13 Found Executed in Syria; Young Filmmaker Killed in Homs (Video)

United Nations cease-fire monitors have discovered the bodies of 13 people killed execution style with their hands bound behind their backs in the Assukar area of Deir Ezzor Province in eastern Syria. Opposition activists said the victims were electricity workers who had refused to end a protest strike.

The announcement of more violence after the massacre in Houla occurred as Turkey and Japan became the next countries to expel diplomats from Syria, along with the US, Canada, France, Germany and Australia. Syrian consular staff remain in Ankara. The Syrian government has given the Dutch charge d’affaires, once of the last high-ranking Western diplomats to remain, 72 hours to leave.

Russia, which is still selling arms to the Syrian regime, has continued to oppose any intervention under the United Nations Security Council. Russia’s foreign ministry described the expulsion of diplomats as “counterproductive” because “after all, vital [diplomatic] channels… end up being closed.” China, which has twice blocked UN Security Council resolutions for tougher sanctions on Syria, has reiterated its opposition to “forced regime change” and military intervention.

Following his meeting with President Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday, Kofi Annan, special envoy to the UN and the Arab League, told the Security Council that the “uprising was unlikely to stop without political negotiations, which appeared to be impossible at the moment,” according to the New York Times. In his meeting with Assad, Annan had told him that the crisis has reached a “tipping point” and disputed Assad’s contention that outsiders are responsible for the violence. He also appealed to Assad to follow Annan’s peace plan, which was agreed upon in April but “which the [Syrian] government has basically ignored since officially agreeing to it.”

Neither a diplomatic nor a military solutions can resolve the crisis, say David F. Gordon, head of research at Eurasia Group, and Stanford University professor Stephen D. Krasner in Politico. They argue that the US, the UK and the Friends of Syria need to pursue additional, more stringent economic measures:

They should declare that any new loans or contracts made with the Assad government are illegitimate and any successor government is not obligated to honor them.

A refusal to recognize contracts signed by the Syrian government would make it increasingly difficult for the Assad regime to get loans, begin to sever Syria from international capital flows and, over time, intensify the Assad government’s financing crisis.

Gordon and Krasner both say that the two most likely outcomes under current circumstances are “protracted civil war or regime collapse and the emergence of an extremist Sunni state.” Syria’s economy contracted significantly last year and foreign investment has fallen by two-thirds from 2010 – 2011.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has reported 39 new deaths, including 15 government soldiers, across the country on Wednesday. In a sad testament to the human toll of Syria’s 15-month uprising — in which over 15,000 have died — NPR reports that Bassel Al Shahade, a Syrian filmmaker who was studying at Syracuse University under a Fulbright Scholarship, was killed in Homs where he was filming on Monday. After the protests broke out in Syria in March of 2011, Al Shahade returned to Syria, saying that he had to be present “when the revolution is happening.” Activists posted a video on Monday of the bodies of Al Shahade and three others shrouded in white while being borne through Homs.

Al Shahade made this short video entitled Saturday Morning Gift featuring his cousin Ziad and based on a “real interview with a kid [who] survived the 2006 war on Lebanon.” It is a lyrical piece in which a boy, lazing in his bed, talks about being woken by his mother who tickles his feet and plays music. Then the boy says “I hate airplanes” and what sounds like an explosion is heard. He gets up in darkness to look through the door to the kitchen and call his mother and it is silent.

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Photo from a screenshot of the video, Saturday Morning Gift, by shbasel via YouTube


Robin Rae Swanson
Robin S5 years ago

Bonnie D.: You are so right!! There is video evidence that the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) has been planning for over a decade to overthrow and take over the governments of a "list of target countries" ... these are Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Libya, Syria, N. Korea, and Iran. Sound familiar??

Robin Rae Swanson
Robin S5 years ago

Detlef K.: First of all I must tell you that MOST, if not all, of the attacks on civilians since the cease-fire was to begin has been done by terrorist rebel groups or Al Quida, armed and funded by the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, and Turkey.

Second, maybe you don't know that the people of Bahrain have been terrorized, attacked and murdered by their horrific regime for many years. They have been protesting their oppression for over a year now, with many killed in the process. Yet NO ONE in the U.S. media say a word about it. In fact the U.S. is a strong ally of the Bahrain regime AND they supply Bahrain with weapons that they use to kill their own people!! So WHY does no one speak out and demand that the U.S. and other "war monger" nations invade Bahrain to save their people???

AND ... what about Palestine?? Their people have been violently oppressed, and murdered for over 64 YEARS ... now suffering a holocaust at the hands of the Israili zionists ...FULLY-FUNDED and supported by the U.S. government!!!

Then there is Yemen ...

Robin Rae Swanson
Robin S5 years ago

Mustafa D.: Actually Al Quida ADMITTED responsibility to a couple different attacks a few weeks ago ... the U.S. also acknowledged that Al Quida was involved. It was also reported that U.S. officials had met with Al Quida groups in Qatar and supplied them with arms and supplies ... then they turn around and blame Assad's military for every single attack ... SHAMEFUL!!

Jamie Clemons
Jamie Clemons5 years ago

wait till our military goes in then youll find all kinds of dead.

Mustafa D.
Mustafa D.5 years ago

Actually, this is not al Qaeda, Qaeda didn't target Syria for more than 40 years, so it's not accepted that al Qaeda did that! especially that all victims are Sunni too!! ALL OF THEM!!!!

eusebio vestias
Eusebio vestias5 years ago

Quado é que a Russia e a China e a Liga Arabe dão um xeque-mate ao regime Bashar al-Assad isto é uma vergolha para o mundo estas imagens horriveis

Bonnie D.
Bonnie Down5 years ago

Why is the truth being denied? These atrocious murders were committed by the Sunnis and al Quaeda. No wonder Obama is being quiet. Regardless of any dictatorships this is a set up to get rid of the regime and yet again a case of the muslims killing Christians and driving them out of their homes. The United Nayions is our enemy and is supporting the Islamisation of the world. Please wake up people. Your children are in grave danger.

Detlef K.
Past Member 5 years ago

...and we sit by and watch. THAT is a tragedy. To have the ability to stop evil and do nothing. 100 were EXECUTED on Tuesday - women and children. Where is Obama today? Out golfing? He had no problem going into Lybia for his agenda. Now when there is a real issue, he hides. Where is his spine? We have become an apathetic people.

Bob P.

sad news

Sophia M.
Sophia M5 years ago

Today I was listening to the local news and was saddened to hear that a young man had been killed in Syria, and that the man was from the University in our city, a place I know well. I did not know the man's name, so thank you for posting.