!!  Darling David, how I miss you babe!!  You know it... Without you in these horrible, terrifying 9 months in Montreal, Canada, I am a real courageous and brave woman.  I am healthy to have made all you know, but The Only Moment we Have is This One -- Zen Quote.  I have something going on maybe to move to share I will tell you more if it is working, I have to phone at 17:00.  I really hope it will work.  Last night instead to enter at 18:30 I arrived only at the latest they asked:  20:00.  I had sushis before enter, so I just passed my night gone, spell check oh la la, losing my English sometimes.  And in bed... My woman friend the only one I talk, was not there, maybe she went to the Canada fireworks....!!! for sure I don`t go anymore to these fireworks it was for my birthday on the 17 etc you know.  So I love you forever, Dave my true love.   See you as soon as possible.  Take care, be good, lol, and same thing with fuzzybut our baby...Yo to Mikes and bisous to you and if I don`t come in my Page today, later???  I have to check again my Yahoo, for that place I hope it will work. 
Send me good energies... special thoughts as Boudha and all these great Masters...
Big morning hugs Dave muahhhhhhhhh

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