5 Depressing Stories for Women That Might Have You Hitting the Holiday Spirits

Happy holidays! Or, wait, not so much. Tis the season for an onslaught of happy, feel good stories about sharing, giving and remembering the things we should be the most grateful for. However, in the midst of the news filler commending every day heroes, charities giving back for the holidays and other stories meant to warm the cockles of your festive hearts, it’s also important to pay attention to the not so good news they may be trying to slip by while you aren’t looking.

Along that line, here are five really depressing stories for women. Try not to let them make you hit the holiday spirits too hard:

1) Women committing adultery in Afghanistan may get stoned publicly again: After over a decade of reasonable heads prevailing, Afghanistan is considering bringing back stoning as a punishment for married people committing adultery. Unmarried adulterers will receive a 100 lash whipping. This comes on the heels of the country “refusing to set penalties for rape, child marriage and ‘baad’ the local term used for the giving of girls to resolve disputes,” according to The Telegraph. Is the country completely back-pedaling on what gains it has made when it comes to protecting the rights of women and girls? It’s definitely starting to look that way.

2) Women are disproportionately affected by Alzheimers: Women are hit with a double whammy when it comes to this degenerative disease, according to Meryl Comer writing at Talking Points Memo. Not only are women two-thirds of all Alzheimer’s patients, but they are also far more likely to be the caregiver for a patient who suffers from the illness. As a woman, you are almost destined to be touched by it in some way, shape or form. “Why do women have more neurofibrillary tangles than men? Why do women’s brains shrivel at a faster rate than men? Why have studies pointed to greater inheritance of Alzheimer’s disease from the mother’s, rather than the father’s side? Why do female carriers of a gene that is a strong risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease, have significantly more memory disruption over time than men?” Women, more than anyone else, need these questions answered.

3) Women need husbands: No, I’m not saying it. It’s Fox News, of course. Yes, Susanne “My aunt is Phyllis Schlafly!” Venker has managed yet again to carry the family torch on the war on feminists with another column on how women just can’t survive on their own unless they are part of a heterosexual married unit. “So why not let husbands bring home the bulk of the bacon so women can have the balanced lives they seek? There’s no way to be a wife, a mother and a full-time employee and still create balance. But you can have balance by depending on a husband who works full-time and year-round.” Got it? You can have it all, as long as you do it dependent on a husband for support.

4) Women, now you are spreading STIs: Didn’t snag yourself a husband like the last story said you should? Well, here’s hoping that you are abstinent. Otherwise, you are probably spreading disease with your wanton, out of wedlock sex. Or so claims a cartoon that draws the correlation that since women can get no-copay birth control options under the Affordable Care Act, they must be spreading sexually transmitted infections because hey, no condoms are needed! “Got insurance? No. What I ‘got’ is an S.T.D. from one of the many women who now get free birth control and a website I can’t access. Now you can, too. Thanks, Obamacare,” read the conservative cartoon making the declaration, according to Salon.

5) Women find life even harder now than they did just a few years ago: That positive thought is from American Women, a policy group associated with EMILY’s List, and is based on polling they released this September. “A 63 percent majority of women feel their lives and those of their families have become harder, including 36 percent who say their lives have become much harder,” touts the study.

Considering the news we women are dealing with, it’s not hard to figure out why we feel like our lives are getting harder, is it?

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Jerome S
Jerome S7 months ago


Jim V
Jim Ven7 months ago

thanks for sharing.

Valerie Delisle
Valerie Delisle4 years ago

To quote on 5 Depressing Stories That Might Have You Hitting the Holiday Spirits :
" Try not to let them make you HIT THE HOLIDAY SPIRITS TOO HARD " addressed to women,
May I ADD a number 6......
Women have other resources available to them other than consuming spirits.
The pen {seeing things in print} is mightier than the sword, and this article by Robin Marty,
Dec. 2013, takes women's conquests to a belittling low. Admittedly, there were some good points, but suggesting that we'll get over zealous with alcohol after reading it, is manure.
Maybe it should be Robin's quest to hone up on Reporting Skills in 2014.

Melissa M.
Melissa M4 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Susan Rogers
Susan Rogers4 years ago

Most people forget the reason we celebrate Christmas. I'm SO sick of hearing "buy this, buy that", when it's the birth of Jesus Christ that is supposed to be the reason...celebrating his birthday. Christmas has become commercialized. I expect to see the day that we have a Santa holding a pumpkin with rabbit ears...all holiday's rolled into one. Yes, sadly sexism is alive and well in this country; however even with the forward steps...women are still expected to take care of the kids, budget everything, work, and fill the shoes of both mom and dad at times...i know this because i'm doing it too. It's hard, but i do it without complaining to my kids...they see the strength in my character, and i give them reassurance.

Edith B.
Edith B4 years ago

Whether we women like it or not it is still a man's world and we just have to keep educating our sons and daughters to make things more equal. As for the Alzheimer's research, if we could tie that in to Viagra, maybe more progress would be made.

Carolanne Powell
C Powell4 years ago

Bloody Hell, I was depressed enough!!!

Sheri J.
Sheri J4 years ago

Do a random act of kindness and it will uplift your spirits and do it often and help make the world a better place.

Sheri J.
Sheri J4 years ago

There's a saying, "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your perspective."

Karen Gee4 years ago

Thank you for sharing?