5 More Reasons Why Walmart is the Worst

Just when you think there’s no possible way that Walmart could get any more evil, the corporation finds new ways to lower the bar further. Recent headlines have demonstrated that problems at Walmart are only compounding, and that no responsible consumer should patronize the retail giant.

1. Walmart WILL NOT Entertain the Idea of Paying a Living Wage

Washington D.C. has decided to try something radical: pass a “living wage” bill, which requires major retailers to pay its employees salaries they can actually live off of rather than minimum wage. As you may expect, Walmart is very much opposed to the idea of being decent to its employees and used its clout to try to alter the City Council’s vote by threatening to abandon its presence in the city altogether. Fortunately, the City Council wasn’t swayed by the tactic, and now with any luck, Walmart will follow through on its threat to leave.

2. Walmart Skimps on Employee Paychecks Knowing YOU’LL Make Up the Difference

You see, Walmart knows it can get away with having taxpayers supplement the money its employees need to survive. The average Walmart employee receives federal assistance (such as food stamps) in the amount of $3,000 annually; that comes to approximately $1 million of taxpayer support per Walmart store. Essentially, Walmart is enhancing its profits by having the government cover expenses a decent company would provide for its workers.

3. Walmart Is Providing Minimal Support to Prevent Workplace Disasters Abroad

Following the factory collapse in Bangladesh that resulted in over 1,000 fatalities, Walmart and other American businesses that rely on this type of labor faced public pressure to improve working conditions abroad. At last, Walmart and associates have developed a plan, although activists see it as insufficient. So far, Walmart and fellow companies have agreed to allocate about $150 million to renovating dangerous factories, but experts expect the project will cost $1 billion to adequately address all of the hazardous workplaces. Moreover, Walmart has no plan to pay the workers while these months-long renovations take place, leaving tens of thousands who rely on their low wages for survival out of work and out of options.

4. If a Walmart Employee Attempts to Rescue an Endangered Dog, She Is Fired

When a Walmart employee called the police after noticing a dog left in a hot car, she was scolded for intervening and instructed to stay out of such situations. After insisting that she would call the police again if she were to witness something unsafe, her superior promptly fired her. Earlier in the week, a coworker had also spoken to a customer about leaving a dog in a hot car, which resulted in this coworker’s termination as well.

5. Most Employees Agree: Walmart Is an Awful Place to Work

Gawker posted an article that included frightening workplace tales from anonymous Walmart employees. Rather than addressing the complaints and mismanagement, Walmart attempt to counteract the bad press by asking workers to send in happier stories about working for Walmart. Unfortunately for Walmart, most of the employees agreed with their coworkers prior complaints and continued to send in horror stories.

The stories make for an interesting read. Employee allegations include reduced working hours resulting in having to go hungry, rampant sexual harassment, intense scolding when a superior mistakenly believed someone said the word “union” and being denied sick leave.

Photo Credit: Kevin Mathews


Jim Ven
Jim Ven1 years ago

thanks for the article.

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catherine hill1 years ago

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Dianne Dunn
Past Member 3 years ago

Interesting info.

heather g.
heather g3 years ago

Recently, I was having some trouble getting assistance from Walmart's Customer Service desk.
After not getting any help and within the discussion with a manager , I said : Do you know that Walmart is the largest retail business in the world?" He didn't know that !!!

Most of their employees in Vancouver are highly qualified people who are new immigrants to Canada and here they also pay staff as little as possible. Many people in BC are paid very poor wages, not only those at Walmart - except Walmart can afford to pay better wages.

Karen Ryan
Karen Ryan3 years ago

If any of you have not read "Nickel and Dimed" by Barbara Ehrenreich, you really should. She worked at a WalMart, and she does not paint a pretty picture of it.

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown3 years ago

Tom M. Your comment is what sociologists call the "facade of legitimacy." Which is a fancy way of saying it's bulls#t.

There is NO excuse for not paying a living wage. Walmart made some 27 BILLION dollars in PROFITS last year. Because they refuse to pay a living wage the WORKERS at places like Walmart are forced to apply for government assistance.

Each and every Walmart store costs the tax payers over a million dollars in assistance like food stamps that WE pay. So in reality the U.S. taxpayers is spending BILLIONS of dollars a year so Walmart can underpay their employees.

We might as well just give a few billion dollars a year to the Walton family directly, it is exactly the same thing.

Yeah, your "great corporation" is a wage slaver and welfare corporation. Walmart is a blight upon this nation.

Tom M.
Tom M.3 years ago

Walmart is a great corporation. If you want to pay more shop somewhere else. Employees have a choice where they apply for a job. Want a so called "living wage" work somewhere else.

Mark Donner
Mark Donner4 years ago

I though Wal Mart was a communist chinese store

Jenevieve P.
Past Member 4 years ago

Dennis, if you got to read any of my previous posts,.. since my son started working at Walmart, he has now lost 75 pounds. He looks like a soul-less string bean! Most of the people I know who have worked there, have lost at least 50 to 65 pounds. That should say something as well!

In the past 4 years that he has been there, the Mgmt, has all of sudden been calling MY house at 8 in the morning looking for him, when he's not even scheduled to go in until 1, More so, HE DOES NOT EVEN LIVE WITH ME! Um,.. I'm glad he has a job, but when Walmart Mgmt. is that clueless to treat a 31 year old working adult like he is a clueless minor, calling my house, ranting at me with the mentality of "Well, since your son works for us, we can treat you with the same condescencion upon being a clueless lowlife mother." Boy oh boy do they have another thing coming! I will never walk into Walmart ever again!
Right now, my son is coming to find that nobody seems to want to hire you after you've worked for Walmart! All I can say is Thank you for your support Dennis. It means alot!