5 Amazing Victories Achieved by Care2 Activists in 2017

There’s no getting around the fact that the past year has been a tough one, but during these challenging times the Care2 community has stepped up its activism to fight for what is right.

As we reflect on the year gone by, it’s important to take stock of our many victories and fuel the fire of change in 2018. Below are just a few of the amazing accomplishments that the Care2 community brought to fruition in 2017.

1. You Made Sure Animals Got Shelter Following Deadly Hurricanes

When devastating hurricanes swept across the U.S. this year, we saw the best of humanity emerge as people began helping their neighbors and strangers alike to take cover, find shelter and rebuild their lives. But, amid those stories of heartache and hope, the Care2 community saw additional opportunities to help.

As families sought to escape the floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, they found shelter in several hotels. But, families with pets found themselves coming up against hotel chains with “no pets” policies, like the Holiday Inn Express in Katy, Texas. That meant the families had to make heartbreaking choices about leaving their pets in potentially deadly situations.

But Care2’s Kelsey Bourgeois wasn’t going to let that continue. Bourgeois started a petition asking the hotel chain to allow pets and to donate to the relief fund. More than 90,000 Care2 members mobilized and signed on to that request. InterContinental Hotels Group answered that call and stressed that hotel chains should take in families with pets as per its disaster relief policies.

Bourgeois didn’t stop there, though. Hearing that other families had the same experience of being denied pet-inclusive rooms — this time in Florida — Bourgeois began a petition targeting Wyndham Hotels and Choice Hotels, with more then 120,000 people signing on to that drive. 

What an amazing response for a great cause!

2. You Supported Free Haircuts for the Homeless

As people across the US have tried to give dignity and humane help to homeless people, we’ve seen a backlash from public officials using the letter of the law to penalize and prevent that assistance. After one of Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s representatives told a barber to end a haircuts for homeless scheme, activist Lolly Galvin, launched  into action and created a Care2 petition.

Over 18,000 Care2 members mobilized and signed that petition. With the huge shout of support, Mayor Kenney couldn’t help but reverse the decision, meaning that haircuts for the homeless could continue. Terrific!

3. You Made Sure The Girl Scouts Got the Space They Deserved

The Care2 community is made up of many inspiring people spanning all races, gender expressions, sexualities and ages. One such young campaigner is twelve-year-old Isabella Cruz. When told by the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair that there just was no room at the fair for her Girl Scout troop — even though the Boy Scouts had been allocated space many times what the Girl Scouts requested — Cruz wasn’t going to let that injustice stand.

Cruz started a Care2 petition asking that her troop be given space equal to the Boy Scouts. And what an amazing response the Care2 community mustered. More than 40,000 people signed a petition asking that Cruz’s group be allowed equal space to shine. The president & CEO of the Dade County Youth Fair and the Competitive Exhibits directors heard those calls and agreed that this was a terrible error.

Isabella won her fight for fairness, and you helped stand with her. What a result!

4. You Asked Virginia Tech to Honor a Cadet Killed Protecting Others

Sometimes, when members of the Care2 community start petitions they aren’t responding to a hot-button issue, but are considering ways to honor heroes.

Anderson King, Nicholas Oberle and Tristan Nguyen started a Care2 petition asking Virginia Tech to dedicate a new cadet dormitory to Air Cadet Matthew La Porte. In 2007, La Porte gave his life as he tried to protect others in the face of a rampaging gunman at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University campus in Blacksburg, Virginia.

More than 45,000 people signed this touching petition, and — as so often is the case with Care2 petitions — the community also offered heartfelt messages of gratitude for La Porte’s sacrifice.

5. You Took Pride in Promoting Acceptance with Rainbow Crosswalks

The LGBT community has had a particularly tough year as they’ve witnessed rollbacks of major federal protections that were extended during the Obama era. But that doesn’t meant the Care2 community feels defeated — quite the contrary. Now, more than ever, the community is demanding that local officials step up to show their support for LGBT people.

And that’s exactly what Care2 member Kelly Wright did when she asked that Washington, D.C., install rainbow and trans pride crosswalks. The multicolored crosswalks serve as visible symbols of acceptance, as well as conversation starters for educating people about LGBTQIA issues.

Wright started a petition to raise the profile of her request, and the Care2 community came through for her. Over 12,000 people supported this visible sign of inclusion on the city’s streets. And, in short order, D.C. officials heard that call too.Now, eight rainbow and trans pride crosswalks are planned for the area — all because the Care2 community lent their power to Wright’s brilliant idea.

What a way to say you are visible and valued to LGBTQIA people, particularly our youth!

Now, over to you!

Thank you to every single person who has signed or created a petition this year. There are no small acts of bravery and whatever the size or scope of your petition, you made a difference simply by daring to raise your voice.

If you’ve got an issue you care about, don’t waste another minute: Start right here and write your own petition. The Care2 community is waiting to lend you their support and help you create the change you seek. 

Photo Credit: Ted Eytan/Flickr


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