4 Resolutions Anti-Choice Legislators Should Make (But Won’t)

With a new year comes the opportunity for a fresh start. Just imagine if anti-choice legislators made (and kept!) these resolutions for 2013:

1. Take, and Pass Biology 101

I know in the era of the “honest rape” leadership in the Republican party where grown men believe women can’t get pregnant from a rape because their body will “shut it all down” and then legislate based on that belief, that a basic understanding of human biology may be a lot to ask for, but that’s exactly why this is the first resolution anti-choice lawmakers should make and keep in 2013. Abortion is, after all, nothing more than a medical procedure that has become saturated with politics, which makes abortion restrictions matters of public health policy. Matters of public health policy should be governed by science and our legislators should have to certify they have a basic understanding of biology before sponsoring any piece of legislation that impacts public health policy.

2. Talk To Women

A lot like “Take and Pass Biology 101,” the idea that male legislators would defer to their women colleagues on matters of women’s health is, sadly, absurd given the current conservative movement. I mean, look at Michigan where lawmakers censured women for using the word “vagina” during a debate about abortion restrictions. If lawmakers can’t say it, they shouldn’t regulate it. And who could forget the Darrell Issa contraception hearings where not a single woman was allowed to testify on the impact requiring health insurance companies to cover contraception would have on religious liberties.

It’s not just that these lawmakers ignored women, or considered them afterthoughts in the legislative process. More seriously, it raises a very real question about what motivates the explosion of anti-choice legislating by white guys. Access to family planning services and reproductive health care is essential for women to achieve, and maintain, the ability to earn a living and be fully self-sufficient. Why do conservative men want to take that away? Let’s make them answer that question specifically in 2013.

3. Listen To Voters

The 2012 election culminated in voters sending politicians a very loud, very clear message: stop with all the anti-woman legislation. 2011-2012 saw a dramatic uptick in anti-choice activity at the state level. In the last year, legislators introduced more than 1,100 reproductive health and rights-related provisions with fully 68% of these new provisions restricting access to abortion services. These bills came at the expense of other measures that could have helped put millions back to work. And as a result, in the November election, conservatives lost hard.

So naturally the first thing conservatives do after such a stunning defeat is to double-down on the strategy that lost the election for them. Texas refuses to ease up in its campaign to make the state contraceptive and abortion free for low-income women while Michigan Republicans used the lame duck session to pass an enormous abortion omnibus bill designed to regulate many clinics out of existence.

Imagine if in 2013 conservatives actually got the message and lawmakers focused their energy on rebuilding infrastructure, securing our schools, and creating smart economic policy that will drive innovative development. If they resolved to listen to voters, they would.

4. Learn to Love The Pill (Again)

Believe it or not, government-funded family planning services used to be a pet policy of religious conservatives. It’s not too hard to see why. Contraceptive use reduces the rates of unintended pregnancies, which therefore reduce the rates of elective abortion and chances a young girl will fall into poverty via single-motherhood. For those that insist the anti-choice movement is not anti-woman, broad support of family planning funding and contraceptive use was always the most convincing evidence in their favor.

Which is why the conservative movement needs to purge the Rick Santorum, Steve King, Paul Ryan element from its leadership. Under siege by religious evangelicals, conservatives have not just turned their backs on government-supported family planning services, they have gone totally upside down on contraception, calling for a re-criminalization of birth control. If the Republican party has any hope of functioning as anything other than the governing arm of religious extremists, it can do this in 2013 by falling in love, all over again, with contraception and family planning.

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Alicia Guevara
Alicia Guevara5 years ago


Christine Jones
Christine J5 years ago

I am a proud feminist, and I'd be the last person in the world to oppress women, but to describe abortion as nothing more than a medical procedure is very callous.

stacey t.
Stacey Toda5 years ago

I agree with all of them.

Amanda M.
Amanda M5 years ago

Marianne C, I'd send you a Green Star for your comments, but I already hit the wall this week, so take a handful of proxies out of petty cash.

Unfortunately, this article, while nailing every point, will completely fail to make the anti-choicers wake up, because their case of cranium rectumitis has progressed to terminal and incurable. Pity, because following all these points would really help them out.

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia5 years ago

The "take and pass biology 101" made me chuckle. I think a lot of people need to do that.Frankly, I am tired of people, esp men who can never become pregant, telling women what choices they should make. It is no one but that woman's business.

pam w.
pam w5 years ago

OK...here are three more resolutions the anti-choice mob should make (but won't.)

I promise to realize my particular "morality" has no business in the life of anyone else!

I promise not to impose my morality on anyone else.

I promise to shut up about my religious beliefs, since nobody else wants to hear them!

Jean Wall
Jean Wall5 years ago

O.K. Dion C.....I'm waiting for all you pro-life guys to band together and say " the Pro-life movement now includes a men's movement that promises to only have sex for reproductive purposes. We want to "protect" women from ever having to make the terrible and difficult decision of terminating a pregnancy. So in accordance with our ethics and deep respect and value for both women and the unborn, we will refrain from sex except when we and our wives mutually decide to reproduce. We will "protect" women from impregnation by rapists sternly governing our son's sexual attitudes and behavior. We are hereby launching the "Get it in Writing" campaign. Consent to sex must necessarily include consent to reproduce.Any young man who has unprotected sex or sex not explicitly agreed to by a partner will be considered a rapist and subject to penalties that can include full rearing responsibilities for any resulting child, life at hard labor for minimum wage, and, at their own expense, taking Lupron ("chem. castration") until such time as they and their spouse decide to reproduce. It will also help to quell their urges altogether, since masturbation would also be forbidden.every spermatozoa is a potential life....or half a potential life and thereby TWICE as voiceless and defenseless as a zygote. Once we as men have ourselves under control , women would be free to disable that magic fertility switch whose apparent side effect is to cause hallucinations about their political rights."

Heather G.
Heather G5 years ago

Dion, don't forget the turkey baster : )

Heather G.
Heather G5 years ago

Dion, please list the ZILLION ways to prevent pregnancy. And since you don't know, there is more than one way to get pregnant, think in-vitro fertilization.

Patricia H.
Patricia H5 years ago

great article