2011 Budget Passed, Title X Defunding Defeated

The 2011 budget is finally official, squeaking past the House before being overwhelmingly voted for in the Senate.

The Speaker of the House lost 59 Republican votes and was forced to jockey for support from Democratic representatives in order to obtain enough votes to pass the budget bill, which in the end passed 260 to 167.  Democrats provided 81 votes in support of the bid, but Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was not one of them.   “I voted no on the CR today-we can do better by women, students, #DC and investing in our future,” Pelosi stated on twitter

Despite threats of a filibuster, in the end most Republicans fell into line on the Senate side, where the bill was passed 81 to 19. 

Also voted on was the controversial plan to end Title X funding for reproductive health care, money that Republicans complained goes predominately to Planned Parenthood.  Although it passed the House it was defeated in the Senate 42 to 58, with six Republican senators voting against it.  Also defeated was an amendment to defund health care reform, which was defeated 47 to 53.  Neither amendment was expected to pass, but were offered stand alone votes as a condition of passing the continuing resolution that averted a government shut down last week.

Next up, the 2012 budget and the vote to raise the debt ceiling, two more highly charged congressional debates.


Photo from wikimedia commons


JW H.8 years ago

Here's an idea - stop the 3 Obama wars and use that money to pay down debt then give some back to taxpayers - after all the money doesnt belong to the govt - it is ours

Julie F.
Julie F8 years ago

That was close. And yes - what about defense spending!???

Eldon W.
Eldon W8 years ago

M.E,W, is absolutely correct. Peace.

M.E. W.
Mary W8 years ago

Here's an idea - stop the wars we've got going on overseas and use that money to fund social programs the Republicans want to cut! Sadly it is all about corruption and gov't funding of the defense industry.

Advice to members of Congress - you can only shaft the country so much before we've had enough!

Sound Mind
Ronald E8 years ago

Ending corporate welfare IS the solution to the problems said welfare has brought on. Trimming defense spending way back is critical but can't be done mindlessly.

Paula M.
Paula Menyuk8 years ago

Some Democratic congressmen from my home state Massachusetts who did not vote for the budget. I say hurrah to them because they believe as I do that the deficit could be fixed with appropriate taxes. Some Republicans vetoed because the cut was not enough. Boo to them.

Gary A L.
Gary L8 years ago

our country spends more for defence than all the other countrys in the world need I say more cut defence spending and end corp. welfare

Julie Dawson
Julie D8 years ago

The problem is they keep looking at the wrong things to cut to try to fix the deficit. How about ending the 2 useless wars we are involved in and refuse to get sucked into now a 3rd useless war, bringing our troop shome to secure our own borders agains the massive invasion of illegal immigrants? How about imposing a huge tarrif on all imported goods espcially those outsourced by American corporations making outsourcing no longer profitable and returning jobs to America? How abaout paying back all the fund stolen from SS to fund ohter things to make it a solvent program again? How about not allowing non citizens to have access to SS and welfare funds? How about making it illegal to speculate on commodities such as oil? How about imposing a flat tax rate on everyone including all the huge corporations and making them all pay these taxes without any loopholes? How about stopping legal immigration until such time as all Americans have jobs? How about deporting all illegals and heavlily fining and imprisoning those companies who continue to hire illegals? How about making it illegal for any politician to accept money from any corporation? How about makng every politician make the same salary as the average American and be dependent on SS for retirement and use the same healthcare options we have? All they are proposing now is pure self serving BS, these are the things they should be talking about and doing somethng about to fix the deficit. Lying greedy bastards.

Dianna M.
Dianna M8 years ago

The Republicans in Congress keep trying to defund Planned Parenthood and Title X in the name of "budget/spending cuts"--yet Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) held up President Obama's nominees last year, for massive pork dollars for his state. And Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) wants the government to fund a study on deepening the Port of Charleston. These Republicans are little more than criminals, holding hostages to get what they want--and what they want is OUR money.

A few years ago, the city of Grand Island, NE wanted to raise city taxes in order to fund a concert arena. One official said on the news, "You have to spend money to make money." Well, okay--but what does the average resident get out of it? Higher taxes. It's the businesses in the area that will make the money. So let THEM spend their money, not mine!

LindaAWAY G.
Linda G8 years ago

And so the fight continues with much posturing and little positive action.