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First of all I love animals, and I mean all of them, except maybe for a cockroach or two, fleas, ticks, gnats and mosquitoes. I have always owned cats and never had the pleasure of raising a dog. I have raised fish, parakeets, guinea pigs and even a lettuce worm... I was even bitten once by a mole I tried digging up - I couldn't identify head nor tail... Animals give me so much pleasure and contentment, I could never live without one. Now that I am into care2 in earnest, I find that other issues are also very important to me and cause me to react strongly. I also love the people I meet on this web. They are really fantastic and committed to their causes.

August 2012 - I am really becoming a nuisance with all this "stopped eating meat" hoorays for myself, but for me this is a great event and a great change. I am feeling much better physically and don't miss meat at all. Do fish and tuna salad count? I still have some of that occasionally... I hope I can continue this diet - it's only for the good!

End of August 2012 - I am still a vegetarian and have been tested several times, at barbecues, restaurants and weddings. I don't miss meat and find that there are enough tasty choices without it.

I did two good things: I participated in having a female cat, who I have named Polly, sterilized, as she was warn out from giving birth so many times. She lives outside my work building together with several other cats who are well fed from our kitchen. I donated cash in this case.

29 August, 2012 - Yesterday, I took a small black kitten, who I have named Sammy, to the shelter to go through an operation for taking out his left eye, it was completely out of its socket, some sort of accident, and he was also spayed and vaccinated and marked. (Here in Israel stray cats who are spayed or sterilized have the tip of one ear cut off as a sign that they have gone through this operation). I am waiting to get the o.k. from the vet that he is well and will go and get him this morning. I collected money from all my co-workers to cover the procedure and to donate money to the shelter! I feel very proud of myself.

Update - September 2012 - Sammy, the one eyed black kitten, is doing great, very happy, running around and playing with his friends, being fed and pampered by all the kitchen staff. I am very happy!

October 4th - Animals Day - just the day to go through such an ordeal! Last night some idiot let two terrible dogs free to wander in our neighborhood - an Amstaff and a mongrel - and they attacked a poor half paralyzed blind in one eye cat - such a sweetheart, who belongs to the vet who lives next door to me. The dogs had chips and the vet called the municipality to take them to be quarantined. We restrained them and tied them to a post next to my house and they stayed there for two hours, until they were picked up by the authorities. The poor cat was a mess and we don't know if it will live. I talked to the vet this morning and she wasn't sure what its actual condition was, or if there were any internal injuries. I am very depressed and angry at the irresponsible dog owner, who was just visiting his parents from a different city. Let's hope the cat recovers!

October 10th - The cat is a little better, still has to be hand fed, but the vet says he walks a little better, so there is still hope. He has no control over his bowels and urine because his nerves were severed by the dogs. Let's hope he heals completely.

October 12th - The precious cat heard my voice and came up to the bars of his cage and I rubbed his head and he purred! He hadn't eaten on his own till today and I quickly ran and got him "Fancy Feast" (my own cat's favorite treat) and he finished the whole bowl! I was so happy! He still has trouble walking and must be kept in the cage at the vet's but at least there is a great improvement. Cats know who really loves them! 

On October 11th I e-mailed my absentee ballot to Henderson County NC - Obama, Democrats, Women. Am so proud of myself. Every vote counts this time around. This is the second time in my life that I have voted in the USA, as an absentee, both for Obama.

November 2012 - well my vet's sweet cat is much better. He is let out during the day and is very affectionate. I was told that he even jumped on her car roof so this means that his muscles are healing. I am very worried, though, about jackals who have been coming to my front yard and howling during the night. Wild boars, too. I know that jackals have been known to eat cats and since we have invaded their natural habitat, they have no food and are getting closer and closer to humans. I just hope they don't start killing off all our street cats, I love them so. My daughter, who lives where the jackals are around every night, says that there are no more female cats or kittens around, just big males. Could it be that the jackals are killing them off?

November 24th - well, managed to survive the small war in Gaza and life has gone back to normal. My care2 were great, worrying about me and sending me warm encouraging words! They really made me feel better. I really don't know what to believe anymore. The reporting is so contrary and contradicting! I guess us simple folks will never really know what is really going on, and maybe it's better that way. But, whenever I read anti Israeli posts, blaming Israel for everything, I really became upset. I guess I am a patriot at heart!

January 2013! Happy New Year! Not much to report only that the injured cat completely recovered and that all the cats at work are fine. Still working at becoming a better person, with several setbacks, which I am trying to overcome. It's important to be able to stay unaffected by the behavior of others although this is quite a difficult feat, to be sure! Sometimes I just turn against myself out of frustration, when I hit a brick wall. Hope I learn to stop this self-destructive Scorpio behavior!

February 3rd - I feel the need to write several lines in memory of my friend Mira, who passed away suddenly three days ago, after going through radiation and chemotherapy for a breast tumor. She was a wonderful woman and her passing was a real shock to me as the last time I talked with her she seemed to be feeling better and getting up and about with friends. So sad! She left three growing children (teenagers) and was 49 years old. This disease is spreading and I know many people suffering from it. It must be our polluted environment and wrong way of living, against nature and all that is good and right!

Because of my girlfriend's death I completely forgot to put down my thoughts on the last elections here in Israel on January 22nd! I was so depressed, to have to watch Bibi's face again and hear his voice! We have become very right winged and this scares the hell out of me. The voices we hear are frightening! I voted left and my party doubled its votes but still, the majority goes to the idiots who ruin our world and relish in wars, mostly men of course, because of a majority of idiots who vote for them with their stomach and not with their brains! We can only hope for the best!

March 21st, 2013 - Obama is in Israel and for some reason I am not overly excited. I thought I would be more happy but I guess I feel like it's all a big show and I have no faith in my government or its agenda. I will be in the US in North Carolina between May 6th and the 19th and feel like there are some close friends here on care2 I would like to actually speak to, but maybe this is requesting too much, as many people prefer to be in contact only virtually and not by phone.
All my cats are fine and things seem to be looking up. I feel like I am being called on by some force to do something for this poor earth, but I still don't know what it actually is. I guess that if I just continue doing what I have been doing I will know what it is eventually. I have been more in contact with the Native American in me (some time in past lives) and I feel that this calling originates from there. I will just have to be patient and wait and see.

May 12th, 2013 - I am now in North Carolina, visiting my mother, on Mother's Day (how appropriate) and I just helped her move and will be assisting her after an eye operation tomorrow. I am thrilled to be able to talk to several of my close friends on Care2 on the phone, and it was really a lot of fun. It seems I cannot stop the conversations, there is so much to say and to talk about. I love you dear friends, so warm, intelligent and worldly. The only problem is that my mother's cat, Alfie, just hates me and keeps hissing and spitting at me - me - such a cat lover! I am so insulted! It must be something in one of my past lives, I was probably a foe - my mother thinks it may be competition for her affection, who knows. Anyway, if I ever inherit him, I don't know what I would do, I won't be able to take him to Israel. He is 5 years old and my mother's 85 so who knows??? Things in Israel are pretty crazy now, the new government has changed it's financial policy and we are heading for very rough years. But I am one of the lucky ones so I am not worried.

May 28th - so much has happened during these three weeks that I can't even begin to write about it. After I moved with my mother and she had an operation in her eye, she suddenly had a stroke in the kitchen and passed away two days later. I mean, it was such a shock, me losing my mother like that, alone in the US. Of course, luckily I had many of my parents' friends to support me and Care2 were fantastic, trying to help me place my mother's cat Alfie in a good home. I would never sleep at night again if I had to put him in a shelter! Well, I found a wonderful family who took him and from what I hear he is doing well. My husband arrived from Israel to assist me emotionally and with all the arrangements. It is mind boggling. Today we will have a ceremony for scattering of the ashes in the same location we did this for my father five years ago. I am quite mixed up and miss my home and children but I know I have to stay one more week to take care of things. I am still quite anxious regarding what is waiting for me at work having been away for a month! But I guess everything will be o.k. - most of the time it is.

July 21st - today our group exhibition will be opening and I think that there is good work there. I will download some photos to care2. Things are going quite well and there is not much to report. Very active on care2 and enjoy all my good friends in the community very much.

July 26th - the opening was a success. Nice people, good work and good feedback.

I am still learning some lessons in life, think before you post, you may be misunderstood, you may offend someone. Sometimes I am too quick to post without really reading what I posted and then I have to contend with the reaction of our wonderful care2 friends and have to write hundreds of words of explanation and excuses. Very uncomfortable and stressful! Stick to animals, leave out the politics! Although this is hard where I live (Israel) and staying objective and non-judgmental is hard. I really just want peace and love and caring and I hate upsetting things, but I guess it's a lesson I must learn, better late than never. Each day is a new one for learning about yourself and the world around you!

September 2013 - sad news, my cat May disappeared. It's been six days but I am not optimistic. Although people have been telling me that cats returns after long periods of absence, I know something terrible happened to her! I feel as though a part of my heart has been torn out! My husband got worried because I became so depressed and suicidal that he went out on his bike and found an orphan female kitten, six months old, and now she is with us, just beautiful and gentle - the exact opposite temperament of May. It does help to lessen the pain and to get my mind off the loss, and if by some miracle May returns, we will have two cats.

10th of September - new granddaughter born - her name: Neri, born a month ahead of time and she is very small. Mother and daughter are doing well.

29th September - May never came back but Nuli is such a sweetheart! She is so warm and cuddly and doesn't bite or scratch, we adore her. I just came back from a safari in Tanzania and Zanzibar and had a fabulous time! One of my best trips. Enjoyed every minute of it and saw lots of animals, even swam with dolphins! Next time, Alaska!!

25th November - everything is going great these days, so I guess I should thank my lucky stars! But there is also sadness all around - we lost Terry and the loss is really felt, I really miss her and her wonderful little videos - such a smart and intelligent woman - little Elmo... Nuli is fine, I don't want to let her out of the house as I had such a bad experience with May, so it's a battle because she gets bored and wants to go out. We found her outside at the age of four months so she knows what it is like. I worry so, I have become very sensitive to animals and cry over every creature and feel guilty for every animal I don't adopt or help, it's terrible. I worry less about my children and grandchildren, I am afraid to admit...

January 2014 - The new year has begun, on a weary note, as things are quite hectic within and without. My husband had a hip replacement and is healing quickly, my little Nuli was "fixed" and is so sweet. What really worries me is that it seems that I am losing care2 friend after care2 friend, every time I look at my friends list on my page, the number goes down, where are you all going, and sometimes I don't even know who disappeared! We get occasional notices from friends that they are planning to leave care2, always a sad affair. Let's hope they all come back to us in the near future. Still, I am healthy, working hard, playing hard, learning and trying to continue to be as active as possible on care2. Let's hope that things don't get worse in the Middle East because the sounds that I hear are not positive ones, that's for sure!

June 2014 - I haven't written in a while. Things are quite crazy in Israel and at my work place as well. We do not know what tomorrow will bring, our company may be shut down, but luckily I am 62 years old and can go on pension. It's the young employees who have to worry. There are about 15 cats around our building, male and female, grown and kittens and they are growing in numbers, so I organized their being taken and fixed by Haifa Municipality, for free. They then will be returned back to their area. This is great, it's a four month operation and they will wait for the kittens to grow, so they can fix them as well. I have really been worried about these cats as there have been complaints by horrible employees who do not like animals and find the cats a bother, although they do no harm and are being fed by us twice a day. The operation will be next Tuesday. Hope all goes well. 

You would all be proud of me! Yesterday I physically confronted our CFO (General Manager) - I saw three men coming through the swinging doors and one of them kicked Sammy, the one eyed black cat we all love! I immediately reacted and came face to face with the CFO. I asked him why he did this and told him that cats prevent mice, rats and snakes, and that this was Sammy, our special cat, who we take care of and took to the vet. He was surprised and smiled at me, he knows me well, so at least now he is aware of the situation. I would die defending our wonderful cats!

July 7th - all 10 cats were sterilized and brought back, they disappeared for about 24 hours, the poor things, such a traumatic experience, but today they are all back and eating. Regretfully, one female is very difficult to catch and we think she gave birth in the last several days. I don't know what will be with her or with her kittens, we will have to wait, and maybe do something privately. I've been signing hundreds of petitions on care2 and becoming ill from what I encounter, and this is without watching the videos or photos, I just start crying and feel awful! When I am asked why I keep viewing them I say that my pain is nothing compared to the animals' pain and that I am fighting for a cause which is worth hurting for. I am sure you will agree!

July 2014 - Operation Protective Edge - and times are really bad. I have always had a problem with the anti Israel/Jew posts of some of my friends on care2, I find them bias and one sided. Luckily there are many other friends who put in a good word for us but most do not and agree with the condoning ones. I won't go into the details of the situation but I am afraid I might lose some friends before this operation is over. I try to explain that although they think that they are attacking my government and not me, I still feel personally attacked because this is my home, it's my family fighting and dying there and it's frustrating how people who have never been to Israel and only feed on the media, have so much to say about things they don't actually know about. I don't think that a person, no matter how humane and wonderful he is, can appreciate the feeling of being hated, always being in the wrong, feeling that everyone wants to destroy you, demolish you, and knowing it has always been that way, no matter what we do and how much we try to be humane and caring, we will always be the bad guys. I hope this is over soon because we are losing many soldiers and so many innocents are being killed and injured. I can only sigh and hope tomorrow is a better day.

September 1st, 2014 - well the mini war is over and I did lose a friend or two to the conflict. I guess this had to be, as there are some people who won't listen to others, and even when requested to be sensitive to my feelings and not send me anti Israeli/Jewish posts to my personal e-mail, they continued to do so, and had the nerve to inquire why I blocked them. Well, I am over it, and whoever wishes to stay my friend is happily welcome to. I try not to go into politics and to stick to animals. This way I am safe. We really want peace, so many years of fire and death. What kind of world are we leaving for our children and grandchildren?

My daughter's cat Maggie disappeared yesterday and we have been looking for her ever since. She is a house cat and does not know how to survive outside with jackals and wild boar around. My daughter is very depressed, it happened on her 27th birthday. She must have slipped out. I am sad and pessimistic.
Maggie found! Happiness and a good night's sleep!

October 2014 - my birthday is coming up next week, I can take it or leave it, but I'll be a senior citizen with all kinds of rights and discounts. I can also legally go on pension, which I plan to do in the next half year. I have begun a course in creative writing and have been told by our instructor that I had great talent, which makes me feel really good and gives me a project for my retirement. I plan to write a novel. I still don't know about what, but I am sure it will materialize some how like things always do. My daughter has moved into her new apartment with her boyfriend and everything is crazy but that will settle in a week or two. She is really lucky, a four room apartment, all brand new, it's good to be able to help your children and make their lives easier. There are uprisings in Jerusalem now, let's hope this flaring up dies down. We really don't need this now. Happy Birthday Giana!

What great news! I have just been informed that Sammy, the one eyed black cat, has been adopted by one of our security men. So happy! I have also had a painting and a poem accepted for an ontology for International Woman's Day 2015 - a book of about 60 Israeli women artists - should be fun! And my group exhibition opening is this week, should also be fun. I find that I have evolved and changed a lot this year and my creativity is really flowing. There is nothing like this feeling! I am trying to construct a frame for my book, I still don't know exactly what I want to write about - it will be based on my memories but I will have to change names and characters, it's too much of an exposure. I know it will come to me and I am still at the stage of absorbing facts, colors and pictures. It will all come pouring out in the end!

January 1st, 2015 - Happy New Year! 2014 was an exceptional year for me. I blossomed and my creativity soared. I have started writing my book - actually - memories - my childhood - it's really good therapy. I also opened up in my painting and my paintings are much more mature. Basically, I am satisfied at this point. I am waiting to go on pension this year. It will be a mile stone as I have worked in this company for 25 years. I will have to change my schedule a little but I am getting ready so I don't become depressed with all this time on my hands. I plan to continue studying towards my MA degree. Plans, plans, plans, it's very important to have plans and goals. Continuing with Care2 and enjoying my friends. I wish everyone a very wonderful and happy and peaceful new year!


February 26th, 2015 - Haven't written in a while, things are quite normal and o.k. The ontology was published and is quite impressive, I have a story and a painting in it. On March 8th we will travel to Tel-Aviv for the osculation. It should be fun, 92 women artists, writers and poets for International Woman's Day. I am still working and waiting for the right time to leave. Still on care2 of course, as you probably noticed, and try to do the best I can. Nuli is great, my two grandchildren are wonderful and my daughter and her boyfriend both are on the dean's list! She is studying psychology and he is in the Technion in Haifa, studying to be a Mechanical Engineer. I am very proud!

March 9th - will be leaving for Poland tonight for a Sting/Paul Simon concert. On the 17th we have general elections here in Israel and I am praying Bibi will be thrown out. I just cannot stand this slimy politician. Please pray with me.

March 19th - sadly, the concert was cancelled because Sting was sick, but the trip was a good one. Saw many things and places and the Polish were very friendly and spoke English quite well. On a much sadder note, Bibi was re-elected and I have no idea how I will be able to stand his horrible slimy mug for four more years...Help!!! Us left winged intellectuals are really a minority in Israel now and it seems we have hardly any influence on our country's destiny. Very, very sad and frustrating. Too many right winged religious nationalists! A worldwide problem!

May 28th, 2015 - saved a two month old kitten yesterday, just couldn't see the poor little guy running to people lovingly and purring outside my office building and being ignored. He almost got run over because some evil bastard must have dumped him there because he knew cats get fed there. I was told by the security guard that he almost got run over several times while wandering into the road. I had to take him. I left work half day without lunch and took him home, washed him and fed him and he is the warmest cuddliest kitten ever! We named him Shabi and my daughter and husband doted on him all evening. My other two year old cat Nuli was very unhappy with the turn of events and won't eat and stays out of the house. She won't have anything to do with him and spits at him. I hope she gets used to him because I feel so guilty! She was such a princess and slept with me at night and now wouldn't come near. Well, now I am the proud parent of two cats!!

September 9th, 2015 - well, my daughter is getting married in December and everything is busy and hysterical - what a race. I guess I will get through it. It is a happy occasion but a stressful one too. Shabi has grown so big! He is not even four months old and is huge - like a little lion cub! And what sharp long nails!! My husband and I are bleeding all over the place. I have a hard time protecting my plants and my furniture. But he is very sweet and affectionate. But so much energy!  We will have him fixed in two months and then he will probably calm down. I will be able to let him outside, like my Nuli, who hates him and won't stay in the house. She only comes in to eat and will have nothing to do with me, spitting. She is very angry. I hope that when he goes out too it will be easier. I am still working, waiting for the right time to go on pension. The world around me is crazy and blood and violence everywhere. I try not to think about it, and concentrate on our four legged friends, who are suffering all around the world.

January 2016 - Well, it's a new year! The last one was full of events, personal and global. My daughter got married in December to her wonderful boyfriend, so now both my children are married and settled. I was refused going on pension, but there is still some hope. It seems they need me, which is supposed to make me feel good about myself? Both my cats are fine. Nuli is getting used to Shabi and seems to tolerate him - now she is the house more and has returned to sleep with me...I adore her. I will be going down South Israel for a weekend of poetry and writing, which I do annually and I love it. My group painting show will be opening this Monday, and I like my 2015's work. I am quite satisfied. I have already completed two short courses of creative writing - intuitive writing - presided by a Clinical Psychologist. It was a lot of fun. We will start again in a week or two. Basically, I am happy, my marriage is stable and has calmed down with age and my children give me much pleasure. I am so proud of them and of my two grandchildren. That's it for now.

End of April 2016 - This is it! on May 1st I am retiring and there isn't a happier person that me on this planet! It's been over 30 years of hard and dedicated work and I am exhausted. I will start waking up at 6:30 am instead of at 5:30, doing my sports in the morning, taking an afternoon nap, and then all my other stuff, I have so much to do and I have to finish the book I started writing. I will continue on Care2 as usual and have actually transferred everything from work to personal e-mail. It was much less complicated than I expected. It's a focal point in my life and I am trying to go through it smoothly. My husband is a little apprehensive about having to spend more time with me but I told him not to worry, he won't be seeing much of me. Wishing me a great future!

August 2017 - Haven't written for so long. Couldn't access this box for some reason. Thought I would take my chances this morning and it worked! So much news I can't handle it: New grandson from my daughter. Retiring is great! Can spend more time with my family. My two cats are fine. My son is on the way to his third child. He lives in a different city so I don't get to see him much. My daughter is ten minutes away so I am almost living there...Still feeding the cats outside. Tried to save one very sick one but he had to be put down. I was sick for days. Painting, writing poetry, doing my sports, basically feeling physically well. The world around me is crazy, Trump is crazy, our government is crazy and corrupt.  I am just waiting for that sob Bibi to go to jail. Will update.

January 2018 - the year started off bad. My baby Shaby died on December 30th 2017. We didn't see the signs. It was so slow. It seems he had problems with his heart. We are heart broken. He was my husband's special friend and love. Our other cat Nuli seems a changed cat. So happy suddenly - playing and purring...At least we have her. I haven't been feeling too well. I don't know exactly why or if it's physical or psychological. Waiting for the feeling to go away. Broken bones. It's my age I guess. Another third to go? My son will be relocating from Israel to Nj - a promotion in his music software company. He has two children and one on the way. I probably won't be able to get to know my new grandchild much...this situation isn't helping things. My daughter's baby will be one year-old this month and he is precious and so beatiful. A real comfort. Trying to keep busy as possible.



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