5 Reasons This Brit Decided To Stay In The U.S. (Slideshow)

Happy July 4th! I thought this was a good day to share five reasons why I abandoned my native England for the United States.

1.  The Weather


It’s not true that it rains every day in the U.K., just most days.

First Photo: T.D.Ford(Grundlepuck); second photo: KevinLallier; third photo: Paul Gregory “Monki”

2. The Woman At The Top

Maybe I’m being disloyal, but Michelle Obama is my hero!

First Photo: Network 355; second photo: 96tommy

3.  The Food



What would you prefer? A light California salad or a giant blob of chloresterol-filled Devonshire cream?

First Photo: amydon531; second photo: KathrynW1

4.  The High Points

What can I say? California’s Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the contiguous United States, stands at 14,494 feet; Hay Tor, the highest point in the county of Devon, where I grew up, stands at around 1,500 feet.

First Photo: hope4will; second photo: Guy Tyler

5.  The Scenery


The U.S. is a big, open country with vast landscapes, where I experience freedom. England is a small country, where I feel closed-in.

Obviously I have avoided all mention of politics, but that’s another story entirely.

First Photo: Buck Forester; second photo: howsmyliving

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Jim Ven
Jim Vabout a year ago

thanks for sharing.

Stella Nobrega-Garcia

As someone who was born in the UK (England to be exact), and moved to the United States last year I can honestly say that there is both good and bad in both countries. I am 39 years old and had wanted to live in the States for a number of years and I love it here. There are, of course, many things that I miss in the UK, but the way I see it is that I have spent the first half of my life in the UK and am now plan on spending the second half of my life here in the States with my husband. ;-)

Stanley Rampersad
Stanley Balgobin5 years ago

Ridiculous comparison between the US and UK based on scenery, weather in California, highest peaks, women at the top. The difference is with the people. Americans are shallow on the whole, superficial due to the fickle culture, paranoid due to an alarmist media, lack a sense of humor, are ignorant about world affairs generally, and are dumb gullible as they come, except when it comes to money. The Brits have a great camaraderie as part of their culture, a feel good climate of normal communication, as not as affected, or phoney as the yanks and have a great sense of humour. The government offers Universal health care, has a safety net to protect the unemployed and vulnerable. The social economic system is more
equitable, law enforcement is more humane, the courts less harsh and less punitive. The British society on the whole is far more compassionate than American dog eat dog capitalism. You are far better off living in England.

Howard C.
.5 years ago

To all of those who have commented might I offer a few thougths:

1. Ms Molland (the person who posted the article) is a British person now living in the UK. She was not born in the US! Please view her other posts - she seems to retain an interest in the UK!

2. According to her Care2 profile Ms Molland is an 'award winning' author (not too sure what awards she has, I have one for woodwork!!). Maybe Ms Molland could advise?

3. Ms Molland's post are, to say the very least, seemingly unrepresentative of the views of many of those living in the US (and presumably also born there, who have commented). There are some people who view the close relationship between the UK and the US with some degree of envy; indeed Service personnel from both countries often stand shoulder to shoulder!

In essence as I have said in previous posts I, as a British person who is loyal to the country of my birth, respect the differences between different countries and, should I move overseas, I will remain loyal to the country of my birth but I will offer loyalty to the country that offers me a home. What a shame everyone doesn't do the same thing!

So Ms Molland, you posted this aricle, how about a reply to those who seemingly do not agree with the comments you have made?

MEGAN N5 years ago

@ David H

I would like to address some of what you said in your remarkably well worded posts. I agree that we Americans have earned a rather poor reputation internationally as a bunch of religious quacks and ethnocentric bullies. I do not deny that there are many in my country who firmly believe that whoever yells loudest (even in print) wins. I do not make excuses for these folks on both sides of the usual political arguements because many demonstrate an inability to listen to anything other than the sound of their own voice.

I will however argue that to assume that they represent the majority of Americans is unfair. Most people i know fall somewhere in the middle with their beliefs and just don't feel the need to announce their feelings at every turn. So please don't judge us by our worst examples.

As for your comments about the quality of posts on care2 as compared to the Guardian, isn't the guardian a proper newspaper in the uk? I ask because as such it would be held to certain journalistic standards both professional and possibly legal. Care2 is an opinion based blog where all to often facts are omited or twisted by the authors to give a story a decided leftist slant. There is no standard of journalistic integrity on this liberal opinion based news blog so an expectation that posters on the site would be held up to a higher standard is unrealistic.

MEGAN N5 years ago

@ everyone

sorry for all the mis spelled and mis used words in my last few posts. trying to learn the in's and outs of my new smart phone and it seems to have a quirk where it will auto correct what it likes, leave the rest and show no regard for proper grammar or usage.

MEGAN N5 years ago

@ Shawn CONT...

Would you be happy for the rest of the world to judge you, your culture, and your country based upon that kind of "information" about what you really think and how you really act? I would assume the answer to be know. Well sir that is exactly what you are doing by assuming that what you see on TV and what some extremists ane zealots post on here and other sites is the way all Americans feel and act.

Also, while I am sure many of my fellow Americans don't understand the extent of the insult you did us by calling us a Wan#*rs, I do. Being married to a British expat myself i take offense at such language and I am surprised and disapointed that none of your fellow Brits called you on it as well. Though possibly they also thought the nasty name was warranted, at least it seems possible based on their comments.

MEGAN N5 years ago

@ Shawn O

I have a question for you sir, after reading your post I took the time to reread each and every post on this thread and while I did see a few posts where someone was displaying some national pride I saw not one post slating the UK. I did however see many glowing reviews of your fine country by Americans who have had the good fortune to travel there.

I did howeversee many many nasty comments by your fellow country men and women about my country. Not many of these comments were backed by anything concrete either. Statements begining with "I heard" or "isn't it true that..." followed by some so called fact about Americans or America do not hold much water with me sir. I am sorry but it seems like many of the comments about my country were based on nothing more than TV.

I say this not as an insult or critism but because something I did not see among the ill informed and often downright mean comments about the US were many 1st hand accounts by UK expats or holiday makers (to be fair there were a few) of their terrible treatment by Americans. Or of the evidence of all the bad behavior and ignorance we are accused of.

I will leave you with one final thought... how would you like it if England was reduced in the media to the likes of Jeremy Kyle guests, Jordan, and a mix of loud mouthed religious minorities, an overblown talk radio personality and a bunch of pot smoking chav's who like to hear themselves talk? Would you be happy to have others judge yo

MEGAN N5 years ago

Honestly i am seeing an awful lot of hate directed at us Americans. I don't really understand all the anger and nastiness. Is it that the uk is perfect? Must be because with all the references to how poorly educated and fat and awful we are over here i guess that must mean you lot are perfect and we are simply trash, correct?

Well i would like to thank you all for clearing that up and putting me and my fellow Americans firmly in our place.

Sue Matheson
Sue Matheson5 years ago