10 Incredible Farm Animal Rescue Stories That Will Make Your Heart Sing

Are you ready to hear 10 incredible farm animal rescue stories that are guaranteed to warm your heart?

Then read on…

1. Kevin

Kevin was rescued from slaughter as a young kid goat by well-meaning people, but he quickly outgrew the backyard in which he lived. The fencing was not suitable to contain him and so it become life on a chain for Kevin. His carers moved him to live on a farm in hope of a better life, but a lack of care led to hideously overgrown hooves, forcing him to painfully move about on his knees. When his human friends returned to see their buddy, they were horrified by the state he was in and then it was back to life on a chain.

One day, he was kicked in the head by a renegade pony stallion, completely shattering his horn and leaving him with a gaping hole in his skull. Thankfully, after an emergency SOS, Kevin found his way to Edgar’s Mission, where he was awarded with his very own homemade safety helmet and discovered his new found love of grapes.

2. Samuel

A newborn calf rescued from the dairy industry, Samuel was confined to a tiny cage with his twin brother. Sanctuary Gaia had to make one of the hardest decisions of their lives when choosing between the two hapless babies, as the could only secure the rescue of one of the two brothers. Upon entering the cage and expressing their deepest apologies to Samuel for having to leave him behind and take his brother, Samuel got up and made a desperate attempt to escape. Sanctuary Gaia took this as a signal that he and his brother had already agreed on who would be the one to go, and Samuel was taken to his new life of freedom. Watch his heartbreaking rescue here.

3. Dani

Dani was born with a malformation in his front two legs, a debilitating condition that his owner could not be bothered to treat and subsequently left him to die a painful death. Luckily, some kindhearted people rescued baby Dani along with his momma and brought them to El Valle Encantado, where work began to rehabilitate his legs. His severe wounds caused many complications and infections, leaving El Valle Encantado with no choice but to amputate one of the legs in order to save him. Watch this video to see Dani and follow his story here.

4. Molly Brown

Riding on an abattoir bound truck, Molly Brown beat the odds not once but twice when a horrific accident saw the truck rollover, causing around 400 sheep to fall out onto the Princes Freeway. Leaving many dead and seriously injured, Molly is thought to be the sole survivor of the carnage. She now resides in Edgar’s Mission surrounded by equally lucky sheep.

5. Vita

Although not technically a farm animal to the likes of us, Vita is viewed as exactly that from the county in which she was rescued. Now an iconic face world over, Vita was rescued from a China-based slaughterhouse just minutes before she was due to be brutally murdered. It was during an undercover investigation into the dog meat trade in China that Vita received her second chance at life.

Found in one of the thousands of dog slaughterhouses across China, her pleading eyes and trembling body begged her rescuers to get her out of there. After gaining the trust of the workers and tricking them, investigators managed to smuggle Vita out and eventually bring her back to Spain where she gave birth to a litter of eight healthy puppies that she was already carrying. Find out more and watch a video of her rescue here.

6. Sonny

Likely less than one day old when he was found lying motionless on the filthy stockyard floor, Sonny was useless to the dairy farm in which he was born. Calves like Sonny are brought to stockyards by their owners who hope to gain a few dollars by selling them for veal or cheap beef, or simply because they want to be rid of them regardless of the sale price. Sonny’s umbilical cord had been torn off leaving an open wound, and he was dehydrated, exhausted and sick from infection. Farm Sanctuary found him a few hours from death and acted immediately to save him. Now Sonny is fully grown and happily spends his days running through the pastures of their New York Shelter. Footage of Sonny’s rescue can be seen in the documentary Ghosts In Our Machine.

7. Nikki

Nikki’s incredible story saw her escape the confinements of her gestation crate during the 2008 Iowa floods and fight against immeasurable odds in order to save her unborn babies. Exhausted and emancipated, Nikki managed to find a levee where she was able to give birth and nurse her newborn piglets. When rescuers approached, she let out protective cries of alarm. Nikki and her babies have been kept together where they now live at Farm Sanctuary’s New York Shelter along with Sonny.

8. 3,000 Very Special Hens

It’s not very often that we hear about hens being flown across country in their very own private jet, but this is exactly the case with these incredibly lucky 3,000 girls. After spending the entire two years of their short lives in tiny battery cages that were so small they couldn’t even spread their wings, all 3,000 hens were due to be gassed at a California egg farm as they were what the industry calls ‘spent.’

Thankfully, Animal Place took the necessary measures to save them. Upon hearing news of their plight, a private donor stepped in to foot the bill to transport the hens in a private jet to a range of sanctuaries where they will live out the rest of their lives in peace.

9. Felix

Felix is a true hero. Brought into this world with the sole purpose of being used for production, forced to travel from farm to farm leaving endlessly behind those he cared about, Felix’s final destination found him locked up in a dark hovel with two female sheep. Three angry dogs living in the area smelt an intruder and after three days of constant harassment, they managed to break through the door that separated them.

In an effort to protect his two new friends, Felix put himself between them, but his horns and determination were not enough as three were just too many. The dogs dragged him to the floor and began tearing him apart when a group of passers-by heard the screams, jumped the fence and managed to save Felix in the knick of time. Now Felix lives at El Hogar Pro Vegan where they continue to fight to regain his ability to walk.

10. Flor and Rubia

Finally, I want to share with you a rescue story that is close to my heart. Let me present you with Flor and Rubia, two very special sheep that live with me at Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary, and the two beautiful girls that Felix so valiantly fought to protect.

Flor and Rubia spent the entire six years of their lives locked away in a small, dark shed, never knowing what it meant to feel the sun on their backs or the wind in their wool. Used to produce babies that were stolen from them to be sold for meat, everything changed when Felix came along. After travelling half way across the country to live at my sanctuary, Flor and Rubia are finally free of fear and exploitation and spend their days hanging out with all the other sheep and getting plenty of head rubs.

Every farm animal has a unique story to be told. Now is the time for us to start listening and acting to make a difference to their lives and the lives of those who follow.

Photo Credit: Jo-Anne McArthur, Edgar's Mission, Igualdad Animal, Farm Sanctuary, Anita Krajnc


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Dorothy M.
Dorothy M2 years ago

My rescued rooster and my rescued meat bunny are wonderful animals. Buddy the rooster is like a dog with feathers -- he runs to me when I call him, he loves to be held and petted and is just an all around great companion. Pat the bunny lives to love people. Which is amazing because his start in life was dismal. He plays with rubber balls, does binkies (spontaneous outbursts of joy that lift a rabbit off the ground), gets so excited about his daily salads and hay and fruit that he quivers when he eats. Wish I could make people see that there are other things to eat besides animals. If you won't eat your dog or cat, then don't eat animals like chickens, pigs, cows, rabbits, etc., either!

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thanks for the article.

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great, thanks for sharing.

Carrie-Anne Brown

great stories, thanks for sharing :)

Kate S.
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It's wonderful to hear the nice stories ... but sad to know there are so many other abused animals out there that are hopeless until an angel rescues them!

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Thank you for the lovely stories.

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Makes you want to give the people who mistreat animals a taste of their own medicine for a while.!Nice to know these ones got away!

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The heart might of sang but the eyes sure did cry!

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This was hard to read but so good to see so many happy endings. May there be many more rescues from unnecessary slaughter and abuse.