4 Ways Care2 Members Are Making a Difference

April Fool’s Day may have just passed, but there’s been nothing foolish about the positive change Care2 members have been making. Here we round up a few noteworthy petitions that have quickly gained support and media attention. Read on for some brilliant change-making.

1. 119,000 Tell Copenhagen Zoo to Stop Killing Healthy Animals

Despite international outrage over its February 2014 killing of Marius, a healthy 18-month-old giraffe, Copenhagen Zoo has killed more animals — this time, a family of four lions. Care2 member Julia McCallum didn’t waste any time writing a petition asking the zoo to find alternatives for its unwanted animals.

Copenhagen Zoo reported it killed two lions and their two cubs to make way for a new male. The zoo said it carried out the killing after it failed to find a new home for the lions.

“Tell Copenhagen Zoo now that the ongoing policy of killing healthy animals in their care is not acceptable,” Julia wrote. “It is time to review and change their breeding policies and procedures, to allow for the accommodation of healthy animals for as long as they require care.”

Julia’s petition was featured in major U.S. and international media outlets:

The New York Times

National Geographic




In February, Copenhagen Zoo slaughtered a baby giraffe named Marius in front of a crowd that contained several children and fed the carcass to lions. Support Julia’s petition by signing here.

2. More than 8,000 Tell Warner Bros. to Stop Casting White Actors to Play People of Color

Warner Bros. recently announced it cast Rooney Mara (of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo fame) to play Tiger Lily in the studio’s adaptation of Peter Pan, Pan. There’s just one problem — Mara is a white actress, and Tiger Lily is a Native American character.

The snub was just another reminder of Hollywood’s tendency to maintain the status quo and improperly represent people of color. Many activists believed the decision sent a message to women of color that there isn’t room for them in major movies. The industry already employs very few Native American actors, which is particularly damning in a world in which Native Americans have the highest poverty rate of any other race group. The film industry also has a long history of portraying Native Americans in stereotypical ways, pegging them as emotionless, uncivilized, violent and untalkative.

The Care2 petition exploded in the media, gaining attention from a number of prominent news outlets:

The Washington Post

The Guardian

The Daily Beast


Entertainment Weekly

You can join thousands telling Warner Bros. to more accurately represent people of color here.

3. More Than 11,000 Ask Lady Gaga to Stop Glamorizing Bulimia

Shortly after Eating Disorders Awareness Week, which took place Feb. 23 to March 1, Lady Gaga made headlines when she had a performance artist vomit on her during a show at South by Southwest (SXSW) music festival in Texas. The move led many activists to ask the pop star to refrain from stunts that glamorize eating disorders or trigger those fighting one.

“Bulimia is NOT funny or something to make lite [sic] of…I am a recovering Bulimic and I almost died in 2009,” wrote Care2 member Kimberly Johnson of Alabama. “Eating disorders like this should NOT be glamorized!”

The Care2 petition was featured in news outlets including:


The Guardian



You can sign the petition here.

4. Nearly 20,000 Petition to Save San Diego Opera

Following an announcement that the nearly 50-year-old San Diego Opera will close after this year’s season ends in April, activists launched a Care2 petition asking the opera’s Board of Directors to seek alternatives and keep its doors open.

The board cited an “insurmountable financial hurdle” as preventing the opera from continuing its long run of world-class performances.  The petition notes that the decision was made without the input of the public, leading thousands of San Diego residents and Care2 members to demand a revote.

Local media that featured the Care2 petition includes:

San Diego Union Tribune



No word yet on whether there will be a revote, but in the meantime you can join the fight to save this historic opera house by adding your name.

All of these stories are a great testament to the power of online petitions created on Care2. Is there an issue or cause you care about? Create a petition today, and show the world what you would like to be changed.

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I support most of Care2's ideas and petitions. I find the site hard to navigate and accomplishing more but I keep coming back and trying again.

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I've seen petitions at care2 accomplish some really big things since I've been a member of care2 for the last 4 years! When you get people that really care enough about a cause to create a petition and many members on care2 who sign those petitions, a sort of synergy or magic happens! Whether it be govts. that are denying their citizens basic human rights, companies that are violating and degrading our environment through pollution, or animals being abused in the U.S. or abroad, care2 has taken on some really major issues and had great success! I'm very proud of being a care2 member who has seen first-hand how the world can change when people care and take a stand which is what petitions are all about! I look forward to even more successes at care2 in the future with increased membership and with even more members creating and signing petitions! Kudos to everyone from Randy Paynter, to the great support staff, and all the wonderful members on Care2 for all or its victories and its positive contribution in creating many good changes happening all over the world!

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