11-Year-Old Gang-Raped in a California Park Bathroom

This has been an incredibly depressing month for women’s rights; not one, but two gang-rapes of young girls have made their way into the news.  According to ABC news, eight teen boys in Moreno Valley, California have been accused of luring a middle-school girl from a shopping mall and brutally raping her in the men’s room of a park nearby.

Police say that all of the teens were part of a local gang, and they have speculated that the rape may be part of an initiation rite.  Apparently an older girl was used to lure the young girl to the park, and she may also be charged with abetting the crime.  Strikingly, the victim herself returned to the mall afteward and came forward to police to report the crime.  Most of the boys were arrested soon thereafter. 

This case seems a little different from other recent cases – the event does not seem to have been photographed.  More disturbingly, only one of the suspects in this case is over the age of 18.  The oldest teen, Michael Sykes, was located and arrested most recently.  One surprising element, according to police, is that the girl appears to have been an innocent victim, chosen randomly. 

“It appears they were looking for a victim and lured her back to the waiting males,” a police officer said. “I don’t know about motivation. I just want to say that it looks like that gang lifestyle and gang activity.”

It seems, though, that people are reacting to the case with damaging negative rhetoric about gang violence.  The city’s mayor said, “The resources are out there, this isn’t a crime wave.  Gang members are uncivilized people. They don’t seem to have respect for human beings … The fact that anyone could consider this behavior something a gang would be proud of, is beyond me.”

This certainly isn’t the way to respond, even to such a horrific crime, and displays prejudice and judgment about gang members’ motives (if this is, in fact, a gang-related crime).  The investigation is still unfolding, and we’ll keep you posted as we get more information about this horrible case.


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Norma V.
Norma Villarreal6 years ago

Too sad.

Jami Winn
Jami Winn6 years ago

I have an even better idea let the soldiers use them as motion target practice!!!

Cynthia Mattera
Cynthia Mattera7 years ago

Vickey W...what a great idea!!! These people have no repect for people, animals, or the law. Instead of putting convicted rapist's and murderer's behind bars, put them in to the military!!! They'll shape up real quick!
And, if they get killed, oh well. Sorry!

Vickey W.
Vickey W.7 years ago

Why don't we round up all the gang members stick a gun in their hands and drop them off in Afghanistan...see how long they could last over there with all their tough stuff!! Bet they wouldn't last a week but we wouldn't have to deal with them anymore!!

Lika S.
Lika P7 years ago

Ann Fox, women don't rape because women can't? Are you serious? That is the utmost naive thing I've heard.

Yes, men do get sexually abused and raped, and while maybe most perpetrators are men, this does NOT mean that there aren't any female perps. And it's no less traumatic either.

The sad part? Girls & women are blamed for the assault, and boys & men are not believed they were assaulted.

Judith Howard
Judith Howard7 years ago

Let's get back to some old-fashioned values starting with a little morality.

Loo Samantha
Loo sam7 years ago

what is becoming of our world?

Adam W.
Adam W.7 years ago

To Quote my friend James:

"What the hell does turning to god have to do with anything, turn to a christian cult that stole from other faiths and you will be a good person, grow up. What we need is tougher laws and a better education system not got, We need more support and laws to protect women and children so these things do not happen.. This was a child and as such we need to make sure these things get stamped out of society start making examples of the scum who do this....
And on the point of the baggy jeans as a gang style, it did start in prison I agree but the only ones walking around like that were punks (someones bitch) somewhere along the line it became cool.
We as men have to protect all women and children, stamp out rape, educate our kids and those close to us. its all about punishment and education stand up for what matters and things will change don't sit back and wait for something else to change it for you."

Exactly! God has nothing to do with the rape of young girls, that is the action of man to whom god gave free will even when it is used for evil. Stop acting pious while enabling the victimization of women.

Mohammad M.
Mohammad M.7 years ago

Those society, who do not protect their women from voilence or abuse fail. Those who a gulity of rape must be brought to justice a soon as possible. Watch out US, your society is decaying. Do something to stop it, befor it is too late. The administration, instead of spending billion of dollars in fighting a virtual enemy, should divert resources to stop these crimes and protect women and weak from the tyrants.

Jo Ilijay
Jo Ilijay7 years ago

If the government is aware of the existence of these gangs and what they are capable of doing, then why can't something be done to prevent these gangsters from doing barbaric acts?