4 Bullying Videos That Will Bring You To Tears

It seems like a news cycle doesn’t go by without the mention of bullying Ė a new study, another suicide victim, another video confession of a child or teenager sharing how their life was touched by bullying.

It’s the videos that I find the most moving and telling of the harmful effects of bullying. It is in these videos that I too often find inspiration. How brave to share what you are going through, no matter how painful, to raise awareness and give hope to those in similar circumstances.

I don’t think I would have been brave enough to do so when I was in school. I’m not sure I am brave enough to do it now.

Take a look at the four amazing videos below and take a moment to share this article with a young person in your life.

To This Day Project

“And if you canít see anything beautiful about yourself get a better mirror, look a little closer, stare a little longer because there is something inside you that made you keep trying despite everyone who told you to quit.”

Caine Stands Up

“I feel like me speaking out might encourage others kids to do the same and speak out and rise up and help each other out to get rid of bullying.”

To watch a longer length video of Caineís story click here.

Jonah Mowry: “Whats going onÖ”

After admitting to being a cutter since the second grade and attempting suicide to ease the pain of bullying Jonah says, “But I’m not going anywhere because Iím STRONGER than that and I have a million reasons to be here.”

Ellouise’s Story

“No-one deserves to be bullied. If you are being bullied seek help or talk to someone who cares because believe it or not you are loved by many people. Keep your head up.”

What do you think about these videos?

If you’ve come across any other inspirational bullying videos please share in the comments below and remember to share with a young person in your life today.



Lesa D
Lesa D3 months ago

thank you Ximena...

Jim F.
Jim F.2 years ago

Thank you for sharing

Jonathan F.
Jonathan F.2 years ago

The "To this Day Project" it really hurt me to see so many people just to walk away or ignore the fact that some was getting beat up right in front of them. I was feeling the same way as the actor when 7 people walked by and did nothing. I can understand why he was so irritated that no one was stepping in.

Jonah Mowry: “Whats going on…” Seeing the emotion on his face while he was trying to hold the cards Really hit home. Having children of my own, It really makes me worry about there safety at the school and I would hope that they can talk to me

Joe Vaccaro
Joe Vaccaro3 years ago

Caine's story is very inspirational and made me really think hard about what bullying actually can do to kids who are affected by it. It is a very big problem that needs to be taken care of with a no tolerance policy for bullying everywhere. Too many good kids who could be an amazing asset to our future as a society have been lost due to this horrible event called bullying. There is no place for it anywhere but especially in a school which is supposed to be a learning environment.

Jenna Lazovik
Jenna Lazovik3 years ago

I was so drawn in my the amazing creativity of To This Day and the real and huge intensity of the narrator who either read from a script or was saying his own words from past experiences of being victimized by bullying. It was so truthful and overlapping with words that truly justify the crime of bullying. Especially young people or anyone. The second video of Jonah Mowry was very inspirational and heart wrenching as well. It made use use your imagination of just how affected by bulling and name calling, or worse this child was through the great intense song and the very effective communication on cards to his audience. Just goes to show you how great art is and how it can be such a healer and therapy for so many people and visions!

Jenna Lazovik
Jenna Lazovik3 years ago

I really liked To This Day and Jonah Mowry's video which held a real purpose for me and were both very creative and inspiring!

Deb E.
Deb E4 years ago

Hard to watch. Harder still to know it is all true.

Kelsey Valois
Kelsey Valois4 years ago

"To this day" and "My bullying story" made me cry.
A lot.

B A Robinson
BA R4 years ago


Mark Botermuc
Mark p.muc4 years ago

:) Ty ...