30 Runaway Cows Shot In Front of Children

About 30 cows who had escaped from a field in Wrexham, North Wales on Friday were rounded up by police and residents only to be massacred later in front of children and onlookers.

A group of children who were playing outside were reportedly screaming in horror, while staff at the Chirk Community Hospital closed their curtains to keep people from viewing the slaughter.

The cows, who had been wandering in the road and in people’s gardens, were rounded up and herded into a field near the hospital. Residents apparently thought that would be the end of it, but no, not quite.

The Wrexham council met with the Welsh Assembly Government and animal welfare officials and decided to have the cows killed on “welfare grounds,” and not because of disease…or anything reasonable.

According to Andy Lewis, chief housing and public protection officer, “The operation was carried out to prevent further suffering and distress to the cattle.”

Obviously cows who have been rounded up and are laying around and eating out in a field must be distressed and suffering and what else would you do with distressed and suffering animals but shoot them all dead. Obviously.

It’s alright though, because they carried out a risk assessment in the interest of public safety and all. Residents are angry, to say the least, and can’t believe the cows had to be shot.

Joanne Jones said she was “disgusted.” Another said, “I can’t believe all the animals had to be shot. It’s appalling what’s happened.”

Edward Jones told the Daily Mail that “Children were screaming and in tears because they had gone to see the cows in the field and then we heard shots ringing out. It was horrific. One shot after another sounded and some of the youngsters were hysterical and traumatised by it.”

The cows were removed and will be incinerated. The owner may face charges, but no further comments have been made by officials.

photo via http://www.flickr.com/photos/macieklew/


Cheryl B.
Cheryl B6 years ago


Fred Krohn
Fred Krohn6 years ago

Where I lived in the 60s, the local farmer's cows would manage to break out and wander. We'd hear noise, then the herd of cows would wander across the back yard at the lot line, then the farmer and his sons and dogs would follow and either drive them back or collect them with trailers depending on how far the beasts got. One time some of the older kids used slingshots and firecrackers to turn the herd around and back to its field...

The farmer should outright refuse all 'charges' while informing the law that he'd have gladly paid them to return live cows to him. A broken fence is not a crime. This was another stupid cop situation. The farmer should charge the police for each replacement cow and should even bill them for fence repairs; they were cows, not hogs.

Mary B.
May Payton6 years ago

cowards, heartless is all they are. with out there guns there wimps, they acted like ther were chaseing bank robbers. why couldent they get real men? ranchers, cowboys to heard these cows. even kids could of heard them safe back to there farms or ranches.

Mary B.
May Payton6 years ago

I am so upset and so fed up at these cops and people what there doing to these helpless animals. these ppl need to serve time in jail, if it was up to me I would just kill these heartless ppl. these ppl are unfit to live on this earth, scum, bags of shit. bad news just keeps getting worse with animals. and nothing being done about it, a pad on the back. give me these ppl line them up, I'll put a bullet right through ther useless heart. lousy scum SOB. I wish it could reverse, and the animals kill these SOB. ppl are back stabers, two face, cant'e trust anyone any more. I'll deal with animals any day before ppl. I love the beauty of this earth, and the animals, but ppl are ruining this beautiful world. this world needs to hurry up and end. every night I have trouble sleeping, thinking of what I read, what horrorable things happening to them and baby's and children. to much evil.

jane richmond
jane richmond6 years ago

Kill the cows -that was the only solution they could think of. Did anyone there have a brain? Transport or herding them home was never considered?

Kay A.
Kay Arnold6 years ago

Seems that there is another local where ignorance and or stupidity reigns. I've been around cows off and on all my life and if not harassed will be easily herded back home. As for killing a farmer's stock and then charging him with some violation that is absurd only a petty politician would even think of such a thing, the farmer should sue the local gov. for his loss on account of the officials stupidity. I feel bad for the children too. When they saw the kids there they couldn't wait? Dumb Asses :(

Shelly Smith
Shelly Smith6 years ago

Traumatized my ass! What a bunch of bloodthirsty morons. Here's an idea, let's take every politician that thinks like this & shoot THEM before they CAUSE an further distress to anyone!!!

Jami Winn
Jami Winn6 years ago

and they couldn't have i don't know GOTTEN A TRAILER TO HAUL THE COWS HOME

Karilyn K.
Karilyn K6 years ago

WTF? This was stupid - people need to be fired over this.

Nancy T.
Nan Towle6 years ago

The cows got loose. If they get loose they wander. There was nothing wrong with them and yet these bureaucrats decided to murder them. You might think that could have at least explored the possibility of rounding the cows up with sheep or cattle dogs to get them back home or to load them onto a transport truck. Something simple and low tech to start. Obviously there was no thinking going on. Now not only have they traumatized the children and local families but they have to clean up the horrid mess they made and transport the cows anyway. Adding insult to injury they are considering "charging" the owner of the cows? Seriously? If anything these bureaucrats owe the owner for all these cows, and the loss of revenue from dairy products! The owner can pay for anything they ate or trampled, how about that?! It would appear that the people of Wrexham, North Wales need to vote out the current Wrexham council met along with the Welsh Assembly Government and animal welfare officials. Clearly they are not up to their jobs!