5 Times Heroic Cats Saved Human Lives

Cats are superheroes. How could it be otherwise? The Egyptians worshipped them, memorializing feline greatness forever in artwork and on tombs. Cats are cool, collected and even devious when they need to be.

Did you know that they’re also smart enough to know when a human is in trouble — and can save them? Here are just a few cats who stepped up to rescue humans in peril:

1. Kitty Saves Couple From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Paul and Leona Jones of Deltona, Florida, went out for dinner in their RV in March 2019. It was raining when they returned home. In a hurry to just get inside and relax, they accidentally closed the garage door without turning off the RV.

The vehicle continued to run for some 8 hours, filling the home with noxious carbon dioxide fumes. Blissfully asleep, the couple had no idea that they were slowly dying.

Their cat’s meowing finally roused Paul, who pulled the animal from beneath the bed. Meanwhile, Leona managed to dial 911. If that cat had succumbed quietly, all three of them wouldn’t be with us today.

2. Theo the Cat Keeps Owner Awake After Blood Clot Develops

Charlotte Dixon was just trying to get some sleep after a tiring day. She’d felt under the weather and needed rest, but her cat Theo kept pestering her. He nudged her, pawed her face and even sat on her head to keep her awake.

By the morning, Charlotte felt so bad she was rushed to the hospital. It turned out she had a blood clot in her knee. Medical personnel told her that if she’d been able to fall asleep the night before, she mostly likely would have died. Thanks to Theo, she’s now in good health.

3. Russian Cat Protects Abandoned Baby From Freezing Cold

Masha, a neighborhood cat from Obninsk, Russia, let her maternal instincts guide her when she came upon a baby left in a box outside. She curled up in that box beside the baby and began meowing for help. Meowing typically wasn’t Masha’s style, so locals knew something was wrong.

Irina Lavrova told Pet Health Network:

She is very placid and friendly, so when I heard her meowing, I thought perhaps she had injured herself. Normally, she would have come and said hello to me. Imagine my shock when I saw her lying in a box next to a baby. Clearly her mothering instincts had taken over and she wanted to protect the child.

The baby turned out to be just fine, and Masha’s now a town hero.

4. Cat Warns Family Its Gas Boiler was Killing Them

The Kecskes family of Green Township, Ohio, can thank their cat Mr. Boo for their lives. One night in May 2018, their home’s gas boiler malfunctioned, spewing odorless carbon monoxide into their living area.

Mr. Boo, normally a quiet cat, became very talkative. He knew he needed to wake everyone up. Even if they couldn’t smell the danger, he understood it.

Ariana Kecskes told WACH News:

He was sort of stumbling down the hallway and he just kept meowing. He seemed to kind of want us to get us out of the house. He passed out so many times trying to wake us all up and that’s just amazing because he’s never really meowed before. It’s like he’s been waiting his whole life to do this one heroic thing.

Thankfully, the entire family and their two cats — including Mr. Boo — made it out of the house to safety.

5. Tara the Cat Saves Her Young Human Friend From Dog Attack

This is a story you might remember from 2014. Security cameras captured the whole incident, and it became a viral sensation. A tabby cat took on an angry dog attacking her young friend — and won.

Tara came to live with the Triantafilo family after following them home one day. She slept in the crib with little Jeremy, and they soon became best friends.

When 4-year-old Jeremy was playing on a bicycle in his yard one day, a dog attacked him. Like a flash, Tara was on that dog. She drove him off the boy and then chased him off the property. Jeremy needed stitches, but he fully recovered. In his eyes, Tara is certainly a hero.

All our companion animals have the potential to become our saviors. When we develop a mutual bond, it runs deep. That’s why it’s so difficult to understand people who mistreat dogs and cats.

They’re missing out on one of life’s greatest joys: the friendship of another species.

Photo Credit: Stavrialena Gontzou/Unsplash


Ildi E
Ildi E7 hours ago

Love cats, and couldn't live without them. Egyptians adored them for obvious reasons. They are very affectionate, extremely cute, and provide comfort to their human pet parents when they feel down.

Diane E
Diane E2 days ago

I have always loved cats. All mine are rescues, as is my pet rabbit. Animals are clever and if treated well they have a terrific bond with their humans.

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very good

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I love cats, thank you so much for this post.

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Wonderful post, thank you.

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Gene J
Gene J4 days ago

Tara is amazing. All of them were. There are lots of stories like this about dogs, it is really nice to see one about cats at last. Tara deserves a medal, and maybe some catnip.

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Bill Eagle4 days ago

I love stories like this... I love cats.

Leo C
Leo C4 days ago

thank you for sharing!

David C
David C4 days ago

I'm all in that cats are great and these cats are heroes, but not sure a blood clot in the knee would have killed the lady overnight if the cat hadn't been there........