11 Easy Ways to Take a Stand Against Sexual Assault in Hollywood

Let’s face it: Hollywood has been an industry full of sexual assault and harassment since its inception. The reason we’re talking so much about it now is that we’re finally at a societal point where people think that kind of behavior is horrible rather than just “expected,” plus people are finally willing to listen to and believe the victims of these acts.

Changing Hollywood culture starts with holding the perpetrators of assault and harassment accountable for their actions, as well as the accomplices who enabled this outrageous behavior.

If you’d like to be part of the solution, you can start by signing these eleven Care2 petitions to help push for change in the entertainment industry. Use your signature to demonstrate that you believe the victims of sexual assault and want to see the industry push out those who participate in rape culture.

1. This Corrupt DA Turned Down Chance to Prosecute Harvey Weinstein

A lot of people wonder why Harvey Weinstein’s assaults were never reported, but that’s not true: model Ambra Battilana Gutierrez did press charges against Weinstein in 2015, only to see DA Cyrus Vance Jr. decline to prosecute. Vance’s excuse was that there wasn’t enough evidence to convict, but others in his own office disagreed. Weinstein’s attorney subsequently thanked Vance with a $10,000 campaign donation.

Evidently, Vance has exhibited a pattern of letting rich and powerful people off the hook while collecting checks from them later. Even the appearance of such a pattern warrants an audit, which is why over 17,000 people have signed this petition calling on Vance to be investigated for his inaction on Weinstein.

2. Sexual Harassment Isn’t a Joke – Remove Matt Damon from Oceans 8

Although Weinstein’s horrific behavior was shocking to the majority of the country when the news finally surfaced, there’s no way that several of his Hollywood associates weren’t already familiar with his assault and harassment over the years.

Apparently, a New York Times reporter tried to investigate rumors about Weinstein 13 years ago. While working on the story, Matt Damon called her to say that the allegations against Weinstein were unfounded and encouraged her to kill the story.

Though Damon has downplayed this call, he played a part in suppressing the truth from coming out, allowing this influential filmmaker to continue his predatory ways.

Currently, Damon is slated to make a cameo in the upcoming female-driven Oceans 8 movie. Damon ought to do some soul-searching and find a way to be a better ally to women before he is featured amongst a cast of all-star women. Let’s cut his appearance from the film to show that his complicity has consequences.

3. Nordstrom Must Drop Donna Karan for Saying Victims of Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual Assault Were Asking for It

When news of Weinstein first surfaced, designer Donna Karan thought the best response was to put the blame squarely on the victims. “How do we present ourselves as women?” Karan asked. “What are we asking? Are we asking for it by presenting all the sensuality and all the sexuality?”

Any designer – particularly one who has designed some revealing outfits herself – should know that clothing is not an invitation to be sexually assaulted. Her comments were appalling and should carry consequences, which is why tens of thousands have signed this petition asking Nordstrom drop the Karan line from their stores. Let’s stand behind women, not blame them for assault.

4. After Suspending Rose McGowan, Twitter Needs to Evaluate Policies

While actively being one of Hollywood’s most vocal critics of Weinstein and sexual assault, actress Rose McGowan’s Twitter account was suspiciously suspended, leaving many to wonder whether she was being silenced for speaking out.

Twitter later clarified that McGowan was suspended because she posted a screenshot that included a phone number, which is against the rules. However, Twitter has often chosen to ignore rule-breaking when they deem the tweet “newsworthy” (yes, we’re talking Trump) and given that McGowan was at the center of public discourse at that moment, it was a bad time to choose to silence her.

That’s why this petition calls on the social media platform to reevaluate its terms of service policies. That was a really inopportune time to suspend someone speaking out in the name of justice.

5. Sexual Predators Don’t Deserve to Be Celebrated at the Oscars

Although Weinstein was ejected from the Academy of Motion Pictures in the face of his overwhelming allegations, the film industry’s most prestigious body can’t pretend its job is done. That’s why this petition calls on the Academy to not allow anyone facing accusations of sexual assault or harassment not be nominated for an Oscar this year.

Sadly, this issue was relevant during the past ceremony, when Casey Affleck won Best Actor despite him having settled two sexual harassment lawsuits out of court. Art is subjective to start, so it’s a choice by the entertainment industry to recognize a man with these allegations in his past.

6. Don’t Let Casey Affleck Present at the Academy Awards

Speaking of Affleck, it’s tradition for the most recent Best Actor winner to present the trophy to the winner of the Best Actress at the following ceremony. Given what we’ve learned about Affleck’s past, petition signers are asking Academy Award organizers to keep Affleck off the stage at the next award show.

When Affleck won this past February, 2016 Best Actress winner Brie Larson fulfilled her obligation by handing a trophy to Affleck, but noticeably did not clap for him. Asked about the moment, Larson said, “Whatever I did onstage kind of spoke for itself.”

Let’s avoid another awkward moment by not forcing next year’s Best Actress winner to receive such an honor from Affleck.

7. Feature Claire Underwood in House of Cards Spinoff

After Kevin Spacey was overwhelmed with accusations of sexual misconduct against minors, Netflix decided to halt production on its popular series House of Cards and retool a conclusion without Spacey.

Although it’s probably for the best that the series is ending, with rumors of a potential spin-off, Care2 users are calling on Netflix to make sure it features Robin Wright as Claire Underwood. Nowadays, we need strong female characters – and actresses – at the helm of shows, and this is the perfect opportunity to shift the focus of the political saga to the leading lady.

8. Danny Masterson Raped Four Women. Cancel His Show, Netflix

House of Cards isn’t Netflix’s only concern: Danny Masterson, who stars in the streaming service’s The Ranch, is facing rape allegations from four women.

The women – most of whom were fellow Scientologists – say the rapes happened in the early 2000s when Masterson was arguably his most famous for his role in That 70’s Show. They weren’t quiet about the crimes at the time either – some reported it then and saw no consequences.

Former scientologists like Leah Remini have said that the Church of Scientology’s ties to LAPD have allowed accused abusers like Masterson to have their misdeeds covered up rather than properly investigated.

Embarrassingly, Masterson’s publicist has declared that it wasn’t even possible for her client to rape a couple of the women who came forward since he was in a relationship with them at the time. What a terrible defense – if a woman is unconscious or uninterested in sex, a man does not have the right to have sex with her anyway just because they’re dating.

That’s why Netflix ought to cut this man – and his tainted show – loose.

9. Drop Accused Rapist Ed Westwick From Snatch

Actor Ed Westwick, who found fame on Gossip Girl, is also facing accusations of rape. In his case, two actresses have come forward to offer stories with a lot of similarities, while a third woman says Westwick sexually assaulted her.

Streaming site Crackle currently features Westwick in a leading role on its drama series Snatch. Authorities are currently investigating the claims against Westwick, but Crackle is under no obligation to wait until charges may be pressed to take a stance against this kind of behavior. The show can and should go on without Westwick.

10. Tell Papa John’s to Fire Peyton Manning. Sexual Assault Is Unacceptable

It’s been a couple decades since Dr. Jamie Naughright alleged sexual assault from Peyton Manning and settled with him outside of court, but video footage of a deposition has only just hit the internet, renewing interest in the incident.

Manning’s history makes him a bad choice to be a spokesperson for pizza company Papa John’s, which is why tens of thousands have signed a petition calling on the company’s CEO, John Schnatter, to dump Manning. The restaurant chain ought to take a stand against sexual assault and choose a better public figure to represent the brand.

11. Celebrities Need to Drop the Manager Who Helped Cover Louis C.K.’s Crimes

Rumors of Louis C.K.’s sexual misconduct have circled for years, but only recently did he finally release a statement acknowledging that the women who came forward were telling the truth.

C.K.’s manager, Dave Becky, played a role in keeping these stories quiet for as long as they did. Becky is accused of pressuring the women who witnessed C.K.’s lewd acts to not speak out, pressure that carried a lot of weight given his influence in Hollywood.

Becky has some of the biggest names in comedy among his clients – Amy Poehler, Hannibal Buress and Aziz Ansari to name a few. Although they are not responsible for C.K. and Becky’s behavior, they should follow comedian Pamela Adlon’s lead and fire Becky. Surely, they can seek representation with a less divisive figure.

Photo Credit: David Shankbone


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