5 Reasons the GOP is Kidding Itself

President Barack Obama, a “charismatic African American president with a billion dollars, no primary and media that often felt morally conflicted about being critical,” won the 2012 presidential election because he turned the “problems of the Democratic Party” (“being too liberal and too dependent on minorities”) into “advantages.”

That’s what Stuart Stevens, chief strategist for the Romney presidential campaign, writes in a Washington Post op-ed entitled “Mitt Romney: A good man. The right fight.”

Heaven forbid a president should take on the “wrong fight” of working for progressive policies regarding the needs of Americans in all their diversity!

Some more reasons that Stevens and a host of other GOP-ers do are kidding themselves.

1. The GOP Is Proud That Lower-Income Americans Didn’t Vote For Romney

Let’s take a closer look at what Stevens says is the “right fight.” This involves going to battle for “Republican ideals” of “lower taxes,” “less government” and “more freedom,” with the result that “on Nov. 6, Romney carried the majority of every economic group except those with less than $50,000 a year in household income.”

Stuart needs to take a refresher course in what the U.S. is about by reviewing the famous lines of Emma Lazarus, ”Give me your tired, your poor, / Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” (I was going to suggest he visit no place less than the Statue of Liberty, but the site is currently closed due to Hurricane Sandy.)

2. The Tea Party Is Out To Stop Obama’s Inauguration

Tea Party activists are hard at work to block Obama’s inauguration by plotting to take over the electoral college. Apparently their thought is, if they can sway enough states not to participate in the electoral college, a quorum cannot be reached and, bingo!, no second term for Obama.

3. The GOP Thinks Only White Men Should Chair Major House Committees

Somehow, House Republicans managed to choose only white men to be chairs of all the major House committees for the 113th Congress.

In other words, the new Republican party is… exactly like the old Republican party!

4. Top GOP Politicians Think Theologians Are Authorities About Matters of Science

Many a Republican, including Rep. Lamar Smith of Tennessee who is to chair the House committee on science and technology, seem a bit challenged about the basics of science.

Smith is a climate change skeptic. Florida’s Sen. Mario Rubio (who is a member of the Senate’s Commerce, Science, & Transportation Committee) thinks that the age of the earth is for theologians to dispute. Gov. Rick Perry of Texas and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee also say they just don’t know how old the earth is.

5. GOP Politicians Are Parsing Grammar Instead of Addressing Urgent Issues of Middle East Diplomacy

Stevens says that Romney’s campaign, and the GOP in general, focus on the “big questions.” But GOP Senators who met on Tuesday with Susan Rice, the United Nations ambassador, about her account of the attack on the American diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, have been fixated on four sentences written as talking points by intelligence analysts.

Sen. John McCain of Arizona is among Republicans who have focused on nitpicking over the details of those four sentences (who wrote them, revised them, tried to edit them) rather than on the important questions that beg to be addressed and now: had requests for heightened security for diplomats in Libya been ignored? How can U.S. envoys continue diplomatic efforts in a post-Arab Spring world where, as the New York Times, puts it, “dangerous chaos” is all too present?

The GOP really does need to wake up and smell the coffee (and soon as — though climate deniers may deny it — global warming could mean a world without coffee.)

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Charles S.
Charles S5 years ago

By the way , What is a state media chorus? I had never heard of it before.

Robert H.
Robert Hamm5 years ago

SL Obama doesn't want people dependent on the government. But while we wait for the economy you can't let people frikking starve either. The POOR did NOT create this issue. Until we get the job makers to make jobs this crap will continue. Until the job creators see solid government they can depend on they will not gamble. It has nothing to do with Texes it gads everything to do with solid base. That means our government has to stop being in continuous war with itself. It needs to stop being dysfunctional. it need to actually accomplish something.

People are extremely angry at congress. 2014 may get extremely ugly for congress. They are sent there not to just push their ideology and not there to obey Norquist…they are there to listen and obey US.

pam w.
pam w5 years ago

Which "freebies," please? Social security? Medicare? Public education? Basic health care?

sheila l5 years ago

Giving out more freebies and creating a dependent subculture is paternalism and thwarts individualism and personal liberty, freedom in the long run. Until people realize this is the wrong road for America; then we continue down the path of growing totaltarian state.

The UN is looking into complete control of the internet today; when this hits peoples' internet surfing; they will be angry. Until the controls take effect, people go along with everything blindly without question. Read history and get a grasp of what longterm effects lay in waiting for continuing down this road.

sheila l5 years ago

Good article which hit the points so successfully and the reader gets it quickly.
Too bad that the GOP didn't use that plan to run their candidate.
It is very hard to read the truth; but until the GOP can come to terms with their internal flaws; they will continue to lose.

Getting stuck on stupid and continuing to bury heads in the sand gets you no where and that is applicable to the voters who went gung ho for Obama and never challenged him either.

Laurie S.
Laurie S5 years ago

@ Adam S.

"The Patriot Act, Drone Strikes, more wars, more inflation of the money supply."

The Patriot Act was written and passed by the Republicans. The wars, and the drone strikes that have been widely used in them were started by the Republicans. The inflation of the money supply is bipartisan, and has not ceased or even slowed down in the past 30 to 40 years.

Noticed that the Republicans have instigated all of the problems and policies that you are criticizing yet?

Laurie S.
Laurie S5 years ago

Whoops, that's you "can't change that the most racist and discriminatory party in this country are the Republicans."

However, perhaps this is a message from your "God" (read, conservative sock puppet employed by televangelists to say whatever they and the rich politicians they serve want him to say). Perhaps he took the reins back for an instant to say that you can change. That you can learn goodness and decency. I really hope you can you know, that would be a nice thing to see. I just don't have a lot of hope that it will ever come to pass.

pam w.
pam w5 years ago

Still chafing over the election, David? Sorry....it's over and you lost and, if you REALLY care about the nation, you should figure out how you can help solve our problems.

Because that IS your duty as a citizen! You know that, don't you? It's unacceptable to sit on your butt and just criticize.....

Go ahead....show me a Republican can be active in working with others to solve social problems.

Tell me how you volunteer to get things done.

I'll wait. Or is it your intention to just CARP, WHINE, PISS & MOAN for the next four years? If so...please do it somewhere else. Please.

Laurie S.
Laurie S5 years ago

1 of 2

@ Rose L

"It is OK to be:

* White male
* Heterosexual
* American
* Christian
* Older
* Republican
* Conservative"

You either have an awfully odd name for a white male, or you are what I am, a woman. As for the rest of your list, I meet over 57% of it, since I am white as a cotton ball, heterosexual, American, and at 47, getting older.

If you consider yourself a Christian or a conservative I cannot imagine why you would support the Republicans, who display the colors but who clearly are not conservative financially or otherwise as they spend and spend and just refuse to raise taxes to pay for the expenditures. They also know nothing of love, compassion, charity, mercy, or justice, and don't care to know. But although I know several fine Christians, real ones, some of whom I count as close friends (some of which I had dinner with tonight in fact, at a potluck for a group we all belong to) I have also seen often enough that so-called "Conservative Christians" have no idea what either term means, and have no problem rationalizing hypocrisy of the deepest kind.

Fear not Rose, you have every right to exist, I'm just surprised you're not embarrassed.

Laurie S.
Laurie S5 years ago

2 of 2

You should also stop telling yourself the lie that everyone who voted for Obama was a minority, a younger person, or poor. I am none of those, and I wouldn't have voted for **it Wrongly if that loser were the last person on the planet interested in the job.

Further, you might want to explain how "y'all" are so stuck on the Republicans in 2012, when in 1865 you hated them like poison. Oh, yes, that's how it happened, they sold out everything they were ever for and ever believed in during the 1980's and became the New Southern Democrats while keeping their old name of "Republicans."

You keep mentioning a whole 50 million people who voted against Obama, provided that is even a real number. The distribution in the heart of the richest counties in America and also the whitest, in the middle of the evangelical heartland voted for Obama. In Falls Church County, Virginia, once home to Jerry Falwell for instance, 69.1 percent voted for Obama and 29.6 percent for Mitt. Mitt got less that 1/3 of the votes there.

Of course I'm sure you think that less that 1/3 is actually 1/2, the same way you want to reflect the racism of the Republicans and try to make the Democrats own it. But no matter how you try to spindle and twist the facts, you can change that the most racist and discriminatory party in this country are the Republicans. It’s sad that the Republican party has sold its soul to the Devil. Lincoln must be rotating in his grave like a high speed lathe.