10,000 Students Take to DC Streets, Calling for Action on Climate & BP Spill

I spent the weekend in DC at Powershift — an important event that brings together thousands of students, community leaders, and activists from around the nation — watching the next wave of the youth climate movement grow. There were amazing speeches from Van Jones, Bill McKibben, and Tim DeChristopher, as well as appearances by Al Gore and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson. Today, the event culminates in real action — thousands of those activists are now taking to the streets to confront Congress and the White House on climate inaction. They’re also stopping at the US Chamber of Commerce — the nation’s biggest anti-climate lobbying force — and BP headquarters to call out the oil giant for filing a multibillion dollar tax refund on its spill cleanup expenses.

Amazing photos of the event are streaming in from activists using Twitpic, and these are just a few. Follow the #powershift on Twitter for more.

It’s an inspiring event, and precisely the sort of action that needs to start kicking into high gear if we’re to make any significant progress in the fight for clean energy and a livable climate in the near future. The youth are revved up and ready to fight against corporate interests, big polluters, and opportunistic politicians.

Sing it, Powershift …

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Photo from: M.V. Jantzen via flickr
written by Brian Merchant, a Treehugger blogger


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Great idea.

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good idea

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David N6 years ago

Thanks for the article. This is great to hear.

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Thank-you for sharing such a wonderful article. It is nice to see today's youth being involved what will be a large part of their future.

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Yea, Proud to see all these caring students!! jim h - it hope it will never be 'too little too late' for those suffering now or prevention for the future. Keeping issues in public awareness, with attention as this, is what keeps change ongoing - hopefully positive for our future. Great inspirational article. Thx. :)

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Glad to see young people taking action on this important issue.

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thanks for telling the world