5 Signs Racism Is Still Alive and Rampant Today

It’s been over half a century since the civil rights movement, and on the whole our country has grown more racially inclusive and less divisive, at least in comparison to where we started. But that doesn’t mean we are in a post-racial world by any means or that there isn’t still an enormous, daunting amount of work to do.  Sadly, stories about racism are still commonplace, even stories as extreme as these:

Calling your neighbors children racial slurs. Two neighbors in Spokane, Wash., have been feuding for years, but the rhetoric escalated when one neighbor put out a sign calling the other neighbor’s two half-Cambodian teens a racial slur. Jennifer Garrison, the teens’ mother, said that was one step too far. “I don’t care if they’re blue or purple, they’re kids. Leave them alone, that’s all I want,” she told the local news. The neighbor removed the sign and admitted she probably went too far only after being confronted by local reporters.

Bringing back the Jim Crow laws. A Tennessee cotton warehouse is being sued for discrimination after a supervisor told workers that he longed “for the old days when they could ‘hang’ black men who drank out of the wrong water fountain,” according to the Root. Allegedly, the comment was just one of many instances of racially toned harassment and attempts to segregate African American employees by keeping them away from drinking fountains and microwaves, which the employees caught on video.

Hanging the President from a bridge. Obviously, hanging has a racial connotation all its own, which is why it is particularly disturbing when an effigy of the president of the United States is the object being hung. In Missouri, a mannequin with a President Obama mask was found hung from an overpass, but no one appears to have any idea who did it. Even more frightening? The effigy appeared to be wired with “an explosive devise.” So far the police are still looking for tips, and no suspects have been found.

Racism can obviously be overt, but it can be subtle, too, and often it takes a long time to prove its existence and impact over all. New studies have come out to show that sometimes racism is an automatic, deeply embedded situational response, and those issues need to be exposed just as much as overt name calling, discrimination and intimidation.

Americans prefer doing business with Caucasian sellers. According to Think Progress, a year long study into subtle racial preferences in the online marketplace showed that if body parts were visible in a product ad, people tended to choose to buy from a “white” person than a darker skin tone. “Black sellers got 13 percent fewer responses to their ads than white sellers overall. When they did get responses, they got 17 percent fewer offers. Then the offers were 2 to 4 percent lower, or $1.87 less on average than those made to white sellers. The best offers were also $3.56 lower than for white people.” Those transactions tended to be more respectful and trusting if they believed the seller was white as well.

Voter ID laws really are meant to stop minorities from voting. It’s been assumed that the real intent behind voter ID laws is to move the country backwards when it comes to voting rights for people of color. Now, a new study backs that up. Wonkblog reports that after sending out fake emails asking for more information about voter restrictions and confirming what ID was necessary to vote, voter ID backers were far less responsive if the email came from an Hispanic name than an Anglo sounding name. “[T]his new paper finds a solid link between legislator support for voter ID laws and bias toward Latino voters, as measured in their responses to constituent e-mails,” writes Christopher Ingraham.

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Jim Ven
Jim Ven1 years ago

thanks for the article.

Dennis D.
Past Member 3 years ago

Bradford S. Voter Id laws solve a problem that does not exist.. The laws are designed to keep those that are poor or elderly. The two groups that may not have Id and have a difficult time to getting one.

The only reason for these laws is to disfranchise the very people that most likely vote democrat. that most likely are not likely to buy the republican/tea party. The republican/tea party knows it has a perception problem. It really has earned the brand of mean spirited, racism, and (religious) bigotry. you do not have to like that truth. but it remains as one.

The incidence of voter fraud in any given election is so small. As to be negligible. There is absolutely no reason voter ID laws.

Deborah W.
Deborah W3 years ago

JUST ONCE, could we all talk, listen and consider the other guy's viewpoint ... without personally bashing and stirring the pot further. All comments have a purpose, unlikely to change minds, but they do offer further consideration, awareness and understanding. Can't we just leave it at that? Comment, read others to see what they think, and then move on ... without the cat fights (which do nothing but piss off people).

Susan W.
Susan White3 years ago

I came to answer Bradford's post but I don't see it. To those who are blathering about the voter ID thing. People have to be a legal US resident in order to register to vote in the first place. There is no need for voter ID when only legal residents can register in the first place. When we go to the polls, they check to see if we are registered voters before we're allowed to vote in the first place. And Susan T, MLK would have been listened to MORE had he been "white" in that time period. You cannot judge the past by the present. I don't want anyone to confuse me with you (another Susan) as your thought processes seem skewed. I'm First Nations (Native American) and have dealt with plenty of racist garbage, though my people are often ignored when it comes to discussions of racism. We've experienced plenty of it and still do.

Bradford S.
Brad S3 years ago

Voter I.D. laws are needed to prevent people that are not U.S. citizens from voting in our elections, like the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens that have been pouring over our southern border for decades if not longer. Anyone that doesn't understand or believe that should wake up & smell the coffee.

If an American citizen can't get a I.D. there must be a valid reason for it, if not then fix the situation so they can get one, not continue to allow the horrendous amts of voter fraud to continue.

Re racism in America, there are far more incidents of black using racial slurs against whites than the other way around, also many incidents of racially motivated assaults & murders against whites but hardly ever are there any charges of "hate crimes".

The most racist group of people in America are black people. If you people would come down from your ivory towers & spend some time in the real world with your eyes & ears open you'd see & hear it.

Robert Hamm
Robert Hamm3 years ago

HAHAHHAAHAH IC so OBAMA has created bigotry and racism. LOLOLOLOL You are hilarious Susan. Cluelesss but hilarious.

Susan T.
Susan T3 years ago

I have to disagree with all the examples.

All of them. If MLK was a white guy no one would have listened to him. And his whole premise was not your color but your character. This country is more aware of color than ever because of the divisiveness of the current administration. this is such bs

Dennis D.
Past Member 3 years ago

Daniel T. You have been drinking from the Koch brothers koolaid.. Good for you.. Not every state offer such ID free. Not every person is going to be able to get an ID..

Lastly we are Americans.. Registering to vote should not entail having to jump through any unnecessary hoops. Which this is in fact..

Also this solves a problem that does not existed. Those are facts Daniel.. Something for you to think about as you sip that koolaid.

Carla van der Meer

Debra, are you serious? I am curious as to the twisted logic of how this in any way makes sense. Racism has causes which are far too many and far too deep to blame on one man. I think the large part of the problem, and of stopping it, begin at home. Parents teach their children their backwards beliefs and mean spirited ideas. I have seen posts of small children saying words I would have been in trouble for saying, which I still will not repeat, yet their 'parents' posted these videos out of twisted pride and can be herd laughing and encouraging their nasty spawn. I firmly believe this is a form of child abuse. You limit your kids contacts with others and impair their ability to socialize in an acceptable way. You teach them to be fearful and hateful, and this is cruelty, to them and the rest of us who have to put up with them.

Trina Hawkins
Trina Hawkins3 years ago

Yes,it's alive ! I have been dealing with it all my life! I'm Sick of it !! It Needs to STOP ! After all America is a Melting Pot of different Nationalities! A Rainbow of Beautiful Colors! Why can't these Racist Idiots just accept there there are other cultures,and just know they want the same things in life?? I always thought we were one race,The HUMAN RACE !!! To me Everyone is the Same! We all Need the same things to survive,food,water,shelter,jobs,clothes,family,friends,Love,Hope!! HATE KILLS !! :(