4 New Horrible Ways the US Is ‘Caring’ for Refugees and Immigrants

There’s perhaps no sector of the Trump administration more cruel or shameful than Immigration and Custom Enforcement. Under the xenophobic orders of President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, ICE continues to boldly target and separate families whose biggest crime is having entered American in order to escape poverty and violence in their home country.

We’ve learned that ICE raids are growing more callous and violent in an effort to discourage immigrants from entering the U.S. to begin with. But now the agency has become utterly heartless.

Here are four new horrifying ways the U.S. is “caring” for refugees and immigrants.

1. Engaging in even more mass raids at places of employment

This week hundreds of immigrants — some undocumented and in the country with forged IDs — were rounded up in surprises raids at two Ohio gardening centers. Over 100 people were detained after about 200 ICE agents swarmed the areas, cutting off any ability to escape.

The Washington Post reports:

“We’re on a barn, so we can’t escape,” employee Salma Sabala told WNWO. Sabala, who works at Corso’s with her mother and sister, said undercover officers showed up in an employee break room initially offering to give out Dunkin’ Donuts. Then, they started rounding up workers. “They’re armed. They had the dogs. We hear the helicopters on top of us,’ Sabala told WNWO. ‘They took them on a big bus.”

The raid left dozens of children abandoned at schools or daycares after family members were taken to detention. One immigrant rights advocate reported that at least seven children were without any family because both parents had been detained — and at least four minors born in the U.S. were taken into custody and held overnight by ICE because they had been working at the garden center and were arrested along with their parents.

2. Warehousing unaccompanied children in Wal-Mart

With the administration snatching so many children’s parents, it’s no wonder that they no longer have the room for all of the unaccompanied minors in the country. Instead, ICE officials are converting abandoned buildings — like they did with one Wal-Mart center in Brownsville, Texas. The Trump administration may be proud of their ingenuity – or maybe not. Perhaps that is why they refused to allow one Democratic Senator to tour the new detention center to check on the accommodations.

MyStatesman reports:

As the sun set Sunday night, Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., went to a shuttered Walmart in Brownsville that has been converted into a detention center for immigrant children who have been separated from their parents. He asked for a tour. Instead, the government contractor that runs the converted store called the cops. An officer filled out a police report, and the senator was asked to leave.

According to the site, Merkley said:

I think it’s unacceptable that a member of Congress is not being admitted to see what’s happening to children whose families are applying for asylum. Can you imagine? You come to this strange land… . You’re seeking asylum, and the first thing that happens when you get here is you’re torn away from your parents? … America has never done this before! … The intention is to hurt the children, cause the children trauma and discourage people from seeking asylum in the United States of America.

3. Calling the pizza guy — to deport him

Pablo Villavicencio was just doing his job – bringing a pizza order to a military base that he had delivered to multiple times before. But apparently this time officers on the base realized he had an outstanding warrant from ICE — and they detained him and turned him over once the authorities arrived.

NPR reports:

In a statement, the Fort Hamilton Public Affairs Office says security officers discovered an active ICE warrant during a routine background check. And that the installation’s commanders are authorized to take “reasonably necessary and lawful measures [to] protect installation personnel and property.”

Of course, that leads to the obvious question: Does the fort background check every delivery person — or just the ones with foreign-sounding names?

4. Claiming that being forced into slavery out of fear of your life is “providing material support” to terrorists

Finally, in maybe the most appalling story of all, a woman is being deported because she’s no longer eligible for asylum in the U.S.

What made her ineligible? She spent three decades in slavery out of fear of death.

CNN reports:

According to the court documents, the woman was kidnapped by the guerrillas in El Salvador and made to do the cooking and cleaning “under threat of death.” She was also ‘forced to witness her husband, a sergeant in the Salvadoran Army, dig his own grave before being killed.
Nevertheless, the 2-1 opinion holds that the woman’s coerced duties for the group constituted “material support” for a terrorist organization, and thus made her ineligible to be granted asylum or have her deportation order canceled in the US — though a lower court judge had ruled she would otherwise be eligible for such relief.

Photo Credit: Molly Adams/Flickr


Marie W
Marie W7 months ago

Thanks for sharing

Paul B
Paul Babout a year ago

silja s
Andman y more are proud of what is being done. Did you see where Trump's approval ratings just went up again even in the midst of all this feigned Dem outrage. People are witnessing the TDS for themselves and forming their own opinions of what the left is really doing.
They have consistently ignored the statements of past presidents, including Clinton and Obama, their actions, and seeing that the outrage is purely manufactured in a constant effort to discredit Trump. It isn't working, so they are doubling down on their own self destruction. Good news for us on the right that want to see Trump policies continue and expand.

silja s
silja sabout a year ago

I am so vey sorry for the amerian people who are caught up in this horrid page of their history... so many are outraged by the administration sitting in the WH.

Gino C
Past Member about a year ago

It's horrifying. How can this be happening an America?

Deborah S
Deborah Sabout a year ago

Thank you

Amanda M
Amanda Mabout a year ago

I read an article the other night where Sessions and others cited a Bible verse that was also used back in the 19th century to justify SLAVERY. When the HELL are people going to wake up and realize that Twitler and his regime are nothing but pure EVIL and need to be called out as the CRIMINALS they are?

Rhoberta E
Rhoberta Eabout a year ago

paul b
It has been shown on almost EVERY news outlet that this doesn't need to happen and was enforced by trump and the Keebler elf.
I watched a whistle blower tell of the conditions for the children AND the staff but someone is making a bundle of money off them.(probably the trump family or friends)
Take the money made out of the equation and I wonder how the plan would change.
Now there's talk of a "arpio" like tent city in the summer.
No mention of where the girls and infants are being "housed"
If it isn't a "morality" issue why is idiot sessions spouting scripture to suit HIS and trump's agenda. trump wants money for his "wall" and you know that's why this is happening.
"Open border person"???? You are really reaching AND inhumane.
Canada took thousands of your "rescind their permits to stay" Haitian immigrants from the US as they crossed OUR border illegally last winter. We didn't treat them as "sub humans" like you seem to indicate YOU do.
The US is NOT the be all and end all like you seem to think you are.

Paul B
Paul Babout a year ago

Rhoberta, is is not now or ever a question of morality, it is a legal question. And the answer is that the laws should be upheld and enforced.... at least until such time as they are changed.
Here is the problem, illegal border crossers go to jail. Kids can't be allowed into those facilities. What are we supposed to do with them? Are you suggesting that anyone that crosses the border with a kid should just be let go, likely never to be heard from again?
Just admit that you are an open borders person and that the US has no right to control its borders for that is exactly what you are implying. Is that the policy in Canada?

Lisa M
Lisa Mabout a year ago