20 #EdgyHeadlines Expose “Shocking” Misogyny in the Media

Mitt Romney launched a thousand binders full of women responses after his “celebrated” comment. But Republican politicians of a certain ilk don’t have a monopoly on sexist language. Mulling over the constant presence of misogyny in media headlines,†@KateHarding and†@Sweet Machine concluded “we need a hashtag” and before you know it, and right on the heels of #safetytipsforladies, another trending Twitter topic to “invent more provocative questions about an entire gender” was born.

Some of the best of†#edgyheadlines:

(1)†@KateHarding:†ICYMI Are men fit to lead? Can men have it all? Are men too competitive with each other? Are men their own worst enemies?†#edgyheadlines

(2) @Alyson Miers:How Men’s Liberation is Making Men Unhappy #edgyheadlines

(3)†@Jessica Valenti: Boys Gone Bad: Are a new generation of male celebs turning boys into ‘prostitots’?#edgyheadlines (Actual headline:†http://feministing.com/2007/02/05/girls_gone_draft/)

(4) @Alyson Miers: THE SHE-CESSION: How men’s expansion in the workforce is taking jobs from women. #edgyheadlines

(5)†@EllCeeBee:†When Should You Disclose To Your Boss That You’re An Expectant Father? Advice From Dads Who’ve Been There.†#edgyheadlines

(6)†@Jayelle: Professional Athletes in Spandex: Are They Setting Masculinism Back?†#EdgyHeadlines

(7)†@Suzanne Scott: All Female Panel Leads Capitol Hill Hearing on Condoms #edgyheadlines

(8)†@Rick Scott: Men Not Emotionally Ready for Combat: Leading General / Cites Immaturity, Lack of Teamwork, Quickness to Anger†#edgyheadlines

(9)†@Sweet Machine: John Boehner’s Public Weeping Proves That Men Are Too Emotional for Public Office#edgyheadlines

(10)†@vexorian: Is male liberation causing women to lose femininity?†#edgyheadlines

(11)†@Jeff Fecke: Fight Testicular Cancer, and Save the Balls! (Related: Photo Gallery of Celebrity Sideballs!) #edgyheadlines

(12)†@Pedestrian Error: 20 yr old male supermodel dating 50 yr old female CEO†#Edgyheadlines

(13)†@Jess Zimmerman: How Men Can Signal What They Want In Bed Without Actually Communicating in Human Speech #edgyheadlines

(14)†@beardedstoner: How Men Can Protect Themselves From Becoming Victimizers?†#EdgyHeadlines

(15)†@marykmac: The Man Booker Prize for Fiction: What Is Men’s Fiction?†#edgyheadlines

(16)†@KateHarding:†Have Men in Combat Led to Increase in Military Sexual Violence?†#edgyheadlines

(17)†@Imran Siddiquee: Embarrassing: 62 Different Men Wear the Exact Same Thing on the Red Carpet #edgyheadlines

(18) @Rebecca Watson:†Christian Bale in The Machinist: Get the Look in Ten Days #edgyheadlines

(19)†@KateHarding:†The Opt-Out Revolution: Why My 3 Girlfriends Who Have No Kids Are Part of a Growing Trend Toward Women Staying at the Office #edgyheadlines

(20)†@Shannon Farley: Do men have too many choices? One confused man’s story.#edgyheadlines


If any of your favorites are not on this list, please add them in the comments!


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Thanks for this article.

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The fact that most female interviewees get way longer paragraphs detailing their looks probably fits here.

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This really does show the difference between media headlines for women and those for men. We think nothing of headlines targeted towards or about women being sexist and rediculous. And then you switch the gender and show what they would sound like if they wer about males and suddenly it becomes so clear.

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Change is ongoing,LOVE WILL suffice any evil device,PEACE will survive.

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