4 Blind Animals With Their Own Furry Guides

Blind humans aren’t the only ones who need help getting around. Both dogs and cats are spontaneously coming to the rescue of their visually impaired four-legged family members. Here are the stories of some of these guardian angels.

1. Terfel and Pwditat

One day a stray cat showed up at Judy Godfrey-Brown’s house in Wales and made it clear that she was moving in. Godfrey-Brown opened the door and the cat went straight to her dog, Terfel, who is blind. Before the cat, soon named Pwditat, came along, Terfel spent most of his time in his basket. Pwditat opened up his world, starting by leading him out to the garden.

“She uses her paws to help guide him. They are glued to each other and even sleep together now,” Godfrey-Brown told The Sun.

2. Libby and Cashew

Libby is another cat who cares for an impaired dog, Cashew. Cashew, a yellow Lab, is both blind and deaf. Their guardian, Terry Burns, writes in Reader’s Digest that “Libby steers Cashew away from obstacles and leads her to her food. Every night she sleeps next to her.” Burns believes that Libby “knows what needs to be done and does it day in and day out for her friend.”

3. Bob and the Australian Shepherd puppy

A cat in a Kentucky Humane Society shelter who needed rescuing himself decided that as long as he was waiting, he would rescue someone else. The cat, Bob, adopted a blind Australian Shepherd mix puppy, according to NBC Lex18, and became his seeing-eye guide. Bob was rewarded and the puppy’s luck continued when the two were adopted together into the same home, the shelter told me on January 2.

4. Megan and Millie

There is no sibling rivalry between Megan and Millie. Megan was born blind, and Millie has been guiding her around ever since, as Claire Kerker reported on Care2. The two standard poodles go for walks together near their home in England, with a leash linking them.

The compassion and generosity of these seeing-eye guides is an inspiration for us all, and a reminder not to underestimate our cats and dogs!


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Loretta P.
Loretta P4 years ago

Wonderful article. Thanks for sharing.

Lisa W.
Lisa W5 years ago

What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing. I love all animals without them our world would be a very sad place.

Christine Jones
Christine J5 years ago

Pwditat! What a creative name. And the poodles are magnificent.

Beth M.
Beth M5 years ago

Animals are more caring than most humans. Great story!

Carrie Anne Brown

great article, thanks for sharing :)

Andrew C.
Andrew C5 years ago

Absolutely heartwarming and very inspiring. We can learn alot from animals!

Lisa Zarafonetis
Lisa Z5 years ago

Absolutely wonderful. Shared on Facebook.

Susanne P.
Susanne P5 years ago

Heartwarming stories ... and a good example for mankind of how life's supposed to be!

pam w.
pam w5 years ago

My elderly poodle became deaf in her later years. After calling her unsuccessfuly to come inside, in frustration, I said to my other dog...:"Lulu, get Sadie!"


And after that, she'd go to Sadie, bump her with a nose and then come inside, so Sadie would follow.

Somehow, she understood the problem.

I loved that....just loved it!

Kathy K.
Kathy K5 years ago

These are so wonderful! Thanks for sharing.