3 Adorable Animal Rescues Caught on Tape

Last December, we brought you the amazing story of my hero cat, who woke my husband and me just in time for us to escape before our house burst into flames.

But sometimes it’s the animals that need saving, so here are three heartwarming stories of animal rescues.

Shih Tzu Rescues Kitten From Ravine

It was back in May, in South Carolina, when Anderson County Animal Control Officer Michelle Smith was called after a complaint about a barking dog.

It didn’t exactly turn out how she expected. When she arrived at the scene, she discovered at the bottom of a ravine a cute Shih Tzu nursing a tiny kitten.

She surmised that the dog could have easily made it back up, but couldn’t carry the kitten, and didn’t want to leave her new buddy.

Smith took the pair to a local animal shelter, where the animals were placed in an enclosure together. The center expected the Shih Tzu’s owner to show up, since the dog had a collar, but that didn’t happen, so the two were placed in a foster home together.

Two months later, Goldie the dog and Kate the kitten are happily settled into a new home together.

You can watch a video of the two here:


Bear Cub Retrieved From Trash Bin

You’ve probably heard about bears being stuck in trash dumpsters before, but in this case the lid closed on a baby bear, trapping him completely inside.

It happened in Azusa, California, on July 21. At around 10:30 pm that night, Azusa police got a call about a mother bear and her cub trying to get another cub out of a dumpster.

Of course, it’s a really good thing that no one tried to help that mother bear directly. Instead, the police contacted the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, who arrived with flashing lights and sirens, in order to scare the mama and cub away for long enough to open the lid and free the cub.

As you can see in the video, the little guy emerged with trash (toilet paper?) hanging from his right ear, but otherwise he looked to be in good shape.

You can see the dramatic rescue here:

Lucky Kitten Rescued By Fireman

Here’s a story that amazes in at least two ways: this little kitten was rescued and brought back to life, and now he is starring in his own movie, made by the fireman who captured everything on his helmet camera.

Cory Kalanich is the firefighter from Fresno, California who earlier this month saved Lucky from a smoke-filled house, before bringing him to a fire truck and reviving him with oxygen, water and love.

“The Rescue: A True Story” shows Kalanick carrying out the dramatic rescue of this tiny, adorable kitty. The filmmaker has added in some extras for good measure: Sundance-type awards, faux reviews and dramatic music. Two thumbs up!

You can check out a preview of this debut here:


Photo Credit: screenshot from Youtube video


Jim Ven
Jim Ven2 years ago

thanks for the article.

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Claudia Cavallo4 years ago

three adorable stories, and referring to the first video we have a lot to learn from them

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Virginia Abreu de Paula

I also love to see people who cares doing their best for other beings. It shows there is hope for us. It's also wonderful to see animals caring so much for other beings, like the dog that became the kitten's mom and would not leave her.

Nora McKellar
Nora McKellar4 years ago

i love stories like these!! with all the stories of animal abuse out there its good to be reminded now n then that there r still ppl out there tht who truly care about the well beings of animals :D

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we can learn a lot from animals we must learn not to abuse them.

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Nice ending, thank you and thank you for helping these helpless/

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I love stories with happy endings......