3 Stubborn Abortion Myths Debunked

Anti-choice politicians have always lied about abortion ó the science, public opinion and legal protections. Now, more than ever, they’re emboldened by a president who sees the truth as optional. And we can’t afford to let lies that undermine reproductive rights go unchecked.

MYTH 1: Most Americans Think Abortion Should Be Illegal

Nope. Actually, most Americans think abortion should be legal. In 2018, the Pew Research Center found 58 percent of Americans think abortion should be legal in all or most cases. The majority of both men and women agree ó at 57 percent and 60 percent respectively. Thereís a consensus across age groups, as well. More than half of every age group thinks abortion should be legal in all or most cases.

There are some divides, of course, primarily driven by political affiliation and education level. Among Democrats, 76 percent believe abortion should be legal in all or most cases. That number falls to 36 percent for Republicans. As for college graduates, 71 percent think abortion should be legal in all or most cases. And among those whose education reached a high school degree or lower, 48 percent felt abortion should be legal.

MYTH 2: Women Have Abortions Because They Donít Plan Ahead

First, it doesnít matter why a person is pregnant. They should have the right to control their body and their future. Period.

Second, the Guttmacher Institute found 51 percent of U.S. abortion patients reported using contraceptives the month they became pregnant.

Implying that women wouldnít need abortions if they werenít lazy and/or sexually promiscuous is just another shaming tactic. People choose to have abortions for many complex reasons. Some of the most common are finances, timing, partner-related issues and the need to focus on other children. Choosing to have an abortion because your life isnít in the right place to support a new child is planning ahead.

MYTH 3: Abortion Isnít a Constitutionally Guaranteed Right

It absolutely is. In Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruled that abortion is protected as a fundamental liberty under the 14th amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Since Roe, numerous Supreme Court rulings have reaffirmed those protections.

In addition to being protected under the U.S. Constitution,†the United Nations considers abortion to be a basic human right that all member nations should recognize.

Unfortunately, there are as many lies as verifiable facts about abortion out in the world. Whether youíre seeking an abortion yourself or forming your views on abortion in general, itís important that you arm yourself with solid, objective information.

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Karen H
Karen H4 hours ago

George, you talk about murder. Our politicians are so eager to protect a non-viable clump of cells in a woman's uterus - but how many of them are as gung-ho to provide affordable health care for children dying of serious health issues? Did you read about the little 5-year-old boy thrown off a balcony by a stranger at Mall of the Americas? The parents need a GoFundMe page to pay for his hospital bills. Without help, the parents wouldn't be able to pay for his treatment. Tell me that isn't murder on the part of our politicians.

Nicky Heindryckx
Nicky H9 hours ago

G. Speros: when you want to avoid all abortions for whatever reason, why not having any longer sexual intercourse. Problem solved!! Wonder if you would agree with such law?? And what will you do with young girls (or even adult women) who are raped by friends, neighbors or in some cases, even by their own partner... Or do you think this does not exist??

An Moran: Google or look up in a good medical book when a fetus is able to survive out of the womb. Not when it's 8 weeks, 15 weeks or even 22 weeks old. It just grows because of being "connected" with the mother. Nothing else. I don't know whether you have a daughter/s? I have ONE. If she would ever have come home at 14 or 16 being pregnant, even by her friend, I would strongly insist that she's having an abortion. Many lads turn their back before or just after the baby is born. What would you do then?? Raise it yourself. Very nice idea, provided you are still relatively young, strong and able to work a fulltime job. For women of 55 and more, it could be a huge problem when they have cancer, or another disease, or are unemployed. Better not having a grandchild then. Being raised in serious poverty is not a good beginning!!

Nicky H
Nicky H10 hours ago

Women do not allow their Government to decide in their place to have a child or not. Neither do they agree any longer that the Church is in a position to tell us that we cannot have an abortion, because it is murdering a child! This is B.S. in 99% of the cases. You need to be more than 24 or 25 weeks pregnant before the "baby" can survive out of the womb. Most abortions take place before the 12th week and some between the 12th and 24th week. In most countries, you need to have serious, medical reasons to have an abortion in this stage of the pregnancy. And after 24 weeks, it is only done when the baby has such terrible, uncurable diseases or malfunctionings which could not be detected at an earlier stage of the pregnancy. Then you also need the agreement of 2 different specialists. At least, that's how it is done in most of the W. European countries. I remember that when abortion became legal, a lot of people said much more women would have an abortion. This was only the case during the first 4/5 years, and then the numbers dropped.
When a woman decides that it is not a good moment to have a or another child, it is her private decision. Whatever the cause of her pregnancy may be it is solely her decision and not that of a Governor, Minister, President or another politician...

Leo C
Leo C16 hours ago

Thank you for posting!

Dr. Jan Hill
Dr. Jan H19 hours ago


Joanna P
Joanna P21 hours ago

No one wants the mental and physical trauma of abortion but sometimes it is necessary. When it is necessary, make it risk-free and freely available. Meantime, why is protection not freely available to all women over puberty? Treat the cause not the symptom.

Janis K
Janis Kyesterday

Thanks for sharing.

Carole R
Carole Ryesterday

Thanks for this information.

Leo C
Leo Cyesterday

Thank you for sharing!

Dr. Jan Hill
Dr. Jan Hyesterday